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Wfyt ?|arletan H>ouet|>* 


voinmt xxxmm 


$lmorum #enttum. 


Uolttme M. 





^tet of ftetoigms* 




Adamson - 

- 661 

Bunny - 


- 608 

Aiskell — see Martindale - 

- 724 

Bunny - 


- 610 

Alderson - 

- 701 

Burley — see Taylor - 

- 657 


- 494 



- 489 


- 499 



- 712 


- 502 

Carr - 


- 791 

Annesley — see Wesley 

- 575 



- 684 

Arkwright - 

- 470 



- 697 

Armitage - 

- 785 



- 697 

Armitage - 

- 787 



- 579 

Arthur - 

- 632 

Coke - 


- 570 

Arthur - 

- 633 



- 767 

Ashton - 

- 460 

Cook - 


- 728 

Asline — see Broomhead 

- 718 

Cooke— see 

Chetham - 

- 579 

Balguy ... - 

- 564 

Cooper— see Chetham - 

- 579 

Ball — see Alderson 

- 701 



- 795 

Bamforth - - - 

- 684 

Cressy - 


- 523 

Bamforth - - - 

- 686 

Croft - 


- 778 

Barclay - 

- 432 

Croft - 


- 779 

Bateman ... - 

- 477 



- 434 

Beighton ... - 

- 646 

Crooke — see Hyde 

- 820 

Beighton ... - 

- 648 


-see Ibbotson 

- 650 

Bennet — see Bentley - 

- 485 



- 538 

Benson - 

- 537 


-see Chetham 

- 579 

Bentley ... - 

- 485 

Dawson — see Kennet - 

- 520 

Bever— see Goodwin - 

- 747 

De la Pryme 

- 698 


- 749 



- 772 

Birbeck - 

- 822 



- 773 

Blackburn — see Comber 

- 767 



- 777 

Bland ----- 

- 421 



- 693 

Blythe - - - - 

- 451 

Drake - 


- 505 


- 745 

Drake - 


- 510 

Boynton - 

- 779 

Ellis - 


- 774 

Brammal — see Cowell - 

- 795 

Ellis - 


- 798 


- 671 

Ellis - 


- 826 

Brittain — see Wilkinson 

- 668 

Ellison — see W t esley - 

- 575 

Brittain ... - 

- 670 

Eyre - 


- 543 

Bromhead ... - 

- 793 

Eyre - 


- 549 

Brooke- - 

- 763 

Eyre - 


- 555 

Broomhead - 

- 718 

Eyre - 


- 560 

Brownell— see Wilkinson - 

- 668 

Eenay - 


- 634 


- 428 



- 823 

Bulkley— see Bullock 

- 445 

ElELD - 


- 513 

Bullock - 

- 445 



- 686 

Bullock - 

- 450 



- 681 



Froggatt — see Bullock 

Garlicke— -see Ibbotson 


Gibson — see Crossley * 

Gillot - 

Gladwin — see Slyman - 




Greathead — see Oates 

Greaves — see Marriot - 



Green - 

Hall - 

Hall - 

Hall - 

Hallowes - 

Handle y 


PIawksley — see Webster 

Hawksley — see Roebuck 


Heathcote - 

Heathcote - 

Holy - 

Howe - 

H owsley— see Hyde - 

Hyde - 



Jennens— see Milward 

Kay— see Chetham 


Kinnersley - 

Kirby — see Comber 

Langley — see Turner - 


Leader - 

Lee - 

Lee - 

Lewin - 

Lister - 

Lister - 

Littlewood — see Balguy 




Marshall - 
Martindale - 
Mason — see Carr - 
Maude - 
Maude - 
Maude - 
Maude - 




Mawhood— see Maude - 

- 625 



- 759 



- 759 



- 760 



- 762 



- 431 



- 577 



- 440 


Morton - 

- 807 


Morton - 

- 811 


Nalson — see Birbeck - 

- 822 


Nettleton - 

- 486 


Nettleton - 

- 488 


Newbould - 

- 706 


NODDER - - . - 

- 689 


North ----- 

- 641 


Nutt — see Booth - 

- 745 



- 788 


Oliver— see Arthur - 

- 633 


Parker— see Adamson - 

- 661 


Parker - 

- 709 


Pashley - - 

- 727 


Perrins— see Handley - 

- 665 



- 521 



- 485 


Plant — see Chetham - 

- 579 


Prince- - 

- 605 


Pyemond - 

- 492 


Radcliffe — see Pickford 

- 521 


Radcliffe - 

- 737 


Rawson — see Lister 

- 518 


Reyner - 

- 491 


Ridsdale — see Wheatley 

- 596 



- 658 


Robinson — see Bullock 

- 445 


Robinson - 

- 627 


Robinson - 

- 629 


Robinson - 

- 630 



- 583 


Roebuck - 

- 702 


Roger ----- 

- 799 


Rokeby - 

- 587 


Rokeby - 

- 593 


Rokeby - 

- 594 



- 639 


Sanders — see Mortimer 

- 440 


Sanders - 

- 442 



- 603 


Scatcherd — see Oates - 

- 788 



- 790 


Shemeld - 

- 738 



- 471 


Skerne - 

- 782 


Slyman - 

- 613 


Smelter - 

- 664 


Smilter— see Cowell - 

- 795 





Smith - - 

- 692 




- 805 

Sorby ----- 

- 688 




- 481 

Spoone — see Gillot 

- 811 

Watkinson - 



- 722 


- 711 




- 708 

Staniforth - 

- 728 




- 696 

Staniforth - 

- 733 




- 575 

Staniforth - - - - 

- 734 




- 527 

Statham— see Ibbotson 

- 654 

Wheatley - 



- 596 


- 817 

Wheatley - 



- 599 

Sterne- ... - 

- 516 

Wheatley - 



- 599 

Stones - 

- 457 

Whitaker - 



- 493 

Stones— see Lee - 

- 824 




- 464 

Strangways — see Robinson - 

- 627 

Wild— see Handley 


- 665 

Strangways - 

- 631 

Wildman — see Lee 


- 827 


- 636 

Wilkinson - 



- 668 

Sutcliffe - 

- 541 

Wilson — see Ibbotson 


- 650 

Swaine — see Field 

- 513 




- 703 

Taylor - 

- 578 


-see Nettleton 

- 486 

Taylor . - 

- 657 




- 600 

Thompson - 

- 531 

Wood - 



- 784 

Thompson - 

- 649 




- 658 

Thornton— see Comber 

- 767 

Woolhouse — see 

Hallowes - 

- 467 

Tillotson— see Spurr - 

- 711 




- 751 

Turner - 

- 699 




- 753 

Vennor — see Marshall 

- 725 




- 754 

Walker - 

- 742 




- 757 

Walker - 

- 770 




- 803 

Ward— see Beighton - 

- 646 

Yates - 



- 740 

Ward— see Goodwin 

- 747 




- 713 

Warton - 

- 606 




- 783 

Washington - 

- 443 

MS. 184 




This fine pedigree is compiled from three sources : — 

1. Dale's pedigree inserted in the 'Due. Leod.,' p. 208 & 584. 

2. A pedigree compiled on the basis of Dale with additions to the year 1759,. 
Supposed to be the work of Richard Bland of Scarborough. 

3. The information of M rs Anna Bland of Sion Hill, by which I was enabled to 
continue the English part of the family to the year 1820. 

Eoger Bland of Orton, co. Westmorland, temp. Hen. VIII. 

Adam Bland of London, Skinner, made free of his - 
Company 4 Edw. VI., 1549. Serjeant- Pelle tier 
to Queen Elizabeth 1563. 

=Joan, dau. of William Atkyns of 
St. Gregorie's, London ; bur. 
there 10 July 1596. 

William Bland, 1 st son, of London, Skinner &=pJudith, dau. of Thomas Wood of 

Groby, co. Leic. Pregnant at 
the date of her husband's will, 
to which she was Ex x . 

Gent., will dated 31 July 1596 ; to be bur. 
in Whitechapel with his 2 children ; bur. there 
5 Aug. 1596 ; will proved 17 Sep. fols. 

1 st son. 

=Mary, dau. of 
Henry Shelly 
of Paleham, 
co. Sussex, 

Samuel B., 2 nd son,=f=Judith, 
bp. at St. Mary's, another 
Whitechapel, 2Q dau. of 
March 1597 ; of Henry 
Gray's Inn, Gent. Shelly. 

Jane, mar. at St. Greg. 
20 Feb. 1586 to Wil. 
Hope, Gent., 2 nd son of 
Ralph H. of Northaw. 

Another dau., mar. 

Peter Bland, son & heir. 

i i 

George. Samuel. 

Peter Bland, 2 nd son, of London, Skinner; Serjeant Skinner to= 
Eliz. & James I. ; Executor to his brother Jasper. Will 
dated 1 Car. I. (See Reports in Chancery, 8vo, 1, 665.) 

=Susan .... bur. 
at St. Gregorie's 
20 Jan. 1611. 

John Marden of = Susan Bland, = 

London, mer*- mar. her 2 nd 

tailor, first hus- husband at 

band, mar. at Warfield in 

Battersey 8 Sep. Berks. 
1606 ; d. 17 
April 1620. 

=Sir Arnold Herbert, 
En*, 2 nd husband, 
who was knt d in 
Scotland in 1617 ; 
bur. at Warfield. 


Judith, 3 dau. & coh r , 
bp. 27 April 1595 ; 
mar. there 22 July 
1612 to Thomas Wil- 
cocks of Philberds & 

Adam, bp. at St. G. 
5 Sep. 1586 ; bur. 
there 18 July 1597. 

William, bur. at 
St. G. 7 Aug. 


Joan Bland, coh r , bp. 18 April 1585 ; 
mar. Thorn 8 Langhorn, Serjeant Skin- 
ner to Cha 3 1. A 




MS. 184, 185 

Thomas Bland of London, Gent., 3 rd son, an Attorney. Will= 
dated 18 Nov. 1617, being then written of Sund ridge in 
Kent ; proved 15 May 1618. He appears to have had other 
two wives, viz. Alice Garman, mar. at St. Gregorie's 12 July 
1590, & 2 nd Eliz., relict of William Yardley, Gent. 

: Mary, dau. of John 
Catcher, Esq., relict 
of Thomas Moody 
of London, grocer 
to Queen Eliz. 

George B., aged 4, 1602, Ex 1 ' to his father's will ; 
bur. at St. Antholine's 10 June 1648. Appears 
to have had a son Thomas. 

Elizabeth, aged 1, 1602, mar. 
at St. Antholine's 26 Oct. 1620 
to Edward Holm wood. 

Jasper B., bp. at St. G. 
28 Oct. 1568 ; d. un- 
mar. ; bur. there 10 
Dec. 1596. 

Gregory B., bp. at St. 
Gregorie's 22 April 
1567. Settled in Ire- 
land. =p 

Francis, bp. 16 July 1561 ; 
bur. 17 March 1566. 

Eichard, bp. 24 Jan. 1562. 

Jane B., mar. 1 her cousin Edward 
Bland, & 2 ndl y John Holmwood. 

Frances, mar. John Coggan of Charles City, 
County Virginia, & d. s.p. 1677. 

John, bur. 
12 Jan. 

William, bp. Elizabeth, bp. 12 May 1560 ; 
5 April 1566. mar. William Bury, Gent., or 
Burle. =p 

Mary, bp. 22 Jan. 
1569. Supposed 

Margaret. Joan. Ann. Elizabeth. Edward. 

John Bland of Sythe Lane in par. of St. Antholine's, a=f Susanna, dau. of .... of 

Hambro' merch*, & of Plastow in Essex, 5 son ; free of 

the Grocers' Com. & also of theMerch* Adventurers ; bp. 

at St. Gregorie's 28 Sep. 1572. Will 24 Sep. 1627 ; proved 

20 April 1622 (sic). Gave £5 to the daily morning 

lecture at St. Antholine's, in the vault of which church 

he was buried. 

I I 

Elizabeth, 4 th dau., bp. 30 Aug. 1620 ; Esther, bp. 

mar. Wil m Beare, Minister of Cowley 18 Jan. 

near Colnbrook, & had a son, Min r at 1623; bur. 

Preston in Lancashire, & a dau., mar. 5 Jan. 

to ... . Fogg of Tidmarton in Kent. 1625. 

Hambro' ; her mother 
Marie de Dubleer ; d. 1 
Feb. 1664 ; bur. with 
her husband. 

Rachel, bp. 
14 Nov. 
1626 ; bur. 
23 Aug. 

Joan, bp. 10 
Jan. or June 
1631 ; bur. 
5 May 1632. 

Mary Bland, bp. 11 Nov. 16 07; 
mar. 1 at St. Antholine's 8 
June 1626 Emanuel Proby, 4 th 
son of Sir Peter B., Lord 
Mayor of London ; 2 Thomas 

Susanna, 2 nd dau., 
mar. Tho s Pier- 
son of Wisbeach in 
the Isle of Ely, 

Anne B., 3 rd dau., bp. 26 
May 1619 ; mar. Stephen 
Jackson of London, 
merchV & of Plastow in 
Essex. A native of Ber- 
wick upon Tweed. B 

MS. 184, 185 



Elizabeth, 1 st wife,= 
dau. of Geo. 
Witham, Esq., who 
fined for Alderman 
of London ; bur. in 
West Ham Church. 

= Thorn as Bland, Esq., Barrister at= 
Law, 1 st son, Receiver of the 
Queen's Rents for Yorkshire, 
temp. C. II., d. s.p. 26 Sep. 1678 ; 
bur. in the Vestry of West Ham 
Church. He was Lord of the 
Manor of Upton, Plastow, West 
Ham, & Stratford. 

: Catherine, second wife, 
dau. of Edwin Sandys of 
Northbourne in Kent, 
Esq. ; b. in Beningboro' 
Grange, psh. of New- 
ton on Ouse ; bp. there 
Charter House, London, 
1 May 1677; living 1712. 

John Bland of the Old Navy Office^Sarah, dau. of Giles Green of Aflington in 

Mark Lane, London, a Spanish 
merch*, 2 nd son, d. 8 June 1680, & was 
bur. at St. Olave's, Hart Street, 12 th . 

the Isle of Purbeck, Esq., Memb. for Corfe 
Castle, temp. C. I. ; ob. 4 March 1712 ; 
bur. with her husband. 

i i 

John Bland, eldest son, 
ob.ll Jan.l659,aet.l3; 
bur. in St. Olave's, Hart 
Street, where was an 
achievement of his Arms. 

Thomas, bur. at St. An- 
tholine's 21 Nov. 1654, 

Giles Bland, 2 nd son,= 
of Bertlet on James 
River in Virginia. 
He suffered death for 
his share in Bacon's 
Rebellion 27 or 28 
March 1677, aged 29. 

: Frances, natural= 
dau. of Tho a 
Povey of White- 
hall, son of Jus- 
tinian Povey, 

= Samuel Star- 
key, Esq., of 
in Berks, 
2 nd husb. 

Thomas Posthumous Bland, b. 5 Nov. 1677. His=j=Mary, dau. of John Brown 

legitimacy doubtful. 
Anne's service, 1712. 

An Ensign of Foot in Qu. 

of London, meroh*, Citizen 
& Vintner. 

John Bland of the Academy, Tower Street, 
London, b. ab* 1703 ; d. s.p. ab* 1756. 


Edward Bland of Lion's Creek on James=j=Jane, dau. of his uncle Gregory Bland 

of Ireland ; survived & mar. John 
Holmwood, & dying about 1664 was 
bur. at Westover. 

River in Virginia, having lived for some 
time before in Spain ; his estate in Vir- 
ginia called Kimages ; d. about 1653. 

Edward B. of Kimages, only child, d.=pJane, dau. of 

about 1690, & was bur. at Westover. 

Gilly of Virginia, a 

planter ; mar. 2 Tho s Tanner, a planter. 

John Bland of Kymages, 
unmar. 1714. 

Sarah Bland, wife of Edward 
New of Henrico County. 

Robert Bland, 4 th son,= 
of Christ or Emanuel 
Col., Camb., Rector of 
Wigborough Magna in 
Essex, bp. at St. Antho- 
line's 22 Feb. 1617. 

=Mary, dau. of Benj n 
Hinton, Vicar of 
Hendon, co. Midd., 
by Joan, sister of 
Rich d Love, D.D., 
Dean of Ely. 

Adam B., 5 th son, d. unmar. about 
1647, being on his voyage to 
Virginia. — 

William B., 6 th son, bp. at St. An- 
tholine's 26 Dec. 1622. A merch* 
at Sevile in Spain, where he d. un- 
mar. ab fc 1649. d 



MS. 184, 185 

Benjamin, only 
son, d. in his 
to Nowell Bas- 
sano, a linen- 
draper in Lead- 
enhall Street. 

Adriana, 1 st dan., 
mar. 1 John Chap- 
pell, Rector of 
Inworth & Wig- 
borough ; 2 . . . . 
Prentis of Tip- 
tree Heath in 
Essex; d. at Horn- 
church ab* 1702 ; 
issue by both. 

Elizabeth, 2 nd dau., 
mar. 1 Joseph 
Ardery of Colchester, 
Gent., bro r by the 
mother's side to Sir 
Joseph Williamson; 
2 nd William Smith of 

Margaret, 3 rd dau., 
mar. 1 William 
Greenwell of 
Bishops Stortford; 
2 David Eniver of 
the same. 

Lovegrace, 4 th & 
youngest dau., d. an 

Richard Bland, 7 th son, r 
bp. at St. A. 11 Feb. 
1624; a Spanish merch*; 
free of the Frame- 
work Knitters; resided 
at London, Hoxton, 
& finally at Beeston 
Hall in the par. of 
Leeds, where he d. 20 
Nov. 1692. 

L Jane, dau. & heir of Joseph= Edmund Pott Arnold B., 
or William Lane of Fetter of Laurence 8 th son, bp. 
Lane, London, who was Lane, Lon- at St. A. 
poisoned by a young man, don, hosier, 24 Feb. 
his Clerk, who suffered death l st husb. (See 1627; bur. 
for it ; he was brother to p. 581.) there 18 

Thomas Lane of Perival in Oct. 1634. 

Midd., Esq., Recorder of 
Wycombe ; d. at Beeston 
Hall 19 May 1694, aged 
about 70. 

Nathaniel Bland, only surviving=j=Elizabeth, dau. & Thomas. Rebecca. 

son & heir, b. at Hoxton 22 Oct. 
1655 ; some time a linen-draper 
in London, & free of the Glovers' 
Company ; of Beeston Hall in 
Yorkshire ; Lord of the M r of 
Beeston 1712. 

heir of Robert 
Fisher of Long 
Acre ; mar. at St. 
Mary le Savoy 26 
April 1681. 

Hephzibah. Benjamin. 


All d. young. 

Nathaniel, b. 12 March 
1683 ; bur. in Bunhill 
Fields May 1684. 

Tirza, b. 3 Aug. 1685; 
bur. in Bunhill Fields 
Dec. following. 

Joseph Bland, = 
b. in Grace 
Church St., 
par. of All 
Hallowes, 25 
Dec. 1686 ; d. 
without issue. 

waite of 

George Moore=Martha, b. 14 

of Beeston, 
son of Henry 
M. of Armley. 
Had 3 sons 
and 1 dau., 

Nov. 1688 . 
mar. at Bees- 
ton 15 Dec. 
1709. Skilled 
in Hebrew. 
Th.'s Diary. 

Theodorick Bland, 9 th son, bp. at St.= 
A. 16 Jan. 1629 ; a merch* at St. 
Lucar in Spain, & after in Virginia, 
where he lived at Westover on James 
River in Charles City County ; he was 
of the Council in Virginia ; d. 23 April 
1671, & was bur. in Westover Ch., 
which he himself built. 

: Anna, dau. of Col. Richard= 
Bennet of Wyannock on 
James River, some time 
Governor of Virginia. She 
d. at Warton Creek in Mary- 
land Nov. 1687. 

=Col. St. Leger 
acoma, 2 nd 

St. Leger Codd of Warton 
Creek, Maryland, only son. 

MS. 184, 185 



Theodorick, eldest son, b. at Westover in Feb. 1663 ;=rMargaret, relict of 
d. there in Nov. 1700. .... Man. 

John Bland, b. 8 Dec. 1698 ; at school 1 
at Leeds 1712 ; lived for some time at 
Scarboro' ; went to America, and d. at 

=Ann, dau. of ... . West 
of Mustons, co. York ; 
d. 24 Nov. 1758 ; bur. 
at Mustons. 

Theodoric, d. 
very young, 
soon after his 

John Bland, b. at Scarboro' 1730 ; drowned 
at sea on a voyage to Malaga 22 Feb. 1750. 

Theodorick, Mary, & others, 
d. in their infancy. 

Mary, first wife, dau. of Tho.= 
Swan of Swan's Point on 
James River in Virginia, one 
of the Council ; d. s.p. at 
Jordans on James River 
in Sep. 1700. 

= Richard, 2 nd son, b. afc 
Berkleys near West- 
over 11 Aug. 1665 ; of 
Jordans on James 
River, where he d. 6 
April 1720. 

=Elizabeth, 2 nd wife, dau. of 
Col. Wil. Randolf of Tur- 
key Island on James 
River; mar. 11 Feb. 1701; 
ob. 22 Jan. 1720. 

Mary, b. 21 Aug. 1703; 
mar. Col. Henry Lee of 
Lee Hall on Potomack 

Elizabeth, b. 29 May 
1705; mar. Hon. Col. 
William Beverley of 
Blandsfield in Vir- 

Anna, b. 25 Feb. 1711 ; mar. 
1 Cap. Robert Munford of 
Appomatox River ; 2 George 

Richard,=pAnn, dau. & heir of 
b. 6 May Peter Paythress of 
1710. Flower-hundred on 
James River. 

Theodorick, of Kippax in Pr.= 
George County, Virginia, b. 
1724 (sic, but ? 1714) ; mar. 
1759 (?1739). 

: Frances, dau. & 
heir of Colonel 
Drury Bowling 
of Kippax. 

i i i i i i ii i i 

Mary. Elizah. Theodorick, b. at Elizabeth, wife of Mary. Jane. 

— — Kippax 21 March Major John Banis- — — 

Sarah. Lucy. 1741. Came to ter of Dinwiddic Anna. Frances. 

All living in 1758. England in Aug. County in Vir- 

1753, & was at ginia, by whom 

Scarboro' in Feb. Wilmatha. 


Theodorick, d. young. 
Edward, living 1758. 

Elizabeth, wife of Cap. Peter 
Paythress of Prince George 
County, & whom Elizabeth 
& Anne, 1758. 

Ann, wife of Alex r Mor- 
rison of Ward's Creek in 
Prince George County, 
by whom John. 

Richard Bland 
of Jordans. 

Peter,b.l3Feb. 1737; was 
at Scarboro' 13 Feb. 1759. 

John, was at Bristol 
in Sep. 1758. 

William, liv- 
ing 1758. 



MS. 185 

Mary, 1 st wife,= John B. of Scarboro', co. York,=pElizabeth, 2 nd wife, dan. of Thomas 

dau. of Fran- 3 rd son, b. 8 Feb. 1681 ; free of 

cis Breckon, the Com. of Merch ts Adven- 

fche elder, of turers of York ; d. in 1746, & 

Scarboro'; s.p. was bur. at Scarborough. 

Dale of Masham & Crosshill Hall 
in psh. of Great Smeaton, co. York; 
sister to Eobert Dale, Esq., Suffolk 
Herald ; mar. at Scarboro' 9 Nov. 
1709; d. in 1746; bur. at Scarboro'. 

Eichard, b. at 
Scarboro' 22 
Aug. 1710 ; 
liv& unmar. 
Feb. 1759. 

John Bland, b. at Scar- 
boro' 5 Aug. 1712 ; of 
Lime Street, London, 
Virginia merch* ; d. at 
Iford in Essex 14 Nov. 

=Ann, dau. & coh r of Tho s 
Buck of Sheffield, co. 
York ; b. 18 Aug. 1718 ; 
mar. 1 July 1739 ; d. at 
London 10 Nov. 1770. 

Anne, b. 4 
May 1714; 
d. unmar. 

Thomas Mil-= 
ler of Iford 
in Essex, Esq, 

=2. Sarah B., 
b. at S. 18 
March 1750. 

Richard But- 
ler of London 
merch* ; 


=3. Elizabeth, 
b. 1 Nov. 
1752; d, 


4. Susanna, b. 1760; 
d. unmar. at Sion 
Hill 5 Nov. 1817 ; 
bur. at Weston. 

5. Theodorick, a 
merch* in Vir- 
ginia, b. at S. 
21 Sep. 1746. 

6. William, b. 16 
Jan. 1747 ; d. in 
Jan. 1748 ; bur. 
at Scarboro'. 

7. Eobert, b. 
16 April 
1755 ; in the 
Navy ; d. un- 
mar. 1781. 

1. Anna, b. at Scarboro' 26 
May 1749 ; living unmar. 
at Sion Hill, Bath, 1823 ; 
d. there 6 Jan. 1833, & was 
bur. at Weston. 

Theodorick, now living in Virginia 1820. 


Sophia, living in Virginia 1820. 

3. Edward, 3 rd son, b. at S. 
30 April 1744 ; d. at sea in 
the E.I. Co. Service about 
1771 ; never mar. 

4. Joseph, of London, merchV 
b.atS.l Sep. 1745; d. 10 Oct. 
1810 at his house, Bush Hill, 
Herts ; bur. in Hatfield Church . 

=Jane, dau. of John 
Cockshutt of Huth- 
waite, co. York, 


John B., d., aged 
16, at his father's 
house, Mincing 
Lane, London, 

Joseph, of London,= 
merch*, living 
1823 ; insurance 

: Ann, dau. of 
.... Eipley 
of Liver- 


James Timothy, of Lon- 
don, merch*, mar. a 
widow in 1815, & has no 
issue 1823. 



Caroline Anna. 

Susan, Jane, d. young at Elizabeth, mar. Eobert Winter of Clapham, Esq., 

live Warminster 179 9, brother to Wil. W., who mar. her cousin Ann 

unmar. & was bur. in the Miller. =f= 

1823. Church there. 

MS. 185, 186 



Jane Bland. 

Edmund Cockshutt. 

Caroline, b. 1803. Augustus Ofcman. 

i i 

Julia Sybilla. 

Arthur Percival. 
Henry Lewis. 

1. John Bland, b. at Scarboro' 
8 Dec. 1741 ; went to London 
1758 ; of Petersburgh in Vir- 
ginia, & Blandsf ord on James 
River ; mar. a widow in 
America, but had no issue. 

2. Thomas B. of Shef-^ 
field, merch*, 2 nd son, 
b. at S. 6 Dec. 1743 ; 
d. 1 June 1807, & 
was bur. at Sheffield. 

r Ann, dau. of Joseph Broad- 
bent of Sheffield, merch 1 , by 
Sarah Buck his wife (see 
Ped., p. 186) ; live at 
Boroughleigh near Shef- 
field 1820; d. at Burrowlee 
1 May 1823, aged 81. 

Sarah, of Sheffield, Spinster. Will proved 1839. Gives to Joseph Bland of Chad- 
ley near Kidderminster, amongst other things, a tin can with the Blands 1 genealogy. 
(He was son to a brother of her father.) Sarah Bland gave also to Emma Bland, 
dau. of Joseph, among other things, her watch & gold chased watch case with 
polished stock chain and seal, Bland's Arms in a lozenge, a moss agate box with 2 
seals not set, one Broadbent in a lozenge & one Broadbent & Bland quartered in a 
shield. From W. Swift. 


Elizabeth. Jane, mar Wasp, Lucy, 

& is now a widow with- d. un- 

out issue 1823; d. 1827. mar. other dau*. 

A son, d. before his 
father, & perhaps 2 


Richard Bland. 

Cap. Robert Munford of Appomatox River=pAnna B.=f=Gi-eorge Curry, 2 nd husb. 


Eltz. Robert. Theodoric. 

Arm. Margaret. 

Col. Henry Lee of Lee Hall=pMary B. Hon. Col. William Beverley of Blands-=T=Elizabeth B, 
on Potomac. field, Virginia. | 

I I I I 

1 st wife=Col. John Lee of Rapa-=. . . . 2 ud wife, Letitia, wife of Richard, of Henry, of 

hannoc River in Vir- widow of Ball of Lee Hall, Rappahan- 

ginia : no issue. Ball. Rapahannoc. unmar. noc 1759. 

1759. == 

John. Elizabeth, wife of James Mills, a mereh' Ursula, mar. William Fitz-Hugh, Anna. 

— at Hobbs Hole in Virginia. Esq., of Marmion or Rapahannoc, 

Robert. by whom Eliz. 



MS. 186 

Thomas Buck of Blythe, mercer, bur. 12=j=Anne 
April 1703. (Blythe psh. Register.) 

Ruth=f=Edward=Mary Wilson of 
Buck of Blythe, widow, 
Blythe, mar. 6 April 
mercer. 1721. 

Susanna, mar. John 
Adlam, & had Ann, 
mar. to Tho. Smifch, 
mar. 26 May 1709. 

Elizabeth, mar. 8 Sep. 
Mattersav, b. at Blythe 
6 of 8 mo. 1680. 

Anne, mar. 17 May 1720 to Will. Gulson, Isaac, b. 8 of 4 
son of Will. a. of Coventry. mo. 1698. 

Edward, b. 1700. 

Mary, mar. 31 of 5 mo. 1701 to Thomas 
Kellan, son of John K. of Balby. 

Joseph Broadbent of Sheffield, merchant^ 
b. 12 of 3 ld mo. 1706; d. 13 of 10 mo. 1761. 


Thomas Buck of Sheffield, co.=f=Sarah 
York, b. 6 of 2 nd mo. 1687. 

: Sarah Buck, the elder of the 2 dau s 
& coheirs, d. at Sheffield in May 
1803 ; b. 9 of 5 mo. 1715. 

Sarah, wife of Thom s 
Pemberton of Bir- 
mingham ; no issue ; 
mar. 3 of 5 mo. 1765. 

Ann, wife of 
her cousin 
Tho s Bland. 
(See p. 185.) 

Susanna, d. 
unmar. in 

Mary & 
2 others, 

Eliza, wife of 
.... Routh of 
Wakefield, & 
had no issue. 

Thomas B. of Sheffield, merch t= 
and banker, lived much abroad, 
d. 13 Jan. 1813, aged 63, & 
was bur. at Sandall near Wake- 
field. He built Page Hall; lived 
for a while at Mogadore. 

: . . . . Joseph, 2 nd son, of 

dau. Sheffield & of Leeds, 

of mar. but d. with- 

.... out issue 25 Feb. 

Whee- 1813, aged 61 ; bur. 

ler. with his brother. 

Rebecca, wife of 
Wil. Hird of 
Leeds, M.D.;&d. 
in six weeks after 
her marriage ; 
mar. 14 of 9 m. 

Thomas, in the Mili-= 
tary Service of the 
E.I. O. 

Edward, Joseph, d. Sarah, wife of ... . Eliza, 

d. young, young Routh, nephew to d. 

about 1796 Routh in the young. 

line above. 


John Bland of Lime=j=Ann Buck, the 

Street, London, Vir- 
ginia merchant. (See 
the whole of his issue 
at p. 185.) 

younger dau. 
and coh r , b. 18 
of 6 mo. 1718. 

Edward, b. 10 
of 7 mo. 1710; 
probably he 
who was killed 
in 1734. 

Mary, Thomas, John, all d. 
young. Thomas d. 26 of 12 
mo. 1722, aged 2 y rs & 2 
months. John 14 of 1 mo. 
1723, aged 8 months & 2 

Sarah, wife of Thomas Miller, Esq. 

MS. 186, 187 




Anne M., wife of Will m Win- 
ter, brother to Eobert at p. 
185 ; she d. in 1805. 

Robert, & 2 others. 

d. un- 

Thomas, a plan- 
ter in Jamaica, 
unmar. 1820. 

James, in the Bank 
of England; d. at the 
Hot Wells, unmar. 

Mary, wife of Wil m Nevile Hart, 
Esq., son of Sir William Hart, Kn* 
of the Order of S 1 Stanislaus of 
Corsica, & of the White Eagle of 
Poland. =r 




Lewis, collec- 
tor of the New 
River Compy. 


Louisa Andrews. 

Henry Cornelius, Curate of Charrington 
n r Tetbury 1850. 

Edward, in 
the Custom 
House at 
the Cape. 

Ellen Theophila. 



an Atty. 


John Cockshutt of Huthwaite, co. York. His 
children were related to the Scotts, at p. 321. 





(See p. 185.) 

I I 
John C. of Huth- 
waite, 1 son, mar. 
a dau. of ... . 
Stedman of Lon- 
don, but d. s.p. 

James, 2 nd son, of 
Huthwaite, d. un- 
mar. 1819. 

Edward, 3 rd son, 
of Sion House n r 
Birmingham, & 
of Huthwaite ; 
on death of his 
bro r mar. a dau. 
of .... Pratt; 
s.p. 1820. 

Thomas C. 3 
4 th son, 
Rector of 
Parva, co, 

.... wife 


of Scar- 
boro* & of 
no issue. 

Mary Cockshutt, sole dau. & heir, at School 1820, 

Anne C, mar. at Cawthorne 13 June 1727 to 
Thomas Wheat of Retford. (See p. 207.) 

Thomas C, M.A., Preb. of South- 
well, Rector of Ordsal & Barn- 
borough, ob. 13 April 1774, aged 
62 ; bur. at Retford. 

James Wheat of Sheffield, Atty.=pSarah, dau. & h. of John Milnes of 

Purchased Norwood Hall, where 
he d. in Jan. 1805. 


Newark, d. a widow in London, & 
was bur. in Gray's Inn Burying 
Ground. [See Milnes Ped.,p. 431.] 


.... mar. 
.... Sam- 




James Wheat of Shef- 
field & Norwood, Atty, 
unmar. 1827 ; d. in 

John Wheat of Shef- 
field, Atty, 2 son, un- 
mar. 1827; mar. . . .. 
dau, of ... . William- 

Clifton Wheat, 
Lieut, in 81 
Reg* of Foot, 

MS. 186, 187 


.... Sambourne of Sheffield, Attorney ;=. . . . dau. of ... . Linley 
went to America & d. there. of Sheffield. 

Henry Wheat, 
in the Army ; 
had property 
from his cousin 
Clifton Wheat. 

Carlos Coney Wheat, 5 son, intended 
for an Att^, but in 1818 was edu- 
cating for the Church ; mar. at Sfc. 
Mary's, Islington, 1 May 1829 to 
Louisa, youngest dau. of Sir Thos. 
Whichcote, Bart. 

Sarah, mar. in Sep. Mary. 
1808 to Godfrey — 
Sykes, Esq., Solici- Eliza, 
tor to the Stamp 

Fanny, mar. 
1814 to 
Wells of 

This is perfectly authentic, being compiled by myself from the Quakers' 
Register Book. 

1734, July 4. M r Buck of Sheffield, grocer, had his only son killed by a fall 
from his horse, being drunk. 

It is a very sad thing. M rs M. Hatfield's Obituary. 

1718, Sep. 7. Mar. M r Will Broadbent of Blythe, quaker, & M M Hanna 
Tofield of Conisborough. Par. Eeg T of Wad worth. 

Tho. Porter of Blythe, Gent., names in his will 30 Dec. 1679 his dau. Dorothy, 
w. of Edw. Buck. They were mar. at Blythe 22 Nov. 1670. 

Joseph Broadbent of Sheffield, d =pAlice Fletcher of Howbrook in psh. of Ecclesfield, 
2 of 10 mo. 1684 ; bur. 3. I mar. 14 of 6 mo. 1679. 

Nicholas Broadbent of Shef-=7=Rebecca, dau. of Richard Kirkby of Blythe ; mar. 
field, d. 22 of 2 mo. 1736. I at Blythe 3 Aug. 1705 ; d. 28 of 4 mo. 1752. 

Joshua, d. 10 of 
3 mo. 1685. 


Sarah, b. 15 of Mary, b. 2 of 1 mo. 1709-10 ; mar. 3 of 8 

5 mo. 1708 ; d. mo. 1734 John Burder of Southwark, 

13 of 6 mo. tobacconist, son of Amos B. of Esington, 

1708. co. Durham. 

Robert, b. 28 Rebecca, b. 7 

of 11 mo. of 11 mo. 

1712 ; bur. 8 1724 : d. 4. of 

of 1 mo. 1713. 12 mo. 1725. 

Tho. Cockshutt, A.M., Preb. of Southwell, Rector of Ordsal & Barnborough., d. 
13 April 1774, aged 61 ; bur. at Retford. 

Mary, wife of Josias Cockshutt, Esq. ; d. 26 Oct. 1770, aged 19 ; bur. there. 

For arms granted to a Cockshutt, see M. P. B., xv., 114. 

James Wheat below is understood to have been cousin german to Clifton Wheat, 
who was a Major in the Army, & lived 8 years among the Natives of North America. 
He was heir to a good part of Sir Clifton Wintringham's property ; mar. a Miss 
Newton, who survived & mar. Sir .... Grey Cooper, Bart, N.S. Lady Cooper 
held for life the property at Stanmar which had been Sir Clifton Wintringham's, & 
d. in 1848. 

MS. 187 



Thomas Cockshutt, A.M.,=pSusanna, dau. of John Wilson of Wortley ; 
Minister of Cawthorne. I b. about 1665 ; ob. 25 Jan. 1744. 

I j I I : I 

Thomas, b. about 1690. John. Anne. Elizabeth, d. before her mother. Susan. 

Rev. Josias Cockshutt=f=Mary, dau. of Tho. Twisleton, sister & heir of John of Horseman's Place. 
Thomas, of Kegworth, co. Line, Clerk, took name of Twisleton. 

The relationship of Clifton Wheat to Sir Clifton Wintringham is supposed to 
have been through the name of Woodley. 


Dickinson's ' Hist, of Newark ' with a few additions. 
John Milnes of Newark, d. 1679=f=Elizabeth .... 

Mary Baguley, 2=f=Francis Milnes=j=Clara, 1 w., dau. of 
w., d. 1706. I Chris r Wilson. 

Thomas Milnes, 3 times 
Mayor of Newark. 

of New- 


: . . . . dau. Mary, 1 
of ... . dau. of 

Bradley. Christopher 


=Dor., 2 w., dau. of John John & 
Clay of Newark, son of Elizabeth. 
Eobert son of Hercules 
Clay. (See p. 346.) 

John Milnes= 
of Newark. 

=Ann, dau. 



John & Eev. James Andrew- 

Thomas, Milnes of Newark, 
s.p. LL.D. 

Sarah. [See Buck 
Fed., p. 429.] 

: Ann, dau. of . . . 
Wright of Spilsby. 

Samuel, Dorothy, mar. Thomas,= 

mar William Hunt a Clerk. 

dau. of G-rubbe of 

Lloyd. Wiltshire. 

: Eleanor, dau. 
of William 

Charlotte, dau. & h., mar. Eev. James Grubbe, and d. leaving one dau. only. 

John M. of=Mary Selina, dau. of James Jacob Costabadie, Eector of=fAnn. 
Beckingham, William Geary of Andrew. Wensley (see p. 428) ; ob. 
2 son. Bushmead. 1802. 

Mary, Charlotte, mar. John Elizabeth Anne, mar. Fanny. Akeroid, 

mar. Benj n Homfrey, Esq., Tho. Hunt Grubbe, — in the 

Eichard of Kibworth Har- Esq., of Eastwell, co. Jacob, a Clerk, E.I.C N 

Lucas, court, co. Leic, in Wilts ; mar. June Vicar of Swave- Service. 

Esq. June 1821. 1821. sey, co. Camb. 



MS. 188 & 189 


This Pedigree of Barclay, except what is within brackets, is copied from * British 
Family Antiquity, 1 4to, Lond., 1811, vol. viii., p. 229 — *248, which though on the 
whole a very indifferent work, yet this pedigree seems to be an exception to the 
general character of the work, the compiler having been assisted in it by M r Barclay 
of Berry-hill. 

1823, July 31. Mar. Henry Birkbeck, Esq., of Lynn, to Eliz. Lucy, youngest 
dau. of the late Rob. Barclay of Olapham Common, Esq. 

David Barclay of the Merns and^Elizabeth, dau. of Sir 

Mathers in Scotland, b 1580; d. 
in 1650. Sold his Estates. 

clay, d. 

John Livingston 
Dunipace, Bart. 


2. David Bar-= 
clay of Urie, a 
Colonel in the 
Army of 
Charles I., b. 
in. 1610. 

Catherine, dau. 
of Sir Robert 
Gordon, 2 nd son 
of the Earl of 

3. Robert 



of the 


College at 


4. James Bar- 
clay, a Cap* in 
the Army, 
killed at 

.... wife 


of Gillie- 

Robert Barclay of Urie,= 
Author of the * Quakers' 
Apology/ b. 1648, & d. 
3 Oct. 1690. 

of Aber- 

John Bar- 
went to 

David Bar- 
clay, d. un- 

d. un- 

Jane, wife of 
Sir Ewan 
Cameron of 

Robert Barclay=pElizabeth, 

of Urie, son & 
heir, b. 1672. 

Robert Bar- 
clay of Urie, 
son & heir, 
b. 1692. 

dau. of 
Esq., of 

i i 

Patience, mar. Timothy 
Forbes, Esq., son of Alex r 
F., Esq., of Aquahorties. 

Catherine, wife of James 
Forbes, another son. 

i i 

Christiana, wife of Alex r 
Jaffray of Kingswell. 

Jane, wife of Alex r Forbes 
of Aquahorties. 

=Anne, dau. 
of Sir 
of Lochiel. 

i i 

John, d. 

settled in 

I I 
Margt, d. young. 

Mollison, mar. 
John Doubleday, 
son of John D. 
of Alnwick. 

Elizabeth, wife 
of William 
Ogilvie, eldest 
son of Sir David 
0., Bart. 

Cath e , 
d. un- 

Lucy, 1 st wife, dau. of^Robert Barclay of=p Margaret 
David Barclay of Lon- Urie, M.P. for Allar- 
don, merch*, on the Kincardineshire, dyce, 2 nd 

d. in 

David, Jean, 
d. abroad, only 

Samuel Galton,=Lucy Barclay, 
Esq., Banker in only issue. 
A Birmingham. 


Robert Barclay of Urie, 
Cap 1 in the 23 rd foot, 
living 1810. 

James Allardyce 
Barclay, d. at 
Ceylon. b 

MS. 188 & 189 




David Stewart Bar- 
clay, an officer in 
42 nd foot. 


Cameron, wife of 
.... Innes, Esq., 
of Cowie, & left 

Margaret, wife of 
Hudson Gurney, 
Esq., Banker at 

Mary, Rodney, 
d. un- living 
mar. unmar. 

Anne, 1 st wife,=p David Barclay, 2 nd son,= 

dau. of James 
Taylor; d. 4 
Dec. 1720. 

of London, merch*, ac- 
quired a large fortune, 
d. at the age of 95. 

=Priscilla, 2 nd wife, 
dau. of John 
Freame, Esq., 
Banker, of London. 

John Barclay of Dub- 
lin, merch 1 , mar. Anne, 
dau. of Amos Stret- 
tel, Esq. 

Timothy=pElizabeth. Christiana, 

Bevan of 

d. unmar. 

Anne, wife of Patience, mar 1 John Sted- 

Ja s Collison, man, Esq., of Rotterdam ; 

Esq., Banker 2 Thomas Weston, Esq., 

in London. of London. 

Sylvanus Bevan. (See p. 142.)=p 

David Bevan, a Banker in London. Priscilla. 

James Barclay, eldest=pSarah Freame. Alexander, 2 nd son=f=Anne Kirckman. 
son & heir. 

Joseph. Sarah. 

Alexan- Jane, 

Robert Barclay of Berry Hill,=p Rachel, dau. of Patience. 

Surrey, b. at Philadelphia 15 
May 1751. In 1810 was next 
male heir to Rob* & D. S. 
Barclay of Urie. 

John & Eliza- 
beth Gurney of 

Charles Barclay, = Anna Maria, dau. David, Gurney, 

eldest son & heir, of Thorn 8 Kett, b. 29 b. 20 

b. 26 Dec. 1780. Esq., of Seething, Sep. Dec. 

co. Norfolk. 1784. 1786. 

Alex 1 *, 
b. 21 


Alfred, b. 21 
Dec. 1793 ; 
d. in June 

Eliz. & Agatha, 
Agatha, b. 8 
d. young. Nov. 

Anne, wife of 
Jacob Foster 
Esq., of Car- 



Lucy, wife of 
George Fox, 
Esq., of Tre- 
fusis in Corn- 

Elizab. Martha 

Maria. Martha. 

Martha Hudson, l st =pDavid B. of Walthamstow, ob. 28 May=Rachel Lloyd, 2 nd 
wife. | 1809, aged 81. wife ; no issue. 

Richard Gurney, Esq., Banker, of Norwich=pAgatha Barclay, only issue, 




MS. 188 & 189 


Hudson Gurney, Esq., Banker at Norwich, Agatha, wife of Sampson Hanbury of 
rnar. as on the other side. Poles, co. Herts, Esq. ; no issue. 

John B., 2 nd son, of= 
Cambridge Heath. 

=Susanna Willett. 

3 rd son. Prisoilla, d. unmar. 

Robert Barclay 
of London, 
Banker, 1810. 

d. in 

Mary, wife of 
John Hinton 
Tritton, Esq., 
a Banker. 

Susanna, wife of Os- 
good Hanbury of 
Coggeshal, Esq., by 
whom Osgood, Robert, 
& others. 

Priscilla Lucy, 
wife of 
Hall, Esq. 

Ill I I 
Catherine, Lucy, wife Caroline, wife Richenda, wife Christiana, mar. 1 Joseph 
wife of of Robert of John Lin- of Nathaniel Gurney, Esq., Banker, by 
Daniel Barclay of doe, Esq., of Springall of whom Priscilla & Chris- 
Bell of Urie, Esq. Norwich, by Norfolk, by tiana ; 2 John Freame, 
Totten- whom David, whom David & Esq., of London, by whom 
ham. Robert, & Richenda, wife Joseph Osgood Freame ; 
Margaret. of ... . 3 Sir William Watson, 
Masterman. M.D., of Bath. 

4. Lucy. 5. Charlotte, 6. Rebecca, wife 7. Christiana, mar. 1 8. Caroline, 

wife of Capel of Abel Chap- Nath 1 Springall, Esq., wife of John 

Hanbury, man, Esq. of Norwich ; 2 Thomas Head of Ips- 

Esq. Hankin, Esq. wich, Esq. 

Daniel Bell, Jonathan, of Tot- 1. Priscilla, wife of 2. Cath e , wife 3. Eliz th , 
Esq., of tenham, 2 nd son, Edward Wakefield, of John Gur- wife of 
Putney mar. Maria, dau. of Esq.; d. 12 Sep. ney, Esq., of John Han- 
Heath. Edward Yaux, 1832, aged 81; mar. Norwich. bury,Esq., 
Esq., & had issue. 3 Jan. 1771. of Totten- 

=r ham. 

Edward W., Author of * An Account Daniel W., also 
of Ireland.' a Writer. 

A dau. 


MS. 190 

In Harl. 991 the wife of the Protector is called dau. of our butcher, and it is 
said that she brought him £1500. 

There are a number of curious anecdotes about him in this MS. 

See in Ley's Report, p. 60, a case of wardship of Oliver Cromwell reported. 

See some good notes of the descent of Cromwell in Harl. 5861. 

MS. 190, 191 



See ' Gent. Mag.,' Feb. 1842. 

Gibbon's Funeral Sermon for Will. Cromwell, where are some things worth 

Lives of persons who d. in 171-. Imhoff. 

In the Court roll of the M r of Felham, 1 James I., it is found that Lady Joan 
Cromwell, wife of Sir Henry Cromwell, natural dau. of Sir Ralph Warren, was dead, 
& owned Passers (?). Sir Philip Cromwell, K>, her younger son, & Mary his wife, 

Morgan Williams of Llan=p. . . . sister of Thomas, 
Newidel, co. Caermar. Lord Cromwell. 

Sir Eichard Cromwell als. Williams=pFrances, coh. of Sir Thomas Walter, 2 nd son, 
of Hinchinbroke, b. at Llanishen, 
Glam., M.P. for Hunts. 

Murphyn, Lord Mayor of Lon- had Joan & 
don ; bur. at Stepney 1533. Anne. 

Joan, 1 st w.,= 
dau. of Sir 
Warren ; d. 
1584; bur. at 

: Sir Henry Cromwell= 
of Ramsey & Hinch- 
inbroke, M.P. for 
Hunts, d. 1603 ; 
bur. at All Saints, 

. . . . dau. of 
. . . . Weeks, 
2 nd w. ; d. 
1592; bur. 
at Hunts. 

Francis Crom- 
well of Hem- 
ingford, M.P. 
for Hunts, d. 

=Margaret, dau. 
of Henry Man- 
nock of Hem- 

Sir Philip, of Bigginhouse,=pMary, dau. of Sir Henry 

bur. at Ramsey 1629. 

See for this Branch 

Townsend, C.J. of Chester. 
' G. M.,' 55, 929. 

Henry, Philip, d. Thomas, b. 1609, of=f=Eliz. Oliver, Robert, executed in 

b. 1607. about 

Clifton in Bedford- 

d. 1649. London for poison- 
ing his master. 

Thomas, b. 1656. Barbara, b. 1657. Henry. 


Richard, of Denton,=f . . . . dau. of ... . Joan. Elizabeth, mar. 

d. 1661. Anderson. — D r Paget. 

I Ann. 
Elizabeth, of Denton. 


Eluzai, wid. of ... . : 
Jones; bur. at Upwood 

=Henry C.' of Upwood, M.P.=Margaret, dau. of Sir Tho s 

for Hunts, d. 1630. 

Wynde of South Wolton, 

Richard, b.=f=Elizabeth, dau. of Wil m 

1603; d. 
1626; bur. 
at Upwood. 

Hake of Peterborough ; 
mar. 2 nd .... Apreece 
of Washingley. 



Elizabeth, mar. 
Oliver St. John, 

Anna, mar. 
John Neale 
of Dean, 
co. Bedf. 

Henry, d. y. Anna, w. of her cousin Henry Cromwell on the left. 



MS. 190, 191 

Mary, w. of Sir William 
Dunch of Little Whit- 
tenham in Berks.* 

Dorothy, wife of Sir 
Thomas Fleming of 
Stoneham in Hants. 

Richard, M.P. for Kalph, bur. 
Lostwithiel, bur. at Hunts 
at Upwood 1628. 1651. 

Elizabeth, l st =fSir Oliver Crom-=f=Ann, 2 nd w., dau. of 

wife, dau. of 
Sir Thomas 

well, K.B., M.P. 
for Hunts, d. 
1655, set. 93.f 

Egidius Hoofman, 1 
wid. of Sir Horatio 
Pallavicini ; bur. at 
Hunt 1626. 

Joan, w. of Sir Francis 

Elizabeth, w. of William 
Hampden of Great 
Hampden, Bucks. 


Oliver, d. at Rome. Giles. Anna, w. of John Baldwin. Mary, 

i i 

Thomas, of Great 


mar. Abi- 

d. of the 
at Ram- 
sey 1665. 

Elizab., w. 
of Sir 
Kich d In- 

Oathe e , w. 
of Sir 

w. of 
Baker of 

Jane, w. 
of Sir 

Battina, 1 st wife,=f=Henry, d. 
dau. of Sir # 1657; 
Horatio Pallavi- bur. at 
cini ; bur. at Ramsey. 

Hunt. 1618. 

Battina, d. y. 

Lucy, 2 nd wife, dau. of Sir = 
Rich d Dyer of Great 
Stoughton, & wid. of Sir 
Edw. Carr of Sleaford ; 
bur. at Ramsey 1C39-40. 
This lady's name appears 
to have been Ann, ' G-. M.,' 
55, 928, & Bar*s e of 1720, 
1, 253. 

: Elizabeth, 3 rd wife, 
dau. of Sir Edw. 
Lucy, wid. of Sir 
John Ferrers of 
Punsbourn in 
Herts ; bur. at 
Ramsey 1658. 

i i 

James, s.p. 

Anna, bur. 
at Great 

d. 1639. 


I I 

Henry C. of= 

=Ann, dau. 

Carina, w. 




of Richard 

of Wil. 


w. of 

House, M.P. 


Hetley of 



for Hunts, 

of Up- 




bur. at 

wood; bur. 

ton in 


of Nor- 


at Ram- 




sey 1687. 


Frances, w. 
of Richard 
Whalley of 


Robert Cromwell of Huntingdon,= 
M.P. for Hunts, bur. there 1617 
[2 nd son ; had from his father the 
Augustines Friars in Hunting- 
don] .J b 

=Elizabeth, dau. of = William Linne 
Wil. Steward of ofBassing- 
Ely; bur. in West- bourn, 1 st hus- 
minster Abbey. band. 

1 In Harl. 5353, where are several notices of this Cromwell, it is said that Hoofman 
was very rich. His wife the dau. of ... . Neipson by a dau. of John Vermoren. 

* Marriage Licence at S* Margaret's, Westminster, 18 Feb. 1598-9, 
f A Royalist, sold Hinchinbroke in 1627. 
J Bur. at All Saints 5 June.— J. W. 0. 

MS. 190, 191 



Margaret, wife of Anna, w. of John Jane, w. 

Valentine Wau- SewsterofWistow of John 

ton of Great in Hunts ; d. 1646. Des- 

Stoughton. =p borough. 

D r Peter 

: Kobina=John Wil- 

Bishop of 

| Elizabeth, w. of D r John 

Robina, mar Lockhart, <G. M.,' 55, 927. Tillotson, A.B. of Camb. 

d. y. # 

Oliver Cromwell,= 
Protector, b. at 
Hunts 1599; 
M.P. for Hunts 
and Camb. ; d. 

: Elizabeth, dau. of 
Sir James Bour- 
chier of Felstead ; 
bur. at Marl- 
borough 16724 

Robert, d. y. 
Joan, s.p.§ 

Elizabeth, d. 


Catherine, mar. 1 
Roger Whetston 
of Whittlesey ; 2 
Col. John Jones.! 

Robert, Oliver, Richard (Protector), b. 1626, M.P.= 
d. y.** killed for Monmouth, Hunts, & Camb., 
1648-tt Chancellor of Oxford, etc. ; d. 1712 ; 
bur. at Hursley. J J 

: Dorothy, dau. of Richard 
Major of Hursley in 
Hants ; d. 1675 ; bur. at 

Oliver Cromwell, 
d. 1705, set. 49 ; 
bur. at Hursley. 


d. 1731. 


Anna, mar. D r 
Gibson, and d. 
in 1727, set. 69. 

Dorothy, mar. John 
Mortimer, and d. 
1681, set. 20. (See 
Ped., p. 192.) 

Henry Cromwell, b. 1627, M.P. for Camb. =pElizab., dau. of Sir Francis 

Lord Deputy of Ireland ; d. 1673 ; bur. 
at Wicken.§§ 

Russel; d. 1687, as t. 52; bur. 
at Wicken. 



b. 1667; 
d. 1691. 

d. 1659. 

William Russel of Fordham,= 
bur. there 26 June 1701, 
cousin-german to Sir John, 
on the right. 








^Elizabeth, b. 1660. (See 
much respecting her de- 
scendants in Noble's 
6 Cromwells.') 

Edward. Francis. Frances. 



w. of Rob. 
D'Aye of 



I I 


Mary, w. 
of Mar- 
tin Wil- 
kins of 


* B. 31 Aug. 1595. f B P- at St. John's Church, Huntingdon, 25 April 1599. 

% Mar. at St. Giles, Cripplegate, London, 22 Aug. 1620. Carlyle says Norborough near 
Market Deeping. § Bp. 24 Sep. 1592 ; d. 1600. 

|| B. 14 Oct. 1593 ; d. unmar. 1672. p.7 Feb. 1596-7. 

** Bp. at St. John's, Huntingdon, 13 Oct. 1621 ; bur. at Felstead, Essex, 31 May 1639. 
ft Bp. at St. John's, Huntingdon, 6 Feb. 1623. 

jj B. 4 Oct. 1626 ; mar. 1 May 1649 ; d. 12 July 1712 ; his wife d. 5 Jan. 1675-6. 
§§ Bp. at All Saints', Huntingdon, 20 Jan. 1627-8 ; d. 23 March 1673-4. 
Illl Mar. 1653 May 10, M r Henry Crumwell and Elissabeath Russill (Kensington Par. Keg.). 
t«j" Bp. 8 Jan. 1631-2 ; died next day.— J. W. 0. 




MS. 190, 191 

Oliver, d. Henry 0., d.=f=Hannah, dau. of Benjamin Francis, b. Richard, b. 

1685, aet. at Lisbon 
29, s.p. 1711. 

Hewiing; d. 1732, *et. 70. 1663 ; d. 

1719 ccel. 

1665 ; d. 



Oliver, d. 1703. Henry, William C.=Mary, dau. of Wil. Sherwill, wid. of Tho 8 

— d. 1692. ofBocking, Wesfcby of Linton ; d. 1752, ast. 62; which 

Benj n ,d. 1694. d. 1772. Tho 8 Westby was formerly of Ravenfleld. 

Richard, of Bartlets^Sarah, dau. of Eben r Gat- Henry, d. 1769 

Bids 8 , d. 1759. 

ton of South wark. 


Robert, d. Oliver, Elizabeth. Ann, d. 1777. Eleanor, d. 1727. Letitia. 
1762. d. y. 

See for this branch of the family my notes from Bunhill Fields 
in < Itin.,' xx., p. 136. 

Frances, l=f=Thomas, 7 th son,=f Mary, 2 nd wife, dau. of Nich 8 Oliver, Mary, d. 

w., dau. of 
John Tid- 


d. 1748 ; bur. in 
Bunhill Fields, 
set. 49. 

Skinner (see Ped., p. 181) ; d. d. 1748. 1731. 
29 Jan. 1815, aged 104. (See — 

Fun. Sermon by Knight.) Hannah, 

d. 1732. 

Richard & Susanna, mar. Tho. Fuller of London, Banker, Sep. Hannah 

Elizabeth, 1794. ' G. M.' contradicted, p. 1052. She d. unmar. Haw- 

d. y. at Cheshunt Feb. 28, 1834 ; the last of the name ling, 

according to the ' Gent. Mag.' Obituary, April 1834. d. y. 

Oliver Cromwell of Essex Street &=f=Mary, dau. of Morgan Thomas, d. 1771 

of Cheshunt Park ; the last sur- 
viving male; d. about 1820. 

Morse of London, Att?. unmar. in the 
East Indies. 

Thomas Artemidorus=f Eliz. Oliveria, b. 1777, sole Oliver, b. 1782 ; 


dau. & heir ; d. 1849. 

d. 1785. 


Artemidorus Cromwell Russell of=Avarilla Aphra, dau. of Rev. W. A. Arm- 
Cheshunt Park, Esq., eldest son. strong of Pengelly Lodge ; mar. 1825. 

Oliver, d. Henry, d. Tho 8 , Eliz., John Field of Stoke New-=f Ann, mar, 

y. 1741. 1771. 

d. y. d. y. 

ington, apoth. (See Ped., 

1 Oct. 


John Field of Lon- Sophia, d. Mary. Letitia, wife of ... . Givermel 
e don, optician. unmar. of Worcester, cork mercrA f 

MS. 190, 191 



family minorum gentium. 


William Field of Warwick,: 
V.D.M., eldest son. 

Edwin. Art 

: Mary, dau. of ... . Wilkins of Bour- 
ton on the "Water, co. Grlouc. 

mr. John Hampden. 

Mary, 3rd dau., mar. Thomas, Vis*, Hon. Eober fc= Frances t=pSir John Russell, 

afterwards Earl Fauconberg, and d. Riche, 1 hus- 
without issue.* band, d. s.p. 

2 nd hnsb. 

Sir William, sold Ohippen- Richard, mar. 2 nd == Mabel, dau. of Gerard Russel 
ham, d. 1707. Catherine Barton, of Fordham. 

Sir William, d. s.p. at 
in Ireland 1738. 

e Sir Francis, Governor 
of Fort William, E.I. 

: Ann, dau. of 


Sir William, d. in 1787 s.p. 

Rebecca, 1. w.,=f=John,Governor=j= Joanna, heir of 

" ' of Fort Wil- Guy Thurban 

Ham ; d. 1735, of Checkers in 

set. 65. Bucks, wid. of 

Col. Revet. 

Ann, d. y. 









Sir Tho s = 


Charles,=j=Mary Joanna Cutts 

d. 1754. 

Revett, who by the 
death of her broth r 
became heir to 

Frances, of the Bed 
Chamber to the Pr. 
Amelia ; mar. John 


Mary, w. 



Elizab., w. 
of Sam 
of Ox- 

Sir John, d. : 
in 1783. 

Catherine, dau. of Hon. Geo. 
Cary by Isabella Ingram. 

Mary, Bedchamber Woman 
to the Princess Amelia. 


Sir John, b. 1779. George, b. 1781. 

Henry Ireton^Bridget^L* Gen 1 Ch s Fleetwood, 

Lord Deputy 
of Ireland. 

2 nd husb., supposed to 
have had no issue that 
survived of this mar- 
riage. (See p. 413.) 

Elizabeth, 2 nd dau., mar. John 
Claypole, Esq., and is believed 
to have left no issue. He was 
of Narborough or North- 

* Bp. at Huntingdon 9 Feb. 1636-7 ; d. 14 March 1712. 
t Bp. at Ely 6 Dec. 1638 ; mar. M r Rich 11 Not. 1657 ; d. 27 Jan. 1719-20. 
1 Bp. at St. John's, Huntingdon, 4 Aug. 1624 ; mar. at Holton 15 June 1646. 
§ Bp. 2 July 1629 ; mar. 1646 ; d. at Hampton Court 6 Aug. 1658.— J. W. 0. 



MS. 191 

BAchard=pJane.* Thomas Bendysh of Grray's=f=Bridget.t 


Inn, Esq., & Southtown in 


. . . . w. of .... 
Carter of Yarmouth, 
merch* ; s.p. 

ii ii 

.... Moore,=rJane, Thomas (see Bridget, Henry, of Bed- 


only p. 140) ; no d. un- 
child. remaining mar. 

ford Row, Lon- 

r Martha Shute, 
sister to Lord 
Vise* Barring- 

Henry Ireton Bendysh Thomas. Mary, w. of Wil m Elizabeth, w. of John 

of Chingford in Essex, — Berners of Wol- Hagar of Waresley, 

d. unmar. 1753. George, verton Park in co. Hunts, Esq. 

Suff., Esq. 

I I I I I I I 

David. Nicholas. Elizabeth, Jane, w. Ann, w. 

— — w. of .... of ... . of ... . 

Henry. Daniel. Oyle,M.D. Burroughs. Roberts. 

Henry Ireton, = Catherine, dau. of Henry Powle, 
only son, d. Speaker of the House of C, & 
s.p. Master of the Rolls. 

Thomas Polhil of=f Elizab., 1 

Otford in Kent, 

dau. & 

David P. of Chipstead in Kent,=f=Elizabeth, dau. Henry. Charles, mar. Martha, 

Esq., had 2 others living. 

of John Burrel, 

dau. of Thomas Stret- 
fleld, Esq., s.p. 

Charles Polhil of Chipstead, Esq. Thomas. John. Elizab. 

jEorttmer— i&antrersu ms. 192 

See a little more about the Darlings & Earles in M. P. B., ix., 215. 
Mark Mortimer, lost a considerable estate in Somerset by inundations of the sea. 



Mark M.=f= Abigail, dau. of ... . Walmesley of Blackmore in Essex. 

Thomas Sanders of Little Ireton, co. Derb.,=j=Elizabeth, dau. of 


a Colonel in the Parliament Army. 
See © below. 



* Marriage Licence 22 Jan. 1667-8, Kich d Lloyd of S* James, Duke's Place, London, widower, 
30, and Jane Ireton, about 20, at Cheshunt, S* James, Duke's Place, or Newington. 

f Marriage Licence 24 Aug. 1669 at Stoke Newington, or S* Leonard, Shoreditch, she about 
19 ; her parents dead at the disposing of Charles Fleetwood, Esq., her father-in-law. — J. W. C. 

MS. 192 



Elizabeth, 1 st w.,= 

dau. of Smith 

of Colkirk, co. 
Norfolk, a " very 
religious & vir- 
tuous gentle- 
woman;" mar. 18 
April 1667 ; had 
a son named Tho- 
mas, b. in June 
1668, & d. 23 
Dec. follow^ ; she 
d. 25 Jan. 1668-9. 

=Margaret, 2 nd = 
wife, dau. of 
Eure Armine, 
Esq., of Os- 
godby, & Ce- 
cilia his w. ; d. 
7 June 1674, 
aged about 2 9, 
& was bur. in 
the parish 
Church of 
Little Ire ton. 

: Samuel Saunders of= 
Little Ireton, b. 27 
May 1641; educated 
at Repton School ; 
refused to take the 
oaths for his B.A. 
degree 1661 ; of 
Gray's Inn 1661; d. 
at his house at Nor- 
manton upon Soar 
16 Sep. 1688, & was 
bur. in the vault in 
Mugginton Church. 

=Margaret, 3 rd w., dau. of 
Sir John Tippets, Sur- 
veyor of his Majesty's 
Navy, by Margaret, dau. 
of M r Anthony Stephens 
of Cutbert Rives in psh. 
of Bishop-Waltham, co. 
Hants, widow of Daniel 
Earl of Normanton, son 
of Daniel E. of the 
same, by Ann, dau. & h. 
of Daniel Darling. 

Dorothy, 1 st w.,=Blanch, 2 nd w.,=f John Mortimer, F.R.S., of= 

dau. of Richard 
Cromwell the 
Protector; b. 1 
August 1660 ;d. 
14 May 1681 
s.p. (Seep. 190.) 

dau. of Sir 
James Tippets, 
Kn*, but q. if 
not John ; 
called Sarah by 

London, merch 1 , after of 
Goughs Oak, co. Herts, & of 
Toppinghohall in Essex, 
Author of < The Whole Art 
of Husbandry.' 

: Elizabeth San- 
ders, sole issue 
of the 2 nd mar- 
riage; b. 18 Sep. 
1673; mar. 

John, d. y. 

Samuel M., b. 27 
June 1691, sold 
Toppinghohall to 
his bro r C. M. 

Cromwell Mortimer^ 
M.D., 2 nd son, Secre- 
tary to the Royal 
Society, d. 7 Jan. 

Thomas. John. 
=P — 


Hans-Winthorp Mortimer of Lincoln's Inn, & of Cawldthorpe Thomas, pub- 
near Burton-upon-Trent, Esq., some time Member for Shaftes- lished an 
bury. In the xviii. Report of the Charity Com rs , p. 74, he is Edition of 
said to have d. insolvent 1807, having in his hands £35 of the ' The Art of 
£40 left by M r Twin (?) to the poor of Bamford. He was Husbandry' 
some time Member for Shaftesbury ; sold Toppingho to the about 1763. 
Abercorn family. 

Margaret, Mary, b. 29 John, b. 7 April Samuel, b. 13 Feb. 1686,=Esther, dau. 

b. 15 Sep. 1682 ; 1684. of Caldwell, Esq., 2 son. of William 

April mar. James — Will 1743, giving estates Wolley 

1681. Howe, Esq. Rebecca, b. 14 to his dau. Eliz., who by of London, 

(See below.) Nov. 1685; d. will 1746 gave them to her silkman. (P. 

2 March 1689. mother & Aunt Ashurst. 582.) 



Eichard Sanders of Charlewood, co. Surrey. 


Thomas Sanders, a 7 th son, went into Derbyshire. 

MS. 192 

Thomas Sanders of=f= Alice Jones, sister of Ann, This is from Mon. MS. 

Lullington, Gent., 
b. about 1560. 

wife of T. Darling, by at Caldwell, Glover's 
whom Daniel, above. ' Derbyshire/ ii., 213. 

Collingwood Sanders, eldest son, Lord=j=Elizabeth, dau. & h. of Edw. Sleigh of 

of Caldwell & Irton, co. Derb., b. 28 
Aug. 1578; d. 6 May 1658. 

Derby, nierch*, or Edmund, by Margaret, 
dau. of Tho s Bainbrigg. 

Margaret, mar. John Rowe of Windle- A son, Thomas, of Little Ireton, 
hill, Gent., & had Eliz., Mary, & Marg*. d. y. (See © above.) 

I I I 

Edmund. John. Daniel. 

Daniel. Elizabeth. Samuel. Christopher. 
Joseph. Henry. 

2. Henry Sanders of London,-]-! 
silkman, Cap. of Cripplegate 
Ward Company, & a Major in 
the Civil Wars, b. 1 May 1592; 
d. 3 June 1666. ' 

I I I 

: Susanna, Peter, Joseph, of=f=Ann, dau. 3 other 

dau. of 3 son. London, of Geo. sons 

Chris r Vintner, Grindleof & 4 

Alleston. 1634. Mitcham. daus. 

George & Chris 1 ', went to Susanna, mar. 1 Eob. Mellor ; 2 Others, Joseph. 
New England, & were Sim. Ashe ; 3 Tho s Woodcock. d. y. 
living there 1666. 

i i i 

Thomas, Factor to E.I. 0°, Daniel, a silkman, d. at Henry, of London, silkman, 
d. at Bantam. Stockerton. liv g 1666. 

There is a good entry of the Sanders in Dugdale's ' Derbyshire Visitations ' 1664, 
& another in the ( Vis. of London ' 1634, incorporated above. 

MS. 192 




John Howe, Rector of Great Torrington, ejected^. . . . dau. of Geo. Hughes 
1662 ; b. 17 May 1630 ; d. 2 April 1705. of Plymouth. 

I I 

John Howe, dead 1729.=f D r George H., d. 1710^Letitia, dau. of ... . Foley. 

Ill I 

John Howe, liv g James, 1710 John Howe, dead 1729, leaving Philip, dead 
1710 & 1714. & 1714. female issue only. 1729, s.p. 

James Howe of the Middle^pMary, dau. of Samuel Sanders, Philippa, w. of 
Temple, Esq. ; will 27 March 
1710; d. 12 April 1714. 

I I 
Samuel, livs 

James, liv g 

above; liv g in Hatton Garden 
1729 & 1743. 



John Howe of Hanslope, co.=Caroline, dau. of John Collet, living 
Bucks, Esq., b. 1708 ; d. s.p. Emanuel Scrope, 1710. 
1 Sep. 1769. Edw d Paunce- 2nd Yis ct Howe; — 

fort of Mary bone psh., Lond., b. 1722; mar. 
his heir at law and 2 nd cousin. 1742 ; d. June 

1814, aged 93. 

Matthew, of the 
Bank of England 
1743, dead in 1754. 

MS. 193 


Laurence Washington, Esq., 
of Sulgrave, co. Northamp. 

^Margaret, dau. of 
William Butler. 

Sir William John Washington of South Cave, co.^ 
Washington York, emigrated to America about 
of Packing- 1657, settled at Bridge's Creek on 
ton. Potomac River, co. Westmorland ; a 

Colonel ; bur. at Bridge's Creek. Some 
time of South Cave, co. York. 


ton, emi- 
with his 


Lawrence Washington of Bridge's Creek,= 
Westmorland County, Virginia, eldest son, 
d. June 1697 ; bur. in the family vault at 
Bridge's Creek. 

: Mildred, dau. of 
Col. Augustine 
Warner of Glou- 
cester County. 


Ann, mar. 

Jane, 1 w., dau. of Caleb Butler=j= Augustine Wash-=j=Mary, 2 w., dau. of Colonel 

of Westmorland ; mar. 20 April 
1715 ; d. 24 Nov. 1728 ; bur. in 
the family vault at Bridge's 

ington, 2 son, d. 
12 April 1743, 
aged 49 ; bur. at 
Bridges Creek. 

Ball of Lancaster County, 
Virginia ; mar. 6 March, 


Lawrence^ Ann, eld. dau. of Hon. 

of Mount 
d. s.p. B 

William Fairfax of 
Fairfax County. 

Augustine, father of Col. Jane, 
William Washington of d. y. 
George Town in Columbia. 



MS. 193 


Jane, b. 27 Sep. Fairfax, b. 22 Aug. Mildred, b. 28 Sep. Sarah, b. 7 Nov. 
1744 ; d. Jan. 1747; d. . . Oct. 1748 ; d. 1749. 1750 ; d. 1775. 

1745. 1747. 

Betty, b. 20 June George Washington, b. 11 Feb. o.s. 1732.=Martha, sister 
1733 ; mar. Col. The General & first President of the United of Col. Dand- 
Fielding Lewis. States; d. 1799 without issue. ridge; wid. of 

Daniel Curtis. 

Col. Samuel Washing- John Augustine, Col. Charles, b. Mildred, b. 21 June 
ton, b. 16 Nov. 1734. b. 13 Jan. 1735. 1 May 1738. 1739 ; d. 28 Oct. 
=f= =r =r 1740. 

1 1 1 


i i 

Hon. Bushrod of 

i i 



Mount Vernon. 




Jane, mar 


Augustine, killed 



by accident. 



Ill I 

Major George. Mildred, 

— mar. 
Cap. Samuel. Cap. 

— Tho. 
Frances, mar. Ham- 
Col. Burges mond. 

John Washington, eldest son,=pCatherine Whiting of 
removed to Gloucester County. Gloucester County. 


I ... 

Henry Wash-=j=. . . . dau. of Col. Mildred, mar. Elizabeth, Catherine, mar. 

ington, 2 nd & 
youngest son. 

Thacker of Middle- twice, but had d. unmar. Fielding Lewis, 
sex County. no issue. and had John & 


Thacker Washington of=. . . . dau. of Sir John Peyton 2 or 3 
Machodac, co. Westm. of Gloucester County dau s . 

Elizabeth, 1 w., dau. of Col.=pWarner Washington, re-=y=Hannah, 2 w., youngest 

William Macon of New Kent 

moved to Frederick 
County, d. 1791. 

dau. of Hon. William 




of Gloucester. — 

Warner=p. . . . Whiting Fairfax. Mildred, Hannah, Catherine, Elizabeth. 

mar mar mar — 

Whiting. Throck- Whiting. Nelson. Louisa, 


Warner Washington, eldest son, b. about 1 770. 

MS. 194, 195 

family minortjm gentium. 


Bullock— i^oijtnsott—dfrosptt—BulM^. 

See other Froggats, p. 438. 

Godf. F. of the Hagg, d. 16 Nov. 1796, aged 58 or 68. Ann his wife, 14 Oct. 
1795, aged 64. 

Isabel, w. of W m Froggat of the Hagg, bur. at Staveley 15 Feb. 1633. 
Simon Pack, Oler., & Mary Froggat mar. at Norton 24 Sep. 1635. 

John Bullock of Short Hall, which he held by lease under the Abbey 
of Beauchief dated 1533 for 21 years, also of the Green in Greenhill, 
d. " valde senex," & was bur. at Norton 6 Aug. 1579. In 0. 33 Col. 
Arms he is said to be a son of Eobert a younger son of ... . Bullock 
of Ounston, & descended of the family of Bullock of Arberfield in 
Bucks. =r 

Ann, 1 st wife, bur.- 
13 Feb. 1582-3. 


: James Bullock, Yeo., of the Greeny Joan More of Newbold, 

in Greenhill, 2 nd son, bur. 6 Jan. 

Ellen, bp. 6 
Jan. 1587-8. 

John, bp. 5 
March 1588. 

widow, 2 nd 
July 1586. 

w., mar. 6 

Philip, bp. 28 
Jan. 1592-3. 

Elizabeth, bp. 29 
March 1598. 

Jane, bp. 1 
May 1595. 

Anne, bp. 22 May 1575 ; mar. Elizabeth, bp. Joan, bp. 12 Alice, bp. 13 
Elizeus Pointon of Bradway, 3 Oct. 1576. Jan. 1577-8. Feb. 1582-3. 
Yeo., 23 Nov. 1592. 

Alice, 1 w.,=pJames Bullock 1 ofc 

bur. 13 Feb. 

Greenhill & of 
Beauchief, Gent., 
eldest son & heir, 
bp. 31 July 1580 5 
bur. 5 Nov. 1632. 

Ann, 2 nd w., dau. of Rowland^ 
Morewood of the Oaks in 
Bradfield, Gent. ; mar. 1 July 
1607 ; bur. 10 Aug. 1609. 

=Judith, S ra w., 
bur. 1 July 

William=Priscilla, bp. 19 March 1618-9 
Prince. mar. 7 Jan. 1635-6. 

John Bullock of Greenhill,npElizabeth, dau. of . . 

Gent., son & heir, bp. 6 
Jan. 1602-3. 
A B 

Morewood ; bur. 7 Dec. 

Barbara, bp. 13 Sep. 
1604; bur. 13 April 

1 " Good M r Frogat, Hearing that your father Bullock, the Serving man, who 
d. in Col. Colepeper's house at Staveley, and W. Burley pretended to be joint 
purchasers of Hazelborough and other lands formerly belonging to John, Lord 
Freschvile, etc." 13 Nov. 1699. Letter of Col. Colpeper. 

What Bullock is meant ? It could not be this James if the date is correct. It 
is most probably John Bullock, who d. in April 1699, & who might be married & 
have a dau. married to Froggat t. 

VOL, II. e 



MS. 195 

John Bullock 1 of Greenhill & Staveley, Gent., son Frances, bp. 22 
& heir, bp. 17 Dec. 1627 ; d. 24 April 1699, & Feb. 1625-6. 
was bur. in Staveley Church. M.I. 

Godfrey Froggat of Middle Mathfield,= 
or Mayfield, co. Staff., Gent., b. 1598 ; 
d. at Staveley 19 April 1664, & was 
bur. in the Chancel of the Church. 
Most of his children registered at 

=Elizabeth, bp. 12 
April 1608 j mar. 
5 Jan. 1629, & 
had 4 sons & 7 
dau s . 

Eowland, bp. 23 April 
1609. He & his sister 
are both mentioned in 
the will of Rowland 

Catherine, bp. 30 July 
1634. _ 

Elizabeth, bp. 1636 ; 
mar. Thorn 8 Burley of 
Greenhill, Gent., & d. 
18 May 1669. (See 
Ped., p. 270.) 

Barbara, bp. 14 Feb. 
1639-40 ; mar. at 
Staveley 19 Feb. 1659 
to Thomas Bright of 
Grey stones, Gent. 
(See Ped., p. 277.) 

I I 
Mary, bp. 2 July 1648 ; mar. 
2 Godf. Bright of Staveley- 
Woodthorpe; mar. 1 John 
Goostrey (p. 277). (Q. if not 
also wife of Newham ; 1 New- 
ham, 2 Bright, 3 Goostrey.) 


bp. 19 July Priscilla, bp. 2 Dec. 1649. 

I I I 

John F. of Stave-^Elizabeth, dau. of Godfrey, bur. at Nor- William, bp. 17 

ley Forge ; erect- 
ed a Mon. to his 
father's memory ; 
Steward to Lord 

Amie of Lon- ton 22 nd April 1632. Nov. 1643; mar. 

don, merch 1 ; mar. — Isabel, dau. of 

2 George Milnes Richard, bp. 2 Oct. Ric. Hall of 

of Un thank. (See 1642 ; bur. 21 Nov. Barlow Lees, 

p. 18.) (P. 237.) 

Godfrey, bp. at=Helen Burton, sis- William, of=j= Jotin,b. 1681 ; d. 1720. 

Staveley 7 Sep. ter to Ralph B. of the Hagg, 

1673; ob. s.p. Dronfield ; bur. b. 1687. 

Hannah, mar. Rob. 
Greenwood of Dronfield. 


»hn F.=p 



John P.. 

For Froggat, see p. 141 & p. 585. 

Thomas Bulkley of Stoke/ 


Arthur Bulkley=f=Joan, dau. of ... . Ashenhurst. 


D E 

John Bulkley, aged 80, 1664=p Sarah, dau. of Edw. Main waring of Whitmore. 

1 This John Bullock was a favourite Steward of the Cavendishes, a man of good 
name & fame, 

MS. 194, 195 

D |_E 



Alice, bp. 9 Aug. 1630 ; mar. Thomas Buckley, Gent, (see p. 199), 
of Stanlow in psh. of Leek. =p 

John, aged 9, Arthur Bulkley of Stan-=f=Elizabeth Lowe, dau. of Henry L. of 
1664. " ------ 

lowe n r Leek, d. 1736. 

Whittingfcon ; mar. 1700 ; d. 1740. 

Arthur Bulk-=f=Jane New- Elizab., b. 1700 ; d. Thomas, b. 1702 : d. unmar. 

ley, b. Sep. ham, mar. 1714. — 

1711 ; d. 25 1742. John, b. 1706 ; d. 1715. 

May 1771. Alice, b. 1709 or — 

^ 1704 ; mar. 1738 Sarah, b. 1709 ; d. 1715. 

(See p. 199.) Robert Frefcwell of 
Yorkshire, Gent. 

John Bullock of Darley Abbey, co.- 
Derb., Esq., eldest son & heir. Has 
a Monument in S* Alkmond's 
Church in Derby, where he was 
bur. 13 Oct. 1607. 

^Elizabeth, dau. of William Peirson of London, 
Gent., by Ann his w., dau. of William Carkerk, 
Gent., who remar. with Sir Tho s Chamber- 
laine ; d. 11 Aug. 1582, & was bur. at St. 

Elizabeth, mar. 2Q 
Jan. 1595 to Fran- 
cis Fitz-Herbert of 

Henry B. of Bramp-=pRosamond, dau. & coh. of James Barley 

ton, co. Derb., Gent., 
3 rd son, bp. 19 May 

of Barley, Esq., by Jane, dau. of 
Nicholas Strelley of Beauchief, Esq. ; 
bp. at Dronfield 1 June 1595 ; aged 
16, 1611. 

John. James B. of=f=Sarah, dau. of 


John Beres- 
f ord of Newton 
Grange, co. 

Eosamund, w. 1 of 
Hugh Ely, & 2 nd 
of Tho. Hanson, 
both of Monyash, 
co. Derb. 

Catherine, w. of Peter 
Wilcockson of Big- 
gin in psh. of Wirks- 
worth, co. Derb. 

Cornelius Jackson of Brampton, Gent., son of John= 
J. of Stansop, co. Staff. ; b. there 13 Oct. 1630 ; 
bur. at Brampton 11 March 1675. (See of this 
family in Church Notes at Beauchief.) 


=Dorothy B., 1 sole dau. & h. 
(I believe now that this 
marriage never took place.) 

John Jackson, only 
son, bp. at Bramp- 
ton 1 May 1671 ; 
bur. there 25 Oct. 


Henry Beresford, Esq., Barr.-at-Law,=Elizabeth J., dau 

son & h. of John, Rector of Bradborn, & h., carried 

by Mary, only dau. of Henry Pole of 

Radborn ; nephew to Rev. Rich d 

Beresford, D.D., Rector of North 


Brampton to her 

1 The marriage & issue of Dorothy Bullock are here given from a MS. of Brails - 
ford or Bassano & another of V. Eyre of Dronfield. M r Blore gives her another 
husband, Tho. Hayne of Ashborn Green, Gent., by whom Dorothy w. of Thurston 
Dale of Bakewell, A.W, by whom Rob., John, & Thurston. (See p. 441.) 



MS. 194 

John Bullock of Daiiey Abbey=f=Catherine, dau. of 

& Norton, Esq., 1 son & heir 
1634 ; Sher. 1616 ; bur. at 
Norton 24 May 1641 ; bought 
the M r of Norton of Charles 
Blythe ab* 1622 ; a Barrister. 

Tho s Fanshaw of 
Ware Park, Esq., 
Clerk of the 
Crown ; bur. 20 
May 1628. 

I I I 

Francis B., 2 nd son, of London, 
merch*, & of Lowlayton, co. 
Essex, bp. 12 Oct. 1577 ; mar. 
& had a son Ric d . 

Sarah & Cath e , d. infants. 

John Bullock of Norton, Esq., eld.=Agnes, dau. of Clem* 
son & heir, bp. 7 June 1610 ; aged Coke of Longford, 
1, 1611 ; aged 24, 1634; d. s.p. co. Derb., Esq., son 
18 Oct. 1647, & was bur. on 22 d of Sir Edward Coke, 
in Norton Church. M.I. 

Thomas, of Norton, 
Esq.,d.unmar. 1649 
or 1650, aged 30; 
bur. at Norton. M.I. 


William B. of Norton, Esq., 3 rd &=f Sarah, dau. of 
youngest son, Cap. of the Trained George Gill of 
Bands in Scarsdale, b. 28 Jan. Lightwood, 
1617 ; aged 44, 18 Aug. 1662 ; Gent. (See 
sold the Norton Estate to Corn. Ped., p. .) 
Clarke, Esq. ; d. 7 March 1686 ; 
bur. in Norton Ch. 

Catherine, b. 20 Oct. 1614 ; 
bp. 1 Nov. ; aged 18, 1634 ; 
mar. 31 July 1636 to Rob. 
Holt of Castleton, co. Lane, 

John Bullock of St. John's Coll., Camb., James Holt of= 

only son & heir, bp. 22 Jan. 1664-5 ; Castleton, Esq., 

d. 17 Feb. 1682, aged 18, & was bur. at Impropriate 

Norton. The last male of the eldest Rector of Nor- 

branch. ton 1709. 

: Dorothy, dau. of 
Thomas Grant- 
ham of Gotho, 
co. Line, Esq. ; 
mar. 24 Feb. 

I I 
Frances, coh., w. of James 
Winstanley of Brampton. 

Isabel, d. unmar. 

Mary, mar. 20 July 
1714 to Samuel Chet- 
ham of Turton, Esq. 
(see p. 242) ; s.p. 

Elizabeth, w. of Wil m Caven- 
dish of Dovebridge, Esq., 
grandson of Francis by a 2 nd 

Dorothy, bp. 7 Nov. 1619; 
aged 14, 1634 ; mar. 13 
Nov. 1642 to Francis 
Cavendish of Dovebridge, 
Esq. =f= 

Isabel, bp. 13 April 1624; 
aged 9, 1634 ; mar. 23 
May 1648 to Thomas 
Bosvile of Warmsworth, 
Esq. ; no issue. 

Elizabeth. Henry. Alice. 

All d. infants, & were 

bur. at Norton. 

Gervas Nevile of Holbeck, co. York, Esq.=f=Dorothy C, sole dau. & h. of her mother. 


Cavendish Nevile, A.M., Fel. of=Catherine Pilkington, pre- Other children, 
University Col., Ox., & Vicar of sented to the Vicarage of who all d. s.p. 
Norton, d. 18 Feb. 1749, aged Norton in 1750. 
68; s.p. H 

MS. 194 



Michael Portington= 
of Porfcingfcon, Esq., 
1 st husband. 


^Barbara^pPeter Robinson, Rector of G-rin-=j=. 


don, co. Staff., 2 nd husb., mar. at 
Eckington 15 Nov. 1705. 



1 w., dau. 
. . Bulwar. 

John Lister=pDorothy Robinson, Christopher R., Rector=f=Margaret,dau,&coh r 

of Sisonby, 
co. Leic, 

sole dau. & h., 
presented to the 
Vicarage of Norton 

of Welby & Master of 
the Grammar School, 
Sheffield, dead before 
1755; ofS* John's Col. 

of Chris 1 ' Bromhead 
of Sheffield ; bp. 31 
May 1689; d. 2 Feb. 

John Pate Nevile, late of Leeds 
and Badsworth, Esq., Heir 
General of Dorothy Bullock. 

Christopher, of Sheffield, 
Gent., d. 24 Oct. 1757, 
aged 25 ; bur. in Shef- 
field Church. 

Mary R., d. 20 Sep. 
1732, aged 7 ; bur. 
in Sheffield Church. 

Robert Robinson, B.D., Vicar of Norton^Mary, dau. of Anth^ Beach of Norton, 

b. 1694 ; d. 31 Jan. 1773 ; skilled in the 

co. Staff. ; d. 9 May 1774, aged 76. 
(Q. Peach.) 

Peter Robinson, Vicar of=pElizabeth, dau. of Smith R. of Manchester, mar., bat 

Norton, b. 18 Jan. 1736 ; 
d. in 1811 ; & Lecturer. 

Daniel Lowe, had no issue. (Not in D r Pegge's 

V.D.M., of Norton, pedigree.) 

Peter Robinson, elder of Robert Robinson of Whit-=. . . . dau. of Daniel Holy 
the two sons, b. 2 Nov. tington, Clerk, younger of Sheffield, merch*. (See 
1780 ; d. unmar. son, b. 2 Dec. 1781. Ped., p. 286.) 

Bulwar R. of .... an Attorney. " One^ 
Webb swore a robbery against him 1780, 
but falseley." 

Martha, w. of Mary, w. of James 
LukeBrownell Brownell of Nor- 
of Sheffield. ton. 

Margaret, bp. at Shef- 
field 4 Nov. 1761. 

.... wife of Daniel Brammal of the 
White House. = 

Peter Brownell of Sheffield, merch*, d. 15 Feb. 1828, aged 66.= 



MS. 195 


Richard Bullock of Ounston in psh. of Dronfield. 


Philip=j=Jane, dau. of Edward Eyre of Holme. 

Jeffery. Wiliiam=f=Grace, dau. of Otiwell Needham of Snitterton. 
' (See M. P. B., viii., 133.) 

Edward Bullock of Ounston 1569=j=Jane Parkin 1 of Yorkshire ; of Constance. 


George, bp. 25 Mary, bp. Francis, bp. 12 Feb. 1579-80. Had John, bur. 
Nov. 1571 ; 7 Sep. 2 dau s , of whom Barbara mar. Gervas 7 March 

ob. s.p. 1574. Nevile of Wakefield. 1579-80. 

Ralph Bullock of Ounston, Esq., bp.- 
at Dronfield 27 Feb. 1569-70 ; d. 9 
March 1637, & was bur. in the Chan- 
cel of Rotherham Church. M.I. 

^Barbara, dau. of John Somersal Susan, bp. 

of Ashgate ; bur. at Dronfield 24 Jan. 

28 March 1617. [Of John Shaw 1568-9. 
of Brampton.] 

bp. 8 May 

Gilbert & Jane, 
d. inf. 


Ralph, father of 
Ralph, aged 75, 

Barbara, w. of Gervas Nevil of 
Holbeck; mar. W m Kent of 
Kimborough. (Wolley's ped.) 

John Bullock of Ounston,=f=Ann, dau. of Thomas Har- Frances, bp. 16 Nov. 1600. 

Gent., eldest son & heir, 
aged 19, 1611 ; bur. at 
Dronfield 4 Mar. 1646-7. 

rison of Hartington, co. 

Derb., Shatton in psh. of Edward, 

Hartington. 1608-9. 

bp. 20 March 

William B. of= 
Ounston, Esq., 
4 son, bp. 6 
May 1627. 

= Sarah, d. a widow, 
& was bur. at 
Norton 17 April 

Barbara, bp. 24 Ann, bp.= Charles Blythe 

Jan. 1629-30; 5 Dec. ofBurchet. 

bur. 5 Nov. 1624. (See Ped., 

1660; unmar. p. 196.) 

John Bullock of Ounston, 
eldest son & heir, bp. 13 
Sep. 1618; d. 22 Aug. 
1653 ; bur. in Dronfield 
Church ; mar. Eliz., dau. 
of R. Bowman of Barl- 

George Bullock of= 
Ounston, Esq., 2 nd 
son, bp. 7 May 
1620 ; bur. at 
Dronfield 8 Aug. 
1662. A 

=Abigail, dau. of Arthur Ralph, 

More of Barley- Woodseat, 3 rd son, 

co. Derb. ; liv* 1685. bp. 23 

(See Ped., p. 100.) D r Sep. 

Pegge states that she 1621. 
survived & remar. John 
Dand of Dronfield, Attf. 

1 Gentlewoman to the Countess of Shrewsbury, 
xii. 128, viii., 133, and particularly vi., 82. 

But compare with M. P. B., 

MS. 195 



John Bullock, only Ann Bullock, sole^John Latham^pHannah, 2 nd w., dau. & coh. 






& h., bp. 


1656-7 ; 




1653-4 ; 




6 Dec. 1685. M.I. 

at Dronfield. 

of Ounston, 
Gent. (See 
p. 198.) 

of Andrew Morewood of 
The Hallows, Gent. ; mar. 
24 Dec. 1691. 

Ann Latham, sole dau. & h., mar. George Mower Joseph, 

of Woodseat, Esq., & d. s.p. (See Ped. 100.) (See p. 465.) 

MS. 196 


Arms. — Erm., 3 bucks trippant g., armed or. Granted by John More, Norroy, 
Hen. 7, to Will m Blythe of Norton, brother of John, of Norton- Lees. See another 
Grant in M. P. B., i. 

William Blythe of Norton-Lees, co. Derb., temp. Hen. V. 

Elizabeth, w. of 
Geo. Wasteneys. 

. . . . w. of . . . . Ra- 
worth of London. 

William Blythe,: 
2 nd son 

: . . . . dau. of . . . 
Austen of Birley. 

Thomas B.,=f=. . 
eldest son. of . 

dau. & heir Roger, John Blythe, Bishop of Salisbury 
. . Skelley. d. s.p. & Chancellor of the Univ. of 

Cambridge, d. 23 Aug. 1499. 

John Blythe, Geifery Bright, Master Thomas. 
Archdeacon of Trinity Col., Cam- — 

of Lichfield. bridge. Robert. 

Jane, w. of Tristram 
Revel of Carling- 

Elizabeth, l 8t w., dau. & coh.=f William Blythe, eldest son=j=Elizabeth Porting 

of Tho. Stapleton of Quernby, 
co. York 

and heir, of Barnby, Don., 
co. York. 

ton, 2 nd wife. 

John Blythe of=f=Elizabeth, dau. Nicholas B.=f=Margery, dau. Several chil- 

Barnby, Don., 

of John Savile of London, 
of Newhall. 

Geffery & Dorothy, 
both d. young. 


of Nich 1 Til- dren, d. s.p. 


Thomas, of Barnby, Don., = Dorothy, dau. of John Kaye 
1585, heir to his uncle of Woodsome, Esq., mar. 
John,d. s.p. Feb. 1584. 



MS. 196 


Geffery Blythe, Bishop of Lichfield 
and President of Wales, d. a. 1524. 

"Richard, of Birchet,= 
2 nd son. 

Catherine, dau. & h. of 
. . ... Birchet. 

William B. of Birchet, d.=r. . . . dau. of ... . Selioke 
15 Sep. 38 Hen. 8. of Hasleborough. 

Anthy, of Wake- Jerome Blythe of Birchet=pAnn, dau. & coh r of Barbara, d. 

Id. Will 30 and of Greenhill, Esq., Richard Eyre of unmar, & 

p. 1588 (see son & heir ; aged 22, 38 Offerton, co. Derb. bur. at Nor- 

(see Ped., p. 229) ; ton 22 Jan. 

bur. at Newton 29 1581-2. 

March 1585. 

field. Will 30 and of Greenhill, Esq., 

Sep. 1588 (see son & heir; aged 22, 38 

it, York Wills Hen. 8 ; bur. at Norton 

24). 26 March 1593. 

William, of Rotherham, 2 nd son,=f=Gertrude, dau. of Tho s Stringer 

of Whiston, Geut. ; mar. 2 John 
Sharlston, Rector of Matlock. 

.... w. of 

.... More 1585 ; heir to Barnby which 

of Green - he sold & all his other lands. 


Thomas, aged half a year 1585. 

Anthony, of Birchet, Esq.,= 
eldest son & heir, bur. at 
Norton 3 June 1601. 

: Honor .... of co. Warwick, Frances, w. of Thurs- 
mar. 2 Tho. Wentworth of tan Kirke of Green- 
Wales, co. York, Gent. hill, Yeo. 

Charles, son 
& heir app., 
bp. at 
Dronf d 7 
Nov. 1596 ; 
bur. at Nor- 
ton 6 July 

Judith, 1 w., r 
dau. of Fran- 
cis Cart- 
wright of 
Cover, co. 

: Charles B. of= 

Birchet, Esq., 
son and heir, 
bp. 28 May 
1599 ; bur. 
at Norton 21 
July 1645. 
Sold Man* of 
Norton ab* 
1622 to John 

^Barbara, 2 nd w., 
dau. of Sir 
Henry Hast- 
ings of Hum- 
berston, co. 
at Dronfield 20 
July 1683. 

Dinah, b. 1593. 

Gertrude, b. 1594. 

Honor, b. 1598. 

b. 1600. 

Thomas, bp. John B. of Fanshaw bank in=j=Hannah Mason of 
17 June psh. of Dronfield, bp. 31 

1640. Aug. 1641. 

Barnes, mar. 
June 1680. 


Henry, b. 

Henry, bp. 
28 March 




Henry, b. 1665. John, b. 1668. Walter, b. 1669 

Mary, b. 

Ann, bp. 2 Jan. 


William. Elizab. Judith. 
D. infants ; bur. at Norton. 

MS. 196 




Jane B., bp. 
2 May 1627, 
w. of Na- 
thaniel Bird 
of Rother- 

Catherine, bp. at 
Staveley, 3 Nov. 
1625, w. of Tho 3 
Allen of Cowley, 
co. Derby. 

Charles B. of Birchet, Gent., bp.=f=Ann, dau. of 

15 April 1638 ; aged 30, 18 Aug 
1662. He is described as of 
Hull, Gent., in 1660 when he sold 
the M r of Dronfield to And. 

Charles, s. & h. app., 
aged 7, 18 Aug. 1662. 


John Bul- 
lock, of Dun- 
ston, Esq. 
(See Ped., 
p. 195.) 

Ann. Judith. John, b. 1663. Francis, b. 1667. 

John Blythe of Norton -Lees, 1 son.= 



John B. of Norton-Lees^ Ann, bur. at Norton 29 April 1584. 

Ann, 1 w., dau. of = William, of Nor-=Effame, 2 nd w.,sister= Joan, 3 w., dau. of 
John Gill of Light- ton-Lees, Yeo., of Geo. Brown of .... Martin, wid. 
wood (See Ped., d. s.p.l., & bur. 6 Norton-Lees, Yeo.; of Tho. Bright. 
p. ) ; bur. 23 Dec. 1619. bur. 20 Aug. 1616. 
Feb. 1596-7. ) 

John Blythe, an illegitimate son, of Norton. 

2 nd son. 

-Ann Hick- 
son, mar. 3 
Nov. 22 

John B. of=p Ann, dau. & 

near Wake- 

h. of Chris r 
Ayscough of 

Elizab., bur. 
at Norton 
16 June 2 

Ann, mar. 7 Feb. 
17Eliz.toChrist r 
Barten of Wood- 
seats, Jun 1 '. 

John B. of 
Cold As- 
ton, bur. 22 
June 1637. 


Ann, mar. 10 Aug. Edw d , 
1612 to Robert s.p. 

Homesfield of Dore. 
Will of W.B. 1631. 

a skin- 


=Alice, dau. of Th 8 
Dean of Matting- 
ley in Hants. 

Geo., of 


Frances, 1 w.,= 
dau. of Wil- 
liam Vesey of 
Gent.; bur. 11 
Sep. 1609. 


=William B. of Norton-Lees, : 
Yeo., heir to his uncle ; 
will 24 Jan. 1631; proved 
at York ; bur. at Norton 
14 Feb. 1631-2. Coz. An- 
thony Barten. 

=Ellen, 2 nd w.,dau.= Alice, 3 rd w., dau. 
of Rich d Alvey of of William Hol- 

the Peak ; bur. at 
Norton 23 Feb. 

land of Ecclesall, 
wid. of Will™ Bates 
of Jurden thorp.* 
Live 1631, 1634. 
(See p. 548.) 

Jurdenthorpe, parish of Norton. — J. W. C. 



MS.. 196 


Elizabeth, 1 w., dau.=pWilliam B. of : 

of John Bright of 
Dore, Yeo., bp. 23 
Oct. 1603 ; mar. 28 
Jan. 1628-9. (See 
Ped., p. 274.) 

Yeo., bp. 8 
May 1608 ; 
bur. 8 Feb. 

=Mary, 2 nd w., 
dau. of ... . 
Clarke of 

Richard, 2 nd son, 
bp. 13 July 1611, 
a druggist in 


Mary, w. 


Taylor of 
The Hole 

Sarah, b. 1634 ; Alice, liy* Ellen, live Joseph, b. Richard, twin with Joseph, 
d. an infant. 1653. 1653. & d. 1637. b. 1637. Probably d. y. 

William B. of=pMary, dau. of=f=Rob. Fern, Constance, b. 1638 ; mar. at Sarah, 

~ ' T Waine. Clerk, 2 nd Chesterfield 1655 to Geo. d. inf. 

Probably dau. husb., mar. Shillitoe of Fenwick, co. — 

of Gabriel W. at Norton 3 York, Gent. ; named in will Ann, b. 

at p. 465. Dec. 1680. of her grandfather 1631. 1642. 

Gent., bp. 30 
March 1645. 

Samuel Blythe of^pMary, dau. of 

Gent.^ son & heir, 
bp. 1 Oct. 1673 ; 
a Dissenting 
Min r ; bur. at N. 3 
May 1735. 

. . Sander- 
son of co. 
Line. Rather 
of John Rich- 
ardson. (See 
p. 441.) 

2 nd son, bp. 
1 Nov. 

bur. 21 
May 1678. 

Fern, bp. 
14 Aug. 
1683 at 

Fern, bp. 
22 Oct. 
1689 at 


John, bur. at Elizabeth, bur. Ann, bur. William Turner of=f Mary .... mar. 

Norton 20 
Sep. 1720. 

7 March 1725. 

13 Nov. Hull, merch 1 , d. at 
1730. Manchester. 

at Pontefract 4 
Aug. 1731. 

William & Robert, 
both d. unmar. 

3 dau s . (See Joseph, of Man-=pElizab., dau. of ... . Rob- 
p. 88.) Chester. I inson of Manchester. 

Benjamin Blythe of 
Derby, Atty at Law; 
sold the Estate at 

Samuel Blythe of Frome,=f= 
co. Som., and of Birming- 
ham, V.D.M., b. at Nor- 
ton-Lees 1726 ; d. 1796. 

.... Blythe=. . . . dau. of 
of Manches- .... Hill; wid. 
ter, apothe- 1 of ... . Tay- 
cary. lor, 2 of . . . . Tilt 

of Stourbridge. 

1. Samuel, of Bir-=f=. . . . dau. of 
mingham, mereh*. 1 . . . . Harvey. 

Frances, 1 w., dau. of=f=2. Benjamin,=p 

Green of Nant- 


Samuel Blythe, a Clergy-=. . . . dau. of Anne, mar. . 
man, now hV at White- .... of Dickens of 

haven 1828. Colne; dead. Staff. 


of Birming- 
ham, merch*. 

Frances, only 
dhiid, d. un- 

MS. 196 



G | H 

Benjamin, Edward, of Bir-= 

of the Cape mingham & now 

of Good at Brussels 

Hope, coel. 1828. 

Nathaniel, Mary, mar Letitia, mar. 

d. coel. Owen of Bawtry, .... Gorton 

co. Notts, Att y . of London, 

3. Robert, of Birmingham, merch t= pAnne, dau. of Geo. Britain of Sheffield, merch t . 


Edwin Verdon,= Rosalind, dau. Charles,=Robina James, of Bir- Phoebe, 
of Birming- of the same of Glas- Auchin- mingham, un- — 

ham; no issue. Rob. Kell. gow. vole. mar. 1828. Ellen. 

William, ofcf Sarah, dau. of Wilkins, Frederick,=pElizabeth, dau. of Robert 


sister to the w. of W m of Bir- 

Field, V.D.M. mingham. 

Kell of Birmingham, 


Wilkins. Howard. Arthur. Nevile. Eliza Mary. Delacourt. 

Henry, of Birmingham, dead=pMary, dau. of ... . Pickering of Stratford. 
Mary. Ann. William Henry. Edgar. Maria. Charles. 

Robert Brittain B.^=Barbara, dau. of Geo., of Birming-=p Mary, dtfn. of Ja 8 

of Edinburgh. 

. Cooper of ham, merch*. 

Benton of Bir- 

Barbara Ellen, 1 dau., mar. 10 6 child Emma, b. Alfred Turner, Cath e Mary 
Nov. 1828 to Tho. Ogilvie, Esq., 1828. 11 Nov. b. 130ct.l816. Anna, 
of Perth. 1814. 

MS. 197. 


I do not feel perfect satisfaction in respect of every statement on the page 
opposite, tho' I think it is in the main correct. The basis is a pedigree compiled 
for the Visitation of 1585. The pedigree of 1662 connects with it, & in this part of 
it there seems to be no room for cavil. In respect of the eldest branch, one copy 
makes the first John a Thomas. The continuation from the third John is taken 
from a pedigree in a MS. in possession of M r Holland Watson compared with the 
parish register of Norton and with the will of William 1631. The pedigree was 
compiled about 1640, & tho' useful is not quite so satisfactory as it might have been. 
From that time I have had little to guide me but the register, & I could wish for 
more complete proof that Samuel, son of William, was the father of Benjamin. 
The Heindley branch is entirely from the Watson MS. 


In the Bullock and Parkin families there are many entries in the parish Eegister 
of Norton, which is one of extraordinary value of obscure persons of the name, not 
connected as appears with the principal families of the name. But of the Blythes 
I conceive that all who are mentioned in the Eegister are of this family, and yet 
there are several entries which are not noticed in this pedigree. I think it well to 
transcribe them. 

John Slater and Elizabeth B. 
William Winton & Joyce B. 
Wil. Camm & Margery B. 
Tho. Higginson & Eliz. B. 

Rob. son of W m B. of Norton. 
Wil. son of W m B. of Norton. 
John Blythe alias Rotherham son of John B. alias R. of Norton, 

Yeo., by Alice Bullock his wife. 
John son of John B. of Magerthay, Yeo., & Ann Smalfield his 

Wil. son of John B. & Alice his wife. 
Mary dau. of John B. & Dorothy Boswell his wife. 
Elizab. dau. of the same. 
Wil. son of Wil. B. & Ann Sillito. 

Eliz. dau. of John B. of Lees, Yeo. 
Margaret B. 

Robert B. of Woodseat, Yeo. 
Eliz. w. of W m B. of Lees. 
Alice dau. of John B. 
Tho. son of W m B. 
Wil. son of W ra B. 
1648 May 25 Sara dau. of W m B. 

Tho. Wentworth, Gent., & Honor his wife covenant to levy a fine to Rowland 
More wood, Gent., & Gertrude Roberts & her heirs, to release all her interest of 
Jointure or Dower out of all the Mess., etc., sold by Anthony Blythe, late husband 
of Honor, to Geffery Roberts, lafce husband of Gertrude, lying in Norton and Dronfield. 

Certificate from the Court of Wards & Liveries, that by Inq. in co. Derb., 
21 Sep. 43 Eliz. from Anthony Blythe, Gent., it was found that he held lands of the 
Queen by Knight's service in that county, and d. 3 June last past, whereby they 
came to Charles Blythe his son and next heir who was aged 2 on 27 April the last 

Another Inq., 4 James I. to the same effect, said Anthony had the Manor of 
Norton & Dronfield and lands in Birchett. See will of an Anthony who had a book 
of Monuments, 1588. York Wills, 264. 

M r W. Swift of Sheffield says that William Blythe (son of John) mar. Joan, 
wid. of Tho. Bright and mother of Stephen. This I believe the more because I had 
some reason before to suppose that he did marry the widow of one of the Brights. I 
rather think that it is so expressed in Holland Watson's book of pedigrees, though 
with some obscurity. But it is placed beyond all doubt by the psh. Register of 
Sheffield, where we have: 1617, Nov. 4, mar. Will. Blythe and Joan Bright. 

23 June 4 Eliz. 

5 Nov. 6 Eliz. 

11 Feb. 8 Eliz. 

16 Nov. 15 Eliz. 





June 29 

















Nov. 19 

16 June 2 Eliz. 

15 Sep. 3 Eliz. 
















John Wood, an ejected Minister of : 
Norton, b. at Chesterfield ; d. May 

=Mary Fern ; probably Three of the dau 9 of John Wood, 
sister to Kobert on mar. Bagshaw, Sanderson, and 
the left. Brough. 

MS. 197 




Susanna, mar. 

Elizabeth. Samuel, of Norton, V.D.M. Edward. Edmund. Tryphina. 
Will 29 July 1723. 

Sarah, mar. Sam 1 San- 
derson, and (had) a son 
Sam 1 . 

Eictiard. John. He was N.C. Min r at 
Norton, & d. ab* 1723, or 

Eebecca, mar. Charles Brough 
of Wirksworth, G-ent. 

John B. of Wirksworth and afterwards = Hannah, 
of London, living 1748. 

Eebecca, mar. Wil. Wilson of Wirksworth, 
barber- surgeon. 

Susanna, dau. of Samuel Wood of Norton, Clerk, and Mary his wife, mar. 
Thomas Bagshaw of Middleton by Wirksworth, Gent., both living 1731. Or was Mary 
the mother ? Tho. Bagshaw claimed 2/6 of property which had belonged to M r Wood ; 
another 1/6 was claimed by John Brough, some time of Wirksworth, but afterwards 
of St. Andrew's, London, barber. This from M r W. Swift. But query if not sisters 
of Samuel Wood. See letter of M r Ince. 

Edward Prime, b. at Weston in Derby-=f=Eosamond Boote, bur. at 

shire ; ejected at Sheffield 1662 ; 
April 1708, aged ab* 77. 

d. 26 

Sheffield 1 May 1685; 
mar. at Chesterfield 1653. 

One of the dau 8 of M r Prime 

mar Eose, another N.C. 

Minister, who d. in 1688. 

Nathaniel, Esther, bp. 26 
bp. 11 May Jan. 1661-2 ; bur. 
1676. 2 April 1698. 

Christopher Eichardson, son=Heph-=Eobert Fern of Wirks- 
of C. E. ; an ejected Min r ; zibah. worth, V.D.M., mar. 26 
mar. 23 Jan. 1682-3. July 1722. 

Eachel, bp. at 
Sheffield 29 
May 1659. 

Timothy, bp. 27 March 
1664 ; bur. 5 Aug. 1673. 

Abijah, bur. 
29 Jan. 

Euth, bp. Ehoda, bp. Phoebe, bp. 
9 Sep. 10 May 22 Oct. 

1666. 1668. 1671. 

These two marriages 1683 & 1722 appear improbable. There is in print a 
funeral sermon for Edw. Prime by Rob. Fern 1708, in which it is said that he had 
2 sons and 5 dau s , of whom the sons were dead and 4 of the dau s living. 

See for Mr. Fern's descendants M r Ince's letter 8 Sep. 1848. 

MS. 198 


V., on a bend crenelle with 3 crosses s. between 6 or 3 doves arg*. 
Nicholas Stones is called coz. by Eobert Stones of Sheffield, grocer, ab* 1659, 
& brother in law by Tho s Wadsworth, 1645. 

Nicholas Stones of Hemsworth in=}= 
the psh. of Norton, lead merchant, 
b. 1607 ; d. 17 April 1676, and 
was bur. in the Church of Norton ; 
"Mercator florentissimus " ; bro. 
in law of Geo. Lee at p. 340. 

=Ann Sterne, mar. 22 
Oct. 1628 ; bur. 27 
April 1681, aged 75, 
with her husband ; 
d. 25 April. 

Michael Stones=Mary 
of Norton, per- North, 
haps brother to mar. 
Nicholas. 14 May 


Thomas Stones of 
Hemsworth More- 
side, bp. 10 Aug. 
1629; bur, 15 Jan. 

Alice, bp. 10 Nov. 1631; 
mar. Tho. Hall 11 Aug. 
1661. This marriage 
does not appear in B r 
Pegge's account of this 

Samuel, bp. 
30 Jan. 
1663, an 

Hester, bp. 28 April 
1636, mar. Henry 
Latham of Wheston, 
co. Lane, 27 Oct. 
1659; hed. 1699. 



MS. 198 


John Latham, b. 1660, 
who is the J. L. at p. 
195 ; set. 5, 8 April 

Nicholas, aet. 4, 1665. Instead of Ann, mar. Hamlet 

Nicholas, in D r Pegge's is Joseph, Yateof Great Bud- 

who mar. dau. of Rob. Alexander of worth, co. Lane. 

Elizab., Joseph S., bp. 13 Nov. 1639, of= 
bp. 27 Mosborough in psh. of Ecking- 
March ton, merch* ; bur. at Eckington 
1638. 18 Dec. 1680, aet. 41. M.I. Lived 
for a time at Brad way ; bought 
Mosborough of ... . Cooper. 

--Ruth, dau. of Edw d 
Gill of Carhouse, 
Esq. ; mar. at Rother- 
ham 21 April 1664; 
d. 4 July 1678 ; bur. 
at Eckington. 

Mary, bp. 20 
April 1642; 
mar. William 
Green of 
Grange 2 
Jan. 1661-2. 

Thomas Stones of Mosborough,=pHannah, dau. of 

L l 

Esq., Just, of the Peace for 
Derbyshire, b. 1671 ; bur. at 
Eckington 28 Jan. 1634-5; 
mentioned in the will of Edw. 
Gill ; ob. 27 Jan. 

John Knight of 
Langold, Esq. ; 
mar. 10 April 
1708 ; she was 
his only child ; 
ob. Oct. 1759. 

tath, d. 17 
April 1674; 
bur. at 


Elizabeth, bp. 
at Rotherham 
1 May 1665; 
bur. there 14 
April 1668. 

John Stones of 
Esq., bp. at 
Eckington 21 
Feb. 1708-9; 
d. 27 Nov. 
1745 unmar. ; 
bur. at Ecking- 
ton; s.p. 

Ann S., bp. 
1 March 
mar. 27 Sep. 
1727 to 
Brazelay, a 
Viscount of 
the Kingdom 
of France. 






Cruso of 


Thomas Stones, = Catherine Male- 

b. 1726 ; d. 1 
at Eckington ; 
no issue. Heir 
to his bro r . 

verer, d. 25 Oct. 
1761, aged 35 ; 
bur. at Ecking- 
ton. Joined with 
her husband in 
levying a fine of 
lands at Ecking- 
ton 1769. 

John Cruso, b. 1750 ; living 1826 ; called^ 
heir to Joseph Stones. Report xviii. of 
Charity Corn 1 " 8 , p. 222. 

Catherine, dau. of Michael Daintry of 
Leek, Esq. ; d. at Leek 31 July 1831, 
aged 65. 

Michael. Francis. Henry. John. Mary Anne. 

Nicholas S. of= 
merch*, bp. 31 
May 1646; bur. 
4 Jan. 1691-2; 
bought Brad- 
way of the 

=Ethelred, dau. of = George Mil- 
Rob. Mower of ward of 
Milnthorpe, lead Chesterfield, 
merch 1 ; b. 23 2 nd husb., 
Sep. 1652 ; d. 13 mar. at 
May 1720. (See Whittington 
Ped., p. 100.) 1691. 

Sarah, bp. 11 March 
1648-9 ; mar. Henry 
Kayes, Gent., 1 Dec. 
1670, of Hopewell, 
Esq.; Sher. 1678, 
in p sh of Wilne. 


bp. 11 



bur. 30 



MS. 198 




Henry K. of Hopewell, = Margaret, dau. of Anne Kayes, w. of Eichard Middle- 
Esq., Sher. of Derb. William Bellasis more of Stanton juxta dale, 

of co. York, Esq. =p 


Anne Middlemore, aged 9, 1709. 

Nicholas, bp. 
21 March 
1676-7; bur. 
20 June 

Sarah, bp. 29 
June 1879 ; 
d. unmar. & 
bur. 28 June 

Joseph, bp. 9 
Feb. 1680-1; 
bur. at Nor- 
ton, an 

Ethelred, bp. 22 March 1682-3; 
mar. 14 Jan. 1699-700 to Mar- 
maduke Carver of Chesterfield, 
Gent., p. 347. 

This account of the family of Robert Stones of Bradway is from the 
Woodthorpe Deeds. 

Mary, bp. 3 May 1671; 
mar. 14 April 1691 to 
John Lobley of Chester- 
field, Gent., & 2 Francis 

Anne, bp. 
6 March 
bur. 26 

Joshua & 
twins, bp. 
10 Jan., 
bur. 13 th 

Robert, bp. : 
10 Dec. 
1675, of 

=. . . . dau. of Francis 
Hawksworth, Gent., 
by a dau. of Abraham 
Sampson of South 
Leverton, co. Notts. 

Eastland Hawksmore of Gainsborough, -^pEliz. Stones, mar. before 
Gent. York Wills, 1774. 10 Jan. 1722. 


Eastland Hawksmore of Gainsborough, Gent., el d son & h. ; sold 
Bradway to John Parker, Gent., for £1360, 10 Jan. 1761. 

MS. 198 

Sir Geo. Latham, temp. Ed. 6.=f= 

George. Edmund. Andrew=pThomasin, dau. of Geo. Lyon of Eccleston, co. Lane. 

Paul. George. Henry, of Whiston,=f=Isabel, dau. of Chris 1 2 daus. 
co. Lane. I Kenwick of co. Lane. 

Paul, Rector of=Mary, dau. of Ralph 1 Andrew, Minister 4 dau s . (See the 
Standish ; ejected. Ashton of Middleton. of Coley. Visitation.) 


1 Richard in Harl. 1987, where his issue, Theodora, Henry, Paul, & Mary, are 
given. Administration of the goods of his son, Paul Lathom of Bolton in 
Lancashire, fustian-weaver, granted 10 April 1703 to Paul Lathom, I suppose the 
ejected Min r . Communicated by F. D. Hibbert. 







John, of Whiston, =j=Susanna, dau. of Edward Aspinwall of Aspinwall, 
aet. 58 April 1665. co. Lane, "first watchmaker in England." 

Henry L. of 
Whiston (see 
above), 1 aged 
29, 8 April 

Paul, Yicar of War- 
minster in Wilts, 
mar. Eliz. Elderton 
of that place. 

i i i 

Edward, ob. ccel. 

3 daus., viz. Anne, Mary, 
& Sarah, wife of John 
Wood of Sutton, and 
probably Turton. 

John Lobley, Vicar of Sheffield, & after-=pAnn, dau. of Alex r Foster of Leeds, Ludgate 

wards Vicar of Chesterfield, where he d. 
1694 & was bur. 29 May. 

cloth- worker, as appears by his will dated 7 
May 1673. (See York Wills 996.) 

Alexander, b. 11 Jan. ; 
bp., 24 at Sheffield 
bur. at Ches- 
21 March 

Gilbert Hall, tenant=Rachel, bp. 

1674-5 ; 

of Barlow-Lees 
Farm before 
Lobley, p. 237. 

M r 

at Shef- 
field 9 Feb. 
1664-5 ; 
mar. 28 
July 1685. 

b. 29 Jan. ; 

Richard— Anne, mar. 

ward. Q. 
of High- 

at Chester- 
field 1 Sep. 

John Lobley of Chesterfield, Gent., : 
& of Barlow-Lees ; bp. at Sheffield 
19 May 1669 ; bur. at Chesterfield 
5 May 1695. 

=Mary, dau. of Nicholas^ 
Stones of Bradway 
(see above) ; mar. at 
Norton 14 April 1691. 

: Francis Owtram of Rumbling Street, 
2 nd husb., mar. 1697. Gave up Bar- 
low-Lees farm to Matthew Webster. 
(See Hist, of Derbyshire 274 ?) 

A dau., bp. Oct. 1692. 

See a John Lobley, brother-in-law of Jane Butler of ... . Baildon, Yeo., 1718. 
York Wills, 1738. 

1 This appears by Mon. Ins. at Staveley. 

Robert Ashton, brother of Thomas A. of Shepley, co. Lane. 

MS. 199 

George A. of Shepley, d.= 
about 1685 (staged 80. 

: Margaret, dau. of John Turner 
of Mottram, or Mary. 

Robert Ashton of Stony Middleton,- r 
co. Derb., d. about 1636, aged 60 

: Elizab., dau. of ... . Teales 
of Totley, co. Derb. 

Joan, 1= 
w., dau. 


=Robert Ashton of Stony= 
Middleton, Esq., Sheriff 
1665, aged 57, 28 June 
1667; bur. at Hather- 
sedge 27 June 1687. Will 
24 Aug. 1683. 

: Frances, 2 nd = 
w., dau. of 
John Fern 
of Harting- 
ton; mar. 13 
May 1635. 

: Alice, 3 rd w., dau. 
of Godfrey Kirk 
ofBradwall; mar. 
at Bakewell 24 
Sep. 1640. 

Margaret, w. 
of Thomas 
White of 

Anne, appears to have d. before 1688. 

MS. 199 




Joseph, d. 

before^Ann, dau. of 



Edward Downes= 

= Sarah, had 




Tobias Hop- 


of Sh 

rigley, co. 




kin son of 


, Esq., b. 

by will of 



live 1744. 

Sam 1 

Eoberfc or Joseph, 


Samuel Ashton of Stony-Middleton, 
Gent., made a will nuncupative 5 
Feb. 1688, on which Lrs. of Ad- 
ministration were granted to his 
bro r Benj n A. 

Benjamin Ashton of=f=Ohrisfciana, dau. of 

Hathersedge, Gent., 
b. 1650 ; d. 12 Feb. 
1716; bur. at Hather- 
sedge. Principal heir 
to Sam 1 . 

Christ 1 ' Turner of 
York; b. 1650; d. 
25Junel703; bur. 
at Hathersedge. 

Benj n , of Hather- 
sedge, b. 1684 ; 
d. unmar. 25 Dec. 
1725. Will 7 Sep. 
1725 ; Prob. 

Robert, of 
sedge, b. 
1677 ; d. 
24 Aug. 

Philip & Philip, 
both d. infants. 

Joseph, d. 


Alicia Maria, 
co-h r , mar. 
Cha s Bag- 
shaw of Ridge, 
&d. 1719, 
aged 37. (See 

PED.,p. 110.) 

mar. William 
Spencer of 
Cannon Hall, 

William Shuttleworth, Esq., Cap n in the English Fusiliers,= 
d. in 1780. (See more in Wolley's Collections, vol. iii., 
f. 257, Harl. 6668.) 


: Christiana Spencer, 
coh r to her bro r . 

John Ashton Shuttle- .... 1= Ashton Ash- 
worth, a Lieut, in the w., in ton, in the 
English Fusiliers Ameri- Artillery, 
1776, Cap. of the ca, d. Major, of 
Royal English Fusi- s.p. Hathersage 
Hers, d. 1794, aged Hall, d. July 
44. 1830. 

: Ann Edmund, James, in the 
Youle, in the Army, mar. 

2 w. Army, d Good- 

abroad win ; d. at 
unmar. Stony Mid- 
dleton, s.p. 

; in M 

Ashton Christiana Maria Alicia, d. Matilda, living 

Ashton, Ashton, d. unmar. 1828. unmar. 1837. 

aged 32, 15 April — — 

1837. 1832 in- Ann, d. un- Julia, livs un- 

nupta. mar. 29 Aug. mar. 1837. 

Robert Ashton= 
of Bradway, 
psh. of Norton, 
Esq., eldest son 
& heir, d. 9 Feb. 
1716; bur. at 
Darfield, co. 

^Dorothy, dau. of Rob. 
Wood of Monk Bret- 
ton, co. York, Gent. ; 
mar. at Royston 4 
Feb. 1653; d. 21 
March 1721, aged 86; 
bur. with her hus- 
band. (See Ped., p. 

Alexander A.= 
of Whiteley 
Wood in psh. 
of Sheffield, 
2 nd son, bur. 
at Sheffield 
18 May 1682. 


John Spencer Louisa & 

Ashton of another, 

Merfcon Coll., d. y. 

Will m Sam 1 
Paul, at school. 

-Ann, dau. & co-h. of Tho. 
Dale of Whiteley Wood, 
Yeo. ; mar. at Bradfield 18 
May 1659. Elizab. Dale of 
Whiteley Wood, spinster, 
jnar. at Sheffield 11 April 
1 655 Tho. Wastern of Mos- 
borough, wheelwright. 
(Compare marriage with 
Bright of Banner Cross.) 



MS. 199 

Robert, of^Mary, dau. of Rob. Hall of 

Gent., bp. 
19 April 

Stumper-low, Gent. ; bp. 10 
Jan. 1666-7 (see Pbd., p. 
237) ; living at Whiteley 
Wood 4 Geo. I., 1717. 

Tho s , bp. 

Elizab., bp. 19 


21 May 

April 1660 ; 

& Alice, 


mar. 23 Dec. 


bur. 6 

1681 to Jn° 



Bright. (See 



Ped., p. 274.) 


Elizabeth, bp. 15 Dec. 1691 ; bur. in 
Middle Aisle of Shef d Church 26 Dec. 
1694. M.I. 

Sarah, dau. & h., bp. 13 Dec. 1688 ; w. 
of Rob* Alsibrook of Hollings, co. Derb., 
Gent., in Crich. 

Robert, of Brad- 
way & of Scotter, 
co. Line, Esq., 
bp. 18 Jan. 
1656-7 ; d. s.p. 
2 July 1706 ; 
bur. at Norton. 

ii i i i j 

: Sarah, dau. & coh. George, Charles, Joseph, of Benj n , 

of Tho. William- b. 1 D.D., Surrey bp. 16 

son, Esq., by Sarah, Feb., Master Street in Sep. 

dau. of ... . Sal- bp. 21, of Jesus the 1672. 

mon, 1 M.D., Phys. 1660-1. Coll., Strand, — 

to Chas. I. ; d. 26 — Camb., b. 23 Sep. Corn 8 , 

March 1739, aged John, bp. 25 1670. bp. 11 

74; bur. at Scotter. bp. 7 May Liv^l744. March 

M.I. T. W. was a May 1665. 1674-5. 

son of Sir Richard 1663. Liv& 

Williamson. 1744. 

Catherine, 1 w., dau.=pSalmon A. of Don-= Elizabeth, 2 nd w., 

of ... . Holliday; 
mar. at Doncaster 24 
April 1732 ; d. 27 
Nov. 1757, aged 57 ; 
bur. at Doncaster. 

caster, Gent., d. 4 
Oct. 1785, aged 84; 
bur. in Doncaster 
Church. M.I. He 
was an Attorney. 

dau. of .... d. 
10 Feb. 1785, 
aged 55 ; bur. 
with her husband. 


w. of 


Jane, d. 1 Feb. 1738, 
aged 3 ; bur. in Don- 
caster Church. 

Sarah, d. 28 Nov. 1746, 
aged 3; bur. in Don- 
caster Church. 

Ann A., d. unmar. 9 Nov. 
1787, aged 47 ; bur. in 
Doncaster Church. 


Charles A.=f=. . . . dau. of . 

of Scotter. 


head of Thornhill. 


Dorothy, d. unmar., and 
was bur. with her father 
24 Sep. 1719, aged 21. 

Alex r , bp. 22 May 1677 ; bur. at Staveley 29 Jan. 
1694-5 ; d. of the small-pox which then much pre- 
vailed, especially about Sheffield. MS. of Henry 
Lowe of Whittington. 

Jane, w. of Rob. Wainwright 
of Middle Woodhall, Gent. 
Live 1744. 

1 In will of Rowland Morewood of Alfreton, Esq., 15 April 1647, he leaves £100 
to his cousin Joan, wife of Dr. Salmon, and £20 to each of her daughters. The 
Doctor's name seems to have been Peter, 

MS. 199 




Dorothy, w. of Wil m Green of Jane, b. 1679, w. of Sarah, w. of Wil m Green- 
Middlewood & of Liversedge. Edw. Goodwin of wood, Rector of Darfield. 
Liv^ 1744. (See p. 372.) Rawmarsh, Gent. 

Jane, w. of 

Rachel, b. 1 Nov. 1658 ; mar. 2 May 
1689 to John Newham 1 of Whitting- 
ton & Staveley, Gent., son of Wil. of 
Elvaston & afterwards of Inkersal. 

i i 

Dorothy, bp. 31 Oct. 1667 ; Joan, bp. 

living unmar. 1688 ; mar. 17 March 

in 1694 Henry Bright of 1680-1. 

Roger Newham, living 
1744 at Whittington, 
R.N.; d. 17 March 
1777, & Jane his wife 
17 April 1778 ; aged 
80. =F 

Robert, of Wakefield, 

John, of Wakefield, 
mar. Dorothy Wheat- 

Ralph, a 
man, d. 
at Bom- 

Milnes of 

Rachel, mar. 
John Lund 
of Worksop. 

1 j 
Ralph, d. 

Ann, mar. 

Rachel, mar. 



William, a great 

1 1 



Tho s Dids- 


doctor, mar. 



Bentley of 

bury of Shef- 


Betty Wadding- 

Sarah, d. 


field, mercer. 





21 Dec. 




i i i 

8 other children, Gilbert=p .... of 


mar. John .... mar. Tho. 

d. before 

their Dids- 


Grace Woodman Pearson. 



of Whittington. 


u. &h. 

Arthur Bulkley of^Jane N., Roger, d. 

Whittington, co. b. 1722; at An- 

Derb., Gent. (See mar. tigua 

p. 195.) 1742. unmar. 

John, bred to the Man- 
chester business, but 
quitted it ; d. unmar. 

Charles, bred 
a working 
hosier, d. un- 
mar. 1798. 

d. 1750. 

d. un- 

Thomas Ashton^ 
Bulkley of Whit- 
tington & Stand- 
low, co. Staff., 
bp. at Whitting- 
ton 1744. 


^Elizabeth Eard- 
ley of Leek, 
1778. Had £40 
per ann. in land 
& £400 in 

Henry B. 
of Temple 
Esq., for a 
time in 


Jane, mar. 

1 Samuel 

2 Isaac 
Cundy, a 




Ann, un- 

1 The above John Newham d. 12 Nov. 1739, aged 75 ; Rachel, his wife, 4 July 



Henry Bulkley 


Charles Dam try, = 

=. .'. . 

= Richard Froggatt, Esq., of the 

of the Forge in 

w. of 

Esq., of Darlas- 


Hagg in psh. of Staveley, 2 nd 

Staveley, Esq. 


ton Green, co. 


husb., mar. at Staveley 10 

Liv g unmar. 

Staff., 1 st husb. 



(See p. 198.) 

There was an Indenture dated 24 Dec. 4 Geo. I. between Robert Alsibrook of 
Crich, Gent., & Sarah his wife & Mary Ashton of Whifceley-wood, on the 1 st part ; 
John Bright of Bads worth, Esq., & Joseph Mellish of Blythe, Esq., on the 2 nd part ; 
& Tho. Gisburn the younger of Derby, Esq., of the 3 rd part. Conveyance to Gis- 
burn of the Manor of Bamford. 

For D r Charles Ashton, see Taylor's Dissertation in D r Warren's Edit, of 
' Hieroclis/ which is indeed D r Ashton's. He stopped M 1 ' John Jackson of his 
degree for Arianism ; I think his M.A. degree. 

The first John Newham, before he mar. Rachel Ashton, mar. a connection of the 
Brailsfords, & had 2 dau s , Elizab. & Catherine ; the latter was stolen away from her 
father's house in 1702 by one Salter, a gardener at Bolsover, that she might marry 
a young man of the neighbourhood, viz. Ric d White of Duckmanton. But he not 
making his appearance when expected, she gave herself to this Salter, though she 
had no previous knowledge of him. There was a Roger Newham of Inkersal, 
uncle to the first John, and John had sisters mar. to Brailsford, Walker, Holland, & 

In the 'London Evening Post' of 26 July 1744 is an account of the christening 
of F. A. Bulkley & some good notices of Rob. of Bradway & his wife. 

The Roger Newham uncle to John was of Inkersell, Yeo., & was bur. at 
Staveley 9 June 1687. Cath e his wid. was bur. 16 Nov. following. An account 
which I have seen of Newham's differs from D r Pegge's in making John the son of 
Ralph N. by Hannah Hackery. It is certain that Mary Newham (I believe, sister 
to John) mar. at Staveley 9 Aug. 1 683 Godfrey Bright of Staveley- Woodthorpe. 

Sir Peter Freschvile in his will dated 16 March 1632 confirms lands at Alvaston 
to his servant Ralph Newham of that place. He gives also £10 to Roger Newham, 
Clerk, and £20 to his servant John Newham. 


MS. 200 

From the two Visitations of 1634 & 1662, with a few additions from the 
Register at Eckington, and also St. George's Visit, of London 1687, where how- 
ever Henry who mar Gell is made son of George and brother of Zachary. 

This pedigree needs revision. 

See notes of Sir Philip Gell's will in Mr. Ince's (?) letter. 

The two sons of Zachariah (all that appear to have grown up) d. unmar. being 
lost in the sands of the Isle of Ely. — Bassano. 

Zachary W. exhibited in 1634 the proof of his Arms, a Deed dated 3 Feb. 
27 H. 8, with a Seal of Arms affixed. He had however a grant from Segar, or 
rather Confirmation : Sab., a sword erect in pale arg*, hilted or, on a chief indented 
g. a crown ducal proper. To this coat Sir W m Dugdale added 2 escallops on each 
side of the, crown. 

Elizabeth, 1 w., dau.=George Wigfall of Carter Hall in=f=Cecilia 

of Rob. Moore. psh. of Eckington, co. Derb, 

2 nd wife. 

MS. 200 



Henry Wigfall of : 
Ridge way in the 
same parish, son 
and heir. 

=Ursula, dau. & coh r of Rich d 
New sham of Shatcliff ; mar. 
at Eckington 23 Sep. 1570 ; 
living a widow, aged 50, 18 
Aug. 43 Eliz., 1600. 



Godfrey. Joan. Frances. 
Eliz. Gertrude. Dorothy. 

George Wigfall of Carter^ 
Hall, son and heir, bur. 
at Eckington 1 Oct. 1623 ; 
a Yeo. ; of Long Ridgway 

=Ann, dau. & coh. of Nicholas Towers of 
Eaton, co. Notts, Gent. ; mar. at Ecking- 
ton 3 March 1602-3. Dor. the other co- 
heir mar. John Farmour ; their mother 
Ann mar. 2 Matthew Tompson. 


Zachariah W. of Carter 1 
Hall, Gent., bp. 1 Dec. 
1603. Liv* 1634. 

=Jane, dau. of Gervas Pigot of 
Thrumpton, co. Notts, Esq. ; 
heir to her mother Jane, dau. 
of ... . Bradshaw of Burton, 
co. Staff. 


I I 

Matthew. Godfrey. 
Benj n 

William Wigfall, son & heir, 
2 years old 1634. 

Henry, 2 nd son, bp. 28 May 


Henry Wigfall of=j=Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Richard. John. Elizab. Troth. 
Renishaw in the 
same psh., Esq., 
3 rd son ;liv g 1634; 
d. 1651. 

John Gell of Hop- — 

ton, co. Derb. Godfrey. 

Peter. Mary. Gertrude. 

Daniel W. of Renishaw,=f=Dorothy, dau. of 

Gent., bp. 5 April 1642 ; . . . . Elmsall ; 

aged 20, 1662 ; d. 1699 ; mar. at Barnsley 

bur. in Church of St. 21 Sep. 1676. 

Geo., Botolph Lane. He Her father called 

was of London, merch*, of Doncaster in 

a?t. 45, 1687. the Vis. of 1687. 

Mary, aged 17, Elizabeth, bp. 19 

1662; mar Sep. 1639; d. 24 

Trot of April 1641 ; bur. 

near Ashburn. at Eckington. 

Judith, dau., coel. 

Elizabeth, w. of Thomas Dorothy, mar. W m Hen. Mary. Henry. Daniel. 
Chester, Esq., son of Plumtree, bro. to the — — 

Sir Anthony. M.P. John. Thomas. 

Elizabeth, 1 w., dau.^John Wigfall of=Barbara,2 nd w.,dau.=Frances, 3 rd w., dau. 
of Robert Phipps of Renishaw, Esq., of Gervas Nevil of of Sir John Newton 
Coventry, M.D., of bp. 28 Sep. 1637; Leeds, Gent., by of Barrs Court, co. 
Doncaster in Vis. aged 25, 18 Aug. Barbara, dau. of Glouc., Bart.; d. 
1687. 1662 ; bur. 5 Francis Bullock of 20 July 1714, aged 

b Nov. 1711. Ounston. 44. 



MS. 200 

Anne, aged 4, 18 Aug. 1662 ; liv* 1687, as by Sir H>' 
St. George's Vis. of London, where she is represented 
as being the only issue of the first marriage ; mar. 1 
John Bright of Dore, 2 Henry Inman ; mar. 1708. 


Barbara, bp. 
10 Dec. 1663; 

Henry, bp, 
2 March 



Barbara. Jane. This Barbara appears to have mar. John Keyel at p. 172. 

William, bp. at Norton 
1 Aug. 1666-7, of Bram- 
ley. co. York ; mar. Ann, 
dan. of .... Ross of 
Leeds. =f 

John, he it was who Mary, 

mar. Frances Newton — 

according to Dr. Elizabeth. 

Jane, mar. 1 . . . . 
Mathill, 2 Wil. 
Emmerson, Parson 
of Normanton. 

John, aged 7, 1709. Thomas, aged 3, 1709. 


MS. 200 

. . Garratt.=p 

Francis Garratt of Weston Underwood, 1 
co. Derby, Gent. Will 28 June 1708. 

Garratt. : 

Jane. Alice, w. of Wil. 
Cart wright of 

Thomas G. of Middleton by Youl-= 
grave, Yeoman, 1710 ; after of 
Hackney Lane in Darley 1717, 
which he purchased of John- Revel 
for £600. 

: Sarah .... remar. 
.... Ashborne 
of Northern- 

Francis Garratt of=f= 
Weston Under- 
wood, Yeo., 1731. 

Thomas, of 
Yeo., 1732. 

William, of Bake- 
well, ironmonger, 

Rebecca, w. of Bennet 
Higton of Darley, 

Thomas G-arratt of= 
Hornsey in Middle- 
sex, & Hackney 
Lane, Esq., d. s.p. 
about 1798. 

= Penelope, 2 nd w., . . . . w. of James . . . . w. 

wid. of Thorn 8 Philips of Little- of 

Redstan of Horn- over, & had issue. Hartnel. 
sey, surgeon. 


. . . . w. 


Finch ; 



I I I 

Thomas Garratt of=pHannah, dau. of John William, of Not- John, of Notting- 

Uttoxeter, Gent., 
son & heir. Will 
10 Oct. 1719. 

Hayne of Uttoxeter tingham, iron- ham, ironmonger, 

& Ashburn Green, monger, 1724. 1724. 


Francis, a Clerk ; will Ann, w. of John Hurd of Alderman- Elizabeth, w. of 
27 April 1772 ; d. un- bury, London, merch* ; liv g 1736 ; .... Thompson, 
mar. d. s.p. 

From the Collections of Mr. S. Mitchel. 

MS. 180 

fgaltotoes— Wloolbouxt: 

Which Woolhouse of Glapwell mar. Sarah, dau. of Thomas Oldfield of Wood- 
lands, by Eliz. Wentworth his wife, about 1640 ? 

Arms of Hallo wes, Az., on a fess 3 torteaux between 3 crescents or. 

The will of Milicent Woolhouse, wid., is at D r Commons and varies very much 
from the ped. as given below. 

Will of Ellinor Hallowes, 1672, in York Wills 1001. Of Anne Morewood 1720 
at 1793. 

Ann Linacre=pTho 8 Woolhouse=pMary Chaworth, dau. of John C. of Southwell. 

Bartholomew, Elizab., mar. James Sarah mar. Francis Robert. Thomas.=j= Anthony, 

aged 20, 1662. Chadwick. Radford of Hors- — 

— ley-Woodhouse. John. 


Thomas. Elizabeth. [This was probably the lady who mar. Sam Hallows.] 

Nath. Hallowes=rEllinor, of Nottingham, wid. Will 6 Sep. 1672. 


Susanna Daniel wif e of Edw. Les- Joseph. = Samuel Thornton=pMary. 

Charnell. ter, or Lasler (?). I 

.... Thorn ton =f= Joseph Morewood .= Ann, of Nottingham, bur. 21 June 1720. 
J (Ped., p. 464.) 
Mary T. 

John Woolhouse of Glapwell. This ped.=pMargaret, dau. of Eichard Baker 
is from an Harl. MS. & Bassano. I of Aldesworth, co. Notts. 

John Woolhouse Anthony Woolhouse of London^Milicent, dau. of John Strelley 

of Glapwell, eld- Citizen & Haberdasher, after of 
est son, ob. s.p. Glapwell, bur. in Oh. of St. 

Magnus the Martyr, in London 



of London, Vintner. Will 
dated 1 Oct. 1602, being then 
of Micham in Surrey, wid. ; 
bro. Mch s Strelley ; dau s very 
differently stated. 

* This pedigree has been unfortunately misplaced ; it ought to be in Vol. I., p. 412, to follow 
MS, 179.— J. W. O. 



MS. 180 


Elizab., wife of John 
Edge, & 2 of Isaac 
Wright of Bletching- 
ley ; d. 10 March 

George Smith es=pSarah : 
of London, gold- 
smith, ob. 11 
July 1615, aged 

(See M. P. B. 2, p. 144.) 

7=Sir Arthur Savage, 2 nd husb., 
General of His Majesty's forces 
in France, etc. ; knighted at 
Cadiz ; d. 13 March 1632 ; bur. 
at St. Mary Staining. 

4 sons & 5 dau s . 

Jane Savage, only dau. 

Robert Woolhouse = 
of G-lapwell, Esq., 

: Mary, dau. of ... . 
Hutchinson of 
.... Barnford. 

Susan, wife 
of Rob* 

Mary, wife 
of Francis 

.... wife of Rich- 
ard Barnard, bro- 
ther to Francis. 

Thomas Woolhouse 1 of G-lapwell, John. Martha, mar. 

Gent., aged 19, 1611 ; he mar. 2 — Samuel Bolles 

Ann, dau. of Gilb 1 Linacre, widow Edward, of Worksop, 

of John Parker (p. 178), and 1 — 

Mary, dau. of John or Geo. Cha- Frances, 
worth of Southwell, by a dau. of 
Henry Sacheveral of Morley. 


wife of 
Rich d 


Thorn 8 Woolhouse of"G-lapwell,=pSarah, dau. Anthony, mar dau. of Others. 

Gent. (See will of Mary 
Hacker (?), York Wills 1369.) 

of ... . Edwards ; lived in Ireland ; 

Oldfield of had Tho. who mar. & had 

Oldfield. issue ; & also Anthony, 

Richard, Ohaworth, & Mary. 

Thomas, aged 10,1662 ; ob. s.p. 
Samuel Hallowes of Hallowes in the par. of Dronfield, co. Derb. : 

Nathaniel Hallowes of Dethick, co. Derb.,= 
Member of Parliament for the Town of 
Derby. (Q. if not a dau. Hester mar. to 
Oapfc. Lowe, M. P. B., iv., 23.) 

: EUinor, of Nottingham, wid. Will 
6 Sep. 1672 ; son Daniel H., son-in- 
law Leekes, son Joseph H., deceased, 
dau. M rs Mary Thornton. 

Susanna Hallowes, 
mar. Thomas 
Charnelles of 
Snarkeston, co. 
Leic, & d. about 
1673 leaving issue. 

Elizabeth, first wife, dau.- 
of Nathaniel Jackson of 
Richmond, co. York, 
Clerk; mar. by Mr. Rath- 
band, Parson of Ripley, 
27 May 1658. (See will 
of M 1 ' Jackson, York 
Wills 771.) 


=Samuel Hallowes 3 
of Norton, co. 
Derb., Esq., and 
afterwards of 
where he d. & 
was bur. in St. 
Mary's Ch. there; 
originally of 
Derby. c 

=Ann, 2 nd wife, 
dau. of . . . . 
Dan vers of 
Swithland, co. 
Leic, Esq. 
Will 11 July 
1717, bene- 
factor to the 


1 Tho. W. mar. 1, 1617, Mary Ohaworth, she d. 1632 ; he mar. 2 Ann Parker 
15. Sep. 1636, she d. 19 June 1667 ; both wives had issue. 

MS. 180 

EAMILIJE minorum gentium. 



William Hallowes of Notting-=G-ratiana, dau. of Robert Jackson of London, 
ham, Esq., bp. at Norton apothecary, son of Luke Jackson of Lumley 
18 Aug. 1674 ; d. s.p. about Hall, co. Notts, Gent, (see Morant's 'Essex,' 
1752. ii., 357) ; d. a widow at Nottingham. 

Thomas & Henry, 
both bp. and bur. 
at Norton ; d. 

Frances, wife of John Bury of Not- 
tingham, Esq., Receiver General of 
the Land tax ; had Anne, & Eliz. w. 
of Gov. Boothby. 

I I I I 

Elizabeth & Martha, 
both bp. at Norton, 
& 2 other dau s , all 
d. s.p. 

Nathaniel, bp. at 
Norton 8 Feb. 
1660-1 ; d. with- 
out issue, as did a 
dau r . 

John, bp. 
6 April 
16 62; bur. 
28 March 

Samuel Hallowes of= 
Dethick, Esq., eldest 
son & heir, and of 
Glapwell in right of 
his wife, bp. 11 Sep. 

: Elizabeth Woolhouse, 
sole dau. & heir sur- 
vived ; b. at Fullwood 
in Yorkshire 15 June 

Hannah or Anne, 
bp. 22 Oct. 1692 ; 
d. 177- ; bur. at 

Theodosia, Timothy, bp. 

bp.24May 29 May 1695; 

1694 ; d. d.unmar.;bur. 

unmar. at Bolsover. 

iUl these baptisms which agree 
perfectly with the pedigree 
entered in 1772 are from the 
register kept by M 1 ' Jollie. 

Samuel, bp. 4 Dec. 
1687 ; d. unmar. ; 
bur. at Bolsover. 

Elizabeth, bp. 20 Jan. 
1688-9 ; d. unmar. ; 
bur. at Bolsover. 

Mary, bp. 22 

April 1690 ; 
d. unmar. 

Nathaniel, bp. 6 
Aug. 1691 ; d. 
unmar.; bur. at 

Thomas Hallowes of Dethick- 
and Glapwell, Esq., bp. by 
M r Jollie the Presbyterian 
Minister at Sheffield 25 Jan. 
1685 ; d. 26 March 1740 ; 
bur. at Bolsover. 

=Lady Catherine Brabazon. dau. 
of Chambre, 5 th Earl of Meath, 
by Juliana, dau. & heir of 
the Viscount Chaworth ; d. 
19 June 1740, and was bur. at 

Sarah H., bp. by 
the same 1 9 June 
1686; d. unmar. ; 
bur. at Bolsover, 

Brabazon Hall owes^p Anne, dau. of John 

of Dethick & Glap- 
well, Esq., son & 

Jackson of Clap- 
ham, co. Surrey, 
who was nephew & 
heir of Pepys. 

Juliana H., mar. 1 James 
Gibson, Clerk ; 2 John 
Devaynes,Esq.(see Ped., 
p. 1 78) ; no issue. 

Ann Hallowes, sole surviving dau. & heir, Juliana, d. Frances, 

mar. Sir Robert Barker, Bart., and d. with- unmar. ; d. un- 

out issue (see Ped., p. 178) ; she d. in bur. at mar., 

1806, and was bur. at Bolsover. Bolsover. aged 17. 

2 nd son, 
Rector of 
Plesley, co. 

d. unmar. 





MS. 180 

Chambre, 3 rd son, = Ann, dau. of Sir Edward William, 
a Captain in the Pearce of Ireland. 4 th son. 


John, 5 th son, 
Captain in the 


Thomas Hallowes of Grlapwell, Esq., grandson of .... mar. 1 Cap n 
Tho 8 ; liv g unmar. 1824. His mother is said to Bilby ; 2 Ealph 
have been an innkeeper's dau. Heathcote. 

i i 

Thomas & 
d: infants. 

John Cromwellj^Catherine, b, 

Esq., 1 st husb. 

d. in 1774 

1720 ;= 

bur. at 

: George Hatfield, Vicar of 
Doncaster, 2 nd husband. 
(See Ped., p. 14.) 

Samuel Cromwell, 
an Officer in the 


Lionel Cromwell, 
Governor of ... . 

George, a Lieutenant 
in the Artillery at 

Chambre, of St. John's 
College, Cambridge. 

John, d. unmar. 
in the East Indies. 

. . : . , l a surgeon 
in the African 

Susanna, unmar. 
1772 ; mar. in 
1777 to John 
Sontag of the 
Hague, Esq. 

Scarcely any additions are made to the pedigree of Hallowes as entered by M rs 
Devaynes in 1772. A coat had been granted by Bish in the time of Cromwell. 
This grant being reckoned void, the same coat was regranted to Brabazon Hallowes 
& the descendants of his father 14 April 1766. 

Hester, dau. of Nathaniel Hallowes of .... co. Derb., wife of Captain Lowe, d. 
at St. Catherines 15 Feb. 1664-5. (Harl. 1469, f. 95.) 

See will of Anne Morewood 1720 in York Wills, 1793. 

1 In my copy he is called John ; but as that was the name of one of his brothers, 
there is evidently an error ; and I suppose he is the Brabazon Cromwell, Esq., who 
d. 2 May 1776, aged 32, and was bur. in the Church of Doncaster. M.I. 


MS. 201 

. . . .* 1 w., dau. of ... . : 
Holt of Bolton, co. Lane, 
a schoolmaster. 

Richard Arkwright of= 
Willersley, Esq., ob. 

=Sir Richard Arkwright of Crom-= 
ford, Knt., Sher. of Derby 1787 ; 
d. 1792. 

= t 2 w., d. at Wirks- 

worth 25 Dec. 1811, 

aged 79. 

=. . . 4 dau. of .... w. of Charles Hurt of Wirksworth, 
.... Simpson Esq., a younger son of Francis Hurt of 
of Bakewell. Alderwasley. 

Richard A.§=Martha Maria, dau. of Rev. 
of Ashburn Wil. Beresford of Sunning, 
Hall, Esq., co. Berks; d. 1820 ; sister to 
g .p. Lady Fitz-Herbert. 

Robert,|| of Stoke, = 
Esq., near Grin- 
dlefort Bridge. 

= t dau. of ** 


* Patience. f Margaret Biggens. J Mary. § D. 1832. 

|| Of Sutton Scarsdale, d. 1859 leaving issue. % Frances Crawford. 

** John, of Hampton Court, co, Hereford, a $no Arkwright of Hampton Court,— J, W, C, 


Charles,* of=Mary, dau. of E. S. W. Peter,t of=. . . . dau. of Sir Eobert 

Wirks worth, Sitwell of Stainsby, Rockhouse Wigram. (Q. if not rather 

Banker. (Q. Esq. ; mar. 1812. in Crom- dau. of Charles Hurt 

John.) ford. above.) 

Joseph,:}: in=Ann, dau. of Sir § w. of James . . . ,|| w. of Sir Francis Hurt 

Orders. Eobert Wigram. Wigram, Esq. of Alderwasley. 

MS. 201 &$QVt. 

John Shore of Snitterton, Gent.,=pMary, dau., etc., of ... . Burgess of 
ob. 1639. Edwinstow. 

I I I 

John Shore, M.D.,=Dorothy, dau. of John Harper of 2. Roger, d. 3. Thomas, 

of Derby, set. 46, Birdsal, 2 son of Sir John H. of in Jamaica, d. y. 

1662. S wars ton. 

4. William, 1. Margaret, mar. 2. Jane, mar. John 3. Mary, d. 
d. y. John Anfield. Taylor of Derby. unmar. 

ms. 202 J^atjjcote. 

Commentary on the descent of Heathcote of co. Derb. 

Mess rs Lysons observe, and probably truly, that the name seems to be derived from 
a place so called in the parish of Hartington. 

A family of Heathcote having lands at Hartington lived at Buxton, and the 
possession of those lands may seem to give them a prima facie claim to be the eldest 

.... Heathcote, vix. temp. Jac. I.=p 

i i 

George H. of Buxton, butcher. Will 13 Jan. 1641 ; prob.=f=Dorothy. Anthony.= 
28 Feb. 1641. Had lands at Buxton & Hartington. I 

A I B 

* Charles, of Dunstall, co. Staff., d. s.p. 

f Third son, mar. Mary Ann, dau. of Charles Hurt, a quo Arkwright of Willersley. 
X Of Mark Hall, Essex. § Anne, w. of Vice-Chancellor Sir James Wigram. 

II Elizabeth.— J. W. C. 



MS. 202 



1 1 1 
Rowland H., Ex r to his fafcher=f= Agnes, Ex r with Anthony. 

Nicholas, a 


1641 ; of CWdal, Yeo., when 

her son John, 


witness to 


he made his will 25 Nov. 

perhaps sister to 


the wills 


1660; to be bur. in the Ch. of 

Ralph Needham, 

of Geo. & 

Chelmorton ; prob. 26 Nov. 

w T ho is called 



brother by R. H. 

1 1 1 
John, lands at Cow- Rowland, 2 Ann, 1 dau., to have £1000 


i i 


dal & Stadon when son, lands if she do not marry one W m 


22, 1 son 

at Buxton. Sarson. 

A dau. 

Michael H. of Derby, Gent. ; will 17 June 1701 ;=f Elizabeth . 
prob. 18 April 1707 ; lands at Buxton & Hartington. 

Ex r . 

George, of Buxton, innh older ; dead 29=f : Lydia 
April 1748. 



Michael, of Buxton, Adm r to his^Rachel, dau. of ... . Endsor 
father 29 April 1748. I of Derbyshire. 

Sir John H., K nt , Sher. of Staffordshire,^. . . . sister of Sir Elizabeth, 
knighted 1787. Nigel Gresley. 

Anthony, of Buxton, =Susan, John, of Eveskn oiling. . . .dau. &h.of Elizab. 

innholder; dead 22 wid. & psh. of Glossop, & of 
June 1741. xidm x . Manchester 

... Radcliffe of 
psh. of Glossop. 

Anthony, b. in par. of Glossop,^ 
a Clergyman, educated at Oxford, 
beneficed in Dorsetshire. 

". . . . dau. of Capt. Henry Longden=pElizabeth. 
Balliol of the Navy, of Buxton. 

2 sons & 1 .... only sur- Henry Longden, Rector of Rockburn=. . . . dau. of 

dau., d. viving issue, w. & Just, of Peace for co. of Wilts & .... Davis of 

under age. of ... . Wake Hants ; from whose information ; d. Hackney; sur- 

of Romsey. s.p. 1824, aged about 75. vived. 

Add to the above, that on 3 rd May 1637 Administration of the Goods of Alice 
Morewood alias Heathcote of Stadon was granted to Andrew Morewood of Stadon 
her husband, by the Prerogative Court of York. And it appears by the par. Reg. of 
Bakewell that Andrew Morewood of Stadon mar. Alice Heathcote 1 March 1635-6. 

Michael Heathcote, son of Anthony, of Buxton, butcher, was apprenticed to a 
cutler at Sheffield for 7 years in 1663. 

Francis Heathcote of Buxton & Elizabeth Cook of Brampton were mar. at 
Chesterfield 26 Jan. 1687. 

Gilbert Heathcote, son of Francis, of Shrubb, husbandman, was apprenticed at 
Sheffield 1645. 


Whether there was any connection between Michael Heathcote of Derby, whose 
will is dated 1701, and Samuel Heathcote, Town-Clerk of Derby, I cannot say. His 
wife Katherine, dan. of John Franceys of Derby, G-ent., d. 24 Jan. 1709, aged 60, 
and was bur. in All Saints' Church. He, I presume, is the first Samuel in the 
following pedigree. 

Samuel Heathcote of Derby, Gent. Will 21 Nov. 1723 ; prob. 14 April 1724.=p 


Samuel, of Derby. Will 30 Jan. 1749 ; prob. 11 April 1749.=f=Hannah Catherine. 
Mentions his bro. in law Bache Thornhill. I . . . . 

Samuel, 1 son, 1749 of : 
Derby, Esq. 

^Elizabeth, sister and heir of John Harpur 
of Little-over ; 1 of Joseph .... 

Bache Heathcote of Little-over, Esq.=. . . . only child of Josiah Cockshutt of Eadburn, Esq. 

See Notes of Wills of Heathcote, M. P. B. ? A 93. 

A Samuel Heathcote was Clerk to the Committee of Militia at Derby 1652. 
M.I. in All S ts Church for Cath e , w. of Sam. H., Gent., Town Clerk of D., & 
dau. of John Franceys of Derby ; ob. 24 Jan. 1709, aged 60. ' Itin. Hunt./ ii., 33. 
See Sam 1 , son of Nicholas. 

Great multitudes of the name are to be found in the Parish Register of 
Chesterfield. Ealph H. was a considerable tradesman there in the reign of Henry 
VII., and by his will dated 1502 provides decently for 5 sons and 4 dau s . Nichols's 
6 Leic.' 394. It may be presumed that he was the Common Ancestor of most of those 
who lived at and about Chesterfield. 

Amongst the entries of obscurer people of the name to be found in the Register, 
we can trace out the following descent by the aid of the wills referred to ; but there 
are a great many others, which it is in vain to think of throwing into a pedigree 
without some other help. 


I I 

Thomas, of Chesterfield, innholder. Will ll=f= John, 1604. 

April 1604 ; prob. 22 Aug. 1604. I 

Thomas, of Chesterfield, butch er=pMuriel or John, Ralph, of Chesterfield, tanner ; servant to 

1604 : Ex r to Ralf 1610. Will 21 
Feb. 1610-1 ; prob. 6 July 1611. 

Margaret 1604. Gilb. Webster ; will 21 Dec. 1610 ; prob. 
29 Jan. 1610-1 ; bur. 22 Dec. 

James, bp. 25 Oct. 1599 ; Ann, vix. 1604, Margaret, Thomas, Anthony, Dorothy, 
vix. 1604, 1611. 1611. d. inf. d. inf. 1611. 1611. 

The will of Agnes Heathcote of Lodes in Brampton, widow, dated 9 Sep. 1609, 
proved 4 May 1610, affords the following : 

Heathcote=p Agnes, a widow, of Lodes in Brampton, to be bur. 
i in Church of B., from M r W. Stiff to his D r . 

1. George. 2. Godfrey. 3. Gilbert. Dorothy, £20. Catherine, £20. 


This is the beginning of the Cutthorpe family, which was purchased in 1614, and it 
will I make no doubt be discovered that Godfrey & Gilbert were ancestors of the 
two branches of the family, which have since been so flourishing, that at Sileby in 
Leicestershire, and that of which the two Baronets are the principal stems. They 
appear to have been b. about 1590. 

The Cutthorpe family is at p. 142. The pedigree of the Baronet branch begins 

Gilbert Heathcote of Chesterfield, K 9, 133, in Col =pElizabeth Outram. (See Mower pedigree & 
Arms, bur. 26 April 1647. I Pegge's notes.) 

Elizabeth, w. of Peter Francis, bp. 3 Ann, bp. 8 Helen, bp. 22 July 1619 ; Rosamond, bp. 
Watkinson, Minister Dec. 1615. Nov. 1617. bur. 28 May 1625. 5 Dec. 1620. 

of Wirks worth. 

Gilbert H. of Chesterfield, Alderman & Mayor, bp. 23 Aug. 1625 ;=f=Ann, dau. of . . . .* Dickins, 
aged 62, 1687 ; d. 24 April 1690. Will 24 Sep. 1688. I Mayor of Chesterfield. 

William, aged Caleb, aged George, aged Thomas, Elizabeth, b. 20 March 
23, 1687. 21, 1687. 19, 1687. d. y. 1657 ; bur. 13 Sep. 

Sir Gilbert,! 1 son, bp. John, bp. 12 Dec. Samuel,} b. 21 Jan. 1655; Josiah, b. 24 June 
8 Jan. 1651 ; aged 35, 1653; aged 33,1687. aged 30, 1687. 1660 ; aged 25, 

1687. = = 1687. 

f|tatj)«)t*. MS. 203 

This pedigree is little more than a copy from one in Nichols's ' Leicestershire,' 
but I have my doubts respecting the heading, as I do not find any bp sm of a Ralph, 
son of Godfrey. 

Godfrey Heathcote of Chesterfield, Gent., imprisoned for his loyalty ,=p 

1 son, a Crom- 
wellian, wasted 
much of the 
family pro- 

=Ralph Heathcote, Rector = Abigail, dau. of Rich-= Jane, men- 
of Staveley 1661. Will ard Hall of Barlow- tioned in 
dated 31 Jan. 1715 ; prob. Lees ; mar. 20 Jan. his will. 
4 April 1716. Mentions 1675-6 ; bur. 1703. 
his cousin John Lee. (See p. 237.) 

Ralph Heathcote, Fellow of Christ's College by Mandamus of=f=Elizabeth West of 

King James II., Rector of Staveley and Morton, bp. at Stave- 
ley 3 Nov. 1663. Will dated 10 Feb. 1738 ; prob. 13 April 
1739. Had lands at Doncaster, Kimberworth, Gainsborough, 
Chesterfield, and Newbold. 

Aston ; mar. there 
30 May 1695 ; d. 
1747, aet. 86, 

* Thomas. f Created a Baronet Jan. 17, 1732-3. 

X Father of William, created a Baronet Aug. 6, 1733.— J. W. C. 

MS. 203 




Godfrey Heathcote of Chesterfield, Attorneys 
2 nd son, Clerk of the Peace for Derbyshire, 
& principal Steward to the Dukes of Devon- 
shire ; died 2 Dec. 1773, aged 72 ; bur. at 
Chesterfield ; s.p. 

: Dorothy, youngest dau. 
of James Cooke, Rector 
of Barlborough ; d. 17 
Nov. 1766, aged 63 ; 
bur. with her husband. 


Ralph, d. 19 July 1749, aged 13. Dorothy, d. 14 Sep. 1736, aged 1. 

Ralph Heathcote, M.A., of Jesus Col.,= 
Camb., Rector of Norton & Vicar of 
Sileby, co. Leic, d. 9 June 1765, aet. 68. 

=Mary, dau. of Simon Oakley, Professor of 
Arabic at Cambridge; d. 30 Jan. 1737, 
set. 39. A maiden sister of hers is bur. at 

Elizabeth, Mary, d. un- Grace, 
unmar. mar. 8 Jan. living 
1800. 1780, aet. 48. unmar. 

Anthony Lax of Chesterfield, Att^=Dorothy, 
& Clerk of the Peace ; took the mar. 
name of Maynard in 1784 ; no 1766. 

Charles, b. Godfrey, = Sarah Cham- Edward, M.A. of=f=Catherine, dau. & coh. 
14 Jan. d. 1773. bersof Derby. St. John's Coll., of Rich* Hacker, Esq., 
1725. Camb., Clk., liv^ of Loughborough ; 

1800. live 1800. 

Charles, Edward, Clk., B.A. of = Jane Cock Robert.' Catherine, w. of .... 

liv^ St. John's Col. ; took of Chester- — Whelpdale. wifeof 

1800. the name of Hacker field. Ralph. — .... 

in Dec. 1819. Mary, w. of Hunt. 



Ralph Heathcote, D.D., of Jesus Col.,= 
Camb., Vicar of Sileby, Rector of Saw- 
try All Saints, co. Hunt, & Preb. of 
Southwell, bp. at Barrow 6 Jan. 
1721-2 ; d. 28 May 1795. 

: Margaret, dau. & coh. (with Mary, w. of Wil. 
Woodhouse, M.D., p. , & Ann, who d. 
unmar.) of Wil. Mompesson, Vicar of 
Mansfield ; mar. Aug. 1750 ; d. 12 April 
1790, set. QQ. 

Ralph Heathcote, Esq., Plenipotentiary at= 
Cologne & Hesse Cassel, d. at Ellingen in 
Germany 15 Dec. 1800, aged 48. 

: A German 

Godfrey H.= 
of South- 
well, Clerk. 

: Ann Sharp 
of Bury St. 

Ralph Heathcote, 
only son. 

Godfrey. Joseph Ann. Oakley. Edward. Elizab. 

— Chapel. — — Frances. 

Ralph. Marg*. William. 


In the Church of Ayleston, co. Leic, is the monument of William Heathcote, 
who d. in 1594. He is said to have no issue of his own, but to have been kind to 
his brother's children, by one of whom, J. Heathcote, the monument was erected. 

Nicholas Heathcote of Worksop, Gent., 1 mar. 3 June 1632 Frances Carlile, & 
had Samuel, bp. 12 Feb. 1634, & Mary, bp. 5 Aug. 1638. He may be the same 
Nicholas Heathcote who mar. Elizabeth Wainwright at Chesterfield 5. Feb. 1650. 
This last is probably the N. H. the Clergyman at Rowley. 

Ebenezer Heathcote of London, surgeon, mar. Judith, dau. of Joshua Sylvester 
of Mansfield, Gent., & had Mary his only dau. & h., who mar. Joseph Fletcher of 
Sheffield. I strongly suspect that he will turn out to be a son of Nicholas. 

Michael Heathcote.=r= 

George. Alice, mar. Edw. Buxton of Chelmordon ; mar. about 1650. 

Anthony Heathcote of Monyash. Will 15 Dec. 1653. To be bur. Richard, bur =p Elizabeth 

in Church of Chelmorton Dear his brother Richard. Names in Church of 

Arthur, William, Thomas, & Mary Heathcote, etc.. of Longston, Chelmorton. 

children of ... . Coz. Nicholas H. of Chelmorton. Names also 

Tho. H. of Harley Cross, Ralph H. of Middescliff, & Sam. Housley 

of Pilsley. Also Rowland H. of Harby & Arthur H. of East Dorothy. 

Sterndale, W m Brereton of Hurdlow, & George Dale of Moniash. 

wife of 



Francis Heathcote of Chesterfield, Yeo. Will 13 April 1619. To be bur. in 
the Church & 4 gravestones to be laid down, for his wife, wife's father & mother, 
who are bur. there. 40s. a year to the Vicar to preach commemorative sermons. 
40s. a year to the repair of the Church, & especially the Steeple. 60s. yearly to the 
poor. 20 mks. to the repair of the organs. £10 to the Corporation, besides what 
they owe him. 20s. to the repair of the Canery in Saltim Gate. 20 strikes of 
wheat & £2 in money to the poor of C. £44 to my sister Margaret. £30 to my 
brother George. £20, a cow, & wearing apparel to my brother Thomas ; -§- of wife's 
apparel to his poor kinsfolk. Mother Renshaw part of wife's apparel ; part to Eliz., 
dau. of Tho. Turner. Eest to his 3 brothers & sister Margaret, with 7 silver spoons. 
John Spawforth a cow & calf; & Anthy Spawforth, Richard Webster, John Denbie, 
Rob. Denbie, Eliz. Hall, Anthy Irall, Hugh Hall, Widow Sutton, Wid. Totty. 
Every brother & sister's child small legacies. To George Heathcote's wife, my 
aunt, 5s. & a stile of wheat. To any uncle's or aunt's child at Ecclesfield or 
children 10s. each. Father Renshaw 40s. ; his sons Fr s , Tho., & George R., 20s. 
each. M r Fr s Beveridge, Hemsley wife, Ralph Clark, Ralph Renshaw, 10s. each. 
Geo. York & his wife 10s. each. Helen Ashe, Alice Bland, Apprentice, Geo. Brad- 
ford, Servants. W ra Heathcote, son of John, dec d , £10. Tho s Ash & W m 
Strindal 20s. each ; & John Ragsdale's children 6s. Sd. Fr s Webster & his wife. 
W m Waddington £3. M r Brooks 10s. M r Gibson 5s, & to 12 scholars 12d. each 
for singing upon my corpse to the Church. M r Bates 40s. £15 at least to be 
bestowed upon his funeral. Brother Tupman my gown, & his son Anthony my best 
cloke. Tho s Saunders 10s. My brother Godfrey H., only executor, & to have the 
residue. M r Tho s H. & M r Matt w Waddington supervisors. Prov. 22 July 1619 
on the oath of Godfrey H. From Lichfield. 

See will of Samuel Heathcote of Beverley, mercer, 30 Sep. 1679. (York Wills 

1 He is named as his loving friend by Godf. H., Alderman of Chesterfield, 
a supervisor of his will 1638, & as the schoolmaster at Worksop. 

MS. 203 



William Heathcote of Sheffield, bur.=T=Margery Cor wall, mar. at 
at Chesterfield 20 April 1588. I Sheffield 16 June 1566. 

Mary, bp. at Sheffield 
11 Dec. 1574. 

Gilbert, bp. at Sheffield 
10 June 1578. 

George, bp. at Sheffield 
10 Aug. 1580. 

ms. 204 Bateman* 

This pedigree is copied from one in the collections of my young friend 
M r Samuel Mitchel of Sheffield, the greater part of it compiled (as I imagine) by 
the late M r Biore May 4, 1826. (See Harl. 1045, f. . .) 

See marriage with Ralph Heathcote of Staveley. 

Robert Bateman of Hartington, co. Derb.^ 

William, of H.=p dau. of Sleigh. 

Richard, of H.n=Ellen, dau. of W m Topliss of Tissington. 

Joan, 1 w., dau.=f=Robert Bateman of London, Esq., Chamber-=pElizab., 2 nd w., 

of John Mansel 
of Dorsetshire. 

lain & Represent, in Pari. 1614, 1621, 1624, 
1625; purchased lands at Middleton ; d. 11 
Dec. 1644 ; Skinner. 

dau. & coh. 
John West- 


Sir William B.^Elizabeth, 

of London, 
Kn\ the " Old 
Euclis" of 

d. & h. of 
Cheslin of 

Sir Anthony the Republican, = Elizabeth, dau. 
Sheriff of London in 1658 ; & h. of Robert 
Lord Mayor 1664, d. s.p. Russel, Aid. of 
1687; bur. at Charlton in London; d. 
Kent. 1673. 

Margaret, w. of Rev. William Wray of Bromley, St. Leonards. 

Richard, 1 
Aid. of 

^Christina, dau. of Sir Thomas, of How. Hall, co w. Elizab. 

Wil. Stone of Norf ., Bart. , mar. Eliz. Middle- of Robert — 

London, merch*. ton, & d. s.p. Angel. Susan. 

Elizabeth, w. of Edw. Waterhouse, LL.D., 
by whom Edw., Elizab. & Bridget. 



William, Anthony, an Hugh Bateman of Hartington &= 
of Wood- apothecary Meadow-pleck, bp. 13 March, 
house n r in London. 1554 ; bur. at Youlgrave 23 
Tutbury. =p Feb. 1616. Steward to W m 

Lord Cavendish. 

William B. of London, grocer, living 1641. 
VOL. n t 

=Marg t , dau. of John 
Sleigh of Harting- 
ton ; bur. at York 
15 Jan. 1612. 



MS. 204 

Eichard Bateman^ 
of Hartington 
Hall, Gent., bp. 
16 March 1586 ; 
bur. there 23 Feb. 

: Ann, dau. of John 
Beresford of Al- 
ston-field, CO. 
Staff. ; bp. 12 Feb. 
1591 ; mar. 1 May 

Helen, bp. 
3 May 
1584; bur. 
at Barlow 
30 Nov. 







I I I I 




d. inf. 

Mary, 1= 
w., dau. 
of Fran. 
Clay of 


=Hugh, of Derby, Esq., = Elizab., 2 : 
Barr. at Law, b. 1616 ; w., dau. 
d. 15 April 1682. An 
Utter Bar 1 ' of Gray's 
M r of Middleton. 

of Wil. 
Purchased £ of Cit. of 

London ; 

Grace, bp. 9 March 
1589 ; mar. Geo. 
Parker of Park 
Hall, Esq. (See 
p. 179.) 

=Elizab., 3 w., dau. & 
coh. of John Dalton 
of Derby, Gent., mar. 
1680; d. 1746. (See 
J. D. Lake.) 

Elizabeth, Elizabeth, a posthumous, succeeded to the property at Middelton ; 

Richard, d. unmar. 1756, set. 74, & left it to her cousin Bateman of Derby. 

& Hugh, Bassano brings her from the 2 nd mar., but she was really by the 

all d. s.p. third. 

John, 1 of Wolf-=fMary, dau. of 

scote, bp. at 
H., 2 Dec. 

Jn° Wood- 
house, of 
Bake well ; 
mar. 4 Feb. 

Robert, Cit.- 
of London, 
b. 1622 ; d. 

=Anne, dau. 
of Sir Wil. 
Bart.; rem. 
.... Outts, 

Mary, w. 
of Wil. 
of Fin- 
ney, Esq. 

Marg*, w. 
of Rich d 
Heap of 

Richard, of Hart-=Elizabeth, dau. of Rob. 

ington Hall, 
1649,d. s.p. 1731; 
mar. at Oar sing- 
ton 23 April 
1685 ; aged 58, 

Hay ward of Carsington 
by Ann his w., dau. of 
Peter Coates, Minister 
of Wingfield in 1685; 
d. 1720 (p. 205) ; set. 
47, 1708. 

Ann, bp. 3 
June 1651. 

Mary, bp. 
15 Sep. 
1683, q. 

John, d. 27 
Oct. 1657. 

Hugh B.: 
of Derby, 

=Mary, dau. 
of John 
Taylor of 
Gent. ; d. 
25 Mar. 
1704 or 5. 

Mary Green-=Robert, of St. Columb,=pElizabeth 
wood. M.D., d. 1777, aged 77. Hamley. 


John, John, Richard, 
all d. infants. 

Elizabeth, mar. in 1789 to ... . Peters, Esq. Frances, living 1789 unmar. 
b c 

1 D r Pegge gives a much fuller account of the issue of this John, viz., Dorothy, 
wife of John Dakeyne ; Anne, w. of Nich s Harrison of Casefield ; Elizab., w. of 
Francis, Prince of Harble ; Hannah, mar. Thomas Harrison of Monyash ; Grace, 
mar. W m Outfield of Litton ; Mary, mar. Rob. Greenway of London, locksmith to 
K. W m III. ; Martha, mar. Tho. Atkin, Vicar of Mayfield ; Richard, & Robert, who 
by Eliz., dau. of Tho. North of Bakewell, had Rob., Mary, & Sarah, 

MS. 204 



Elizab., d. inf. 

Frances, d. 
1776, 83t. 89. 

Anna, b. 1696; 
living unmar. 

Ann, 1 w., dau.= 
of ... . Soresbyj 
d. s.p. 1754. 

Mary, w. 
of .... 

of Derby; 

Elizabeth, 1 w. =pHugh B. of Derby,= 

dau. of John 
Osborne of 
Derby, Esq. ; d. 

Esq., succeeded to 
the Hartington 
estate on the death 
of Rich d in 1731 ; 
d. 1777, aged 87. 

=Elizab., 2nd 
w., dau. of 
Sam. Hacker 
of Duffield, 

= Richard, = 
of Derby, 

Catherine, 2 w., dau. 
of Wil. FitzHerbert. 
(See Pbd., p. 110.) 


Hugh, a 

Cap n in 



John, Elizabeth, 
d. y. b. 1726 ; 
d. 1781. 

Richard B. of Lincoln's Inn, a Barristeiy^Eliz., dau. of Rev. Tho. Keeling of 
b. 1757 ; d. 29 March 182L | Uttoxeter, co. Staff. Live 1825. 

Richard Thomas= Madeline .... 

Ann, bp. 28 
March 1598; 
bur. at Y. 
18 Oct. 

Robert, of = 
Gent., bp. 
13 March 
1590 in 

: Elizabeth, dau. of 
Wil. Ryddiard ; 
mar. at Y. 18 May 
1612 ; bur. there 
1 March 1644; of 

William, of Meadow-" 
pleck, Yeo., bp. at Y. 
20 June 1598 ; bur. 
25 April 1642. 

dau. of 
ford ; 
mar. at 
Y. 14 

Richard, bp. 
21 Sep. 1623, 
mar. Mary, 
dau. of 
Blackwell of 

t i i 




Hugh, of=f=. 

. dau. 


Newton of 


I I 

Robert=Mary, dau. of 
.... Clarkson 

i i 


w. of 
account, and I think 

Wil. Robert. 

is Bassano's 

of co. Notts. the correct one. 

Robert, of Middleton & Meadow- 
pleck, bur. 18 Sep. 1683. 

=Mary, dau. of Laur. Sleigh ; 
mar. 8 Jan. 1653. 


Robert, 2 surv.= 
son,bp. 17 June 
1658(F); d. 
1722; aged 31, 
1707 ; of 

=Frances, bur. 23 Dec. 
1709 ; dau. of Roger 
Cotes of Chesterfield, 
merch* ; get. 34, 1707. 

Hugh, of 
ton, s.p. 





The children of Rob. & Frances are thus arranged in Bas- 
sano's pedigree : Mary & Elizab., twins, aet. 9, 1707 ; Frances, 
aged 13 ; Robert, aged 11 ; Hugh, d. y. ; William, aged 5 ; 
John, aged 4 ; Tho 8 , b. 1707 ; Richard, b. 1709. 



MS. 204 

Elizab., bp. 18 
Jan. 1697, w. 

of Moly- 

neux of Lan- 


Frances, mar. at Derby 
16 March 1715 to Wil m 
Fallowes of Aldersley, 
co. Cestr. ; aged 13, 
1707 ; bp. at Chester- 
field 1694. 

John, aged 4, 1707. 
Richard, b. 1709. 
Tho s . Live 1707. 


ugh, d. y. 

Robert, aged 
11,1707; bp. 
at Chester- 
field 1696. 

William Mort= 
of Damhouse, 
Chowbent, 1 st 
husb., s.p. 

=Mary, bp. 18=Thomas Sut- 
Jan. 1697; d. ton of Dam- 


William, of Derby =j= Ann, dau. of 

1790 s.p.; a 
very pious 
woman ; aged 
9, 1707. 

house, Gent., 
2 nd husb., 
nephew & h. 
to her 1 st 

Atty, bp. 28 Jan. 
1701 ; d. at Bux- 
ton 8 Aug. 1756; 
aged 5, 1707. 

John Gisborne©^ Ann, bp. 
of Derby, Esq., & 1732 ; d. 
ofYoxallinStaff., 1800. 
d. 1779, only 

of Leicester ; 
d. 9 March 
1788, aet. 77; 
by a Gis- 
borne (?). 

Elizabeth, w. of 
Tho. Freeman of 
Daventry, Solici- 
tor. (See Baker's 
'North 6 ,' i., 233.) 

d. 1816 

Mary, d. 5 sons, 
1820 who all 

coel. d. in 


Sir Hugh Bateman of Hartington Hall, Bart., b. at=j=Temperance Gisborne, 
Derby 1756 ; created 1806; d. at Bath 28 Jan. 1824. mar. 1786. 

Richard Sache- Catherine Juliana, mar. 1815 to 
verel, b. 1788 ; Edw. Dolman Scotfc, Esq., of 
d. 1794. Great Barr, co. Staf. 

Anne Amelia, mar. 1815 to 
Sir Alex r Hood of Budleigh 
Woolton, co. Devon. 

Thomas Grisborne,=j=Mary, dau. of Tho. John G. of Darley 5 other children, of 

M.A., of Yoxall 

Babington of Rofch- Hall, Esq., mar. which only one dau. 
ley, Esq.; b. 28 April dau. of Col. Pole. survived, viz. Lady 
1760 ; mar. 1783. Bateman. 

James, Curate Mary, w. of Wil. Thomas,=Elizabeth,=Susan, 2 w., wid. Susan, 

of Barton Evans of Derby, eld. son dau. of of Francis Duck- d. 1823. 

under Need- Banker. & heir, .... infield Astley. — 

wood. — M.P. Fysche Other 

Lydia. Palmer, issue. 


William Orton of Leicester, Gent.=y=Sarah, dau. of John Gisborne, Gent. 

John, only son & h. Anne, w. of Wil. Bateman. Catherine, mar Vowe. Sara. 

John Gisborne, mar. a dau. of W m Pole of Radborn, whose wid. mar. D r Darwin. 

MS. 204 



John Grisborne, Gent., d. 1704. Purchased \ the=f=. . . . dau. & coh. of John Fowler, Gent., 
M r of Boylston. Of the Wardwiock in Derby. with Sarah, w. of John Oldershaw. 

. . . . w. of Edwards, 
M.D., of Derby. 

.... mar. 

. . Chesel- 

. mar. 
. Orton. 

. mar. 
. Smith. 

Sarah, 1 w., dau. of=Thomas, of : 
Geo. Beardsley of Derby, 
Derby, Esq. ; s.p. Esq. ; b. 

1680; d. 


John.© only child. 

: Temperance, dau. 
of Kobert Packer 
of Shillingford. 

John G. of Derby, Esq.= 
Will, 1745, names his 
cousin Fowler Older- 

: . . . . dau. of 
.... Jack- 
son of 

William, a 
man Pen- 

James, Eector of=pAnne, 3 dau. of . , 

Staveley & Preb. 
of Durham. 

Jackson of Derby, 
wid. of Charles Hin- 
ton, Esq. 

Dorothy, mar. Tho 8 Godfrey Lush- 
ington of Sittingbourne, Esq. 

Catherine Cockayne. Sale Anne. d. 
of Bobbing Place in Kent. unmar. 

i i 

4. Francis, 3. John, d. unmar. 

Rector of at Clare Hall ab* 

Staveley. 1748. 

Anne, mar. Isaac 
Hawkins of Bur- 
ton ; ob. s.p. 

Dorothy, mar. 
Sam 1 Fox- 
lowe, Esq. 

Cath e , mar. Rev. 
Fletcher Dixon ; 

1. James G., a General=p. . . . dau. of ... . Boyd ; sister to the w. 

in the Army. 

of Sir James Bristow of Bedford ; 
mar. Capt. Webster, & 3. 

2. Thomas, M.D., Physician 
to George III. 

A son, d. y. Catherine, mar. Hon. 
Vesey Knox. 

Mary Alicia, mar. Major Dorothy, 
Edm. Burke. 

MS. 205 


D r Pegge mentions an Alice, dau. of Godf. Watkinson of Brampton Moor ; 
mar. to Hercules Clay, 3 times Mayor of Chesterfield, who d. 1685 ; & also a sister 
of the 2 nd Godfrey, mar. to ... . Wingfield, an Att^, at Wirksworth. 

Nicholas & Mary Bright had John & Godfrey, who both d. s.p. ; Mary, mar. 
Tho. Webster ; Eliz. Frances, mar. Joseph Saunders, schoolmaster, of Chesterfield ; 
and Ann, mar Greatorex. Dr. Pegge, but Q. 

Godfrey Watkinson of : 
Brampton near Ches- 
terfield, temp. Jac. I. 

Q. how related to Peter Watkinson, who had the Cure 
of Brampton in the Commonwealth time ? & how to 
Godfrey Watkinson who became a Quaker. 

Godfrey Watkinson of Brampton,=p Eichard Wood of Chesterfield 
b. 1611 ; bur. at Brampton 7 Sep. 
1668. A 

Apoth., the first of that Pro- 
fession settled there. b 


, dau. 





MS. 205 


Alice, mar. at Chesterfield 1655 to Edward Wood, son & heir app. of Richard= 
Wood of Chesterfield, Apothecary. (See p. 212.) His token extant. 

Richard Wood of Chesterfield, Apothecary, 1 
mar. at Carsington 26 Aug. 1690 ; will 3 
Feb. 1739 ; d. there Oct. 1741. 

: Hannah Buxton of Hopton, dau. of 
Henry, of Mill-house, Wirksworth, 
sister & coh. of Nathaniel B. 

Edward Wood of=Kebecca Wright 
Chesterfield, Mar. of Staveley 

Articles 1731, 
s.p. ; will 19 Feb. 
1746 ; d. before 
26 Oct. 1757. 

Forge, niece of 
John Newnham, 
whose sister was 
her mother. 

Hannah, mar. Robert 
Greensmith, Esq., of 
Steeple-house near 
Wirksworth, & of 

(P. 599.) 

Sarah, mar. Joseph 
Gee of Gains- 

Joseph Gee, only 
child, d. April 

Godfrey Watkinson=pElizabeth, dau. ctf Robert Susan, mar. at Brampton 28 June 
of Brampton, Gent. 

Wood of Monk-Bretton, 
Gent. ; mar. 4 Au£. 1664. 

1665 to Paul Webster of Chester- 
field. (See Ped., p. 105.) 

Jane, bp. 30 Nov. 1665; 
mar. Joseph Fern, Rector 
of Matlock, M. P. B., 3, 
194. nP 

Susan, bp. 3 Jan. 1666-7; 
mar. 28 March 1695 to 
John Southorn of Hull, 

Elizabeth, bp. 30 March 
1671 ; mar. Godfrey 
Stubbing of Whitting- 
ton. (P. 438.) 

Matt w . Samuel. Eliz. Susan. Joseph. Eliz. 
All these children d. before their father ; if chil- 
dren of Joseph & Jane, the 4 on the right were all 
that were living when the Rector of Matlock d. 
Yet 1 doubt this. 

i i 


a Clerk. 

Ann, mar. John 
More wood, Clerk. 

Sarah, mar. Paul 

Godfrey Watkinson of Brampton, Gent., bp. 15 Oct.=fMary Green of Cheshire, 
1668 ; bur. 7 Feb. 1739-40. I bur. 27 Sep. 1711. 

Elizabeth, bp. 
12, bur. 16 
Jan. 1696-7 

Ann, bp. 29 June 1705 ; 
bur. 29 July. 

Susan, bp. 2 Sep, 1707. 

Paul, bp. 26 
Sep. 1711 ; 
bur. 23 
June 1723. 

Thomas, bp. 
7 Oct. 1709. 

Q. one of 
his dau s 
mar. God- 
frey Swift. 

Godfrey Watkinsoii=pElizabeth, dau., etc., of Robert= Captain Thomas 

of Brampton, Esq., 
bp. 11 Jan. 1703-4 ; 
Sher. 1736; ob. 
1757, set. 53, Oct. 26. 

Scollar of Rowsley, in par. of 
Bakewell; mar. 1736 (see 
p. 62). Her mother Elizab., 
dau. of John Calvert of Bea- 
ley ; another coheir mar. 
John Lees of Piatt, Esq. 

Bourne of Rows- 
ley, 2 husband. 
(See Ped., p. 

Mary, bp. 30 
Jan. 1698-9; 
mar. 15 Oct. 
olas Bright 
of Chester- 
field, Gent. 

MS. 205 



John Barker of = 
Bakewell, Esq. ; 
Just, of Peace ; 
Steward to the 
Duke of Rutland. 

= Jane W., coheir, Richard or Francis= Ruth, I.Elizabeth, 

5 dau. ; mar. 2 Barker, surgeon to coheir, d. 1751 ; & 

John Beaumont a troop of Horse d. s.p. 2. Mary, d. 

of Gracedieu, Guards. 1768; 1763; d. 

says Glover. 4 dau. unmar. 

I i 

2. John=pSarah, dau. of Ja s 1. Thomas,: 

Barker Swetenham of of Hall 

of the Win'ster ; aunt of End in 

Hill, Mrs. Wilson Over- Ashford. 

Bake- end, & of Mrs. 

well. Henry Jackson. 

= Sarah, dau. 
of W m 
Gardom of 


3. Robert, of 





mar. Tho s 
Rawson of 
Wards End. 

Edward, of- 
lead merch*. 

: Hannah, dau. of 
Hall Overend of 
Sheffield, surgeon. 

Tho s Rawsoir^Frances Fanny, w. of . 

Barker of 

Shef d . 

Hounsneld. Rose of Aylesbury, 
Anne, & . . . . un- 

Helen. Another. 

Agnes. Rose. 

Godfrey W., d. 
without issue ; 
bur. 7 Jan 

Jonathan Birch of Ardwick n r =j=Ann W.,=j=Sfcephen Melland of 
Manchester. I have reason to coheir, , Youlgrave, surgeon, 
think he was grandson of 3 rd dau. 2 husband. 
Eliezer Birch, V.D.M., of Man- 

Robert Birch of= 
Holme Hall, 

2 sisters named Birch 
of Stockport; the first 
d. s.p. 

William Melland of= 
Brampton, mar. 1 
Ann, dau. of W m 


=. . . . dau. of 
of Darley. 

Robert Birch. Charles, in Orders. Stephen. Wil m . Elizab. 

Anne, mar. Isaac Blore Elizab., mar. Abel Holmes of Darley, Mary, mar. George 
of Youlgrave, s.p. & had 1 dau. only. Nuttal of Matlock. 

In the ' Derbyshire Courier' of July 23, 1831, is an advertisement from M 1 ' 8 
Anne Blore, then residing at Derby, offering a reward of £200 who will give her 
information of her son Isaac Blore, who being then about 16 in July 1819 
absconded from a mercer's shop in Bakewell, where he had been placed, & had not 
since been heard of. He is described as grandson of D r Melland. 



MS. 205 


From M r D. Dakeyn's Collection & Visit, of London 1687, where it appears that 
the first Robert was son of Robert Hayward, originally of Somersetshire & after- 
wards of Leicestershire, by Milicent, dau. of ... . Stone of Turnditch. 

1701 June 11 M r Hayward, bur. at the Meeting-house at Wirksworth, Reg. 
of Carsington. 

1718 Nov. 9 M rs Ann Hayward, wid., from the same. 

Nathaniel Scholes is doubtless the Minister, so called, who d. Min r at Maccles- 
field 2 Oct. 1702, aged 37, son of Jeremy Scholes, ejected at Norton. 

See will of Wigley in M. P. B., xii., 113, 115. 

Elizabeth, 1 w., ob. : 
12 June 1653, aet. 
32 ; dau. of .... 
Bourne of Derby. 

=Robert Hayward of Carsing-^=Ann, 2 w., dau. of Peter Coates, 

ton, co. Derb.,aged 76, 1687 ; 
d. 11 June 1701 ; bur. at 
the Chapel, W. 

Minister of Wingfield, co. 




mar. at Carsington 4 
1654-5 ; bur. 11 Nov. 

Joseph, b. at Derby 18 Aug. 
1647, a merch* of London ; d. 
unmar. 12 Nov. 1679. 

Samuel, b. at Carsington 5 May 1655, a merch 1 
in London ; mar. Mary, dau. of Tho s Luther of 
Buttons in Essex, Esq., & had Mary, b. 1686. 

Benjamin, b. : 
at Carsington 
9 Aug. 1657, 
of Cromford, 
aged 30, 

=j=Elizab., dau. & 
coh. of Henry 
Wigley of Senior 
Field ; mar. 22 
Oct. 1685; bur. 
at Matlock 15 
Feb. 1692. 

I I 
Robert, a merch 1 at Stock- 
holm, aged 27 or 28,1687, 
& unmar. 

Elizabeth, mar. Rich d 
Bateman of Hartington 
Hall (see p. 204) ; b. 24 
Jan. 1661. 

Hannah, mar. Nath 1 
Scholes, Gent., 19 
Nov. 1689, V.D.M. 

Milicent, mar. at 
Kniveton 20 Aug. 
of Leicester, Gent. 

Elizabeth, dau.- 
of . . . . Cooper, 
Aid. of Derby. 

: Wigley Hayward = Jane, dau. of ... . 
of Senior Field, Bradsby of Derby ; 
lead merchant. relict of ... . Nix 
of London. 

i i 

Elizabeth, mar. Rob. 
Mower of Winster, 
jun r , March 1705. 


Elizabeth, mar. Edmund Hodgkinson of Samuel, d. unmar. Mary, d. unmar. 
Matlock-mill ; d. 1787. 

Joshua H., bp. at Matlock 28 Oct. 1686=pEleanor Colvile of Hull. 

Benjamin, bp. at Matlock 22 March=j=Ann, sister of Anne Marie, bur. at Ches- 

""" "" Thomas Seale, terfield 9 Feb. 1715. 
surgeon ; d. 1774, — 

aged 60. 2 dau s , d. y. 

1709 ; an Apothecary at Minchin 
Hampton in Gloucestershire ; d. 13 
Oct. 1787. 

Martha Hayward, only dau., mar. Richard Brown of Benj n , b. & Ann, d. 1763, 
Minchin Hampton, surgeon ; and d. 1777, aged 39. d. 1740. aged 14. 

MS. 206 




The first Reginald in the pedigree was grandson of Reginald Pindar of 
Southwell, co. Notts, & Frances Stern his wife. 

See more in Pegge's Genealogies after Bassano, and also Harl. 5821. 

Reginal Pinder of Duffield, co. Derb.,=pPenelope, dau. of Gervas=Thomas Calton of 

Esq., Sher. 1682, d. 13 Sep. 1712 ; 
aged 74, 1708 ; farmer of the excise 
for the four Northern Counties. 

Lee of Norwell, co. Duffield, Clerk, 2 
Notts ; d. 26 May 1728. husband. 

Grace, mar. Daniel 
Jenkinson, Coz. 
German once re- 
moved to Sir Paul. 

Rebecca, mar. Tho- 
mas Knowles of 
Sollershope Court, 
co. Hereford. 

I I : 

Cassandra, mar. Pieria, .... mar, 

Richard John- mar 

son of Over- John Hacket. 

seat. Miles. 

Thomas Pindar of the- 
Court in Kempley, co. 
Glouc, aged 50, 1712. 
Living 5 Sep. 1721. 

-Elizabeth, dau. of Sir 
Andrew Hacket of 
Moxhall, co. Warw. ; 
living a wid. at Lud- 
low 7 July 1736. 

Wenman Winniat= Penelope, had 
of Dy mock Grange, £1000 on her 
co. Glouc, Gent, mar., & £415 
Living 9 May 1723. by her father's 

Reginald Pindar, Esq., of Stone-^Margaret, dau. of William Ly-=Francis Biddulf 

house, Col. in the Army ; Mar, 
Sett. 24 June 1713; d. July 1721, 

gon of Madresfield, Esq. ; aunt of Ledbury, 
& sole heir to Margaret Lygon. Gent., 2 husb. 

Reginald Pindar, eldest son. Assumed the name & : 
Arms of Lygon by Act of Parliament. 

I I 

Philip. William. 

William, Lord Beauchamp. 

ms. 206 Mmtlty — 3S*mtet 

Christopher Bentley of Wielsby, co. Line, Gent.=f= 

dau. of Dixon=Christ r =p dau. of Uppleby, Esq., Just, of 

of Lincoln ; s.p. Peace for Lincoln. 

■Christy d. y. Hannah, d. unmar. Ann, mar. John Uppleby her first-cousin. 

Thomas Bennet of=f=Elizabeth, mar. 
Beddington, Gent. I 1 June 1713. 
A J 

John Saunderson of Barton=pMargaret. 
upon Humber. 




MS.. 206 


John Bennet=f=Ann. Elizabeth, mar Margaret, mar. 1 W m Dixon of Barn- 

of Barton, Beatrifle of Laceby, ley, co. Line, 2 Arthur Rockliffe of 

Att>\ co. Lino. =p Wroughton, co. Line. 

John Bennet= 
of Barton. 

=. . . . dau. of ... . 
Lucas of Pontefract. 

John B. of Laceby, 
unmar. 1781. 

John, 1781. Mary Ann, 1781. 
From Coll. of Ralph Bigland. 

&tttltton—Wiinttvm$M\. ms. 


See in Church of Barnby Don Mon ts of Winteringhams of Belthorp. 
See a curious account of Anthony Cooper, once a soldier, after a Clergyman, and 
47 years Minister at Ardsley, where he d. in 1692 among Thoresbys. 

Richard Nettleton of Earls Heaton in the par. of^Susanna 
Dewsbury, d. 25 Jan. 1676 ; bur. at Dewsbury. 

Judith, 1 w., dau. of William^ 
Oates of Nether Denby (see 
Ped., p. 114) ; bp. 10 April 
1637 ; mar. 20 Sep. 1659 ; 
bur. 15 April 1664. 

=Richard Nettleton of Earls= 
Heaton, Esq., a Just, of 
Peace ; will dated 1 May 
1697; d. 4 Nov. 1700. 
Will proved at York 6 May 

-Ann, 2 w., dau.=. 
of . 

nor ; d. in child- 
bed ; bur. at 
Dewsbury 17 
March 1678-9. 

3 w., 
dau. of 


Charles Nettleton, Rector o:f=f=Sarah, dau. of Toby Sill of Wake- Mary, living 
Bulwick & Eaton, live 1663. field by Susan Oley his wife. 1663 ; d. inf. 

Judith, mar. Michael Pilk- Susan, Barbara, mar. Robert Frances, d. un- 

ington, Esq., afterwards a d. un- Panch, a grocer of mar. at Wakefield 

Bart., & d. without issue mar. Stamford, & had a July 1788 ; bur. 

26 June 1772. son Ingram Panch. at Bulwick. 

Charles Nettleton, a mercer at Wakefield ; sold most of his estate & Sarah & 
spent the money ; d. unmar. 12 April 1736 ; bur. at Wakefield. Elizab., 
Earls Heaton was sold by his four sisters and coheirs. d. y. 

Frances, mar. 1 
Cap n John Tay- 
lor of Fulf ord ; 
2 . . . . Shaw of 
A Ardsley. 

Sarah, mar. at Ards- 
ley 20 April 1713 to 
Abraham Barber of 
Wakefield, & d. s.p. 




Ingram Nettleton, aged 
15, 1682, when he en- 
tered Line. Col., Ox- 
ford ; a Clergyman ; d. 

MS. 207 



Robert Cooper of Ardsley, eld. son.=p Son & dau., d. unmar. 


.... Loscombe=pEliz. 0. 



C. W. Loscombe, Esq., of Pickwick house in par. of Corsham, co. Wilts, b. 1784. 
William Wintringham 1 of Thorpe in psh. of Barnby Don, living 1679.=f= 

William Winteringham, Clerk, Minister- 
of East Retford from 1674 to 1701 ; 
bur. at East Retford 17 March 1700-1. 

: Gertrude, dau. of Clifton Rodes, Esq., 
of Sturton (see Ped., p. 244) ; bur. at 
East Retford 22 Aug. 1721. 

Elizabeth,=j=Clifton Winteringham of York, = Cordelia, 2 w., 

dau., mar. 
at Ards- 
ley Feb. 

M.D., d. there 12 March 1748 ; dau. of John 

he dedicated a work of his to Bright of 

his cousin Francis Wilkinson ; Badsworth, 

sold his estate at Thorpe to Esq.; d. 6 Jan. 

William Fretwell of Thorpe in 1749. 
June 1743 ; d. March 12. 

One account states 
that D* Clifton 
W.'s 2 nd wife was a 
sister of Admiral 

Sir Clifton Winteringham of Lon-= Ann Richardson, d. at .... Wheat (see- 
don, M.D. & F.R.S., Physician Twickenham in 1805, Ped., p. 187), 
to the King, & Baronet, d. at aged 85. D r Sykessays believed to be 
Hammersmith 9 Jan. 1794, s.p. she mar. 2 in 1800 brother to Tho- 

(Q. 9 Nov. 1794), aged 84. Gathan, when she mas Wheat of 

must have been 80. Retford. 

Clifton Wheat of Stanmore, Esq.,=. . . . dau. of . . 
d. without issue about 1809. Hammersmith : 

. . Newton of 
mar. 1787. 

John Kitchen of Hull, cordwainer=Eliz., dau. of Robert Winteringham. 
Sold lands at Campsall to Tho. Yarborough 1727. 

Rob. W. of Campsall, butcher, 1647. 

Francis Wilkinson of Lincoln's Inn, barr.-at-law. Will, March 29 or April 
11, 1728. Names "my cousin Edw. Simpson of Lincoln's Inn, barr.-at-law." My 
cousin D r Clifton Winteringham of York. My estate at Barnby Don, lately pur- 
chased of the sisters & coheirs of M r Gregory, & my rectory & the man r of Thorpe 
& Bramwith. My cousin Eliz. Lathe well, wid., dau. of my late uncle Edward 
Wilkinson. My cousin Margaret Blanchard, dau. of my late uncle Timothy 
Williamson. He mentions also son or grandson of my cousin Christ 1 ' Williamson of 
Carolina. My uncle Wilkinson Blanchard, grandson of my late uncle Timothy 
Wilkinson. „My wife Anne, Edw. & C. Winteringham, Ex rs . Proved in London 
May 20, 1728. 

1 This W. W. mar. Jane, eld. dau. of W m Grant of Barnby Don, Gent., who d. 
in 1703. He had also a wife named Ann. 




MS. 207a 

I I I 

W m W. of Snaith, d. l=pDorothy, dau. of W m Beckwith Elizab., mar. Marma- Hannah, wife of 

Aug. 1738, aged 45. 

of Thurcroft j d. 7 Oct. 1734, duke Wilkinson, 
aged 33. 

John South (?). 


William Wintrinham of Belthorp, d. 1 April 26 Eliz., 1585. Seized Richard=f= 
of lands in Owston, Bramwith, Barnby, & Campsal. Inq. p.m. at W. dead 
Snaith 17 Sep. 27 Eliz. 27 Eliz. 

Dr. Sykes. 

William W., cousin and heir of W m , aged about 16 at his uncle' s=f=Elizabeth, d. 20 June 1615, 

death; of Belthorp, Yeo. ; bur. 3 Aug. 1628. Will proved at York. 

M.I. j bur. 21 Jan. 1615, P. R. 

William W., bur. 14 Jan. 1631.=f Ann, 1631. 
Will proved at York. 

Elizabeth, mar. W m Fang 
of Wainflete. 

i i i i i i 

Jane, eld. dau.=f=William W.=Ann. Gilbert, bp. 2 Aug. Jane, bp. 15 Ann, mar. Mary, bp. 

of W m Grant of 
Barnby, Gent. 

of Belthorp, 1630 ; bur. 14 April Feb. 1637. Stephen 6 June 

Gent. 1633. — Sanderson. 1625. 


William, bp. 1650 

D r Clifton W. 

Sarah, bp 15 Aug. 1647. 


MS. 207 

1634 Jan. 19 Mar. M r Henry Watkinson of Leeds & M rs Alice Nettleton. 
1674 June 18 Mar. Richard Nettleton & Mary Armitage. 
1708 Feb. 10 Mar. Richard Armitage & Martha Nettleton. 

Robet Nettleton, 1 38 Hen. 8=pAnn, dau. of Arthur Pilkington of Bradley. 


Thomas Nettleton of Thorn-^pMargaret, dau. & c. of Richard Charles- 

hill Lees, s. & h. 

worth of Totties in Holmfirth. 3 

Edward Nettleton of Thornhill Lees,=pMary, dau. of John Bailey 
s. & h., d. 31 March 1644. of Honley ; d. 1643. 

A I * 

1 This Robert is shewn to be son of Thomas (by Jennet Hall), son of John, son 
of Thomas, by Elizab., dau. of Tho. Holgate. John had 3 brothers, Edward, 
Robert, & Francis. 

The Arms, Azure, 2 adders combatant twisted in pale proper. Proof respited. 

2 She was living a widow 24 Sep. 11 Eliz., as by deed then made, in which her 
father, mother-in-law, husb., & son are all specifically named. 

* ? If there is not a generation missed. Edward Nettleton, bur. 25 Feb. 1612 ; mar. Eliz., 
dau. of Richard Longley, and had a son Thomas, bur. 1 April 1644 ; mar. to Mary, dau. of John 
Bailey, who was our. 10 May 1643.— J. W. C. 

MS. 207 



Margaret, mar. Kobert 
Bedford of Dewsbury 
of Crownest ; mar. 1 
Feb. 1629. 

I I 

A I 

Nath 1 

. mar. George 
Carter or John. 

Sarah, mar. 
Gideon Maude. 

Mary, mar. Sir Richard Os- 
baldeston, Atty-Gen. in Ire- 
land to Ch s I. ; d. 7 May 
1652, a widow; bur. at 

Charles, of=j=Catherine, dau. 

Gent., 4 
Jan. 1663. 

of Richard 
Horsfall of 
Storths Hall. 

George, d. in 
Ireland ; bp. 
8 Mar. 1606. 

I . I 

John, Elizabeth, mar. George 
d. y. Thurgarland of Lyley ; 
mar. 10 Oct. 1639. 

Mary, 1663. Anne, 1663, mar. Jonathan Hanson of Honley, Clerk. 

Robert Nettleton* of Thornhill Lees, s. & h. 1666 ;=j=Frances, dau. of Ric. Rawlin- 

killed by a fall from his horse 30 June 1673 ; sold 
his land ; he was a clerk ; will 23 Oct. 1668 ; bp. 
25 June 1601 ; bur. 3 July 1673. 

son ; liys 1668 ; d. 5 May 
1701, aged 85 ; bur. at Thorn- 

Anne, mar. Ralph 
Eaton, Rector of 
Darfield ; mar. 29 
Sep. 1670. 

Frances, d. 

Sarah, mar. Joshua 
Wilson 1668, & 
then unmar ; mar. 
7 June 1681. 

Grace, 1668. 
Lydia, 1668. 


Thomas, d. y. 
3 May 1645. 


Margaret & 


Mary, mar. John 
Anby, Esq., of 

Alice, mar. Ben Watts 
of Barnshall ; mar. 10 
Nov. 1670. 

Additional Entries From Thornhill Registers. 

Baptisms.— 1588, Feb. 12, Alis N. 1589, May 4, John s. M r Edw d N. 1601, June 25, Kobert 
s. M r Tho s N. 1603, June 26, Margaret d. M r Tho s N. 1604, Feb. 10, Eliz. d. M r Tho s N. 1606, 
March 8, George son M r Tho 8 N. 1609, March 26, Ann d. M r Tho 8 N. 1611, July 3, Maryd. M r 
Tho 8 N. 1614, May 8, Ellin d. M r Tho 8 N. 1616, Dec. 29, Sara d. M r Tho 9 N. 1619, May 16, 
Charles s. M r Tho s N. 1620, Aug. 17, John s. M r N. 1644, Jan. 19, Alice d. M r Bob* N. of Lees 

Hall. 1646, July 30, Ann d. M r Rob* N. 1647, Dec. 3, Francis of M r Rob. N. 1649, Sep. 

26, Edward s. M r Rob* 1ST. 1650, Dec. 25, Marg* d. M r Rob* N. 1653, Nov. 15, Grace & Sarah d. 
M r Rob* N. 1654, July 26, Lydia d. M r Rob* N. 1657, May 18, Jane d. M r Rob* N. 

Marriages.— 1601, June 4, Rob* Marsh arid M rs Dorothy N. 1629, Feb. 1, Robert Bedford 
and M rs Anne N. 1669, Sep. 29, M r Ralph Eaton and M rs Ann N. 1681, June 7, M r Joshua 
Wilson and M rs Sarah N. 1639, Geo. Thurgarland, Gent., and Marg 1 N. 

Burials.— 1589, May 4, M r Nettleton's wife. 1590, Jan. 1, John N. 1612, Feb. 25, M r Edw. 
N. of Thornhill Lees. 1633, Sep. 25, John s. M r Tho 8 N. 1643, May 10, M rs Mary N. 1644, 
April 1, M r Tho 8 N. 1645, May 26, Tho 8 s. M r Rob* N. 1650, Sep. 26, Edw d s. M r RoWN. 1651, 
June 7, Marg* d. M r Rob 1 N. 1652, May 19, The Lady Mary Osbaldestone. 1652, May 15, 
Eliz th d. M r Rob* N. 1701. May 5, M rs Frances N. of Pontefract.— J. W. C. 

MS. 208 


These Burnet, Eeyner, & Pyemond pedigrees are copies from the Collections of 
Thomas Wilson of Leeds now in the public library there. I have added the Wilsons 
from the 2 nd Edit, of the ' Ducatus/ and the William Garlicke on authority of his Will. 

* Called in the Register son of Thomas. — J. W. C. 



John Burnet, came out of Scotland with James I. 

MS. 208 

Thomas Burnet. Bobert Burnet, mar. Sarah, dau. of Henry Akeroyd, 
=t= Esq., of Fogarthorpe. 

. . Burnet, wife of Robert Jonas Burnet of Durker=f=Edith, dau. of Tho s Wilson 

Dickenson of Hill Top in or Dirtear in the par. 
par. of Sandal, co. York. of Sandal Magna, co. 

=f York. 

of Hardwick in par. of 
Wragby, co. York; mar. 13 
May 1672. 

Robert Dickenson, d. unmar. He Thomas Burnet,^. . . . She remar. . . . Dixon 
founded the Alms Houses near 1 st son, bp. 19* 
Hill Top and New Miller Dam. Nov. 1673. 


who helped her to dissipate 
the property. 

Thomas Burnet, an Officer in the Guards, sold his estate to John Smyth 
of Heath, Esq., to whom also the coheirs of his uncle Jonas sold theirs. 

Jonas Burnet,= 
2 nd son. 

"J I 







Inn, dau. of Henry Rayner of= 
Boyne Hill (see Ped. below) ; 
ob. 27 Feb. 1761. 

= Francis Clegg, 2 nd husb., servant 
to the 1 st husband. He injured 
the property. 

Mary B., coheir, mar. 
William Millthorp of 
Arthington, grazier. 
He purchased an 
Estate at Poole, & d. 
1 Sep. 1757. 

Edith, co- 
heir, wife 
of Joseph 
Arnold of 

Ann, coheir, 
wife of Samuel 
Heathfield of 

Sarah, coh r . « 
Marg 1 , coh r . 





Samuel. James. 

Robert,=j=Hannah, dau. 
3 rd son. of William 

Tolson of 


Elizabeth, mar. 
Geo. Kitching- 
man of South 


Ann, mar. 1 st John Marsden 
of Doncaster, silk weaver, 2 
John Oldham of Rotherham. 



Jonas. Thomas. Eliz h . 


John Marsden. 

Grace, wife of John 
Wilson of Ackton 
in par. of Fether- 
stone. =j= 

Mary, wife of William Edith, wife of An- 

WoodofHollingthorpe, thony Rhodes of 

by whom George & Barnsley, grocer. 
Eliz. =f= 


Margt, wife of 
John Denton 
of Bolton, by 
whom Mary. 

MS. 208 




Thomas Wilson 
of Leeds, b. 24 
May 1702 ; bp. 
at Fetherstone 
11 June. The 
Author of this 

I I I 

Joseph, bp. 18 
July 1704. 

Edith, bp. 6 
Feb. 1706. 

Mary, bp. 
May 1711. 


& _ Wil m , 
d. infants. 

Edward Rhodes of Mary. 

Wakefield, grocer, — 

d. unmar. Marg*. 

Anthony, went to Martha. 

MS. 208 




=Henry Rayner of Boyne Hill in the par. of= 

William Reyner of 
Blacker Hall near 
Boyne Hill. 

Ann, mar 

Burnet and . . 

Olegg as above. 

i . 

Sarah, wife of 
.... Wagstaff 
of Sandall. 

: Mary, second= 
wife, dau. of 
John Gibson 
of Slead Hall 
in par. of 

of Bat- 
ley, first 

Sarah, 1 st wife, dau. of= 
William Ellis of Leeds. 

John Brooke of Leeds,=pEsther, 2 nd wife, dau. of . 

merch*, Mayor in 1736 
& 1754. 

Ridings of Manchester ob. 6 
Nov. 1755. 

6 sons & 6 John Brooke, 
dau s , alld. d. unmar. 9 
infants. April 1759. 


Esther Brooke, sole heir, mar. at St. Peter's, Leeds, 29 
Dec. 1760, to John Blayds of Leeds, Esq., and d. 
without issue in 1769. (See ' Due. Leod.,' 2 Edit.) 

Robert Reyner of 
of Boyne Hill, 

Henry Reyner of 

Elizabeth R., mar. 
1 Daniel Rooke ; 

2 Oldfield of 

York, the Post- 
master there 1757. 

Mary=j=Benjamin Rooke 
Rey- of Oulton, of 
ner. Grainfoot near 



William Rooke of 
London, Vintner, 
&of Jamaica 1756. 

Elizabeth, wife of John 
Clapham of Leeds, 
clothier. (See p. 34.) 

Mary, wife 1 of Matthew Bywater 
of Leeds, confectioner ; 2 of George 
Dixon of Leeds, cabinet maker. 

.... Garlicke, Vicar of= 

Fetherstone. I 

=Mary Wager, living Susan W. 
1769. Hoyland. 

mar Child of 

William Garlicke of Fetherstone, Gent. Will dated 20 June 1769. 
He appears to have been the only child, and unmar. 



MS. 209 


John Pyemond of Chester House in Heath,=pElizabeth 
which he purchased, d. in 1659. 

Mary, wife of William Mary, 1 st wife, dau.=p William ==. . . . second wife, dau. 

Dodgson of Leeds, of William Beetson 
merch*. of Thurnscoe. 

Pye- of .... Mason of 

mond. Ackworth. 

William. Jane, wife of Francis Hirst of Pontefract. 

John Pyemond of Heath,^Ann, dau. of Wilfrid Armitage Richard, Jane, wife of 

co. York, near Wakefield, 
mar. 27 July 1654. 

of Little Liversedge. (See d. un- Thomas Wat- 
Yorkshire, W.R., No. 72.) mar. kins of Upton. 

Richard Pyemond of Heath, son & heir ;=f=Anne, dau. of John Clifton of Moor 
gave this account to Wilson of Leeds ; d. Green, psh. of Greasley, co. Notts ; 
at Leeds about 1730. ob. 30 Jan. 1715. 

John P., in the Excise Office at Mary, wife of Michael Leake of 4 children, d. 
Leeds. Leeds. young. 

John P.=pAnn Wilfrid P., Secretary to Tho s , Bishop Elizabeth, wife of 

of Loft- Bower. of St. David's ; d. at Plymouth with- Joseph Pease of 
house. out issue. Leeds. 

William, in the Excise Joshua, of Hannah, wife of Benjamin Pease, 
at London. Thoraby. George Bennet a Limner in Lon- 

of Thoraby. don. 

John Pye-=pElizabeth, dau. of Thomas Wilfrid, Chaplain to the Earl of West- 


Naylor of Wakefield. 

morland, & Rector of Kings, in 

George, had 2 Wilfrid, a butcher=f=Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph, Jane, mar. 

or 3 children, at York. 

. . . . Terry of d. un- 

York. mar. Elizab., mar. 


William. Wilfrid. Teresa. 

Ann. John, of Loffc-house, tanner, mar. . . 
dau. of Richard Keeling of Rothwell. 

William, had Thomas, had a 
a dau. son and dau. 

MS. 209 

A I 


John. George. Elizabeth, mar. Kich d Ambler of Wakefield, grocer. 

Tho. Bolton of Wakefield=p Hannah A. 

Tho. Ambler Bolton, Curate of Bawtry. 

William Clifton of Houghton near Pontefract, glass^Susanna. Sarah, wife of Wil- 

manufacfcurer ; acquired a good property, & built a 
fine house in the horse fair at Pontefract, where he 
d. about 1724. (See Walpole's ' Engravers,' p. 94.) 

Ham Hodgson of 
Chapel Allerton, 
wool comber. 

Richard, John, M.D., 
d. y. d. in France; 

no issue. 

.... wife of Hastings Lamb 
of East Hardwick. 

Martha, wife of ... . 
Cleggatt, a Solicitor 
in London. 

Joshua Wilson of Pontefract, an Att?= 
& Alderman. 

=Ann. Hannah, wife of 
Captain Benson. 

i i 

Susan. Elizab. 

Joshua W. of Crofton : 
Hall, co. York, bp. 22 
June 1731. 

Ill II 

Richard, William, of Newcastle, mar. a dau. Ann. 

bp. 1732. of Scot ; Aid. of Hull. — 

— Diana. 
Susanna, bp. 3 May 1727 ; mar. 
Drake, D.D. 

Sir Henry Wilson of Crofton= 
Hall & of Chelsey Park. 

=Lady Frances Eliz. Brudenel 
Bruce, dau. of the Earl of 

Edward, a Captain 
in the Army. 

The following entries in the Roth well Registers are taken from Roberts' ' Lofthouse ' : — 
1722, July 31, M r John Pyemont, bur. 1722, Dec. 17, a son of John Pyemont, yeo., of Loft- 
house, bur. 1734, June 16, M r John Pyemont, bur. 1741, July 8, Ann, dau. of John P., yeo., bp. 
1747, Sep. 27, Ann P., bur. 1748, July 30, John P. from Lofthouse. 1750, June 5, M" Eliz th P., 
widow, bur. 1757-8, Feb. 18, Ann, dau. of John P., tanner, bur. 1762, June 16, Ann, wife of 
John P. 1766, Jan. 1, Ann, dau. of James P., bur. 1783, June 16, M r John P. of Lofthouse, 

Monumental Inscriptions. Ann, the wife of John P., d. June 14, 1762, sat. 43. , John P. d. 
June 13, 1782, set. 70. George, son of the above, d. Oct. 8, 1833, aet. 77. Amelia, widow of the 
above George P., d. Oct. 23, 1839, aged 78.— J. W. C. 

MS. 209 


Another account that has been given me is there was a D r Stead of Doncaster, 
who had 3 sisters, M rs Whi taker, M rs Ellerker, & M rs Burdon, & this I take to be 
the true account. 

VOL, II. h 



MS. 209 

Daniel Whitaker, Alderman, & twice=f=Winifred, d. 1726, aged 72. She is said by 

Mayor of Doncaster, d. 1729, aged 


her descendant, M r Smyth, to be dau. of . 
Copley of Nether Hall. (See p. 434.) 

Richard Whitaker, Alderman ofn=. . . . sister of D r Stead of 

Doncaster, d. 14 Dec. 1765, 
aged 80. 

Doncaster, ofM rs Ellerker, 
& M* s Burdon. 

James, d. 1720, 
aged 38. 

Marg* Whitaker, the 1 st w. of Edmund Cartwright,= Alice Whitaker, the other 
James Stovin of Whitgift, Rector of G-oadby- dau. & coheir, b. 21 July 
Esq. (See p. 140.) Marwood, co. Leic. 1746 ; mar. 15 Dec. 1773 ; 

d. 27 Sep. 1785. 

Richard=pFrances,=pJeremiah Fawkes, John Ellerker,= Sibil, d. 1787, aged 84. 
Rector of Warms- Gent., d. 1774, In J. 0. Brooke's Ped. 
worth, 2 nd husb.f aged 82 ; s.p. of Ellerker she is called 

Sibil Boulcot. 

ton of 

mar.R. B. 
23 July 

John= Frances, mar. JohnSmifch=Oathe-=Timothy Francis Fawkes, § 

Basset of 12 Nov. 1747; of Holbeck, rine. Dighton, M. A., Clerk ; 

Gains- d. 1767, aged mar. 23 2 nd husb. translator of 

borough. 53. June 1736. 'Anacreon,' etc.J 

1734 March 25 Mar. James Whitaker of Doncaster, Vintner & Innkeeker, 
Eliz. Hawley, sp. ; Sheffield Reg 1 '. 


MS. 210 

This is the copy of a pedigree compiled in 1632 for D r Robert Allott of Cambridge. 
But the earlier descents appear to be entirely fictitious, and cannot be taken as 
authority for anything above the Doctor's grandfather. — J. H. 

Brian Allott of Belper, co. Derb., lived about the time of Henry III. 


James, of Sedsall. 


* Mar. 2ndly at Warms worth 2 April 1719. 

$ Bp. at Warmsworth 4 April 1720. 

|| Elizabeth, bp. 10 April 1721.— J. W. C. 

t Bur. 26 June 1744 ; 28 years Rector. 
§ Ann, bp. 10 April, bur. 17 Dec. 1721, 

MS. 209 




Henry Allofct of Belper^. . . . dau. of Sir John Heaton of Oastle 
& Buttersby. Hall in Mirfield. Arg., 2 bars sable. 

Robert=f=. . . . dau. of Hugh Beeston of Driffield. V., a lion ramp. arg*, crowned or. 



John. Edward=j=Christian, dau. & h. of Rob. Washton. 
G., a chevron between 3 mullets arg 1 . 


Rarph=pGrace, dau. of Rob. Hopton. Arg*, 2 bars 
" sab., each charged with 3 mullets or. 

Robert=p . . . . dau. of John Criplin. G-., semee of billets or, a lion ramp, argent. 


Edmund=pBridget, dau. of Thomas Arthington. Arg., a fess betw. 3 escallops sab. 

Thomasn= dau. of Tho. Mirfield. Jo: 

Az., 2 lions pass, guard, 


dau. & h. of Sir John Ailing- 
ton. Sab., a bend engrailed betw. 
6 billets arg 1 . 

Jonn=r=Ann, dau. of John Saintmore. Allen=j=. . . . dau. of Sir Henry 

Arg., 2 chevrons gu., a label az. 


Arg*, a bend inverted sab. 


Giles Allott of=f=. . . . dau. of Rob. Poul- Richard, of =f=Mary, dau. of Sir Henry 

Mickelfield, co. 

son. Checkie or & sab., Greenfield, 
a chief erm. co. Suffolk. 

Jerningham. Arg., 3 
buckles gules. 

Robert, of =j=. . . . dau. of Nicholas Ailing- Thomas=p Julian, dau. of Justice Dal 
Mickel- ton of Middlesex. S., abend 
field. eng d betw. 6 billets arg*. 

lison of co. Line. G., 3 
crescents or, a canton erm. 

Robert=. . . . dau. of Robert Ashley. John .... w. of Ralph Champernoun. 
Az., a cinquefoil erm. G., a saltire vaire betw. 4 mullets. 

Robert=f=Elizabeth, sister of M r Armigal Wade, whose mother was sister 
to M r Cumyn Prior of St. Oswald's. G., 3 garbs arg*. 1 

1 This connection of Wade & Cumyn, a curious point in this descent, is shewn in 
the Achievment of Sir Wil. Wade at the Tower, who had 1, Wade ; 2, G., a chev. 
between 3 boars' heads couped argt. ; 3, G., 3 garbs or ; 4, Or, 2 bars az., in chief 
3 water-bougets gules. — Bayley, i., 130. 



MS. 210 

Robert^Jenet, dau. & coh. of Rich d Charlsworth. Per pale g. & arg*, a pale or. 
John=pJennet, dau. & h. of Eob. Brice=p. . . . " the wife Bartin=p. . . . dau. 

Michel. S., an escallop 
betw. 3 birds' heads or. 

George=Mary, dau. of John 
Maude. Az., a chev. 
betw. 3 birds arg*. 

of John Allott 
of Woodhouse." 

ofM r 


Richard. Grace. 
Anne. Dorothy. 

John, of=pElizab., dau. of William Sidney of=pElizab. Robert Marsh= Margaret, 


Rich d Speight Otford in Kent, 
of Heaton. Or, a pheon az. 

of Darton 

2nd dau. 

Beatrix, wife of Anthony Elizab., w. of Rich d Oxley of Criggle- Dorcas, w. of 
Norton of Chapelthorpe. ston. Arg*, on a fess g. between 3 Alex r Cosby 
G., a manch arg. bells az. 3 crosses arg*. of Ireland. 

Edward, of Criggle-=pSusan, dau. of ... . Johnson Robert Allott, M.D., Fel. of St. 
ston. Will 24 Jan. of Deepcar. Arg*, a chev. b. 3 John's Col., Camb., Linacre 
3 C. II. (Q.). lions' heads gules, crowned or. Professor 26 years; now living 

1632 in his college. 

3. Robert, = Mary, dau. of ... . 2. Edward. 
3 rd son, of Fuller. Barry of — 

London. 6 g. & arg 1 , a can- 4. George, 
ton arg*. — 

5. Thomas. 

mi i 

6. William. Mary, w. of Richard 

— Wood of Chester- 

7. Gervas. field. =p 

8. Richard. Edward. 


1. John A., B.D., Rector of=f=Margaret, dau. of ... . Wolrich, Esq. G., a chev. 

Little Thurlow & Wrotting, 
bur. at Thurlow March 1658. 

betw. 3 birds volant arg*. D. at M r Taylor's at 
St. Neots Sep. 1684. 


Charles Wilson, Clerk, of Brornhead, co.=pAnn Allott, eldest dau. & coh., bur. 
York, Vicar of Sheffield, etc. | at Bradfield 22 Feb. 1712-3. 

John Cox, Clerk, Rector of Risby,=pSusan Allott, 2 nd = Grace, 2 nd w., dau. of John 

co. Suff., descended from Richard, 
Bishop of Ely, b. 12 Nov. 1621 ; 
d. 7 Sep. 1680. 

dau. & coh., d. Brand of Stanway in 

11 Aug. 1660; Essex, Gent.; mar. 1662; 

bur. in Risby d. 17 Sep. 1694 ; bur. at 

Church. Risby ; no issue. 

MS. 210 



John Cox, b. 23 Thomas Macro of Bury St. Edmunds, Esq.,=f=Susan Cox, dau. & 

Feb. 1657-8 ; d. Sheriff of Stiff. 1707, d. 26 May 1737, set. 
3 Aug. 1667 ; 88. He speaks in several letters of his 
bur.inRisbyCh. brother M r .... Godfrey. 

h.,b. 1 Aug. 1660; 
mar. 1678; d. 29 
April 1743. 

(See ' Hallamshire/ p. 423.) 

Samuel Taylor, Clerk,=pMargaret, Luke Curtis of=f=Mary Allott, 4 th & youngest 

Vicar of St. Neots. 

3 rd dau. & 


dau. & coh., d. about March 

Luke Curtis. 

A dau., mar Pennington, Vicar of Huntingdon, and 

afterwards of Hackney. =f= 

.... Pennington, a Clerk. 

Relations of Tho s & Susan Macro mentioned in sundry of their letters 1715 — 
1725 : Coz. John Cox, Coz. Jos. & Jane Tatem, Coz. Audley of Colchester, Coz. 
Frank & Betty Godfrey, coz. Eainford, Coz. Thurstan, Eecorder of Colchester, Coz. 
Tweed, Coz. Mall Thurstan, Coz. Essington, Coz. Hawtrey, Lady Blore's mother. 

John Cox=f=Ann Thurstan of co. Suff., mar. 18 Feb. 1620. 

i I i j I 

John, Rector of Risby. Joseph w. of John .... w. of John .... w. of John Tatem. 

=f= Bugge, Gent. Milbank. 


Macro, 1620. 

Thomas Macro of Bury St. Ed. Will dated 23 June 1620.=f Susan. 
Gives to the poor of St. James' Parish. I 

William Macro, mentioned 
in his bro r will. 

. . . . w. of Ambrose Brydon of Bury, a super- 
visor of his father-in-law's will. 

William Macro, had lands at Long Melford by 
his father's will. =p 

Thomas Macro, D.D., Rector of Wilton & Min. of Great Yarmouth 
13 Sep. 1720, & Lecturer of St. Edmunds Bury ; had 2 dau 8 . 

Thomas Macro of Bury St. Ed., aged 5, 1620 ; had lauds from his father in=f=Mary, d. 1 June 

Welvetham & Newton ; he was an apothecary & coroner of Bury ; d. 27 Sep, 
1701, aged 86 ; leaves £8300 among his 11 grandchildren, & his lands to his 
son Thomas ; bur. in St. James' Church. 

1679 j bur. in St. 
James' Church. 

Thomas Macro, mar. Susan Cox ; 
4 times Aid. of Bury; bought 
the Manors of Norton & Little 
Haugh of Milleson Edgar, Esq. ; 
had £1400 rent of lands in Suff. 
& Essex. 

Sir Isaac^pSarah M.=Sir Edmund Bacon of 

Rebow of 
ter, M.P. 
for that 

Gillingham, Bart., 2 nd 
husb. Another account 
makes him marry the 
dau. Susan, which I 
believe to be the 
correct one. 

Elizabeth, w. 
of Joseph 
Cox of Lon- 
don, merch*. 

Sarah. Susan. 



MS. 210 

A true Pedigree of the Family of Allott. So entitled by the person by whom 
it was compiled, about the year 1660. 

Adam Alote, 26 H. 6. 

Thomas Hayloth, Tenant at Bentley 11 Edw. IV. 


John Alott of Bentley 1 Eic. 3 & 14 Hen. 8 ; in 1480 he took a=pJoan 
lease of Bentley of the Abbot & Convent of Byland for 40 years 
at £3 per annum. If he dies to Robert or John his sons. 

Robert=j=Elizabeth, dau. of .... ; in her widowhood purchased Bentley of John. 

Alott of 
d. 1541. 

Richard Andrews, Esq., & Rich. Temple, Yeo., 5 July 35 Hen. 8, 
they having purchased of the King, 34 of his reign ; she also pur- 
chased mess. & lands in Criggleston, 1 & 2 P. & M., of Geo. 
Foxcroft of Wakefield for £17 10s., which he had lately purchased 
of Sir Thos. Gargrave. 

John Allott of Denby, 17 Eliz. of=Margaret 
Criggleston, where his bro r released .... 
to him all mess., etc., lately bought 
of John Kaye of Okenshaw. 

Elizab. Alice. Margaret. 
One of these mar. Rob. Marsh of 
Deyhouse before 1 & 2 P. & M. 

Robert Allott, 1 st son ; his mother made a Sett, of him= 
on his marriage 5 & 6 P. & M. ; d. 14 Oct. 1606. 

: Joan, dau. & coh. of Rich d 
Charlsworth of Totties. 

John Allott,=f Jennet, dau. of John Mitch el 

aged 43, 
1606 ; d. 1 
Aug. 1639. 

of Seilcotes, Yeo. ; bought 
houses, etc., there, & at 
Wakefield, Stanley, & Alver- 



Bartin, of Bitham Margaret. 
Grange, to whom — 

his father gave Dorothy, 
lands in Nether — 

Flockton. Ethelred. 

George Allott,= 
d. in lifetime 
of his father. 

=Mary, dau. of 
John Maude 
of Wakefield, 

Mary, w. of God- 
frey Matthew- 
man of Upper 

Jennet, w. of 
Roger Awdis- 
ley of Batley, 

Anne, w. of Law- 
rence Farrington 
of Emley, Clerk. 

John Allott, grandson' & heir^Beatrice, dau. of Thomas Barnby of Barnby, Esq. 

John. Mary, w. 1 Tho s Wheatley of White- 
cross, 2 John Moseley, 3 Wil. 
Oxley of Skelmanthorp. 

Grace, w. of 
George Thur- 

Beatrice, w. of Anne, 
Richard Ash- d. un- 
ton of Kirkby. mar. 


Adam Alote, lived 26 Hen. 6=pAgnes. Will dated 1466, to be bur. at Burton. 

Thomas Alote or Haloth, Tenant of Bentley =p Joan 
under the Abbey of Biland 11 Edw. IV. 
Will dated 12 Nov. 1478 ; proved 1 Deo. 
1479 ; to be bur. in the Church of Elmley. 

i i 

. Executrix Eobert, 1466. 
to her husband's will — 

with John her son. Richard, 1466. 

John Allott of Bentley 1 Rio. III. & 14 Hen. VIII. ; in 1498 he took= 
a lease of Bentley from the Abbot & Convent of Biland for 40 years, 
at £3 per ann., with proviso, etc. 

: Joan .... 1 
Hen. VIII. 

Robert Allott of Bentley Grange, - 
son & heir, bought an estate in 
Emley 27 Hen. VIII. Will 1541 ; 
to be bur. in the Church of St. 
Michael's at Emley ; proved 26 
July 1541. 

•pElizabeth, sister of Armigaal Wade & 
niece to William Coming Prior of St. 
Oswald's. Will dated 1 Feb. 1566 ; to 
be bur. in the Church or Church-yard 
of Emley ; Inventory dated 17 Sep. 
1567 ; given in marriage by her 
relation Prior Corny n. 


John Allott of Crig- 
gleston, in the par. 
of Sandal. (See p. 


Elizabeth, w. of Wil. Sydney of 
Otford, in Kent. She was maid 
to one of the ladies of Honour 
at Court. 



Margaret, w. 
of Robert 
Marsh of 

Robert Allott of Bentley Grange, son & heir, bought= 
Shaley in Holmfirth 2 Eliz. ; will dated 10 Nov. 
1603 ; to be bur. in the Ch. at Emley ; d. 14 
Oct. 1605 or 1606, aged 75 ; had 5 sons & 6 dau s . 


= Jennet, dau & coh. of Richard 
Charlesworth of Totties in 
Holmfirth, yeo.; will dated 4 
April 1610 ; mar. before 30 
May 12 Eliz. 

John Allott of Bentley Grange, eldest son, b. in 1563 ; : 
being aged 43, 14 Oct. 1606 ; d. 30 Aug. 1639, & was 
bur. in the Church of Emley ; had 1 son & 3 dau 3 . 

=Jennet, dau. of John 
Mitchel of Silcotes in 
Stanley n r Wakefield. 

Mary, w. of Jennet, w. of Roger Awdisley 

Godfrey of Batley, Clk. (Q. William), & 

Matthew- had John of Horbury, who 

man of mar. dau. of ... . Hare of 

Upper Emley. In fact there were two 

Haigh; had marriages with Awdisleys, 

6 child 11 . Jennet to Roger, & Margaret 
to William, & had John. 

Ann, w. of Laur- 
ence Farrington, 
Rector of Emley, 
& had John, 
Richard, & Anne. 


5 other dau 8 , 
probably d. 
infants, of 
these Eliz. d. 
aged 24, & 
Dory aged 17. 

Philip Gill of Lightwood in Norton, Gent.,=p Dorothy, 1603, bur. at Norton 

co. Derb. 

17 May 1646. 



MS. 211 


George Allott, son & heir= 
appar., d. before his 


: Mary, dau. of Jn° Maude=Thomas Gill of Wakefield, 
of Wakefield, chapman. chapman, 2 nd husb. Will 

dated 31 Aug. 1634. 

John Allott of Bentley Grange/ 
aged 4 at his father's death, & 
22 at his grandfather's; b.,1 617. 

=Beatrix, dau. & coh 1 ' 
of Tho s Barnby of 
Barn by, Esq. 

Mary Barnby, the other 
coh r ,mar. Nicholas Bow- 
den of Bowden, Esq. 


Grace, w. of 
of Liily, 
Gent., had a 
suit with the 
John Allott. 

Beatrix, w. of Rich- Ann, d. 

ard Ashton of Kirk- unmar., 

by n r Emley, & had bur. at 

Rich d an only son, Emley 

who d. 1684. The in 1679 ; 

elder Rich d was son d. 15 

of Ralph A., son of Nov. 
another Ralph. 

Mary, mar. 1 Tho s 
Wheatley of White 
Cross, 2 John 
Moseley, 3 Wil m 
Oxley of Skelman- 
thorp. (See p. 




John Allott of Bentley=j=Elizabeth, dau. o( 

Grange, son 
sett, on his 
2 Jan. 18 
1666 (sic). 

& heir 

Ch* 2, 

William Bosvile of 
Gunthwaite, Gent.; 
d. a widow, & was 
bur. at Emley 7 
Jan. 1706. 

=Thomas Bowden of Bowden, Esq., 
2 nd husb., d. s.p. There is said to 
be a volume of Poems by a George 
Bowden of Bowden ab* 1680. The 
father of Nicholas was named 

Godfrey Copley of Skelbrook near = Mary Allott, sole dau. & h., d. 
Doncaster, Esq. without issue. 

Elizabeth, w. 1 of Richard Speight 
of Earl's Heaton, yeo., & 2 ... . 
Oglethorp after 10 Nov. 1603 & 
before 4 April 1610. =p 

Brice Allott of= 
tanner; living 
9 Charles I. 

^Elizabeth, dau. of ... . 
Wheatley ; wid. of John 
Allott, steward at Thorn - 
hill Hall. =r 

Speight & 
5 others, 
liv* 1603. 

John, bought= 
Thorncliffe of 
.... Wheatley. 
(See p. 212.) 

: Margaret 

Robert. Mary. 

I I 

William Allott. 

Elizabeth, mar. 
Richard Hare- 
bred, Esq. 

Ellen, mar. 1 Guy Tay- 
lor, 2 . . . . Royston. 

Margaret, mar. Joseph 
Crashaw of Woolley. 

Matthew A. of York, merch*, 
bur. in the Church of St. 
Michael, Ousebridge End, 27 
May 1609 ; ad m to his bro r 
Bartin Allott ; d. aged 24. 

Edward, men- Marg^un- 
tioned in his mar. 1603 
grandmother's & 1610. 
will, d. y. ; 
d. aged 4. 

Ethelred, mar. between 
1603 & 1610 to Henry 
Hewet of Beighton 
Field in par. of Barl- 
boro', co. Derb., Gent, d 

MS. 211 



Bartin Allott of Bentley-thorp in Almon- 
bury, & of Bilham Grange ; will 1 1 July 
1644 ; to be bur. at Hoyland ; d. 14 Oct. 
1648, aged 67. Ex 1 ' to his mother. 

=Grace, dau. of Tho. Binns of Thorpe in 
Almonbury, sister to Rich d ; bur. at 
Hoyland 23 Nov. 1643 ; mar. at Almon- 
bury 4 Feb. 1610. 

Richard A. of Bil-= 
ham Grange, Gent., 
son & heir, bp. 13 
July 1617 ; inven- 
tory 30 Sep. 1674. 

: Grace, dau. of Geo. 
Wentworth of Bul- 
cliffe and Bretton, 
Esq.; mar. settl. 18 
July 1640 ; inven- 
tory 22 Sep. 1681 ; 
mar. at Darton July 
28, 1640. 

Ann, w. of Ed- 
ward Smith of 
Wakefield, & 
had John, Rich- 
ard, & Robert 

Grace, w. 
of Wil. 
castle of 

Dorothy & 
Judith, d. 

Bartin Allott of Bilham Grange,- 
Gent.,son & heir,b. 14 Oct. 1656; 
a Lieut, of Militia 29 May 1689 ; 
will 10 May 1701 ; d. 24 May 

=Mary, dau. & coh 1 ' of 
John Peebles of 
Dewsbury, Esq.; mar. 
4 Oct. 1682 ; d. 6 
May 1696. 

named in 
his grand- 
father's will. 


named in 
her grand- 

Elizabeth, d. Jane, b. 

y. 17 April 12 Oct. 

1701 ; b. 18 1684. 
March 1683. 

Grace, b. 14 Feb. Mary, d. y. Anne, w. of Cath e , 

1685; mar.29 Aug. 9 Nov. 

1706 to Joseph 1700 ; b. 

Oates of Nether 16 May 

Denby, Gent, (see 1689. 
Ped.) ; d. 24 Dec. 

James Haigh d. un- 

of Fenay, mar. ; 

cloth-merch* b. 21 

(see p. 265a); Jan. 

b. 18 July '95. 

Brian Allott of Bilham Grange, Clerk,=pMargaret, dau. & coh. of Nicholas 

Rector of Kirk Heaton, b. 6 Nov. 
1693; d. 1773. 

Wilmot, 2 nd son of Robert ; w. of 
. . Osmaston, Esq. 

Richard Allott, 3 rd son,=Anna Maria, Anna Mar- 
Rector of Annaduif, dau. of ... . garetta, d. 
Preb. of Tuam, Precen- Weller, Esq., young 1 
tor of Armagh, and Dean of Ireland. Nov. 1758. 
of Raphoe, 3 rd son. 

Mary, mar. John Tulloh, 
who was a wine merch* 
in Fludyer Street, Lon- 
don, 1782, & had a dau. 

Brian Allott of Bilham Grange, Esq.,- 
in the Army ; took Orders & became 
Rector of Burnham in Norfolk ; in 
1779 his affairs were in disorder, his 
living sequestered, & he himself in 
prison. It was supposed that Sir 
Tho. Blackett would buy Bilham 


=Mary, dau. of Hugh Ken- Valentine Henry 

nedy of Kirk Michael in A., 2 nd son, a 

Airshire, by Cath e , dau. & Cursitorin Chan- 

coh. of Rev. Dr. Ellis, eery; d. unmar. 

Dean of St. David's ; a on his passage to 

near relation of Lords Gibraltar 1773. 
Eglinton & Cassilis ; mar. 
5 Sep. 1761. 




MS. 211 


Brian Montgomery, to whom the 
Earl of Eglinton was godfather, 
b. there 1762 ; d. young. 

Catherine Margaretta Maria, sole dau. & h., b. 18 
July 1763 ; mar. John Beck, Esq., Comptroller 
of the Customs at Workington, & d. in 1812. 

Will. Allot of Emley, tanner, King's Rem. Mem., 37 Hen. 8. 

An Allot, a Yorkshire man, was a Fel. of St. John's, Camb., Rector of Rad- 
winter in Essex, & of Great Easton, where he d. & was bur. His heir was his 
nephew, .... Ganter, a Clergyman, who mar. a dan. of ... . Kent, a farmer at 
Radwinter, & had 2 dau s . — Col., xxx. 


MS. 212 

John Allott of Criggleston in the par. of Sandal near Wakefield,= 
son of Robert & Elizabeth (see p. 211). His brother Robert 
released lands to him there 5 & 6 Ph. & Mary. 

: Elizabeth, dau. of 
Richard Speight 
of Earls Heaton. 

Edward Allott,- 
mentioned in 
his Grand- 
mother's will 

=Susanna, dau. of 
.... Johnson of 
Dirtcar in par. 
of Sandal; men- 
tioned in will of 
her son Edward. 

i i 

Robert Allott of Cam- Beatrix, 

bridge, M.D., Fellow of w. of An- 

St. John's College & thony 

Linacre Professor of Norton of 

Physic ; living in Coll. Chapel- 

1632 ; live 1636. thorpe. 

I 1 I 

5. Thomas, 6. William Allott, M.D., men- 7. Gervas, 

mentioned tioned as deceased in the will " now go- 
in his bro r of his bro r George, to whom he ing to Cam- 
Edward's had given the Pedigree & bridge." 
will ; an Pictures to remain as heir- 
apprentice looms at Criggleston ; a scholar 
in London, in Cambridge. 

8. Rich- 
ard, men- 
tioned in 
will of 

w.of Rich- 
ard Oxley 
of Criggle- 

Mary, w. of 
Wood of 
(see p. 205), 
an apothe- 

1. John Allott, B.D., Rector of Little Thurlow 
& Wrotting (see p. 210) ; he was of St. 

John's Coll., Camb. 

2. Robert, of London, = Mary 
stationer in St. Paul's Fuller. 

3. Edward Allott of the par. of St. Pulcher's in Cambridge, 
Batch, of Physic and Professor of Chirurgery. Will 14 May 
1636 1 ; to be bur. in St. Pulcher's Church, as near his 
wife as may be. No issue. It seems this part of his will was 
not complied with, as there is a Mon. Ins. in St. Peter's, 
JSTott 111 , for Edw. Allot, B.M., and practitioner in Surgery, 
who d. 6 June 1636, aged 33. 

4. George Allott of= 
Criggleston. Will 
dated 19 Jan. 1 683 *; 
gives his son Ed- 
ward the Ped. & 
pictures to remain 
as heirlooms. 

1 It seems very unlikely that there should be an interval of 46 years between the 
wills of two brothers. But it is indisputably right. 

MS. 212 



Elizabeth, w. of 
.... Nuims; a 
widow in 1683. 

John Allott of Thorncliffe & of= 
Bentley, ob. 5 April 1728, get. 
82; bur. at Ernley; had 3 sons & 
3 dau s . (York Wills 1915.) 

: Mary, dan. & heir 
of Robert Allott 
of Thorncliffe. 
(See p. 211.) 


Robert, Fel. of St.= 
John's Col. & 
Vicar of Much 

=A granddau. of his 
uncle D r Allott of 

I I 

& Mary, 
d. ccel. 

Ann, w. of 
.... Gan- 
ton, Clk. 

Marg*, w. of 
John Daw- 
son, Clerk. 

Edward Allott of ^Rebecca, dau. of 

eldest son & heir. 
I suppose he is 
the testator of 17 
Jan. 1720. 

Swallow of 
Thornhill ; mar. 
there 13 Dec. 
1677. (See p. 

Mary, w. 
of Luke 

w. of 

Sarah, w. of John 
Mawhood, Alder- 
man and Mayor of 
Doncaster ; mar. 
at Sandal 28 May 

Susan, ob. 27 June=pGeorge Allota of Ben tley= Hannah, 2 w., dau. of Richard 
1716, aged 24; bur. 
at Emley. 

& Thorncliffe, and of 

Dawson of Daw Green ; mar. 2 
Tho s Hirst, Esq., of Wakefield. 

William Beatson of Wakefield 1771 :z: fSusan Allott, dau. & h. 


Susan B., only child, d. an infant, & was bur. at Emley. 

James A. of Criggleston^Mary, dau. of Robert= Cham- 
Gent., mar. at Sheffield 
10 Aug. 1731.; bur. 
there 13 Nov. 1737. 

. . w. of . . . . 
Clay of Sheffield; d. berlaine, 1 st Wood of Winter- 
May 1749, aged 56. husband. ton & Lofthouse. 

James A. of AtterclifFe, only child, mar. Esther Burton, & d. s.p. 

George Allott of Criggleston & of South=p Jane, dau. of ... . Slack 

Kirkby, Gent., eldest son, bur. at S. K. 
23 Dec. 1716. 

of Elmsal ; bur. at S. K. 
15 Sep. 1724. 

Rebecca, bp. 5 
Feb. 1711-2; 
d. unmar. 

William Bowes, Esq., of the par. of St. Mi-=j=Ann Allott, dau. & 

chael Belfrey, York, bur. 28 Jan. 1767, son 
of Geo. B. of Bootham, Esq., & had a sister 
Cordelia, mar. to Tho. Strangways Robin- 
son, Esq. (pp. 260 & 306). 


coh., bp. 7 March 
1714-5 ; mar. 15 
Oct. 1739 ; d. with- 
out issue 1790. 

1 This I take to be the John Allott of Bentley who d. 24 Oct. 1728, set 36. 
M J. at Emley. 



MS. 212 

Ann Bowes, only issue, d. unmar. ; bur. 25 April 1759. 

Eoberfc A., M.A., Vicar of Souths 
Kirkby, b. 1683 ; d. 29 July 1738. 
Bought the Impropriation of S. K. of 
.... Armitage. 

^Frances, dau. of Edward, 
Francis Hall of d. un- 


d. un- 


Frances, bp. 29 June 1724 ; 
mar. 1 Jan. 1750 to Benj m 
Kennet of Manchester. 

Sarah, mar. 2 July 1753 
to Charles Steer of Wake- 
field; bp. 24 Feb. 1725-6. 

Rebecca, bp. 9 May 
1729 ; bur. 10 May 


John A., Vicar of S. Kirkby, 3 son, b.= 
1734 ; d. 1813. 

=Ann, dau. of Hugh Hammersley of Don- 
caster, AW. (See below.) 

John Allot t= Elizabeth, dau. of ... . 
of Hague Emerson of South 
Hall, Esq., Kirkby, by ... . dau. 
Cap n in the of Chris 1 ' Topham, In- 
Army, d. s.p. cumbent of Beeston. 


James A., 
01k., d. un- 
mar. at Ste- 
venage in 
Herts 1814. 

(xeorge,=. . . . dau. of Sarah, 

Vicar .... Emer- coel. 
of S. son, sister — 

Kirkby to the w. Ann, 

1825. of John. coel. 

James Allott, eldest 1 
son, Vicar of South 
Kirkby, bp. 5 May 
1723 ; bur. 28 Feb. 

: Elizabeth, dau. & h. of Henry 
Grreen, Clerk of The Hague n r 
South Kirkby; bp 11 Sep. 1729 j 
a younger son of . . . . Green 
of Thundercliffe. 

Robert A. of=p, 
Painthorp, 2 
son, bp. 15 
April 1730. 

dau. of 
Rev Sid- 
well of Lin- 

James Allott of Hague Hall, Esq., 
only child, bp.8 Oct. 1754. ; d. un- 
mar. 1811, and left HagueHall to 
Cap* John Allott & Criggleston 
to Robert A. There was another 
son who d. young ; d. at The Hague 
28 Sep. 1811. 

Robert Al- 
lott of Crig- 
gleston & 

: . . . . dau. 


of Man- 


=. . . . dau. of 
Neale, Esq. 

James Allott. 


Hugh Hammersley, Rector of Roxby, co. Line. ; d. about 1707.=?= 

Elizab., 1 w., dau.=F=Hugh Hammersley of Doncas- : 
& coh. of ... . ter, Attorney, d. 11 Dec. 1750. 
Wade of Doncas- aet. 50 ; bur. at Doncaster. 

Sarah, mar. 
Thomas Cope 
of Hems- 

i i i 

Mary, d. y. 

^Elizabeth, 2 w., dau. of Tho. Arch- .... mar. 
dale of Ouzlethwaite ; d. 11 March .... Hee- 
176- ; bur. at Doncaster. ley. 


Thomas Hammersley=Ann, dau. of Francis Ann, mar. 

of St. James Street, Greenwood of Dar- John Allott 

London, b. at Don- field, Vicar of Higham above, 
caster. Ferrers. 

This is from Brookes's ' Chaos,' ii., 89. 



Robert Allott the Vicar of South Kirkby consulted the College about the Arms 
which he ought to bear, when these were assigned to him : Or, a fess double cotised 
wavy azure, on a canton of the 2 nd 2 bars argent charged with 3 swallows volant 
sable. This was in 1729. 

MS. 213 

Robert Allott of Lewline.=p 


John Allott of Lewline=pJennet, a widow 17 May 1599, when she made her Thomas, 
in Worsborough. I will at Worsborough. 

Robert Allott, seems to have been dead 1559 


James, heir to Thomas Robert Allott=r=Dorothy, mar. 2 John Elmhurst William. Mary. 
4 Eliz., a tanner at of Lewline. I of Lewline, & was a widow 29 
Worsborough. | Sep. 1638. 

John Allott of Lewline, Yeo.npElizabeth, dau. of John Elmhurst by a former wife. 


Robert Allott, app. for 9 years to Ellen Newbold of Sheffield, cutler, 29 Sep. 1638. 

Robert Allott of Lewline.=F 

Martha, mar. Wil. Elmhurst of Genn House in Worsborough, date 13 March 1715-6. 

John Allot of Lewling, psh. of Darfield, Yeo., 4 March 1679 =F 
Robert, 1 son, under age. John. Mary. Martha. Sara. Elizab., eld. dau. 

MS. 214 


The reader is desired to turn to Watson's ' History of Halifax,' p. 247, where he 
will find a pedigree of Drake of which this is in several parts of it a copy. He will 
find some generations above John, which seem to be very loosely inserted ; nor do I 
suppose that much credit is due to the early descents here given, though supported 
by Harl. 4630, where the Barnoldswick line is given. I presume that line is also to 
be found in C 40 Col. Arms. The Harl. pedigree gives the line from William & 
Gilbert, a subject on which reference may be made to Mr. Watson. Of the 
descendants of Humphry there is no account in the Harl. pedigree, nor of any 
descendants from Gilbert. I must own that Watson does not bring the line from 
Gilbert, but William, on the presumption that William was not the ancestor of the 
Barnoldswick line. I have, however, my doubts respecting the descent of those 4 
sons & four dau 8 from either William or Gilbert. In 0. Hey wood's ' History of 
Coley' he mentions a John Drake of Coley Chapelry having these children, John, 
Captain Drake of Pontefract, who had 11 children ; Daniel of Coley, Jeremiah, 
Nathan, Judith, & Mary, & he further says that they were cousins to one Sam 1 
Drake & to John Holdsworth. The Beighton branch, which is entirely omitted by 
Watson, I have attached only by a dotted line, but they must have stood near where 
they are placed because Joseph Drake the Rector of Burley, in a letter of his which 
I have seen, calls them his cousins. The wife of John Drake & mother of Anne, 
wife of another John Drake, was dau. & h. of ... . Teasdale by a dau. of ... . 
Savile of Greetland. I have since found evidence of the descent as now stated. 
The tradition is that they came from Devonshire & bro* the woollen manufactory to 



John Drake of Shipden in par. of Halifax 2 Hen. IV. 

MS. 214 


John, 1483n=Cecily, dau. of John Roper of Thornton in Bradford Dale. 

i . 

William=pChristabel. Lanrence. Robert. John. Eliz. Alice. Ellen. 

Thomas, of= 




The great difficulty lies here, I have seen nothing like 
proof of the connection of the 3 principal families, 
those of Barnoldswick, the Penigent family, and the 
Pontefract family. 

William, of^p Alice, dau. of Rob* of Christ 1 ' Gilbert, of=f= 


Booth of Booth's Town. 


Isabel, w. of Rob. 
Doughtie or 

John, of Horley=pGrace, dau. of John Bairstow Sibil. 

Green, d. 26 
June 1636. 

of North Bridge near Halifax; — 
mar. 22 Sep. 1575. Isabel. 

Humphrey = Esther. 
Drake. [See 

© next 


John, 1 
1 son. 

=Mary, dau. of John or 
Samuel Hoyle of Hoyle 
House in Hipperholm, 
or Rich d . 

Daniel, of North Owram,=p Mary, dau. of 

bp. at H. 22 Jan. 1588 ; 
ob. 6 April 1623. 

Sibil Holds- 
worth; mar. 10 
Nov. 1621. 

Thomas, d. v.p. & s.p. John, bp. at H. 6 April 1623. 

Thomas, 2 nd son, Rector^fMary, dau. of Chris 1 ' Francis, M.A. Samuel, s.p., 

of Thornton in Craven, 
bro. & heir of John, bp. 
at Halifax 8 Jan. 1578. 

Foster of Leighburn, of Christ's of Halifax, 

co. Durham ; mar. College, d. 1624. 

about 1625. Camb., s.p. 


William, of Barnoldswick Cotes in Craven, Esq.,=rMary, dau. of John Stillington 

a Just, of the Peace 1667, bur. at Thornton 13 
March 1678, aged 53. 

of Kelfield, Esq. ; bur. at Thorn- 
ton 27 Feb. 1675. 

William, of Bar-=pAbigail, dau. of Thomas, John. Robert. 

noldswick Cotes, 
bur. at Thornton 
13 Oct. 1687. 

Wil. Yates, 

merch 1 in Francis. Mary. 

Blackburnshire, These appear to — 

of Staveley have d. s.p. 


Ursula, w. of 
Henry Gill 
of The Oaks 
in Norton, 

Margaret. 1 Gent. 


1 Marg 1 mar. Hen. Marsden. — H. W. 

MS. 214 



William, d. 1758, & left his estates 
about Halifax to his kinsman Francis 
Drake of York; b. 21 Sep. 1682; 
will 11 Feb. 1756 ; d. unmar. 13 
Feb. 1757 ; bur. at St. Michael's 
Gill near Thornton. 

J i. i i i 

Francis. Anne. Elizabeth, sole dau. 
— — & h r , wife of Rich- 
Mary. Abigail, ard Bagshaw of The 
Are supposed to have Oaks, Esq. (See 
all d. young. PED.,p. .) 

William, of The Lee=f=Grace, dau. of ... . Broadley of Hipperholm ; mar. 1575. 

4. Timothy, of Susan, w. of Sam. Lis- Grace, mar. John Esther=f=Humphrey 

London, ter of Shipden Hall. Whitley of the 

merch*; left his — Rooks, 

estate to his Phoebe, w. of Edw. — 

nephew Timo- Hemingway of Ship- Judith, mar, Isaac 
thy. den Mills. Dickenson of 




Nathaniel, Fel. of . . 
Oxford, d. s.p., ccel. 

Col., John, 2 nd son, Sub. Dean of Ripon, Prebendary 
of York, & Rector of Dunnington, mar. Grace l 
Hey, relict of ... . Foxley. 

Humphry, 3 mar. Catherine Rigby Gilbert, s.p. Susan, d. Frances, w. of . . . 
of Cotgrave, co. Northamp. ; aged — unmar. Ridsdal of Ripon. 

4, 15 Aug. 1665. Esther. =p 


Edward, a " Scoundrel." 

Ellinor. Will. Geo. John. 

Catherine, mar. John Austin, Sarah, mar. John Elizab. mar John, 

son to a clothier in Gloucester- Pierce, a lace- Stone, mercer on ob. 

shire, & had Humphrey. maker, 2 children. Ludgate Hill. coel. 

Chris 1 ', mar. dau. of Montague, drowned 
.... Musson, Vicar in the East Indies, 
of Shobbington. 

d. y. _ 

Humphry, apprentice 
to a tobacconist. 


Christ 1 '. Eliz. 

1. Joseph, b. 1582 ; mar.= 
Ann Ward 1609 ; 2 Jen- 
net Slater 1615. 

dau. of 


2. Nathan, of Godley. 3. Jeremy. 

Rousley of Light 

Cliffe, Raunsley . (See the opposite page.) 

1 Grace, dau. of James Foxcroft of Shibden Hall. 
3 Rector of Agmondesham. 



MS. 214 

1. Joseph, of The Thomas. Susan, mar. 
Lee, mar. 2 wives, =p .... Oates. 

1 dau. of Faver 

of Penigent by Esther, mar 

whom Marian, .... Watson. 

Bliz.,& Joseph; 2. 

dau. of Pullen 

of Burley by 
whom the rest. 

Timothy, brought 
up by his uncle, 
the merchant, who 
left him a good 

i i i i 

Abraham, of New- 
castle, merch*. 




4. Nathan, Vicar of Shef- 
field, Eector of Kirkby 
Overblows, & Preb. of 
York, mar. Elizab. Hall, 
2 w. ; b. 19 Nov. 1660. 

Supposed, to 
Mary, dau. 



i i i i 

Elizabeth. William. 




Eichard Drake, 
D.D., Precen- 
tor of Sarum & 
Publisher of 
Bishop An- 
drew's ' Devo- 

Joseph, Rector of Burleigh= 
on the Hill, bp. 12 May 
1697 ; speaks of his cousin 
Drake of Beighton 1725 ; 

had a dau., mar 

Becher ; Preb. of Southwell. 

-. . . . dau. 



Mary, mar 

Dodson of Kirby 
Overblow ; b. 

Betty, Sarah & 

bp. 16 John, d. 

March infants. 


Eleanor. Nathan. Tho. Jos h . 

Eobert, of Sheffield, apothecary ,=f=Elizabeth, dau. & coh. of Chris r Nathan, b. 
b. 1689 ; d. 17 June 1723. I Bromhead of Sheffield, cutler. 1695 ; s.p. 

George, of=f=Phoebe, 


dau. & 
h. of 

Ill I 

Elizabeth, Nathan, bp. Sarah, bp. 27 April Margaret, 

bp. 14 14 July 1720 ; lived with bp. 27 

Junel717; 1718 ; liv* her relation D r Bal- June 

mar. Eev. 1725. guy at Winchester ; 1721; ob. 

E. Cane. & d. unmar. innupta. 

Thomas, D.D., Vicar of=j=Eleanor, dau. of Eob. Eev. E. Cane, one of the 

Eochdale & F.S.A. 

Dobyns Yate, Esq. 

Vicars of Southwell. 

i til 

Emma Catherine, George Thomas Sophia Eichard Mary 
b. 1789. Balguy. Anne. Harry. Eleanor. 

2. John. Joseph, mar. w. of . . . . 3. Thomas, mar. Mary Wilkinson, 1680 at 

=r= Wilkinson. =f= Halifax. =f= 


F G H 

MS. 214 




Jos h , ob. John, mar W m , Jeremy, mar 

ccel. dau. of Savil. ob. dau. of . . . . 

=p coel. Rooksby, & had : 

/K James. =f= * 


John. William 

James=. . . . dan. of . . 

i ii ii ii 

Sherman. Thomas. Tho. Francis. 

Francis. Jeremy. George. 


1. Marmaduke, of Penigent, where he had a good estate, d. in 1677, being killed by 
a fall from his horse ; intestate ; mar. a dau. of ... . Gar forth ; they were both 
bur. in the Church of Penigent. =f= 

Marmaduke, MA., Vioar=f=Mary, dau. of William 

of Beighton in co. Derb., 
b. 1677; d. 3 Kal. Nov. 
1741 ; bur. at Beighton ; 
a posthumous child ; bp. 
at Penigent Dec. 1677. 

Field of Bradford ; d. 
14 Sep. 1757 (see 
PBD.,p.216); of Ship- 
ley Field. 

JohnD.,l = 

son, sold 
the estate; 
left a wife, 
son, & 
dau.; went 


Frances, w. of 
Henry Bain- 
bridge of Bar- 
bourn in psh. 
of Kirkby 

John Drake, eldest son, M.A., Vicar 
of Beighton, b. 1706 ; bp. 25 July ; 
d. 4 Feb. 1763 ; bur. at Beighton. 

: Ann,© dau. & h. of John Drake of Halifax, 
Gent. ; d. 12 March 1751-2 ; sister of John 
& Maim, who d. y. 

Marmaduke, only surviving son, John, d. 23 

bp. 3 May 1749 ; lived for some April 1745, 

time at Adwick on Dearn, & d. aged 7; bur. 

unmar. at Beighton. 

Francis, bur. Mary Anna, 

at Went- bur. at 

worth 13 Wentworth 

Nov. 1740. 5 Oct. 1741. 

Anne, bp. 6 April 
1744; d. 18 Jan. 

William, bp. 23 
May 1750 ; d. 

Dorothy, w. of Tho. 
Wright of Beighton 
and Kimberworth. 

Elizabeth, w. of Geo. 
Wainwright of near 
Sheffield & after of 
Alrewas, co. Staff. 

Godfrey Wright, Clerk, now residing at Billanr 
1824, principal heir to the Sharps of Horton 
(see p. 216), 3 rd son. 

=Mary, dau. of Henry Stables of 
Bradford; d. at Bath 1821 ; bur. 
in St. James' Church. 

Charles Swaine, eldest Thomas Booth, John Field, 

son, aged 9, 1824 ; aged 8, 1824 ; aged 5, 

mar dau. of ... . a Clergyman. 1824. 


Mary Stables, aged 3, 
1824 ; mar. William 
Aldam, Esq., Member 
for Leeds. 

All this is very indistinct. — J, W. C, 




MS. 214 


Isabel. 1 st w., dau. of=pWilliam, 2 nd son, bp. 27 Sep.=p Sarah, 2 nd w., d. 13 June 

James Smith of Man- 
ningham n r Bradford, 
merch*; d. 1738; bur. 
at Hatfield. 

1709, Vicar of Hatfield 
Rector of Fall Sutton ; d. 8 
Feb. 1757 ; bur. at Hatfield. 

Nathan, d. in the Black Hole 
of Calcutta, unmar. ; b. at 
Hatfield 20 Aug. 1736 ; Memb. 
of the Supreme Council at 

Isabella, d. unmar. 
in Scotland in 
July 1771. 

1799, aged 80 ; bur. at 
Halifax ; dau. of John 
Stancliffe of Balmhall, psh. 
of Halifax. 

Sarah, unmar. Anna Marie, 

1772 ; mar. mar 

Jas. Leroux. Leyson ; ob. 

John, of Rotherham, mer-=pAnn, dau. of Jonathan William, a surgeon of Thorne, 

cer, bp. at Hatfield 18 
June 1749 ; d. 1824. 

Walker of Masboro', 
Esq. (seePED.,p. 304); 
mar. at R. 1 Sep. 1772. 

ob. s.p. 10 Sep. 1787 ; mar. 
Sarah Ince of Pontefract. 

William Walker Drake= 
of London, Att y at Law; 
no issue 1824 ; b. 26 
July 1774. 

:Mary, eld. dau. of=. . . . 2 w., dau. of 
Rich d Sheldon of .... Crompton, 

Sheffield (see Ped., wid. of Jolly. 

p. ); b, 6 Nov. 

Mary Anne, w. of 
William Yates of 

There is a much better pedigree of the Drake family further on, p. 522 MS. The early part 
here is incorrect, and probably Mr. Hunter obtained more information afterwards. — J. W. C. 


MS. 215 

Other Drakes who appear to have belonged to this family : — 

1. Joseph, who mar. Martha, dau. of Richard Pollard, relict of W m Rawson of 
Shipley near Bradford, about 1680. 

2. Judith, dau. of John D. of Pikeley ; mar. William Brook of Dodworth circa 

3. M rs Mary Drake, living at Pontefract 1677, widow of Samuel Bayley. 

4. Nathan Drake, Rector of Kirby Overblows, 7 Feb. 1726-7 mentions his son 
& dau. Dodson. 

5 Drake of Hull, whose dau. mar Westby. 

" You ask how I stood related to M r Nath 1 Drake, my late dear namesake. We 
were 2 nd cousins, & he brother to cousin Drake, Vicar of Pontefract." Letter of 
Nathan Drake, Vicar of Sheffield, to Thoresby, 27 Nov. 1707. This makes me 
think that he is not rightly placed in the pedigree. 

Nathan Drake of G-odley (see on the left), a soldier in=pElizabeth, dau. of Francis 

the Civil Wars & one of the garrison at Pontefract. 
He wrote the account of the Siege of Pontefract. 


Higgin of 

Hardwick n r 

MS. 215 




Samuel Drake, D.D., Fel. of St. John's Col.,=f=Jane, dau. Elizabeth, Mary, w. 

Camb., Vicar of Pontefract & Eector of Hans- of Rob. w. of of 

worth, b. at Pontefract ; wrote the life of his Abbott of Stables of Knowles 

tutor M r Olievland ; set. 42, 15 Aug. 1660 ; he Whit- Ponte- of Ponte- 

was expelled his fellowship of St. John's, Camb., wood. fract. fract. 
& served the King at the Siege of Newark. 

5. Edmund. Ann, mar Elizabeth, w. of . . . . 

Benson of Leeds, Stapleton, D.D. ; bp. 
Clerk. at South Kirkby 7 

July 1656. 

Jane, bur. at Pontefract 
22 July 1667; bp. at 
South Kirkby 5 July 

2. Samuel, of Leeds, =. . . . dau. 
Clerk, d. s.p. (Q. of ... . 
James.) Benson. 

3. Nathan, Vicar^Elizab., dau. of 4. John 
of Nottingham Potter. or Wil. 

3. Samuel, Minor Canon of Lincoln, Vicar of St. Mary's, 
Lincoln, & Eector of St. Mary's, Notts, mar. Eliz. Sugar 
of co. Line. =j= 


Thomas, of=f Cath e , dau. 
of Jos. Bar- 
ton of York. 

York, cabi- 

Henrietta, only dau. 

U i 

Eliz. & Samuel, of Burgh, 
Judith, co. Line, Eector 
d. y. of Bray toft ; mar. 

Ann, dau. of Edw. 

Pystor of co. Line. 

Richard, mar 

dau. of ... . Tho- 

Nathan, 2 nd son, of 
York, painter, d. 
1773, having mar. 
Mary, dau. of John 
Carr of York. 


of York, 

of Lon- 

Francis Samuel 
& Anne, both 

Nathan D., 
M.D., of 


Eichard, Ann. 
a sur- 
geon at 


1. Thomas, mar. dau. of Tho. Orde. 
A son, s.p. 

2. Nathan, of Lincoln. 

Frances, by 2 w., 
dau. of Clark. 

Hannah, 1 st w., dau.= 
of .... Paylin of 
York, merely. 

=1. Francis, M.A., Vicar of Ponte-=j=Elizabeth, 2 nd w., dau. 
fract, aged 7, 15 Aug. 1665 ; bp. of John Dixon 
at South Kirkby 11 June 1654. Pontefract. 


Francis D. of York, F.E.S., author 

of the ' Eboracum,' etc., a surgeon 

at York, d. at Beverley 1770, 

b aged 75. c 

: Mary, dau. of John Woodyear Margaret. 

of Crookhill n r Doncaster ; d. 

May 1728, aged 34 ; bur. in 

St. Michael's Belfrey. r 



MS. 215 

John, Henry, William, Vicar of Isleworth, & M r of=Mary, dau. Joice, 
d. y. d. y. the School of Felstead, F.A.S., d. 13 of Nathan unmar. 

June 1801, aged 79 ; originally 3 rd Drake of 
master of Westminster School. Lincoln. 

Francis D., D.D., Fel. of Magdalen Col., Oxf., Vicar of=f= Susanna, dau. of Josh a 

Womersley, Rector of Winstead, & Vicar of St. Mary 

Beverley, d. at Doncaster 1795, Feb. 2, aged 73 ; bur 

at Pontefract. 


Wilson of Pontefract, 
Esq. ; d. 27 Jan. 1800, 
aged 73 ; an At-fr. 

Francis D., Clerk, of Walkington near Beverley, 
D.D., Rector of Langton near Richmond. 

William, 3 rd = 
son, Cap n of 
a man of 

-Judith, dau. of Edw. 
Langley of Hipper- 
holm in psh. of Hali- 

Hannah, w. 
of Fra. Las- 
celles of 



Frances, w. of Tho. 
Barnard, M r of the 
Grammar School of 
Leeds. (See Ped., 

p. •) 

d. s.p. 

Edward, of York, surgeon^Elizabeth, dau. of Geo. Coates of York ; 

& apothecary. 

mar. 2 . . . . Wood of Halifax. 

Judith, b. 1752, only child. 

Samuel Drake, D.D., 2 son,=f=Elizabeth, dau. of Darcy Dalton, Rector of Aston, 

Rector of Freeton & Holmes 
in Spaldingmore. 

co. York. Her children in Beckwith are s d to be 
Sam 1 , Eliz., Frances. 

Jane Marcella, w. of Richard Brooke, Francis Drake, Clerk, = 

Esq., of Scoles, Col. in the Army, & only son (Q. Sam 1 ), & 

d. his widow at Sowerby n r Thirsk mar Edmunds. 

12 June 1823. 

I I I 

Eliz. James. 


John Drake, B.D., Preb. of= 
York & Vicar of Pontefract, 
Rector of Kirk Smeaton ; 
will dated 4 May 1742 ; d. 
November following ; bur. 
at Pontefract. 

OElizabeth, dau. of John Parsons, wid. of ... . Grave 
or Greaves of Leeds. If the mother of Eliz. P. was 
Eliz. Parsons then Drake must have mar. twice, for 
Eliz., dau. & h. of Mark Broadley of Leeds, merch*, 
mar. 1 John Grave of Leeds, 2 this John Drake, & 3 
Timothy Smith, who was Mayor of Leeds 1745. 

Elizabeth, sole dau. & h., wife of Chris 1 ' Fenton (see Ped., 
p. 127) ; d. 14 Jan. 1772, aged 56 ; mar. at Pontefract. 

Elizabeth, dau. & h., b. 18 June 1747 ; mar. 
William Tancred of Arden, Esq., & d. s.p. 

John B., Keeper== 
of the Graol in 

Henry Bainbridge=pFrances, dau. of Marm. Drake. 

Henry, clerk to M r Stones, 
a Just, of Peace at Mos- 

Marmaduke, in 
the Excise, had 
2 children. 

Edward, youngest son, sent 
to Cambridge, usher of 
Chesterfield School. 


Francis Lascelles=pHannah Drake. Wil. Sturdy of Leeds. 



. . . . L., Esq., of Ponte- A dau.^. . . . Sturdy, Vicar Wil m , of Leeds, Eliz. Ellen. Mary, 

fract, d. s.p. of Pontefract. twice mar. 

i i i i 

.... Sturdy, heir to his uncle .... an officer .... mar Hering, Others. 

Lascelles, & took that name. in the Militia. Vicar of Pontefract. 

Edward Hemingway=pPhcebe Drake. 

Edward, d. in the East Indies. Timothy, childless. Sarah, mar. Dan 1 Netherwood. Susan. 

i i i i 

Timothy. Daniel. Hannah. Martha. 

Zachariah Suger, Vicar of Feliskirk, d. ab* 1719 or 1720=f=Judith. 

Elizabeth, coheir, mar. Sam 1 Judith, 2 dau. & coh., mar Best, Prebendary 

Drake. (See below.) of Lincoln & Rector of Enderby, co. Line. 

.... mar. Francis Bacon, Aid. of York. 

mar. John Croft of York, F.S.A. 

.... Drake of Halley G-reen,= 
psh. of Halifax. 

From Dr. Johnston. And this is what 
was entered at Dugdale's Visitation. 

i i 

Gilbert, of Halley Green.=p William, of Lee, psh.=p. . . . dau. of Broadley of Hipperholm. 

| of Halifax. 

Humphry=Hester Drake. The four sons & 5 daus. given above to Gilbert. 

William Carr of Stannington =p 

William, of Stan- Thomas Carr, went to sea ; was taken by the Algerines, & kept 15 years in cap- 
nington. tivity ; returned to England, settled at York, & kept a coffee-house there. 

James Carr of Stannington .... Carr, only son, went=Miss Bolsover mar Drake 

1806, very old, gave me to sea ; lived for some of York, & was liv« 

this account. time at Sheffield. his widow in 1806. 

D r Drake D., a surgeon. 2 dau 8 . 

ms. 216 ffitlb— i^toame, 

William Field of Bradford. (See=p. . . . dau. of Tho. Pulleine of Burley, sister of 
other Fields of Bradford at p. 370.) John father of the President of Magdalene. 

John. Mary, w. of Marm. Drake, Vicar of Beighton. 




William Swaine.=f= 


William. Abraham^FSarah. Beatrix. 

MS. 216 

William Field of Bradford. He seems=f=Beatrix William.^ 

to have had a brother named Jeremiah. 



Susan. Judith. 

Abraham, d. 1732. John, d. 1715, 

John Field, d. 1713, Beatrix, Charles Booth, Clerk, of=pSarah F., mar. 1731 ; 

aged 18, just before d. un- 
going to College. mar. 

Bradford, mar. 14 June 
1731 ; ob. 1761. 

I I I I 

John, Beatrix, Sarah, Charles Swaine Booth, took= 

d. y. w. of w. of the name of Sharp, & en- 

.... Charles joyed the estate at Horton 

Rishton ; Booth ; near Bradford, d. s.p., & left 

s.p. ; d. s.p. ; d. the estate to his relation the 

a wid. a wid. Rev. Godfrey Wright (See 

22 Nov. 4 Jan. p. 214.) Will 10 June 1803 ; 

1804. 1811. ob. 26 April 1805. 

Sett, dated 14-15 May 

=Hannah Gilpin, nearly 
related to Rich d Gilpin 
Sawrey, Esq., who 
mar. the heir of the 
Sharps of Horton ; d. 
11 May 1823. 

John Crabtree of Clock^Elizabeth, dau. of Tho. 11 

house n r Bradford, mar. 
2 Oct. 1666. 

Brooke of Dodworth, 
Gent.; b. 19 Dec. 1646. 

^Thomas Fell of Mor- 
ton, Gent., 2 nd hus- 
band, & Milner Field. 

Abraham, mar.=f=Sarah Crabtree, dau. of John Thomas. Joshua. 

1700 ; d. 1731. 

C. of Clockhouse, by Elizab. 

Brooke his wife. Mary, d. y. Martha, d. y. 

Abraham, b. 1705 ; d. 1733. Mary, d. unmar. Elizab., d. unmar. 

MS. 216 

This is from Watson's < Hist, of Halifax.' 
Samuel Lister of Shibden Hall, d. 1632=f Susan, dau. of Wil. Drake of the Lee. 

Sibil, 1 w., dau. of Rob. Hem-= 
mingway of Upper Brea. 

: Thomas Lister of Shibden Hall, bur.=p 
30 Jan. 1677, aged 80 ; he d. 25 th . 

Samuel Lister=f=Hester, dau. of Isaac John, Thomas. Mary. Joseph Lister. 

of Shibden 

A B 

Oates. (See Pbd., 
p. 38.) 



Joseph, =. . . . dau. of Sir Cath e , Elizab., Martha, mar. Wil. Walsham of 
s.p. John Jordan. s.p. s.p. London, Esq., & d. s.p. 

3. Samuel, of=Dorothy,~Eichard Sterne, 1. Thomas, 

ShibdenHall, d.&h.of Esq., 2 nd hus- bur. 5 April 

d. ah* 1702 ; Thomas band, mar. 16 1690, aged 

mar. 16 May Priest- Nov. 1703. 34 ; s.p. 
1695. ley. 

2. John, 
9 Aug. 


I.I I 

John Lister,=fPhcebe, dau. of Eob. Hemming- Martha, mar. . . . West- 

2 nd son. I way of Upper Brea. by of Gilthwaite. 

i i I 

Samuel Lister=pMary Holdsworth. John, s.p. Jeremy. 


John=pDorothy James Lister, 2 son,=f=Mary, dau. Jeremy. Susan. Margaret. 

Hanson. hV 1719 ; d. 14 
Nov. 1729, set. 56 ; 
1 child, d. y. he was an apothe- 
cary in Halifax ; 
mar. June 1699. 

of Wil. Is- 
sotofHor- Tho s . 
bury ; d. 5 
Jan. 1756, 
aged 79. 

Phoebe. Elizab. 
Mary. Hester. 

i iii 

9. Japhet=j=Elizabeth Wain- 1. Martha, mar. 2. Mary, mar. 3. Phoebe, mar. 
house of Broad- Wil. Fawcet of Geo. Eose of Wil. Wilkinson 
gates. Halifax. Hampstead ; of Hull ; s.p. 

I I I I 

Edward. Samuel. John. Elizab. 

ii mi i 

1. Samuel, 2. John, of Shib- 3. James. 5. Thomas, mar. 6. William, mar. 

s.p. den Hall, Clerk. — in Virginia. in Virginia. 

4. Samuel. 

7. Jeremy=f=Ann Hall of Butterworth 8. Joseph, s.p., 
End in Norland. d. 6 Nov. 1725. 

I I I I I 

John. James. Joseph. Jeremy. Mary. Phoebe. 

1707 Dec. 30 Mar. M r Sam 1 Lister & M rs Midgley of Horton. 

1707 April 25 D. M r Sam 1 Lister, aged ab* 74, at Mytham with his dau 

1711 Ab* Oct. 30 Mar. M r Lister, Curate of Birstal, & wid. Swallow of Heck- 

1721 April 18 Jonathan Eawson of Eanns near Halifax & wid. Kytson ; she was 

wife to his late wife's brother, 



MS. 216 

1721 July 13 James Kitson of Halifax & Martha, dau. of M r John Cooke. 
1728 April 23 D. M r Lister, Head Schoolmaster of Halifax Free School. 
1733 Nov. 27 Mar. M r John Holdsworth, Curate of Coley, & Mary, dau. of wid. 
Lister of Halifax Free School. 


MS. 217 

Simon Sterne of Mans-=f=Margery, dau. of Gregory=pCharles Cartwright of 
field, co. Notts. Walker of Mansfield. Mansfield, 1 st husb. 

Gregory Sterne=pAnn Crom- Richard Sterne,=rElizabeth, dau. of 

of Mansfield & 

well, mar. 
at Worksop 
31 Oct. 

D.D., Arch- 
bishop of York, 
d. in June 

Susan S., d. 18 Aug. 1674, bur. at Bawtry 19. 

Edw. Dickenson 
of Farnborough 
in Hants ; d. 6 
March 1674.f 



Ri chard = Mary, dau. 
Sterne of of Joseph 

York & 





Preb. of 
Norwich. § 

William Sterne 
of Mansfield, 
mar. Frances, 
dau. of Wil. 
Cartwright of 
Norman ton. 

Simon Stern e= 
of Elvington 
& of Wood- 
house near 
Halifax, bur. 
at Halifax 17 
April 1703. 

Mary, dau. & 
h. of Sir Roger 
Jaques of Elv- 
ington, by 
Margery, dau. 
of Laur. Raw- 

i i 

Jaques Sterne, LL.D., & Precentor of 
York, d. at York in 1759 (see <Q. M.' of 
that year, & Hutchinson's ' Durham,' ii., 
178) ; mar. dau. of Sir Henry Good- 


mar. Col. 



Frances=f=Rev. G. 

George, mar. Emma Loddington. Cecil Jaques. 

Roger Sterne, Lieut, in Handa-=j= Agnes, widow of Captain Herbert, dau. or dau. 

sydes Reg., d. at Port Antonio 
in Jamaica March 1731. 

in law of ... . Nuttle. Her father was a suttler 
following the Army in Flanders. 

Laurence Sterne, " The Author," b. at=y=. . . 4 1 dau. °f 
Clonmel 24 Nov. 1713 ; d. 1768. f Lumley. 

A dau. 


Lydia Sterne, w. of . . . . De Medalle. 

* D. 18, bur. 22 June 1683 at York Minster ; he had thirteen children. 

f Bur. at Farnborough, aged 53. J Bur. at York Minster 29 Jan. 1715. 

§ Marriage Licence 11 Feb. 1666-7 ; bur. at York Minster 29 March 1724. 

|| Rev. John Sterne mar. Anne Gilbert. 

^f Anne, bur. 25 March 1669 at York Minster, aged 17. 

** D. 9 June 1759 ; bur. at Rise. His wife Catherine d. 26 Jan. 1741, aged 62 ; bur. at Rise. 
ft Mar. at Coley 10 Aug. 1715. 

J J Elizabeth, dau. of Rev, Robert Lumley, Rector of Bedale ; mar. 30 March 1741 at York 
Minster.— J. W. C, 

MS. 217 



Samuel Lisfcer= 
of Shibden 
Hall, l st husb., 
mar. 16 May 
1695; d. s.p. 
about 1701. 

: Dorothy, only- 
Priestley of 
Halifax, apothe- 
cary. (See Ped., 
p. 36.) 

: Richard Sterne of Elvington &= 
Woodhouse, Esq., mar. at Coley 
Chapel 16 Nov. 1703 ; d. at 
Bradford on his way to York 9 
Oct. 1732, and was bur. at Hali- 
fax, set. 52. 

^Esther, 2nd w., 
dau. of Timothy 
Booth ; mar. 9 
Sep. 1714; of 

Eichard Sterne of^pAnn, dau. of . 

Elvington & 
Woodhouse, Esq., 
had a son & dau. ; 
d. 14 Nov. 1744, 
»t. 37.* 

Thompson of 
Bradford, Atfcy : 
called Mary in ' D 
L.; 2 nd edit., 214 

,= William 

; of Brad- 

. ford, 1 st 

, hus- 

Mary, b. 8 Aug. 
1704 ; mar. 

Thomas Pul- 
leyne of Burley, 
Esq., & had no 
issue, t 

Anne, b. 21 
Sep. 1705; 
bp. by Rev. 
M r Sharpe 
18 Oct. ; d. 

Rich ard§= Mary Waine of Beverley. Mary.|| 

Frances, mar. 13 Aug. 1734 to William- 
Jeremiah Rawson of Bradford, Lister 
Esq., & d. in 1801 ; issue d. of Ship- 
young.1" ley. 

: Dorothy Timothy Sterne of Wood- 
Sterne, house, mar. Ann Wiggles- 
worth ; d. 11 Dec. 1746, 

»t. 27. ## 

William Mary, 1 w., dau. & coh. of =Samuel Lis-=Dorothy = 

Lister, John Midgeley of Scole ter of Hor- Lister, 

d. 1756, More. (Q. if this marriage ton, Esq., d. 2 nd w. ; d. 

set. 17. is rightly stated, for see on 1769. in 1814, 

<D. L: theleft.ft) aged 74. 

=Richard Hodsden 
of Bradford, 2 nd 
husband, mar. 14 
April 1779, & of 
Woldingham in 
Surrey, Esq. 

Frances Hodsden, only dau., mar. George Carroll, Esq., of Macduff, co. Wicklow. 

Dorothea Frances, d. inf. Coote Alexander. Richard Sterne. 

Richard .... mar. a dau. of ... . Sterne of co. Notts, Harl. 1552. 
See i Journal of Rowland Davies,' a Camden book, p. 116. 

Wil. Sterne of Crosswell Boteler,=T=Catherine. Chris 1 " Snowdan, son in 

Gent. Will 14 May, 39 Eliz. 

law. How connected with Bp. S. 

i i i 

Simon, of Mansfield=Margery. Tbo. Eob. 


* Bur. at York Minster. 

t Bp. at Coley 7 Aug. 1704 ; mar. at York Minster 18 Dec. 1739 ; bur. there 5 Sep. 1786. 

X Bur. at York Minster 10 April 1738. 

§ Bp. at S* Mary's, Castlegate, York, 28 Feb. 1738-9 ; bur. at York Minster 5 Oct. 1791. 

|| Bp. at S* Mary's, Castlegate, York, 21 Aug. 1735 : bur. at York Minster 18 March 1745. 

4 Bp. at Sowerby Bridge 26 June 1715 ; mar. at York Minster 13 Aug. 1734 ; d. at Bradford 
26 Oct. 1801. 

** M.I. at Bradford Church. 

tf It seems to be right. She was bur. at Bradford 1 Nov, 1762.— J. W. C. 




MS. 217 

lister— &atoson + 

John Lister of Man-^plsabel, dau. of Geo. Thomas, first of Manningham in 

ningham, heir to 
Tho s his brother. 

Craven of Frising- right of his wife Ann, dau. of 
hall in Bradford Dale. Eioh d King of Bradford, clothier. 

Thomas Lister, d. s.p., of Manningham, coel. Mary. Jennet. Elizabeth. 
Wil. Rawson of Shipley jure ux.=f\ . . . dau. & h. of Wil. Gascoign 


William = 

= Barbara,= 


1 1 
Thomas, County 

Rosamond, mar. Wil. Gar- 

R. of 

dau. of 


Clerk for York- 

forth of Steeton. 



of Brad- 



s. & h., 


ford, 2 


.... mar. Stephen Paslewe. 

d» s.p. 



Edward, unmar. 


Esq., of 


.... mar. Ferd. Brown. 


Mary, 1 w.,=pWilliam=pGrace, 2 w., dau. &=Jane, 3 w., dau.=j=Laurence Rawson 

dau. of Tris- 
tram Led- 
gard of 

bro r & 
heir of 
of Man- 

c. of Anthony Water- 
house of Woodhouse 
in Halifax. (See 
Ped., p. 253.) 

of Wil. Hawks- 
worth of Hope 
in Baildon. (See 
p. 416.) 

of Shipley, 1 st hus- 
band, Bailiff of the 
Liberty of West 

i i i 

John. David. Anthony. 

Thomas Lister of Manningham 1666,— p- 
Cap n of a Comp. of Train bands, Foot, 
under Sir Geo. Savile ; bur. 9 Feb. 
1689, aged 60. 

: Ellen, dau. of John 
Hunt of Specking- 
ton, co. Som., Esq. 

Susan. Barbara. 

Henry, d. William, a Clerk, mar. Robert. Charles. Mary, mar. Juliana, 
a student Jane, dau. of Daniel — Wil. Rawson — 

at Oxford. Foxcroft, Esq., of Leeds. Ellen. of Shipley. Elizab. 

Thomas Lister, eldest John Lister of Manning -=pPhoebe, dau. of Samuel 

son, d. unmar. 

ham, mar. 13 April 1690. 

Lister of Upper Brea. 

Thomas.f John. William. Mary. Phoebe. Ellen, 



Sarah, dau. Thomas, Laurence = Sarah Calbecks 

of W T illiam coel. of psh. of Hali- 

Farrer of fax, dau. of 

Idle. John .... 

Rosamond, mar. 
Rich d Pollard of 
Tong, bro r to 

* Served under Fairfax, and slain at Tadcaster 14 Jan. 1643. 

f Vicar of Ilkley, d. May 1745 ; bur. there ; mar. Mary Bowling ; his daughter Elizabeth mar, 
Ellis Cunliffe, great-grandfather of Lord Masham.— J, W, C 



William Rawson of Ship-=f=Martha, dau. of Richard Pol- 

ley, ob. Dec. 1662. 

lard ; mar. 2 Jos h Drake. 

William Raw-=pMary Lis- Thomas, d. y. Mary, mar. Ric. Martha. Helen, 
ter, as on — Ribblesden of — 

the left. John. Wyke. Sara. 

son of Shipley, 
aet. 25, 1666. 

William. : 

William R. of Ship-= Judith, dau. of Prescot,=pCyril Jackson, M.D., of Stamford, 

ley, d. ab* 1745. an apoth. at Halifax. 

Lord of Shipley jure ux. 

Cyril, Preceptor William, Bp. of Oxford, inherited Shipley, which 
to the King, etc. his Executors sold to John Wilmer Field. 

William Lister of Manningham.=T= 


! I II 

John Lister of=f=Dor., dau. & c. of Tho. Thomas, Vicar=. . . . dau. of .... mar 

Manningham, I Sharp of Horton. of Ilkley. .... Bowling Ask- d. ccel. 

AW. | with. 

I "" I I 

John Lister of Manning- Elizabeth, mar. 1 Chris r Ask- Mary. This from 

ham, Att^, d. s.p. with ; 2 .'. . . Myers of Leeds. J. C. B. 

This is all wrong. — J. W. C. 

William Rawson of Bol-=r=Martha, 1 w., dau.=pDorcas, 2 w\, dau. & h. of Timothy 

ling in Bradford. 

of W m Pollard. 

Brooke of Brookroyd in Birstal. 

William-pGrace, 2 of 3 wives, dau. & Hannah, mar. Wil. Wain- Brooke R.=pSusanna, dau. of 
c. of Jeremiah Rossendale. man of Boiling. I Benjamin Bower. 

i i 

Jeremiah, see above. Benjamin, heir to his=pAnn, eld. dau. of Charles Steer, Rector 

cousin Jeremiah. | of Hansworth. (See Burke, ii., 47.) 


1713 Feb. 20 M r John Lister of Horton bur. his son. 

1722 Jan. 31 W m Brooke of Hunslet & Mary, dau. of M r John Lister, near 

1739 July 5 M r John Rawson, a young clergyman at Bradford. 
1700 Nov. 29 M r Rawson bur. at Bradford, aged 60. 

1708 Aug. M r Rawson, the Attf of Bradford, bur. his wife. 

1709 Aug. 4 M r Rawson, Att* at Bradford, & M rs Grace Rossendale. She was 

bur. 22 Dec. 1716. 
1719 April 30 M r W m Rawson of Bradford & Jane, dau. of John Stockdale. 
1722 M r Crosley of Kirshaw House & M rs Rawson, near Bradford. 

1722 Dec. 25 M r R. of Shipley, bur. his wife. 
1733 Feb. 2 D. M r W m R., Attf in Bradford. 



MS. 217 

Who was Samuel Lister of Manninghani,* mar. Mary, dau. & c. of Francis 
Stapleton, by Dorothy, dau. of Isaac Sharp, & d. 1792 ? — L. & 0. 

The first John & Thomas are said in Hopkinson's pedigree to be sonsf of 
Thomas L. of Westby. 


MS. 218 

It appears from this pedigree that there are no descendants remaining from 
either Edmund Walker or Richard Dawson. It is principally taken from the 
Collections of J. C. Brooke. 

Arms of Kennet on the Mon. at Wakefield : Quarterly or & gules, a label sab., 
each lambeaux charged with 3 bezants. 

See 'Misc. Top.,' Agbrig & Morley, 6. 

Edmund Walker of Huddersfield, an eminent drysalter there.=r 

William Walker of Hudders-= Dorothy, dau. of John & 
field, purchased Copley Hall Dorothy Taylor of Milnes 
& demesnes of Lady Mary 
Howard & her son the Duke 
of Norfolk in 1705 ; d. s.p. 
21 Oct. 1732. M.I. at Dews- 

Bridge, Cent., sister to the 
mother of W m Radcliffe of 
the same ; bp. at Hudders- 
field 20 Aug. 1674. (See 
on the opposite page.) 

d. ccel. 

Mary, mar. 20 
June 1717 to 
Tho. Heald, 
Vicar of Hud- 
dersfield ; 
d. s.p. 

Richard Dawson, of Daw- 
Green in Dewsbury. 



Thomas W. of Hudders- 
field, Salter, d. ccel. 

John D.=Margaret, dau. of John William Dawson- 

of Daw Allot of Bentley, Cent. ; of Wakefield, 

Green, d. at Wakefield Feb. principal heir to 

Clerk. 1789, aged one hundred W m Walker 

& one years. (See Ped., above. 

p. 212.) 

Catherine, dau. of Thomas 
Edmunds of Worsborough, 
Esq. ; d. 6 June 1741, set. 
38 ; bur. at Wakefield. 

2 nd hus- 

Walker Dawson of Copley, Esq., = Barbara, dau. of William= Aked, Cathe- 

Lord of the Manor of Copley; "" 
mar. at Keith's Chapel, Mayfair, 
London ; and d. at Wakefield, 
under age & s.p., his aunts being 
his heirs, 3 Sep. 1753. 

Fawcet by Martha, dau. 
of James Lister of Shib- 
den Hall, sister of James 
& Sir William Fawcet. 


George Allott of=Hannah Dawson, d. s.p. at=Thomas Hirst of Wakefield, 2 nd 
Bentley, 1" hus. Richmond in Surrey 6 Sep. husb., Lord of i M r of Copley 
(See Ped., p. 1780, set. 76 ; bur. at Dews- j. ux. 1776 ; d. 3 Feb. 1780 ; bur. 

212.) bury. at St. Pancras. 

* He would be son of John, son of John and Phoebe Lister above, 
f ? Grandsons.— J. W. C. 

MS. 218 


. Kennet, a grocer in Gracechurch Street, London .= 



Mary, 1 w., dau. of Peter Smith,=pBenj. Kennet, Vicar- 
Rector of Winfrith, co. Dors. of Bradford. 

Mary, d. aged 14. 

: Mary, 2nd w.^Mary 
dau. of .... Daw- 
Stockdale. son, 

3 rd w. 

Richard Kennet of Wake- 
field & Copley Hall, Esq., 
bp. at B. 10 May 1734; 
d. unmar. at Harwood 
House 8 Oct. 1790. M.I. 
at Wakefield. He was 
Lord of Copley upon a 
division of the estate, 

Richard = 
Astell of 
co. Hunts, 
Esq., d. 22 
Jan. 1777; 
bur. at 

= Hannah Ken-= 
net, bp. at B. 
8 March 1737; 
Lady of the 
Manor of Cop- 
ley by her 
brother's will 
1790 ;.d. with- 
out issue 5 
Jan. 1807. 

=Thomas Pownall, F.S.A., 
Governor of Massachusetts 
Bay & South Carolina, etc., 
2 nd husb., mar. by Special 
Licence at St. George's, 
Hanover Square, 2 Aug. 
1784 ; d. 25 Jan. 1805 ; 
bur. in Lincoln Minster. 


Benjamin Kennet of Manchester, merchV 
bp. at Bradford 30 May 1728 ; d. Feb. 
1765 : bur. at Manchester. 

: Frances, eldest dau. of Robert Allott, 
Vicar of South Kirkby. Liv* 1780. 
(See Ped., p. 213.) 

Benjamin Kennet of Wakefield,=pCatherine, dau. of Charles 

Esq., only son. Took the sur- 
name & arms of Dawson in pur- 
suance of directions contained 
in the will of Hannah Pownall, 

Steer of Wakefield, merch*, 
by Sarah his w., dau. of 
Robert Allott, Vicar of 
South Kirkby. 

Mary, w. of Francis, 
John Bing- unmar. 
ley of The 1780. 
Lodge near 

Richard Kennet Dawson of Frickley, Esq., r 
son & heir. Lessee under the Crown of 
the site of the Castle of Pontefract. 

dau. & James. Edward. 

h. of 

Catherine. Ellen. Richard. Mary Anne. 

MS. 219 

pcMorti— ^atrcliffe* 

James Pickford, mar. at= 
Bradfieldl9 June 1639. 

=Grace, dau. of John Morewood of the Oaks in 
Bradfield, Gent. ; b. Dec. 1616 ; d. Oct. 1687. 

John Pick- Jonathan Pickford of Mac-- 
ford, d. s.p. clesfield, Gent., heir to his 
1670. brother, d. 1689. 

= Alice, dau. & h. of John Lees of Althill, 
psh. of Ashton under Line. This Estate 
was sold by Sir Joseph Radcliffe. 

John Pickford of=FCastilina Brook or 

Althill, Gent., 

Brewster of Els tou, 
co. Leic. 

James, 2 son, b. 
1679 ; d. s.p. 8 
March 1755. 

Priscilla, Elizabeth, 
Alice, Grace. All 
d. s.p. 



MS. 219 


John Pickford of Alt- 
hill, Gent., mar. Sarah 
Clayton of Maccles- 
field, & d. s.p. 1726. 


Catalina, mar. 1 Grace, mar. 1 Elizabeth, James, 2. 

.... Gibbon, by .... Smith, 2 mar son, d. s.p. 

whom no issue ; .... Catlow, Paulin. — 

2 . . . . Wood. 3 . . . . Kirk- Jonathan, 

j= bridge. 3 son. 

. . "Wood, w. of John Greaves of Ashton under Line, apothecary. 

.... Greaves, w. of Rev. John Wadsworth of Ashton. 

Henry Radcliffe of^pElizabeth, dau. of Robert Kaye of Wakefield ; mar. 
Langley Hall. I 11 Feb. 1604 ; bur. 9 Feb. 1632. 

Edmund Radcliffe of Oldham, Gent., 3 rd son,=f=Catherine .... bur. at Old- 
bp. at Middleton 8 Nov. 1608. ham 26 Sep. 1668. 

William Radcliffe, Rector of Dinning- 
ton, co. York, some time of University 
Col., Oxon ; d. 12 Sep. 1727, aged 88. 

^Martha Beaumont of Meltham, b. 1642 ; 
mar. 18 Jan. 1664 ; d. 5 May 1725, or Mary, 
dau. of Abraham B. of Meltham. 

I I 

Charles, Mary, b. 20 

b. Nov. Jan. 1673 ; 

1672. d. s.p. 

Charles, b. 3 June=Mary Sarah, b. 1 Jan 1678; mar, 
1676 ; d. 3 March Carr. Robert Seaton of Brook- 
1741. house n r Rotherham. 

Abraham Radcliffe of Almon- 
bury, co. York, b. 21 Dec. 
1665; mar. 1, 21 Sep. 1693, 
Mary Wright; 2, 11 June 
1704, Abigail Wilson. His 
descendants now reside in 
South Carolina, where they 
have large possessions. 


John Radcliffe, 
b. 6 Jan. 1667. 
Confessor to the 
Household and 
Gentleman of 
the Chapel to 
Queen Anne. 

William Rad-= 
bridge,psh. of 
3 son ; bp. 20 
Oct. 1670; d. 
20 May 1748, 
an Attorney. 

: Eliz. Dawson, 
mar. at Mars- 
den Chapel 19 
Sep. 1706. 
She was of 
(See on the op- 
posite page.) 

Joseph Pick— r 
ford of Alt- 
hill, Gent.,b. 
1707 ; d. 3 
April 1757. 

Mary R., William Radcliffe of Milnes- 
b. 1708; bridge, Esq., L* Col. of 1W.Y. 
d. . . Militia & Just, of the Peace; 
Aug. d. s.p. 26 Sep. 1795, aged 

1747. 85, leaving his landed pro- 
perty to his nephew. 


d. 27 

Town of 
York, b. 
1720 ; d. 
15 July 

d. s.p. 

William Pickford, 
Cornet 16 Reg. of 
Dragoons ; b. 30 
Dec. 1745 ; d. 3 
July 1769 at Di- 
nam in Flanders. 

Mary P., 
b. 2 6 Jan. 
1740 ; d. 
27 April 

1. Frances, 
w. of John 
Bond of 

2. Elizabeth, 
w. of Thomas 
of London. 

3. Charlotte, w. of 
Charles Radcliffe of 
Smith-house, who 
d. in the Lunatic 
Asylum, York. 

tyS. 219 



William Town R., a lunatic. (See 
'Times' for 19 Jan. 1838.) 

Charlotte Lucretia Francina, d. in the 
Lunatic Asylum, York, Jan. 1818. 

Catherine, 1 st w.^ 
dau. &h. of Tho- 
mas Percival of 
Royton, Esq., by 
Martha, dau. of 
Ben. Gregg of 
Chambre, Esq. ; 
b. 1740; d. 15 
March or May 
1765. (See p. 

William Percival 
Pickford, Esq., 
eldest son, b. 18 
Dec. 1763 ; d. 
unmar. 1 1 Dec. 


Joseph Pickford of AlthilV 
Roy ton, & Milnsbridge, 
on the death of his uncle 
who made him his heir, 
enjoining him to take the 
name of Radcliffe only, 
which he did. A Justice 
of the Peace, & for his 
valuable services in that 
capacity created a Baronet 
1813 ; b. 8 May 1734 ; d. 

^Elizabeth, 2 nd = 
w., dau. of 
Richard Sun- 
derland of 
Gent. ; b. 5 
Dec. 1747 3 
mar. 16 Nov. 
1765 ; d. 26 
March 1796. 
(P. 264.) 

=Elizabeth, 3 rd w., dau. 
of Richard Creswick 
of Sheffield, merch 1 ; 
mar. at St. Pancras 8 
April 1807. She sur- 
vived, & remar. Lau- 
rence Peel, Esq. ; no 
issue; & 3 rd1 ? at Clifton 
in Gloucestershire, 
Feb. 1830, Robert 
Jones, Esq., of Chan- 
cery Lane. (P. 539.) 

Joseph Pickford, Clerk,=pMary, dau. of Sir 

2 son, b. 31 Aug. 1766, 
M.A. of Christ Church, 
Oxf., 1791 ; d. 17 May 
1804 ; bur. at Acombe 
near York. 

Archibald Grant 
of Monymusk in 
Bart. ; mar. 19 
Sep. 1796. 

Elizabeth, b. 18 
Oct. 1767 ; d. 
unmar. 9 Jan. 

Sir Joseph Radcliffe of Milnesbridge, Bart., now residing at Campsall 1825.= 


Sophia, 1 dau., mar. Samuel Ja s Brown, son 
of W m Williams B. of Chapel Allerton. 

Eliza Matilda Mary, 2 dau., mar. 
Sir George Armytage, Bart. 

Charles Pickford, 
b. 21 July 1769; 
a Lieut, in the 


Mary, b. 9 Aug. 1771 ; mar. 1 Joseph 
Starkey, Esq., of Redivale, psh. of 
Bury, Sher. of Lane. 1799 ; 2 John 
David Macbride, Esq. 

Catherine, b. 22 Oct. 
1772; d. unmar. Nov. 
1800 at Milnesbridge; 
bur. at Royton. 

Harriet, b. 20 Dec. 1773 ; mar. 
William Alexander, M.D., of 
Halifax, 5 July 1803. He d. 17 
March 1808. 

Hannah, b. 13 June 
1776 ; mar. 14 May 
1808 to William 
Wilcock of Halifax. 

Frances, b. 14 April 
1778 ; living unmar. 

MS. 220 


This pedigree is a Composition from various Authorities. The Visitation of 
1612; Hopkinson's Pedigrees; Hay's MS.; Wilson of Leeds MS.; Pedigrees in 
Thoroton ; Pedigrees in the Watson MS., & in Torre ; variations amongst them. 
But all the early parts are affected with much uncertainty. York Wills 557, 22, 


Christopher Oressy of Firbeck, W. R. co. York, temp. Henry VIII.^ 

Robert, =. . 

d. s.p. of 

Grice of 

dau. William Oressy of^Jane, dau. of Roger=p, 

Holme, co. Notts, 
d. at Blythe 1555, 
Holme juxta 

Hansard, bur. at 0. 
Blythe 17 Feb. 

. dau. of 

" the learned 



Nicholas 0. of Holme,=p. . . . dau. of Sir Henry Margaret, dan. & h.; w. of . . . . 

3 son. York Will 22, 
wife Joan. 

Everingham of Birkin, Hall, Gent., Usher to the Duke 
& his heir. of Suffolk ; & had 5 daus. 

Francis, of=f Joan, dau. & h. of Wil. Parke=Mary, 2 nd w.; Hugh. Rob* Peter. 


of Stansford, Gent. ; d. 1 May remar — to be brought 

1588; bur at Blythe. Trousdale. Nich s . upinlearning 

if apt. 

Gervas Gr- 
of Holme. 

: Margaret, dau. of ... . Riddal of . . . . C, mar. George Lindley of 
Ferriby, Kiddal or Kindal. Heringthorpe. 


Ann, 1 w., dau. of Roger=f=Parke Cressy,=pSusan, 2 w., dau. of John 

Smith of East Redford & 
of Arkham, co. Notts. 

d. 1659, of 

G ai n sford of Cro wh u rs t, co. 
Surry, called dau. of Chulm- 
ley of co. Sur. in C. 34. 


ob. s.p. 

Gervas, of Oldcotes, 
d. 9 April 1685 ; 
bur. at Blythe ; set. 
38, 1663. 1 

2 son. 

Ann, w. of Wil. 
Greaves of Not- 

John, aged = Mary, dau. of 
27, 1662. Arnold Bat- 
ney,sonof Ann 
Virley (?). 

Robert Oressy of Hugh Cressy=p Elizab., dau. of Tho. Portington of 

Wilford, co. Notts, of Letwell & 
1575 ; a Clerk. Barnby Don. 

Barnby Don; wid. of Nic s Maleverer 
of Letwell. 

1 It is remarkable that this Gervas Oressy of Oldcotes became a Quaker : 
was it some other Gervas Oressy ? 

The following may be relied upon : — 


G-ervas Cressy of Blythe, d. 17 of 4 mo. 1688 ; bur =f=Eliz.Newcome of Tor worth, mar. at the house 
at Tickhill in the Quakers' ground. of John Torr of Scroby 1 of 4 mo. 1675. 

Joseph C, b. at Shaft worth 14 of 4=Susan Morley of Matter sey, mar. 
mo. 1676, of Kampton. 20 of 6 mo. 1703. 

Levi C, b. at Torworth 
8 of 12 mo. 1677. 

The above is taken from the Quakers' Registers. 

* Will 7 Feb. 1550, pr. at York 9 Oct. 1557. Mentions son Kobert, M.A., Vicar of Blithe. Son 
Nicholas to have the Holm and his wife Elizabeth. Son Hugh and his wife Elizabeth, and his 
son William. My wife Jane. — J. W, O. 

MS. 220 




Hugh Oressy of Lincoln's Inn,=j=Margaret, 

& of Wakefield, a Justice of the 
King's Bench in Ireland, temp. 
Oha. I. The Visitation Pedi- 
gree of 1612 makes him son of 
William on the left, which I 
think must be right, & Torre's 
ped., son of Henry of Oldcotes 

dau. of 
Tho. Doy- 
ley of Lon- 
don, M.D. 

w. of Eob. 
or Rog., & 
2 Sir Wil- 
liam Ray- 

Susan, w. of 
Copley of 
but 1 of 
James Rol- 
ston of Tan- 

Mary, w. of 
Rogers of 
Everton & 
thorpe, co. 

William Cressy, d. 9 March= 
1645 ; bur. at St. Peter's, 
Notts. M.I. 

= Elizabeth, dau. of 
Geo . Jessop of 
Brancliffe, Esq., 

Hugh Paulinus Cressy 
of Benedictine, b. at 
Wakefield 1604. 


William, of=. . . .dau. of Tho. 
Holme, Hutchinson of 

aged 34, Owthorp. 

Francis. Gervas C. of=FEllinor, dau. & h. of Sir 

Birkin, 2 nd 


Henry Everingham of 
Birkin, Kn* ; wid. of 
Fran. Wilsthorpe. 

Elizabeth, w. of Edw. Ann, w. of Wil m Copley of Wadworth, Mary, w. of Tho. 
Thimblebyof Birkin; & before of Lionel Rolleston of Gun- Dymock. 
called Ellen.— W. P. thwaite. (Q. Mary.) (Q. Ann.) 

Everingham Cressy* of=f=Mary, dau. of Sir 
Birkin, son & heir ; William Fairfax 
living 1612. of Steeton. 

Sarah, w. of Tho. Anlaby of Scarthing- 
well ; mar. 1 Bryan Hammond of the 
same (p. 366). 


Mabel, w. of Marm. Constable 
of Kexby, Esq., & had Evering- 
ham C. : bur. at Leeds. 

Mary, w. of 
Wil m Far- 
mer of 

Ann. Elizabeth, w. 1 of 
Edmund Wingate, 
Gent., 2 . . . . 

See for these daus. will of Lady Fairfax. (York Wills 584.) 

Gervas C. of=pElizab., dau. of Sir 

Birkin, aged 
3, 1612; ob. 

Arthur Chester, 
Bart. ; mar. 2 . . . . 
Duncombe ; 3 Sir 
Ch s Bowles. 

Everingham Cressy of Birkin, 1 
Esq., brother & heir. Will 
26 May 23 Car. 2 ; to be bur. 
in the Ch. of Birkin. 

: Sarah, dau. of 
Mark Metcalf. 

ham, only 
d. y. 

Nathaniel, had Evering-= 
£20 a year for ham Cressy 
7 y rs by father's of Birkin, 
will. Esq., 


pAnn, dau. of 
Nevile of 

Gervas = 


pFrances, dau. 
of Cal. 
Brooke of 



* Bur. 20 May 1644 at St. Saviour's, York.— J. W. C. 



MS. 220 

Dorothy Oressy, d. & h., w. Evering- 
of Archib. Primrose, Earl ham. 
of Rosebery. 

Sarah, w. of John Burton, D.D., Canon of 
York, & had a son Nicholas. Torre's Ped. 
of this family makes Sarah the Aunt 
mar. this D r Burton. 

Dorothy, 1 w.,= 
dau. of John 
Catelin, Rector 
of Burstwick. 

: Ann, 2 nd = 
w., dau. 
of Hugh 
of Skel- 
ton Cas- 
tle, Esq. 

: Joseph C.,* Vicar of = Martha, 3 w.,dau.=Dinah, 4w. 

Sheriff Hooton, & of Toby 1 Thur- dau. of Rob 
cross, Esq. One of 
this name mar. 
Eliz., dau. of Sir 
W m Belt the Re- 
corder of York. 

Rector of Birkin. 
He was a Non- 
juror ; has £20 a 
year for 7 years by 
his father's will. 

Staveley of 



Slingsby C. of Leeds, 1710. Martha. Elizabeth. 

Cath e or Nathan 1 . 

Sarah. Mary. 3 Eleanor. Ann. 3 


Thomas Cressy of Birkin, Esq.=pElizab., dau. of Sir Hen. G-lemham of Glemham, Esq. 


Ann Cressy, dau. & h., mar. Sir Thomas Parkyns of Bunny, Bart. 

Alice, 1 w., dau. of . . . .^Henry Cressy of=f=Catherine, 2 w., dau. of Richard Harl. 1400, 

Odingsels of Epperston. 


Smith of Walkeringham. 

f. 49. 

Jane, w. of . . 
Hublethorn. 5 

William, of=pMarg* or Mary, dau. of Hugh, a merch* Elizab. 


Leonard Shalcross of 

in London. 
H. W. 

See York 
Wills 409. 


Francis. John. Mary. 

Henry. Hugh. Elizab. 

Cath e . Susan, w. of 
— Charles Wil- 

Jane. son. 

Bridget, w. of 
.... Goodier. 



Roger C, son & heir, s.p. Harl. 5809=Elizab., dau. 
says he had 3 child 11 , & where also the of . . . Elcock, 
other issue of Wil. are Hugh, John, Rector of 
Leonard, Henry, Francis, Mary, Bartunbury. 
Elizab., Catlr 3 , Jane, & Bridget. 

I I 

Will m , 2 Leonard, 3 rd =. . . . wid. of 
son, s.p. son, at length .... Staple- 
heir, aged 24 ton. 

MS. 220a 

W m C. of Holme, ob. at Blythe 1555, son of=pJane, dau. of ... . Hansard ; 

Chris r C. of Firbeck. 


bur. at B. 17 Feb. 1569. 


1 Torre has it Timothy. 3 Mar. Henry Trotter. 

2 Mar. John Harland of Sutton. 4 Mar. Roger Beckwith. 
5 Was not Hublethorn one of the early Quaker Victims ? 

* Bp. 30 June 1654 ; bur. at Birkin 5 Nov. 1719,— J. W. C. 

MS. 220a 



Nich 8 0., bur. at B. 1568, March 19=p dau. of Everingham. Hugh. Robert, of Wilford 1573. 

Tho s Doyley of=p Ann, 2 nd ==Francis Cressy=f=Joan, dau. & h r of W 1 

London, M.D., 

youngest son of 

John, of Chisle- 


wife, of Holme, co. 

bur. 12 Notts, Gent., 

July bur. at B. 4 

1602. Feb. 1614. 

2. Hugh. 

4 Robert. 

Parke of Stansford, — 

Gent. ; ob. 1 May 1588 ; 3 Nicholas. 5. Peter, 

bur. inBlythe Church; Bur. at B. 8 Feb. 1593-4. 
2 nd husb. 

Wortley Jessop=Kath° D., 2 nd =. . . . Lukyn, 
of Scofton, dau. & coh r . 2 nd husb. 

Gent., mar. 
sett. 5 Jac. I. 


Margaret Doyley, : 
mentioned in 
Wortley Jessop's 

: Hugh Cressy, a Councellor 
of Lincoln's Inn, of the 
Cressys of Holme, one of 
the Judges of the King's 
Bench in Ireland. 

Hugh Paulin Cressy, b. at Wake- William Cressy, 1 d. 9 March=Elizabeth, dau. of Geo. Jessop 
field 1605 ; became a Benedictine. 1645; bur. in St. Peter's of Brancliff, Esq., bro r to 

Ch., Nott. Wortley J. 

Gervas C. of Holme, ob. 1652=pMarg t , o!au. of Kiddal of Ferriby; bur. 18 March, 1608. 

.... I st wife, dau.=T=Parke C.,= Susan, 2 nd wife, dau. of Rob., bp. Hugh, (bp.?) George, (bp.?) 

of Smith of 

East Bedford. 

ob. 1659. John Gainford of Crow- 13 Jan. 
hurst in Surrey. 1603. 

9 Jan. 1604 ; 20 March 1607; 
bur. 1609. ob. inf. 


Gervas C. of Oldcotes, bp. 27 Feb. Ann C, wife of W m Hugh, bp. John C, set. 27, 1662. Visit. 

1626 ; ob. 9 April 1685 ; bur. in Greaves of Notting- 1630. penes Reason Mellish, Esq. 

Blythe Church. ham. 

1 William Cressy, son of Hugh Cressy, one of hisMajestie's Judges of King's Bench in Ireland, 
was mar. to Elizabeth, dau. of George Jessop of Brancliff in the county of York, Esq. ; d. the 9 th 
of March 1645. 

Sir John. 

Sir Francis South of Kelsterne, Kn*.^ 

William=Jane South, 
Jessop. 1637. 

Eliz th South, ob. ccel. at 
Broomhall. Will 16 Oct. 
1700; bur. 1704. 

Nicholas Stringer of=^=. . . . 
Sutton upon Sound. South. 

Francis S.=. . . . dau. of Sir John 
Newton, Bar*. 

Thomas Hutton of=Ann Stringer. Unboubtedly the Ann 
Poppleton, Esq. Hutton mentioned in Eliz. South's will. 

MS. 221 


The beginning of this pedigree is taken from a very valuable volume of Northern 
Genealogies, late in the possession of the Rev. John Watson. There are two entries 
of the family in C 40, Dugdale's Visitation. One begins with G-eorge Westby & 
Francis Borough. The other instead of making Francis Borough mother of Tho. 
& Geo. makes their mother Agnes, dau. of ... . Hawley of Stotford, which cannot 
be. It also makes the father of Francis, G-eo., & John, a Robert Westby, son of 
Ralph W. of Leiston Hall & Westby Thorp in Craven. He had a brother Ralph 
who d. s.p. 



MS. 221 

Christopher Westby of Elmton, co. Derb., temp. Eliz.=f= 

Ralph Westby, 
1 son, s.p. 

Francis Westby of=f=Ellen, dau. 


Hall, 2 nd 


John Westby of High=p 
Wood in par. of Whit- 
well, co. Derb., 4. 

Francis W.=f=Mary, dau. of 
of Elmton .... Pease of 
Hall. Bolsover 

(See York 
Wills 483.) 


Henry, of Holme 
in par. of Whit- 
well, mar. wid. of 
.... Jameson of 
Holme, & had 




. I 

Elizabeth, w. of 
Tho. Mottram, 
& 2 of Alex. 
Vesey of Whit- 
well. (See p. 

George, of 




Ellen, w T . of John 
Kitchin of Bols- 


John, of Highwood. 
(See YorkWills 853.) 

George, of Car- 

George Westby of Whaley, co. Derb., 3 rd son, Yeo. Will dated= 
20 Dec. 1614, proved at Lichfield. 

Ann, w. of Percival 

Dorothy, w. of 


Henry W. of=p 

Hobson of Dod- 


Carhouse in 

worth, and had 

Smales 1 of Bols- 




ham, Gent., 
bur. 23 Oct. 

Elizabeth, dau. of Rich d 
Borough of Gilthwaite; 
wid. of ... . Taylor; mar. 
at Rotherham 13 May 
1614; bur. 6 Nov. 1655. 

Elizabeth, sole dau. & h., mar. at Rotherham 18 July 1638 
to Edward Gill of Carhouse, Gent. 

George Westby of Gilthwaite=pFrances, dau. of Elizab., w. of 

and Ravenfield, Gent., 1640. 
He had a 3 rd son John living 
in 1617. Will 14 April 1640. 

Rich d Borough John Wilson 
of Gilthwaite ; of Alfreton, 
living 1640. Gent. 

Joan, w. 1 of W m 
Smales, 2 Steph. 
Bright of Car- 

Ann, 1 w., dau. & coh. of- 
Gabriel Bonner of Alk- 
mondbury, co. Hunt. ; mar- 
riage recorded both at 
Mansfield & Rotherham 
9 Sep. 1630; bur. at Raven- 
field. She had a brother 
John Bonnor. 



: Thomas Westby of= 
Ravenfield, Esq., 
eldest son & heir. 
Justice of the 
Peace during the 

: Barbara, 2 nd w., 
dau. of Ralph 
Hatfield of 
wid. of Stephen 
Bright of Car- 

Faith, w. of 
Anthy Hat- 
field of 
bro. of Bar- 
bara; mar. at 
19 June 
1628. c 

1 Humphrey Small had Eliz., Rob., Humphry, Dorothy, & Mary, who occur in 
their grandfather's will 1614. Geo. Westby mentions several relations of the name 
of Shariston (?). 

MS. 221 


A | B 



John, Sarah, of Hatfield, d. intes- 
d. y. tate, & adm n granted to her 
sister Barbara Cromwell. 

Barbara, w. of John Cromwell, ejected 
from the Rectory of Claworth, co. Notts, 
after of Norwich, where he made his 
will 30 June 1680., 

George Westby of Ravenfield, Gent.,= 
son & heir, d. 30 Jan. 1685, aged 52 ; 
bur. at Ravenfield; admitted of 
Gray's Inn 30 June 1651. 

=Benedicta, dau. of Joseph 
Drake of Hull, merch* ; 
bur. at Ravenfield 25 
March 1702, aged 72. 

Frances, w. of 
John Hatfield 
of Hatfield, a 
younger son 
of Ralph. 

Elizabeth. (Q. if she did not marry Samuel Ann, w. ofWil. Cotton of the 
Hallowes, son of Matt w .) Haigh, Esq. (See Ped., p. 54.) 

Margaret, 1= 
w., dau. & h. 
of War- 
dell; d. 11 
Feb. 1698-9. 

: Thomas W. of Raven-=Ann, 2 nd w.,= 
field, Esq., son & heir, dau. of John 
a Justice of the Peace, White of 
d. 1747. Member for Tuxford, 
Retford, afterwards of Esq. ; no 
Linton, co. Camb. issue. 

:. . . .=4 th w., s.p., Mary, 
3 rd w., dau. of Wil. Sher- 
s.p. will ; remar. Wil. 
Cromwell of Book- 
ing. (P. 190.) 

Wardell George Westby of Raven- 
field, Esq., some time Member for 
Malton ; a Commissioner of the 
Customs ; sold Ravenfield ; mar. 
30 May 1723. 

^Charlotte, dau. of John Darcy, Edward, 

Esq., son & heir app. of Con- d. s.p. 
vers, Earl of Holderness, & — 

sister to Robert, 3 rd Earl of Thomas, d.y. 
Holderness ; d. in Great Marl- — 

borough St. 1760. Elizab.,d.y. 

Bridget Mary Westby, sole dau. & h., mar Percival, Esq. ; mar. 1750. 

Sarah, w. of 
Wil m Spencer 
of Bramley 

Martha, 1 w., dau. of Robert= George, of Gil-=p Alice, 2 nd w., dau. of 

Hemingway of Shibden in 
par. of Halifax ; mar. settle- 
ment 29 June 1635. The 
father R. H. of Upper Brea 
in North Owram, deceased. 

thwaite, Gent., 
2 nd son, set 50, 
1666. ; d. 6 
Nov. 1671. 

Francis Stringer of 
Whiston, Gent, 
(p. 466) ;d. 17 Aug. 
1685. Will proved 
17 Nov. 1685. 

John, bp. 18 Feb. 
1663-4; d. 21 
Dec. 1684. 

James, 1 of Over 
Whiston, bp. 20 
Aug. 1668. 


Frances, w. 1 of Henry Saxton ; 2 Ed- 
ward Mansell, 3 Vicar of Ecclesfield. For 
Saxtons see Ped., p. 251, & for Mansell 
Burns's ' North.' 

1 His wife was named Martha. He was bur. at Whiston 16 April 1695, & she 
remar. Oct. 31, 1703, Robert Nanton. 

3 M rB Mansel was living a widow at Howarth 29 Aug. 1726. James Westby 
of Gilthwaite, Gent., gives a general release to his brother George 1 Sep. 1690 ; had 
a niece Penelope Pursglove. 



MS. 221 


Frances, Dorcas, b. 1692 ; mar. George Staniforth Alice, b. 1695 ; mar. Tho. 
b. 1691 ; of Catcliffe, Gent. ; mar. at Aston 21 Pursglove of Barnsley, 
d. 1694. June 1718. draper. 1 

Mary, bp. 
22 Dec. 
d. 1 April 

Dorcas, bp. 29 March 
1656 ; mar. John 
Laugh ton of Howarth, 
Gent., 20 April 1685. 

Tho s , d. y. ; living 
18 Oct. 1679, 
when he gives a 
.... to his bro. 

Elizabeth, bp. 26 Jan. 
1662-3; mar. 25 March 
1695 to Richard Kent 
of Kimberworth, Gent. 
Her fortune £400. 

Samuel, bp. 2 Feb. 
1648-9 ; aged 17, 
1666 ; d. 14 Nov. 

George W. of Gilthwaite,= 
Gent., bp. 26 June 1652 ; 
d. 20 Feb. 1715 ; bur. at 
Rotherham; has a brother 
Jo. Kirke in 1685. (Q. 
will 16 Dec. 1709.) 

=Ann, dau. of ... . 
Turnell ; mar. at 
Thorpe Salvin 23 
Feb. 1681 ; d. 29 
March 1734 ; bur. 
at Rotherham. 

Sarah, bp. 1 
June 1650 ; 
mar. Mat. 
Hallo wes 25 
Aug. 1687. 

Alice, bp. 16 March 
1682-3 ; bur. 18 
Feb. 1694-5. 

2. Henry, d. aged 
24 ; was living in 

Samuel, bp. 
Aug. 1687. 

Elizabeth, d. aged 
4, 1698. 

1. George W. of=pMary, dau. of Anthony 

Gilthwaite, Esq., 
eldest son & heir ; 
bp.18 Nov. 1684; 
d. 11 Sep. 1751. 

Worral of Strynds in 
Bradfield, Gent. (See 
Ped., p. 330.) 

3. Thomas W. of =Jane, dau. of Wil. 
Howarth, Esq., by Beckwith of 

gift of his Aunt 

Laugh ton; bp. 

21 June 1699 ; d. 
s.p. 21 July 1758. 

Thurcroft, Esq.; 
d. 29 April 1796, 
aged 74. 

George Westby of Howarth, = 
Esq., d. without issue 3 June 
1790, aged 50. 

= Catherine, dau. of 
John Hirst of The 
Clough, Gent. 


Elizabeth Westby, sister, & heir 
of Howarth, bp. 20 Aug. 1741 ; 
d. unmar. 

Tho. Turnell of Tickhill, Gent., d. 9 April 1688 ; bur. at Tickhill =f 

Thomas, Gent., d. 11 Nov. Wil. John. Mary. Eliz.j vv. of Fritton; d. 29 July 1746, 

1722, aged 62. aged 77. 

Matthew Pursglove of Lambcote Grange, Gent., bur. at Stainton 9 April 1720, aged 73=p 


Mary, mar. Sarah, w. Ralph, living 1722, of = Oath 6 . Richard=Ruth. Elizabeth, Mat w . 

. . . .Water- of ... . Bramley psh. of Braith- Fretwell mar. Sam. 

house (?). Clarkson. well, Gent., ob. 14 of Malt- Stones of 

April 1726, aged 54 ; by. Braithwaite, 

bur. at Braithwell. Gent. 
Will 3 Dec. 1725. 

1 M r Tho 8 Purslove of Barnsley & M rs Alice Westby of Howarth Oct. 5, 1713. 
Reg. of Todwick. 



Ralph P. 1 of Firsby, yeo. Will 1 Oct. 1668 =F Anttiony P. 

Alice, w. of .... mother Ann. Mary. Matthew Purslove, to have his father's holding under 
William of Joshua George Westby. He is doubtless the Matthew 

Downes. Guy, above. 

Matthew Pursglove of=j=Elizabeth, dau. & h. of George Gilberthorpe, who came from the neigh- 

Braithwell Grange'and 
Stain ton, was killed 
by a fall from his 

bourhood of Doncaster to Whittington in Derbyshire, where he had a 
small estate, & mar. an Oldham of Yorkshire, by whom he had this 
Elizabeth ; he mar. a second wife ; bp. 1686 ; mar. 1711 ; she died in 
the same week with her husband owing to the shock received by his 
sudden death.— D r Pegge. G. G. d. in 1729, aged 73. 

.... Pursglove, the eldest son, d. in a month after his father. 

There is a marriage above with the rare name of Pursglove, and as this was a 
family who were at least verging upon gentry, I shall throw together in this place 
what little I have observed concerning them. 

A. Pursglove of Lambcote Grange mar a dau. of ... . Turner, Vicar of 


A Christening Dinner of the heir of M r Westby of Ravenfield in Jan. 1696, 
served by his lady's mother, then the wife to her third husband, assisted only by a 
workmaid & her own servant. A contemporary MSS. The dishes follow. 

MS. 222, 223 Cj)timpW!U 

See it carried higher in Poulson's ' Holderness,' iii., 62. 

In the Visitation the pedigree begins with this Richard. Beckwith makes him 
by son of Henry by dau. of Welburn, son of Jonas T. of Thornton in Pickering Lithe 
by Ellinor, dau. of Philips of M r Brickwell, which Jonas had Richard T. of Laughton, 
a J. P., who mar. Bridget, sister of Sir Francis Fleming, Kn 1 , of the Ordnance in 
the time of Edward VI. 

See M. P. B., A 41. 

Richard Thompson=pAnn, dau. of William Langley of Scarborough, 

Christopher T. of Scarborough.=f= 

Timothy, William, of Hull,=f=Elizabeth, dau. of George Robert, Cit. 
s.p. ob. 1645. Pease of Hull. of London. 

William, of Hull^Frances, dau. George, of Isaac, a merch* Benj n , Cit. 
83t. 45, 4 Sep. I of ... , Ogle. Etton. in Rotterdam. of London. 

1665. I 

Elizabeth, aged 16, 4 Sep. 1665. 


Ann, mar. 1 Henry Blake- Elizab., mar. Dorothy, mar. Will. Rebecca, mar. 

ston, 2 Jonas Youll of John Barker Moore, Cit. of Lon- .... Sweten- 

Hull. of Louth. don. ham. A 

1 A tenant of George Westby of Ravenfield. 



William T. of Humbleton in=f=. . . . dau. & h. of John Barker 
Holderness, d. about 1630. of Scarborough. 

Mary, mar. Ro- Isabel, mar. Francis Elizabeth, mar. Rich- Eufemia, mar. 
bert Jackson of Beale of Scar- ard Peacock of Scar- Alex r Metcalf of 

Burlington. borough. borough. Leeds. 

Francis, of Humbleton,=f=Elizabeth, dau. of George Tockets 
d. in 1657. I of Tockets. 

Stephen, of=j= Mary, dau. of Christ. T.,= Sarah, dau. of Isabel, mar. Thomas 

ton, Esq., 

Hen. Blake- 2 son, of James Boyse Gent of Burbeck in 

ston of Arch- Scar- of Whitby. Essex. 

deacon New- borough. — 

ton in Dur- Frances, mar. Wil. 

ham. Thornton of Hull. 

Juliana, mar. Tho. Johnson of Frances, mar. Tho s Cat- Isabel. Sarah. 
Hull, merch*. teral of Crooke, co. — — 

Lane. Ann. Mary. 

William, of Scar-=j=Frances, dau. of Henry Stephen, a Elizabeth, mar. Charles 

borough, aet. 30, 
2 Sep. 1665. 

Bernard, Aid. of Hull, merch* in Hotham, son of Sir 
(See p. 394.) London. John. 

Henry, Stephen, not in the Vis.; Parson = Mary. Susanna. Isabella, 

aged 8. of ... . (See Poulson, iii., 64.) — — 

Arabella. Anne. 

Francis T. of Humbleton, Esq.,=f= Arabella, dau. & h. of Sir Edw. Allen ; 
jet. 10, 10 Sep. 1669. I mar. 2 Lord George Howard. 

William T. of Humbleton, Esq., aet. 24, 1700 ; ob. 1744 (Poulson) ; 
Memb. for Scarborough. 

Richard Thompson of Kilham, d. about=pAnn, dau. of Edward John, ob. coel 

1653, aged 70. 


Leonard Thompson, Aid. of York ; Lord^pFrances, dau. of Wil. Breary, Lord 
Mayor 1649 & 1659. Mayor of York 1611 & 1622 

MS. 222, 223 



5. Edward T., 5=j=Frances, dau. & c. of 

son, aged 26, 1665, 
Aid. of York. 

Leonard Thompson, 
Aid. of York.; rel. of 
Wil. Slater of Hull, 

Elizab., coh., 
mar. 1 .... 

Childers, 2 
Wil. Brearey, 

.... coh., mar. . . . 
Prickett, Kecorder 
of York, son of P., 
by dau. of Lang- 

Luke, aet. 21, 1709,= dau. 

Councellor at Law ; & c. of 
ob. 12 June 1743, Tho.Baw- 
aged 64. try of 


Geo.=. . . . dau. 



.... mar. 
.... Stain- 

mar. . . . 
Bains of 

Leonard, of = 
Lodge, aet. 
26, 1700. 

= Frances, dau. of 
Hen. Thompson 
of Escrick on 
the left. 

.... 1 w., dau.= 

& c. of 

West of Han- 
ton. 1 

=Rich d , aged 23,= 2 w., 

1700, L d Mayor dau. & c. 

1708 & 1721. of 


3. Sir Stephen- 
Thompson, 3 rd 
son, set. 30, 

: Mary, dau. & c. of 
Leonard Thomp- 
son, Alderman of 
York ; live 1732. 

4. Richard Thomp-=p Jane, dau. & co. of 
son, 4 th son, aged 28, . . . . Dun of Holder- 
1665. ness. 



Henry T.=p, 

mar. of York & 

Tho. Kirby 

Croft. Hall. 

dau. & c. 
of D r Mawhood 
of Doncaster. 


George, a 



Amy, mar. Tobias 
Wickham, 2 . . . . 

Weddel, 3 

Palmer, D.D. 

Mary, mar. 
John Sun- 
(P. 264.) 

Stephen, unmar. John=. . . . dau. of Stephen Croft, Esq., by Mary. 
1733. Eliz., dau. of Sir Edmund Anderson. 

1. Jonas T., : 
1 son. 

=Frances, dau. of William Beilby of Micklethwaite Grange ; mar. 2 
Francis Dodsworth of Watlas, 3 Cuthbert Wade of Kilnsey. (Poulson.) 

Richard T. 

1 Her sisters, the 2 other coheirs, mar. Tho. Bawtry, by whom Thomas who d. be- 
fore his father, & Ann who mar. M r Francis Crisp, Collector of Excise, in 1730 ;&.... 
mar. to Rob., son & heir of Robert Waller of Acomb, Aid. of York, by dau. of 

.... Yattes. S d Rob. Waller had a bro r , Cap n Matt w Waller, who mar dau. of 

.... Reynolds of York, merch*, widow of Fenwick, & sister to Richard Reynolds who 

mar Waller, heir to her brother, & had Rob., Lucy, & Jane. 

VOL. II " Q 


FAMILItE minorum gentium. 

MS. 222 

Mary, 1= 
w., dau. 
of John 
son of 
merch* ; 
ob. s.p. 

:Jane, 2= 
& c. of 
Eich d 
ton of 

: 2. Sir Henry Thomp- 
son 1 of Kilham & of 
Marston, Kn*, 2 son; 
an Alderman of York ; 
&t. 39, 19 March 
1665; d. in 1683 ; 
built Escrick ; Lord 
Mayor 1653; 
knighted at White- 
hall March 1664. 

: Susanna, 3 rd w., dau. of=William=Edw. 

Tho s Lovell of Skelton, Belt, 1 st Stan- 

Esq.,ofMarston; widow husb. hope 

22 Nov. 1700, when (P. 398.) of ^ 
she made her will to be Grin- 

bur, in Marston Church; ston, 

proved 2 May 1701 ; Esq., 

names her sister Esther 2 

Masterman. husb. 

.... 1 w., dau.= 
of .... Swan, 
Alderman of 
Hull ; mar. 17 
Jan. 1671.; bur. 
at Escrick 4 
July 1697. 

Henry T. of ^ 
Escrick, eld. 
son & heir ; 
get. 8, 19 
March 1665; 
will proved 
lOct. 1700; 
Aid. of York; 
L d Mayor 

: Mary, 2 w., 
dau. & h. of 
John Beilby 
of Mickle- 
by Barbara 

Richard, 2 
son, liv g 
a bachelor 
1733; "the 
Varro " of 
his age. 

Mary, mar. Sir 
Henry Calver- 
ley of Ay re- 
holme. Will 
1716, by which 
(M. P. B., vii., 
41) Mary, mar. 
to .... Ben- 
net, s. & h. of 
Bennet, Lord 


Frances, heir to her mother ; mar. Leonard Thompson, 
eldest son of Edw. T., Alderman of York ; s.p. 

Henry, of Edward. In Add. MS. 14,409, at the Museum, he 
Amster- is said to have mar. a sister of .... Porteous, 

dam. Bishop of Chester. 


Jane, 1 w., dau.= 
&h. of Sir Roger 

=Beilby T. of Escrick, Esq. =fSarah, 2 w., dau. of Rich d Roun- 
Sheriff 1730; d. 27 July del of Hutton Wandsley, Esq.; 
1750, aged 64. wid. of Sir Darcy Dawes, Bart. ; 

ob. 12 March 1773, aged 64. 

Mary, dau. & h., 


Beilby T. of Escrick, 

Richard T. of 

Sir Robert=p 

mar. Peregrine 

Esq., b. 17 April 1742; 

Escrick, Esq., 



d. unmar. 10 June 

d. unmar. Sep. 

Bart.; d. 

& d. s.p. at Barn- 

1799 (Q. if mar.— 


11 March 

borough 1 April 

see Poulson) ; aged 



21, 21 April 1763. 




Paul Beilby Lawley, 3 rd son. Took the name of Thompson only by Sign Manual 
Oct. 1820. Now of Escrick. Created Baron Wenlock 1839. e 

1 The other Sir Henry Thompson, Alderman of York, was knighted at Newmarket 16 
Oct. 1668 ; was Lord Mayor 1672 ; & d. 1692. Le Neve's MS. Harl. 5801, f. 85, 
where, however, no pedigree is given. Henry & Richard Thompson of Escrick 
were admitted of Gray's Inn 15 March 1674. 

MS. 222, 223 





with Sus- 
anna ; 
mar. . . . 

Susanna, Edward Thompson of Mars- 
twin with ton, Esq., 2 nd son of Sir 
Alethea ; Henry by Susanna, dau. of 
bp. at St. Thomas Lovel of Skelton, 
John's, Esq. Sir Henry bought 
York. Marston. 

: Lucy, dau. & sole h. 
of Bradwardine Tin- 
dal, Esq., of Brother- 
ton, by the dau. & 
sole h. of Francis 
Baildon of Baildon. 


1. Henry, 
d. inf. 9 
Feb. 1695. 

2. Lane, 
bp. 21 
d. inf. 

Arabella, 1 dau. &= 
coh. of Edmund 
Duneh, Esq., of 
Little Witten- 
ham ; bur. there 
18 Oct. 1734. 

=3. Edward T. of= 
Marston, Esq., 
b. 26 Feb. 
1695-6; d. 5 
July 1742; M.P. 
for York. 

=Mary, 2 w., dau. 
& coh. of ... . 
Moore of Oswald 
Kirk (see Ped., 
p. 266) ; mar. 

Arabella, only child, bur. at 
Wittenham 28 Feb. 1735. 

A dau., d. inf. 14 
Sep. 1738. 

. . . Whetham, a General in the=f=4. Mary, b. 17 Feb. 1697-8 ; will dated 

Army ; bur. at Chiswick. 

1770 : to be bur. at Chiswick. 

John Whetham of=. . . . dau. of Evelyn Chad wick Lucy Ann Whetham, only 
Kirklington, Esq., of West Leek, co. Notts, Esq., dau., mar. Col. Byron, & 
only son &h.;d. s.p. sister of Lady Middleton. d. without issue. 

5. Tindal T. of Marston, Esq., heir after=. . . . dau. of .... of 6. Henry, b. 12 
Edward ; b. 10 March 1698-9 ; sold Settrington, apothe- April 1700 ; d 
Marston, & d. s.p. cary. inf. 

7. Francis, b. 28 Aug. = 
1701; a Colonel or L* 
Col. in the Army ; 
slain at Carthagena. 

: . . . . dau. of ... . Scatcherd; survived 
& mar. 2 William Meek of Kirkham- 
merton, Esq., & of Park Gate n r 
Aberford. =f 

8. Lovel, b. 4 
Oct. 1702; d. 
18 June 1705. 

Paul Meyer of Bail-= 
don, Esq., jure ux., 
son of Paul by Mary, 
dau. & c. of Francis 
Mason, son of Sir 
Peter M. 


=Jane Thompson, 
only dau. & h., 
heiress of Bail- 
don, d. s.p. 

William Meek of Kirkham- : 
merfcon, Esq., & of Baildon 
as heir to his half sister ; 
assumed the name of Meyer; 
executed at York 6 April 
1781 for the murder of 
Joseph Spink, a bailiff. 


William Meek of Kirkhammerton, Esq. ; assumed the name 
of Thompson ; sold Baildon. 

She was divorced and supposed to be murdered by Lord Ligonier. 



MS. 223 

Edward Wolff, a=p9. Henrietta, 


in the 

b. 30 Aug. 
1704 ; mar. 
12 Feb. 


of Hooke, 


=10. Lucy, b. 6 April 1706 ; mar. 
29 July 1725. Her descendants 
became the sole heirs of this branch 
of Thompson of Tindal & Bail- 

James Wolff, a General in the 
Army, b. at Westerham in 
Kent 2 Jan. 1729 ; killed at 
Quebec 13 Sep. 1759 ; unmar. 

.... Wolff, 
d. unmar. 

William Sothe-= 
ron of Dar ring- 
ton, Esq. 

: . . . . dau. & h. of 
Samuel Savile of 
Pontefract, Esq. 

Mary Cath e , 
unmar 1826. 

Henrietta, w. of William Dealtry, 
Rector of Wigginton near York, 
etc. ; no issue. 

Elizabeth, w. of Eobert Sin- 
clair, Esq., Bar. at Law, & 
Eecorder of York. 

.... 1 w.,= Frank Sotheron of Kirklington,= 
dau. of — Esq., an Admiral. 

2 w., 

Lucy, unmar. 


William Sotheron of Dar-=. . . . dau. & h. of Edmund=. . . . Oliver of Darring- 
rington, Esq., d. s.p. Barker of Potter Newton, ton, 2 nd husband. 


11. Anna Jane, b. 1707 ; mar. Philip 
Stapylton, Esq., & d. s.p. 1733, of 

Stephen Apthorpe,=p 15. Frances, b. 13 
D.D. Sep. 1713. 

Anne Apthorpe, only dau. & h. ; d. unmar. ; killed 
at Hackney by the overturning of a carriage. 

12. Bradwardine Thompson, Captain 13. Alethea, 
of a Man of War, b. 1 June 1709 ; b. 16 Dec. 
mar. Margaret Raisin, & d. s.p. I 1710; d. 14 
believe the name of his wife was Dec. 1713. 
Mason. It is so in some extracts 
from the Begister of Badsworth, 
where they were mar. 26 Aug. 1740. 

14. Margaret, 
b. 14 June 
1711; d. 10 
Oct. 1713. 

16. Susanna, 
d. 26 Aug. 

Thomas Thompson, Att7 at Law=p. . . . dau. of ... . Woodyer. 

I I 

Kichard, of=. . . . dau. of ... . Cuthbertson by Cath e =Darcy Preston, Town Clerk of York, 

London. dau. of .... Heseltiue, Clk. of son of ... . Preston, Organist to the 

Assizes. Cathedral. 

Thomas, Rector of Cox- William, ob.=. . . . dau. of John George, John, ob. Henry, Rector of 
wold, ob. ccel. s.p Sep. 1731. Goodrick. d. ccel. ccel. Coxwold. 


Jonas Thompson, Esq., Aid. of York, &=pAnn, dau. of William Justice, These seem to descend 
Lord Mayor in 1736 ; son of ... . an Att7 at York, whose father of Jonas, son of Rich- 
Thompson of Kilham ; cut his throat in was a baker & mother an ard on the left. 

July 1739. wife. 

Richard. William. Jonas. Ann. Frances. 

ms. 2 24 Benson. 

Robert Benson of Knares-=j=Mary, dau. of 

borough, son of William. 

Thomas Lisly. 

William,=. . . . dau. Robert,=. . . . dau. Christian, Joan, mar. Rich d Mat- 

of Lon- of ... . of Pern- of Morris dau. & thew of Kent, 

don Horner of broke- Froward coh. — 

Bridge. London shire. of ... . Mary, mar. Edm. An- 

Bridge. co. Som. drewes, a fishmonger. 

Richard, son & heir=pMartha, dau. & c. of Francis Spilmans, son of Sir John. 

Erasmus, d. John. George, slain Mary, mar. Humph. Jane, mar. into 
in Ireland. — in Belgia. Lloyd of Newton. Leicestershire. 


Robert, a Priest, Richard, liv g =pAnn, dau. of ... . Griffin 
1 son. 1603. I of Herefordshire. 

Robert. Richard. Thomas. 
Harl. 1995, f. 24. Arg., 3 trefoils in bend sab., cotised gules. 

Le Neve's Knights' Pedigrees. Harl. 5802, f. 72a. 

Christopher Ben-=f=Agnes, dau. of 
son, temp. Eliz. I John Atkinson. 

William=f=Elizabeth, dau. of James Cotes of Robert^fMarg* Inman. 
I the parish of Halifax, of Eland. 


Robert Benson of=f=Mary, dau. of Daniel Maude Chris r , mar. Isabel, dau. of Rob*. 
York, live 1640. | of Maythorpe near Wake- Ed. Forster of Skipton. =j= 

field. =^= 

Edmund, mar. Judith, dau. of Wil. Draper of Beswick. Robert, Lord 

=r Bingley. 

A b 



MS. 224 


Will m =f Mary, dau. of W m Thomlinson. 

Edmund=Ann, dau. of Rob. Appleyard of Otley. 


Sir William Benson of London, En*, & of Bromley, Col. of the- 
2 nd Reg. of the Tower Hamlets Militia 1709 ; Sheriff of London 
1707 ; Justice of the Peace for Middlesex ; knighted 8 Dec. 

William Benson, son= 
& heir, Auditor of the 
Imprest, & Sheriff of 
Wilts 1710 ; bp. at 
Bromley S* Leonards 
17 March 1681-2; 



i i i 


dau. of 



Jos h 



Earle, a 






chant of 




: Martha, dau. of 
John Austin, 
Citizen of Lon- 


Jane, w. of 
Henry, 2 nd 
son of Sir 
Hoare of 

£xo%$ltv— #ftsott> 

MS. 224 

This pedigree of Crossley is copied from Cony's ' Lancashire,' p. 654. 
The descendants of Gibson were communicated by M r Sutcliffe. 

Anthony Crossley of Scaitcliffe in the Vale of Todmorden, 
township of Hundersfield & County of Lancaster. 


Abraham,=Mary Taylor Luke.= 
d. 1643. of Stansfield, 
d. 1643. 

Samuel, d. at=Ann, d. 
Scaitcliffe 24 1682. 
March 1674. 

John Crossley=j=Dorothy, dau. of Richard Lord 
of Scaitcliffe. I of Godley in Hundersfield. 


Susan, mar. 

r i i i i i 

John Crossley^. . . . dau. of Caesar Jack- Anthony. Abraham. Luke. Anne, 
of Scaitcliffe. son of Worsthorne. 

John, Ann, 1 w., dau. of 1 
d. y. Mary Eastwood, 
widow of ... . Old- 
royd; d. 1697. 

=Anthony Crossley of = Grace, 2 w., wid. of 
Scaitcliffe,. .. bur. at Ab el Whitaker of 
Todmorden 11 April Spotland. 


MS. 224 




Luke C. of=Mary Gibson Ann, mar. 1 Robert Halstead Judith, mar. 

Chief of Lower of Hougham in Erringden, James 

House in Ashes in 2 John Lockwood of Ewood Seoles of 

Eastwood. Stansfield. in Midgeley. Stay-hill. 



Sarah, 1 w., dau. = John Cross-=j=Mary Halstead Mary, mar. 

of Wil. Suteliffe ley of Scait- of Burnley- John 

of Higher Ashes cliffe. widge End, 2 Fielden of 

in Stansfield ; d. w. ; d. May Hartleroyd. 

3 Feb. 1696. 1743, aged 63. 

Anthony = Tamar. 

Anthony Crossley of- 
Scaitcliffe,b. 11 April 
1702 ; in 1770 re- 
built the Oh. of Tod- 
morden ; d. 1779. 

^Elizabeth, dau. 
of James Gib- 
son of Lower 
Ashes in Stans- 
field, Gent. ; d. 

Ellen, d. 



Elizabeth, mar. 
George Hal- 
stead of Hep- 
tonstal& Houg- 
ham in Erring- 


John Crossley of= 
Scaitcliffe, b. 
there 1737 ; d. 
there 1799. 

: Mary, dau. of Tho. Anthony C.=Mary, dau. of Wil. 

Foster of Foster of Lower Otley of Lane, co. 

Mill, co. York : b. Ashes. York. 

1737 ; d. 1804. 

Sarah, b. 
1760 ; d. 




John Crossley of=j=Sarah, dau. & h. 

Scaitcliffe in Tod- 
morden, Esq., a 
Justice of the 
Peace, b. 23 May 
1778; d. 1830. 

of John Lock- 
wood, who was 
heir to his bro 1 ' 
William L. of 
Little Ewood; b. 
8 Feb. 1779. 

Elizabeth, mar. 
John Suteliffe, 
eldest son of 
John S. of 
Hall, Gent. 



John Crossley of 
St. John's College, 
Camb., b. 1807. 

Mary, mar Matilda, John, Lockwood, Miranda, 

Hepworth. b. 1805. all d. young. 

Luke Crossley of Henshaw,= Alice, dau. of Rad- 
co. Lane, bp. at Todmorden cliffe Scholefield, 
22 May 1712; d. s.p. 11 Esq., of Henshaw ; 
Sep. 1764. d. at Rochdale. 

Ellen, mar. John Walker 
of Old House, Deanhead 
in Scammonden, 19 June 

Ellen, b. 1717; 
d. 1766. 

dau. of . 

1 w.,=pJames Gibson of=pAnn, 2 w., dau. of 

Brig Royd, Gent., 
d. 16 June 1763, 

»t. 77. 

. . . mar Halstead. 

. Cros- 
ley of Scaitcliffe ; d. at 
Ewood 15 Dec. 1765, set. 64. 



MS. 224 

Grace, mar. Grimshaw, 
2 Sutoliffe, 3 Cross. 
(See opposite.) 

Susanna, mar. William .... mar Ann, mar. 

Lockwood of Little Welch, Curate .... Cock- 

Ewood ; heir to John of Sowerby ; croft of 

Grimshaw ; s.p. s.p. Stocks. 

Abraham Gibson 1 
of Brig Boyd. 

=. . . . dau of . 


d. s.p. 

d. ccel. 

.... Gibson, dau. & c, 

mar Grimshaw of 

Padiham, and had issue. 

Betty Gibson,- 
dau. & c, or 

: Anthony Crosley of Scaitcliffe and Tod- 
morden Hall, which he bought ; sold 
Scaitcliffe to John, his younger bro r ; d 
1 June 1810 ; b. 1762.* 

Joseph Haigh Taylor of Whitworth, co. Lanc.=pAnn Crosley, 
One of the people called the Whitworth dau. & h. 

James, a 

John, a surgeon, 
d. unmar. 1827. 


Joseph Crosley, 
a surgeon. 

MS. 224a 
M r Asqwithe's Abstract of the Will and Codicil of Rob., Lord Bingley, 27 June 
1729, proved in Pre. Court, York, 3 June 1731, by John, Duke of Argyle & 
Greenwich, W m Hamilton, Esq., & Benj. Hoare, Esq. : — Lady Bingley, wife. Mary 
Johnson, natural dau., to take immediately after his death name of Benson. W m 
Hamilton of Line. Inn, Esq., & M r Benj. Hoare of London, Goldsmith & Banker, 
Legatees & Ex rs . u Dear daughter Harriet." Anna Maria Burgoyne, the wife of 
John Burgoyne of Park Prospect in Westminster, Esq. Duke of Argyle, Legatee 
& ex'or. The Earl of Dartmouth & Earl Poulett, Legatees. Lady Frances Bland, 
M r Hen^ Weston, Eliz. Rhodes, wid., Eliz. Cousins, wid. of Peter Cousins, formerly 
of Porter Street, gilder, Legatees. Harriet Benson, dau. Godson, John Burgoyne, 
son of John of Park Prospect in Westminster, to take the name of Eob. Benson. 
Godson, Eobert Benson, son of Samuel Benson. Godson, Henage Legge, son of 
the Earl of Dartmouth. Godson, W m Wickam, Cap n in Col. Hoyle's Reg*. Godson, 
.... Goodrick, eld. son of Sir Harry Goodrick of Eibston. Estates limited to 
these in reversion. Codicil, 9 March 1729. — Settling estates purchased since the 
date of the will to the same uses, legacies to servants. Tobias Jenkyn, Esq., Aid. 
of York, b. 1660 ; d. in Oct. 1730. Adm n granted 4 Jan. 1736. He took lands (?) 
at Middop from W m Bosvile 1717. 

Courts of York having a right of Proving wills & granting Adm n : — Exchequer. 
Prerogative. Consistory. Dean & Chapter. Deanery. Howdenshire. Selby. 
Snaith. South Cave. Bishop Wilton. Acomb. Alne & Tollerton. 

MS. 225 




John Sutcliffe of Melroy,=f=Margaret, dau. of ... . Owlsworfch of Ashtey, should be 
co. York, Gent. I Holdsworth of Astey. 

Adam Suteliffe=p. . . . dau. of . 
of Grimsby, co. Constable of York- 
Line, shire. 

Matthew=pAnne, dau. of John Bradley 

Dean of 

of Louth, co. Line, Esq., by 
Frances Fairfax of Denton, 
his wife. 

Judith Sutcliffe, dau. & h. Ann Sutcliffe, w. of . . . . Hall of Devonshire. 

Solomon Sutcliffe=pElizabeth Bradley, Luke S., d. John S.,=. . . . dau. of John 

of Melroy, Gent., 
3 rd son. 

sister of Anne. 


5 son. Kirton of co. Line. 

John Sutcliffe, one of the=f=Alice, dau. of Luke Woodhouse 

of Kimberley, co. Norf., Esq. 

_ ires of the body to 
King James. 




William Sutcliffe of Hoo Hoile in Erringden, dead in 1637. He^=Sarah 
is supposed to be the granter of Erringden Park 4 James I. 

Robert Sutcliffe, liv g 1662 ;=p Susanna, dau. of Rob. Thomas Mercy, mar. Nathan 
d. before 1665. of Riddiem in "Wadsworth. Carter of Sowerby. 

William Sutcliffe, of full age 1665.=p 

Robert Sutcliffe, of full age 1690.=p 

William Sutcliffe=pSarah 

I I ! I 

William Sutcliffe, d. Robert Sutcliffe, *=pt John S., d. coel. Mary, mar. 

s.p. 1727. Adm. supposed to be 
granted to his bro- the eldest son, d. 
ther Robert. 1728. 

Will 1733. 

Holroyd of Myl- 
ton Royd. 

William ^SutcliffeJ= 
of Hoo Hoile in 

=Dorothy, dau. of ... . 
Godley, Alderman of 

Susan. Henry Sutcliffe of=pMary. 
Mill in Wadsworth. 

Joseph & others. 

* D. 6 June 1728, set 62. M.I. at Heptonstall. 

f Mary, dau. of John Eastwood ; d. 12 April 1698. M.I. 

X Bp. at Heptonstall 15 April 1698 ; mar. at Coley 26 Feb. 1716. 

These notes are from the ' History of the Stansfeld Family.' — J. W. C 



MS. 225 



Robert Sut- 
cliffe, d. s.p. 
His wife 
supposed to 
be a dau. of 


Ellen,* 1=2. John Sufc-^Grace, 2 w., dau. of James=John Cross, 

Gibson of Brig Royd n r Vicar of 

Stansfield ; wid. of John Bradford, 

Grimshaw, son of Wil. 3 rd husb. 

Grimshaw of Howarth, He mar. a 

Clerk, by dau. of John 2 nd wife. 
Lockwood of Little E wood. 
Grimshaw was of Little 
Ewood, & had no issue. 

w., dau. 


croft of 
Mairoyd ; 

cliff ef of Hoo 
Hoile in Err- 
ingden, 2 son. 
Heir to his 

Robert Sutcliffe, owner of Hoo Hoile,=pRachel Bowyer, only child of Tho, 

& now residing at Bath 1826 ; d. in 


Cross, Esq., of Great Bramming- 
ham, co. Bedf. 

John William Sutcliffe J of Trin. Col., Camb., Jane, 
Robert, & the Inner Temple, Esq., only son & aged 
d. inf. heir apparent 1826 ; mar dau. 14. 

of Will. Robertson, M.D., of Bath ; d. 

without issue. 

Clara, living unmar. 
1826 ; d. unmar. 

Thomas, d. coel. 

3. William, d. 
coel. ab* 21. 

Abraham of Brig Royd : 

Susanna, mar. Tho. Lister of 
Old Town in Wadsworth. 

William S.=f=Sarah or Grace, dau. of . . 
Field Head in Stansfield. 

, Greenwood§ of 

John Lister,=j=Mary 
only child. 

Susan, mar. John Cockcroft .... mar mar. 

of Little Burlees. Eastwood. Hughan. 

.... mar. 

William,|| Henry, John,|| John Foster^" of Slack near=pMary.** Grace, || 

d. coel. d. y. d. coel. Heptonstal. 

d. coel. 

William, John Fosterf^. . . 4t dau. of ... . Lord of Bacup William. Mary, 
d. inf. in Rossendale. 

* D. 1765. f D.9 April 1772. % D. 7 May 1852. § Henry. 

|| M.I. at Heptonstall. William Sutcliffe, d. 17 Jan. 1806, got. 34 ; John, d. 4 May 1808, set. 
21 ; Grace, d. 1 April 1805, set. 24. Children of W m Sutcliffe of Field Head. 
f D. 17 July 1839, set. 61 ; bur. at Heptonstall. 
** Mar. at Heptonstall 18 Dec. 1794. ft D - 25 Nov. 1841. 

J J Sarah, dau. of Henry Lord. 

These notes are from the ' History of the Stansfeld Family.'— J. W. 0. 


, . Cockcrof t of Mairoyd.^ C.=j= .... C.=j= 

A son, d mar mar Mary,=Will. Cockcrof t John=f=Susan, Mary, 

unmar. Lobley, an Att^ an Att^ at Hali- s.p. of Stoocks in 
ab fc 1770. at Bingley, & fax. Erringden. 

d. s.p. 

dau.of d. 
.... coel. 


William, of Little Burlees.= Henry. John, of Halifax. Ann, & 5 other dans. 

... C. of Great Burlees. 


Only son, d. y the second wife of John Foster of Slack. 2 dans. 

See for monumental inscriptions of the Cockcrof t family in Heptonstall Church * The History 
of the Stansfeld Family.'— J. W. C. 

The above pedigree which is transcribed from a Volume of Pynson's Collections, 
Harl. 1052, f. 148, is stated to have been examined and confirmed by William Segar, 
Garter, 1624. The Arms allowed to Sutcliffe are Argent, an elephant passant sable, 
tusks or. Those of Holdsworth, Arg., on a fess between 3 lions passant gules as 
many billets of the field.* Bradley, Or, a chevron gules between 3 cross-crosslets 
fitche sable. Constable, Quarterly gules & vaire, a bend or. 

There is no place called Melroy in the county of York, nor, I believe, in any 
other county. Probably Mairoyd is the place intended, which is in the same parish 
with Astey, viz., that of Halifax ; a conjecture which receives a strong confirmation 
from the circumstance that the Cockcrofts, the principal family there, have been 
accustomed to use the Arms of Sutcliffe, as may be seen in Watson's ' History 
of Halifax,' p. 318. ' 

The account of the Sutcliffes, Gibsons, Crossleys, etc., below, I received from 
Robert Sutcliffe, Esq., of Bath, 1826. 

MS. 226, 227 €?£££♦ 

One of the most intelligible & best proofs of the ancient consequence of this 
family is that Stephen le Eyre was commissioned with another person in 1 1 Edw. 3 
to take into the King's hands the Alien House in the county of Nottingham. No 
doubt this is the Stephen on the right, who lived on the borders of Nottingham- 

Nicholas Eyre of Hope, co. Derb., temp. Hen. IV.=r dau. & h. of Edw. Barlow. 

Nicholas, son & heir, of Hope ; returned^Margaret, dau. of Ralph Redich of 
among the Gentry of Derbyshire 12 H. 6. Redich, co. Cest r or Lane. 

Oliver Eyre of Hope^pJoyce, dau. of Chris 1 ' Davenport of Wedf ord, co. Cest r . 

a | B 

* The Arms of Holdsworth of Astey (Ashday), in Dugdale's Visitation, are, Arg., the stem of 
a tree in bend couped and eradicated proper. — J. W. 0. 



MS. 226 

Nicholas Eyre^pMargaret, dau. of John Tunstead of .... wife of Koger Lee of 
of Hope. | Tunstead. Ecclesall. 

Nicholas, of=f Margaret or Eliz., Ann, wife of Margaret, wife Elizabeth, wife 

Hope, son & 

dau. of Roger .... Middle- of Robert of Henry Bur- 

Barlow of Barlow, ton of York. Greaves of ley of the 

Haldworth. Yews. 


Edward Eyre of Hope. Will dated=j=Ellen or Esther, dau. of John Hollingworth 

6 May 1559. 

of H., co. Cest r . 

John E., 1 son, Thomas Eyre of Hope,=|= Alice, dau. of John Roper of Ellen. 

22, 7 Eliz. 2 nd son & heir. Sold 
his estate. 

Turnditch. In M r Watson's 

Ped. it is Fox. Elizab. 

3 sons, from one of whom descended Nich s Eyre of 
London, temp. Car. II. 




i i . i . i i i 

Emma, wife Diones, wife Joan, wife .... wife of .... wife .... wife of 

of ... . of Thurstan of James Thomas of Chris r Roger Mas- 

Wickersley Hall of Thornell of Cressam. Balguy. sye of High 

ofW. Hucklow. Thornell. Low. 

William Eyre of North=pElizabeth, dau. of Robert Eyre of Padley, 3 rd Thomas. 

Lees in Hathersage, 2 nd 

John Wickersley son. (See at the head of 
of co. York. the next pedigree.) 

John Eyre=f=Joan, dau. Margery, wife Elizabeth, wife Robert=pMargaret, dau. 

of North 
Lees, son 
& heir. 

of John 

of Robert 
Barker of 

of Roger 
Smilter of 

2 nd son. 

of ... . Inkersal 
of Brimming- 

.... Eyre, .... Eyre, 
1 son. 2 nd son. 

Elizabeth, wife of Margery, wife of John Revel of 
Henry Bradshaw. Oxton. (Seep. 174.) 

Thomas Eyre of Grainfoot=f= Agnes, dau. of Margery, wife of Elizabeth, wife of 

& Crook Hill, son & heir, in 
psh. of Hathersedge. 

Robert Haigh Robert Ward of John Hop wood of 
of Birchenlee. Twichell. Norton Cuckney. 

Edward Eyre, = Agnes Brownell. 
4 th son. 

Robert Eyre of Crook=f Sytha, dau. of Tho s 
Hill, 2 nd son. | Barber of Shatton. 


MS. 226, 227 



John Eyre of Crook= 

Anne, wife of John Ash of Brampton near 
Chesterfield, Gent. 

Thomas Eyre of Crook Hill.= 

Adam Eyre of Crook Hill,= 
bur. at Hope 8 Feb. 1611-2. 

Elizabeth, 2 nd dau., 
mar. Thomas Howe 
of Nether Ashop 
31 (sic) June 1603, 
at Hope. 

: Alice, dau. of 
.... Barber 
of Ashop. 

The descendants of this marriage 
are all very wrongly stated. 

Adam E. of Hazle-=. . . . dau. 
head, co. York ; a of ... . 
Cap n in the Pari. Green of 
Army ; slain 1643 Holm- 
at Bradway near firth. 

Joseph Eyre, a Lieut, 
for the Pari. ; slain at 
Bamford Hall by an 
Eyre that was his 
cousin ; " & for the 
King 1643. 

Robert, of=p 



Thomas, of= 
Crook Hill, 
mar. 4 

=Helen, dau. & co- 
heir of John 
Eamscar of Shef- 
field. (See Ped., 
p. 274.) 


George, of= 
Hill, 3 Td 
son, ob. 

: Margaret, dau. of 
Roger Mickle- 
waite of Ingburch- 

Adam, Robert, John E. of Crook 
1 son. 2 son. Hill, d. without 
issue 1714. 

Sarah, wife of 
Robert Eyre 
on the left. 

Alice Eyre, wife of James 
Wolstenholm of Cart- 
lege near Dronfield. 

Joseph Eyre of Ashop, bp.=j=Elizabeth, 2 nd dau. & coh r of = Jeremy Ward, M.D., 

at Hope 1619; aged 42, 15 
Aug. 1662. 

John Beighton of Smallfield 
in Bradfield. 

of Ashop, 1 st husb. 

Joseph Eyre, bp. at Bradfield 29=Mary, dau. of Chris r 
June 1657 ; aged 5, 1662. Greaves. 

Elizabeth, aged 3, 15 
Aug. 1662. 

John Eyre of Grainfoot, : 
son & heir. 

: Joan, dau. of Robert George Eyre of= Elizabeth, dau. of 
Staley or Halley. Abney, 3 rd son ; Thomas Barber of 

no issue. Shatton. 

Thomas^fEllen, dau. of 

Eyre of 
foot, son 
&. heir. 

Chris 1 ' "Wilson 
of Bromhead, 
co.York; mar. 
at Bradfield 
19 Oct. 1563. 

Elizabeth, wife 
of John Revel 
of Smalfield 
near Bradfield. 

Ann, wife of 
Greaves of 
in Bradfield. 

Dioness, wife 
of Ellis Staley 
of Redseats. 

wife of 

Howe of 



MS. 226 

George Eyre^Constance, dau. of John Robert Eyre, 2 nd =j=Dorothy, dau. of 

of Grainfoot, 
Gent., son & 

Staley of Eedseats in 
Castleton, Gent., by a dau. 
of Steph. Eyre of Hassop. 

son, of Dingbank 
by Darwent. 

John Bretton of 
Bretton by Tids- 

Thomas, of Lady Bowerby,= Ann, dau. of 
Derwent. A quartermaster Tho s Eyre of 
in the Royal Army. Hather sedge. 

Robert = Sarah, dau. of Robert 
Eyre of Crook Hill. 

John Eyre of Grainfoot, Gent. ,=p Ann, dau. of George 

ob. 13 April 1630, & was bur. 
at Ashburn. 

Lees of Ashburn. 

Ann Eyre, mother of M 1S 
Nichols, wife of the Cu- 
rate of Baslow. 

George Eyre 1 of Ripley, co. Derb., sold=7=Mary, dau. & coheir of John Wright of 

ob. 1694. 

to John Eyre of Holden ; 

Ripley, Gent. ; liv* 1708, aged 78. 

John Eyre of Ripley, Gent., aged 50, 1708 ; 1710 d. without issue, leaving 3 
sisters his coheirs, of whom Eliz. mar. Peter Laycock, Clerk ; & Rebecca mar. 
Charles Grave ; Mary was unmar. 1708. 

Thomas E. of Hathersedge,=p. . . . dau. & heir of Hugh Barker 

3 rd son. 

of Hathersedge. 

John, of Hathers-- 
edge, a Cap. in 
Lord Frechvile's 
Reg. ; became a 

dau. Thomas, of the=f=Ann, dau. of . . . 

& heir of Ridge. A Lieut. 

George in his brother's 

Dakin of troop. 

Army tage of Thick- 
hollins in Holm- 
firth, co. York. 
(See Ped., p. 320.) 

Ann, wife 
of her 

John Eyre of=pAnn, dau. & heir 

Houlden & 
also of Grain- 
foot by pur- 
chase 1714, 

of Reginald Eyre 
of Alport by 

Joseph E. of The=Ann, dau. of 
Abbey by Dar- JohnLumof 
went alias One Rastrick, co. 
Manhouse, Yeo., York, 
liv* 1693 ; d. 

3 rd son. 

John Eyre of Howden, eld- Edward, 
est son 1737, d. 8 July 1757, 2 nd son. 
aged 80 ; bur. at Hope. 

Mary. Ann, wife of Tho s Dorothy, 
Martin of Cock- wife of 
bridge or Marsden Hall. 

See for Eyre and Wright of Ripley M. P. B., ix., 218. 

MS. 226, 227 




George Eyre, a Cornet in his=f=Elizabeth, dau. 

father's troop 1642 ; sold his 
estate at Hathersedge to M r 
Ashton ; a Catholic ; d. in 
1712, aged 80. 

of Wil m Revel 
of Cold Aston 
by Dronfield, 

Thomas Eyre of=. . . . dau. of 
Norm an ton by .... Allot 
Chesterfield, 2 nd of Dore by 
son. Dronfield. 

Thomas Eyre of Micklefield by=j=Frances, dau. & coh r of Eobert Eyre of 

Hathersedge, which he sold to 
John Sykes in 1736; living 1737. 

Holmefield by Dronfield, by Mary Wash- 
ington his wife ; living 1737. 

i ii i 

Laurence Eyre, James, Robert,= Wig- Mary. 

eldest son, liv g 2 nd son, 3 rd son, fall of 

1737. 1737. 1737. Sheffield. 

Winifred, Ann. 

wife of — 

Tho. Elizab. 

George, of Grinacre=pMartha, dau. of 

near Sheffield, Gent., 
d. 1720. 

Thorn 8 Martin of 
Cockbridge n r 
Hope or Mars- 

Anne, wife of 
Martin Wil- 
kin of Booths 
by Hathers- 

Jane, wife Mary, wife 
of George of John 
Huson. Torr. 

Thomas Eyre of 
Grinacre 1737. 

George, 1737. Benjamin, 1737. 

.... wife of John Green of 
Booths near Hathersedge. 

John Eyre of New Hall near Peniston, co. York. A=pDorothy, dau. of Wil. King 
Pedigree in Mr. Watson's hands makes him son to of Alport ; liys 1652, psh. 
Geo. & Constance. of Hope. 


I I I 

Eobert E. of Edward, of Alport 1684, Mary, wife 

Alport, Gent. d. 5 April 1695, aged 80 ; of John 

Will 28 March bur. at Hope. Froggat. 

1683. =p 


Dorothy, wife of Stephen John Froggat of Moorseats, Gent., Executor to his 
Haigh. uncle Rob. 

I I I 

George=j=. . . . dau. of Reginald, Executor to his John Eyre of Grimblecar, psh. 

Eyre Ash- brother John of Alport. of Hope, yeo. Will 17 April 

ton. =j= 1652 ; proved 1653. 

John Eyre of Alport=pMartha Ridgeway of Ann, dau. & heir, wife of John Eyre 

& Edale 1652. 


of Houlden, 



MS. 226, 227 


Thomas Eyre of Hathersedge=pSarah Jones of Elizabeth, wife of John Watson of 

& Stockport, d. in 1732. 

Marple, co. 
Cest 1 *. 

Bullock near Dublin, Gent. 


Thomas Eyre, a^pEebecca Gillingham of Little Shelford 


near Cambridge. 




Gillingham Eyre, living in Friday Street, London, 1767. 

.... Eyre of Cockbridge. Lieut, for King Charles I.=p 


I I I 

Robert Eyre of=f= John Eyre of Sheffield Manor, Helen, mar. Robert Walker, 
Dunston. I Gent., s.p. Gent. 

George Eyre of Shef-= 
field Manor, Gent. 

Mary, mar. Jacob Hancock ; 
mar. 18 April 1680. 

Susan, Jane, or Sarah, mar. at Sheffield 
10 Sep. 1693 ; mar. John Trickett. 

This is from a MS. which seems to be in the hand of M r Vincent Eyre in the 
Collections of M r Francis Townsend at the Heralds' College. 

In the psh. Church of Sheffield is, or was, a brass for Francis, wife of John Eyre 
of Sheffield Manor, d. 24 June 1686, aged 71 ; also Tho. Eyre of Sheffield, who d. 
in 1679. In the psh. Register, John, son of George Eyre of Sheffield Manor, bp. 4 
Dec. 1708, and Robert Eyre, farmer of Sheffield Manor, bur. 11 March 1705. 

Benj. Eyre of Upper Hallam. Will 10 Aug. 1 730=f=Eliz. Tho 8 E. 



It appears that an account of this family was compiled about the year 1640, of 
which a copy was in possession of M r George Eyre of Michelfield, from whence it 
has been transcribed into many private Collections of Genealogies. I copied it 
many years ago from the MSS, of Daniel Dakeyne of Holt House in Darley. It 
gives several generations above Nicholas, thus : — 

Richard, of Hope. 
Robert, of Hope 32 Ed. I. 
William, of Hope. 
Nicholas, 31 Edw. III. 
Robert, of Hope 20 Ric. II. 

Nicholas, at the head of the Pedigree. 

But as there are not adequate references, we can only take it as what might 
have been. 

The Continuations on these two pages are, however, from a source not so 
common as the account just given. Vincent Eyre of Dronfield Woodhouse, whose 
name will appear by & bye, was a great Collector for the Antiquities of his own 
family, & this pedigree continuation I copied from his own hand in a copy of 

MS. 227 



Anderson's Royal Genealogies, bought out of the Library of his grandson, M r Vincent 
Eyre of Sheffield. This, however, I have improved in the Alport branch by the 
copies of two wills, viz. of John & Robert Eyre which I have perused, & by a 
continuation of that branch from a pedigree in the hand of the Eev. John Watson, 
Rector of Stockport. 

The account states positively that William, of North Lees, was older than 
Robert Eyre of Padley. M r V. Eyre was descended from Robert, puts it doubtfully, 
but does not give any reason as far as I have seen for questioning the Authority of 
the Account which formed tjie basis of his own collections. (See M. P. B., xii., 

I have also received information on the Rampton branch from M r Archdeacon 
Eyre, who sent me at the same time the following heading of the Pedigree. 

William le Eyr of Hope, temp. Hen. III., held lands there of the King in capite by service of the 
Custody of the Forest of High Peak, & d. seised thereof before 4 Dec. 28 E. I. 

! T 

Robert le Eyre of Hope, son & heir, aged 30, 28 Ed. I., in which year he Peter, son of William, 
did homage to the King for lands, etc., that his late father held, & paid held £ an oxgang in 
a fine of £ a mark for the same to hold by the said service. Hope 13 Ed. II. 


Stephen, had a carucate Eobert, of 
in Publey n r Whitwell Hope. 
36 Ed. 3. =r 


John of=T=Joan, dau. & coh r of Walter Tinsley ; 


remar. Hugh Tothill, & was living 20 
Edw. III. 

William Eyre, in 23 Edw. III. held 
lands of the King in Capite by the 
service of the Custody of the Forests 
of Edale, Ashop, & Darwent ; also 
lands in Hope of Queen Philippa ; 
d. s.p. on Friday next the feast of 
AH Saints 36 Ed. 3. 


Nicholas le Eyre of Hope 9 Ed. III. 
Found by Inq. that the King in 35 
of his reign might without pre- 
judice to him or others grant to this 
Nicholas lands in Hope, with the 
wardship of the Forest of High 
Peak. =p 

Joanna Eyre, coheir 
with William de 
Wyntworth 10 E. 3 
to the lands of Wal- 
ter de Tinsley. 

Nicholas, at the head of the opposite page. 

It appears from this connexion with the forests as if the name of Eyre had 
something to do with the expression Justice in Eyre. — See Blount voce Eire. 

MS. 228, 229 


Eobert Eyre of Padley in the parish of Hathers- 
edge, co. Derb., a younger son of Nicholas at p. 
226 ; he is styled Armiger in his Mon. Ins. in 
the Ch. of Hathersedge ; he d. 21 March 1459. 

=Joan de Padley, dau. & heir of 
Robert de Padley ; d. 9 March 
1463, and is bur. with her hus- 
band at Hathersedge. 

Henry Eyre, 9th 
son, of whom no 

Edmund Eyre,=f=Agnes, dau. & heir of 

10 th son, 


Edmund Ashurst of 
Royton n r Worksop. 

Stephen Eyre of Has- 
sop, 11 th & youngest 
son. (See Ped., 
p. 232.) 

William Eyre of Brookfield^ 
2 ud son, and of Royton. 


: Ann, dau. of Thomas 
Heiress of Royton. 





MS. 229 

Edmund Eyre=pMargery, dan. of Robert, of Little Hodsoke, M. P. B., xv., 146. 

of Bubnel, son 
& heir. 

Robert Coyney of 

Weston Coney, j 

co. Staff. (See Eyre of Royton in M. P. B., xv., 146.) 

Robert Eyre of Bub-=rDorothy, dau. of George Jane, wife of Mary, wife of 

nel & Royton. 

Columbel of Darley. 

Chris r Reynes Charles Stokes 
of Gateford. of Tickhill. 

Robert Eyre of^Catherine, dau. Frances. Grace. Mary. Elizabeth. 

Little Hodsoke, 
2 nd son. 

of Giles Smith 

of Tickhill. Margery. Frances. Ann. 

i i i 

Robert Eyre of=Elizabeth, dau. of William, = Dorothy Jerome, = Isabel 

Blithe-Spittle, Robert Philips of 2 nd son. Cap- 3 rd son. Bell, 
son & heir ; no the said Spittle. worth. widow, 


George Eyre of Royton, son=pAnn, dau. of Rob. Sparke 

& heir ; living in 1614. 

of Nantwich, co. Cestr. 

i i i 

Mary, wife of Robert Eyre,= 



Dorothy, wife 
of John Chap- 
pel, Gent. 

son & heir, 
aged 11,1614, 
bur. in the 
Chancel of 

: Elizabeth, William, ob. s.p. 
dau. of — 

Wil. Elizabeth, wife 

Saunder- of Digory Ecery, 
son of Gent. 
Blithe. — 

Joseph, ob. s.p. 

Sarah, wife of Rich d 
Hammond, Gent. 

Tho 8 . 

Rebecca, wife of 
Tho s Gold, Gent. 

I I I 

William George Eyre, sold Gervas, 

Eyre, b. Royton to the d. s.p. 

1626, Pierrepoint 

d. s.p. family. 

Robert, mar., & 
had a dau. Mary. 

Francis, mar. 

Elizabeth, wife of John 
Bellamy of Worksop, 
Gent., by whom John, 
Eliz., & Robert. 

Ralph Eyre=pElizabeth, dau. & coh r (with 
of Offerton 
in the Peak, 
6 son. 

the wife of Nicholas below) 
of Wil. Oxspring. 

Hugh Eyre, 7 th son, 
of whom I have seen 
no account, d. s.p. 

.... wife of 
Henry Pad- 
ley of Hasel- 

Ralph E.= 
of Wic- 
son & 



Philip Eyre, 
Parson of 
8 th son. 

=Margaret Wic- Margaret, wife Elizabeth, 

kersley of Wic- of John Parker wife of 

kersley, livs of Norton Lees 

there 17 Hen. (See p. 278.) Brown of 

7. Marshal. co. York, 

Ann, wife 


West of 


MS. 228, 229 



Eichard Eyre of Peniston, : 
son & heir, d. early in life. 

: Isabel, dau. of Thomas Wesfc, a widow 9 Hen. 8 ; 
liv g afc Wales in Yorkshire 1 Edw. VI. & 1554. 

I I 

Ann Eyre, dau. & coh r , wife of Jane Eyre, the other dau. & coh r , mar. Brian 

Jerome Blithe of Greenhill in Rye of Whitwell, co. Derb., 1 Ed. VI. 

Joan. Elizabeth, wife of Ealph Joan, wife of Stephen Thorpe Margaret. 
Leech of Chats worth. of Holderness of Danthorpe. 

3. Nicholas Eyre of= 
the Hurst, 3 rd son, 
of Hathersedge. 

= dau. of W m St. 

Andrew of Gotham, 
co. Notts. 

4. Eoger Eyre of Holme, 
4 th son. (See at the 
head of p. 230.) 

5. Eichard, 
5 th son, d. 

Elizabeth, wife 1 
William Wood- 
ruffe of Hope, 2 
Henry Columbel 
of Darley. 

Joan, wife 
of Henry 
of the 

Nicholas : 
son and 

=Ann, elder of the 2 dau s & coh rs of 
William Oxspring, son of Eichard 
0. of Oxspring in the psh. of Peni- 
ston, co. York ; living at Hathers- 
edge 21 Hen. 7. 

Ann, 1 st wife, dau.=p George Eyre of Nor-=pAnn, 2 nd wife, dau. Grace. Dorothy, 

of Eob. Nevile of 
Eagnall, co. Notts. 

manton upon Soar, 
Esq. ; liv* 33 Hen. 8. 

of John Leigh of — 
Kegworth. Eliz. 

Bridget, wife of Tho s 
Bawme of Skirne, co. 


Joan, 1 st wife^Eichard Eyre=p. 

dau. of Eob. 
Edmondson of 

of Norman- 
ton 1547 

George, of Norman- : 
ton, son & heir. 

Margery, dau. of Tho s Bel- 
grave of Belgrave, co. Leic. 

2 nd wife, 
dau. of .... 
Harwood of 
co. Norf. 



Ann, wife of Tho s Farnham 
of Quarndon. 


1. Eichard, d. young, 2. Eobert Eyre of Padley, Esq.,=pElizabeth, dau. of Tho 8 Fitz 

or Eobert, 

eldest surviving son & her., 
Sher. Derb. 21 Edw. IV. 

William of Mabblethorp, co. 
Line, Esq. 

Eobert Eyre of Pad-=pElizabeth, dau. of Sir William Hud- 
ley, Esq., Sher. Derb. dleston of Salston, co. Camb., by 
22 Edw. IV. Isabel, dau. of John Nevil, Marquis 


Jane, wife of Tho 8 
Meverel of Throw- 
ley, co. Staff. 



MS. 228 



Margaret, wife 
of Robert Bar- 
ley of Barley. 

Dorothy, wife 
of Alex 1 * Ne vile 
of South 

Ann, wife of Thomas 
Barley of Dronfield 

Margaret, 1 st wife,- 
dau. of Sir Robert 
Plumpton of 
Plumpton, En*. 


Mary, wife 
of Richard 
Draycot of 

-Sir Arthur Eyre of Padley, Kn* ; he has=j=Alice, 2 nd wife, 

a Mon. in the Ch. of Hathersedge ; mar. 
to his 3 rd wife Dor., dau. of Humph. Oke- 
over of Okeover. 

dau. of Thomas 
Coffyn of 

Robert. Edmund. Cath e . Joan. 

Harry. Marg*. 

All d. without issue. All d. young. 

Sir Thomas Fitz-= 
herbert, En*, son 
& heir of Sir An- 
thony, one of the 
Justices of the 
Common Bench. 

=Anne Eyre, 
sole dau. & 
heir, or 

d. in 
his ten- 
der age. 

Elizabeth, wife of Sir 
John Draycot of 

Thomas Eyre of High-=pCatherine, dau. of ... . Massey of 

Low in psh. of Hathers- 
edge, 2 nd son. 

High-Low ; called dau. of John 
Guilliaro, Harl. 1537. 

Elizabeth, wife 
of Richard 


Ann, wife of 
George Bar- 
ley of Stoke. 

MargS 2 nd wife of 
Tho. Barley of 
Dronfield Wood- 

Dorothy, wife 1 st of Rich d 
Needham of Snitterton, 
2 nd Will. Leigh of Eggin- 

Christopher Eyre of High-Low, son & heir, s d in=p Alice, dau. of Nicholas Saunder- 
Harl. 1537 to marry 2 Blanche, dau. of Sir John son of Tickhill ; called Wil., Harl. 
Warburton ; wid. of W m Davenport of Bromhall. 1537 & 2020. 

George E. of=Eliz., dau. of Dorothy, wife 

Twothorn Thomas Bal- of Edward 

hall, psh. of guy of Aston Lowe of Al- 

Hope. in Hope. derwasley. 

Robert, of Edale, no= Jane, dau. 
issue. Harl. 1537 of Tho. Re- 
says he had Robert resby of 
& George. Thribergh. 

Thomas E.^ 
of High- 
Low, Esq., 
ob. v.p. 

: Ann, dau. of 
Lionel Re- 
resby of Thri- 
bergh, CO. 
York, Esq. 

Jane, wife of 
Thorn 8 Re- 
resby of Thri- 
bergh, Esq. 

Mary, wife of Miles 
Eyre of Lond., 2 
Sir John Fogg, 3 
Tho 8 Kent. 

Elizabeth, wife of 
Michael St. Paul 
of Camball, 2 
Mich 1 Holland of 

Robert Eyre of= 
High-Low, Esq. 

This part of the Pedigree is defective & erroneous as by comparison 
with the Bill in the Exchequer, Atkinson v. Eyre. Compare Harl. 
886, f. 13, in M. P. B., x., 144, & M. P. B., xvi., 270. 

Mary, wife of Falk- 

ingham of Leeds. 

^Bridget, dau. of Sir Thorn 3 
Ferrers of Tarn worth, Knt. 


MS. 228 



George Eyre of Calow. It stands= 
thus in my copy of the account, 
but I suspect an error. 

: . . . . dau. & coh r 
of Hugh Barker 
of Hathersedge. 

.... wife of ... . Senior 
of the Hill by Hathers- 

George Eyre of=j 
Calow, Gent. | 

=. . . . dau. of ... . Jack- 
son of Baniford, Yeoman. 

Matthew. Thomas. 

Thomas, George, of= 
of the Thorp, 
Booth. Gent. 

: Margaret Ashton 
of Castleton. 

Barbara, wife 

of Syd- 


Mary, wife of Lionel 
Smilter of Hathers- 

Thomas, of Thorp, Gent.,= 
had 3 dau 8 1720. 

=Ann, dau. of Gervas 
Strelley of Strelley. 

I I I 

Mary. Ann. Jane. 

Thomas Eyre of High-Low, Esq., bur. : 
at Hope 2 Dec. 1633 ; aged 16, 1611. 

: Ann, dau. of Wil. Jessop of Broom- 
hall & of North Lees, Esq. 


Robert Eyre=j=Ann, dau. & coh r (with Mary, wife Thomas. 

of High- 
Low, Esq., 
Sher. Derb. 

of Henry Bradshawof Marple, Esq.) 
of Bernard Wells of Holme n r Bake- Humphry, 
well, Gent., by Barbara, dau. of 
Rich d Marshall of Tidswell, Gent., 
son of Tho s Wells of Ashton Under- 
bill, co. Glou. 


Mary, wife of Henry 
Walton, Gent., & d. 
1636 (Ashmole's 
8 Berks,' i., 9) ; d. in 
childbed the 9 Sep. 
1636. M.I. 

Thomas, Ann, bp. 1636 ; wife of 
no issue. Sir Philip Monkton. 

Barbara, bp. 1641 ; wife of Fr s 
Jessop of Broomhall, Esq. 

Robert Eyre, 1 st son, 
bp. at Hope 17 Feb. 
1636-7; d. at Trinity 
Col., Camb., 26 June 

Richard, bp. 
at Hope 31 
Jan. 1638; 
no issue. 

William Eyre of High-- 
Low and Holme-hall, 
bur. at Hathersedge 9 
Aug. 1706. 

Catherine, dau. of Sir 
John Gell of Hopton, 
Bart. ; d. at Derby 
28 Feb. 1721-2; sister 
& heir to Sir Philip. 

Anna Catherine, wife 

of Chris r Pegge of 

Beauchief, Esq. 

Catherine, d. in her 

Elizabeth, wife of Ferdinando Shaw 
of Derby, V.D.M. (See Pbd., 
p. 164.) 

Barbara, wife of Harrison of Pres- 
ton, apothecary. 

I I 
Mary, wife of Thorn 8 

Carter, Alderman of 

Temperance, d. 


Robert, d. 

Eleanor, 1 st wife, dau.=William Eyre of High-Low,= 
& heir of Sir Walter Esq. ; took the name of 
Archer on succeeding to 
Estates in Essex ; d. in 
1739, being then Knight of 
the Shire for Berks. i 

Wrottesley, Bart., by 
Eleanor, sister & heir 
of John Archer, Esq. 

: Susan, 2 nd 
wife, sister 
& heir of 
Sir Michael 



MS. 228 


Susan, wife of Edward, Earl of Oxford ; Catherine, wife of Philip Blundel, 
no issue. Esq. ; no issue. 


John Archer=pMary, dau. 
of Welford, 
co. Berks, 


. .=Michael Newton, Esq., of=Ann, 2 nd wife, dau. 
of John, 2 nd 1 st Culverthorp, co. Line; of Samuel Bag- 
Earl Fitz- wife. M.P. for Beverley; d. shaw of Ford, Esq. 
William. without issue 1803. (See Ped., p. 108.) 


Jacob Houblon of Holling-= Susanna Archer, coheir, assumed 
bury in Essex, Esq. the name of Newton 1809. 

Charlotte, wife 
of Gillery 
Pigot, Esq. 

John Eyre of Hopton, Esq. ;- 
took the name of G-ell by 
request of his uncle Sir 
Philip ; d. Feb. 1739. 

Isabella, dau. & coheir 
of William Jessop of 
Broomhall, Esq. ; ob. 
July 1738. 


Bernard, d. un- 
mar. 25 Aug. 
1712; bur. at 
Bakewell 27 th . 

Philip Gell=j=Dorothy John Gell of Ann, w. of Maria Catherine, Temperance, 

~ ' - d . nf ^ 

Mary, d. 
1791; d. 

of Hopton, 



Hugh d. unmar. 

Esq. (see 

co. Brec, 

Meynel of — 

p. 18); ob. 

Adm. of the 

Bradley. Isabella, d. u 

Aug. 1795. 

Blue ; d. un- 
mar. 1806. 

=p mar. 
Godfrey M. of Bradley. 

Philip Gell, now of Hop- 
ton, Esq., eldest male de- 
scendant of Eobert Eyre 
& Joan de Padley 1823. 

: Georgiana, dau. Sir William, of Mary, w. of . . . . Col- 

of Nich. Nicho- M. A., lin of Ottery S* Mary, 

las, Esq., of Bow- F.A.S., 2 nd son, has had 3children; 

bridge field. unmar. now living 1825. 

John Nich 8 Gell, only son ; aged 
20, 1825 ; of C.C. Col., Oxf. 

Georgiana, w. of Tho. Porser of Isabella, 
Wirksworth, surgeon ; b. 1799 ; 2 nd dau. 
mar. 7 Oct. 1824 ; d. 3 May 1825. 

Jacob Houblon^Susanna Archer. 
John Archer Houblon.=y= 

Charles Archer Houblon, 2 son. In 1831, took the name of Eyre. 

Admiral Gell was of Crickhowell near Abergavenny, & d. without issue in 1806. 
Isabella on the left, mar Thornhill, & is the sole descendant of Phil. Gell. 

MS. 230, 231 



Compare Harl. 1537. 

Other children of Tho. Eyre & Ellen Lowick : Elizabeth, mar Hatch ; 

Helen, mar. William, bro. of Sir Edward Plumpfcon ; Mary, mar Maseney ; 

Barbara ; Stephen, mar. Mary Copley. 

Roger Eyre of Holme Hall near Chesterfield, 4 th son of=pElizabeth, sole dau. & heir 

Robert Eyre and Joan de Pedley (see p. 228) ; 
the Manor of Whittington & Newbold. 

Lord of 


wife of Laurence Fox of Thorpe. 

of Robert Whittington of 
Whittington, co. Derb., 
heir of Henry Bakewell. 

Jane or Grace, wife of 
Ralph Fitzherbert of 
Tissington. (Q.Robert.) 

Agnes, wife of 
Nicholas Staf- 
ford of Eyam. 

Ann, wife of Adin 
Beresf ord of Fenny 

Elizabeth, wife of 
.... Allestree of 


Thomas Eyre of Dunston, co. Derb., Esq., a=f=Margaret, dau. of Alvery Beswick of 
benefactor to the church of Chesterfield. Bulcots, co. Notts, Esq. 

Roger Eyre of Holme hall, Esq. (see Thoroton,= 
270), d. 22 Aug. 8 Hen. 8. Will dated 7 Aug. 
7 Hen. 8. To be bur. at Chesterfield, but if he 
d. at Lenton to be bur. in the Abbey. 

: Elizabeth, dau. of 
Robert Barley of 
Barley, Esq. Wife 
called Isabel in her 
husband's will. 

Philip Eyre, 
mentioned in 
his brother's 
will with a 
son Edward. 

Christopher, liv^ 7 Hen. 8, 
has lands in Hallamshire, 
Eckington, Beighton, etc., 
seated at Weston -upon- 


Ann, wife of Elizabeth, wife Joan, wife 
Randal Rye of .... Den- of John 
of Whitwell, man of Ret- Bullock of 
co. Derb. ford. Ounston. 

These 3 dau s are not mentioned 
in their father's will. 

Elizabeth, 1 st wife, dau.= 
of Ralph Reresby of 
Thribergh, co. York, 
Esq. Mentioned as 
wife of Eyre in her 
father's will. 

Faith, 1 st w., dau. : 
of Sir John Cha- 
worth of Wyver- 
ton, K nt , by Mary, 
dau. of Sir Wil. 

: Edward Eyre of Holme, 1 
Esq., aged 30, 8 Hen. 8 ; 
d. 3 July 4 & 5 of Ph. & 
Mary. To have the house- 
hold stuff at Holme by 
his father's will. 

Alice Pursglove, 
2 nd wife, sister 
to Robert Purs- 
glove, Prior of 
Gisborn, etc. 

Sir Michael, 
a Priest. 

=John Eyre of Dunston &^f=Jane, 2 nd wife, dau. & 

Holme Hall, Esq., 
zealous Catholic & great 
sufferer in the reign of 
Elizabeth ; sold Whitting- 
ton, Dunston, & Holme 
Hall, & other estates ; d. 
10 Oct. 1595. c 

heir of John Fitzher- 
bert (by a dau. of 

Basset), son of Sir 
Tho s F. by the dau. 
& heir of Sir Arthur 

had no 



MS. 231 


Mary Eyre. 
Ellen Eyre. 

Stephen Eyre. (He was- 
a son of Edward and 
Helen Lowick.) 

=Mary, sister of Sir Godfrey Copley 
of Sprotborough, relict of James 
Washington of Adwick. 

John Dungworth=pJane. 

Elizabeth, mar. a gentleman who was in the 
service of James, Earl of Derwentwater. 

Barbara, l st =f=Edward Eyre of Dunston= 

wife, dau. & 
h. of Sir 
Philip Dray- 
cot of Payns- 
ley, Kn* ; 
mar. 1607. 

& Holme, suffered much 
in the Civil Wars, & sold 
much of his land ; d. in 
1649, & was bur. at New- 

Roger Eyre, sold Holmesfield & 
Cartlege ; a monk in Ireland. 

: Helen, 2 nd wife, 
dau. of Thomas 
Lowick of Os- 
motherley, co. 
York, Esq. ; 
mar. 1610; bur. 
in the Chapel 
at Newbold. 

Vincent=f=Mary, dau. 

Eyre of 

2 nd son. 

of Robert 
bert of So- 

Martha, aged 13, 

Thomas Eyre of Dron-- 
field Woodhouse, a Cap* 
of Horse in the King's 
Army ; wounded soon 
after the fight at Nase- 
by ; d. in 1645, & was 
bur. at West Hallam 
near Derby. 

: Elizabeth, dau. & heir= Francis 
of Robert Owtram of Lowe 
Dronfield Woodhouse; of Owl- 
heir also to Michael & greaves, 
Thos. Burton, Esq., to 2 nd 
whom her mother was husb. 
sister. R. 0. was son 
of William, son of Ro- 
bert, son of John. 


=Mary, dau. 


ton of 

Thomas Eyre of= 
Newbold, Gent., 
born 22 Aug. 
1641; d. 29 June 
1682, & was bur. 
in his own chapel 
at Newbold. 

I I I 



Isabella, dau. & coheir (with Mary, 
wife of W m Dalston of Great Sal- 
keld, & Marg*, wife of Tho s Birk- 
beck of Hornby Hall, Esq., by whom 
John Catterick B. who sold the 
estates at Carlton) of John Cat- 
terick of Carlton, Esq. ; living 


wife of 
Eyre of 

Edward, ob. 
28 Nov. 
1700, set. 
30,s.p.; bur. 
at Newbold. 

I I 


Mary, mar. Who was Edward Eyre of 
Nic. Bagnal Dronfield Woodhouse men- 
of Hodsoke tioned at p. 25, whose dau. 
Lodge, co. mar. S. Hartley, & had a 
Notts. son who took the name of 


MS. 230, 231 



Vincent Eyre of Dron~ 
field Woodhouse, Gent., 
b. there in Nov. 1671 ; 
he was a collector for the 
history of his family ; 
living in 1741 ; d. in 

: Ann, dau. of Nathaniel 
all, co. Salop, by Ann 
his wife, dau. & coheir 
of John Stafford of St. 

Elizabeth, wife 
of Henry Bal- 
guy of Dar- 
went, Esq. 
(See Ped., 
p. 236.) 

Prudentia & 



1. Vincent Eyre of Sheffield & of=Pieria, dau. of Tho. 

Highfield near Chesterfield, b. Milnes of Highfield; 

23 Jan. 1704; d. without issue 

1761 ; Master of the Horse & 

Steward to Edw., Duke of 


rel. of Richard 
Pyott of Strethay, 
co. Staff., Esq. 

2. Edward Eyre of= 
London, silk mer- 
cer, 2 nd son, b. 6 
Jan. 1706; had 
an estate at New- 

Edward Eyre of London & of Lansdown Place, Batb,= 
d. very aged 8 Sep. 1823. 

3. Nathaniel Eyre of Dron-=j=Jane, 3 dau. of John Mary. Catherine. Ursula. 

field Woodhouse, 3 rd son, of 
Glossop, co. Derb. ; Gentle- 
man to Edw., Duke of Nor- 
folk; Steward at Worksop. 

Bromhead of Lidi- 
ate n r Sheffield ; 

her sister mar 

Fox. 1 

All d. unmar. 

Vincent Eyre of Sheffield, Esq., many= 
years principal agent to the Duke of 
Norfolk ; d. April 1801. 

=. . . . dau. of ... . Parker .... Eyre, a 
of Liverpool; liv&awidow Doctor of the 
at Bath 1823. Sorbonne. 

Thomas Joseph, Charles, of= John, of = 

unmar. 1823. Acomb, York, 

near York. 

Catherine, wife of Julia. 
.... Sculley of 
Dublin, Esq. 

Vincent Henry Eyre of Highfield, Esq., eldest son- 
& heir 1823 ; of Belgraye Square, London, 1849. 

=. . . . dau. of . . . 
Wright, Esq. 

Vincent Eyre, John Lewis,=Pulcoria de Som- Anne, mar. 24 June 1836 to 
a Lieut., and 4 th son, mar. ery, dau. of the John Errington, Esq., of High- 
heir of ... . 13 May 1828. Marq. de Somery. warden, co. Northumberland. 

Anthony Eyre of Kiveton, co.=pElizabeth, 

York, son & heir, aged 21, 4 & 
5 Ph. & Mary ; d. 10 April 
17 Eliz. Will 9 April 1575. 
Coz. M r Peter Freschvile of 
Staveley. p 

dau. of 
Pole of 

wife of 
John Rol- 
lesley of 

Ann, wife 
of Tho- 
mas Revel 
of Carn- 

Lucy, wife 
of Hum- 
phry Staf- 
ford of 

Geo. Fox of Full wood, yeo., and Ann Bromhead mar, at Sheffield 3 June 1699. 




MS. 230 


Gervas Eyre of Newbold, Kiveton, &= 
Laughton-en-le-Morthen, co. York, 
Esq., 1612 ; bur. at Laughton 28 Oct. 
1625, aged 28, 17 Eliz. 

-Mary, dau. of George Nevile of Ragnal, Esq., 
by Barbara, dau. & coh r of John Hercy of 
Grove, Esq.; bur, 20 Sep. 1626 in the church 
of Ramp ton. 

Frances & Barbara, w. 1 of John Fresch- 

Mary,both vile of Hazlebarrow, Esq., 2 nd 

d. before of Richard Bland. 

Elizabeth, mar. in Jane, wife of Sir 
1594 to Tho s Ri- Hardolf Waste- 
card of Hatfield, neys of Headon, 
Gent. Bart. 

Ann, 1 st wife,= 
dau. of John 
Markham of 
Esq. ; bur. at 
Laughton 23 
June 1608. 

=Anthony Eyre of Kive-= 
ton, Esq., which he sold 
to Sir Edward Osborn, 
& of Laughton, only son 
& heir, aged 9, 1585. 
Will dated 16 Nov. 
1643 ; proved 24 Sep. 
1658 in London. 

:Mary, 2 nd wife, dau. = John Bab-=Thomas 
& heir of Hercy ington of Pate of 

Nevile of Grove, 
Esq., by Bridget, 
dau. of Henry Sa- 
vile. of Lupset, 
Esq. ; mar. A. E. 29 
Aug. 1609 ; bur; 15 
July 1632. 

co. Notts, 
Esq., 2 nd 

1 hus- 

Anthony, bp. 1612 ; Col. at Newark Arthur, Thomas, 

in service of Charles I. ; mar. Fran- dead — 

ces, dau. of Sir Gerv. Clifton, wid. of 1619. Margaret. 
Richard Tempest of Bracewell, Esq. 

Jane, the 
6 th w. of 
Sir Geo. 

I I 


Mary,b. 1598; 
mar. at Ramp- 
ton 1633 to 
Wil. Blythe. 

Martha, b. 1602 ; 
mar. at Rampton 
1642 to Wil. Salt- 
marsh. (M.P.B., 
x., 53.) 

Isabel, mar. 
8 Jan. 1636 
to Matthew 

n i 

Robert, bp. 1607. Anthony, 

— d. before 

Roger, bp. 1606 ; 1619. 
d. inf. 

Sir Gervas Eyre of Rampton, co.= 
Notts, aged 13, 1612 ; knighted 
4 Sep. 1638 ; slain at the siege 
of Newark on the King's party. 

OElizabeth, dau. & co-= 
heir of John Babing- 
ton and Mary Nevile 

: William More, 
D.D., 2 nd 
husb. (Thor., 
iii., 246.) 

John, bp. 

bp. 1605. 

Mary, wife of Sir John Newton of 
Barrs Court, Bart.; b. 6 Feb. 1627. 

Anne, bp. 22 
Feb. 1640. 

Anthony. Gervas. 
All d. y. 


Lucy, 1 st wife, dau. of Sir- 
John Digby of Mansfield- 
Woodhouse ; b. 31 Aug. 
1635; mar. 9 June 1657; 
bur. 6 June 1659. 



^Anthony Eyre of Rampton,- 
Esq., some time M.P. for the 
county of Notts, b. 17 Sep. 
1634; bur. 11 Nov. 1671 
at Rampton. Will 5 Oct. 
1671, H 

=Eliz., 2 nd wife, dau. of Sir 
John Packington, Bart., 
of Westwood, co. Wore, 
by Dor., dau. of Tho., 
Lord Coventry. 

MS. 230, 231 




Lucy or Elizabeth, 
only issue, living 
unmar. 1671. 

i i 

George, dead Mary, b. 
1665, aged 8. 1665. 

Jane. Dorothy, wife of John 
Bradshaw of Brampton, 
Esq. ; mar. at Ramp- 
ton 15 July 1680. 

G-ervas Eyre of Rampton, Esq., some time^Catherine, dau. of 

Member for the county of Notts, d. in 1706 ; 
bp. 20 Aug. 1669 ; Sher. of Notts; d. in 
London 16 Feb. 1703 ; resided for some 
time at Sandbeck. 

Sir Henry Cooke of 
Wheatley, Bart. ; 
d. 7 Nov. 1704. 

Margaret, b. 1667. 
Anthony, d. y. 



Gervas, b. Charles, of Doncaster, : 
1704; d. M.D., b. 1700; d. 2 
1741. Aug, 1763. 

=Elizab., dau. of John 
Fountayne of Melton, 


Susanna, 1 w., dau.= Anthony Fountayne Eyre^=Honor, 2 w., dau. Grervas, d. inf. 

of Kenwick Pres- 
cot, D.D., Master 
of Catherine Hall, 

of Barnborough, Clerk, b. 
1746; d. 1794 ; bur. at 
Doncaster ; Canon Resi- 
dentiary of York. 

of Godfr Wool- 
ley, Rector of 
Thurnscoe ; mar. 

Elizab., d. un- 
mar. 1761. 

Catherine Judith, 2 dau., d. 4 June 1793, aged 5 ; bur. at Barnborough. 

Elizabeth, 1 w., dau. of Sir= 
Willoughby Hickman of 
Gainsboro', Bart. ; d. 26 
Feb. 1741, aged 47 ; bur. 
at St. Peter's, Derby. 

=Henry E. of=. . . . 2 w., 
Rowter, dau. of 

Esq., b. Rowland 

1693 ; Sher. Cotton. 
Derby 1723. 

George, of Ret-= Phoebe 
ford & Doneas- .... 
ter, d. s.p. 28 
April 1761, 
aged 65. 

Elizabeth, dau. & h., w. of Clotworthy Skeffington, Earl of Massarene. 

Anthony Eyre of Ramp- 
ton, Adwick-le-Street, & 
Laughton, Sher. of Notts 
1729 ; d. 1748. 

: Margaret, 5 dau. 
of Sir Charles 
Turner of Kirk- 
Leatham ; mar. 
23 Dec. 1717. 

Elizabeth, b. 
1638 ; d. 
1750 ; bur. 
at Mansfield 

Catherine, b. 1691. 

Diana, d. unmar. 

Margaret, b. 
1718 ; mar. 
1742 to 
\L ton,co.Derb. 

Catherine, b. 1721; 
w. of Matth w Dods- 
worth of Thornton 
Watlass, Esq., & d. 
s.p. (P. 183.) 

Elizabeth, b. 1722 ; 
w. of Will. Cham- 
bers of Ripon ; he 
d. 16 June 1796, 
aet. 62 ; she 8 May 
1803; bur. in Ripon 

Diana, d. coel. 2 Nov. 
1806, set. 83. 

Mary, b. 1726 ; w. of 
Anthony Cooke of Ous- 
ton, Esq. 


families: minobum gentium. 

MS. 230 


Anthony Eyre of Grove & of=f=Judith Letitia, only dau. of John 

Adwick-le- Street, Esq., only 
surviving son & heir, b. 9 
Jan. 1727; d. 14 Feb. 1788 ; 
bur. at Rampton. 

Bury & Catherine his wife ; great- 
niece & heir of Sir Hardolf Waste- 
neys of Headon, Bart. ; d. 1800 ; 
bur. at Rampton. 

Gervas, b. 1720; 
d. 1721. 

Gervas, b. 1724 ; 
d. 1729. 

Julia, w. of Rob. Auriol 
Hay Drummond, son of 
Robert AbP of York; 
d. s.p. He became 
Earl of Kinnoull. 


Charles, Rec- 
tor of Grove, 
etc., b. 3 Jan. 
1768; d.un- 
mar. 2 June 

Sir George Eyre,=j=Georgiana, 

K.C.B., Rear- 
Admiral in the 
Royal Navy, 4 
& youngest son. 

dau. of Sir 
Geo. Cooke 
of Wheat- 
ley, Bart. 


George Hardolf, b. 1801. William, in the Army. Several dau s . 

Anthony Hardolf E.=f=Francisca Alicia, John Eyre, 2 son, b.=pCharlotte, 3 dau. 

of Grove, Esq., b. 5 
March 1757 ; elected 
Knight of the Shire 
for Notts 1804 & 2 
follow g parlia. 

dau.ofRich d Wil- 
braham Bootle of 
Latham Hall, 
Esq. ; d. 13 Sep. 

19 Feb. 1758 ; Rec- 
tor of Bab worth, co. 
Notts, Canon Resi- 
dentiary of York, & 
Archdeacon of Notts. 

tage of Kirklees, 
B fc ; mar. at 
Marybone 12 
April 1790. 


:Mary Le- 
titia, eld. 
dau., b. 11 
Oct. 1784; 

Gervas Anthony, Off 1 ' in 1 Reg. of 
Foot Guards, slain at Barossa 1811. 

Frances Julia, w. of Granville Ver- 
non, Esq., son of AbP of York. 


mar. 2 





E., lson, 

Charles Wasteneys Eyre, Clerk, 2 son, Charlotte, w. of 

b. 1802 ; mar. Lucy Dor., dau. of John Henry Wil- 

Robinson Foulis, Esq. ; mar. 26 April loughby, Esq. 

Anna Maria, 
Louissa Hen- 
rietta, d. y. 





MS. 232 

Compare with this Harl. 1537, f. . . in M. P. B., iii., 70, & Egerton 996, f. 21b, 
in M. P. B., xiv., 172. 

Stephen Eyre of Hassop, eleventh & youngest=p Catherine, dau. of Nicholas Dymock 

son of Robert Eyre and Joan de Padley. 


of Kyme, co. Line. 

Bettrice, wife of John Morewood Elizabeth, mar. 1 Edmund Chalnor of Darnall, 
of the Oaks in Bradfield. 2 . . . . Everingham of Stainbro', 3 . . . . Leake 

of Hasland. A 

MS. 232 




Kowland Eyre of Hassop,= 
Esq., 3 ld son & heir, mar. 
about 1515. 

: Dorothy, dau. of Henry 
Everingham of Stain - 
borough. (Ann ? in 
Egerton 996.) 

Elizabeth, wife 
of Richard Cur- 
zon of Ked- 

Jane, wife of 
John Ireton 
of Ireton. 

. . 1 st wife,=f=Stephen Eyre=f=Ann, 2 nd wife, dau. 

dau. of 
Downes of 

of Hassop, 
2 nd son & heir. 

of Tho. Blackwell ; 
mar. ab* 1545. 

Elizabeth, wife 
of ... . Black- 
well of Tids- 

Ann, wife of 
Longsden of 

Dorothy, wife Jane, wife of Wil- 

of John Ro- liam Frost of Lon- 

berts of don. 

I.I I 

Ann, wife of Mary, wife of Catherine, wife 

William John Staley of Geo. Need- 
Parker of of Redseats. ham of Thorn- 
Whitley. sett. 

Rowland Eyre of Has-=p Gertrude, dau. and coheir of Humphry Stafford of Eyam, 
sop, Esq., mar. about Esq., by Lucy, dau. of Edw. Eyre of Holme Hall ; brought 
Calver, Rowland, etc. 

sop, Esq., 

Roger Eyre=p. . . . dau. of 

of Rowter, 
5 th son. 

. . . Gosling 

Rowland, of the Pre- = Hester, dau. of Jane, w. 
sence Chamber to .... Hacket of Christ r 
King James. of London. Pegge. 




Thomas Eyre of Rowter, which Estate he gave to Henry, 
2 nd son of Gervas of Rampton ; d. in 1719. 

Adam Eyre of Bradway= 
in psh. of Norton, Gent., 
3 rd son; d. in Nov. 1634. 

=Elizabeth, dau. of 
Thomas Barley of 
Dronfield Wood- 

George Eyre,=. . . . dau. of ... . 
4 th son. Bright. 

I find a Geo. Eyre, Vicar of Mack- 
worth, mar. 5 July 1604 at Norton 
to Mary Strelley, gentlewoman. 


Francis, living in 
Maryland 1662. 

Gertrude, wife of William Strelley 
of Beauchief, bp. 27 Jan. 1610-1. 

Gervas, eldest 
son & heir, 
bur. at Norton 
13 Dec. 1613. 

Ann, 1 st wife, dau. : 
& heir of Wil. 
Holme of Over 
Hulme, co. Staff.; 
bur. at Norton 

: Rowland Eyre of= 
Bradway, Esq., 
bp. 20 Aug. 1612; 
aged 48, 1662 ; 
d. 1 Sep. 1665. 

Agatha, wife of Francis 
Stevenson of Ounston. 

: Mary Bridges, 2 nd wife, 
dau. of Wendesley Black- 
wall of Dethick; wid. of 
.... Bridges, by whom 
Anthy, Tho s , & Jane, 
all d. y. 

John Eyre of Bradway, Gent., son &=Frances,hada Rowland, b. ab* 1641 ; 

heir app., bp. 1636; aged 27, 1662 ; d. dau. Frances, d. infant ; bur.ll June 

B 9 April 1664. 1641. o 



MS. 232 

Adam, d. infant ; 
bp. 17 April 1648; 
bur. 15 July. 

Gertrude, William Tatton of = Ann Eyre, = Robert Rad- 
bp. 1643; Withenshaw, Esq., sole dau. & cliffeofWit- 
d. unmar. 1 st husband, mar. heir, bp. 27 henshaw, 2 nd 

at Norton 11 Aug. March husband. 

1665. 1645. 

I I 

Thomas Eyre of Hassop,=f=Prudence, dau. of Nicholas Gervas Eyre, 2 nd son, d. un- 
Esq., son & heir. " 

Blackwall of Hamstall. 

mar. 8 Feb. 1619, aged 44 ; 
bur. at Dronfield. 

Rowland Eyre of Hassop,^ Ann, dau. of Sir Francis 

Esq., a Colonel of foot in 
the Royal Army, aged 11, 

or Tho s Smith of Ashby 
Folvile, sister to Lord 

William, a Lieut. Colonel. 
Dorothy, Mary, Prudence, 

.... 1 st wife, dau. &- 
coh r of Sir Philip 
Kemp, Knt. 

=Thomas Eyre of Hassop, Esq. = Mary, 2 nd wife, dau. of Sir 
(For his issue, see Baker's Henry Bedingfield ; had 6 
' Northamptonshire,' p. 741.) sons & 6 dau s . 

Rowland Eyre of Hassop,- 
co. Derb., Esq., d. 12 
March 1728-9, aged 72, 
& is bur. at Preston. 

=Lady Elizab. Plunket, dau. 
of Luke, Earl of Fingal ; d. 
25 Aug. 1729; bur. at 

Ellen, wife of Tho s Wood 
of Bracon Ash, co. Norf., 
Esq., d. 20 Aug 1712. 

Thorn as= 
Eyre of 
1742 ; 

=Mary, dau. of George 
Holm an of Wark- 
worth ; coheir to her 
brother William. 
Her mother Lady 
Anastasia Stafford. 
At length in her issue 
sole heir. 

wife of Sir 
Wil. Stan- 
ley, Bart., 
of Hooton. 

wife of Sir 
Tho. Fleet- 
Bart. (Not 
in Baker's 



mar. Tho s 

d. y. 

John, Elizabeth, mar. Francis 
d. y. Farquharson. 



Margaret. Catherine. Emilia. 

Francis Eyre of Warkworth,=f=Lady Mary Radcliffe, dau. of Charles=Sarah Her- 

Esq., living 1792 ; 
Oct. 1804 

ob. 7 

Radcliffe, Esq. ; sister to the Earl of non, 2 nd 
Newburgh ; mar. 11 Feb. 1755 ; ob. wife. 

Francis, Earl of=pDorofchy, dau. of 

1823, b. 10 
Feb. 1762; ob. 
23 Oct. 1827. 

John Gladwin 
of Mansfield, 

James Eyre, 
mar. dau. of 
.... Chenni- 
court of 

I I 

Charles Charlotte, only dau., 

Eyre,d. mar. 1793 to Arthur 

unmar. Onslow, Esq., & ob. 

1819 s.p. 1800. 




Mary, d. Charlotte, d. Ann, d. Barbara, b. 1798 ; Eadclyffe, Caroline, 
unmar. unmar. unraar. d. a nun at Ber- b. 1802 ; b. 1806. 

1813. 1802. monsey. d. unmar. 

Thomas, 6 Earl of= Margaret, dau. of Archibald, Francis, b. 1794, Dorothy, 

Newburgh, b. 21 10 Earl of Cassilis ; mar. 14 Earl of New- b. 1788. 

Oct. 1790 ; d. 22 Nov. 1817 ; after Marq. of burgh. 
May 1833 s.p. Ailsa." 

Rowland Eyre of Hassop, Esq., son &= 
heir, dead 1758. 

: Mary, dau. & heir of Wil m , 4 th Lord Wid- 
derington ; bur. 1758. 

Thomas Eyre of Hassop, Esq., d.=LadyMary Bellasyse, dau. of Tho 8 , Earl Falcon- 
at Nice without issue 1792, bergh ; mar. 23 July, 1776 ; d. at Pisa 27 
March 26. Jan. 1804. 

MS. 232a 

G-eorge Eyre of Haldworth in Chapelry of Bradfield =p. . . . Adam Eyre of Thomas Eyre 

Gent. Will 12 Feb. 1627 ; proved 8 Feb. 1629. 

Ex x . Bradway, Gent., of Ridge, Yeo., 

never mar. bro. in Law. 

Gertrude, £100 by grand- Jane, £100 by grand- Mary, £100 by 
father's will. father's will. father's will. 

W ra Eyre of Holme Hall 1676. 

W m Eyre of Holme Hall, Esq., 1703. 

I 1 I 

Hy. Eyre of Gray's W m Eyre, alive Mary, of Bury Hall in Norf. 1703 ; John Eyre of Bury 
Inn 1703. 1703. mar. Charles Lowe of Youlgreave, Hall, Norf., 1724. 

co. Derby. Anth^ Eyre of do. 

From M r Swift. 

MS. 233 

John Eyre of Hathersedge, son of the first Robert Eyre of Padley, " ex an cilia genitus."^ 


i ,i 

Godfrey Eyre=f=Emma, dau. of Ellis Furnis of Joan, wife of Ralph Smith of 
I Hucklow. AtterclifEe. 

Margaret, wife of Hugh Wadd Emma, wife of Wil. Edam Eyre=j=Edith, dau. of 

of Aston, 2 of John Fanshaw Draper of Harbrow. of Offerton. Rolleston of Swark- 

of Fanshaw Gate. ston. 

Winifred, wife of William West of Rotherham, Nicholas Eyre of = Ann, dau. of John Fox of 
Att7. Offerton. Thorpe. 

Godfrey Eyre =j=Joan, dau. of Hen. Ann, wife of Tho. Elizabeth, wife of Alice, wife of 
son & heir. Brownall of Hoi- Bolt (?) of Ches- William Rowland William Morton 

A J den, terfield.- of Eyam. of Bradfield. 



MS. 233 

a I 

Lawrence Eyre of Hathersedge, son^Margarefc, dau. of Henry Burley of Elizab. Maud. Ann. 
" " " The Yews. 

& heir. 

I I I I I 

Catherine, wife of Anthony Fox of Thorp. Jane. Joan. Mary. Margaret. 

William Eyre of Bramley Hall in the psh. of Braithwell ,= 
co. York, bur. at Braithwell 12 July 1582. 

: Alice, dau. of Roger Fretwell of 
Hellaby near Bramley. 


William Eyre of Bramley Hall,=Edith, dau. & coheir of Robert=. . . . Leadbeater, 2 nd husband, 
bur. at Braithwell 1602. Marsh of Darton, co. York. Rector of Thribergh. 

3Salsu£— iLittletoooU* 

MS. 236 

This ped. is from the Collections of Thomas Blore, Esq. (Additional 

1681, Tho s Balguy, Gent., mar. Hannah, wid. of Rich. Revel. (P. 171.) 

1720, John Downes of Sheffield, Att y , mar Balguy of Derwent. 

Ab* 1780, Anthony Worral of Strynds, Gent., mar. at Balguy. 

1690, April 14, bur. Anne, wife of M r Henry Balguy, at Bradfield. 

1723, d. Sarah, dau. of Tho. Balguy of Aston Hall, Esq., bur. at Sheffield. 

Henry Balguy was living at Rowlee 23 Feb. 1672, where his dau. Elizabeth 
was bur. This was about the time that the house at Derwent was built. He is 
said to have had a good fortune with his wife the dau. of ... . Barber of Rowlee. 
Perhaps she was an heiress. He is called of Rowlee, Gent., in an Arbitration deed 
in 27 Car. II., 1676. It would seem that the hall of Derwent was built for his son 
the 2 nd Henry. 

Sarah, dau. of Tho. Balguy, Esq., of Aston Hall, d. 1 July 1703, & is bur. in 
the psh. Ch. yard, Sheffield, where her gravestone still remains 1858. 

A very ridiculous pedigree of Balguy. A recent work is in the British Museum. 

Thomas Balguy of Aston in par. of Hope, co. Derb.=j=Joan. 


Thomas Balguy Adam Balguy of Hagg,=f=Jane, dau. of ... . Tye 
of Aston. psh. of Hope. I of Retford. 

Thomas Balguy of Hagg. (Q. 
not William B. of Rowlee.) 


=Dorothy, dau. of Thomas Massey 
of Wickleswick, co. Lane, Esq. 

Grace, 1 st wife,= 
dau. of Edward 
Barber of Row- 
lee, co. Derb. ; 
bur. at Hope 
15 July 1640. 

: Henry Balguy ofc 
Hagg, bp. at 
Hope 12 Jan. 
1608-9; d. 17 
Mar. 1685, aged 
76; bur. at Hope. 

: Elizabeth,= 
2^ w., 
dau. of 
Edw. Al- 
leyne of 

Anne, 3 rd wife, dau.= 
of Rowland More- 
wood of The Oaks 
in Bradfield ; bur. 
at Bradfield 14 
April 1.690. 


John, 2 son. 


=Willliam Fox, 
1 st husband, 
of Full wood. 
(See Ped., 
p. 278.) 

Elizabeth, d. unmar. 1672 
Hope 23 Feb. 1672. 

bur. at Jo' 


Joseph Fox, d. 4 Aug. 
1669 ; bur. at Hope. 

MS. 236 



Henry Balguy of Aston,= 
Esq., aged 14, 1662 ; 
bur. at Hope 10 July 

=Walburge, dau. & coheir of Anthony 
Senior of Cowley near Darley, co. 
Derb., Gent. ; bur. at Hope 21 
Aug. 1723 ; bp. 11 Oct. 1650. 
(See Ped., p. 106.) 

Dorothy & Elizabeth, 
both named in the 
will of their Grand- 
father E. A. 

I I I 

Dorothy. Ann, w.-of . . . . 

— Hamilton, Eec- 

Mary. tor of Eyam. 

Philippa or Phillis. She is said by the Downes' to 
have been the wife of M r Lucy, & her sister Frances 

to have mar Haynes of Warwickshire. 

(Q. if not wife of Tho. Hayes, Vicar of Hope.) 

Charles. Gervase, bp. at Hafchersedge 25 July 
1688 ; of Hope ; d. at Aldwark 29 
Jan. 1750, & was bur. at Rawmarsh ; 
at Att y : never mar. 

Frances, bp. at Hathersedge 
6 Jan. 1675-6 ; mar. Wil- 
liam Lucy of Charlecot, Esq. 
(Q. a clerk.) 

Henry Balguy of Derwent,=pElizabeth, dau. of Tho. 

Esq., bp. at Hope 23 June 
1674 ; bur. there 27 Nov. 

Eyre of Newbold, Gent.; 
bur. at Hope 29 Dec. 
1730. (See Ped., p. 231.) 

John Balguy, Esq., 2 nd son, 
drowned in 1719 ; d. sud- 
denly in the Bath at Bux- 
ton : unmar. 

Ann, wife of 
John Downes 
of Sheffield ; 
mar. 1720. 
(See Ped., 
p. 282.) 

Dorothy, mar. Anthy 
of Strynds. (See 
Ped., p. 330.) 

Mary, d. unmar. 

Elizabeth, w. of John 
Littlewood of Bam- 
ford in psh. of Hath- 

M w Greave (Mili- 
cent Stringer) told 
me that all these 
four dau s " ran 
away to be mar." 

Charles Little-=p. . . . dau. Balguy L., d. unmar. Ann, mar. Anthony Worral 

wood of Wis- 
bech, CO. 


Houshold George, d. unmar. 

of March. 

of Strynds, and 2 John 
Stringer of . . . . Dungworth. 
(See p. 330.) 

Elizabeth. Mary. Hannah. Sarah. Fanny. Charles Balguy. Alice. 

Charles Balguy of Peterborough, M.D., 
educated at Chesterfield School & S* 
John's Coll., Camb. ; published a transl. 
of the ' Decameron ' of Boccace, 8vo., 
1741 ; d. unmar. 


Joseph Greaves = Catherine, mar. at 
of the Ashes Hathersedge 20 
near Derwent. Jan. 1732-3; bur. 
(See p. 476.) there 29 Sep. 

Henry Balguy of Alfreton, Attorney,=pMary, dau. of Tho s Pearson of Wortley ; bur. 

bur. at Hope 20 July 1771 

at Hope 9 May 1756. (See p. 308.) 




MS. 236 

John Balguy of Dufneld, Esq.,=f=Elizabeth, sister of Edw d Thoro- Fanny Mary. 

ohn '. 

Barr. at Law & one of the 
Justices of Wales. 

ton Gould, Esq., of Mansfield Martha. 



>hn. Henry, 2 son, an Officer Bryan Thomas, Edw. 

of Foot, d. in Trinidad an Attorney at — 

1802. Derby. Charles. Elizab. 

I I I 

Mary. Charlotte. 

Alsibroke. There is a Mon. Ins. at Crich for Robert A., Gent., who d. 20 March 
1771, & Susanna his wife who d. 7 Dec. 1809, & their dau. Susannah Lawley who 
d. 7 June 1814. (See p. 198, also ped. of Nightingale.) 


MS. 237 

This pedigree is copied from Blore's ' Rutland/ p. 131, etc., with additions to the 
Barlow Lees branch, chiefly from D 1 ' Pegge. 

Richard Hall, who mar. Mary Fox, lived some years in Turkey where he was 
a merely & improved his fortune. Amongst other things he brought home horses 
which were sold to the Duke of Newcastle. 

Thomas Hall of Grantham, co. Line, Esq., temp. Hen. VIII.=f= 

Francis Hall of Grantham, Comptroller^Elizab., dau. of Sir John Wingfield, by 

of Calais. 

Susan, Countess of Kent, his wife. 

i i 

Francis Nele, l st =Jane= Henry Skipwith, Esq., 2 nd Alice, mar. Sir Henry 
husb. husband. Sutton of Averham. 

Francis. Robert & Edmund Hall of Gretford, co.^Ann, dau. of 

Thorn 8 , Line, Esq., 4 th son, bur. 24 

s.p. Nov. 1592. 

Willoughby ; bur. 

Rachel, mar. Ann, mar. Jane, 1 st w.^Henry Hall of=f=MargV 2 nd w ^ e > dau 

Sir Arthur George dau. & coh. 

HoptonjKn*. Mackworth, of Fran. 
=P Esq. Nele, Esq. 

Gretford, Esq., 
ob. 1616. 

of Edmund Elmes 
of Elford, co. 
Northamp., Esq. 

Robert Sir Tho s Mack-=f=Elizabeth, sole Edmund Hall of = Strange, dau. 

Hopton, worth, Bart. 

dau. to her Gretford, Esq., of Jn°Elmes. 
mother. bur. 1664 ; s.p. 


Mary= Sir Henry Mackworth, 

A b 

MS. 237 



A | B 

Henry, of Gret-= 
ford & Burton 
Coggles, co. 
Line. Will 

=Elizabeth, dau. of 
Sir Edward 
Hartop, wid. of 
Montague Cholm- 

John, of Anne, wife 

Barham, of John 

mar. Ca- Pigot. 

Alice, wife 
of Eob. 

wife of 

I I I I I I I I 

Elizabeth, cob., Francis, coh r , Margaret, coh r , Catherine. John. Mary, 

wife of Sir Hugh wife of John wife of Thom s — — 

Middleton, Bart. Weston, Esq. Babington, Esq, Martha. John. 

John Hall of Gloucester Hall in Camb., & ofc 
Shardlow, co. Derb., LL.D. 

: Elizabeth, dau. of . . . 
Litchurch, co. Derb. 

De la Hay of 

Eichard Hall of=fA.nn, dau. of Eobert Newton of Chaddesden, co. Derb., 



Thomas Hall of Barlow 1 
Lees in Dronfield, co. 
Derb., d. 1617. 

Abigail, 1 st w., dau. &= 
coh. of Gervas Bellamy 
of Kettlethorpe, co. 
Line, Gent. 

: Isabel, dau. & coh. of Matth w Beresf ord of New- Eichard, 
ton Grange, co. Derb., Gent, (see the other 2 nd son. 
coheir below) ; bur. at Barlow 7 April 1631. 

=Charles Hall of= 
Esq., & of Lin- 
coln's Inn 1634. 

=Ann, dau. of 
Sir Tho s 

Thomas, of London, 
a Turkey merch*, bp. 
16 Oct. 1609. 

Isabel, d. an 
infant ; bur. 
at Barlow 
14 April 



widow of 
.... Amcotts 
of Harington, 
co. Line. 

i i i 



Eichard. Mary. 
Gilbert. Amey, 
Charles Hall, Esq., M.P. for Lincoln 1727 

Isabel Hall, dau. & 
h., w. of Sir John 
Playters of Sofcter- 
ley in Suffolk, Bart. 

Eichard, of Bar- 
low Lees, 3 rd 
son, b. 1612; d. 
1665 ; bp. 25 
Nov. 1612; bur. 
21 Sep. 1665. 

: Mary, dau. 
& coh. of 
Fox, Gent., 
of Harrich, 
co. Line. 

Gilbert, b. 1616; 
d. unmar. ; bp. 
21 May 1616. 

Wil m , d. y. 

Ann, w. of 
Newton of 
co. Notts. 

Isabel, w. 
of Hunt- 

son. 1 

Ellen, w. 
of Tho s 
of Un- 

bp. 21 
an Idiot. 

Charles, bp.^pElizab., 

8 March 
1651; Sec- 
tor of Ketel- 


dau. of 

Skoles of 


Isabel, bp. 5 Jan. 
1653 ; mar. 13 
May 1679 William 
Froggatt, Gent., 
of The Hagg. 

Mary, bp. 21 
Feb. 1655; 
mar. Tho. 


Helen, bp. 
10 May 
1659; mar. 

Brailsford of Geo. Kent 


of Eidg- 

1 He was an Architect, bur. at Bolsover. 



MS. 237 

Tho s , s. Charles, 1 Rect. of Harrington ; 
& h. liv* 1768, aged 81. 

Rich d . Gilb. 3 Jane. Mary. Amy. 
See for M r Baker's < North.,' i., 84. 

Gilbert, bp. = 
24 March 
1661 ; an 
at Chester- 
field ; mar. 
28 July 

r Rachel, 
dau. of 

of Shef- 
(P. 198.) 

Lydia, 1 st wife,= 
dau. of John 
Brelsforth of 
the Hill-houses 
n r Chesterfield; 
mar. 8 June 

= Richard Hall= 
of Barlow 
Lees, bur. at 
Dronfield 14 
Feb. 1708 ; 
bp. 27 June 

= Dorothy, 2 nd 
w., dau. of 
Ed w Pegge 
of Beauchief, 
Esq. ; bur. 5 
Sep. 1711, 
aged 51. 


Abigail Hall 
of Barlow 
Lees, mar. at 
Staveley 20 
Jan. 1657 to 
Rector of 
(See p. 203.) 

John. Richard. Ann. Elizab. 



Robert Hall of Grins- 
brook in Edale,psh. of 
Castleton, Yeo. ; will 
28 Jan. 1634 ; to be 
bur. in Edale Chapel. 

=Alice. Thomas, Henry Hall of Stumper- 
liv*1684 low in psh. of Sheffield 
at Castle- 1634, of Etal, co. Derb., 
ton. 1652. (Q. if a genera- 

tion is not wanting here.) 

MS. 237 

: Margaret, dau. 
& coh. of Rob. 
Mitchell of 
Stumperlow ; 
bp. 18 Aug. 

Bridget Hall, 
coh r ,w.ofTho. 
Hall. Named 
as Executor 
by his father- 

Ann Hall, coh 1 ', 
w. of Robert 
Kirke of Grins- 
brook, Yeo. 

Robert Hall of=j=Dorothy. The mother of this Rob. 
Stumperlow, Hall of Stumperlow 
Gent., Lord of rather seems to have 
the M r of Mid- been a dau. & c. of Ed- 
hope ; bur. at ward Ibbotson, wife of 
Sheffield 8 John Stead of Combes. 
Feb. 1705-6. 

Edward, bp. 
16 March 

Mary Hall, bp. 10 Jan. 
1666-7; mar. Rob. Ash- 
ton of Whiteley Wood. 
(See Pm, p. 199.) 

Catherine, bp. 12 Feb. 
1679-80 ; mar. Ed- 
ward Gelley of Shef- 

bp. April 

1 Charles Hall, Clerk, Rector of Harrington, co. Line. ; d. intestate about 1769. 
His brother, Gilbert Hall, was Rector of Kettlethorp. Made his will 18 June 1774. 
He had 2 dau s , Ann, w. of John Clay of Mansfield, Gent., by whom John Hall Clay 
of Southwell, Clerk, & Ann, wife of H^ Howson of Southwell, Clerk. Jane, the 
other dau. of Gilbert Hall, mar. William Wylde of Mansfield, Gent. 

2 1725, Aug. 12, mar. Rev. Gilbert Hall of Kettlethorp & M rs Ann Mompesson. 
Reg. of Barnborough. 

MS. 237 



Henry Hall of Stumperlowy 
Genfc., bp. 1 Deo. 1655. 


: Sarah Spencer, 


i i 

Robert, bp. 11 Dec. Ann, bp. 

1657 ; bur. 24 May 3 Nov. 
1661. 1660. 

Henry Hall of Leeds,— Ann. 
Gent. & merchant, bp. 
1 March 1682-3 ; 
living 1716, when he 
joined in the sale of 


John, bp. 
3 June 
1691; liv* 

Ann, bp. 
2 April 
live 1716; 
wife of 


Sarah, bp. 
3 Feb. 
1680-1 ; 
dead be- 
fore 1716. 

Dorothy, bp. 
16 June 
1687 ; bur. 
19 April 

. Hall.=F 

Robert Hall of Castleton,=f=Margaret,=p. . . . Mar- John 
Yeo., to be bur. in the Ch. with child 
of Castleton amongst his 1630. 
Ancestors, by will 1630 ; 
mar. ab* 1620. 

shall, l 8t 



. . . . w. 

ofNich 8 

. . . . w. 
of John 

Richard Middle- 
ton, bro. in law 
& Ex r of Rob. 

Robert Hall, Executor 1630. Joan. Mary. Margaret. Humphry. Robert. 

Henry Hall of Edale, Yeo.=pJoan. Robert, 

Will 1658. 


Sisters of H. H. : Ann Oates, , 
Hill, of The Wood. 

, . . White.. 

Robert Hall, Executor 1658. 

Silvester Smith of ^Elizabeth, dau. & coh., with Isabel above, of Matthew Beresford of Newton, 

. co. Derb. 

by Barbara his wife, dau. of Edmund Beresford of Newton. 

Ralph Smith of Heath. 

Henry Smith of Denby &=f=Jane, dau. & coh. of Rob. Bate of Little 
Whitemoor. Chester. 

Thomas=. . . . dau. of ... . 
Smith. Williamson of 
.... co. Line, 

Matthew Smith of Denby &= 
Whitemoor, Esq., Sher. of 
Derb. 1684 ; livs 1710, aged 
74 ; d. 16 March 1713-4. 

=Ann, dau. & h. of Francis Gregory 
of Nottingham, by Ann, dau. & 
coh. of Francis Leek of Balderton, 
co. Notts. 

Henry=Eliz., dau. & h. Jane, mar. 

Smith, of Tho. Brown, Richard 

s. & h., Archdeacon of Massey of 

d. ab* Derby. Wrong Andlem, 

1697. says T. Blore. Esq. 

Mary, mar. Henry 
Francis, 2 son of W m 
F., Aid. of Derby. 
She d. in 1714, & he 
mar. 2 Ann, dau. 
& c. of John 
Harper of Twiford. 

Hannah, mar. 
Pilkinton of 
Stanton by 

mar. Tho. 
Kelsal of 


Nevil of 
co. Line. 


Henry=p. . . . dau. & coh. of Edw. Ibbotson of Morewood, Yeo., who leaves lands in Edale 
Hall. I elsewhere to his grandsons. 

Bobert, under age 1652. Henry, under age 1652. 

Robert Hall of Loon Hill=j=Ann, 1649. 
John Hall= Jane, 1649. 

Cflfefc* MS. 238, 239 

This Pedigree is copied from one entered at the College of Arms in 1792 by 
Ralph Bigland, Somerset, and Isaac Heard, Lancaster, continued to 1818 by Dewes 
Coke of Brookhill, Esq., and with the descendants from William, younger son of the 
Bishop, inserted by the present Rev. Francis Coke of Lower More in 1823. 

Arms : Gules, three crescents and a canton or. 

Where is Thos. Coke of Melbourn who mar. Lady Mary Stanhope, dau. of Philip, 
2 Earl of Chesterfield ? 

See 'Topog,' Notts, Selston. 

Robert Coke.=F 

Hugh Coke of Marchington Wood-=j= Agnes, dau. & heir of Robert Owen of March- 
house jure ux., 46 Edw. 3, co. Staff. I ington Woodhouse ; living 9 Ric. II. 

Robert Coke of M.=j= John Coke, 2 nd son, had lands Thomas Odingsell 

W., son & heir, 
vix. 9 Ric. II. 

at Wichnor given by his mother of Trusley, son & 

4 Ric. II. heir of William. 

Thomas Coke of Trusley ^Elizab. Odingsell, dau. Alice Odingsell, dau. & coheir, 
co. Derb., jure ux. & coheir. mar. John Freeman. 

William Coke of Trusley,^ Joan, dau. of John Hilton ; 
son & heir, ob. 1504. mar. 27 Hen. 6. 

Cecilia, 1 st wife, dau. of=f=William Coke of Trusley, = Margery, 
. Broadwood. son & heir, d. in 1514. 2 nd wife. 

William Coke of Trus-=j=Isabel, dau. of Sir Ralph Longford Robert Coke of March- 

ley, ob. 1518. 

of Longford, Knt., by his concubine, ington, 2 nd son. 

William Coke of Trus-=pDorothy, dau. of Robert Fitz-Herbert of 
ley, ob. 1575. I Tissington by a dau. of .... . Eyre. 

Edward. Arthur. Anthony. John Coke, Rector Elizabeth, mar. 1 John Bird 
All d. y. of North Wing- of Nether-Locko, 2 William 

a field. Gilbert of Locko. 

MS. 238, 239 



Eleanor, wife of Anne, wife of Philip Dorothy, wife of Rose. Jane. Francis. 
Eobert Keys. Streethay of S. Chris 1 ' Thacker. All d. coal. 

Richard Coke=pMary, dau. & sole heir of Tho- Isabel C, wife of Margaret, wife of 

of Trusley, ob. mas Sacheverel of Kirkby, co. John Danvers of Jeffery Whaley of 

1582. Notts, by Ann, dau. of Ric. Swithland. Bradmore, co. 

Francis of Tickenhall. Notts. 

George Coke, 5 th son, Rector=f=Jane, dau. Robert Coke, Dorothy, 5 dau., mar. 

of By grave, co. Hertford ; 
Bishop of Bristol ; translated 
to Hereford; d. 1646, set. 76. 

of ... . 6 th son, killed Valentine Carey, D.D., 
Heigham. in the battle Bishop of Exeter, & d. 
of Newport. without issue. 

John Coke, Rector= Joice, dau. of W m William, VicarnrJane, dau. of Rich d 

of Whitborn & Ross, Cliff of Great of Bosbury, 

co. Hereford, 2 nd Whitley, co, Wore, co. Heref., 3 rd 
son. 1 st wife. son. 

Hopton of Canon 
Frome, co. Heref. 

Francis Coke of Lower=j=Lucy, dau. of Tho s Coucher, Esq., Jane, d. unmar. 
More, co. Hereford. of Parton, co. Hereford. 

George^ Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Elizabeth, wife of Jeremiah Grif- Ann. 


Bytheway, Esq., of Lent- fith, Rector of Disserth, co. Rad- 
wardine, co. Hereford. nor. 

Francis Coke, Richard Coke of Lower More, Vicar of^fJane Griffith. 
d. unmar. Eardsley & Lentwardine. 

Francis Coke of Lower More, Rector of=f=Ann, dau. of Rob. Whitcomb, 
Gladestry, co. Radn., & Vicar of Selleck. Esq., of Kington. 

George. Anne, mar. 1823 to Wil. Sarsfield Jane. Robert. John. 
Rossiter Cockburn, Esq., only son — — 

of Sir W m C, Bart. Lucy. William. 

Elizabeth. Lucy. Richard. Jane, mar. James Hodgson, Rector of Barwick, 
All d. unmar. co. York. =f 

Francis H., Vicar of Bakewell, mar. Susanna Matilda, 
4 th dau. of Taylor, Esq., of Herts. 

Richard Coke of Suckley, co. Wore, Vicar of East-=j=Mary, dau. of John Kayse of 
\ nor, co. Heref., & Chancellor of Hereford. c J Upleadon, co. Glouc. 



MS. 239 


Mary, 1 st wife. dau. of Sir Nich 8 =pHeigham Coke of Suck-=pElizabeth, dau. of 

Lechmere, Baron of the Exchequer. 

ley, co. Wore, Esq., d. 
in 1719. 

Jane, d. about 1747 unmar. 

Sir Willoughby 
Dewes of Stow- 
Langtoft, Bart. ; 
ob. 1705. 

I I I 

Frances, 1 st wife, dau.=f=Dewes Coke of Suck-=f Catherine, 2 nd wife, Heigham & 

& coheir of Wil. Coke 
of Trusley, Esq., on 
the left. 

ley, co. Wore, Esq., 
& of Kirkby Hall, co. 
Notts, ob. 1751. 

dau. of ... . Hurt Priscilla, 
of Alderwaslee, both living 

Esq. 1720. 

Charles, d. unmar. in 
the Island of Tobago. 

Dewes C, Esq., of Newfound-=Debora Stokes of 
land, d. at Poole in Dorset Birmingham, ob. 
1813 s.p. 1811. 

Bridget, wife of ... . Thomp- Catherine, wife of Eev. James Jane, wife of 
son. Had 2 dau s , one mar. Lynam, Chaplain to Lord .... Beet of 
Eow. Byron. Had 12 child 11 . Sheffield. 

George Coke of Kirkby=j=Elizabeth, dau. of Dewes. Francis. 

I I 

Hall, Esq., son & heir, 
Colonel in the 3 rd Dragoon 
Guards, ob. 1759 at Kens- 

Seth Ellis, Curate 

of Brampton, co. Ballidon. Richard. William. 

Derb. (see Ped., All d. young. 

p. 341) ; ob. 1757. 

Dewes Coke of Brookhill, co. Notts, only surviving=j=Hannah, only dau. of George 

son, Rector of Pinxton & South Normanton, co. 
Derb., ob. 1811, set. 63. 

Heywood of Brimmington 
Hall ; living 1818. 

John Coke of Mansfield Wood-=f=Susanna, dau. of . 

house, Esq., liv* 1818. 


Wilmot of Spondon. 

Hannah, unmar. 


Dewes Coke of Brook Hill,=f=Harriet, only dau. of Sir William Coke, Judge of 
Esq., barr.-at-law, 1 st son, * " ~ 

vix. 1818. 

Thomas Wright, Esq. 
(See Ped., p. 24.) 

the Supreme Court at Cey- 
lon, unmar. 1818. 

Francis Lillyman William Sacheverell. 
Dewes. — 

Edward Thomas. 

> John Henry. 

Richard George. Sarah Sophia. 
Harriet Frances. Mary Agnes. 
Elizab. Anne-. Emma Isabella. 

MS. 238, 239 

family minorum gentium. 


Mary, 1 st wife,=f=Sir John Coke 
dau. of ... , 
Powell of 

Joan, 2 nd wife, dau. 
of Melbourn, of Sir John Lee, 
2 nd son, Secre- Kn*, Alderman of 
tary of State London ; relict of 
to King Ch s I. Alderman G-ore. 

Thomas 0., 3 rd son, d. at 
Padua 1621. 

Philip C., 4 th son, Fellow of 
Trinity Col „Camb.; d. there. 

Sir John Coke of Melburn, En*, d. at Paris Thomas Coke of= 

1650 s.p. ; mar. Eliz., dau. &c. of Timothy Melbourn & 

Pusey of Selston ; rel. of W m Willoughby.-^ Tottenham 

W. M. High Cross. 

=Mary, dau. of 
.... Pope of 
co. Salop. 

John Coke of Melbourn. 

Thomas, s.p. 

Mary, wife of Elizabeth, mar. 1 Arthur Faunt, Anne, mar. 1 Hen. Sacheverel, 
Sir Edward son & h r of Sir W m F. ; 2 Fr 8 sonof Jacinth; 2 nd HenryDan- 
Hartopp. Stock, Aid. of London. vers, son of W m , of Swithland. 

1. Elizab., 2. Elizab., wife of Will™ 
d. young. Woodcock of Eden, co. 

3. Mary, wife of 
Tho s Fulwoodof 

4. Margaret, wife of 
Francis Bussy of 
Clifton, co. Leic. 

Frances, 1 st wife, dau. of Denzil^Sir Francis Coke of=pElizabeth, 2 nd w., dau. of Geo. 

Holies, Esq., son & heir of Sir 
William ; sister to John, Earl 
of Clare. 

Trusley, Kn*, son & 
heir, ob. 1639, »t. 

Curzon of Carr Hall, co. Derb.; 
relict of Francis Leigh of Eg- 

Eleanor, Susanna, wife of Eoger Bates, D.D., 
d. un- Chaplain to King Charles I., Rector 
mar. of St. Clement Danes. Had a son 
Charles, aged 8, 1633. 

Francis Coke, Rec-^Margaret, 

tor of Yoxall, and 
Archdeacon of Staf- 

dau. of . 
Evans of co. 


I I 

Cath e 


Anne. Charles. William. 
All d. young or unmar. 

Rich d , mar. Mary . . . . 
& had a dau. Eliz.; liv- 
ing in London 1720. 

Mary, wife of Will m 
Squire, Parson of Rol- 

Elizabeth, wife of Ralph 
Ooton of Coton, co. Staff. 

Dorothy, mar. 1 . . . .Wil- 
liamson ; 2 Thos. Lister 
of Little Chester; 3 Tho 8 
Moor of Donnington. 

Ann,* wife of John 
Mundy of Mark- 

Elizabeth, wife of 
Percival Wil- 
loughby, M.D. 

Gilbert Coke, Cap-=pElizab., dau. of 

tain in the Nether- 

Charles Coke,| M.D., 
d. unmar. 1720. 

* Bur. at Allestree. 
t Bur. at Allestree 24 May. 

Thomas Gil- 
bert of Locko. 

Frances, § mar. Will m Mundy of 
Darley, son of John & Ann. 

f Bur. at Zutphen. 

§ D. Aug. 1672 ; bur. at Allestree.— J. W. C. 




MS. 238, 239 

Maud, 1 st wife, dau. & coheir of Henrys 
Beresford of Alsop-en-le-Dale, by Isa- 
bel, dau. of John Beresford of New- 
ton ; ob. 1628, aet. 37. 

: William Coke, == Dorothy, 2 nd wife, dau. of 
of Trusley, Fran s Saunders of Shank- 
Esq., son & ton, co. Northampton; ob. 
heir, d. 1641. 1653 ; s.p. 

Mary, wife of John Fitz- 
Herbert of Somersall, 

Alice, wife of W m 
Harpur, son of Sir 

Elizab., wife of Tho. 
Sherman of London. 


Richard Coke of Trus-- 
ley, Esq., son & heir, 
ob. 1662, sat. 47. 

Catherine, dau. of Robert Francis & Timothy C, d. 
Charlton of Whitton, co. Henry, d. uumar.atTrus- 
Salop. young. ley 1683, set. 59. 

John Coke,= 
M.D., ob. 
1720; mar. 
1 Mary. 

= Elizabeth, dau. & 
coheir of Rich d 
Fowler of Harnage 
Grange, co. Salop. 

Susanna, wife 
of Edward 
Wilmot of 

Elizab., wife of 
John Ward, 
Rector of 

Matilda, wife 
of Thomas 
Bull of Derby, 

Thomas, B.D., Rec- 
tor of Trusley, ob. 
1699, set. 45. 


: Sarah, dau. 
of William 
Willet of 

BichardCoke of Dal-- 
bury, co. Derb., liv- 
ing 1720. 

Elizabeth, dau. of Tho s 
Robie of Donington, 
co. Leic, vix. 1720. 

Thomas Coke* of Derby, Esq., 
Barrister- at- Law. 

: Matilda,t dau. & coh r of Tho s Goodwin of 
Derby, Esq., Barr.-at-Law. 

Daniel Parker Coke 
of Derby, Esq., 
Barr.-at-Law, M.P. 
for Nottingham, b. 
1745 ; liv g unmar. 
1818 ; d. 1825 or 

Emma Matilda, 
b. 1737 ; mar. 
L* Col. Thorn- 
hill Heathcote; 
liv& s.p. 1818. 

Dorothy,b. 1740; 
mar. Tho s Hat- 
rel of Newcastle 
under Line ; s.p. 

Sarah Coke, b. 1747; 
mar. Henry Hatrel 
of Stoney Field n r 
Newcastle under 
Line ; s.p. 1818. 

Thomas, of=pAnn, dau. of John Har- 


rison of Derby. 

Richard, Curate : 
of Hickling, co. 


=Ann, dau. of Thom s 
Walker of Dalbury. 

John Coke, has 

Richard C. of Derby, apothe- 
cary, d. unmar. 

Anne C. of Derby, 
d. unmar. 

* D. 15 Nov. 1776. ^ D. 1 Aug. 1777. 

Both bur. at All Saints' Church, Derby. M.I. (Glover.)— J. W. C. 

MS. 238, 239 



John Coke, went 
to Virginia and 
mar. there. 


Elizab., wife 




Cath e . Dorothy. Mary. Robert. 

Francis. Isabel. Edward. 
All d. y. or unmar. 


Ann, 1 st wife,=William Coke, Esq., Barr.-=Ann, 2 nd wife,- 
dau. of Tho s at-Law, purveyor of wheat, dan. of Tho s 
Argellof Bad- & Groom of the Closet to Witherden of 
dow, co. King Charles II. St. Giles in the 

Essex, Esq. Fields. 

=Jane, 3 rd wife, dau. 
of Thorn 8 White, 
citizen & dyer of 
London ; remar. 

Thomas C. of London, Esq., livs 1720. 

Eobert Coke of=T=Elizabeth, dau. of An- Anne, wife Emma. Frances. Francis. 

Trusley, Esq., 
son & heir, d. at 
Trusley 1713, 
set. 67. 

thony Somersal of of Paul 
Dean's Yard, West- Ballidon. 
minster, son of Sir 
William S., Bart. 

Cath e . Isabel. Gilbert. 
All d. y. or unmar. 

William Coke of Trusley, Esq., ob. 1719, set. 3 9. ^Catherine Ballidon. 

Robert. Robert. Anne. Edward, d. unmar. Frances, dau. & coheir, wife of 
All d. young. 1719, set. 19. Dewes Coke, Esq., on the right. 

i i i 

Susanna, d. unmar. Mary, unmar. Catherine Cassandra Isabella, wife of Edward 
1717, ret. 18. 1720. Wilmot of Spondon, Esq. 

=T=Thomas Coke of Melburu, Esq., Viee-=pMary, dau. of Kichard Hale of Hale ; 

Chamberlain to Qu. Anne & to Geo. I., 
& Privy Councellor, ob. 11 May 1727. 

Maid of Honour to Qu. Anne ; mar. 
Settl. dated 13 & 14 Oct. 1709. 

Mary, mar. Tho., Lord Elizabeth, d. George Lewis Coke, Esq., Sir Matthew=pChariotte. 
Southwell, & d. 1766. unmar. 1722. d. unmar. 14 Jan. 1750. Lambe. I 

Peniston, Lord Melburn (sic). From Wolley's Collections, vol. i., f. 77. 

MS. 240 

Wesley— gnmslep— eilisom 

.... Annesley, : 
d. 1624. 


Francis, Viscount 
Valentia,d. 1660. 

D r Clarke makes them brother's 
children, but query. 


famil:le minorum gentium. 

MS. 240 


Samuel Annesley, LL.D., ejected 1662 ; b. at Kenilworth 1620 ;=p 
only child ; of Queen's Col, Oxford ; d. 31 Dec. 1696. 

Elizabeth, the w. of 
John Dunton the 
Bookseller ; mar. 3 
Aug. 1682. 

Ann, liv g unmar. 

Samuel, went to 
E. India ; liv g at 
Surat 1713-1722. 

Benjamin, Ex r 
with Judith & 
Ann to his 
father's will. 
(See Life of 
Dunton, p. 355.) 

Judith, liv° unmar. 

Bartholomew Wesley, Eector of Catherston, co. Dorset/ 

1650 ; ejected from Charmouth 1662. 

Sarah. (See Life of 
Dunton, p. 68.) 

Many others, who 
probably d. young. 


John Wesley, A.M., Vicar of r 
Winterborn, also ejected. 


Matthew Wesley, 
a surgeon in 
London, d. 1737, 
it is believed un- 

A niece of D r Thomas Fuller, Author 
of < The Worthies/ etc. 

Samuel Wesley, Rector of Epworth, b. about= 
1662 ; intended for a Dissenting Minister, 
but conformed ; got the living of South 
Ormsby, co. Line, 1693 ; d. 25 April 1735, 
aged 71. 

: Susanna Annesley, 
youngest dau. & 
last surviving, d. 
1742 3 b. 20 Jan. 
1669-70 ; mar. ab* 

Samuel Wesley, the= 
eldest of 19 chil- 
dren, b. 1691 ; d. 
1739; Master of 
Tiverton School. 

. . . . dau. of ... . 
Berry, Rector of 
Watton in Norf., 
son of John Berry 
ejected 1662. 

John Wesley, the father=M rs Vizelle of 
of Methodism, b. at Threadneedle 
Epworth 17 June 1703 ; Street, widow, 
d. 2 March 1791 s.p. mar. in 1751. 


.... Earle of Barnstaple, apothecary^. . . . only surviving dau. & h. 
.... Mansel=. . . . only child. 

Charles Wesley,- 
3 rd & youngest 
son, b. 1708. 

: Sarah, dau. of 
.... Gwynne ; 
mar. at Garth, 
co, Brecknock. 

Emilia, w. of . . . . Harpur 
of Epworth, apothecary, & 
d. ab< 1771. 

Mary, w. of John 
Whitelamb, who 
had the livs of 

Charles Wesley, 
celebrated as a 

Samuel Wesley, 
celebrated as a 

A dau., d. unmar. 
at Clifton Sep. 

Elizabeth, seems 
to have d. y. 

Susanna, w. of 
Richard Ellison. 


Mehetabel, w. of William 
Wright, a plumber & 

I I 

Martha, w. of Wesley Hall Kezzia, 

of Salisbury, a Clergyman ; d. unmar. 

issue all d. young. 1741. 



John Ellison, an Officer in fche Excise or Anne, w. of Peter Lievre, a French 

Customs, d. at Bristol ; was twice mar., Refugee, Eector of Lutterworth, & 

& had two dau s by his first wife. 2 . . . . Gaunt. 

I i I 

Elizabeth. Patience. John. .... Lievre, a Clergyman. 

Debora, w. of Peter Collett, a French Refugee ; a Richard Annesley Ellison, : 
silk weaver. =p d. aged 27. 

Sons w. of . . . . Byam. .... Voysey, V.D.M.=p . . . . Another dau. 

Voysey, a surgeon in India V., an architect. 2 dau s . 

ms. 24i Jliltoartr— Sfammts. 

John Milward.=f= 


I ! I 

John Milward of=p=Ann, dau. of James Felicia, Robert Milward= Dorothy, dau 

Snitterton, bur, 
at Darley 1670 

Whitehalgh of mar. Sir of Bradley, of Sir Geo. 

Whitehalgh. Henry drowned in Gresley. 

Agard. 1632. 

Jane, 1 w.,=Capt. John Mil-= Joyce, 2 w., dau. of Robert, Henry M., heir 

dau. & c. of ward of Snitter- Henry Sacheverel d. aged to his bro r ; 

Ralph Sneyd ton, d. s.p. 1669. of Morley ; mar. 2 17. Sher. 1680 ; d. 

of Keel. Henry Columbel. s.p. 1681. 

Humphry=f=Mary. Felice, mar. Dorothy, mar. Sarah, d. inf. Elizabeth, 

Charles William Cop- — mar. Robert 

Adderley. ley of Claines, Frances, mar. Sir Constable of 

co. Wore. Wil. Boothby. Norcliffe. 

Jennens of 
co. Warw. 

Charles Jennens of The Middle Temple &=f=Elizabeth, dau. of Rob. Burdet John, 
of Gopsal, Esq., d. 1747. of Bramcote. 

Charles Jennens of Gopsal ; will 30 April 1765 ; William Hanmer of=pElizabeth. 
bur. 20 Nov. 1773 coelebs. Hanmer-Buttisfield. 


Esther, mar. Assheton Curzon, Vise* Curzon. 



MS. 241 


Charity, 1 w.,=Richard Taylor, Alderman of Ches- : 
dau. of John terfield, d. 11 Nov. 1637, aged 55 ; 
Woodward of Inq. 18 Jan. 13 Car. I., Cole's Esch. 
Chesterfield ; (see Ped., p. 105) ; sometime de- 
mar. 6 Dec. scribed as of Bolsover. 

: Elizabeth, 2 w., dau. of George 
More of Greenhill in Norton, 
Gent, (see Ped., p. 434) ; mar. 
at Norton 27 Nov. 1611 ; bur. 
19 June 1644. 

Anne, bp. 10 April 
1617; mar.atEck- 
ington 15 Feb. 
1641 to John Spen- 

Elizabeth, bp. 22 
July 1630; mar. 
Michael Spencer 
of London, br° of 

Rebecca, liv& 
1637. (Q. if 
she did not 
marry Stephen 
Arlush.) 1 

Mary, bp. 21 April 1633. 
(Q. if she did not marry 
Robert Stanley of Mex- 
borough, Gent., at Nor- 
ton 1 Feb. 1654-5.) 

Joseph, bp. at Chesterfield 5 Mar. 
1627-8 ; liv* 1637. Will 10 
April 1669 ; to be bur. at Ches- 
terfield among his ancestors ; his 
Estate to be divided among his 
bro s Richard & Sam 1 and his 
nephew Richard ; names his 
beloved brother M r Stephen Ar- 
lush, & friends John Cart, Gervas 
Harestaff, & Rob. Wigglesworth ; 
calls himself " of Worupp " 
(Q. Worksop). 

Richard, hV 1637. This Richard was of New- 
hall in Laughton & Woodhall in Darfield ; 
mar. Eliz., dau. of Edward Mundy of Radburn, 
sister of Milicent, wife of Jonathan Acklom 
of Bawtry ; they mar. in Feb. 1678, & he 
d. without issue 19 Feb. 1693-4. From the 
information of M r White, March 16, 1843, 
" M r Richard Taylor of Woodhall, co. York, 
by his will dated 22 Feb. 1693, left the Cor- 
poration of Chesterfield £60 to be laid out in 
lands for the relief of the Poor " (' History of 
Chesterfield,' 8vo., 1823, p. 72). I am told 
that Richard Taylor in his will calls a Gilbert 
Heathcote cousin. It is so. 

Thomas, d. y.; bur. 
at C. 25 Mar. 1625. 

Richard, d. y. 

Elizabeth, d. y. 

Samuel Taylor, eld. son & heir, aged 14,= 
18 Jan. 13 Car. L; a Major in the Pari. 
Army, & afterwards settled at Walling- 
wells in Notts ; some time Governor of 
Tangier, time of Charles II. ; d. 29 Mar. 
1679, aged 55 ; said to have £5000 a 
year. (O. H.) 

=Barbara, dau. of ... . 
Gee of Retford ; 
killed by accident at 
Oldcotes during the 
rejoicing for the 

Richard Taylor of Wallingwells, Esq., son & heir, M.P.= 
for Retford & Sher. of Notts 1699, d. 20 April 1699, 
aged 50 ; bur. at Carlton ; he was the only child. 
Will 15 June 1681. 3 

: Bridget, dau. of Sir Ralph 
Knight of Langold ; d. 13 
June 1734, aged 78 ; bur. 
with her husband. 


Thomas White of Tuxford & Wallingwells,=Bridget Taylor, sole dau. & h., mar. 
Esq., Memb. for Retford, etc. 28 July 1698 ; d. 7 Jan. 1761. 

1 It can hardly have been so, as the wife of Stephen Arlush was named Anne 
(see the Ins. of the Arlush family in the Church of Howden, in Gent's ' Ripon,' 
p. 57). She d. 31 Oct. 1691, 83t. 58, so that she could not have been the Ann, 
sister of Rebecca. (See p. 596.) 

3 Coz. Tho. Cooper, coz. Rebecca Galmeidey Jackson, coz. Heathcote & his 
wife, bro. John Clarkson, uncle & aunt Arlush, bro. John Knight, coz. Gilbert 
Heathcote, coz. Geo. Franks. — York Wills 1439. 


(Later note.) 

M r Blore gives a quite different account of Joseph & Richard Taylor above. 
He makes Joseph the Lecturer at Ashburn husband of Ann Taylor, & Eichard 
marry dau. of Blackwell of Blackwell, by whom Benj., of Ashburn, mar. to Eliz., 
dau. of Rob. Webster of Ashburn by Susan, dau. of Tho. Taylor of Ashburn. He 
names the issue of this marriage 2 dau s Lydia and Ann & 2 sons Tho 3 & George. 
Tho. lived at Ashburn, a Justice of the Peace, was twice mar., his first wife being 
called in the neighbourhood Dirty Doll. By his 2 nd w. he had Rev. John Taylor of 
Ashburn & a dau., mar. to ... . Galliffe, an apothecary in Ashburn, & after of 
Oheadle ; she had no issue. Rev. John was twice mar., 1 to Eliz., dau. & h. of 
W m Webb, Gent. (Settl. 7 & 8 Dec. 1733). His 2 nd wife survived him. Rev. John 
(or D r Taylor) left his estate to William Brunt or Blunt, a younger son of a tailor 
of that name by a dau. of Tho s Taylor of Ashburn, Att y , son of George, of Ashburn, 
Attorney, alledged son of Benj n & brother of Thomas. This W m Brunt or Blunt 
was to take the name of Webster, which he did, & was a Just, of Peace for 

I believe this to be entirely erroneous as to the identity of Richard mar. to 
Blackwell with the Richard above, & the marriage of Benj. with an Eliz. Webster. 
But see Bassano's Pedigree at p. 105. But Bassano does not state his Richard 
a son of the Chesterfield Alderman. 

CJ«t&am— lup— Cnolte — Cuniiffe— 
ms. 242 $lant— Cooper. 

This pedigree is copied from one compiled by Ralph Cooper whose name appears 
in it, in possession of M r Benjamin Naylor of Manchester, a descendant of John 
Tildesley & Margaret Chetham. It is, I presume, the same account which is con- 
tained in the MS. mentioned by the Rev. John Radcliffe in a letter to the ' Gent. 
Mag.,' 1792, p. 521, as compiled by a poor weaver. It agrees with a pedigree entered 
by George Chetham at the Visitation of London 1634. From a Monument at 

The Cunliffe part of this pedigree is very differently stated by M r Whatton, p. 
134. There are also many other variations, some which are wrongly stated by him, 
& others that may be right. 

This appears in Harl. 1437, .... Chetham of Nuthurst in Moston near Manchester, 

f. 226b, M. P. B., xiv., 190. temp. Hen. VI. =f 

Compare Harl. 1476, f. | 

246 b, & 1449, f. 21. Com- Edward, 2 nd son. 

pare also Ped. in Booker's =f= 

< Hist, of Blackley.' j 



Henry Chetham^Margaret, dau. of Roger Wroe of Heaton Yate. 

3. Henry, 4. George, of Clayton, 5. Humphry Chetham of Clayton, Esq., High 

d. y. Gent., d. unmar. (See Sheriff of Lane. 1635 ; b. 10 July 1580 ; d. 

his will at D r Com- 12 Oct. 1653 ; founder of the Blue Coat 

mons 1626.) Hospital & Library in Manchester ; never 

mar. ; to be bur. in Ch. of Manchester. 




MS. 242 

1. Edward, 

Isabel, 1 w., dau. of=r2. James C. of Crompsall, 2 nd son^Isabel, 

- 2 nd w. 

George Holland of 

b. 7 April 1565 ; a legatee of H. 0. 

Edward, Ex 1 ' to H. 0. 

Elizabeth, 1 w., dau. of Henry=j=George, of London,=j=Abigail, 2 nd wife, dau. 
-*--■■ Yfm merch* 1633, b. of .... of London. 

1594 ; d. 1664. Ex r Edward Gilthorp (?). 
to H. 0. 

Johnson of Manchester, 
in Harl. 1437 

Humphry, d. James, b.=p Margaret, dau. of Sir Isabel or George. Ann 

unmar. about 

1641 ; d. 

Samuel Sleigh, & his Eliza- 
coh 1 '. (See Lysons's beth. 
' Derbyshire.') 


James, a Clerk, d. Gervase, d. y. 1718, Judith & Abigail, d. unmar., & 
unmar., D.D. aged 34. were bur. at Prestwich. 

Samuel, b. 1675 ; d. 1744=Mary, dau. & coh r of 
s.p. ; of Turton, Esq., of James Holt of Castle- 
Castleton, Clayton, co. ton, Esq. (See Ped., 

Lane, & of Ash, co. 194.) 
Derb. ; d. 20 March. 

Humphry, d. unmar. at 
Castleton 17 July 1749, 
& with him ended the 
male line of George C, 
nephew of the founder. 

John Kay of Thornham near=p Jane, a wid., 

Middleton. Called Eich d in 
Harl. 1437. 

in will of 
H. C. 

Isabel, w. of Eic. Lomax of 
Eeddifells, co. Lane. Will 
ofH. C. 

Eichard Kay, bp. 28 Feb. 1628. James Kay, bp. 1632. 

John Kay, b. 1676. Eich d , d. John Kay^. . . . dau. of ... . Dickenson of 
=f= unmar. Salford. 


J I 


I I 

Thomas=f=Elizabeth James. Eobert. Otho Cooke=f=Elizabeth Kay Eobert. 

waite of 

Kay, b. — — of Manches- 

28 Aug. Henry. Edward. ter,Esq. (Q. 
1704. — All d.y. if not he 

John. whod.1773, 


[d. 13 Jan. 

1773, aged 57; Sarah. 

bur. in Lord 

Derby's Chapel, 


MS. 242 




I I 

John Martha, b. 16 

Braith- March 1736 ; 

waite, mar. Bold, 

b. 16 Cooke, Esq. 

I I \ 

Elizabeth, Thomas, b. 13 Mary, b. 1755. She 

b. 26 June Nov. 1745. seems to have mar. 

1739. A Fellow of Tho. Braithwaite, 

Brazen Nose D.D., Archdeacon of 

Coll., Oxford. Eichmond, 9 Aug. 

Robert James Cooke,=fAnn, dau. of John & Sarah, wife of Rev. Elizab., 

Cooke, b. 1748 ; mar. Tho. Aldin- Henry, Robert Kenyon, d. y. 

d. Feb. 4 May 1772. son of Linn d. y. son of Rob. Ken- 

1773, in Norfolk, yon of Peel, Esq. 

aged 27. Esq. 

Otho Cooke, son & heir, b. 30 Aug. 1774 ; Lieut, in 4 th Dragoons ; Ann, b. 4 
d. at Knapton House, E. Riding of Yorkshire, 1798. Feb. 1773, 

6. Ralph Chetham, d. at St. Alban's; his baptism=f=Margaret, dau. of Adam Smith 
cannot be found ; d. before his brother H. C. of Manchester. 

George, a legatee in Mary, w. of John Margaret, w. of John Elizabeth, w. of 

the founder's will ; Cunliffe ; leg. of Tildesley, V.D.M. Edward Cro- 

d. unmar. ; of Clay- H. C. (see Ped., p. 52) ; leg. ston ; leg. of H. 

ton. =r of H. C. C. 

John Cunliffe. 

John Corston (sic). Edw. Elizabeth, w. of Tho. 

Plant. =f= 


Nicholas Cun- Laurence Plant =pSusanna, dau. of James Pilk- Olive, b. 13 Oct. 

liffe, Governor b. 4 June 1702 ; 
of the Blue mar. 5 Sep. 
Coat Hospital. 1727. 

ington of Brightmet by his 1700 ; mar. 

2 nd w. Cath., dau. of Tho s Tho s , son of 

Lacy of Hakin, Esq., by his Geo. Hargreave 

2 nd w., dau. of Sir Francis of Haslingden, 

Armitage ; b. 6 Nov. 1710. mercer. 

John Thomas, b. 15 Oct. 1728 ; d. 30 April 1764. Olive, b. 1738. Charles 

Cun- — — Clement, 

liffe. Olive, b. 12 Dec. 1730 ; d. 24 Oct. 1732. Mary, b. 1741. b. 1748. 

Elizabeth, b. 12 Dec. 1731 ; d. 23 July 1760. Sarah, b. 1743. Edward 

— — Francis, 

James, b. 1733. John, b. 1736. Joseph, b. 1746. b. 1753. 

Henry Cunliffe, b. March 1693 ; d. 23 June 1773 s.p. 

wife of . . 






Owen.=p. . . 

Henry Owen Cunliffe, heir to his nnole. 

MS. 242 

Daniel Travis of Blackley near=pAnn 0. 

Alice, d. unmar. ; a legatee 
of H. C. 


George, bought Richard, d. unmar. ; Seth, d. unmar. Alice, mar. in Dorothy. 

" six brothers' leg. of H. 0. — 1630 to Rich d 

land." Lived — Ralph, mar. & Cooper of 

with the Foun- James, mar. & had had issue. Blackley ; leg. 

der at Clayton. issue ; leg. of H. C. of H. C. 

in i ii ii 

Ralph & Ellen, both John, mar. Mary, Ann, mar. John Ken- Susan, mar. Adam 

mar. & had issue. dau. of ... . yon & had issue. Boardman. 

— Sparling of Lan- — — 

Alice, w. of . . . . caster. Elizabeth, mar. 1 . . . . Mary, mar. Ja s 

Green, & had issue. =p Fish, 2 . . . . Hilton Hall of Blackley 

& had issue. & had issue. 

John, b. Dec. 1667 ;T=Mary, dau. of Laur. Benj n , d. Mary, w. of Tho s Hawkins 

d. 9 July 1757. 



of Wissel. 

i ill i 

Ralph Cooper, who compiled James & Marg*, w. of Nath 1 John, mar. Betty 
this pedigree, mar. Esther Anne, Taylor of Moston, Gred bill of Black- 
Collins of Blackley & had d. y. & had issue. ley & had issue, 
no issue. 

Rich d , mar. Alice Ogden of Mary, mar. Wil. Thornley Robert, mar. Betty Kemp 
Crumpsall & had issue. of Blackley & had issue. of Manchester & had issue. 

Adam Boardman=pSusan, dau. of Kichard Cooper. 


ii ii 

Adam. John^. . . . dau. of John Richard. Mary, w. of Ralph Beswick. 
Cooper of Rochdale. =p =p 

! ! 

Anne, w. of John 
Smed hurst. 

ii i i in 

Adam. James. 

Charles. John. 

w. of 



All mar. 




mar. & 

.... w. 

of John 
Hall of 

I I I 


All mar. 












& had 




Ann, mar. 
John Og- 
den & had 

John & 
son, both 
mar. & 

MS. 243 



Notes of Humphry Chetham's will 1651 in extracts from J. 0. Lake's Book of Precedents. 
Edward Ohetham of Nuthurst, Yeoman, son & heir of Edward C. of Smedley.=p 

Edward Chetham of Alice, w. of Mary, w. of Samuel These appear to be the children of an 
Castleton, Esq., d. 19 Adam Clowes, Esq. Edward Chetham, &, I suppose, de- 

Feb. 1769, aged 79. Bland, Esq. =p scend. of Edward son of James. 

Anu, w. of 

Mary, w. of 

Samuel Clowes=j 

pRachel, dau. of 


.... Law- 


of Broughton. 

Cap. Leigh of 

d. nn- 


Grreen ; d. 
1796, aged 


the West Hall. 


Anne, mar. 1 James 
Hilton of Reving- 
ton, Esq., 2 Tho 8 
Crosse of Shaw Hill, 

Samuel Clowes of Broughton,—. . . . dau. of William, Mary, mar. 

Esq., Cap n in the Lane. Militia; John Tipping d. un- John Live- 

d. 1804 ; Sher. 1777. (See issue, of Manches- mar. sey, Esq. 
Whatton, p. 141.) ter, Esq. 



Frances, Ann Crosse, w. 

mar.Rev. of James Hil- 

Henry ton of Penning- 

Browne. ton, Esq. 

John Chetham of Nuthurst=p. . . . dau. of Ellis Prestwich of Holme. 


Thomas C.=f=Eliz., dau. of John Hopwood Ellis C, 2 nd =f=Jane, dau. & heir of Ric. Jakes of 

of N. 

j of Hopwood. 



, . . . . I ,11 

John & Elizabeth, mar. Tho. Alice. Thomas=. . . . dau. of John=j=Catherine, dau. Mary 

Ralph. Birch of Birch Hall. 

. Ireland 
of Bank. 

of Rich d More 

of co. Norf. Eliz. 

This from Harl. 1549, f. 42. John. Catherine, mar. Francis Byreham of Norfolk. Francis. 

MS. 244, 245 

Attelina, 1 w., dau. of Tho. : 
Hewet of Wales, co. York. 


=John Rodes of Staveley=f Joau, 2 w., dau. of John 
Woodthorpe. | Mould of London, merch*. 

Elizabeth, 1 w.,=f=Francis Rodes of Staveley Wood-- 
dau. of Brian thorpe, Esq., made Serjeant at 
Law 21 Aug. 1582 ; Justice of 
the Common Pleas 29 June 1585; 
purchased Barlborough, Hough- 
ton, & other considerable estates. 
Will dated 7 June 29 Eliz.; 
prob. 28 April 1591. 

Sandford of 
Esq. ; bur. at 

Mary, mar. Sir John 
Thornhaugh of Fen- 

Elizabeth, mar. 
John Tempest 


I I 
Catherine, mar. 
Thomas Pilk- 
ington of Brad- 
ley and Stanley. 

Judith, mar. 
Jonas Water- 

: Mary, 2 w., dau. of 
Francis Charlton of 
Apley, co. Salop ; 
sister to Elizabeth, 
w. of John, Earl of 
Rutland. (See 
names of children 
of this marriage in 
M. P. B., vi., 20.) 


Ciceley. Frances. 



Bridget, mar. 
.... Bruce. 

Troth, mar. 
.... Lister. 



MS. 245 


Catherine, 1 st w.,= 
dau. of Edmund 
Onley. Or, 3 piles 
g., on canton argt. 
a mullet sab. 

: Ann, 2 w.,= 
dau. of Sir 
of Denham 
Hall in 
Sussex or 

Mary, d. unmar. 

: Sir Godfrey Rodes of= 
Great Houghton, Kn 1 , 
a secondary, eldest son, 
knighted at Havering 
13 July 1615; a Just, 
of Peace 11 James I. ; 
d. in 1634, Watson's 
Pedigree says Sep. 
1633. (Seep. 11.) 

= Margaret, 3 w.,=. . . . 
dau. of John 4 th w., 
Astley, Esq., 
Master of the 
Jewel Office ; 
wid. of Anthy 
Nevile of Mat- 

of Sir 

Godfrey Rodes, D.D., Dean 
of Londonderry, Fel. of 
Sidney Col., Camb. 

Ann, w. of John 
Nevile of Mat- 
tersey, Esq, 

Frances, Elizabeth, w. of Tho- 
d. un- mas Wentworth, 
mar. Earl of Strafford. 


Sir Edward Rodes of Great Houghton, KnV 
J.P., Col. of Horse by 0. Cromwell 13 
March 1654, & Privy Councillor; Kn* of 
the Shire for Perth 20 Aug. 1656 ; d. 19 
Feb. 1666, aged 66 ; bur. at Darfield. 

(Margaret, dau. of Sir Hammond 
Whichcote of Harpswell, co. Line, 
En* ; mar. May 1629 ; d. 22 April 
1681, aged 72, & was bur. at Dar- 
field at 12 at night. 


Anne, mar. George 
Ellis of Brampton, 

Milicent, mar. 1 Charles Hut- 
ton, Gent., 2 Robert Banks, 
Vicar of Hull. 

Elizabeth, d. at 
Wakefield un- 
mar. ; bur. 11 
Nov. 1714. 


Hammond, Chaplain to the 
Countess Dowager of Straf- 
ford ; d. unmar. 5 June 

I I 
Richard, d. y. 

Samuel, d. y. 

I I 
Milicent & 
Elizab., d. 

Mary, mar. John 
Wordsworth of 
Swathe Hall, 

Godfrey Rodes of 
Great Houghton, 
Esq., bp. 5 Oct. 
1631 ; M.P. for 
borough of Lin- 
lithgow, Stirling, 
& Clackmannan 20 
Aug. 1656 ; aged 
34, 1666 ; d. un- 
mar. 27 April 1681 5 
bur. at Darfield. 

Edward, William Rodes ofn=Mary, dau.=Joshua Ray- 

a Barr. Great Houghton, of Richard ner, Gent., 

ofGray's Esq., heir to God- Wilson of 2 nd husb., 

Inn, d. frey, bp. 11 July Leeds, mar. July 

unmar. 1639 ; was made Merch*. 1705 ; d. 4 

before a Cornet of Horse March 1710; 

Godfrey. 22 June 1660 ; d. bur. at Selby. 
13 Dec. 1694. 

Godfrey Rodes of Great Houghton, Esq., bp. at Leeds 
23 Aug. 1686 ; d. unmar. 27 Feb. 1709. 

Edward, d. y. 


MS. 244, 245 



Richard Rodes of^pMartha^au. of= Samuel Cromp-=Ann 

ton, 2 nd husb. Rodes, 
(See pp. 10, 16.) l 8t w. 


Great Houghton, 
Esq., heir to God- 
frey ; bp. 24 Sep. 
1691 ; d. 4 Feb. 

Elkana Riche of 
Bull House in 
Peniston psh., 
Gent. (See 
Fed., p. 17.) 

Mary, w. of 
Rookes of 
Rodes Hall. 
(See p. 16.) 

William Rodes of G-reat Houghton, Esq., the 
last male ; d. in the beginning of April 1740. 

Mary, d. Martha, mar. Hans 
unmar. Buske, Esq. (See 

1789. Ped., p. 5.) 

Peter Rodes, seated 
by his father at 

Francis Rodes, Ann. Catherine. Mary. = Sir John 
living 29 Eliz. One of these mar. John Bas- Thorn- 
set of Fletborough, & had a laugh (Q.). 
son Edward. 

This probably belongs to John of Horbury. | 

Ann, 1 st w., dau. of George=Dorothy,=f=Sir John Rodes= 

Benson of Hugill, co. 2 w., 

Westmorland, by Eliz., dau. of 

dau. of Rob. Braithwaite George 

of Ambleside (see sisters Sayile of 

of Ann Benson, M. P. B., Wake- 

iii., 10) ; no issue. This field, 
marriage is in the West- 
morland Visitation, Harl. 
1615, f. 19 b. 

of Barl- 
borough, Kn f , 
aged 7 1569; 
Sher. Derb. 36 
Eliz. 5 knighted 
at the Tower 15 
March 1603 ; 
d. 16 Sep. 
1639 ; aged 42, 
3 Jac. 

: Frances, 3 w.,= 
Constable of 
Holderness : 
wid. of Henry 

: Ursula, 4 w., 
dau. of Sir 
John Mal- 
lory of Stud- 
ley. This 4 
wife & her 
issue from 

Darcy. Mallory. Ursula. 

John Rodes of Horbury, co. York, eldest son, 
aged 20, 1611; disinherited by his father; 
he was blind. York Wills 758. 

: Margaret, dau. of Henry Nevile 
of Chevet in Yorkshire. In- 
serted from Watson's Pedigrees. 

John Rodes of Horbury, was living in 1695, being then very old ; mar., bur., had 
only dau 8 ; had a brother Francis who had several sons. (See M. P. B., iii., 31.) 

Elizabeth, Anne, mar. John 

s.p. Walthal of Lon- 

— don. (M. P. B., 

Mary, s.p. xiv., 162a.) 

Lenox, w. of 
Sir Marm. 
Lord Lang- 

living un- 
mar. 17 
Dec. 1650. 

Priscilla, w. of John 
Bright of Middle- 
thorpe, bur. at St. 
Mary's, Bishop-hill, 
York, 6 Nov. 1664. 

George, 2 nd son, 
bur. at Barlbro' 
27 Dec. 1665. 

Henry, 3 rd 
son, un- 
mar. 1634. 

Mallory, 4 son, d. unmar., & 
was bur. at Barlborough 19 
Dec. 1660. (Q. if not by 4 

Catherine, w. of Sir 
John Hotham of 
Scorboro, Kn* & 
Bart. e 



MS. 244 

Sir Francis Eodes of Barlborough,= 
kn* at Whitehall 9 Aug. 1641 ; 
created a Bart. 14 of same month ; 
d. in Feb. 1645. 

: Elizabeth, dau. & h. of Sir= 
Geo. Lascelles of Sturton 
& Gateford, K nt ; aged 19, 
1614. (SeeW. P., p. .) 

:Alan Lockhart, a 
Scotchman, 2 nd 

Penelope, mar. Hen. 
Holme of Paul Holme ; 
mar. at Worksop 17 
April 1649. 

Elizabeth, mar. 
Tho. Booth of 


Catherine, mar. 
Leo. Robinson of 
Newton Garth 
in Holderness. 

Lenox, mar. John Tru- 
man of Mansfield, 
Atty, mar. 27 Mar. 
1649 at Worksop. 

4. John R/ 
of Sturton, 
4 th son. 

: Elizabeth, dau. of 5. Peter, a Divine, slain 6. George Eleanor & 
Simon Jason of at Winfield Manor for & Ann, d. Frances, d. 
Edial, co. Staff. the King. unmar. inf. 

John Rodes=pMary, dau. of Wil. 

of Oornhill, 
eldest son, 
living 1695. 

Tighe, citizen 
leather seller of 
London, son of ... . 
Tighe of Carlby near 
Stamford, co. Line. 

Francis Rodes, 2 nd 
son, resided some 
time in Maryland, 
where he was twice 
mar., but is now, 
1698, in England, 
& has issue. 

Charles Rodes, 3 rd son, 
lived in Virginia, where 
he is lately mar. 1695. 

Ann, mar. Henry Har- 
rison of Worksop. 

William Rodes, aged John Rodes, b. 6 Elizabeth, eld. dau., Rebecca, 2 dau., b. 
6, 14 Feb. 1894-5. Oct. 1693 ; d. at aged 14, 21 Sep. 10 June 1692; d. at 
7 months old. 1694. 15 months old. 

.... Rodes of London, Gent., grandson to the linendraper on whom Sir 
John Rodes entailed the estate on failure of issue male of his sister. 

Lassels, d. 
an infant 
& was bur. 
at Work- 

Sir Francis^Ann, dau. of Sir 

Rodes of 
rough, 2 nd 
Bart., d. 3 
May 1651. 

Gervas Clifton, 
Bart., by Lady 
Frances Clifford, 
dau. of Francis, 
Earl of Cumber- 

1 w. 

S. Clifton R. of= 
Sturton, Esq., 
aged 40, 16 
March 1662. 
He had a son 
Godfrey, bp. at 
Blythe 30 Aug. 

2 nd w., 
dau. of 
Scrim - 
shire of 

Gervas, eldest 
son, d. an in- 

John Rodes, 2 nd son & heir, b. 4 Gertrude, w. of Wil. Win- 
May 1662. He was cast away tringham, Minister of East 
as is supposed at sea. Retford. In'Bar ta s e ' Ann. 

Sir Francis Rodes of Barl-- 
borough, the 3 rd Bart., aged 
14, 16 March 1662 ; Sher. 
Notts 1671 ; d. March 
1675-6, bur. at Barl- 
borough 23. f 

=Martha, dau. of Wil. 
Thornton of Grant- 
ham, co. Line. ; living 
1695 # ; d. 23 Oct. 
1719, aged 76 ; bur. 
at Barlborough. 


William Hussey,=Jane R., 
Esq., Cap n of a bp. at 
Troop of Horse ~ 
under K. William 
inlanders 1695. 

17 Oct. 

MS. 244 



Sir John Rodes of Barlborough, 
4 th Barfc.,aged 25,-28 July 1695 ; 
will dated 13 March 1731 ; d. 
unmar. 1743, & was bur. in the 
Quakers' Burying Ground at 
Hansworth Woodhouse. 


Ann R., eldest 


dau., mar. her 

bur. at 

cousin Wil- 


liam Thornton 


of Bloxam, co. 


Frances Rodes, 2 nd dau., 
mar. at Barlborough 30 
Dec. 1699 to Gilbert 
Heathcote of Cutthorpe, 
M.D. (See Ped., 
p. 142.) 

John Bodes of Horbury, Esq. Will dated 18 July 1661. Has tythes=p 
at Hooton Paynel. Kinsman, M r John Savile of Wakefield. 

John Rodes, eld. son & heir, Executor of=pAnn . , 
Horbury, Gent. Will 6 Feb. 1707. Ex x 

Godfrey. Francis. 

i i i 

Dorothy. Grace. 

i i i i i i i 

Elizab, Ann. Marg*. Sarah. Alice. Barbara. Milicent. 

MS. 246, 247 


See in Whitaker's ' History of Richmondshire,' i., 156, extracts from the Register 
of the names to 1755. 

See York Wills 453 & 896, 1559. 

Q. if Alex. Montgomery below was not father of Hugh, who mar. Barbara 

W m Rokeby in a letter to his brother the Judge speaks of him thus : " My 
cousin Montgomery (as he calls himself)," 1692. 

A Ralph Rokeby & Dory Rokeby of Durham 1033. Proceedings of Ecc 1 Corn". 

Ralph Rokeby=j=Margaret, eldest of 3 Agnes, 

of Morton, co. daus. & coheirs of mar. 

York, temp. Rob. Danby of Yaf- James 

Hen. 7. forth* cousin & co- Strang- 

heir of Sir Richard ways. 


Alice, These 3 sisters, with Roger 
mar. Lascelles, Sir Richard 
John Strangways, & Elizabeth, 
Ack- w. of Wil. Bulmer, were 
land, cousins & coheirs of Sir 
Rich. Conyers. 

4. Ralph Rokeby of Skiers, Esq., Serjeant at=p Dorothy, dau. of Thos. Danby, 
Law, 4 th & youngest son ; bur. at Wakefield. I son of Sir James. 

i i i i i i 

John,=pMary or Mar- Grace, mar. Frances, Jane, mar. Mary, mar. Wil. 


gery, dau. of Geo. Mack- mar. Rob. By- Pulleston. 

Ralph Westby worth of John ard, & had — 

of Ravenfield, Erpingham, Latham, 21 chil- Margery, mar. 

or Tho s . co. Rutland; & had dren. .... Headley, 

s.p. William. Yeo. 

Thomas, Parson of Richmond, mar. 
M rs .... Smith of Beverley. 

Margaret. Faith 

Sir Thomas R., Kn* & Mareschal de Camp in France. 



MS. 246, 247 

Douglas, 1 w.,=Ralph= 
dau. of William Roke- 

Ferne of Don- 
caster, Esq. 

by, 2 nd 

: Joan, 2 w., dau. 
of John Porting- 
ton of P., Esq., 
by Ann, dau. of 
John Laughton 
ofL.jwid.ofMieh 1 
Warton (252). 

Joan, 1 w.,= 
dau. & coh. 
of Henry 
Rokeby of 


3 rd son. 

Feme, 2 nd 
w.; wid.of 

d. s.p. 


Ann, dau. & h., 
mar. Sir John 
Hotham of Scar- 

d. s.p. 


I ! 



Charles Hotham, Fel. of Peter House, Cambridge. Durant. William. 

Mary, 1 st w., dau.=pWilliam Rokeby of Skiers, Esq.,=Catherine, 2 w., dau. of 

& heir of John 
Rokeby of Sandal. 

Justice of the Peace ; mar. his Vincent Grantham of 
2 nd w. 30 Aug. 1585. Lincoln, Esq. ; wid. of 

Robert Saunderson, Esq. 

1. Thomas Rokeby of Skiers^Mary, dau. of Wil. 2. William, served under 

Esq., eldest son & heir ; 
served in France. 

Cartwright of Os- 

the Earl of Essex in the 

Grace, dau. & h., mar Conyers, Lord Darcy. 

3. Ralph R., a Captain=p Priscilla, dau. of= John Bamforth of Robert, slain 

in the Netherlands. 

Henry Lyon of Pule Hill, Esq. in France. 
Roxby, Esq. 2 nd husb. 

Mabel, w. of Lt. Col. Gabriel Savile. Priscilla, w. of Cap n Chris. Musgrave. 

Phillis Rokeby, w. of John 3. Richard Rokeby, 3 rd son,=p. . . . dau. of Sir 
Scrope, brother of Lord servant to Lord Scrope of Wil. Ellerker of 
Scrope of Bolton. Bolton. Risby. 

Thomas, a soldier, d. s.p. 

1. Thomas Rokeby of Mor-=pJane, sister of Marmaduke 2. John Rokeby, 2 nd 

ton, Esq., eld. son & heir ; Constable of Everingham ; son, Doctor of Civil 

Justice of the Peace. dau. of Robert. & Canon Law. 


MS. 246 



Christopher, of Morton, Esq.,=f Margaret, dau. of Sir Roger 

eldest son & heir. 

Lassels of Brakenborough. 

Ralph, 2 nd son, 
Master of St. 

John R. of Morton, in Prison in the=pElizabeth, dau. of Marmaduke 

Fleet on account of Religion 1584. 

Thweng; called Ann in ' D. L. ' 

d. s.p. 


Sir Thomas^ 

dau. of Sir Ralph Lawson of Brough. 

Ralph. He seems to have mar dau. of . 

of London & had issue. 


of Hot- 
ham, 3 rd 

dau. of 
Leigh of 


.... w. of ... . 
Wicliffe of Wi- 

.... w. of ... . 
Grower of Stains- 


.... w. of John 
Dodsworth of 
Thornton Wat- 

.... w. of ... . 

. . . . w. 
of ... . 
ter of 

i i 

Ralph, Susan, mar. Wil. Cart- 
d. coel. wright of Normanby, 
co. Line. 

Eliz., w. of Rich. 
Vincent of Fir sby. 

William Rokeby of=j=Dorothy 
Hotham, Esq., aged Rokeby. 
28, 1584. 

Sir William Rokeby of Hotham & of Skiers, whicfc 
he bought of Sir Conyers Darcy ; created a Bart. 
29 Jan. 1661 ; aged 64, 1665 ; bur. at Wentworth 
where he has a Mon. erected 1676. 

: Frances, dau. of Sir William 
Hickman of Gainsborough ; 
lived in marriage about 50 
years, & had other children 
who d. y. 

4. Francis, 
d. unmar. 
in France, 
aged ah* 7 9. 

3. Mildred, 1 mar. 
Wil m Sandford 
of Askham, co. 
Westm., Esq., 
son of Tho., by 
Eliz., dau. of Wil- 
liam Orfeur, Esq. 

4. Bridget, mar. Alex. 
Montgomery of Wel- 
ton, Esq. ; both living 
1709 ; she d. 26 Sep! 
1709, aged 59, & 
has a M.I. in Welton 

1. Mary, 

2. Eliza- 

d. un- 

beth, d. 

mar. ; 

unmar. ; 

bur. at 

bur. at 





1 She d. without issue, & her husband mar. secondly, Dorothy, sole heir of Geo. 
Smallwood of Upleatham in Cleveland, Gent., by whom he had a plentiful fortune 
of land & 7 daughters, of whom four, Mildred, Dorothy, Elizabeth, and Catherine, 
were living 1700. — Collier's ' Dictionary.' 

It is mentioned in the Peerage that Elizabeth, widow of Sir William Rokeby, 
mar. Thomas Paston, a younger son of Robert, Earl of Yarmouth, who was drowned 
at sea 1691, & had by her Robert & Elizabeth. 

VOL. II, z 



MS. 246, 247 


William, 1 son, 
d. unniar. ; bur. 
at Wentworth, 
aged ab* 23 

Alexander, 2 nd son, aged=j=Margaret, 

36, 1665 ; d. before his 
father 1667, & is bur. in 
Welton Church, where is 
a M.I. to his memory : 
he was a soldier. 

dau. of 
John Coke 
of Holk- 
ham, Esq. 

Sir Willoughby Rokeby, 
the 3 ra Bart., heir to his 
nephew, aged 33, 1665 ; 
d. unmar. July 1678 ; of 
Lincoln's Inn. 

Sir William Eokeby of Skyres,= 
2 nd Barfc., aged 9, 1665 ; bur. 
27 April 1678, aged 22. 

=Dorothy, dau. of Wilson's MS., Leeds, says that 

.... Sfcanhope ; Sir Wil. d. s.p., & that his 

survived & was sister & heir Dorothy mar. 

living 1704. .... Sfcanhope. 


Look for connection with Paston. Capt. Paston, 
who mar. Lady Rokeby (Dorothy), d. in 1691. 

See remarkable will of the wife 
of William Rokeby 22 Oct. 
1720. York Wills 1885. 

Alexander Rokeby of Sandal, 2 nd son, by gift of=T=Susan, dau. of Gervas Bosvile 
his father. I of Warmsworfch, Esq. 

Alexander, d. 
at Trin. Col., 
Camb., aged 
ab* 16. 

William R. of Sandal 
Esq., d. 3 Feb. 1662, 
aged 30 ; & was bur. 
at Sandal. 


Elizabeth, dau. of Tho. Bourchier, Esq., 
brother of Sir John B. of Benning- 
borough ; d. 28 Jan. 1705 ; sister of 
Abigail Taylor of York. 

William R., d. young, as did Theodore and other children. 

Philip^Jane, dau. of Joseph Godfrey of Thunnoch, Mary, w. of Chris. Legard 
4 son. I co. Line, Esq. In the Judge's MS. Wil. of Anlaby n r Hull. 

Joseph R. 1 Philip. Nathaniel. Katherine. 

Thomas, of Woodhouse n r Hotham, slain at=f=Elizabeth, 2 dau. of Wil, sister of Sir 
the Battle of Dunbar 3 Sep. 1650, & of William Bury of Grantham. In the 
Burnby. Will 6 July 1650. Judge's MS. dau. of Wil. 

Anne, mar. Ralph Emma, mar. Leonard Susan. Elizabeth, d. Dorothy, d. 
Waterhouse of Weddell of Earswick. unmar., aged aged 2. 

Burnby. (P. 596.) ab* 18. 


1 Went to the West Indies. 

2 A sister of Elizab. Bury, w. of Tho. Rokeby, mar. Cap. George Byard of 
Skellow ? from whom they had that estate. 

MS. 246, 247 



Benjamin, a merchant in London, a Governor of Christ's 
Hospital, afterwards of Stratford in Essex, where he d. in 
1733 ; mar. Rebecca, dau. & h. of Thomas Langham, Esq., 1 
of Arthingworth, co. Northamp. ; she d. 21 Dec. 1692; & 
was bur. in St. Martin's Outwich. 

Mary, mar. Francis 
Hall of Dunning- 
fcon, from whom 
the Plumers. (P. 

Langham Rokeby of Arthingworth, co. North-=pCatherine, dau. of Rebecca, 

ampton, Esq., 1741 ; b. in Bishopsgate Street 
15 Dec. 1692, bp. 24. 

d. inf. 

Major Nicolaus 


Thomas Rokeby of Arthing- 
worth, Esq., only son & heir ; 
d. 8 Sep. 1796, aged 75. 

=Elizabeth, dau. & h. of 
Col. John Scott of Gala- 
shiels, co. Tiviofc(swj); d. 
7 Aug. 1815, aged 91. 

d. unmar. 

Langham Rokeby, Clerk^Maria Isabella, dau. of 
only son & heir apparent Somerset Davies, Esq., 
1776, d. 16 Dec. 1826, of Wigmore Hall, co. 
aged 76. Hereford ; d. 1 Jan. 


Langham Rokeby of 
Arthingworth, Esq., 
1827, d. an inf. 

I I I 

Elizabeth, Catherine, mar. 
b. 24 May Joseph Jekyll, 
1824,aged Esq., of Bath. 
79. — 

Ann. d. unmar. 

Henry Ralph, Commander in the 
Royal Navy, mar. July 1827 
Caroline, dau. of Rev. G. Boulton 
of Oxenden, co. Northampton. 3 

Anne Maria 
Isabella, d. 
at Nice 11 
March 1818 

Jane, d.y . 

John R., 3 rd son, a factor 
in the West Indies ; no 
issue ; of Barbadoes. 

Joseph R. 3 of Leeds, merchV 
4 th son, d. 14 Aug. 1688; 
mar. 20 May 1668. 

=Mileah, sister to Ursula 
Danby ; she & her sis- 
ter were the only coheirs. 

Joseph Rokeby of Newbiggen, Esq., John Buxton,n=Elizabeth. 1. James, 

seised of the Manor of Sandal, Esq., d. 1698. 

which he left to Langham Rokeby (See Ped., p. 

1741. Will 17 Sep. 1739. 408.) 

2. Thomas. 
Both d. y. 

Thomas Buxton. John. Ursula. 

1 Tho. Langham, whose dau. mar. Benjamin Rokeby, was a Citizen of London, & 
d. 3 Dec. 1700 ; Eleanor his wife d. 2 Dec. 1694 ; M rs Rokeby was their only 
child, & d. 21 Dec. 1692 ; B. R. d. 3 Feb. 1732-3, aged 89. They have a Mon. in 
St. Martin's Outwich. 

3 1837, Sep. 6, mar. at Market Harborough, Rev. Henry Ralph Rokeby, Rector of 
Arthingworth, to Harriet, eld. dau. of Joseph Walley of Hunter Street, Brunswick 
Square. — ' Times.' 

3 In trouble 1684. 



MS. 246, 247 

Dorothy, mar. Richard Wyndlow of York, Esq., & had the 3 coheirs mentioned 
at p. 11 ; or Q. if she did not marry James Windlow of Yarm, & was the mother 
of Richard. One of the Windlows mar. a Tanner. Warburton says she mar. 
.... Wigley of London, whose sister mar. Ralph Bell of Soulby. Her husband 
was certainly named James. This Dorothy was the favourite niece & principal 
heir of the Judge. He gives a receipt for £500, her marriage portion, 16 Oct. 
1704, & 22 Mav 1705 for £1500. =f 


Dorothy, named in will of Lady Rokeby 1707. 

Sir Thomas R., one of the Justices of the= Ursula, dau. & coh. of James Dauby 
Court of King's Bench, d. s.p. 1699 ; bur. of New Buildings near Thirsk ; had 
at Sandal ; an Utter Barr. of Gray's Inn ; estates at Kirby Knowle, etc. ; d. at 
Eel. of Catherine's Hall, Camb. Will 16 New Buildings. 
March 1697-8.* 

William R. of Ackworth Park, Esq., d.= 
1700 ; aged 35, 1665 ; of Burnby ; had 
Skiers, Sandal, etc., which he sold. 

: Emma, eld. dau. of Sir William Bury of 
Grantham ; sister of Sir Tho. Bury, 
Baron of the Exchequer ; d. 24 Jan. 
1703, aged 6Q ; bur. at Tunbridge. 

1. William R., d. s.p. before his father ; 
in 1692 his father says he has not heard 
of him for a 12 month or more ; aged 9, 
1665 ; an active stirring child. Abroad 

6. Thomas Rokeby of Sandal, Esq., 
dissolute, sold Skiers ; d. s.p. 2 May 
1706 ; bp. at Ackworth 16 Feb. 
1670-1 ; report in 1705 that he had 
mar. his mistress. 

Sir Thomas=p Dorothy, 5 dau., d. 20 July 1744, 
aged 64. " Commonly called 
Lady Janson." Will of Chief 
Baron Bury, "Dame Dor^ I'An- 
son " of New Bonn in Kent ; 
both living 8 Anne. 

1707 ; of 
New Bounds 
in Kent. 

Henry Scot 1 of York, = Jane. 

merch*, both living 

8 Anne. 

See for Scots < G. M.' 

March 1851, p. 330, 

Sir Tho s I. John. Dorothy, mar Perry ; s.p. 

ii ii ii i 

2. George, s.p. Emma. 2 3. Thomas, 5. John, drowned in 7. Ebenezer, 

— — d.inf. the Don Nov. 1686. d. inf . 

4. Alexander, s.p. Elizabeth. 3 

Note. — The Judge lived at York till he was raised to the Bench in 1689. 
Ackworth Park was bought of the Rokebys by M r Ralph Lowther. 

1 N.B. Henry Scot, an apothecary in Peter Gate, & Rokeby Scot of Lutton, 
Clerk, both voted at the York election 1741. 

2 Emma should probably be Susanna, who had d. unmar. before 8 Anne, as by 
the deed. 

3 Eliz., mar. Tho. Askham ; see a deed in my book 8 Anne ; living at Doncaster ; 
a widow 8 Anne. 

* See his " Journal " with much information about the family in Surtees Soc, vol. 37. — J. W. C. 

MS. 247 



Phillemel Rokeby of Hotham was admitted of Gray's Inn 23 Feb. 1626. Tho s 
R. of the same 23 April 1627. 

I I 

William Rokeby, apprentice^pGrace, a coheir James Rokeby, auditor 

to the Common Law, & of the family of to the Marquis of 

Justice of the Peace ; bro- Fitz. Harris of Northampton ; built 

ther to the first Ralph on Mansfield. Weston near Otley. 
the left. 

: Jane, dau. 
of Sir Wil- 
liam Mid- 
dleton of 

Ralph B^ Justice=j= William, Archdeacon of Cleveland, Laurence, of= 
& Judge of the Spiritual Court, Newcastle, 
York ; s.p. merch*. 

of the Peace, 1 

Robert, of Marske= 

. . dau. of ... . Salvine. Cuthbert. 



Ralph, of Mansfield. Christopher. Robert. Francis. Ellen. Marg*. Joan. 

Martin.=f= James R. of=j=Dorothy, dau. of Jane, mar. Thomas Margaret, mar. 


Geo. Gascoign of Millet of Whitehall .... Crake of 
Caley near Otley. in Durham, Esq. Heslarton. 


John, slain in 

Cuthbert. Thomas. Jane, mar Elizabeth. 

— — Staveley of Stave- 

Anthony. William, ley. 


Jane, 1 st w., dau. of WilliamFpAnthony R. of=pMary Abney of Winby, co. Leic, 

Sutton of Averham, co. Notts, 


2 w., dau. of George. 



Tho s . Wil. Jane, mar Wil. Staveley Eliz. Henry, 1. George R., Citizen & 

of Staveley. 
These added from a Ped. in Beckwith's 
1 Collection.' 

d. un- grocer of London, mar. 
mar. dau. of Rob. Under- 
wood of Hertfordshire. 

ii ii ii 

John. George. Thomas. 
James. Ralph. William. 

Grace, mar. William 
Drinkwater, Cit. of 

Rhoda, mar. 
.... Boyl- 
ston of Lich- 

Sarah, mar. 


Cit. of Lon- 



MS. 247 



2. James. 3. Thomas Eokeby, Rector of Warmsworth, aged^pAnn, 2 dau. of 

56, 1665 : d. 19 July 1680, aged 75 ; bur. at 

Gervas Lee of 
Norwell, Esq. 

Thomas, aged -21, 1665. William, aged 19, 1665. Gervas. 

4. Fulke, mar. dau. 
of John King, Bis- 
hop of Elphin. 

5. Anthony, mar. dau. of Frances. 

Grundy of Thur- — 

garton, co. Notts. Margaret. 

i i i 

Elizabeth. Eleanor. 

iECltobp* MS. 247 

Sir Thomas Rokeby of Richmondshire, Sheriff of Yorkshire. 


William, s. & h. 
John, s. & h. 

son & 

William Rokeby, 
Archbishop of 
Dublin, 2 nd son, 
d. s.p. 

Ralph Roke-=fA,nne, dau. & 

by, appren- 
tice to the 
Law, 3 rd son. 

heir of John 
Holme, son 
of Robert H. 
of Paul 

Sir Richard, Comp- 
troller to Card. 
Wolsey, d. s.p., & 
gave his lands to 
M r Crake; bur. in 
the Savoy. 

Henry Womb- 
well of Thun- 


& coh r , 

Hugh Serlby=. . . . dau. John R. 1= f= 
of Serlby & & coh. of Sandal 



Henry R. : 
2 son. 

Thomas Wombwell of Thundercliffe Grange. 

1 It appears by the Visitation of 1563 that Dorothy, dau. of George Gale, 
Alderman of York, widow of John Rokeby of Sandal, mar. Thomas Fairfax, son 
of Sir William, afterwards knighted & Sheriff of Yorkshire 1572. The usual 
accounts of Fairfax say widow of Thomas Rokeby of Skiers, which is impossible. 
It is remarkable that Ralph Rokeby suppresses the wives of both John & Harry. 
The Gales were then but beginning to be gentry. I have somewhere seen her called 
the rich widow. 


Mary, dau. & sole Catherine, dau. & coh. ; the intended w. of Joan, mar. George 
heir ; mar. Wil- Ealph R. the Antiquary ; mar. William Rokeby. 
liam Rokeby of Hawley of Stotfold. =j= 
Skyers. | 

Mary Hawley, dau. & heir ; mar. Sir John Stanhope, 
2 nd son of Sir Edward. 

John Mason=f=Emma, 2 dau. of W. R. 

W m . Eliz.=pSamuel Walker of Stapleton, Esq. 
Samuel=. . . . Clarke. Oswald. W m =. . . . Fish. Eliz., mar Rawston. 

Ralph Waterhouse=pAnn Rokeby. 

I I 

Tho 9 . Eliz ., m ar. Ralph Norton. 

Tho 8 Askham=T=Eliz., dau. of W m R. of Ackworth. 

Tho 8 . Will. Mary=l .... Whitehead ; 2 Tho. Buckle ; 3 John Ascan. 

Henry Scott of York, d. 10 Dec. 1748=fJane, 3 dau. of W. R. 


Joseph=r=Mary W m =Cath e Weston. Rokeby=pMary Her- Jane=. . . . Emma. Susan. 
Marsh. I bert. White. 

Joseph, s.p. Mary. Eliz. Sara. Tho Rokeby. 2 dau 9 . 

Francis Smyth of New Buildings, Esq., F.A.S. Y liv* 1801. (See p. 396.)=f= 

.... Smyth, eldest son, living at Kirby .... Smyth, 2 son, .... 3 son, going 4 daus. 
Knole 1801, & had 6 children. M.D., of Ripon. to Oxford 1801. 

John Rokeby of Kirk Sandal, made his will 1505, in which he desires to be bur. 
in the Church there. Margaret, his wife, & Ralph, his son, executors. 

Tho. Rokeby of the par. of Ecclesfield had licence to mar. Ann Snydal of the par. 
of Sandal 22 April 1514. 



MS. 248 

TOfjeatlep— &tostiaU- 

This Pedigree is by J. C. B. taken from one in MS. penes John Smyth of Heath 
1777, who says that they were of Wheatley, co. Notts, & acquired Wolley by 
marriage with an heir of De Burg or Bury. 

Also that Thomas, who mar. Margery Week, had a considerable post in the 
army. Lord Fairfax served under him, & always spoke of him with great respect, 
as Col. Wheatley, his grandson, after declared. 

They had formerly a plentiful estate in Wolley, Notton, Alboldhagh, Boyston, 
Brearley, Cudworth, Chappelthorp, Dalton, etc. 

Col. Thorn. W. sold an estate of £60 a year to Sir Geo. Wentworth in Upper 
Cudworth, & £10 a year in Lower Cudworth to M r Matt w Husband, & Brearley 
Hall with £40 a year to John Wentworth of Wolley. 

It is, in fact, Hopkinson's Pedigree, with some additions. 

It appears by Nevil of Chevet's book of Pedigrees that Jeanet, dau. of James 
Nevil of Notton, mar. Nicholas Wheatley, a younger son of Richard Wheatley of 

York Wills 1293. 

John de Wheatley, vix. 33 Edw. 3=j=Ann .... 


Thomas Wheatley of Woolley ^Mary, dau. of Chris 1, Wood- 
vix. 1382 & 1411. ruffe of Woolley. 

William Wheatley of Woolley, vix.- 
8 Hen. 6. Omitted by Hopk. 

-Alice . 

Arms : Quarterly, S. & arg*, on 
2 & 3, 2 crosses pat once gules. 

John W. of W., vix. 11 Ed. IV.= 

Thomas W. of W., ob. 34 Hen. YI.=p Isabel, dau. of ... . Dronsfield. Vis. 
Called William by Hopk. Dugd. < Yorkshire Arms,' f. 50 & 162. 

Richard Wheatley of Woolley,=f=Isabel or Ann, dau. of 

paid 85. 4:d. relief on the death 
of his father. 

Ric. Wentworth 
Bretton, Esq. 


6 other sons, as appears by 
their effigies in the window 
of Woolley Church. 

Richard Wheatley of Woolley,=f=Muriei, dau. of John 
d. temp. Henry 8. Lacy of Brierley. 

Richard Wheatley of Wolley, styled= 
jun., & merch* of London 37 Hen. 8; 
d. 16 Eliz. as per Esch. 

: Ann, dau. & coh. of Rob. 
Whitley of co. Cumb. 
Called Muriel by Hopk. 

Isabel, mar. Tho 3 
Westby of Raven- 

Ann, w. of Rob. Kay 
of Wakefield. 

Robert, 2 nd son, a=f Joan, dau. of Rob. Bence Andrew, 
merchMn London, of Aldborough in Suffolk. 3 rd son. 


MS. 248 



Robert Wheatley of London,=f Thomasine, dau. of Tho. Boucher, mereh* 

merch*, 1633. 

& Cap*, of the City of London. 

i ill 

Marmaduke, aged ah* 2, 1633. Thomasine. Jane. Susanna. 

Thomas Wheatley of Wolley, had=pMargery, dau. of 

livery of his estate in W. Barton 
& Windhill 16 Eliz.; living 1612. 

Geo. Week of 

Isabel, w. of 
.... Ban- 

Thomas Wheatley^ Dorothy, dau. 
of Wolley, son & of Richard 
heir, living 1612 ; Burdett of 
d. 7 Feb. 4 Car. I. Denby, Esq. 

2. Richard, 
2 son. 

1. Elizabeth. 

2. Ann. 

Dionis, w. of 
.... Nor- 


Alice, w. of Thomas 
C ud worth of Coates. 
Hopkinson makes 
Ann w. of Coates. 

Thomas Wheatley of Wolley, =pElizabeth, dau. & coh. of Tho. 

Esq., aged lj- in 1612 ; a 
Major, & afterwards Col. in 
the King's Army ; liv g 1674; 
aged 17, 5 Car. I. 

Oldfield of Wadlands, by 
Elizab., dau. of Mich 1 Went- 
worth of Wolley, Esq. Wad- 
lands is in the psh. of Calverley. 

Edward. = dau. 

(Q.Rich- of.... 
ard.) Cromp- 





Frances, w. of 

Hall of 


John W. of =pHannah, dau. of John Hollingworth 




a cap.; 

of Tinsal ; wid. of John Wood of 

=Eleanor, dau. of Francis, of 

Hen. Wood of Barnsley, 

Barnsley, Esq., apothe- 

by Elizab. Simp- cary. 
son his wife. =f 

Elizabeth, w. 
of Anthy 
Todd of 

Bridget, mar. 
1 Wil. Bos- 
vile, 2 Hugh 

Bridget, dau. & h., mar. Philemon Speight, Rector of St. Martin's, York, & d. s.p. 

Thomas, of Wakefield,=f=Elizabeth, dau. of ... . Evers; will dated at Everilda. 
linen draper, 6 th son. I Rothweli 10 March 1715 ; ob. 8 Dec. 1716. 

Mary, 1 w., dau. of= Francis W. of Wake-=p=Elizabeth, 2 w., Dorothy, w. of Fran. 

dau. of Toby Hildyard of York, 

Sill of Wake- bookseller, 
field; bp. 27 — 

Jan. 1679 ; d. Ann, mar. John 

15 Feb. 1735. Brown of York. 

Gerv. Cole of Ramp- field, linen draper, 

ton, Gent.; d. 24 bp. 21 Sep. 1670; 

June 1701, aged d. 21 Aug. 1714 ; 

23 ; bur. at Wake- bur. at W. 

C D 


A A 



MS. 248 

I I I I I 

Dorothy, b. 14 April 1714; mar. 1 John Ann. Francis. 

Kaye of Buttersley & Millshaw, Esq., 2 — " .— 

.... Bankes of Wakefield, Esq. Thomas. Frances. 



All d. y. 

George W. of ClementV 
Lane, Lombard Street, 
b. 11 Oct. 1712. 

Susan, b. 22 June 1703 ; mar. Elizabeth, b. 9 Jan. 

John Ridsdale of Ripon & 1706 ; d. unmar. 9 

Wakefield, mercer. June 1782 ; bur. at 

=p Hackney. 

Mary, 1 w., dau. of Fran cis-y-Ed ward Ridsdale of=pAnn Romley^Eliz. Milnes, 

Wheatley ; bp. 2 Feb. 1736 ; 
on the right. 

Wakefield, mercer. 

2 w. 

John. Mary. Susan. 

George R. of Others. 
Old Hall 
1855, unmar. 

3 w. 

Martha, mar. Rev. 
E. C. Tyson 
(? Clerk). 

2. Francis. Richard. Thomas, d. y. Michael, of Wolley, 


on the right. 

George, apprenticed for 
7 years to John Clayton 
of Sheffield, cutler, 25 
March 1684. 

Edith, 1 w., dau.= George W. of W. Hopkinson=rMary, 2 w., dau. of John Drue 

of Sfceph. Ryder brings the issue from the 1 st 
of Coverdale. marriage. D. v.p. 

of Rotherham ; wid. of Abr. 
Hawks worth of Wheatley Hill. 


George, an apothecary at Pontefract, John. Thomas. Elizabeth. Prudence, 
was mar. & had issue. 

Emilia, 1 w., dau. &= Francis W.=p Ann, 2 w., dau. of Anthy=Jane, 3 w., dau. & 

coh. of Tho. Hard wick of Wolley, 
of Potter Newton, Esq. M.B. 

Devevere, M.D., of Leeds ; 
rel. of Wil. Green of Banks. 

coh. of Charles 
Riccard of Heck. 

Michael Wheatley= 
of Wolley, Esq., 
a Capt. of Foot 
under the Duke 
of Marlboro', bur. 
in the cha'ncel of 
Walton Church. 

=Mary, dau. of . 

Geo. Nelson 

of Walton, by 

Mary, dau. of 
Will 1 * 

Meadows of 
Henley Hall 
near Ipswich. 

Ann, mar. Rich- 
ard Smyth of 
Wakefield, 2 son 
of John, of 
Heath, & d. 2 
June 1762, aged 

Barbara, 2 sister 
& coh., mar. 
Miles Wilson of 
Underley, co. 
Westm., & d. 

Dorothy, 3 
sister & 
coh., mar. 
Green of 
Banks, & 
d. s.p. 

George Wheatley, d. y. 


.... Deverere=FBarbara of Wakefield, wid. Will 7 July 1716. 

, " - ' ■■-- 1 "■"■■ - " 

- ■ I 

Barbara Wheatley, granddau., lately married M r Miles Dorothy, w. of M r Green 
Wilson of Underley without my consent. of Banks, granddau. 

MS. 249 


Richard Wheatley of White=f= dau. of Glead- N. Johnstone's MSS. 

Cross in Emley. hill of Barkisland. 

Richard W. of White Cross=pPenelope, dau. of Thos. Cutler of Falthwaite. 

, I I - 

Ann, mar. 1 John Rayner, 2 w Buck Elizabeth, mar. Michael Penelope, 

of Eddacliffe in psh. of Birstall. Green. (P. 372.) d. y. 

Thomas Wheatley of White=f=Mary, dau. of George Richard, Attorney in the Court 

Cross, a Cap n under Sir 
George Wentworth. 

Booth of Glossop. of the Lord President of the 

Thomas W. of=f=[Mary] dau. of John Allott of Bentley Grange. William. John. 
Whitecross. (See her other marriages, p. 211.) 

Thomas, l£ years old in Dec. 1667. 

William Wheatley of Whitecross, Gent., b. 1695 ; d. unmar. 1766. 
Robert Walker, nephew & heir of W m Wheatley 1766. 

MS. 249 WfymltV* 

Thomas Wheatley of Wakefield, mercer=pMary, dau. of ... . Beetson. 

Francis Wheat-^Sarah, dau. of ... . Watkin- A Memorandum of Beck with's 

ley of Wake- son, M.D., of Wakefield ; represents the wife of Francis 

field, mercer. mar. at Kirkthorpe 16 June as a dau. of ... . Greathead. 

Edward, of Wake-=j=. . . . dau. of ... . William- Mary, mar. Edward Ridsdale of 
field, mercer. I son of Ripley. Wakefield, mercer, on the left. 




MS. 249 

Thomas W. of Wake-=j=Frances, dau. of ... . Sorsby of Rother- William, John, 
field, d. 1732. ham. (See Sheffield Ped., p. 72.) d. coel. d. coal. 

Joseph, Charles, Elizabeth, Thomas Wheatley of Rotherham, Atty, d. un- 
d. y. d. y. d. y. mar. 26 May 1758, aged ab 1 32. 

John Wheatley, A.M., Rector of- 
Olaxby cum Norman by & Vicar 
of Aslackby, Chapl. to Eliza- 
beth, of Hamilton. 

=Elizabeth, dau. of Mary, mar. Sarah, mar. Jere- 

Wil. Cooke, Rec- John Inge miah Bairstow of 

tor of Sawtry, All of London, Wakefield, Esq. 

Saints, co. Hunt, merch*. 

ohn, < 

John, d. at Rotherham 7 x\pril Thomas, a stuff Francis, Joseph. Elizabeth. 
1777, aged 21 ; bur. there. merchant at in the — 

Leeds. Navy. Mary. 

Thomas, William Wheatley, a Clergy man,=f= Ann Hewett, niece of John Hewett, 
d. y. b. 24 April 1753. I Rector of Harthill. (P. 448.) 

William Wheatley, b. 1778. 

1794, April 10, d. at Treeton, aged 68, Rev. John Sorbie Wheatley, M.A., 
Rector of Aslackby, co. Line. After an union of 40 years he only survived M rs W. 
the short space of 13 months. (' G. M.,' 64, 387.) 


MS. 250 

It is said by D r N. Johnstone that a nephew of Peter Wood, travelling in 
Sweden, saw a portrait which he recognised as that of his uncle by a flesh mark. 

See will of W m Wood of Monk Bretton, 15 April 1684, York Wills 1244, & Will. 
Wood, M r of the Grammar School at Hemsworth, 1317. 

George Wood of Monk Bretton, co. York ; took a lease from= 
the Crown of the Smithies in Burton 11 April 1579 ; renewed 
21 May 1585 ; bur. at Royston 26 Jan. 1589. 

Anne, dau. of John 
Fox 1579 & 1585. 

George Wood of Monk Bretton Manor House, Col-=f 
lector of the Revenues of the dissolved Mon. there 
for the Crown 1609 ; purchased the Smithies of the 
Crown 13 Nov. 7 C. I."; joint purchaser of the 
Man. of Burton of the Crown 1609-10 ; d. 1638. 

: Jennet, dau. of Roger John 

Swift of Roth well ; Wood, 

mar. at Royston 1 Oct. 2 son, 
1584; bur. 3 Aug. 1598. 

Esther, bp. 
1605; d. 

2. John Wood of=rElizab., dau. 3. George- 

Smithies, 2 nd son, 
bp. at Royston 
1594 ; UV 22 
Oct. 1634. 

of Robert 
Pitt, mar. at 
Royston 21 
Jan. 1628. 

=. . . . dau. 



5. WilL, 

Issue, d. y. 

MS. 250 



John W.=pSusanna, dau. of Rob. 


b. 1634. 

Pitt; mar. 1654; mar. 
2 Jude Olarkson of 
Shafton 27 June 

George, 1 
d. coel. 

i i 


Mary, mar. John 
Soamander (?) 
of Monk Bret- 

Jon n 

George Wood=^Margaret Stephen. John Wood = 
of Smithies, .... liv g of Smithies, 

eld. son., b. 1691 & b. 1662.* 

1657; d. 1696. 


: Susanna, dau. & 
coh. of George 
Roebuck of Kirk 
Burton ; mar. 
1669 ; d. 1707/f 


James. John. 

George. Elizabeth. 
All d. inf. 

George Wood of Smithies^ 
& Vicar of Royston, b. 
1704 : d. 1781. 

: Jane, J dau. 
of John Mat- 
son of Roys- 

I I 
Ann, b. 1700. 

Elizabeth, b. 

George Wood of Smithies & of the Middle Temple, = 
knighted, a Baron of the Exchequer. Will 
dated 29 Nov. 1823 ; proved 16 July 1824. No 
issue. § 

= Sarah Thomas, in the ser- 
.... vice of the East 
I. Company. 

hn, a=p. . . . dau. of ... . 
Johnson of Savan- 
na in Georgia. 


in East 

Jane, w. of John 
Baildonof Apple- 
haigh in Notton. 

Susan, w. of 
Rich d Bail- 
don of Roys- 

Elizabeth, w. of 
John Stocks of 

. Wood, intended heir to Sir George, but wild. 

1. Robert 1 
Wood of 
b. 1589 ; 
d. 1676. 

=Jane, dau. of John Stocks, 4. Stephen, 
Aid. of Doncaster (son of 1634, mar. 
James) ; had £100 per Grace .... 
ann. at Royston & another 
£100 at Doncaster. 

Peter, 1634 said to have been 
knighted by the Czar, & to 
have d. in Russia. A soldier 
under Gustavus Adolphus, 
slain at Leipsick ; of great 
fame there for his valour. 

6. Dorothy, b. 
1636; mar. 4 
Feb. 1653 to 
Robert Ashton. 
. (See p. 199.) 

8. Sarah, w. 
of John 
Field of 
Hull. (See 
p. 63.) 

9. Jane, 
w. of 
of Hague 

10. Elizabeth, b. 1643; 
mar. at Royston 4 
Aug. 1664 to Godfrey 
Watkinson of Bramp- 
ton, co.Derb. (P. 205.) 

11. Douglas, 
twin with 

1 This George was the eldest son, & of Smithies. He was murdered at 
S* Ellen's Well. 

* Bur. 29 May 1720. f B « r - 1 June 1707 - t Bur - 20 0ct - 1778 - 

§ Bp. at Royston 14 March 1743-4; died 6, bur. 14 July 1824 in the Middle Temple Vault. 

Wilkinson's ■* Barasley Worthies.' — J. W. C. 



MS. 250 

5. John Wood=rHannah, dau. of 

of Royston, to 
whom his 
father gave the 
lands there. 

John Holling- 
worth ; mar. 2 
John Wheatley. 
(See Ped., 
p. 248.) H. was 
of Dentwisle, co. 

7. James,=j=GriseldGrodfrey,t 12. Henry, from 

an Atty. # ! mar. 2 John whom the Baro- 

Dutton or But- net family ; he 

ton, Vicar of was an Atty, & 

Royston. Her lived at the 

father was Wil- Yews in Brad- 

loughby G. of field psh. ; mar. 

Edderthorpe, Anne, dau. of 

Esq. John Fox of 



John. Jane. Anne, d. y. William, b. 7 March 1659. George, d. y. 

• i i 

1. John. 

George. ° 

i i 


d. s.p. 

2. William Wood of Masborough near Rother-- 
ham, 2 nd son, b. 1627 ; will dated 1668 ; d. 22 
Dec. 1668; bur. at Rotherham ; Clerk of the 
Peace for the W. Riding. 

Isabel, dau. of 
Nath 1 Eyre of 
Bramley, Gent. 
(See Ped., p. .) 

Robert Wood of^Hephzibah, dau. & coh. of Andrew John, 

Monk Bretton, Morewoodof Hallowesin Dronfleld; liv g 

Gent., d. 1712 ; bp. 2 Oct. 1659 ; mar. 1678 ; bur. 1668. 
bur. at Royston. at Dronfleld 11 July 1707. 



Hannah, mar. 
.... Crofts of 

i i i 

Richamah, mar. Henry, of York, bp. at John, of 

. Bingley of Royston 2 Jan. 1684. 
Bolton. =r 



Esther Wood, dau. & h., mar. at Newton Kyme 
26 Sep. 1744 to Wil. Todd of Newstead. 

=Grrace, dau. 
of Ralph 

Ralph, d. ccel. 

William Wood= 
of Monk Bret- 
ton, Gent., b. 
Nov. 1679 ; 
d. 26 May 

: Rebecca, dau. of 
John Rooke of 
Barnsley, Gent. ; 
d. 1735; merch*. 

i i i 


i i i 


Andrew. Jane. 

Robert. Rebecca. 
All d. s.p. 

Mary, mar. 
.... Robin- 
son of Shef- 


Rooke of 

Rebecca, w. of Elias Words- 
worth of Bretton. (See 
Ped., p. 308.) 

Hephzibah, w. of Wil- 
liam Watson of Bolton 
upon Dearne. 

Sarah, w. of Ric. Pickering 
of Barnsley, surgeon. (See 
opposite page.) * - 

* Bur. at Barnsley 21 Aug. 1662. 

f Grizella, dau. of Mr. Willoughby Godfrey; Darfield 23 Sep. 1641 ; 
24 May 1664, John Dutton, Vicar of Royston.— J. W. C. 

mar. 2ndly, 

MS. 250 



Robert Wood of Monk= 
Bretton, d. 17 May 
1761, aged 65. 

-Frances, dan. of Gamaliel William, 
Milner of Burton Grange. d. 1779. 
(See Ped., p. 311.) 

Olive, w. of John 

Wagstaffe of 


William Wood, b. 23 Feb. 1737 ; d. Robert Wood, a=Mary Howe Gamaliel, 
ooel. 2 Sep. 1776 ; of Monk Bretton, Lieut, in the of London. 3 rd son, 
Gent. ' 23 Foot, d. s.p. d. 1770. 


Olive Wood, eld. dan. & 
coh., mar. at Eoyston 7 
May 1781 to Thomas 
Gunning of Sheffield, 
merch 1 ; d. s.p. 

Frances, 2 dau. Rebecca Wood, 3 dau. & coh., mar. at R. 

& coh., hV un- 2 Nov. 1774 to John Bingley of Burton 

mar. 1791 ; d. jure ux., some time a Cap n in 93 Reg. of 

unmar. Foot ; no issue ; she d. in March 1829. 

MS. 251 


Tho. Saxton of Warmsworth, husbandman. Will 2 Feb. 1618. Marg fc his wife, 
Garthred Clarke my dau., Nich 1 S. my brother, his son Anthony & dau. Ann Saxton, 
Henry Saxton, Clerk, my son, Rob. Brande, Matt w Squire, W m Bosvile. 

Valentine Hurt & Mary Saxon mar. at Wadworth 10 Feb. 1680. 

Henry Saxton, M.A., Vicar of Comngsborough, d. 21 Aprils 
1665, aged 84, & was bur. at Coningsborough. 

Thomas Saxton of~ 
Butterbushinpsh. : 
of Coningsboro'. 


Henry Saxton of 
Gent. Will 6 
March 1C 94. 

Sarah, mar. 12 Jan. 1642-3 
to Laurence Warton of Wel- 
lingley, Gent., & d. 20 Aug. 
1661. (P. 252.) 

John Saxton= Susan. Gertrude, w. of Wil m Clarke, Gent. 

William Saxton, ^Edith,, dau. & coh. of 
Vicar of Har- 
worth, d. 1693, 
aged 75 ; d. 
Nov. 13. M.I. 

Ann, w. of Fran- .Ellen, w. of 
William Marshal of cis Mitchel of Henry 
Moor Alierton n 1 ' Artlington Skelton of 

Leeds; d. 18 Feb. 
1680, aged 54 ; bur. 
at Harworth. M.T. 



Frances, w. 
of Henry 
Mitchel of 

Henry Saxton, no issue ; of =Frances, dau. of Geo. Westby=Edward Mansel, 
Harworth ; b. 9 Nov. 1660 ; of Gilthwaite, Gent. (See Vicar of Eccles- 
ob. s.p. 3 Sep. 1689. M.I. Ped., p. 221.) field, 2 nd husb. 

Gertrude, mar. 1675 to Edward 
A Goodwin of Rawmarsh, Gent. 

Sarah, mar. 1671 to John Stephenson, & Ann. 
had Tho., Sarah, & Frances ; liv& 1694. 



Frances, 1 mar. Daniel Austin. Elizabeth, 3 mar Sharp. 

Daniel Austen of Berrington, co. Salop, Clerk, George Sharpe of Barmby=f=Eliza 

& Ann his wife, sold the moiety of an estate in the Willows, co. Nott., 
called Oar. House to M rs Sharpe. Esq. 


Christopher Nevile of Lincoln, Esq.^p. . . . Sharpe. 

Christopher Nevile of Emanuel College, Cambridge, 1765. 

Was Tho. Nevile, fellow of Jesus Col., Camb., of this family ? Hurd's ' Horace,' 
i., 177. 

<§00t»tottt* MS. 251 

.... Goodwin of East Grinstead, co. Sussex.^p 


John Goodwin. Anthony Goodwin, Rector=pAnn Mellor, mar. 
of Rawmarsh, co. York. 27 Nov. 1589. 

Peter Saxton, Rector of Edlington= Elizabeth, bp. 9 June 1594 ; 
& Vicar of Leeds. mar. 12 Feb. 1626-7. 

Humphrey Goodwin. Settled at Rawmarsh=f=Catherine Nelson, mar. at Raw- 

with Anthony his brother. 

marsh 17 May 1586. 

Ann, 1 w.,=pAnthony Goodwin of Raw-=Mary, 2 w., Edward, Ann, mar. 20 Oct. 

dau.of marsh, Gent., eldest son, proved her of York, 1614 to Charles 

Slack of bp. 26 Oct. 1588. Will husband's bp. 6 Laugh ton of Ho w- 

Elmsall. dated 7 May 1662; proved will. July arth, Gent. 

7 Dec. 1664. 1595. 

Silence Saxton, mar. Gertrude,* 1 w., dau.^Edward Goodwin of = Philadelphia 

Cap* Sam 1 Poole of &coh. of Wil. Saxton, 

Thorne,etc.(seePED., Vicar of Harworth 

p. 66); dau. of P. S. (see above); mar. 

1675. A 

Rawmarsh, Gent., Bradford, 2 nd 
bp.3Dec. 1630; aged w., mar. 21 
34, 10 April 1666. Jan. 1685-6. 


1 She mar. also Tho. Lancashire, Vicar of Harworth (who d. 13 Oct. 1719, 
aged 66). He d. 4 March 1711, aged 55, according to D r Sykes. 

3 Rob. Thwaites, Gent., & Eliz. Saxton, mar. 1688. Coningsborough. In his 
will he names his brother Lancashire. I suppose, therefore, this was she who mar. 

* Mar. April 8, 1675, at Conisborough.— J. W. C. 

MS. 251 



Edward Goodwin of = Jane, dau. of Robert 
Rawmarsh, G-ent., Wainwright of 
son & heir, d. s.p. 12 Middlewood ; d. 14 
Jan. 1747, aged 70 ; April 1755, aged 76; 
bur. at Rawmarsh. bur. at Rawmarsh. 
M.I. M.I. 

A | 

Gertrude, b. 1680; 
mar. 5 June 1707 
to Wil m Oates of 
Wakefield, Gent. 
(See Ped., p. 261.) 

Mary, mar. 



Vicar of 



Richard Pickering= Sarah, dau. of Wil. Wood 
of Barnsley, Sur- of Monk Bretton, Gent, 
geon, 1746. (See opposite page.) 


i i 

Susan, d. y. 
Hastings, d. y. 

Margaret, bp. 4 March 1633-4 ; 
mar. Richard Townend of Hoy- 
land, Gent. 


Ann, mar. John 
Lee, Gent. 

Mary, mar. 28 Jan. 1659-60 to 
John Rayner 1 of East Dray- 
ton, Esq., & had John, b. 2 
Dec. 1662. 

I I 

Anthony. Ann. 

Lydia. Esther. 

Mary, mar. 28 Aug. 1688 to 
Wil. Watson of Bolton. 

Notes on the Goodwin Pedigree. 

The basis is Dugdale's Visitation 1666. 

Anth^ Goodwin, in his will, calls John & Richard Crookes his brothers-in-law. 
The children of John Lee are mentioned in the will. They must have been then 
young, & I imagine that M rs Susan Lee, who mar. at Rawmarsh 31 March 1692 M r 
John Browne, was another dau. They are described as both of Sheffield. A Troth 
Goodwin, bp. 14 Nov. 1591 ; mar. 13 Aug. 1617 William Lee. I suspect it was 
through the Lees that the Shores of Sheffield were connected with this family. The 
second Samuel Shore calling the second Edward Goodwin cousin. Again, it is doubt- 
ful by which of the wives were the two Marys, mar. to Reyner & Pickering. 

The Arms were Argent, on a bend ragulee gules a lion passant of the first. For 
proof reference was made to the Visitation of Sussex. 

Thomas Reyner of=M rs Mary Fell of Rotherham, mar. at 
Gainsborough. Rawmarsh 25 Jan. 1689-90. 

MS. 252 


This is from Brooke's ' Collections '; but I find that Matthew Prince of Wolley 
mar. Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Brooke of Newhouse, who was bur. in 1676. 
Matt w Prince speaks in his will, 1711, of dau. Ellen, wife of M r Tho. Gill. The 
marriage with Mawhood & Micklethwaite not in his will. 

Matt. Prince of Wolley, co. Eb., Esq. Will 2 April 1711.= 


John Mawhood of Ardsley,= =Richard Micklethwaite, 

A 1 st husb. no issue. 2 nd husb. 

Edward P. of 

1 This John Rayner had mar. to his first wife Mary, dau. of Sir John Hewet of 




MS. 252 


John Prince of Wolley & of = 
Birk House in par. of Dar- 
field, which he sold to Benj. 
Micklewaite of Barnsley. 

: Ann. Nich s Burley of the=Eliz. Prince, survived, & 
Yews in Bradfield having no issue left good 
& of Wolley. (See property to her own 
Ped., p. 270.) family. 

I I 

Matthew P. of John Prince of Wol- 

Wolley, Gent., ley, Gent., bro r & 

1 st son, d. ccel. heir, d. ccel. 


Shaw of^F. . . 

White Lee in 
(See p. 143.) 


William, of Barns- 
ley, d. ccel ah* 


John Shaw of White Lee, coal. 1781. 

Edward Prince of Wolley, Gent.^ 
heir to John, d. 3 Dec. 1752, 
set. ah* 44 ; bur. at Wolley. 

: Elizabeth, dau. of . . . .=Thomas Beever of Long 
Prince of Caldcotes Elmsall, Clerk, 2 nd husb., 
near Leeds. liv g 1781. 

Edward Prince of Wolley, Esq., only son 
& heir, d. ccel. 13 June 1792, having 
sold his estate to Godfrey Went worth, 
Esq. ; he d. at the Yews, poor. 

Joseph Fountaine, a= 
merchant & some 
time Mayor of Leeds, 
d. 23 Jan. 1791, 
aged 58. 

=Anna Maria, only 
dau., b. 1746 ; d. 
3 July 1767 ; bur. 
at Leeds. 


MS. 252 

Warton .=f= 


Laurence Warton of Hull^ Agnes Edward W.=f 

Michael War ton*=p Joan, dau. of Tho. Portington or John ; Benjamin. Winifred. 

of Beverley Park, 

Sir Michael 
Warton of 
Beverley, b. 
1574 ; d. 8 
Oct. 1655. 

mar. to Kalph Eokeby, the Antiquary. 
(P. 247.) 

! I I I I I 

Edward, Laurence Warton=f Dorothy, Henry, 4 Faith. 

2 son. of Bedness, 3 rd 

son. Will 22 July 
1638, proved 31 

dau. of 


Stephen- Ann, mar. 
son. .... 



* M,P, for Beverley 1586 to 1588.— J. W, C. 

MS. 252 



Laurence of Wadworfch,= 
Wellingley, d. 2 Dec. 
1691 ; bur. at Tick- 

: Sarah, dau. of 
Henry Saxton, 
Vicar of Oon- 
(P. 251.) 




of Baw- 




Henry, bp. Gertrude, bp. at Coningsborough Elizabeth, 

5 March 9 April 1644; mar. 30 May bp. 11 

1651-2. 1669 to Geo. Holmes of Don- April 

caster. 1648. 

Sarah, bp. 9 June 
1654 ; mar. 24 
April 1687 to John 
Kiffin of Bilby. 

Lau- Edward, : 
rence. Esq., d. 

22 Jan. 


John Warton of= 
Frickley, Esq. 

Elizabeth, 1 
dau., mar. 
of Bawtry, 

Jane, bur. 
at Bawtry 

Frances, mar. 
Francis Hall 
of Swaith 14 
Oct. 1697. 

mar. John 
Rooke of 

Warton =f= 

Anthony Warton, purchased Frickley, Granada, d. 16 
b. 1729 ; d. 15 Feb. 1773. June 1754. 

Charles Warton, Esq* 



Michael Warton of Beverley," 
Esq., bp. 27 April 1623 ; d. 
at London 9 Aug. 1688. 

: Susan, dau. of John, 
Lord Paulet ; d. 7 
Nov. 1682. 

Sir Ralph W. of Beverley, 
Kn*, d. 6 Dec. 1700. 

1. Sir Michael 2. John,fd. 3. Ralph W. of Beverley, 4. Charles, of Beverley, 

Warton of 18 Oct. 1656, Esq., 3 rd son, b. 11 July Gent., 4 son, b. 22 

Beverley, Bart, aged 5. 1656 ; d. 22 March Sep. 1657 ; d. 22 March 

1708-9. 1708-9. 

I I I 

1. Elizabeth. 2. Susan, mar. 1 Sir John Bright, Sir James Pennyman=f 3. Mary, 

Bart., 2 Sir Michael Newton. 

of Ormsby, Bart., d. 
17 Nov. 1745. 



* ? Michael, d. v.p. at Scarborough ; mar. Cath., dau. and coh. of Christ a Maltby, at Cotting- 
ham 1 Oct. 1620. 

f Bur. at Beverley Minster.— J. W. C. 



MS. 252 

James, =Doro thy, dau. 
d. s.p. of Wil. Wake, 
mar. Archbishop of 

Sir William, 
d. unmar. 16 
April 1768. 

Thomas, d. 
s.p. mar. 

Sir Warton War- 
ton, Bart., 4 th 
son, assumed 
name of Warton, 
d. 14 Jan. 1770. 

: Charlotte, dau. 
of Sir Cha. 
Hotham, Bart., 
by Bridget, dau. 
of Will. Gee of 
Bishop Burton. 

d. coel. 

Charlotte, mar. 
Francis Boyn- 
ton, Esq., son 
of Sir Francis 
of Burton- 

Mary, mar Harriet, mar. 

Berry of Bristol. Henry Sta- 

Margaret, mar. 
Henry Haister of 
Winstead, Esq. 

pylton of 
Wighill, Esq. 

Caroline, mar. 
Eoger Gee of 
Bishop Bur- 
ton, Esq. 

Diana, mar. Cap. 
George Hotham, 
son of Sir Beau- 
mont, Bart. 

Probable connections of these Wartons. 

Robert Bankes of Bawtry, Att? at Law & Clerk of the Peace for Notts, mar. 
Jane Warton ab. 1710. 

George Ashley of Stainton, Gent., mar. Sarah Warton 25 March 1717. — Bon- 
caster Beg. M rs Jane Warton, d. 6 Nov. 1716 ; bur. at Retford. 


See ' Yorkshire Topography,' p. 351. 

MS. 253 

Richard Bunney of Newton=f=. . . . dau. of ... . Haselden of Haselden Hall 


in Wakefield. 

John=p. . . . dau. of ... . Gargrave. 

Richard*=pRose, dau. of John Topcliffe, Chief .... Ann, mar. Richard Appleyard. 

Nicholas,=Margaret, 3 dau. & coh. of Elizabeth, Ann, w. of Ro- Jane, w. of 

6 th son. Edw. Restwold ; wid. 1 of w. of Rob* berfc Arthing- Edw. Steer 

Tho. Greenhalgh, 2 Alex. Kaye. ton of Knot- of Thorne. 

Bannister. tingley. 

Thomas, 2 nd William, 3 rd son. Peter, 4 th son, George, 5 th =f=. 
son, s.p. =p s;p. 


dau. of , 



Restwold, a soldier at Berwick, bur. at Ryton 19 March 1601. Bridget. 

* There seems a generation missed here. John had a son Richard who mar. Eliz., dau. of 
James Hamerton of Munkroyde. They had Richard who mar. Rose Topcliffe, and Ann Appleyard. 
For a rather extended account of the Bunny family see " Dugdale's Visitations " by the Editor in 
the ' Genealogist,' vol. x. — J. W. C. 

MS. 253 




Richard Bunney of Newton, alias Bunny Hall, in psh.= 
of Wakefield, Esq., afterwards of Newland, b. 1514 ; 
in service of Hen. VIII., Edw. VI., Mary, & Eliza- 
beth ; Treasurer of Berwick, etc. ; living at Newland 
4 July 1545 ; d. 30 April 1584 ; bur. at Norman ton ; 
will proved 3 Aug. following, in which he desires to 
be bur. in that Church in the Lady's quire near his 
father in law, M r Eestwold ; will 11 April 26 Eliz. ; 
d. at Bolton Percy 30 April 1584. 

^Bridget, 2 dau. & coheir of 
Edward Restwold of the 
Vache, co. Bucks, Esq. 
by Agnes Cheney his w. ; 
placed a Mon. for her hus- 
band in the Church of 
Norman ton ; d. at Newland 
21 Dec. 45 Eliz., aged ab* 

Edmund Bunny, B.D., Rector of Bolton 
Percy, Prebendary of York, London, & 
Carlisle, eldest son, gave up the inherit- 
ance to his younger brother ; d. 6 Feb. 
1611 ; bur. in York ; Fellow of Merton 
College, Oxford; will Feb. 1612; b. 15 
March 1539. 

Francis Bunny, A.M.,= 
3 rd & youngest son, 
Rector of Riton & 
Preb. of Durham ; b. 
8 May 1543. 

-Jane, dau. of 
Henry Priest- 
ley. Will 21 
Aug. 1623. 

Francis,=Mary, dau. & heir of John Wortley of Langley in psh. Elizabeth, 
d. s.p. of Branspeth by Bridget, dau. of Edward Lynsey of mar. Wil. 
Selby, co. Norf. Fenay. 

Ann, dau. of Francis Inkpenna of Galliear-Eye, 
co. Bucks (Q. Inkpen) ; mar. 2 G-eo. Rokeby, 
and as A. R. of St. Ellinswell made her will 

,=j=Richard Bunny of Newland, Esq., 
Feodary of the Hon 1 of Pontefract, 
will 1 May 1608; bur. 2 May 
1608 ; b. 28 Feb. 1541. 


Henry, of Lon-= 
don, Oit. & 

=. . . . dau. of 
Sam 1 Sal- 
stonstal of 


Dorothy, mar. 
Thos. Heath 
of Old Dur- 
ham, Esq., of 


Priscilla, mar. 
Charles Hall 
of Leven- 

2. Francis Bunny= 
of Newland, Esq., 
eldest son, living 
1612, b. at Dur- 
ham 13 July 24 

: Mary, dau. of Wil. Cart- 
wright, Clerk of the 
Peace for the W. R. & of 
Assize for the Northern 
Circuit ; mar. 18 Sep. 

1. Richard, d. 
unmar. ; aged 
3,1584; slain 
in Ireland 

George, had lands 
in Durham, of 
Newsome 1612, b. 
at Newland 14 
Aug. 1586. 



Henry, d. y. Mary. 

Elizabeth, mar. Charles 
Jackson of Carlton. 

Jane, mar. John Anby 
of Sherwood. 

Savile=Margaret, dau. of Geo. 
Jack- Anby of Sherwood ; sis - 
b son. ter to John above. 


John=. . . . dau. of 


of London. 

Mary, mar. John 



MS. 253 

Elizabeth, mar. Charles. Marmaduke=Marg t , dau. of Charles Henry. Will 1 * 
Rob. Moor. Walters, Esq. 

Theodosia, 1 w.,= 
dau. of Sir Fran- 
cis Molyneux of 
Teversel, Bart. ; 

=Edmund B. of Newland, = Elizabeth, 2 w.,=pMary, 3 w., dau. of 

Esq., son & heir, aged 13, dau. of Wil. 
19 June 1635, when he Palmer of South- 
entered University Coll., well, co. Notts, 
Oxford. Esq. ; s.p. 

Wil. Bosvile of 
Gunthwaite, Esq. ; 
mar. at Penis ton 
15 Nov. 1664. 

Eichard, Edmund Bunny of Newland, 
d. y. which he sold to M r John 

Silvester ; after of G-unthwaite 
where he acted as Clerk to 
Justice Bosvile ; liv g 1712. 
John Womb well of Barnsley 
& John Nevile of Chevet his 

Elizabeth, Molineux Bunny, an officer 
mar. Wil- in the reign of King Wil- 
liam Her- liam & Queen Anne, had an 
bert, Rec- anny of £12 a year out of 
tor of the G-unthwaite estate 1733; 
Norman- d. 6 May 1749 ; bur. at 
ton ; d. Peniston. (Q. by which 
May 1720. wife.) 

Theodosia, bur. 7 May '54=Edm d B. of New Hall=j=Mary. 

Kich d , bp. 24 Edmund, bp. Bosvile, bp. Theodosia, bp. Molineux, bp. Palmer, bp. 27 June 
Aug. 1665. 16 Jan. 1667. 21 Julyl671. 3 June 1673. 1 July 1674. 1675 ; bur. 23 July. 


MS. 253 

Rich d Bunny of Bunny Hall in=j=Rose, dau. of John Topcliffe, Lord Chief 
Wakefield. 1522, 4 Hen. 8 (sic). Rich d , bur. 1512. 


Rich d Bunny of Bunny=pBridget, dau. of Edw. Restwold of Ohalfont 

Hall & of" Newland, 
Esq., d. at Bolton Percy 
30 April 1584, bur. at 
Normanton 1 May. 

St. Giles, co. Bucks, Esq., which Edw. d. at 
Newland 24 July 1547 (b. 30 June 1547, 
Reg.) ; she d. at Newland 21 Dec. 45 Eliz., 
aged ab* 87 ; bur. in the Lady quire at Nor- 

From the 
Reg. of 

Edmund, Richard, b. 28 Feb.- 
b. 15 1541 ; bur. in the 

March Lady's quire 2 May 
1539. 1608, aged ab* 66. 


=Ann, x dau. of Fr s Ink- 
penna of Gaily ker, co. 
Hants, Esq.; mar. 25 
June 1580. 


Francis, =f=Jane Priestley, 


mar. 28 April 
1572; b.ab*30 
Sep. 1553. 

1 Seems to have mar. 2, 19 Feb. 1609, M r George Rokeby. 

MS. 253 



Elizab., b. at Dur- John, b. Francis, b. afc Ryton 15 Nov. Henry, Matt w , b. 

ham 16 June '78 ; at D. 15 '84; of Newsome; mar. Mary, b.atR. at R. 8 

dau. of John Wortley, Gent., 16 Jan 

wid. of Sir Rich.W., 17 Nov. '85 ; d 

1606, in the psh. of Garro at R. 

in Warwickshire ; d. s.p. 25 Sep. 

Feb. 1610. (Q. Arrow.) '88. 

mar. W m Fenay Oct. '82; 

(Q. Fenay) 1595 ; d. at 

d. s.p. 26 April Ryton 

1608 at York. 15 Oct. 

Feb. '89 ; 
d. at R. 5 
Oct. -'91. 

George, Eliz., b. at Restwold, Mary, b. at N. 18 July '90 ; Priscilla, Henry, 

-I ., AT AT <r,A TX._ 1. .i. AT 10 "d.^ 1 /? A H a_ nn ~U „ J. AT K nf XT 

b. at N. N. 20 Dec 
14 Aug. '87 ; bur. 
'86. 11 Oct. 

1605, in 
the Lady's 
quire at N. 

b. at N. mai\'l2 Feb. 1609" Geo. b. at N. b.atN. 
16 Jan. Wortley of Normanton, 27 Dec. 24 Feb. 
'88. youngest son of Fra s W. of '92. '92-3. 

W., Esq., bur. 26 Aug. 

1666 ; she bur. 29 Jan. 

1668. =F 

Francis W., Ann, bp. George, bp. Ric, bp. Tho s , bp. Mary, bp. Ralph W., 

bp. 26 25 Jan. 22 March 23 Oct. 10 Nov. 29 May bp. 14 

March 1612. 1612. 1616. '24. '28 ; bur. April'31. 

1611. 9 Jul y- 

Richard, b. at 
slain in the 
Ireland wars 

Francis, b. at Durham 13 
July 24 Eliz.- ; of Newland ; 
mar. 13 Sep. 1608 Mary, 
dau. of W m Cartwright of 
Newhall in Middleton, Gent, ; 
bur. 20 Nov. 1668 (Q.) 

Dorothy, b. at Gallyker 
15 Aug. '83 ;mar.Tho s 
Heath, son of John H. 
of Keper in D urham, 
Esq., 12 Nov. 1600, at 

Ralph, b. at 
Newhall 6 
Aug. '85 ; 
d. at Roth- 
well 12 Oct. 
1 Jac. 

Elizabeth, b. at Newhall 
24 Dec. 1609; bur. 8 
April '58. 

Margery, b. at N. 
3 Feb. 1610 ; d. 
12 Nov. 1612. 

Rich d , b. 8 Oct. Frances, bp. 12 
1612; bur. 9 Sep. 1614; d. 
Jan. '28. 17 Feb. 1623. 

Henry, b. 2 Jan. W m , b. at Edmund, b. at York 20 Sep. Mary, bp. 31 Jane, b. 

1615-6 ; bur. 5 N. 1 1618 ; mar. Theodosia, she July '25; bur. 14 Dec. 

March 1627. 1617. was bur. 7 May '54. 6 May (?).* 1627. 


MS. 254 

In this Pedigree I have chiefly followed the Visitation of 1563. There are con- 
tinuations from Hopkinson's, but I doubt whether they are to be depended upon. 
I mean the Mallets. The Youngs are probably correct. 

John Mallet of Normanton=f Alice, dau. of Lionel Copley of Batley. 

William Mallet, son & heir=f=Margaret, dau. of Roger Dynely of Manston. 

* 1651.— J. W. 0. 



MS. 254 

Eosamond, 1 w.,~ 
dau. of Peter Mir- 
field of Tonge. 

=William Mallet=f=Elizabeth, 2 w.,- 

of Normanton, 
5 son. 

Thomas, s. & h., Kobert, d. y. 
mar. Alice .... 

dan. of Edmund 
Perkington of 
Beamond Hall. 

=Bridget, 3 w.,=Dorothy, 
dau. & h. of 4 th w., 
Robert Flem- dau. of 
ing of Sharls- .... 
ton. Parr. 

i i i 

Arthur=Ann, dau. of John Roger. Ann, mar. Fran- 

Dyneley of Swil- ces Jackson of 

lington. Carlton. 

Francis. Dorothy, 
mar. Gilb. 

John.* William^Margaretjt dau. of Roger Coates of Swinton, E.R. York e . 

Richard Mallet of Normanton, 1667 d. s.p., devising= Barbara, dau. William, 
his lands to be sold for payment of his debts, which of Rob. Gale 
was done accordingly. J of Aikeham. 

Frances, mar. Edward Payler, Gent. Elizabeth, mar. Priscilla, mar. Robert 
of the Horse to the Earl of Richard God- Blackhare of Ireland. § 
Northumberland. frey. 

Roger Mallet =pAgnes, dau. of Henry M., 2 son, Lionel, s.p. Alice. Elizabeth, 

son & heir, 

Wil. Frost of heir by entail on — 

Ackton. death of Robert. Francis, a 

Clerk. 1 


I I I 

Margaret, mar. Rob. Webster of Ann, mar. John Harrison of Francis, d. y, 
Ledston, Yeo. Pontefract. 

William Mallet ofcpAgnes, dau. of John 

Normanton, son & 

Gascoign of Lazing- 

Robert M., 2 son,=Ann, dau. of John 
entered as heir by Beane of Ack- 
entail ; s.p. worth. 

1 This Francis Malet was a very remarkable man ; S.T.P. ; Dean of Lincoln 
1554 to his death in 1570. Also Confessor to one of the Queens. (See A. 0., i., 
587.) He made an entail of the lands of Normanton. 

Who was James Malet, LL.D., Chaplain to Qu. Cath e , executed ? (Hoves, 
p. 573.) 

* Entered his pedigree at the Visitation of 1585. It is there stated he was son of Rosamond 
Mirfield, and mar. Anne, dau. of W m Vavasour of Spaldington, and had W m , set. 4, Dorothy. 
Ann, Elizabeth. 

f Mar. licence 1603. 

% Eichard, son of W m M., bp. at Normanton 24 Feb. 1622 ; bur. 22 May 1668. 

§ Bp. at Normanton 27 May 1619.— J. W. C. 

MS. 254 




Charles Young of Methley, son of Andrew^Franees Mallet, = Henry Ellis of Kid- 

Young, by Isabel, dau. of Ch s Jackson of 
Snydal.* " 

dau. .& h. 

dal, 2 nd husb. 

William Young, appren- John Youngs Jane, dau. of John 

tice in the law in the of Methley, 
Middle Temple, d. coel. 2 son. 

Wynckles of Harnam, 
co. Northumberland. 

Mary, mar. Boni- 
face Savage of 

"William, d. coel. John. Andrew. 

Charles, d. coel. 



Frances, mar. 
John For- 
man of Eoth- 

Jane, mar. Ed- 
ward Corrector 
or Compter, 




" All the children, both male & female, of M r John Young had lands left them, 
but in about 20 years they were all sold, & themselves distressed, as he in his life- 
time foretold. Benjamin, the youngest son, is living (1677), mar. very meanly, & 
lives in a low condition." (Hopkinson.) 

MS. 254 

ftlpman— #lat»tom* 

This Pedigree is from the Deeds of the Tickhill Friars Estate. 

Additions may be made from John Slyman's will 1681. — York Wills 1207. 

John Slyman of Darley, co. Derb., Gent., bought the Austins= 
Friars House at Tickhill in Yorkshire 36 Eliz. ; d. seised of it ; 
Inq. p.m. 16 James I. 

See York 
Wills 471. 

Eobert Slyman, son & heiiy^Franees, dau. of John Morton of Quarendon. This mar- 

aged 24, 16 James I. 

riage is inserted solely on authority of the Ped. at p. 107. 

John Slyman of Tickhill Friars, Gent., b.=Margaret Robert Slyman^Mary 

1620; d. 1683; bur. at Tickhill; a Dis- living 32 Charles 

claimer 1666. Will dated 29 Sep. 33 IT., of Tickhill, 

Charles II. Margaret, wife of Samuel Gent. Will 15 

Goodwin, Executor. See many other re- April 1684. 
lations named in his will. 


Frances, bp. 7 May 1674. Mary, bp. 21 June 1675. Jane. 

, Gladwin^pElizabeth. 

Agnes Swyft. 


* Entered his pedigree 1585 ; living 1612. 
t Mar. licence 1611 at Methley.— J. W. C. 

C C 



MS. 254 


George Gladwin of=f=Jane, dau. of William 

Margaret, mar. 

.... mar. 


Tickhill Friars, 

Laugh bon of East- 

Samuel Good- 



Gent., mar. 8 April 

field in Tickhill, 

win of Sher- 



1684. Will 13 


brook, co. 


March 1691 ; prob. 


22 Dec. 1699. 1 

William, bp. 14 Elizabeth, bp. 7 William Bacchus= Jane Gladwin, sole dau. & 
Dec. 1690; bur. April 1690; bur. of Cottingham, h., mar. 10 Oct. 1708 ; sold 
15 Dec. fol*. the same day. Gent. Tickhill Friars in 1714. 

1702 Mar. 30 Mar. Tho s Gladwin of Chesterfield, Esq., and Elizabeth Bright. 
1738 Jan. 26 Mar. M r William Alwood Lord and M rs Dorothy Gladwin, mar. at 

Normanton Chapel. 
1725 Sep. 4 M r Henry Gladwin & M rs Maria Holland. Register of 


Thomas Gladwin of South Winfield, Yeo., 1646 ; of Boy thorp ,=j 
Gent., 1667 ; in 1616 purchased f rd8 of the Manor of Monyashe. 

See M. P. B., A, 79. 
York Wills 636. 

Thomas Gladwin of Tupton & Durant Hall, Esq., inherited 
the Monyash property 1667; dead in 1721. 


Mary G., 
unmar. & 

Barbara, dau. & c, mar. 1 Sir Talbot Clark,=f= 
Bart., 2, before 1731, John Monk Morgan, 

Sarah, dau. & c., mar. Henry Bourne, 
M.B. (p. 149). Lady C. & M r B. join 
in selling- Monyash to B. Cheneys 

Sir Talbot, d. y. Barbara, bp. 7 April 1749 ; d. s.p. or y. (?)= W m Cox, M.D., of London. 

Sir Clement Clarke, the elder brother of Sir Talbot, lived much at Chesterfield 
with his relatives the Gladwins, & d. there 1718. 

Sir Talbot Clarke had a son Talbot who d. y., & a dau. who mar. D r Cox, a 
physician in London. 

John Monk Morgan was a Lieut, in the Army, but sold out. A natural son of 

the Earl of Carlisle by M rs Monk, his lady's woman, who afterwards mar 

Morgan, who kept a Coffee house in London. John Monk Morgan left his estate 
to the Earl of Carlisle. Jonn Monk Morgan was sent to Venice to learn 
merchandize, but went into the Army, mar. M rs Hill of Woodhouse in Yorkshire, & 
by her got the estate which he left to the Earl of Carlisle on his death in 1774. 
(D* Pegge.) 

W m Cox, M.D., & Martha his wife, in 1746 sold Durant Hall to Adam Slater 
with the Lordship of Tupton, & Hall & estate sold for £2000. 

1 He mentions in his will his nephews Robert Spencer, John Simeon, John 

MS. 255 



This Pedigree is for the most part from one entered at the Heralds' College. 
.... Wilkinson=j=Mary .... Executrix to David Hartley 1719. 

Everild, 1 w.,=pDavid Hartley, Clerk, Curate of= 

dau. of Timo- 
thy Wads- 
worth of 
Brierley Hall, 
Esq. ; d. 14 
July 1705. 

Illingworth in par. of Halifax, and 
afterwards Curate of Armley ; d. 
Nov. 1719. (He was b. in Hali- 
fax, 0. H.) Will 10 March 
1719 nuncupative. Gives his 
library to his son & dau., & 10/ 
to each. 

=Sarah, 2 w., dau. of Edward Wil- 
kinson, Curate of Illingworfch, son 
of Tho., who d. 15 Feb. 1683, aged 
70, by ... . his w., dau. of John 
Illingworth of Illingworth, to 
whom he was mar. 5 June 1679 ; 
mar. 25 May 1707; d. Aug. 1718. 

John Hartley of=pMary, dau. of Thomas Bernard. 


Holker of Elland. 

Mary, mar. Thomas 
Bradley of Halifax. 

David Samuel=j=Charlotte, dau. of Edward Eyre of Dron- Mary, mar. John 
Hartley. field Woodhouse. (See p. 231.) Francis. 

Winchcomb Henry Hartley, took the name of Eyre. 

Sarah, mar. Thomas Wads- Joan, mar. Thomas Cording- Hannah, mar. Ko- 
worth of Wadsworth. ley of Harchet, co. York. bert Addison. 

Alice, 1 w., dau.- 
of John Rowley 
of Saffron Wal- 
den, Atty. 

r David Hartley of Bath ^Elizabeth, 2 w.,dau. of 
etc., M.D., only son by 
1 w. ; Author of ( Obser- 
vations of Man,' etc. ; 
b. 1704 ; d. at Bath 30 
Sep. 1757. 

Rob. Packer of Shil- 
lingford, Esq., some 
time M.P. for Berks ; 
mar. 1735. She became 
the heir of her family. 

Elizabeth, mar. 
Francis Booth 
of Little Town 
near Wakefield. 

David Hartley, only 
issue of 1 st wife ; 
some time Member 
for Hull; d. at Bath 
unmar. ab* 1811. 

Winchcomb Henry Hart-^Ann, dau. of 

ley, Member for Berks, 
etc. ; mar. a first wife but 
had no issue ; d. 12 Aug. 

Member for 

Mary, lived with 
her brother 
David, & d. un- 
mar. in 1803. 

Winchcomb Henry Howard Hartley =. . . . dau. of ... . Watts of 
of Shillingford, Clerk. I now think Bath, who was the Parish 
he was the son of Winchcomb Henry Clerk of St. Michael's; mar. 
& Ann Blackwell. Only child. at Bath in 1810 or 1811. 



MS. 255 


William Gladwin of Cold Aston, dead 5 Jam. I.=p 


Thomas Gladwin, bp. 14 April 1598. An eminent lead merchant. =p Jane William, 
Raised an estate of 800 or 900 a year. Settled the estate of Edlas- Syd- b. 1599. 
ton on his son W m when he mar., but made Tho s his principal heir. don. 

William, of Edlas-=j=Sarah, dau. Jane, mar. 

ton n r Ashover, d. of Henry Hercules 

ab* 1695 ; sold Smith of Brailsford 

Edlaston to his Danby, ofEg- 

bro r Tho s . Gent. stone. 

Mary, mar. Tho s Brailsford of the 
Hill in North Wingfield. 

Elizabeth, mar. Joseph Bloodworth 
of Birdholm, bro. of Sir The, of 



Thomas. Matthew, an Atty. Mary, mar. Jon n Shepherd of Milnehay. 

Elizab. Bright, 1 wid.,=Thomas Gladwin 3 of Tupton,=f=Helen, dau. of 

2 w., mar. at Chester- 
field 10 March 1702; 
dau. of ... . Clarke ; 

Esq., Sher. 1667; aged 69, 
1697 ; J.P., Cap. of Militia, 
& Dep. Lieut. ; a non-juror 

mar. 3 rd1 ^ Eev in King W ra reign ; ob. in- 

Ashcroft. (See below.) testate. 

Giles Cowley 
of Ashover 

I I 


6. Lemuel G., 3 rd son, on=f= Elizab., dau. of Francis Eevel Elizab., d. unmar. 

whom Tupton was settled. 

of Carlingthwaite, by Dor. Wil- 
mot his wife. (P. 174.) 



Lemuel, Dorothy, mar. at Normanton Chapel 26 June 
ob. s.p. 1738 to William Alwood Lord, Esq. 

2. Giles. 3. Israel. 5. James. Helen, mar. Ric. Calton 3 of Chesterfield, Att y . 

4. Joseph, of Boy-- 
thorpe, from whom 
G. of Stubbing. 


-Mary, dau. of 
Richard Ash- 
more of Wil- 

1. Thomas,= 
of Tupton 
& Durant- 
hall. b 

=Mary, sister of Sir Rob. Clarke; 
dau. of Geo, C. of Watford 
Gap, co. Northants ; Maid of 
Honour to James II. Queen. 

1 In another place D r Pegge makes this woman wife of Tho s the son. 

3 This Tho. Gladwin built the house at Tupton & had a Grant of Arms, viz., 
Erm., a chief az., a bend gules chased with a sword argent, pomel & hilt or, in 

Sword Gladius relating to the name. 

The real etymology of the name — An obtainer of joy or comfort. 

3 He had a son Richard, an Atty at Chesterfield, who d. unmar., & 2 other sons 
& 3 dau s . 

MS. 255 




Issue on the left [page 614]. After the death of Mary Clarke he mar. a second 
wife, about which marriage H. Audsley, the Vicar of Chesterfield, got into some 
trouble & relinquished the vicarage upon it. She survived & remar Ash- 
croft, Curate of Mansfield Woodhouse. 

ii ii it ii 

Israel, a shipwright. Eichard, d. y. Mary. Sarah. 
Lemuel, of Ireland. Decimus, a shipwright. Elizab. Ellen, mar Bulcock. 

Joseph, d. at sea. 

Thomas, of London, 
silversmith, mar., but 
'did not prosper in 
the world. 

Marina Hol- 
land of Stub- 
bing, 1 w., 
mar. 4 Sep. 
1725 at 
Chesterf d . 

=Henry Glad-=f=Mary, 2 w., dau.= Jane, dau. 

win of Stub- 

of Digby D. ; of Lau- 
sister & heir of rence 
John Dakeyne. Bourne, 
3 rd w. 

Ann, mar Brockhurst 1 of Coventry, Atty. ; s.p. 

.... Berridge=p. . . . sister of the Earl of Denbigh. 


Basil Berridge^Mary Wilkinson .... mar. Rev. 
of Pinchbeck, of Saltby. Wil. Manley. 

I I I 

1 w.,Mary . . . =f=John Berridge of=p2 w., Susan, dau. Basil, of Charles, LL.D., 

of . . . . Rutter, Pinch- Rector of Alder- 

by whom Fran- beck. church, 
ces & John. 

by whom Basil 
& Leonard. 

Barkston, co. 
Line, a Clergy- 

General Henry= 
Gladwin of 

Charles Dak- 
eyne, in the 
Church, b. 22 
March 1775. 

: Franees Ber- John Ber-=Martha, dau. of=. . . . Twigg, 

ridge, liv g a ridge of Der- .... Buxton of Vicar of 

widow in by, M.D., ob. Bradborn. Tickhill, 

1804. s.p. 2 vir. 

Frances, mar win 

Goodman, M.D., b. 19 
Jan. 1773 ; mar. 9 
June 1801. 

Mary, b. 30 June 
1777 ; mar. 29 
Nov. 1800 B. D. 
bourn Place, Kent. 

Dorothy, mar. 
Joshua Jebb 
b. 4 Jan. 1774. 

1 . . . . Brockhurst lost his wife at Coventry. She left no issue. He then went 
to London, where he mar. a dau. of ... , Arnold, a great snuff-maker. 



MS. 255 

D | E 

Charlotte, b. 7 April 
1780 ; mar. 30 April 
1805 to George Hul- 
ton, D.D., Vicar of 
Sutterton, co. Line. 

Anne, b. 28 Nov. 

Martha, b. 1 July 

Elizabeth Henri- 
etta, b. 1782. 

Helen, b. 21 Feb. 

Susan, b. 31 Sep. 

Henry, b. 30 Dec. 
1787 ; d. y. 

Dorothy Glad- = Basil Berridge, Rector =. . . . 2 w., dau. of John Tan- Leonard 
win, 1 w., ob. of Alderchurch, co. field of Carthorp, co. York ; B., D.D. 
s.p. Line. ; by a different mar. 29 June 1793. 


Tho s G.^Anne, dau. of John Gravenor 
of Ipswich, Apoth e . 

John Gladwin of=f=Mary Skinner 

Mansfield, Attf. 

of Notts. 


i I i i 

Eliz. Jane. Ann. Dorothy, mar. Francis Eyre 
All mar. of Hassop, Esq. 


MS. 256 

This pedigree appears in the Visitation of 1585 as copied into Harl. 6070, f. 23. 
The Arms, Argent, 3 bars gemelles sable, a lion rampant gules charged on the 
shoulder with a cross-crosslet fitchee or. I suspect, however, that there is some error 
about the last generation, for in the will of Thomas Maude of Hollinghall 1 602 is a 
legacy to Thomas Maude, son of Arthur Maude of Riddlesden Sf to other sons of the 
said Arthur ; also to Thomas & other children of Christopher Maude of the par. of 
Calverley. See also the Visitation of 1563, where it is said that Richard Montalfca alias 
Monhault had Riddlesden, Marton, Potter Newton, Barnby Don, and other lands. 
He had issue, Simon his son & heir, who had a dau. Elizabeth, mar. to Robert Paslew, 
Master of the Rolls. But Richard gave to Robert Montalta, his brother's son, 
lands, etc., at West Riddlesden. From him Constantine descended. 

Cons tan tine Monhault, alias Maude of West= 
Riddlesden, co. York, son of Thomas. 

. . . . dau. of . 
of New Hall. 

. . Kighley 



.f dau. of Laurence Townley. 

Thomas=f Catherine, dau. of Roger Tempest of 
Maude. | Bracewell or Broughton. 


Agnes, mar. Stephen Paslew 
of Rawden. 

Arthur Maude of West Riddlesden 1585,=r Jane, dau. of Anthy Eltoft 
d. 26 Dec. 1587 ; bur. at Bingley. | of Farn Hill in Craven. 



* Bur. at All Saints, Bingley. Will 11 May, proted 21 May 1534. 

t ? Jane - wid « of Arthur M. of West Ridlesden ; bur. at Bingley. Will 28 Dec. 1556, proved 
27 April 1558.— J. W. C. 

MS. 256 




Agnes, mar. John Bar- Jane. Isabel, mar. Thomas Wade Margaret. Mary. 
stow of Norbridge. of par. of Addingham. 

Christopher.* Ann, mar. Thomas Margaret or Catherine, Isabel, mar. Robert 
=j= Hall of Shepden. mar. Thomas Tempest BayldonofBayldon. 

of Yellowsome.t =p 

.1 ii 

Thomas, said to be Ancestor William Bayldon, aged Ann. Bridget, 
to the first family. 22, 1585. 

John, 2 son of Chris 1 ' &=j= Alice, dau. of Brian Burke's < Commoners.' 
bro. of Tho s . Brome. 

John M. of Alverthorpe, d. 1635=p Jane , 


Eliz.=j=John, of=j=Sarah Barnabas. (See Elizab., Mary, Rebecca, Bryan 

1 w. ] thorpe, 


his posterity in mar, 
Burke's < Com- Wil. 
moners.') Yar- Gill 





i in 

John, d. Sep. George, Sarah, Daniel,= Fanny Gideon, mar. Joshua. Sara. 

1686, aged d. y. d.1613. of Stave- Joseph Net- — — 

72 ; bur. at — Alver- ley. tleton. Grace. Mary. 

Wakefield. Elizab., thorpe. =p 

d.1616. ' I 




Anthony Maude of Helthwaite Hill in Harwood, Gent., Executor 
to his cousin Tho. Maude of Hollinghall 1602. 

Robert Maude^Ann, dau. & c. (with Ellen, Bridget, mar. 

son & heir, of 



.... mar. 

w. of Henry Savile, Esq., & George Green, Richard 

Susan, w. of Step. Tempest) 4 son of Tho s Leyland. 

of Wil. Oglethorpe of Green of Caw- 

Roundhay. thorne. 

3 son. 

Robert Maude. 

* Said in Collyer and Turner's < Hist, of Ilkley ' to be of Holling Hall in Ilkley, and to have 
made his will 1561 ; to be bur. at Ilkley. His wife Grace. Will 1575, 
f Yellison.— J. W. C. 



MS. 256 

Thomas Maude 
of Hollinghall, 
owner of the 
Will 1602 ; 
Codicil 1603. 

M. Ann. 

John M. 

This Thomas Maude gives legacies to members 
of the family at Eiddlesden which seems to 
shew that they were of the same stock. He 
makes his cousin Anthony of Helthwaite Hill 
his Executor & mentions relatives of the name 
of Watkinson, Fletcher, Ellis, Saxey, and Utley, 
most of whom were living about Otley & Ilktey. 

This Robert Maude appears to have been b. about 1620. He is described as of 
Ripon n r Yorkshire in the M.I. at Kilkenny, so that the extraction of this family 
from Maude of Yorkshire may be considered as proved. The occurrence of the names 
of Robert and Anthony points to a connection with the Maudes of Helthwaite Hill. 

Robert Maude of Ripon in Yorkshire & Kilkenny 1 
in Ireland, Esq., a Col. in the Army ; also of Dun- 
drum in Tipperary ; d. 21 April 1685. See his M.I. 
in Lodge, iii., 200. 

^Frances, dau. of Sir Chris 1 ' 
Wandesf ord, Bart., by Eleanor 
Lowther his w. ; d. 5. Jan. 
1690 ; bur. at Kilkenny. 

Anthony Maude, only= 
son, mar. 20 Feb. 

: Alice, eld. dau. of Standish Hartstrong .... mar. 
of Bruffe, co. Limerick, Esq., after- Stephen 
wards a Baronet. Wilks. 


Sir Robert Maude of Dundrum, Bart., created 9 May=j=Eleanor, dau. & h. of . 

1705, d. 4 Aug. 1750 ; bur. at St. Anne's, Dublin. 

Cornwallis of 
Midd., Esq. 

Acton in 

i iii 

Sir Thomas Maude, Sir Cornwallis Maude, Alice, mar. Ste- Emma, mar. Major 
2 nd Bart. created Baron Montalt. phen Moor, Esq. Charlton Leighton. 

John Nott of Sheldesley Beauchamp=y=Ann, dau. of Wil. Jefferies of Horncastle, 

Esq. ; b. 4 Feb. 1650. 

Penelope. Ann. Joshua Maud of=pElizab. Joyce, mar. John Nott, Arthur Ch amber s=f= Jane. 

Wakefield, G*. 

son of Edm., & ob. s.p. of Whitewood, co. 
York, Gent. 


Sara, mar. James Dorothy, mar. Wil. Arthur, John, Robert, William Bloom of=pAnn. 

Miers. Wood of Warm- ob. s.p. ob. s.p. ob. s.p. Altofts in Norman- ' 

field. =p ton, a*. 



Ann. William. Jane, heiress of Henry Jefferies. 


This from D r Prattinton's Collections, but another Ped. in the same Collections 
makes the wife of Bloom, sister of Henry Jefferies : Jane Bloom the heiress, mar, 
Edward Winnington, 


Edward Maude, Vicar of Wakefield. Instituted 1593. 

Timothy Maude, Vicar of Wakefield. Instituted 1620. 

John Maude of Halifax. Admitted of Gray's Inn 29 May 1677. 

Daniel Maude of Alverthorpe near Wakefield.=p 

Mary, mar. ab* 1640 to Robert Benson of York. 

John Maude of Wakefield, Chapman =p 


i i 

John Maude=Mary, dau. of Nicholas Fenay of Fenay, Mary, mar. 1 ab* 1606 to Geo. Allot (see 

of Wake- Esq r , Deputy Steward of the Manor PED.,'p. 210), & 2 Thomas Gill, son of 

field. Court of Wakefield. Philip Gill of Lightwood. 

Daniel Maude of Alverthorpe, styled=pJane, called Fanny Staveley 
the elder in a deed 26 March 1680. in Burke's ' Commoners.' 

William Maude of~. . . . dau. of ... . Partridge, the .... mar mar. 

Alverthorp&Flan- almanac maker ; had £20,000 ; d. John Til- .... Per- 

shaw, mar. also 1725. (See some notices of Part- ston. cival. 
Elizab. Walker. ridge in ' G. M.' for 1731—32.) 

I ~ j | 

Daniel Maude=p Ann, dau. of Tho. Spencer . Sarah, mar. Timothy Nevile M., 

of Wakefield, of Rotherham, wine merch*. Scholefieldof Horbury. d. unmar. 

i ill 

Francis, of Wakefield=f=Mary, dau. of John Sarah. Barbara. Elizab. 
Skilbeck of Hull. 

John. Daniel, of Middlewood. Anne. Mary. Louisa. 6 children, d. young. 

I I 

William, of Daniel Maude of Wakefield, son : 

Wakefield, of Daniel by Ann Spencer, 
d. unmar. 

=Ann, dau. of William Todd of 
Newstead, mar. ab* 1774. 
(See p. 98.) 

Daniel Maude, Matilda, Sarah, mar. Jeremiah Ann. Elizabeth, mar. Rob, 
aged 15, 1789. d. y. Naylor of Wakefield. MacCleverty. 

I I I 

Daniel Maude=j=Sarah Nevil. 2. Francis Maude of Al-=f=Mary, dau. of William 

of Alverthorpe 
and Secrof t, d. 


— verthorpe and of Wake- 
Timothy, field, cloth merely, 2 nd 
son, mar. 2 Milicent 
Smith in 1707. 


Walker of Water- 
clough in Southowran, 
Yeo. ; mar. at Halifax 
6 April 1680. 




MS. 257 






Elizab.,=f=John M. of Alver-— Frances Par- 

1 w., 
dau. of. 

thorpe, Esq., Barr. 
afcLaw,ob. 30 June 
at East Ardsley. 

therick, 2 w., 
mar. 1 Dec. 
1730 at Hor- 

= Ann, 3 w., dau. of Sir 
Michael Went worth of 
Wolley, wid. of Sir 
Lionel Pilkington & 
Sir Charles Dalston. 

i i i i 

Thomas, of Lothersden,=p. . . . dau. of ... . Wight- Daniel. Samuel. Martha, 
sold Alverthorpe. man of York, ironmonger. All d. y. 

Thomas, Lieut, in the- 
Army, aged ab l 30, 


. . . . dau. of ... . 
Brooksbank of 
Temple Ne w sham . 

Francis, 2 son, 
s.p., Lieut, in 
the Army.* 

Elizab., mar. . 
Noble, Yicar 


Ann,mar. a Clergyman. Thomas, agedaty 14, 1789; Clay worth n'Bawtry 1794. 

1 . John Maude of Wakefield, merch",-r 
1 son, disinherited by his father, of 
Cliff n r 'Wakefield. 

Elizab., dau. of Tho. Whitaker of Leeds, 
Y.D.M. ; mar. 7 Feb. 1710-11 ; d. 24 
May 1730. (See Ped., p. 8.) 

Martha, d. y. 

mar. John 
Roebuck . of 

Susan, mar. Geo. 
Lumley of Leeds, 

Mary & Jane, 
never mar. 

i i 

William Maude of Normanton, Barbara, mar. 

Esq., b. 1724 ; d. 4 May 1776 ; Chris' Buckle, 

only son ; mar. Elizab., dau. of Architect & 

Benj. Wilson, Vicar of Wake- Surveyor of 

field, by a dau. of Thomas the 

Agar of Stockton ; s.p. highways. 


Lydia Buckle, only child, heir to her uncle, unmar. 
1783 ; mar. Col. Straubenzie of Spennithorne. 

4. Francis Maude=f=Barbara, 1 w., 

of W r akefield 
merch*, 4 son, b. 
1693; d. 20 May 

dau. of James 
Sill of Wake- 
field; b.1697; 

2. Thomas, 
of Wake- 
field, d. un- 

3. James, 
an iron- 
at Wake- 

Mary, mar. 
Hie. Armi- 
tage of 

mar. John 
of Wake- 

James Maude of G-ilder-^Anna Maria, only dau. & h. of Col. John Jor- 
dan, by Alethia his w., sister of Henry 
Hitch, Esq., of Leathley ; bp. 14 Nov. ; d. 
s.p. 13 July 1778. 

Mary, b, 

'1721; d. some & Leathley jure 
18 Nov/ ux., Esq., d. s.p. 1775. 

Francis. Kalph. Mary Anne. Frances. Charlotte. 

James. Barbara. Alethia.- Isabella. 

* Bur. at Wakefield 2 Oct, 1772.— J. W. C, 

MS. 257 



Francis Maude, Esq., 1 
2 nd son, a merch* at 
Wakefield, succeeds his 
bro 1 ' in the Leathley 
estate, liv^ there 1783; 
d. 20 April 1789, set. 
63, hav g just before 
sold Leathley to Walter 
Faukes, Esq, 

i i 

: Fanny Maria, dau. of Thomas, b. 

Wil. Yernon of Stour- 1732; d. 

bridge, by Frances Cot- 1747. - 
ton of The Hague (see - — 

Ped., p. 56) ; d. at Anne, mar. 

Wakefield 20 March Armi- 

1829, set. 84. I doubt tage, Yicar 

whether her mother of Hooton 

was Miss Cotton. She Pagnal. 
[Fanny Maria] was 
dau. of Ralph Vernon 
of Shrewsbury. 

Elizabeth, Barbara, 
mar. Wil. b. 1722 ; 

of- Ketel- 

d. unmar. 

d. 1748. 

b. 1726; 
d. 1750. 

i I 
Mary Anne. 


Frances, mar. John 
Neale of Wakefield, 
Atfcy, 2 William 

Alethia, mar. John Charlotte, Arabella, 

B. Gaunt of Lon- mar. ; mar. Wil. 

don, Esq.; mar. Henry Groom. 

1799. * Borel. 


Francis Maude of Hatfield Hall,=pHannah, dau. of Fran.^Nettle- 

Esq., Barr. at Law ; aged 15, 
1783 ; b. 1768 ; mar. 1797 ; d. 
19 April 1842. 

ton of Blackgates n r Wakefield ; 
d. 9 Oct. 1822, aged 53. 

Ealph, in Holy 
Orders, d. 1796. 

James, d. 1817. 

Charles Milton, in the 
E. India Co. Service. 


Susanna, mar. Tho. J. N. Gooch, master of 
the Grammar School at Heath n r Halifax. 


Francis, = Frances, dau. of 
Curate John Branson, 
of Hoy- Esq., of Don- 
land, caster. 

Ralph, Vicar Daniel, Barr 1 ', Stipendiary Magistrate 
of Mirfield. for Manchester, mar. Maria Anna, 

dau. of John Branson, wid. of Will. 


William Maude, who mar. Elizab. Wilson, had a natural son named William, 
who d. at ab* the age of 23. 

Who was John Maude, Esq., who 1 Dec. 1730 at Horbury mar. Ann, dau. of 
Sir Michael Wentworth of Wolley, wid. of Sir Lyon Pilkington and Sir Charles 
Dalston? Sir C. D. d. 5 March 1723. 

W m Marsden had by Elizab. Maude, Francis Marsden, a Captain, who d. unmar., 

& Maria, who mar Carr, an Attorney at Wakefield. He mar. for his 2 nd w. a 

dau. of ... . Milner of Burton Grange. 

John Maude of=pElizabeth, dau. of Tho. Whitaker of Leeds, V.D.M. ; 
' Wakefield. I mar. 7 Feb. 1710-11 ; d. 24 May 1730. (See p. 8.) 

Fraucis, only son & Elizabeth, b. 12 Jan. 1711-12 ; mar. Susanna, b. 

heir, b. 20 April 26 Feb. 1731-2 to Roebuck, 27 Nov. 

1714. Esq., of Heath. 1712. 

- Martha, dau. of Tho 8 Roebuck of Heath, Esq. ; mar. Henry Disney, M.B. 
about 1730. 

Jane, b. Frances, bur. 
21 Oct. 13 Feb. 
1718. 1718-9. 


John Maude of York.=p 


Thomas Maude of Burley Hall, Esq., b. 1717 ;= John Maude, 
d. 1797. Author of < Verbeia.' 2 nd son. 

Thomas Maude of Burley Hall, Esq.,=p Margaret Eleanor, dau. & c. of Wil. Jemmett 
d. about 1809 ; bur. at Wensley. of Ashford in Kent ; d. in Feb. 1828. 

William Jemmett, Thomas. Edmund. George. Ellen. Anne. Cordelia, 
b. 7 May 1802. 

.... 1 w., dau. of ... . Dodd=p. . . . Maud of Wakefield, Barr. at Law. 

Thomas Maud, son & heir=j=Mary, dau. of John Weightman of Heslington. 

James Maude of ... . n r =Wid. Taylor of Scowcroft n r Middleton ; 
Kochdale. mar. 9 May 1704. 

.... Maude, a lawyer, b. ab* 1660.=f= 

.... Maude, was to have been made Att^=j=Elizabeth Maples, living at 11 other 
General the year he d. I Grantham 1774. sons. 

John Maude of=j=Ann, dau. of . . . . Kirke of=. . . . Grundy of Spalding, 2 nd husb. 



John Dearden Maude, aged ab* 27, 1774. Gave this account Elizabeth, mar. John 
to J. 0. Brooke. (See his ' Chaos,' vol. ii.) Garner of Grantham. 

. . Maude.^ 

Samuel Maude of Hali-=M rs Robinson, D r Jonathan Maude*=Mary,widowof Toby 

fax, Attorney, a dis- b. 1598 ; d. of Halifax, b. 1613; Law; b. 1621; 

claimer 1665 ; hV in 24 Nov. 1679. bur. 31 July 1684. bur. at Halifax 28 
Bowood in Sowerby Oct. 1688. (See 

1668 ; live 1679. Watson, p. 120.) 

* Jonathan Maude, student in medicine 17 years ; D. Med. 30 June 1652. Father of John 
Maude who mat. at Brasenose College, Oxford, 9 Dec. 1670, aged 16 ; student of dray's Inn 1677 
(Foster's ' Alumni,' Oxon).— J. W. C. 




Jonathan Maude, d. 1 Aug. 1686 ; Thomas Maude, M.A., son of Jonathan, d. 22 
bur. 4 th at Halifax. Dec. 1682 ; bur. in Halifax Church. 

Jonathan Maude=. . . . dau. of Widow Hargreaves of Halifax ; mar. 26 Sep. 1706. 

John Maude of Halifax, Att*, b. 1677 ;= dau. of ... . Oates of Holling ; d. 29 

d ; bur. 7 Oct. 1709. Aug. 1700 ; bur. 3 Sep. at Halifax, aged 28. 

MS. 258 & 259 j$ aU )j e _ JHa^fjOOtl. 

John Maude of West Riddlesden=j=Oatherine Tempest. 

Anthony. Christopher Maude of=pEdith, dau. of John Wilkinson 

Monk Bretton. 

(See p. 256.) 

of Ardsley. 

Thomas, 1 st son. John Maude of Ardsley .=p Ann, dau. of Richard Watts 

Will 1628. 

of Barnsley. 

i i 

John Maw-=f=Mary Richard Mawhood=pAlice, eldest dau. Francis. Edrith,mar 

1 J & _i? A„J_1_._ o _/»ttt«i m n Cii. 

Vicar of 

of Ardsley, 2 son. 
Will 1683 

of Wil. Turner of — .... Stones, 

Bilharn; will 9 William. — 
Oct. 1689 ; d. 15 Elizabeth. 

Jan. 1713-4, aged 

Elizabeth, mar. Henry Thomp- 
son of Kirby Hall. 

Mary, mar. Leonard 

.... mar Walker 

of Doncaster. 

Francis, mar. 1 
John Brough- 
ton, 2Thos. 

John M., Aid. &= 
Mayor of Don- 
caster, d. 16 July 
1711, aged 62. 

=Sarah, dau. of 
Geo. Allot of 

Geo., of Don- 
caster, mar. 
but na issue. 

Charles, d. 



* Vicar 1674 to 1702 ; Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge ; D.D. Oxon 1680 (Foster's 
4 Alumni,' Oxon). This account of his children seems hardly correct as in the Arksey Kegisters 
it states : 1678, Nov. 17, Eliz., dau. of John M., Vicar, bp. ; 1680, Oct. 26, Catherine, dau. of John 
M., D.D., bp. ; 1682, Feb. 20, John, son of John M., S.T.P., bp. ; 1696, Sep. 24, Leonard Childers 
of Carhouse & Eliz. M. mar. ; 1698, Aug. 4, Henry Thompson, Esq., of St. John's par., York, & 
Catherine M. mar. ; 1683, Dec. 30, John, son of John M., S.T.P., bur. There must also be some 
other mistake as John Mawhood, Alderman of Doncaster (see p. 627), is not in the above 
pedigree.— J. W. C. 



MS. 258 & 259 

i I I 

William, Aid. & Mayor^pMarg*, dau. of Wil. Mawhood John, Martha, mar. 
of Doncaster. of Ardsley. d. y. John Arthur. 

Alice, dau. & c, mar. William Brook Mary, dau. & c, mar. Thomas Gough 

of Dod worth, of Gedley. 

Thorn 8 , d. Samuel, a woollen^ Jane, dau. of ... . Richard, of=f=Mary, dau. of 

unmar. draper on Snow 

Whichcote, Esq. Snaith. 

. . . Bur- 


Jane, mar. Rob. Mainwaring, Samuel. Mary, mar. 1 . . . . Brown, 2 
a Russian merch*. =p Kendal, 3 . . . . Baynes. 

Charles, Richard, & Samuel. 
All went to sea & were never heard of more. 

Mary, 1 st w., dau. &=f=William M. of Ardsley, = Mary, 2 w., dau. of ... . Ralph, 

h. of Wil. Hall of 

ob. 1725, set. 78. 

Danyell ; wid. of John d. y. 

JohnM. of Ardsley, = Jane, dau. of Edw. Prince of Richard, of^Jane, dau. of 

d. without issue Woolley ; mar 2 John Mickle- Ardsley. 

1724. thwaite of Ingburch worth. 

Henry Wood 
of Barnsley. 

Charles, b. 1729 ; d. at=. . . . dau. of ... . Jones ; wid. of ... . Ashley ; mar. 
Gibraltar 1780. 3 Charles Windham Edwin. 

William, of Smith- Samuel, of=p Mary, dau. of John Alice, Margaret, mar. Wil. 
field, London. Doncaster. Green of Doncaster. d. y. Mawhood, Aid. of 


Richard, of Wakefield,=f= Ann, dau. of Samuel Anna Maria, mar. 1 William Major, 

Deputy Clk. of . the 

Nichols of Ecelsal. 2 John Armitage, both of Don- 

Richard Maw-=pElizab., dau. of Thomas, an officer Anne & Jane, mar. William 

hood of Wake- 
field, Aw. 

John Parkinson in the army, d. Mary, Goodall of Wake- 
of Thorne. unmar. d. y. field. 

Elizabeth Anne. Richard, b, 1780. Thomas. Jane Parkinson. Susanna Ellison. 


Bichard Brown of Snaithj^pMary, dau. of Rich ard=f= John Kendal of=pJohn Baynes of Bell Hall, 
1 st huso. I Mawhood of Snaith. I Scunthorp. I 3 rd husb. 

Mary, mar. .... Ann mar William Haigh of Ulley^Jane B. 

. - Goldsborough. Pidgeon. n r Peniston. I 

i r 

Abraham H. of Sheffield^. . . . dau. of Joseph Emmat of Sheffield. Matilda, unmar. 1774. 

i i I i 

Abraham, aged 10, 1784. Elizab. John William. Jane. 

John Mawhood, Aid. of Doncaster, will 13 Aug. : 
1657 ;. proved in London ; bur. 14 May 1658. 

^Catherine, will dated . . April 1668 ; From D r 
proved at York ; bur. 20 May 1668. Sykes. 

I I I I I 

John. George, an apprentice Martha, mar. 10 Oct. Jane, mar. 6 Feb. Frances, mar. 7 Feb. 

in London 1668. 1661 W m Walker, Aid. 1663 John Burton. 1674 W m Beaumont, 
of Doncaster. 

ms. 260 ftofotnson — ^trattfltoaps* 

Hopkinson's Collection. Brooke's Collections. 
John Robinson, Citizen & Merely Tailor of London,=p Christian, dan. of 

an Alderman ; d. 41 Eliz. ; bur. at St. Ellen's, 
Bishopsgate Street ; son of Thos., of Darleston, co. 

Thos. Anderson, 
Citizen & Grocer 
of London. 

Eobert, 4 son, mar. Catherine, mar. Gifford Ann, mar. Tho. Elizabeth, mar. 

sister of Alderman Watkins of London. Walthall, bro 1 ' Tho. Gefferies 

Pennington. — to Alderman of Ikenham 

— Christian, mar. Thos. Walthall. near Uxbridge. 

Humphry, of Thicket. Eichardson of London, — 

(See Ped., p. 428.) or Wilkinson, a silk Mary, mar. Sir 

mercer. Rob. Sandys 
alias Napier. 

Elizabeth, 1 w., dau.= John R. of Ryther=pSusan, 2 nd dau. Henry, of London, 

of Richard Rogers near Cawood, 
of Brianston, s.p., co. Esq., 1612. 

of Sir Edward merch 1 . (See his 
Holden, Aid. of mar. & issue, Harl. 
London. 1487, f. 383.) 

John, aged Henry, d. ccel, Mary, mar. John Savile of Susan, mar. Tho. New- 
5, 1612. aged 3, 1612. Methley, Esq. ; issue d. y. ark of Askham. 

Elizabeth, 1 w., dau. of=f Sir Arthur Robin-=pJane, 2 w., dau. of Sir John Garrett, 

William Walthall, Aid. 
of London. 


son of Deighton n r 
York, Kn*, Sher. 9 
Car. 1. b 

some time Lord Mayor of London ; 
mar. 1610 ; d. 1636 ; bur. at 


A | B I 

MS. 260 

John R. of=j=Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Tho. Hutton=f=Edward Bowles, a N. C. 

D eight on, 

of Poppleton; b. 17 Feb. 1619: 
d. 1662. 

Minister of York, 2 husb. 

ii i i i i i 

Arthur, Jane, mar. Sutton Ann, mar. Sir Roger Samuel. Tho s . 
d. y. Oglethorpe.* Burgoine. — — 

John. Mary. 


Arthur R. of Deigh-^Elizabeth, dau. of Ralph Rymer. 

ton, Esq. 

. mar. Henry 

(Q. if not sister to Tho. Rymer.) Fotherby of 


Arthur. Elizabeth, mar. Laurence Breres of Leeds. Others. 

Frances, 1 w., : 
dau. of Phi- 
neas Hodgson, 
D.D., Chan- 
cellor of York. 

=Luke B. of Thorn-=f=Mary, 2 w.,= 

ton Risborough, 
Esq., a Member of 
Pari, in the Com- 
monwealth time. 

dau. of Edw. 
Pennel of 
Woodhall, co. 
Wore, Esq. 

=Judith, 3 w., 
dau. of Sir 
John Read of 
Wrangle, co. 

Margaret, mar. 
Robert Jegon 
of Buxton, co. 

Elizabeth, d.coel. 



Arthur, d. y. Cath e , d. y. Martha, d. y. Luke. Arthur. John. Judith. 

Tho. Strangways of South house, Esq., son of James, of the same,=f=Jane Robinson, 
aged 45, 29 Aug. 1665, d. in that year ; bred a mercer at Hull ; mar. 1654. 
became a Major of Horse under Fairfax and Cromwell ; bur. at 
Pickering Oct. 1669. 

Jane, mar. Tho- Elizabeth, mar. Boynton 
mas Potter of Boynton of RawelifFe. 
Leeds. (See Ped., p. 318.) 

James, b. at Picker- 
ing 18 Nov. 1660 ; 
d. aged 20. 

Frances, b. at 
Pickering . . 
March 1667; 
d. y. 

Penelope, 1 w., dau. of Richard^Thomas Strang ways of Pick-=pClara, 2 w., dau. of 

Etherington of Rillington n r 
Malton, Esq. ; d. of small pox. 
He was Recorder of York. 

ering, Esq., aged 8, 1665 ; 
d. ab* 1702 ; b. 19 Jan. 
1656 ; d. Oct. 1702. 

Dickenson of 
Filingdale ; wid. of 
.... Hayes of York. 


Anthony Hunter of Pickering, 1 husb., Gent. Will 4 Dec.=Eliza-=John 
1705. To be bur. at Pickering or Thornton. Mother Whit- beth, Adams 
field, nephew Mathew Oates, niece Rebecca Lowthorpe, Anne only 
Scarth, cousin Francis Crey ; proved 18 Jan. 1706. Nephew issue. 
Anthony Oates, Ex r & principal heir. A sister of s d Anthony 
had. mar. contrary to her uncle's wishes. (York Wills 1469.) 
c Some remarkable particulars. 


forth, 2 

Elizabeth, mar. 11 April 1664 at S* Mary Aldermary, London.— J. W. C. 


L5 . 

John, d. y. Thomas Strangways Bobin-^Elizabeth, dau. of James Gibson James, 

— son of Pickering, Esq., b. 

Charles, Dec. 1677 ; d. at Pickering. 

of Welburn, Esq., Town Clerk of d. y. 
London; called Judith in Burke, 
ii., 311 ; d. 1751, aged 63. 

Thomas Bobinson=f=Dorothy, dau. of Elizabeth, mar. Pene- Judith, mar. Wil. 

of Welburn, Esq. 
All his sons d. s.p. 

Geo. Bowes of John Bell of lope. Horncastle of Mal- 
York, Esq. (p. Scarborough. ton, apothecary. 



Thomas, d. y. ; d. James, d. y. ; bur. at George B. of Wei- Luke B., Bector of 

in Portugal Oct. Kirkdale ; d. Feb. burn, d. unmar. Kirkby Misperton, 

1762, aged 22. 1763, aged 16. 1777. b. 21 March 1750. 

John B. of Wei- Be v. Digby Cayley, Bector of^Eliza- Frances, d. y. Delia, 
burn, heir to his Thormanby, & LL.B., d. 14 beth. — d. y. 

brother Geo. Jan. 1798, aged 53. Dorothy, d. y. 

i i i . 

Lucy, mar. Bev. Arthur Dorothy, mar. Archdeacon Frances Elizabeth, mar. 
Cayley, Bector of Nor- Wrangham. Thomas Smith, M.D., of 

manby. Bury St. Edmund's. 

Niece Sarah Bobinson, dau. of Luke Bobinson, Esq., mentioned in the will of 
Bridget Biggs of Sheffield 1733. Tho s Strangways Bobinson speaks of his cousins 
Langsby & cousin Costobadie, & addresses Thoresby of Leeds by the word cousin. 

See © opposite [page 631]. 

James Strangways of South House, Esq.,=pAlice, dau. of ... . Kaye 
d. 1647 in Whitby Strand. I of Oldstead. 

Thomas. Henry, of = Margaret, James. Dorothy, mar. Isabel, mar. 1 James Alice, mar. Wil- 

(See Sneaton, dau. of John Moxon Cousens, 2 Fra. liam Smith of 

above.) 2 son. William of Hull. Hays, 3 Henry Lis- Swinton. 

Mitford. ter, all of Whitby. 

ms. 261 3&ofctmion* 

Mary, dau. of Tho. Sendamore of Leeds, b. 1657 ; mar Bobinson of New- 
ton Garth, & had Leonard. 

Who was John Bobinson of Buckton, whose dau. Harriet in 1758 mar. Sir 
William Foulis, Bart. ? 

Margaret, dau. of Leonard Bobinson of Newton Garth, mar. 1685 to Henry 
Boynton, Bector of Barmston. 

Leonard Bobinson of St.=p Ann, dau. of John Hilton 
Ninian's n r Bichmond. of Hilton. 




Jane, mar. Tho- Margaret, mar. Mary, mar. Gervas Elizabeth, mar. James 

mas Rudd of John Jaques Lightfoot of Red- Collins of North 

Appleton^ of Rudston. milne. Ravensworth. 

i i i i i 

John Robinson=pSythe, dau. of Leonard Jeremy, s.p. William, of Ellerton. 

of Applegarth, 
1 son. 

Smelt of Kirkby Flet- 

ham. Roger, s.p. Christopher. 

i ii ii 

Leonard Robin- Y'Lucy, dau. of Thomas, of Easby,2 son. Sithe, mar. Ninian Col- 

son of Kirkby 

Percival Phi- — lins of Ravensworth. 
lips of Wens- Matthew, of Middle- — 
ley. ham, 3 son. Elizabeth, mar. Matthew 
Berry of Downham. 

i i i i i i 

Jeremy. Mary. Lucy. Sithe. Ann. Elizabeth, mar. Charles Newby 

of Hooton Roberts. 

Ayscough 4274. Thoresby's Letters. 

Robinson of Crosthwaite=f=. . . . dau. of ... . Savage. 

MS. 261 

John R. of Crosthwaite=pAnn, dau. of ... . Dent. 


Richard. George Robinson of=y=Frances, dau. of Tho. William R. of London, 
Cleasby, 2 son. Lay ton of Cleasby. mercer, 3 son, 1G63. 

i ; i n 

Thomas Robinson of John Robmson=f=Elizabeth, dau. of William, of Cleasby. 

London, Merchant of Cleasby, dead 
Tailor ; His Majesty's 1651. 
servant 1633. 

Chris 1 ' Potter of 
Cleasby. Clara, mar Bol- 

ton, a linendraper. 

Clara, mar. Sir Edward Wood. Mary. Elizabeth. Frances. 

All mar. & d. s.p. 

ill i 

George, Thomas, Christopher, Secretary John Robin-=Mary, dau. of Wil. 
d. inf. d. inf. of Virginia. * son, Bishop Langton. 

of Bristol. 

MS. 261 



i^trattjjtoap8 + 

Sir James Strangways, 2 son of Sir James,=pAnn, dau. & c. of Robert 
by Eliz., dau. & c. of Lord Darcy. Conyers of Ormsby. 

it ill 

John. Catherine, mar. Robert Laton. Elizabeth, a nun. Joan. Margery. 

i ill 

Sir James, of=f=Ann, dau. of Sir Edmund Laurence. Thomas. Leonard. 
Ormsby. Trafford. 

James S. of Southhouse & Pickering=f=Ann, dau. & c. of Ralph Danby of Yafford. 

Joan, 1 w.,=^=Sir Rich- 

dau. of Sir 
Tho. Met- 

ard S. of 

=Isabel, 2 w., Margaret, mar. Philip Alice, mar. 1 Chris r 

dau. of ... . Bainbridge. Conyers, 2 Rob. 

Thwaifces of — Wilberfoss, 3 Ralph 

Lound. Isabel. Crake. 

James=f Margaret, dau. of Rich- Tristram=f=Elizab.=f James Bradshaw of Gis- 
ard Cholmley. T.,1 son. | | burn in Cleveland. 

i i i ii 

Jane, dau. & h.,mar. Dorothy, mar. Chris r Strangways=. . . . dau. of Roger. 

Ralph Orathorn of Fulthorpe of Royal Bradshaw. James Pen- — 

Crathorn ; s.p. Hill in Cleveland. nyman of John. 


William,=Mary, dau. of Roger .... 1 w., dau. of Wil. Rad-=pBdward= 
s.p. Tockets. clif of Lancashire. 2 w. 

James S. of Gis- Ann, mar. William Chapman 
borough, s.p. of Acham in Cleveland. 

Henry=f=. . . . dau. of ... . Millet Margaret, mar. Wil. Ursula, 
of Durham. Robanks. 

James, of Southhouse. Thomasine, mar. Rob. Margery, mar. Robert 

See © opposite [page 629]. Hudson of Whitby. Jones of Ampleforth. 



MS. 262 


This pedigree is from J. C. Brooke's Collection with a few dates added. 
There was a William Arthur a schoolmaster at Doncaster who had a dau. Audrey, 
bur. 20 April 1672. (See York Wills 1030.) 

John Arthur of Doncaster,=pCatherine, only dau. of Tho. Mainwaring of Martin 
Attorney, d. .27 Feb. 1715, Sands in Cheshire, Esq. ; d. at Doncaster 31 March 
set. 69 ; bur. there. 1731, aged 83 ; bur. there. 

Charles A.,=j 

f=. . . . dau. 

Mainwaring, of=j 

Vicar of 


Leeds, merch*, 


Pollard of 

after of Swin- 

bp. 26 Sep. 


ton ; had after- 

1686; d. 


wards a place in 


N. S. I. Office ; 
bp. 10 July 

niece of 

M.D., of 

Henry, bp. 6 
Mar. 1687-8; 
in Norway 
with his bro. 
Thomas ; 
kept a coffee 

i i i i 




All d. y. 

John, d. 
aged 14. 

Charles, d., a student 
at Cambridge. 

Catherine, mar. James 
Dennis of Doncaster, 
& had issue. 

Jane, only child, 
d., aged ab* 14. 

Diana, bp. 
23 Nov. 
1690 ; d. 

Martha, 1 w.,=f=John A. of Don-= Catherine, 2 w.,=f=Ruth, 3 w., dau. 

dau. of John 
Mawhood of 

caster, Atty, bp 
2 Nov. 1681 ; d. 
24 Dec. 1740 ; 
bur. there. 

dau. of Wil. 
Walker, Aid. of 
Doncaster ; mar. 

of ... . Beau- 
mont of Hat- 
field ; d. 5 Dec. 
1779, aged 77. 

John A., d. 11 April 1725, aged 16 ; 
bur. at Doncaster. 


Others, Martha, mar. Cap. Hollingworth, 
d. y. an Irishman, & d. s.p. 

William Arthur=p, 
of Wadworth, 
Esq., d. 1741, 
aged 66 ; bur, 

=. . . . Jack- 
son, 1 st 

Thomas, a merchant 
in Norway, mar. a 
Norwegian woman, 
& had issue. 

Catherine, bp. 9 Oct. 
1677 ; d. unmar. 3 
April 1748; bur. at 

3. William, had 
a place in the 
India House, & 
mar. a dau. of a 

4. Thomas, had 
a place in the 
Post Office, d. 


Esther, d. at Howden unmar mar. 

22 Dec. 1788, aged 81 ; had an .... Mas- 
estate there left by her mother's terson of 
cousin Rich d Worsop of How- Nantwich. 
den, Esq., Counsellor at Law. 

1. John Arthur of Doncaster, Esq., a Special=p Sarah Gilbert, a 2. Daniel, a chemist 

Pleader in the Middle Temple, d. 2 Nov 
1773, aged 63 ; bur. at Doncaster. 


natural child, d. 
4 July 1800, 
aged 86. 

in Watling Street, 
London, d. unmar. 

John Arthur Worsop, Esq., which last=Sarah, 2 dau. & c. of Thomas Mauleverer 
name he assumed by Act of Parliament of Arncliffe, Esq. ; mar. 2 July 1778 ; d. 
1778,of Doncaster & of AlverleyGrange. at Beverley 31 March 1790. 

MS. 262 



&rt|mr— <®liim. 

All this from Beckwith's Collection. 

William Oliver of Pocklington=i=Margery, dau. of Wil. Scarborough ; mar. 

2 Nov. 1612. 

John Oliver, mar. 27 Aug. 1637=f=Sibil, dau. of John L: 


John Arthur of near=p3. Mary 4. Ann, mar. William, son of Ralph Hungate 
Doncaster. I Oliver. of Malton ; she was b. 7 June 1653. 


Ann, d. John Arthur of St. James'=p. . . . dau. of Kalph. Tho. Ann. 
ccel. Street, London. I . . . . Sharpe. (See p. 404.) 

i i i 

John. Robert, of St. James'=. . . . dau. of ... . Hawksworth Jane, mar. 
= Street, s.p. 1741. of co. York. .... 

1. Margery, mar. John Cook or 2. Elizabeth, mar. Wil. Parker of York, 

Richard. =j= engraver. =f= 

i I 

Captain John Cook, William, mar. Mary, mar. Elizabeth, mar. Benj n Bath, 

d. in Ireland in the Mary Best. Ed. Grey. Cap* Lieut, in Stan wix's Reg. 

time of James II. =p - =p 


Elizabeth, Lieut. Will m Bath, in Gen 1 Whetham's Reg*, d. at M r W m Brack's 
d. unmar. in Spurrier Gate, York, Feb. 1732, unmar. 

William 01iver^=Bridget, dau.=f. . . . Hepton-=. . . . Smith, 
of Pocklington. 

of Idle 

of Branting- 

stal, 2 husb. 3 rd husb., 

Philip=. . . . dau. 


Horner of 

John Oliver 
of Pockling- 

: Ann, dau. & h. of Francis Martha=Thomas George=Elizab. 

Field of Pocklington, Oliver of Oliver. Hep- 

Gent. ; mar. 29 Oct. 1699 ; Bishop tonstal. 

niece to W m Topham. Wilton. 


Thomas Rimington, Parson=Ann 0., dau. & h., mar. at Burnham 
a. of Warter. n r Pocklington Sep. 1739. 


Eichard Carr, Rector of Holme n r Weighton.=i= 

n i i i i i 

Mary^pRich* 1 William Carr,=f=Mary, dau. of John, a Elizab. Ann, living 

Carr. Parson of 

. . . Livers- Priest. 1740. 


i i 

William Carr, Curate Richard, Curate of =Mary, dau. of ... . Smith 
of Weighton. Kildwick. of Lincolnshire. 

fftttty. MS. 263 

This pedigree of Fenay of Fenay in Almonbury differs in some respects from 
Hopkinson's. It is copied from one by Benj. North, jun r , of Fenay, made from the 
family evidences with some additions. 

He mentions in deed s.d. by which Roger, son of William, of Fenay, granted the 
mess. & lands of Tho s Fenay to his (said Roger's) son John in fee to hold of the Earl 
of Lincoln & his heirs, paying them 3 s rent for the same at Michaelmas every year 
which 3 s per annum is paid yet & to Sir John Ramsden now as Chief or Lord of the 
Manor of Almonbury. 

Arms, Gules, a cross moline or. 

William, of the Fenay. 



I I 

Adam. Thomas, 1347=pAgnes, 1347. 

5= I 

John, d. s.p. in or William, d. 1 3 92=p Margery, dau. of John Lockwood ; sister 
before 1349. or 1393. I & heir of William 1367. 

John, dead 1450=f Margery, dau. of John Kaye of Woodsome. 

Nicholas Fenay, lived some time at Belton in Leicestershire ; dead 1475.=r 

John=pIsabel, dau. of Tho 8 Cookson of Wakefield, draper; mar. ab* 1471. 
a I 

MS. 263 




Isabel, dau. of Perciva^Nicholas^Margaret, dau. of Edmund Hanson 


Fenay. of Quernby 1485. 

Thomas Fenay, = 
d. s.p. before 

= Isabel Turton, widow, dau. of William=pAgnes, dau. of Edward 
John Lockwood of Casfclehouse Fenay, Hurst of Collarsley ; 
inAlmonbury. Contract 1518. d. 1575. mar. in or ab* 1539. 

Nicholas Fenay,* son & heir^ 
aged 36, 1575 ; Deputy 
Steward of the Manor of 
Wakefield ; bro. in law with 
Savile. Will 7 Jan. 1616. 

: Grace,f dau. 
of James 
Foxcroft of 

Giles, of York.= 
Will 15 March 




Elizabeth, dau.= William Fenay,| De-= Susan, sister=John Francis. 

of Francis 
Bunny of Ry- 
ton, Clerk ; 
mar. in or 
about 1596. 

puty Steward of the 
M r of Wakefield 17 
James . . ; d. s.p. 
Will about 1618. 
(York Wills 520.) 

of Anthony 
(p. 3 5 3)j mar, 
W. F. 14 
Aug. 1610. 

of E- 
2 husb, 



: Judith, dau. of 
William Kaye ; 
dead 1616. 




Thomas Fenay, || nephew & heir of Willi am , : 
d. 1644 ; " that poor fatherless & mother- 
less child." Will of Mch 1 Fenay. 

Jane, mar. Thomas Scoley, Dorothy, § 
& had Mary ; mar. to mar. Edw. 
John Maude. Barber. 

: Mary, % dau. of= 
Richard Horsfall of 
Storthes Hall. 

Elizabeth, mar. 
Rich d Thorpe. 

:Renny Trippier, 
2 husb., a 

William Fenay, dead, 
without issue, in or 
before 1656. 

Nicholas Fenay**- 
d. in or before 

^Elizabeth, dau. of Isaac= Edward Ash ton 
Newton of Whitby & of Methley, 
Ruswarp in Whitby Gent., 2 husb. 

Nicholas Fenayft of Fenay in=p Jane,$ t dau. °f John Thornton of Richard 

1686, d. 1710, March 21 
bur. at Wakefield. 


Tyershall, Gent. ; d. 1713, Aug. Thornton. 
15 : bur. at Wakefield. =p 


Tempest, s.p. John, 

William, s.p. Richard. 

* D. 7 March 1616, set. 78. f Mar - at Elland 6 July 1563. 

I Bp. 17 March 1565 ; bur. 9 April 1619, »t. 53. § Bp. 15 Oct. 1564. 

|| Bp. 24 June 1608. f D. 24 Nov. 1649, set. 53. 

** Bp. 23 Sep. 1638. ft Bur. March 24. JJ Mar. at Wakefield 18 May 1686. 

Mr. (jt, W Tomlinson, F.S.A., has given the above entries from the Almondbury Kegisters. 

J. W. C. 



MS. 263 

I I 

Adeline,* d. y. 

Nicholas,! d. y. 

Jane Fenay4 s °l e surviving dau. & h., 
d. unmar. 20 March 1766, aged 75 ; 
bur. in the North Chancel of Wakefield 

Elizabeth, § 
d. y., was 
living in 


Richard, || 

M rs Jane Fenay enjoyed the estate 56 years. She lived single at Wakefield, & 
was much respected in her neighbourhood for her Piety, Charity, & other virtues. 
By a will made by herself she left her estates to the sons of her Cousin German & 
their issue male in tail male successively, expressing her intention that they should 
remain in the possession of the family of her worthy uncle Richard Thornton for ever. 
And at her death Rich d Thornton of Tyershall, Esq., succeeded to them. But the 
will being improperly made, & the estates not given to trustees to preserve contingent 
remainders, he suffered a recovery, & dying 30 May 1790 devised all his estates to 
be sold for the joint benefit of two natural children, a son & a dau., which was 
accordingly done in 1792, & M r Benj. North, whose family had been for many years 
tenants at Fenay, purchased the old Mansion house & demesne lands there. The 
Whole of M rs Fenay's property selling for £28,000.— J. C. Brooke. 

What M r Brooke has said in some measure explains to me what occurred to 
myself, who in 1822 was applied to by the parish Clerk of Worsborough to assist 
him in tracing his relationship to M rs Jane Fenay, whose heir he alleged himself to 
be, & entitled to the estates. I found him a very ignorant person with no knowledge 
on the subject, and I advised him to take care how he let Attorneys get hold of him. 
The representatives of the Fenays would have a curious point to ascertain. 


MS. 264 

This ped. was given me by Sir Joseph Radcliffe, Bart., whose wife was a Miss 
Sunderland. I have compared it with Hopkinson's Ped., that in Watson's ' Halifax,' 
& with the two entered at Dugdale's Visitation, viz., by Samuel, of Harden, 11 Aug. 
1665, & by Langdale S. 13 Sep. 1665. These two peds. differ in the account given 
of the father of the first Richard, Langdale describing him as son of Abraham, of 
High Sunderland, by Judith, dau. of Thos. Oldfield, & Samuel as son of Richard, of 
High Sunderland, by Lucretia, dau. of Leventhorpe. 

The Arms, Per pale Arg* & or, 3 lions pass, in pale counter-changed. — Respited 
for proof. 

See Gregge Ped., p. 514. 

Mary, 1 w., dau.=pRichard Sunderland of=f= Agnes, 2 w., dau. of John 

of Rob. Moor " " 



High Sunderland in the 
par. of Halifax. 

Rishworth of Riddlesden. 

Abraham Sunderland, said by 
Watson to have been of the 
Middle Temple, & to have d. 
unmar. InM r PercivaFsPed., 
to have mar. Susan, dau. of 
Ralph Waterhouse of Birstal, 
& to have had a son who d. y. 

Richard Sunderland- 
of High Sunderland, 
Esq., Just, of the 
Peace, & Treas. of 
the Lame Soldiers 17 
Jac, bur. at Halifax 
25 June 1634. 


-Susan, dau. of Sir 
Rich d Saltonstal, 
Lord Mayor of 
London ; called 
Mary in one of 
the peds. of S. 
entered in C 40. 

Agnes, mar. 



Jennet, mar. 

* Bur. at Wakefield 11 Nov. 1687. 
§ Bur. at Wakefield 16 May 1695. 

t Bur. 9 Sep. 1689. J B. 1691. 

|| Bur. at Wakefield 16 June 1697. 

MS. 264 



Grace, =5. Peter S. of Fair Weather=Mary, dau. 
dau. of Green, psh. of Halifax, Esq., of Richard 
Laur. 5 son, d. s.p. 24 Dec. 1677, or Wil m 
Buck, aged 73 ; bur. at Bradford. Buck of 

(0. H.) Bradford. 

The accounts vary as to which of these was the first 
wife 1 . However, the second survived him & mar. 8 
Oct. 1678 M r Shuttleworth of Clitheroe, who is 
described in 0. Heywood's MS. Obituary as a 
" ranting man, 24 years old, has little." Sunder- 
land is there said to have left her £5000 in 
money & £30 per ann. in land. 

i I I 

1. Susan, mar. William Beilby 
of Micklethwaite Grange in 
psh. of Bingley, & had issue. 

2. Mary, mar. 

Edw. Parker of 

3. Judith, d. unmar. 

2. Samuel, of Halifax, co. York,= 
Esq., 8Bt 67, 11 Aug. 1665 (see 
Rel. Hey., p. 342) ; d. in Feb. 
1676-7, aged 74, a very rich 
man. (0. H.) 

:Ann, dau. of 
Edw. Water- 
house of 

3. Richard, 
a Clerk, 3 rd 
son ; s.p. 


4. Robert, a Tur- 
key merch*, 4 son, 
d/l9 Jan. 1623; 
bur. at Halifax. 

Abraham Sunderland of High Sunderland, Esq., a=j=Elizabeth, dau. of Peter Lang- 

Barr. of the Middle Temple, & J.P. for the W. R. 
d. in Pontefract Castle during the siege 25 March 
1644; bur. in the Church. 

dale of Beverley & Santon, 
Esq., sister of Marm., Lord 

Elizabeth, 1= 
w., dau. of 
Thornhill of 
Fixby, Esq. 

: Langdale Sunderland of Fetherston, Esq.,= 
which he bought when he sold High Sun- 
derland ; Cap n of Horse under Lord Lang- 
dale ; aged 44, 1665 ; d. at Aekton in Nov. 
or Dec. 1698, aged 81, & was bur. at 

: Elizabeth, 2 w., 
dau. of ... . 
Hippon of 


Ann S., 
d. un- 

Richard, d. y. 


Abraham S. of Aekton, 
aged 13, 13 Sep. 1665 ; 
d. before his father, & 
was bur. in Fetherston 
Ch. Sep. 1673. 

Ann, 1 w. =f=Brian S. of=pSusan, 2 w., 

dau. of Sir 

Esq., aged 
12, 1665. 

dau. of . 
Adams of 

Peter S. of Fethers-=pAnn, dau. of Tho- John S. of^Mary, dau. of Mary. 


ton, Esq., sold his 
estate to Edmund 
Winn, Esq. 

mas Thornhill of 
Burnham Market, 
co. Norf., Esq. 

Esq., 2 

Sir Stephen — 

Thompson of Elizabeth. 
York. (See — 

p. 223.) Susan. 

Richard, bp. 
13 Oct. 1708, 

Peter, d. y. 


Anne, coheir, mar. Susanna, mar. 1 Mary S., coh 1 ', Catherine, 

1 John Words- John Worm aid, mar. Samuel mar. Sir 

worth (p. 3), 2 Tho- 2 William Todd Foley, Esq., George 

mas Sunderland on (seePm,p. 98); Col. in the Cooke of 

the right. d. 8 Dec. 1783, Army. Wheatley, 

— aged 64. Bart. 
Jane, s.p. b 

f F 



MS. 264 


Samuel Sunderland= 
of Bradley, psh. of 
Kildwick n r Skip- 
ton, d. . . May 
1742, aged 60*; 
lived for some time 
at Badsworth. 

: Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel 
Jenkinson of Hodgwick, co. 
Notts. This Hodgwick 
should be Hodsoke in psh. of 
Blythe. In the Ch. of Blythe 
is a M.I. for Olivia, wife of 
Paul Jenkinson of Hodsoke, 
Gent., who d. 11 Jan. 1700, 
aged 58 ; hence the name of 
Olivia in this family. 

i i i 

Elizabeth, mar. 
Coates, M.D.. 



Judith, eldest dau., 
mar. John Stanhope 
of G-rimston, Esq., & 
had 3 sons & 3 dau s . 

Ann, 1 w.,- 
dau. of 
Pet. Sun- 
derland on 
the left. 

of Big- 
land, CO. 

: Mary, 2 w.,dau. 
of John Fox of 
Whitehaven ; 
wid. of Tho. 
Bigland of 

i i i 

Peter, 4 son, d. coel. 

Olivia, mar. 
(P. 306.) 

Tho. Sayle. 

Catherine, mar. at Bads- 
worth 8 July 1743 to Wil. 
Barraclough of Rogerthorpe. 




All s.p. 

b. 1749. 

Ann, b. 

Mary, b. March 

1748; mar. l) r 
Askew, Rector 
of North Cad- 
bury, co. Som. 

Peter, b. 1754. 

Langdale, d., 
aged 4. 

John, b. 1761. 

Elizabeth, mar. 

1 . . . . Russel 
of London, s.p.; 

2 . . . . Peake 
of Edensor, co. 


Sarah, b. 13 Nov. 
1762 ; mar. Tho s 
Tiffin Senhouse of 
Calder Abbey, co. 

Richard, of London, 3 son, a merch*, bp.=pRebecca, dau. of ... . Duel of 

at Badsworth 26 May 1712. 

co. Wilts ; bur. at Roy ton. 


Elizabeth, sole dau. & h., mar. Joseph Pickford ; afterwards 
Sir Joseph Radcliffe, Bart. (P. 219.) 

Langdale S. of Brad-= 
ley, Esq., Collector of 
the Customs at New- 
castle, had 2 sons who 
d. inf. 

= Elizabeth, dau. of 
Henry Foster of 
wid. of Tho. Bur- 
don of Burdon. 

John S., 2 son, of=pMary, dau. & h. of 
Whittington, b. Thomas Rawlinson 
1710; d. 15 Nov. of Whittington 
1782; Bads- Hall n r Kendal, co. 
worth 15 Jan. Lane, Esq. 

Thomas S. of Whit-=f=Ann Dixon of 

tington, which he 
sold to M l " France of 
Liverpool in 1804. 

Milham, co. 
Cumb., d. 7 
April 1809. 

Judith, b. May 1741 ; 
mar. Edw. Gregge 
Hopwood, Esq., of 
Chambre. (See p. 

Elizabeth, b. 16 Jan. 
1735 ; mar. Thomas 
Dennison of Leeds, 
Esq. (P. 314.) 

MS. 264 



John Sunder- = 
land, b. at Ul- 
verston 21 
Dec. 1769 ; 
bp. 27 Jan. 
1770; mar. at 
Askham 17 
Dec. 1800. 

= Ann, 2 dau. of Ed- 
ward King of Ask- 
ham Hall, co. 
Westm., Vice- 
Chancellor of the 
Dutchy Court of 

Thomas, b. Mary, b. 11 Aug. 1772 ; mar. at 

25 May Ulverstone 3 Oct. 1804 to Hon. 

1774 ; bp. 7 William Lumley ; d. s.p. 19 July 

Feb. 1775. 1807 ; bur. at Ulverston. 

Eleonora, b. Ann, b. 2, bp. 11 June 1776 ; 

28 Feb. 1771; mar. 29 July 1799 to As- 

bp. 26 June, kew, Rector of Greystock. 

For a fuller pedigree by the Editor of this Volume see the ' Genealogist,' vol. xi.— J, W. C. 

MS. 265 


Gilbert Saltonstal of Halifax, 8 Eliz. purchased Rookes in Hipperholm. 

Sir Richard Saltonstal, Lord= 
Mayor of London 1597 ; d. 

: Susanna, dau. of Tho. Poyntz of North Okyndon, 
Esq., by Ann his wife, dau. & h. of ... . Oalva, a 

1. Sir Samuel. 2. Sir Peter 3. Edward. 4. Gilbert, d. s.p.=Mary, dau. of 
ofBarkway. 1583; bur. at SirClem.Har- 

North Okenden. leston. 

5. Sir Richard,- r -( 
of North 
Okenden in 



Hester, mar. 
Sir Tho. 
Lord Mayor 

Susan, mar. 
Rich d Sun- 


Eleanor, mar. 1 
.... Harvey of 
London, 2 Rob. 
Middleton of 


Ann, mar. 
John Har- 
by, Cit. of 

Sir Richard, of= 
Groves in 

:Eliz., dau. & h. 
of .... Basse 
of Suffolk. 

Bernard, in the Army, 
bur. at Somerleyton 22 
Feb. 1631. 




Susanna, mar. 
.... Paulet of 

Ann, 1 w., dau.= 
of John Rams- 
den of Longley. 

: Samuel Saltonstalj of Rookes- 
& Huntwick, son & heir. 
Watson thinks he was 

=Elizabeth,t 2 w.,=M rs Elizabeth Ar- 
dau. of Thomas mine of Hull, 
Ogden. widow, 3 w.; s.p.§ 

* Bur. at Halifax 29 Dec. 1598. Will 23 Nov. 1598 ; proved 9 Jan. 1598-9. 
f Bur. 12 Jan. 1612-13 (?) at Holy Trinity, Hull. He would not be knighted. 
J Bur. 3 Sep. 1606 at Wragby ; mar. licence 1592, Eliz. Ogden of Himsworth, wid. 
§ Mar. 6 Sep. 1608 at Holy Trinity, Hull.— J. W. O. 


B I 

Sir Richard Saltonstal of Huntwick, Just, of Peace &=p Grace,* dau. Gilbert, 

Treas. of the Lame Soldiers 1 0. I. ; sold his lands & 
went with his children to New England, where he lived 
& as was said mar. a dau. of Lord Delawar ; in the 
troublesome times he came to England & resided at 
London ; said to have mar. 3 one .... Wilford. 

of Rob. d. y. 

Kaye of 

Richard, aged 1, 1612 ; b. at=pMuriel, dau. of ... . Rosamond. :f § 

Woodsome 1620; d. I694.f 

Brampton Gurden. 

Nathaniel, of Abigail, mar. Elizabeth, mar. Her- Richard, Muriel, mar. Sir 
New England. Thos.Harley. cules Horsey. d. inf. Edward Moseley. 

Elizabeth, || mar. Henry Mary, mar. Margaret,^ mar. Barbara, mar. 26 Nov. 
Bunny, son of Richard. John Bate- Henry Gamble. 1623 at Badsworth 
man. Christ 1 ' Rasby. 

Samuel Saltonstal of Rogerthorpe- 
in psh. of Badsworth.** 

:Barbara,ttdau.ofWal- John. Tho 8 .Jt Ann. 
ter Rudston of Hay ton. 

Walter. Thomas. Richard, d. y. Frances, mar. .... Ross, Citizen of London. 

Samuel Saltonstal=f Barbara, |||| dau. & c. of John=Geo. Abbot of Purs-=Rob. Nunns 

of Rogerthorpe.§§ 

Flower of Methley ; living ton Jaglin. of Methley, 

1677. 3 husband. 

Mary, 1 w., dau. of John 8hann=f=8amuel=i=Mary,Tf 2 w., dau. of Richard Elmhirst. 

I I I I I I 

3 sons & 1 dau., all d. young. Richard. William, of Thomas. Eliz. Anne. 


* Mar. at Almondbury 2 July 1609 ; bur. at Wragby 27 June 1625. 

f Mt. 1 year in 1612. (Flower's Visitation.) 

X Bp. 16 April 1612 at Wragby. 

§ There were also : Kobert, bp. 3 July 1617 ; Henry, bp. 9 Nov. 1619 ; Grace, bp. 26 Feb. 
1621 ; John, bp. 28 Nov. 1621 ; all at Wragby. 

|| (?) Elizabeth, bp. 12 June 1597 ; mar. 1620 at Huddersfield Henry Gamble. 

% (?) Margaret, mar. at Doncaster Sep. 1623 Henry Bunny. 

** Bp. 7 Oct. 1593 at Wragby ; mar. licence 1619 at Barnsley ; (?) if he mar. 2ndly and was 
bur. at Badsworth 12 Dec. 1657"; adm'on 24 May 1658 to his widow Dorothy. 

ff Bur. 6 March 1644 at Badsworth. 

XX There is Thomas, son of Samuel Saltonstal, bur. at Badsworth 27 June 1627. 

§§ (?) Bur. at Badsworth 4 Feb. 1642. 

Illl Mar. 15 Feb. 1642 at St. Mary's, Castlegate, York. 

«([«([ Mar. 15 Aug. 1678 at Kirk Smeaton. 

Most of these Register entries are given by Dr. Sykes of Doncaster.— J. W. C. 

MS. 265a, 265b 



$ort& + 

This valuable Pedigree is from one in the handwriting of M r Benj. North of 
Fenay. It is critical & curious, compiled in 1764. He was a friend & corre- 
spondent of J. C. Brooke & John Wilson. 

In M r Wilson's Collection of Charters was an Instrument shewing that William 
Haigh of Lock-wood, John, William, & Joseph his sons, clothiers, dwell within the 
Honour of Pontefract, and are therefore free from Toll in certain circumstances. 
Dated 8 Car. I. Signed Henry Savile. 

.... North of Almonbury Bank- 
End in township of Dalton. 

: Joanna, dau. & c. of John Hepworth 1 ; a wid. 
12 Hen. VIII. ; gave lands to her son John in 
Dalton, Almonbury, & Huddersfield. 

John North, 12 Hen. Ylll. 

John North of Bank End 2Q Eliz., 1584 ; one of the Jury in the Inq. of the Manor ■ 
of Almonbury ; either the John above or his son ; held Bank End & other lands 
in the Manor ; Bank End is in the township of Dalton & par. of Kirk Heaton. 

Edward North, elder son, bp. at Kirk Heaton=j=Isabel 
28 Oct. 1565 ; of Bank End ; liv* 1635. 

Samuel North, clerk to M r Wilkin- 
son of Greenhead, & afterwards 
practised for himself as an Atty ; a 
person of good character, & believed 
to have d. s.p. 

John North of Bank End, eld. son ; in^p 
1635 he & his father sold Well-head 
to Ab m Brooke of Almonbury, & part 
of Bank End to John Kaye of Wood- 
some, Esq. 

George North, bp.~ 
2 Feb. 1651-2; sold 
the remainder of 
the estate. 

Sarah, mar. 13 Nov. 1684 
to William Horsfall of 
Almonbury, & bur. 31 Dec. 
1695. =t= 



Susan, mar. 
Alex. Bates 
of Cheshire. 


2 sons & 1 dau., 
who removed 
into the South. 


.... only child, 

mar Spivey 

& lived at Al- 

William Smith 
of Almonbury. 

Mary, mar. Wil. 
North of Thorpe 
in Almonbury. 
(See on the right.) 

John North of Quarry Hill in the township of^fSusanna .... d. at Upper Longley, 
Almonbury, d. 29 Sep. 1637. A [near 80 ; bur. 30 Jan. 1653-4. 

1 John Appleyard of Upper Longley held lands in Almonbury which had de- 
scended to him by another dau. of John Hepworth, & Richard Blackburn had 
Fletcher House in right of his w. the dau. & h. of Tho. Hepworth. 

N.B. " Upper Longley was the antient dwelling-place of the Ramsdens, late of 
Longley Hall, now of Byrom. Longley Hall at the time of the Survey 1584 was 
called New Hall; John Ramsden, Gent., then lived there. In 1627 Sir John 
Ramsden purchased the Manor of Almonbury of Charles I. John N., & after him 
Matthew, farmed the antient house & land at Upper Longley of Sir John Ramsden 
& others of the family, & was their Steward." 



MS. 265a, 265b 

John North of Quarry Hill & of Upper Longley, r 
d. before his father ; bur. 17 Aug. 1635. 

.... infant, bur. 13 
June 1610. 

Joshua Whitley ^Elizabeth, only dau. & h., aged 3 at the death 
of her grandfather ; had Quarry Hill. 

. .* Healdn= dau. & h. 


. . . .| Heald, Vicar of Huddersfield.=p 

Whitley Heald, Thomas. Nathaniel mar Walker of .... mar. 

a Clergyman. $ Eaythorpe Hall, of a family .... of 

=j= at Coldersley. Norwich. 

. . . Heald, owner of Quarry Hill 1764. 
William Haigh of Lockwood, Yeo.=j= 

Dorothy, mar. John Taylor of .... mar William Haigh of Lock- 

TheElmsin(?)Meltham,Yeo. Walker of Col- wood, chapman. 


Joseph Haigh 1 of Netherton, a noted cloth- merchant, commonly called Chap- 
man Haigh, bur. at Almonbury 5 Aug. 1703, & is called in the Register 
" Institor honestus et divitiis abundans." 

Dorothy, mar. at Hon- 
ley 27 Dec. 1683 to 
Charles Philipson, 
Vicar of Almonbury ; 

M rs Dawson of Lockwood, from whom M rs Thier of 
Manchester, M rs Hebden of Huddersfield, M rs Gill 
of Wakefield, M r Bradley of Newhouse, M rs Haigh 
of High Town, M r William Haigh of Halifax. 
(See p". 532.) 

Edward, a Clergy- 
man at Ashby de 
la Zouch. 

James, of Fenay. This, I Thomas, of- 

suppose, is he who mar. Coldhill, 5 

Ann Allot. (See on p. 211. & youngest 

See also p. 115.) son. 

: Mary, dau. 
of Matthew 

James, of Coldhill. M rs Booth of Kirk Burton. 


1 This Joseph Haigh joined with Matthew North in the purchase of considerable 
estates at Almonbury of John Armitage of Keresf ord Hill, Gent., 14 Oct. 1681. 

* William, clerk, mar. Hester Whitley ; bur. at Huddersfield 1 Nov. 1704. 
f Rev. Thomas. B.A. of Jesus Coll., Camb., d. 3 July 1634 ; mar. 1st Eliz. Haigh, d. 24 May 
1713 ; 2ndly Mary Walker 30 June 1717 at Huddersfield. 
t D. suddenly in the pulpit 1 Feb. 1725.— G. W. T. 

MS. 265A, 265b 



B | C 


William, of Lockwood, 
1 son. 

Joseph, of Honley, 2 son, from whom descended 
M r Haigh of Honley, M r Walker of Crownest, 
& M 1S Thompson of Huddersfield. 

Joseph, of Lockwood. 

James, of Almonbury, living 1764. 

Matthew North, to whom his father gave lands at Espinshaw, bough t=j=Sarah, dau. of 

1632 of Sir John Ramsden, lord of the M 1 ' of Almonbury ; also lands 
called Tinderley ; bp. 20 or 21 Sep. 1618 ; lived before his marriage at 
Upper Longley in the township of Almonbury ; bur. 21 April 1682, 
aged 63J ; a sensible, well-disposed person ; his 7 sons used to follow 
him to Church one after another in the order of their births. In 1 660 
he repurchased Wellhead of the dau. & h. of Abraham Brooke. 

Will Haigh of 
Yeo. ; mar. 
1640-1 ; bur. 
11 Dec. 1688. 

6. Daniel North,= 
6 son, bp. 18 
May 1658 ; lived 
at Wellhead in 

: Helen 7. Benjamin North, 7 th son, 

. . . . bp. 15 Oct. 1661 ; an AtU ; 

d. with his elder brother 

Matthew, & unmar. ; bur. 24 

May 1690. 

Sarah, bur. Susanna, 
27 Julv bur. 7 

1654. * Aug. 


2 dau s , d. un- William North, bp. 7 March 1688 ; went into the South, John, 

mar ; Susan, mar., & had 2 sons ; on the death of his wife & children d. inf. 

bar. 3rd April returned, in his old age, to his native country & lived & 1685. 

1695. d. with Benj. North of Fenay. 

4. Robert North, 4 son, bp.= 
11 Sep. 1648 ; had Espin- 
shaw ; lived at New Lathe in 

r Mary, another dau. 
of Michael Shaw; 
bur. 29 Oct. 1704. 

5. Joseph North, 5 son, bp. 
16 June 1655; went into 
the Army, & is supposed to 
have d. unmar. 

Robert, bur. 27 Sarah, mar Elizabeth, mar., Mary, mar., but Ann, d. 

Nov. 1689. Middleton; no but had no had no issue. unmar. 

issue. issue. 

3. William North, 3 son, had lands at Wellhead from his=f=Elizabeth, dau. of 

father, where he lived, & then removed to Wheatroyd Farm in 
Almonbury, where he lived till his death Nov. 1712. 


Shaw of 

Mary, 1 dau., bp. 19 May 1690 ; mar. John 
Blackburn of Mirfield, maltster; had 6 
children, who all d. unmar. 

Thomas Twigg=pAnn, younger 
dau., bp. 29 
Mav 1693. 

of Wakefield, 

f Thomas Twigg of Dewsbury, Att y . Ann, mar Milthorpe of Warmfield. 



MS. 265A, 265b 

3. Benjamin North, 3 & youngest son, b. 4=fMary, dau. of Robert Rockley of 

March 1695-6; bp. 26 Dec; of Fenay ; 
Atty ; Compiler of this pedigree ; d. 9 Feb. 
1768 ; had Espinshaw by gift of his cousin 
Sarah Middle ton. 

Woodsome Lees ; coheir to her 
brother Robert R. ; mar. 5 May 
1720 ; d. 5 Aug. 1785. 

Benjamin North of= Sarah, dau. of William, b. Dec. Francis, b. 12 July 
Fenay, b. 14 March John Horsfall 1736; d. coel., 1741; d. ccel. 8 
1720-1 ; d. s.p.* ofAlmonbury.f of Wakefield. May 1769. 

Edward=pMary, b. Ann, b. 26 Margaret, b. John, b. Nov. Sarah, b. 23 

of Dews- 
cary .J 

11 Feb. Jan.1721-2. 12 0ct.l730. 1733. Dec. 1742. 
1722-3; _ _ _ _ 

d. 11 Elizabeth,b. Thomas, b. Robert, b. 18 Jane, b. 23 

Sep. 8 Sep. 1729. 27Aug.l732. April 1739. Oct. 1745. 
1764. All d. y. or uumar. 

Robert Rockley Battie of Dews-^ 
bury & Fenay, apothecary. § 

. . . ,|| mar Chamberlaine 

of Halifax, merch*. 

. . . .^[ 1 w., dau. of 
Smith of Rochdale. 

: Benjamin North Rockley 
Battie of Fenay 1828.** 

. .Jf Battie, only dau. 

... .ft mar. James 
Crosland of Dead- 

....§§ mar Smith of . . . .|||| mar. Thomas Atkinson Marguerite.^ 

Rochdale. of Bradley Mills. 

1. Matthew North of 
Town End in Almon- 
bury, had the lands at 
Wellhead, d. unmar. 
1744, when Wellhead 
descended to the son of 
his bro 1 ' William. 

2. William North, 2 son,: 

bp. 30 Oct. 1686 ; lived 

at Thorpe n r Almonbury ; 

mar. 3 Elizab., wid. of 

.... Kaye, Curate of Shaw of Lassel 

Meltham, & d. 1743. Hall; s.p. 


Mary, 1 w., dau. of- 
Joseph Pool of Al- 
monbury Town-end, 
by a dau. of Geo. 


2 w., 
dau. of 
Alex 1, 
on the 

* Ob. 13 May 1796, set. 75. Had a dau. Mary Ann, ob. inf. 
f Ob. 4 Feb. 1790, set. 55. J D. 21 May 1782 ; bur. at Dewsbury. 

§ D. 1799 ; mar. 23 May 1776 Elizabeth Atkinson. || Ann, mar. Abraham. 

f Ellen, dau. of John Smith of Rochdale, d. 13 July 1824. 

** B. 1795. B. N. R. Batty mar. 2ndly Elizabeth, widow of Lieut. Curtis, R.N., and had a 
son, the Rev. B. N. R. Batty, and a dau., Frances, who mar. Mr. C. E. Keymer in 1854. The 
Rev. B. N. R. Batty (b. 1828) mar. Augusta Fanny, dau. of Thomas Besley of Exeter, Esq. 
Mr. Batty d. in 1875, and had one son, Christopher N. R. Batty, and five daus. 
ft Martha, b. 1779 ; d. 1809. 

Jt Ellen Beckwith Batty, mar. 1844 T. L. Reed of Downham Market. 
§§ Ann, b. 1790 ; mar. 1816 ; d. 1868. |||| Mary Margaret, mar. 1812 ; d. 1865. 

<[% B. 1797 ; mar. Rev. David James ; d. 1841.— a. W. T. 

MS. 265A 




William North, 1 son, had lands at the 
Cowms which came to his father by his 
1 w. ; lived at Thorpe ; d. unmar. 
Easter Eve 1769, having sold all he 

Benjamin N., 2 son, had=p. . . . dau. of 
lands at Cowms, Mirfield, .... Hardy, 
& Nether Thong ; d. 1761 ; Curate of 
not long after his marriage Kirk Bur- 
lived at Almonbury. ton. 

Benjamin North, a posthumous child, of Almonbury. 

1. Matthew North, eldest son, bp. 6 Feb.- 
1641-2 ; had the Hall Mess. n r Coldhill 
given him by his father on his marriage ; 
lived there ; bur. 23 Oct. 1690. 

2. John North, 2 son, had : 
land called Dykeside in 
township of Dal ton. 

Matthew North of=f= 
Manchester, sold 
the lands to Tho. 
Haigh of Coldhill 
& James Haigh of 


Elizabeth, mar. 
Thomas Bed- 
ford of Flock- 
ton ; mar. 4 
Nov. 1700. 


Another dau. . 
mar. another .... 
Bedford of Thornton 
Flockton. of Cros- 


John North.=p 

Matthew North of=. . . . dau. of ... . Brooke, by ... . his w., who 
Manchester 1764. mar. 2 nd ... . Thompson of Huddersfield. 

John North, bp. 14 Aug. 1678, of Lockwood.=f Joseph, bp. 6 May 1685. 

Matthew North of William, of Benjamin, of Lock- .... mar mar. 

Saddleworth, sold Crosland wood, mar. an BaildonofLock- .... 

Dyke Side & Hill. elderly widow & wood. Child of 

spent all. had no issue. Bretton. 

William Smith of Chillington=p. , 
n r Brewood in Staffordshire. 

, dau. as supposed of 
, Fowke of Brewood. 

Richard. Mary, mar Margaret, mar. Robert Hockley, Esq. Dorothy, mar Croydon. 

Huggeford; s.p. =p =r 


3 or 4 children, 
not known 
what became of 

I I I 

Robert, * su pposed , M rs North . 
if livs, to be in — 

France & unmar. M rs Scott. 

Dorothy, mar. Mary, mar. Susanna, mar. 

.... Hanbury .... Thomp- 

=p Woodhead. son. 

— ' T T 

Note by M r B. North 
written about 1750. 

.... a dau., lived at 
Greenwich with a 
M r Smith. 

2 dau s , of which M rs Stead 
is living. (See p. 270.) 

1 son & 2 dau s 

I meet with Daniel also a Paul North, Esq., sons & heirs of John North, Esq., 
of Almonbury. Who were they ? 

* This is wrong. Robert Rockley was born 17 June 1701 and d. unmar. at Almonbury 
14 May 1772, the last male of this ancient house. 

Mr. Gr. W. Tomlinson, F.S.A., has given the notes for this pedigree. — J. W. 0. 



MS. 266 

**tj$tott— War*. 

This ped. is partly the work of J. C. Brooke from his great-grandfather's papers, 
& partly of M r Wilson of Bromhead. I have verified much of it from deeds of the 
family in possession of M r Wilson. 

Beighton .= 


Thomas 1 Beigh- 
ton, son & heir. 

John Beighton of Hill Top : 
n r Bradfield, co. York. 

i . .1 

Margaret B., coheir, wife of Elizabeth, co- 
John Revell of Oxton, co. heir, wife of 
Derb. (see Ped., p. 174). Geo. Torre 
It seems she had a former near Buxton, 
husband .... Harris. co. Derb. 

: . . . . dau. of Gregory Revell 
of Stannington, yeo. 

Laurence = Jennet Roe- Thomas, 
Beighton, buck, mar. 2 nd son. 
eldest at Bradfield =f= 

son; no 21 Feb. 
issue. 1586-7. 

wife of ... . Thornhill of co. Derb., & had a dau. Mary. 

John Beighton of Small-=pEllen, dau. of John Wain- .... Beighton of=rEliz. 

field in the Chapelry of 
Bradfield, 3 rd son. 

wright of Midhope ; unmar. Bentihough, 
17 Nov. 1584. son. 



Ellen, wife of 
William New- 
ton of Stock- 
wood Hill. 

Isabel, wife of 
John Shaw of 
Hall Broom ; 
mar. 11 June 

Jane, wife of Reginald 
Thompson of Bright- 
homelee (see Ped., p. 
267) ; this marriage is 
confirmed by will of 
Ralph B. 

Laurence r 

: Ellen Water- 
house, mar. 
at Bradfield 
11 Oct. 1621. 

John Jonathan. Benjamin. Mary. 
New- — — — 

ton. Joseph, Isabel. Anne. 

(See Ped., p. 143.) 

John Beighton.=j= Jane, dau, 


in Bradfield ; 

Nov. 1650. 

mar. 26 

John Beighton, mar. at Wood— 
head 12 Jan. 1687-8. 

=Elizabeth, dau. of Wil. Wagstaffe of 
Woodseats in Glossopdale. 



Jonathan. William. 


1. Robert Beighton, eldest son=pFrances, dau. & heir of = Nicholas Stead of Ones- 

& heir, mar. 20 May 1614 or 
A 1613. B 

John Hawksworth 
Nether Bradfield. 

of acre, yeo., mar. 1617 
or 3 Feb. 1618-19. 

1 The name was certainly Robert. The Partition of his estate between his co- 
heirs was made 11 April 1581. See it in my book of * Yorkshire Evidences/ 
Sheffield, No. 47. 

MS. 266 

FAMILY minorum gentium. 



John Beighton of Nether Bradfield, only issue, under age=p Ellen, dau. of Eoberfc 

1623. Had lands at Stannington & a mess, called 
York Cliffe settled on him by his grandfather before 
14 May 1619. 

Rawson of Brooke 
Side in Chapelry of 

Mary, wife of James 
Hinchliffe of Knowles 
in Holmfirth ; mar. 27 
Sep. 1655. 

Elizabeth, wife of 
Richard Bacon of 
Hoyles ; mar. 14 
Jan. 1663. 

Martha, wife of 
Edward Hill of 
Hacken thorp ; 
mar. 1673-4. 

Jane, bp. at 
Bradf d Oct. 

Jonathan Beighton, son & hehv 
Had an estate called Tornhill 
from his uncle Ralph. 

=Mary, dau. & Ann, wife of Rowland Thompson 
heir of Henry of Brightomlee; mar. 26 March 
Wainwright. 1656. (See Pbd., p. 267.) 

Jonathan Beighton= Elizabeth, dau. of George Froggat of Carr Head 
in the par. of Hathersedge, Gent. 

2. John Beighton of Midhope=p Elizabeth, dau. &= 

1622, when lands at Thwong 
were settled on him ; lands in 
Over & Nether Midhope 
settled on him by his father 
14 May 1619. 


Jane Beighton, eldest dau. 
& coheir, under age 8 Ch s 
I., mar. 6 Jan. 1641-2 to 
Thomas Brooke of Dod- 
worth. (See Fed., p. 312.) 

coh r ofWil.Ibbot- 
son of Nether 
Oolmes, yeo. 

=Matthew Booth, 
Clerk, 2 nd hus- 
band, mar. 22 
Feb. 1631-2. 

3. Ralph B., 

3 rd son, of Ne- 
ther Bradfield. 
Will dated 24 
May 1654. 
No issue. 

Jeremy Ward, M.D.,=f Elizabeth Beigh-= Joseph Eyre of 

of Ashop alias Ah 
sop, co. Derb., 1 st 
husb. ; dead before 
24 May 1654. 

ton, younger 
dau. & coheir, 
under age 8 
Charles I. 

Ashop, Gent., 
2 nd husband. 
(See Ped., p. 

Jeremy Ward, 
d. 22 July 

Robert Ward, Rector of^pMargaret, dau. of John 

Slingsby & Stokesley, 
& prebendary of York. 

Roundel of Knares- 
borough ; mar. 26 Oct. 

Elizabeth, wife of 
Ralph Glossop of 
Offer ton, co. 

Mary Ward, mar. at Stokes- Elizabeth Ward, mar. William More of Oswaldkirk, 

ley 16 April 1688 to Teth- Esq. He had a former wife, dau. of Henry Crosland, 

well Fish, an Alderman of Esq., of Hemsley. He was son of W m Moor, Clerk 

York, and had issue. of the Peace for the North Riding. (Warburton.) 

Mary More, dau. & coheir, mar. in 1737 Edward 
Thompson, Esq., of Marston, Member for York ; 
no issue. (See Ped., p. 222.) 

.... More, the other dau. & 
coheir, d. young. 



MS. 266 

William Ward, LL.D., Commissary of the Exchequer=j=Barbara, dau. of MarkMott, 

and Prerogative Court to the Archbishop of York, & 
in the Com 11 of the Peace for the N. & W. Ridings ; 
d. 27 June 1751, aged 73. 

Esq., of Withersfield m 
Essex. (See Morant, ii., 


Sir Robert Fagg of Wis-= Sarah Ward, sole heir toher=Roger Talbot of Thorn- 
tow in Sussex, Bart., 1 st brother, living at Woodend, ton Le Street, Esq., 2 nd 

without issue 1781; d. 27 

Nov. 1792, coel 82, & was 

bur. at Thornton. 

husband, mar. in York 
Minster 22 Oct. 1729 ; 
d. 14 Sep. 1740. 

husband (see Noble's 
' Cromwells,' ii., 422) ; 
d. 7 March 1777, »t. 64; 
bur. at Thornton. 

Margaret, Roger (or Robert) 
d. in her Ward of Woodend, 
infancy. Esq., d. unmar. 

William Ward, 2 nd son,=Armina, dau. of Tho s 
d. 27 July 1739, aged Cartwright, Esq., of 
32, without issue. Aynhoe, co. North- 

amp. ; mar. 1732. 


MS. 267 

From Bassano's pedigrees. Arms were granted to this family in 1673. I find 
Joseph, son of John B. of Duffield, Yeo., put apprentice to Joseph Fletcher of Shef- 
field, cutler, in 1696, s d J. F. being b. at Wirksworth. 

Thomas Beighton of Wirks- 
worth, co. Derb. 

: Dorothy, dau. of ... . Webster 
of ... . near Duffield. 

Elizabeth, wife of George Gregson of 
Turnditch. (See Ped., p. 99.) 

Sarah, wife of John Stuffyn of Sherbrook, 
2 of Gilbert Mundy of Allestre (p. 65). 

Mary, 1 st w., dau. of Tho.^=Exuperius Beigli-^=Mary, 2 nd wife,=William Greaves 

Browne, Vicar of Wirks- 
worth & Archdeacon of 
Derby, a non-juror. 

ton, d. 

at Wirks- 

dau. of Geo. 
Gregson of 

of Derby, 2 nd 

Mary Beighton, wife of Richard Spencer of 
Lond., merch*, younger bro. of Henry S. of 
the Hole-House. (See p. 441.) 

Elizabeth Beighton, wife 1 of Henry 
Smith, son & h r of Matt w Smith of 
Denby, Esq. ; 2 of Col. Bur. 


George Beighton,=pDorothy, dau. of Rob. Topleys of= 

son & heir, d. in 


Wirksworth. Will 25 Dec. 1742, 
in which all the children are 
named. b 

: Edw. Lowe, 
Fred. Lowe ; 
p. 451.) 

son & heir of 
l st husb. (See 

MS. 267 




Thomas Beighton, aged 10, 1710; 
he was a Clergyman ; of Egham in 
Surrey; living* 1737. 

Dorothy, wife of 
Gilbert Cheslyn 
of Derby, Esq. 

Mary, wife of John Bis- 
set of Staines, co. Midd., 

Ann Lowe, wife of Rob. 
Topleys of Wirksworth, 

Cassandra, wife of Tho- 
mas Gell of Wirks- 
worth, surgeon. (See 
pp. 24, 65.) 

Elizabeth,= Peter Nightingale 
unmar. & of Lea, psh. of 
aged 20, Ashover (p. 65). 

MS. 267 


This pedigree was compiled by Mr. Wilson of Bromhead. 
There was a John Thompson of Brightomley, saddle-maker, who made his will 
in 1650 ; Margaret his wife, Reginald & Jane his children. 

Rowland Thompson of Brightholm-=pMargaret, dau. of = Nicholas Stead 

lee in the Chapelry of Bradfield, 
Yeo., mar. 18 May 1571. 



of Onesacre, 
Yeo., 1 st husb. 

Reginald Thompson of= 
Brightholmelee, Yeo. 

=Jane, dau. of John Beighton of 
Smallfield. (See the opposite 

Emote Thompson, wife 
of Richard Wilson of 

William, no issue, of Brightholm- 
lee. Will 27 Jan. 1662. 

Jane, wife of George Walker of 
Hunshelf, Yeo., & had 4 children. 
(See Ped., p. 314.) 

Reginald,=pAnn, dau. of 


Edw. Mor- 
ton of 

lee ; mar. 16 
July 1640. 

no issue. 

las, no 

Jane, wife of Richard Morton of Hullenedge. 

Ann, 1 st wife, dau. of John= 
Beighton of Nether- Brad- 
field (see the opposite page); 
mar. before W m Spencer, 
Esq., 26 May 1656. 

: Rowland Thompson of Bright-- 
holmlee, Yeo., mar. 3 Mary,dau. 
of Edmund Hobson of Small- 
field. Brooke's MS. makes her 
the mother of Rowland & Martha. 

: Grace, 2 nd wife, 
dau. of ... . Mar- 
riott of Ughill; 
mar. 18 Aug. 
1659 ; hV 1662. 

a dau., 

Rowland Thompson^ Jane, dau. of John Marshal 

of Brightholmlee, 
Yeo., d. about 1704. 


of Bury Moor ; mar. 
Royston 9 Jan. 1689. 


Martha, wife of 
Wil. Middleton 
of Learn. 

1 I have expressed these 3 doubtfully because they are not mentioned with the 
other children in the will of Ralph Beighton. 


Eowland Thompson, bp. 23 Feb. = Elizabeth, dau. of ... . John Thompson, an 

1692-3 ; bur. 15 June 1719 at Jackson of Hassop, co. apothecary, mar., 

Bradfield ; he was a mercer at Derb. but had no issue. 
Bake well; no issue; aged 11, 1704. 

John Kenion of Bank & of Shef-=Ann Thomp-= William Battie of Sheffield, 
field, Atty, mar. at Bradfield 6 June son. Attf, 2 nd husb. 

1723 ; d. 14 Oct. 1727. 

M r Wilson says* that Edmund Waterhouse mar. a sister of Eowland Thompson 
(p. 331). The lady was Mary Thompson, mar. 10 June 1680. 

Reginald T. of Brightholmlee 1615. 

John T., 1 son & heir. 

Reginald T. of Sowter in par. of Beighton, son & heir, liys 1683. 

This descent is certainly true, which makes me suspect the pedigree. See 'S. Yorkshire,' ii., 192. 

George Thompson of Brightholmlee.=f= 


Jonathan, son & heir, 1742. Philip, 2 nd son. 

George T. of Brightholmlee 10 May 1703.=p 

Rowland. George. Ann. 


Reginald Thompson of Swinnook Hall. Will 16 Nov. 1707=f=Ann .... 


Rowland Thompson of Sheffield, mercer, 20 March 1718=Eliz Ex x . 

5tftot»on— Wilson— Craslanti— 

diarltdt** ms. 268 

I cannot donbt that this ped., at least in its later descents, is correct, the facts 
came so much within M r Wilson's own knowledge ; yet the termination of Ibbotson 
is very differently stated by Eandle Holmes, Harl. 2040, f. 192. Holmes was at 
Bromhead and saw the Evidences. 

Of this family of Garlicke must have been Nicholas Garlicke, b. at Dinting in 
Glossopdale, a Catholic Priest, who, together with Robert Ludlam another Priest, 
who was b. near Sheffield, and Richard Sympson, was executed at Derby 24 July 

MS. 268 



1588 for their Catholic labours in Derbyshire. The Earl of Shrewsbury promoting 
it. See 'Memoirs of Missionary Priests,' p. 203. G-arlicke and Ludlam were 
apprehended at the house of M r John Fitzherbert. There is a poem, on the death 
of these three Priests, four stanzas of which are given in the ' Memoirs,' p. 208, not 
without beauty. 

It appears in Dugd. Vis. York e 1666 that Arthur Langley of Raythorp, then 
aged 32, mar. Sarah, dau. of William Garlicke of Dinting. 

In Wolley's Collections, vol. ii. (N° 6(168), f. 135, is a very remarkable will of 
Nicholas Garlicke of Thornsett, Gent., who had been much employed by Thomas, 
Duke of Norfolk & Lord Thomas his son. It is dated 6 Elizabeth. He speaks of 
a disobedient dau. Margaret, mar. to W 111 Needham. 

William Ibbotson of Wightwisle in the Chapelry of Bradfield, son=p 
& heir of William of the same, 7 Hen. VII. 

Henry Ibbotson, son & heir, will dated 28 Jan. 1536-7, proved 18 Aprils 
1537 ; to be bur. at Bradfield in the Church Yard of St. Nicholas ; 12 d 
to the High Altar for tythes forgotten. 

Edward, mar. 
& had issue 

Richard, no 
issue 1549. 

Elizabeth, wife of 
William Eyre, 
and had issue. 


Agnes, mar. 
& had issue. 

Margaret, wife of 
.... Stede, son 
of John S. 

William Ibbotson of 
Wightwisle, will dated 
27 May 1546; d. 
without issue. 

Henry Ibbotson, brother &=f=Elizabeth, Ex x 

heir, will dated 18 
1549; of Wightwisle : 
dead 10 Eliz. 


to her hus- 
band's will. 


Nicholas, mar, 
& had issue 

Henry Ibbotson of Wight- 
wisle, will dated 2 Jan? 
1600-1; bur. in the Church 
ofBradfieldlOFeb. 1600-1. 

: Margaret, dau. of 
Henry Morton of 
Wightwisle; mar. 
.2 & 3 Ph. and 
Mary ; bur. 7 
June 1604. 

Margaret, wife 
of Henry Ellis 
of Thurnscoe 
10 Eliz. 

Elizabeth, probably 
wife of Rob. Hawks- 
worth of Ughill ; 
unmar. 10 Eliz. ; & 
Ex x of her father's 

George I. of Greavehouse 
in Waldershelf, mar. & 
had issue ; vix. 1613. 

Ann, bp. 1 May 1574 ; 
mar. 3 Feb. 1591-2 to 
James Smalfield. 

Elizabeth, mar. 10 Oct. 
1593 to Edw. Thomp- 
son, & had a son Geo. 

William Ibbotson, son & 
heir, will dated 16 May 
1603 ; of Wightwisle ; 
bur. in the Church of 
Bradfield 19 May 1603. 

John Ibbotson, Clerk of Wightwisle,=j=Bridgefc, dau. of 

brother & heir, bp. at Bradfield 25 
Feb. 15.68-9 ; bur. in the Ch. of 
Bradfield 29 April 1649. He is said 
to have had a living in Norfolk. 

bur. with 
her husband 23 
Feb. 1627-8. 

James Taylor of Metham in psh of=3. Bridget Ibbotson, 3 rd & youngest dau. & 
Almonbury, co. York, a Cap 1 in the coh r , bp. 9 July 1609 ; mar. 24 June 1630 ; 
Civil Wars. brought lands at Holmfirth to her husband. 



MS. 268 

2. Sarah Ibbotson, 2 nd dau.: 
& coheir, bp. 8 March 1606-7 ; 
mar. 3 July 1633 ; bur. at 
Glossop 30 March 1665. 
Carried G-illot farm at 
Wightwistle to her hus- 

^William Garlicke of Dintinge near=iMartha Cryer 

Glossop, co Derb., a Captain in the of Laneside 

Civil Wars, bur. at Glossop 27 Aug. near Glossop, 

1686. He writes from Glossop 29 2 nd wife, bur. 

Nov. 1682. A Benefactor to Glos- at Glossop 24 

sop. Had lands in the counties of Aug. 1686 ; 

Derby, York, Lancaster, Chester, mar. 24 June 

& Stafford. 1667. 

John Garlicke, Clerk of Wells=f Elizabeth Charles Malkin= 

in Norfolk, bp. at Glossop 12 ... . of Gate House, 

Oct. 1634 ; d. 17 Oct. 1717 ; co. Staff, 
bur. at Wells. 

=Ann G., mar. 20 
May 1662 ; bp. 
at Glossop 31 
July 1636. 

ry. Martha, d. 

.... Fenton, : 

unmar. m 

Esq., said to 

1745 at 

have seven 


Manors & 

£500 a year. 

=Sarah Malkin, aged=. . . . Rhodes, Clerk 
79 in May 1746, of Leek, co. Staff., 
heir to the Norfolk 2 nd husband ; no 
estates of her cousin issue. 
Martha Garlicke. 

Christopher Jones of Hollin House, co. Staff., within=p. . . . Fenton, only 
2 miles of Leek ; living 1746. | dau. & heir. 

Sarah Jones. 

Jones, 2 nd dau. 

John Hide, 1 Gent., 1 
of Long Lee near 
Hayfield, co. Derb. 
in Boden Middle 
Cale (sic). 

: Mary, G., mar. 4 
July 1661; 
Glossop 28 July 
1639; d. 27 Feb. 
1700 ; bur. at 

i i 

Sarah G., mar Bridget, bp. at G. 

Langley of Langside, 9 Jan. 1641-2; 

co. York, & had no bur. 16 Jan. 1648. 
issue ; bp. at Glossop 
20 July 1645. 


Ralph Nicholson of Sfcopford, co. Lanc.=f=Sarah Hide. 

Ralph, mar., but had no issue, 
widow who lived at Stopford. 

Left a 

John, mar., & 
had a dau. 

Christopher Wilson of Bromhead^ 
in Oh. of Bradfield, Gent. (See 
1 Hallamshire,' p. 278, for his de- 



=1. Mary Ibbotson, eldest dau. & coheir, mar. at 
Bradfield 9 Oct. 1623 ; brought W T ightwistle 
Estate to her husband ; bur. at Bradfield 4 Dec. 

1 There was a good family of Hide of Mottram of whom there is a pedigree 
among Holmes's MSS. 

MS. 268 



Charles, Vicar of Sheffield. 

An entry was made of this family Godfrey Crosland of Cart-=f=Mary Wilson, one of 

of Crosland at the Heralds' worth in psh. of Kirk 
College in the year 1804, which Burton,bur. in the Church 
has been used in this page. there 15 Oct. 1740. 

the dau s , mar. 14 
July 1700; bur. 21 
Jan. 1732. 

Thomas Crosland,=pAnn, dau. of John 

only son, bp. 6 
March 1711-2 at 
Kirk Burton ; of 
Preston in Hull, 
Esq. ; d. ab fc 1777. 

Matson of Roy- 
ston ; sister of 
Jane, who mar. 
Geo. Wood. 

Susanna Crosland, eldest 
dau., mar. 1 . . . . Earn- 
shaw, 2 . . . . Tinker of 
Holmfirth, 3 . . . . Green 
of n r Holmfirth. 

Ann Crosland, 
younger dau., 

mar Bur- 

det of Denby, 
& had 10 chil- 

2. Elizab. Cros- 3. Ann Cros- John Walton of Thurl-=pl. Mary^r John Cockin, 

land, wife of land, wife of ston, Gent., 1 st husb., 

Tho s Remington. John Stagg b. 1731 ; d. before his 

(See Ped., p. of Ackworth, father, James Walton 

270.) Atty. of Thurlston, 6 April 

=r 1770. (p. 369.) 

I I I 

Bethel Earnshaw Ann, mar. Charles Charlotte. 

Stagg, 1 unmar. Hay of Edinburgh; 

1804. mar. 1791. 


2 nd husb., son 
of W m C. of 

Susanna Walton, sole dau. & 
heir, wife of Gamaliel Milner 
of Attercliffe, Esq. (See 
< Hallamshire,' p. 235.) 

John Cockin, took the name of Crosland by Sign 
Manual in 1804. 

Thomas, d. 

William, living 
unmar. 1804. 

The Fentons mentioned in the above Pedigree may be of the family of Elijah 
Fenton, who was b. at Shelton near Newcastle in Staffordshire 20 May 1683, the 
youngest of 11 children of John Fenton, an Attorney and one of the Coroners for the 
County of Stafford. John Fenton d. in 1694, set. 56, & was bur. at Stoke-upon- 
Trent. His wife's name Catherine. Johnson's ' Lives of the Poets.' 

The only sister of John Walton above, mar Hall of Rotherham, by whom 

.... Hall of the Ickles near Eotherham. 

In the will of William Ibbotson, dated 16 May 1603, is the following clause:— 
Item. Whereas there is a certain Covenant made with M r Bagworth for the curing 
of one George Thompson, Sonne of Edward Thompson my brother in law, upon 
which Covenant the said M r Bagworth hath received already of the said Edward 
Tompson the full sum of 33/4 and must have another lyke sum of 33/4 yf he cure 
the said boy, my will is, therefore, that the said 33/4 which is alreadie paid to the 
said M r Bagworth, by the said Edward, be also taken out of my whole goods and 
paid unto the said Edward Tompson in and uppon the 24 daie of Aprill nowe next 
cominge. It. My will is that my Executors hereafter named shall paie the other 33/4 
unto the said M r Bagworth if he cure the said boy, but yf he does not then the same 
to be bestowed to the use and benefit of the said child when he shall stand in need 
thereof for any cure concerning his health, or els to be paid to the said child at such 
time as he shall accomplish the age of 21 years. 

1 Of Rampsbeck Lodge, co. Cumb., Esq., d. in London 23 April 1839.— ' The 




MS. 269 

Btotsmt— is>tatf)am. 




William Ibbofcson of Nether=p Jane, sister of John Revel of 
Combes in the Chapelry of Smalfield ; mar. at Bradfield 
Bradfield. 30 April 1559. 


William I.=Elizabeth, one of=pThomas Stead, Edward, of= 

of Middle 
Yeo., Exe- 
cutor to 
W. 1.1640. 

the 3 dau s & 
coh rs of Richard 
Senior of Middle 
Combes. The 
others Gertrude 
& Ann. 

1 st husb. (see 
Ped., p. 144), 
of Middle 
Combes, dead 
15 C. I. 

1633; kins- 
man to W.I. 
of Nether 
Will dated 

Richard, living 

Ann, wife of 
.... Greaves 

John Stead of= 
Yeo., & of 
Combes 1658. 

=Helen I., dau. 

& coh 1 ', mar. 
before 16 July 

John Stead, 1652. 

.... I., dau. & co- 
heir, wife of Henry 
Hall, by whom 
Robert & Henry ; 
living 1652. 

John Stead of Combes, 
Yeo., living 1670. 
Tho., son of John 
Stead, late of Combes, 
Yeo., was put app. 

William I. of Nether Combes. Wilk 
dated 1640, in which he mentions his 
wife Frances (?) & the 4 dau s below. 

=Ann, dau. of ... . Genn of Hullock in 
Holmfirth, by one of the 8 dau s & coheirs 
of James Machin of Machin Bank. 

Elizabeth, coheir, mar. 
John Beighton, 2 
Matt w Booth, Clerk. 
(See Ped., p. 266.) 

Anne, wife of Joan, wife of God- 
Henry frey Morton of 
Waterhouse May thorn in par. 
of Onesacre. of Kirk Burton. 

Emote, wife of John 
Shaw of Birtin 
House ; mar. 21 Jan? 

Richard , r 
2 nd son, 
bp. 26 

^Frances Mor- 
ton of Can- 
yers, mar. 15 
Aug. 1598. 

Genet, wife of 
Tho s Stead of 
Hooton; mar. 
at B. 28 Nov. 

.... wife 


Barker of 

Henry I., 3 rd son, mentioned 
in his brother's will ; mar. 
Frances Brigg. 

William. Edward. 

Richard. Mary. 

Thomas. Elizabeth. 

Francis, Anne. 


John Ibbotson- 
of Bradfield, 
Yeo., d. 11 
June 1684, set. 
77 ; bur. at 

-Anne, dau. of Thomas Revel 
of Ricketfield : mar. at Shef- 
field 30 Dec. 1658; bur. in 
Bradfield Church Yard 14 
Feb. 1689, set. 68. 



MS. 269 




Ann Ibbotson, dau. & coh r , mar. at Sheffield 16 Nov. 1699 
to John Mirfyn of Slade Hooton, Gent., & d. 21 Dec. 1701. 

Sarah, w. 

Eliz. Bur- 

Barbara, l st w.,= 
dau. of Crom- 
well Meverel of 
Tidswell, co. 
Derb., Gent., 
sister & heir of 

=Thomas Statham of- 
Tansley & Tidswell, 
Gent., Attorney at 
law, son of Captain 
John S. of Tansley, 
who was son of 
Henry S. of Edle- 
stall & Morley, Yeo. 
Will 4 Feb. 1701. 

=Mary Ibbot-= 
son, 2 nd wife, 
dau. & co- 
heir, bur. at 
Tidswell 12 
1723-4 ; 
Ex x to hus- 

= Nicholas Shiercliffe 
of Whiteley Hall in 
the psh. of Eccles- 
field, M.D., 1 st hus- 
band, mar. at Shef- 
field 24 Aug. 1682. 

Sir John Statham of Tidswell, Kn^^Bridget, one of 

created a Mon. to the Memory of 
his father at Tidswell in 1716 ; 
M.P. for St. Michael's ; Surveyor- 
Gen 1 of the Duchy ; First Gent, of 
the Privy Chamber, & intended 
Envoy to Turin ; d. 1759. 

the 3 dau s 
coh rs of Henry 
Wigley of Wig- 
well in par. of 

Thomas S., a 
Cap t in Lord 
Lucas' Reg 1 , 
d. at Sheer - 
ness 1704, 
aged ab* 26; 

Charles S., a 
merch t in 
aged 29 
1709 ; s.p. 



Wigley Statham, Esq., 
eldest son, High Sheriff 
of Derb. 173-5 d. with- 
out issue 5 June 1731-5. 
Pegge says he had the 
misfortune to kill a man 
at Derby in their Cups. 

John Statham, 
2 nd son, d. 
without issue 
about 1784, 
being then of 
St. James 
Street, West- 
minster. 1 

Catherine S., mar. 
1 Benjamin Bag- 
shaw of Bidge, 
Esq., 2 Lt.-Gen. 
Philips, 3 Henry 
Barker of Wal- 
lingford, Esq. 

Bridget, d. 1728, 
aged 26. 

Mary S., mar. 
Kich d Hobson of 
Kirby Moorside, 
co. York, Esq., 
& d. s.p. 

William Statham of the Stand in Sheffield= 
Park, Gent., d. 6 Dec. 1738, & was bur. 
in the Church Yard of Norton, co. Derb. 

: Frances, dau. of Nathaniel Shiercliffe 
of Whitley Hall, Gent., bur. in the 
Chancel of Ecclesfield Church Feb. 

Mary Statham, sole dau. & heir, wife of John Smelter of Richmond in psh. 
of Hansworth, Gent, (see Ped., p. 271). Her only child d. an infant. 

Mary, Elizabeth, b. 1692, mar. Sam 1 Eccles Frances, b. 1697, Henry. Jane, 

d. un- of Tidswell, Gent., & d. in 1774. wife of Jonathan — 

mar. =r Hurt of Sheffield, George. 

B j mercer. 

1 Made his will 28 Jan. 1785 and d. 20 Feb. following. The dau s of Samuel 
Eccles were his heirs at law. 


Elizabeth, d. unmar. 2 Mary, d. Jane, not in Samuel, Eleanor, mar. Rich d 
Feb. 1773; bur. at coel. M r Mander's d. y. Hodges of London, 

Tidswell. Ped. Gent. 

Frances, coh r , wife Catherine, coh r , wife of Rieh d Bar- Ann, con 1 *, wife of John 

of Francis Oripps ker of Bakewell, surgeon . Mander of Bakewell, 

of London, mercrA =f= Gent. =p 


Richard Mary. Samuel Mander of the Temple, expected John, Thomas, 

Barker. to have been made principal heir to s.p. s.p. 

John Statham. 

James Mander of Bakewell, At(7, d. 1829 ;=f=Muriel, dau. of William Green, M.D., 

youngest son ; d. 15 April 1829, aged 70. 

of Thundercliffe Grange ; d. 31 March 
1833, aged 70. 

Henry Waterland Mander=f=Margaret, dau. of Charles Others, 
of Lincoln's Inn. Cookney, Esq., of London. 

Henry Waterland. Margaret. Thomasine. Caroline. 

April 24, 1702. " The honest Attorney, M r Tho s Statham of Tidswell, d."— 
MS. of Henry Lowe of Whittington. 

Sir John Statham says in one of his letters that there is only one life between 
him and a Peerage. He means, I suppose, the barony of Cromwell. (Written in 
1730.) It could hardly be Cromwell, but what other could it be ? 

On the death of John Statham the descendants of Barbara Meverel became 

See much respecting the Stathams, M. P. B., xii., 91, etc., & compare 'Hallam- 
shire,' 266. 

Thomas Ibbotson, 6 & 37 Hen. VIII.=f=Jennet 

Kichard, of More wood. George. 

Richard Ibbotson of Morewood, dead 1618.=f= 

George Ibbotson of More-=p Ellen, mar. Robert Bromeley, son of 

wood, dead 1648. John B. of Spout in Stannington. 

John Ibbotson, son & heir, aged 22, 1648. George I., dead 1666, intestate & in debt=f Ann. 


Henry Ibbotson of Greave House. 

MS. 270 



Captor— Burlep. 

Bro r Lau- Nicholas Bur ley of Worral, Yeo.j'p 

rence Eyre living there 30 Eliz. ; had lands 

& Ralph in Worrall, Wadsley, Waldershelf, \ 

Richard- & Dinnington ; of the Yews. \ 

son. Will 25 Aug. 1589. 

A Burley of the Yews & of 
Woolley mar. a sister of John 
Prince of Woolley. She had 
no issue, & left much wealth to 
her own family. I suppose she 
was wife of Nicholas below. 

Margaret, wife 
of ... . Hoy- 

Henry Bur- 
ley, son & 
heir 30 Eliz. 


Mary or Mar- 
gery, wife of 
.... Ores- 




Nicholas Burley of^Elizabeth, dau. of 

the Yews in psh. of 
Ecclesfield, Yeo., 
son & heir ; a man 
of £100 a year 
estate; living 1642; 
living 30 Eliz. Will 
6 July 1642. 

Anthony Bright 
of Dore, Gent. ; 
mar. at Dronfield 
2 Aug. 1592; Ex x 
to her husb. Will 
20 May 1647. 

Christopher, 2 nd son, livs 
30 Eliz. Mentioned in 
will of George Taylor as 
his great-uncle 1654. 


Nicholas Bur- 
ley, on whom 
the estates 
were entailed 
on failure of 
Henry's issue; 
living 30 Eliz. 

Thomas Taylor of Wadsley in psh. of Ecclesfield.^ 

Thomas Taylor=f=Margaret, a widow. 

of Worral. 

Will 3 Jan. 1633. 

Ann, wife of John Orawshaw of Wolley, 
clothier ; Sett, dated 28 June 1613. 



Dorothy, mother of 
Edward & Nicholas 
Parkin, 1633, 1654. 

Alice, wife of ... . 




=Elizabeth Burley, a wid., 
1653, when mentioned in 
the will of her aunt Helen 
Burton. Made her will 23 
Nov. 1668 as Eliz. Ibbot- 

Benjamin Taylor, 
1654. Wife& dau. 
Ann T. 1668. 

George Taylor of 
Wadsley, Yeo. Will 
dated 16 Oct. 1654. 

Sarah Taylor, mar. in 1646 to Edward 
Brammall, son & heir app. of Tho s 
Brammall of Storrs, Yeo. (See Ped., 
p. 326.) 

Ellen, wife of Rich- 
ard Wainwright, a 
wid., 1653. Will 
of Helen Burton. 

Anne, wife of George 
Shaw of Storrs 1654; 
d. 15 April 1685, set. 
81 ; bur. in Bradfield 

1. Edward B., eldest son=r. . 
& heir app., d. in his sur- 
father's lifetime about vived. 
1643 (?). 


1 Eliz. Ibbotson makes her grandchild, Eliz. Fenton, Ex x . 



MS. 270 


.... Burley, elder dau. & co- 
heir, released right in her 
lands to Nicholas her uncle. 

Mary, younger dau. & coh r , wife of Joseph Mar- 
riott ; claimed a moiety of the lands settled by 
the 1 st Nicholas against Nicholas the uncle ; 
mar. 1660. 

2. Nicholas Burley, 2 nd son,= 
had 2 sons & 2 dau s 1643; 
live 1653. 

3. John B., 3 rd & youngest son,= 
had 1 dau. 1643 ; live 1653. 
(See York Wills 975.) 

Elizabeth, mar. William Longsden. (See p. 357.) 

Diones, w. 



Thomas Burley of Greenhill in the? 
psh. of Norton, Gent. Owner of 
the Yews in 1692, 

: Elizabeth, dau. of Godfrey Froggat of 
Greenhill, Gent. : d. 18 May 1669, 
aged 32. (See Ped., p. 195.) 

Nicholas Burley of Wolley, Gent., a benefactor 
to Bradfield, bro. in law to Martha Adams, mar. 
a Prince. (See p. 252.) 

Sarah, dau. of Tho s B. of Greenhill ; mar. 
Charles Johnstone, M.D., of Pontefract, 
son of D r Nath 1 J. 

William Burley of Greenhill, Gent.=pCatherine, dau. of Thomas Rawson, Rector 

He was afterwards of Woolley. 

of Whiston ; mar. 11 June 1679. 
Mary, bp. at Norton 25 Oct. 1688. 

York Wills, 1639, 1960, 1034. 

1656, Dec. 14. John Swyft of Whitehouse, Yeo., & Eliz. Birley of Yews, 
Spinster, mar Reg 1 * of Sheffield. This was probably the other coheir of Edward. 

Will of Eliz. Taylor of Wadsley, wid., 7 Oct. 1713. All to her great-grand- 
children Benjamin & Sarah Bnllar(?), & to the guardianship of her kinsmen Edward 
Brammall of Storrs and Philip Hawley of Righton. 

There was a long Chancery Suit respecting the personal property of Nicholas 
Burley of the Yews who made his will 1642, copies of the proceedings on which are 
among the papers of M r Wilson.— Wain wright against Nicholas Burley the younger. 
It was alleged that he had no portion because he ran away with his wife, to which 
Wainwright replies that he was enticed into the marriage when but a school-boy, & 
actually married at night in the house of Nicholas Burley the father, N. B. the son 
fetching a Minister 7 miles from Derbyshire for the purpose. 

G-eorge Wood- 
head. Had 
lands at 
Thwong 1622. 

AOtifttatr— ftiminjj^on* m& 270 

Abraham Wood- 
head of Thwong 
in the parish of 
Almonbury, Yeo- 


r Grace, dau. & coheir See 

(with Ann, wife of York 

Henry Hawks worth) Wills, 

of Robert Ward of 1918, 

WoodseatsinOhapel- 1925. 
ry of Bradfield. 

An Isabel, dau. 
of John Wood- 
head, appears 
17 Ric. II. 

MS. 270 




Mary, 1 st wife, dau.= 
of John Fox of 
Smalfield ; bur. afc 
Bradfleld 26 June 
1681, aged 36; mar. 
at Bradfield 28 Oct. 
1675. (Seep. 278.) 


= John Woodhead of- 
Woodseats in the 
Chapelry of Brad- 
field, son & heir, liv- 
ing' in 1698; bur. at 
Bradfield 30 March 
1730-1 {sic)] mar. 
his 2 nd wife 11 Oct. 

: Hope, 2 nd wife, dau. of r 
Bob. Clarke, Gent, 
(see Ped., p. 136) ; 
living his widow 31 
March 1731, when she 
calls Bob. Woodhead 
below her son-in-law. 

: John Shemeld 
of Grimes- 
thorp, 1 st hus- 
band. Had 
also a son 
named John. 

Benjamin Shemeld, livs 1703. Winifred, d. at Woodseats 6 April 1694. 

Winifred Shemeld, 1 mar. at Bradfield 8 Jan. 1722-3 to Samuel Stead. 

Robert Woodhead of Wood- 
seats, Gent., son & heir 
apparent 1698 ; Executor to 
his brother's will 1703 ; bur. 
at Bradfield 21 Feb. 1732. 
(Q. if not by first wife.) 

=Mary Croydon, mar. 20 Dec. 
1714 ; dau. of ... . Croydon 
by Dorothy his w., dau. of 
Wil. Smith of Chillington, co. 
Staff. ; sister to M 1S Rockley. 
(See p. 264a.) 

John Woodhead of 
Sheffield, mercer, 
will dated 11 Oct. 
1703 ; bur. at Brad- 
field 1 Nov. follow- 
ing unmar. (Q. if 
not by 1 st wife.) 


Thomas, b. 
15 July 
1707 (sic) ; 
d. an infant. 

Mary Woodhead, elder dau. 
& coheir, bp. 7 Sep. 1720 ; 
mar. 20 Nov. 1735 or 6 Tho- 
mas Marriott of Ughill, Gent. 

Dorothy Woodhead, younger dau. & 
coheir, bp. 4 Jan. 1721-2 ; mar. 1 
Benjamin Steade of Dungworth, 
Gent., 2 Rob. Hope of Derby, mer- 
cer. (See Ped., p. 144.) 

George Woodhead of= 
Wightwisle, Yeo., in 
1697, where he took a 
lease of Hallfield; will 
dated 6 Dec. 1728 ; d. 
18 Jan. 1740, aged 74. 

^Elizabeth, d. 
10 May 1756, 
aged 87. Ex x 
with her son 
John Wood- 

Joseph Woodhead, living 1703, 
being mentioned in his nephew's 
will ; of Shepley in par. of Kirk 
Burton 1693. 

.... wife of Daniel Dyson of 
Crosland 1703. 

wife of 
Esq., of 

John Woodhead of Nether Bradfield=f=Elizabeth, dau. of Tho. Steade Joseph W., 

& of Hallfield, d. 24 Nov. 1780, 
aged 85 ; b. 4 Dec, bp. 13, 1694. 

ofOnesacre,Gent. (See Ped., live 1728. 
p. 144.) 

George, bp. Gertrude, b. 28 Jan. 1746-7 ; mar. 1 . . . . Ronks- Elizabeth, W., 

4 Dec. ley, 2 . . . . Haigh, 3 . . . . Crawshaw (more cor- b. 14 Nov. 

1744; bur. rectly 1 . . . . Haigh, 2 Isaac Ronksley of Hollow 1748 ; mar. 

29 th inst. Meadows, 3 . . . . Crawshaw). ~ .... Hawke. 

1 Q. if she did not marry 2 nd1 ? 17 Dec. 1738 M r Joseph Hawks worth. 



MS. 270 

George W., 



Elizabeth, wife of ... . 
Kimingfcon 1 of Carlton. 

AnD, living un- 
mar. 1728. 

Hannah, wife of Tho s Wil- 
son of Sheffield (see Ped., 
p. ). Had 5 children 

George Woodhead 3 of Sheffield, =. . . . dau. of 
merchant, & of High Field in John Parker 
the psh. of Sheffield; son of ofWoodthorp, 
Joseph or George ; d. without Gent., d. June 
issue Oct. 1813; bur. at Ham- 1813. 


Thomas Rim-=FElizabeth, dau. of 

ington of 
Carlton in psh. 
of Royston. 
Or John.* 

Tho s Crosland of 
Carlton, son of 
Godfrey Crosland 
& Mary Wilson. 
(See Ped., p. 268.) 

Henry Rimington of Carlton, mar., John Rimington of=r=Mary, dau. of Christo- 

but has no children ; mar. Mary 
Gilberthorpe of Hampole. 

Sheffield, Attorney, 
& of Hillsborough. 

pher Wilson, Esq. (See 

James Rimington, Esq., now of Broomhead^ 
in the Chapelry of Bradfield, only child. 

=Sarah, dau. of Samuel Broomhead 
Ward of Mount Pleasant. 

Mary & Sara Caroline. James Wilson 

— R., took name 

Henry, of Broomhead, of Wilson, 
b. 1820. 


d. un- 




Will. John. 

Henry Tudor= 
of Sheffield, 

^Elizabeth, d. 22 
March 1800, 
aged 42 ; bur. at 

James R. of 
merch*, d. 

Thomas, d. 
unmar. ; of 

Godfrey, a Cap n in 
22 Light Dragoons, 
d. at St. Domingo, 

1. Elizabeth, 
wife of Cap n 

2 wife of 

Rowland Hodg- 
son of Sheffield, 

3. Mary, wife 
of Henry Gar- 
rett Key of 

4. Charlotte, wife of 
Wil. Burgoyne Fer- 
nell of Spring House 
near Chesterfield, 


George, of 
41 Port- 

M r John Woodhead of Woodseats, bur. at Bradfield 30 March 1730-1 (sic). 

1738, Dec. 17. Mar. M r Joseph Hawks worth & M rs Mary Woodhead. 

1751, Oct. 15. Mar. M 1 ' Joseph Hawsworth, widower, & M rs Ann Gill. 

Two sisters of this family of Woodhead mar. 2 brothers of the Elmsall family of 

Edmund Greenwood of psh. of Ecclesfield & Sarah Woodhead of Bradfield mar. 
clandestinely 18 June 1720.— Bradfield Reg 1 '. 

1 A James Rimington bur. at Almonbury about 1702. 

3 This M r Woodhead left about £60,000, the greatest part Jo his niece M 1S 
Alderson ; names .... Haigh of Bradfield as a relation, & 
said to have been his heir at law. 

Ronksley. One is 

* ? John. See pedigree of Rimington in Hunter's ' Hallamshire,' 2nd edition, p. 476.— J. W. C. 

MS. 270 



A letter dated Wightwisel, 9 Jan. 1652, signed y r loving brother George Wood- 
head, addressed to Richard Woodhead at Yarmouth Haven, a Soldier in General 
Lambert's Regiment. Father then living. A Francis Woodhead of Wighwisle, 
clothier, dead 1660. Richard Woodhead of Sunnybank, d. 1 Oct. 1624. Richard 
was found his son & heir and aged 34, 1640. Mary Ward left lands in Midhope to 
Joseph Woodhead of Shepley. Abraham Woodhead, son of John W. of Thornhill, 
admitted of Univ. Col., Oxf., 1 July 1626, aged 16. A Woodhead of Thorn- 
hill mar. to Charles Ash ton of Scotter. Cartlege of Elland descended of that family. 
See also p. 309, and the pedigree of Elmsal & Armitage. 

MS. 271 

damson— $arlter* 

William Adamson of Bradfield appears as a witness 9 Hen. 5. Thomas Adamson 
7 Edw. IV. 

Richard Adamson of Haldworth Bank, husbandman, aged 55, 1589. 

Edward, son of Edward Adamson of Haldworth Bank, Yeo., app. to James Shore 
of Sheffield, cutler, for 8 years, 1699. 

1706, Jan. 31. Bur. Francis Parker of Riveling Lodge. 

The first Edward mar. Eliz., dau. of Christopher Taylor of Worrel, whose will was 
made 16 Oct. 1595. 

See will of John Adamson 1705. N° 1470. 

See will of Edw. Kenyon 1711. York Wills 1579. 

Richard Hey of Howbrook I610.=f= 

Edward Adamson. 

John Hey,"=j=Elizabeth, dau. of Tho. 
2 son. Brownell of Haldworth. 

Edward Adamson of Haldworth in the= 
Chapelry of Bradfield, which he & his 
father Edward bought of Walter Hurt 
& Robert his son 1633. 

Ann, dau. of Rob. 
Rawson of Brook- 
side ; mar. 17 
June 1641. 

1 w. 

-John Hey of 
Will 10 June 

Edward Adamson= 
of Haldworth 
Bank, bur. at 
Bradfield 4 June 
1685 ; aged 21, 

: Mary, dau. of John Hey, 
bur. at Bradfield 7 Aug. 
1670. Her father lived 
at Haldworth. There 
was another dau., & the 
father mar. a second wife 
after the death of their 

Ann, w. of Rob. 

John Mirfyn, 
named in his 
will 1675. 

These two sisters 
are named in the 
will of Henry Ib- 
botson of Worrel 

John A., bp. 
9 June 
1664 ; bur. 
3 March 


Ann, wife of 
John Haigh, 
bur. at Brad- 
field 28 Aug. 

Edward Kenyon of Hald— 
worth Bank, b. at Holm- 
firth ; bur. at Bradfield 23 
July 1747 ; son of Edw. 
K, by Alice Micklethwaite, 
sister of Susanna M., who 
mar. Oha s Kaye. 


: Mary Adam- 
son, d. 25 
Aug. 1743, 

aged 75, & 
was bur. at 

Edward A., 
named in 
his grand- 

1 1 



MS. 271 


Adam son Kenyon of Wickers- 
ley, Clerk, d. without issue. 

Martha Kenyon, mar. 8 Feb. 
1715 to John More wood of 
the Oaks, Gent. 

.... wife of ... . 
Taylor of Brad- 


John Kenyon of Sheffield, Attorney, d.=Ann, dau. of Rowland=William Battie 
14 Oct. 1727, aged 36 ; bur. at Brad- Thompson of Bright- of Sheffield, 
field ; mar. 6 June 1724 at Bradfield. holmlee, Yeo. (See Atty, 2 nd husb. 

Ped., p. 267.) 

James Parker of Miln thorp in the psh. of Dronfield^Elizabeth 

Rachael Kenyon, 1 st w., maiv 
at Ecclesfield 26 Aug. 1724 ; 
d. 6 Sep. 1732 at Haldworth 
Bank ; bur. at Bradfield. 

^Francis Parker of =rMary, 2 nd w., 

b. at Milnthorpe 17 
Nov. 1697; in the Ex- 
cise; living at Abing- 
don in Berks 1751. 

dau. of . 
Hirst ; mar. 
17 Nov. 1734 
at Sheffield. 

John Parker 
of Grains- 
from whom 

Sarah, d. unmar., b. at Long 
Melford 19 March 1740; d. 
unmar. at Abingdon. 

Elizabeth, mar. at Sheffield .... to Frances, b. at 

Thomas Best of Newbury in Berks, Newark 1735 

Clerk ; b. at Newark 22 July & d. in 1736, 

1737. =r Aug. 31. 

Tho. John. Richard. 

Mary, b. at Taunton 
22 April 1726. 
Tamar, b. at Hald- 
worth in Bradf d 2 

May 1729; mar 

Garside. Children 
of Francis & Rachel. 
K. P. served his 
clerkship to John 
Redfern; admittted 

Mary, 1 st w.,= 
dau. of John 
Bamforth of 
Shiregreen ; 
mar. 29 Sep. 

: Kenyon Parker 1 
of Sheffield, At- 
torney, & Long- 
ley, only son, d. 
Feb. 5, 1800 ; 
b. at Shef d 11 
at Bradfield. 

^Hannah, 2 nd 
wife, dau. of 
Thomas Shier- 
cliffe of Whit- 
ley Hall, Gent, 
(see 'Hallam- 
shire,' p. ) ; 
d. 19 March 
1804: bur. at 
Bradfield; mar, 
1 July 1758. 

wife 1 st 

of ... . 
man, 2 of 
.... Parkin. 

.... wife of 
.... Stanley 
of Saffron 

John Parker of Sheffield, Attorney, eldest son= 
& only issue of the 1 st wife ; living 1823 ; d. 
17 March 1829 ; mar. 27 June 1775 ; b. 24 
Oct. 1757 : bur. in Ecclesfield Church. 

=Ann, younger dau. & coheir of 
John Shiercliffe of Whitley Hall, 
Esq. (see * Hallamshire,' p. ); 
b. 24 June 1757 ; d. 23 Nov. 1795. 

Mary Parker, elder dau. & coheir, b. Feb. 1788; mar. 
Mariano Martin Barfcolomee, M.D., of Sheffield. 

Elizabeth, younger dau. 
& coh r , b. . . Oct. 179i. 

MS. 271 



Adamson Parker of Sheffield, Attorney, &- 
of Longley in the par. of Ecclesfield, 2 nd 
son, b. 10 Aug. 1761. 

=Ellen, dau. of ... . Stephens of New- 
town in Hants, formerly of London, 
of Sandleforth near Newbury. 

Adamson George, Oapt. 
in the Army, mar. to 
Eli. Harriet, dau. of 
J. C. Jones of Barbadoes, 

Thomas James, of 
Sheffield, Solicitor, 
mar. a dau. of 
Francis P. 

Charles Bernard, youngest son, 
a Lieut, in 2 nd Battalion of 7 
Native Infantry, E.I. Co. Ser- 
vice, d. at Morasa in the 
Guzerat 3 Dec. 1821, aged 20. 

Kenyon Stephens Parker, Barris- 
ter, having before been in the 
Navy, mar. Eliz., dau. of Tho- 
mas Parker. = 

Harriet P., mar. May 
1813 to John Bernard 
Wake of Sheffield, Atty. 

Ellen P., mar. in 1830 
to James Levick of 
Sharrow Grange, Esq., 
to whom she was 2 nd w. 

Will m . Bernard. Helen. Harriet. 

Francis Parker, Rector of=j=Catherine, only child of Major 

Hawksworth, co. Notts, 
3 rd son, from whom this 
information, b. 14 Aug. 

Tho s Hare of Mosbro', co.Derb., 
by Ann his wife, dau. & heir of 
George Elliot of Sheffield, 
Gent. (See p. 348.) 

Kenyon, b. 20 Feb. 
'59 ; d. 5 May '60. 

Elizab., b. 10 Jan. 
'69; d.ll Nov. '72. 

Anne Catherine. Frances. 
One dau. mar. her Cousin 
Tho s James Parker, & the 
other Cha s Parkin, a file- 

George Elliot, of Shef -^Louisa, dau. of Ch s Brook- 

field, Solicitor, d. 

field of Shef d , Attf. 

Francis George Shiercliffe. 

Eliz., b. Thomas P., 4 th son, a Bar- 
'73 ; d. rister, b. 29 May 1772 ; 
inf. mar. Hannah Burley. 

William P. of Sheffield, mer~ 
chant, 5 th & youngest child, 
b. 25 May 1775 ; d. 1 Jan. 

=Penelope, dau. 
of F. White of 
Chesterfield. 1 

George Foster, d. y. 


Sarah, only dau. & h., mar. 1834 to Edward Brown of Shef- 
field, 2 son of John Brown & Sarah Ward. (P. 292.) 

1 A John White, Gent., & Penelope Youle, both of Sheffield, were mar. there 30 
Dec. 1749. 



MS. 271 


John Smelter of Himsworth in the par.=fAnn, sister of Thomas Shiercliffe of Whit- 

of Norton, co. Derb., b. in 1683 ; d. 15 
Feb. 1732, & was bur. at Norton. 

ley Hall in par. of Ecclesfield, Esq.; b. in 
1688 ; d. 18 April 1779, or Aug. 

John Smelter of Rich- 
mond in par. of Hans- 
worth, co. York, Gent., 
eldest son, b. 1715 ; d. 
20 Sep. 1791, & was 
bur. at Hansworth ; no 

=Mary, dau. & heir of 
William Statham, 
Gent., of the Stand 
in Sheffield Park, by 
Frances Shiercliffe 
(see Fed., p. 269) ; b. 
1719; d.24 Sep. 1777; 
bur. at Hansworth. 

George Smelter 
of Sheffield, 2 ntl 
son, b. 1718; 
d. 24 Oct. 
1781 ; bur. at 

^Elizabeth, dau. 
of Thomas 
Shiercliffe of 
Whitley Hall, 
Esq.; b. 1726; 
d. -6 Dec. 1795; 
bur. at Norton. 

John Smelter, only child, b. 
1757; d. 16 July 1774; bur. 
at Hansworth. 


.... wife of Eic. Hope 
Price of Manchester. 

of Shef- 

=Ann, dau. of 
John Trout 
of Sheffield 
& Great 

Philip Smelter of God-= 
dard Hall in par. of 
Sheffield, last survivor 
of the 4 brothers, d. 
without issue 12 Feb. 
1818, aged 92; bur. at 

= Jane, dau. & coheir of .... only 

John Burton of Holm- dau., wife 

field, Esq. (see Ped., of .... 

p. 147) ; d. 23 Sep. Sayles of 

1802, aged 75 ; bur. Sheffield, 
at Norton. 

John Smelter of Richmond,=j=Ann, dau. of Elizabeth Wainwright of 

Gent., principal heir to his 
uncle, d 

Wath, co. York. Had a sister Mary 


i i i 

John Thomas, eldest son, Philip Joseph, d. 14 Feb. Townend Smelter of Rich- 

d. at Richmond 27 Feb. 1799, aged 3 ; bur. at mond, son & heir, d. 

1814, aged 19. Hansworth. unmar. 

.... mar. William Cadman. Sarah, mar. Mich 1 Ellison, son Mary, unmar. 

(P. 289.) =p of Mich 1 Ellison. 

.... eld. dau., principal heir to her uncle. 

MS. 272 



^atttrlep — WUVtj— ^txvi n«* 


1640 Oct. 
1655 Aug. 


Nov. 27 




Bur. Isabella Wingfield alias Pyrrans. (See York Wills 1187.) 

Mar. Robert Handley & Eliz. Longbotham, wid. 

Mar. Wil. Kirkham of Sheffield, goldbeater, & Frances Fox of 

Hall Carr. 
Mar. John Handley & Ann Howsley. 
Mar. Edward Wood and M rs Ann Handley, widow. 

John Perrins, bur. 1 
15 Sep. 1592. 

Catherine, bur. 22 
Feb. 1593. 

Peter Perrins, or Pyrrans, bp. 1 Feb.=yAnn, survived. 
1567 : bur. 13 Jan. 1625-6. 

I think this John & Peter 
must be the father & son 
of those named in Harl. 
1396, f. 329 b, M. P. B., 
x., 34, where is a good 
pedigree of Pirrans. 

John Wild of HaU=p 
Carr, Yeo., dead 7 
Feb. 1651. 

Stephen=j=Isabel Perrins, mar. 
Fox. 13 Nov. 1623. 

John. Thomas. Ann. 

Sarah Wild of Hall 
Carr, mar. 15 Jan. 

1654 to Ibbot- 

son, ironmonger. 

Frances Wild, 1651,=Stephen Fox 1 of 
mar. 2 Will. Kirkham Little Sheffield, 
of Shef d , goldbeater, Yeo., bp. 26 
8 Aug. 1655.© Feb. 1625-6. 

Lydia K., niece of G. W., 1689. 

I I 

Ann, bp. 20 Feb. 

Frances, b. 1627. 

George Wild of Hall Carr in^ 
the par. of Sheffield, Yeo., ob. 
5 Jan. 1689. Will 23 Dec. 
1689 ; bro. John Webster. 

Jos\ Godfrey. Elizabeth W. of Hall Carr, 

— =t= spinster 1651 (see Sheffield 

Will. | Deeds 48) ; mar. 16 March 

John. 1 658 W m Stone, Clk. ( ?). 

John Webster, son of= 
John Webster, a cut- 
ler on the Castle Green 
in Sheffield ; d. in or 
about 1727. 

=Sarah Wild, 2 nd 
dau. and coheir, 
mar. in 1681 ; 
bur. 25 Jan. 

Henry Hancocb 
of Sheffield, d. 
about Michael- 
mas 1689. 

^Martha Wild, young- 
est of the 3 dau s & 
coheirs, bp. 30 Sep. 
1655 5 mar. 1682 ; 
bur. 2 Feb. 1690. 

John Tooker of Sheffield, bro.==Mary Web- George Bamforth=Ann Hancock, 

of Tho. Tooker of Sheffield, ster, sole is- of the High-House sole issue, bp. 

cutler, whose will is dated 1 sue, bp. 20 in the par. of Shef- 16 Sep. 1686 ; 

March 1718, & who had 2 June 1683. field, Esq. (See mar. at Lon- 

children Ann & Tho. under ' Hallamshire.') don 8 Aug. 

age. 1709. A 

. l This Stephen Fox was a legatee in the will of John Wild, but I have not 
sufficient evidence that he mar. a dau. 



MS. 272 

Joseph Handley of the Irish Cross in=f=Sarah, named in her husband's 

Sheffield, d. 5 March 1678; of Shef- 
field; file maker. Will 10 Feb. 1678. 1 

will & in the fine. 
1687. 3 

Will 3 Aug. 

James Handley of Sheffield, d. 15 Oct.= 
1680. Named in father's will, as are 
Mary, Ann, & Susan, granddaus. 

: Hannah Wild, eldest=j=Ann, 2 w., reinar. 
dau. and coheir, mar. Ed. Wood 8 Nov. 
in 1670; bur. 22 Feb. 1683. 

Thomas Handley of The Bridge=pHannah, dau. of Wil m Fenton James. Ann. 

House and Hall Carr, Grent., only 
child, bp. 9 Feb. 1671 ; one of 
the twelve Capital Burgesses of 
Sheffield, from whose MSS. the 
principal part of this pedigree is 

of Sheffield, Gent., son of 
William Fenton of Steadley, 
Gent, (see Ped., p. 340) ; 
mar. 4 Sep. 1690; d. July 

Mary. Susan. 

Hannah, b. 15 
April 1692 ; 
bp. by M r Jol- 

lie 3 May ; ob. 
30 Oct. 1701 ; 
bur. 1 Nov. 

William Handley, eldest 
son, b. 26 Sep. 1694; M r JollielSOct.; 
lived for some time in 
London, & went to 
America in 1754; d. at 
Savanna in 1782. 

George, b. 8 
Aug. 1695, 
bp. by M r 
Jollie 25 th ; 
d. 16 Feb. 
1697, bur. 
18 th . 

Euth, b. 5 Jan. 1699, 
bp. by M r Prime 25 th ; 
ob. 14 June 1700. 

Elizabeth, b. 13 July 
1701, bp. 24 th by M r 
Prime ; d. 30 Oct. 

Sarah, b. 3 Nov. 
1702, M r 
Prime 12 th ; ob. 
22 Aug. 1703, 
bur. 24 th . 

Anne,b. 11 Nov. 1703, 
bp. 25 by M r Prime ; 
mar. 27 May 1731 to 
John Beetson of Ack- 
worth, mercer. 

Mary, b. 4 Jan. 
1705, bp. by 
M r Prime 18 th ; 
d. unmar. at 
London 28 Dec. 

Esther, b. 11 Mar. 
1706, bp. by M r 
Prime 28 th ; living 
in London 1748 ; 
never mar. 

Thomas Handley of= 
Hall Carr, b. 28 
June 1707; bp. 3 
July by M r Prime. 

: Mary Milner, mar. 14 
Sep. 1741 ; dau., sis- 
ter, or aunt of a Fran- 
cis Milner of Staveley 

Joseph, b. 3 Oct. 
1708, bp. 17 by 
M r Jollie ; ob. 
12 Dec. 1708, 
bur. 13 th . 

Kebecca, b. 5 Mar. 
1710, bp. 30. 

Jane, b. 5 Jan. 
1713 ; d. unmar. 

Mary, b. 12 Nov. 1754. 


Joseph, b. 17 April 1756 ; 
ob. 10 Nov. 1757. 

Francis, b. 26 May 1757. 

1 Joseph Handley in his will 1678 names his cousin Joseph Handley, his son in 
law John Webster, and his children, Leonard, Joseph, Hannah. 

2 There is the will of another Sarah Handley, widow, 15 March 1696, but this 
was a younger person, and not the mother of James, who was then dead. W m 
Handley of Sheffield, filesmith, 1 Feb. 1697. Sister Sarah mar. Geo. Hibbard, & 
Martha mar. John Spooner ; 2 other sisters Eliz. H. & Ann H. To Lydia H. my 
half-sister, Jane Firth my aunt, Ric Turner. 

MS. 272 



Francis, b. 25 March 1750 ; 
ob. 19 Nov. 1752. 

George, b. 29 Jan. 1751 ; d. at Savanna; mar. 
Sarah Howe, niece to General .... 




Thomas H., 3 rd =pMary, dau. o£ 

son, of Bright- 
side, b. 26 Mar. 

John Hayes 
of Knutsford, 

=. . . . Harfcop Ann, b. 15 Jan. 1747 ; mar. Rob. 

of Bright- Barker of Derbyshire, & had a 

side, 2 nd hus- dan., mar. to Col. Tottenham of 

band. Wakefield, & other children. 

Sarah, d. in 1824. 

William Handley of Hall Oarr,=pAnn, dau. of ... . Armitage, by 

eldest son, b. 10 Oct. 1742 ; 
d. 6 May 1773, aged 30. 

. dau. of Francis Haigh of 
Haldworth Hall; d. April 1813. 

Francis, b. 21 
July 1744; ob. 
2 Oct. 1746. 

William Stanley= 
of Mosborough, 
son of W m S. of 

= 2. Ann 

John Sterndale of=pl. Mary 

Sheffield, surgeon, 
& of Wormhill in 


John=3. Hannah 
Middle- Handley, 
ton of coheir. 

William Handley Stern - 
dale, living at Tirhoot, 

Henry Middle ton Stern - 
dale, in the Service of 
the Hon. E. I. Company, 

John Stanley Stern- Louisa, 
dale, surgeon in the — 

Service of the E. I. Ellinor. 
Company. — 


Roger Perins of Brockton, co. Salop. 

I I 

John. Mary & others. 


©Will. Kirkham of Sheffield, 1 goldbeater =f Frances, supposed to be Richard.= 

Will 7 Jan. 1670. 

with child. 

Penelope K mar. Rob. Crookes. 


I 1 I 

Lydia. Mary. Jeremy. 

1 A George Wild is called bro. in law by W m Kirkham of Sheffield, goldbeater, 
1670, who mar. Frances Fox of Hall Carr 8 Aug. 1655. 


Richard Handley of Sheffield, apothecary, bur. 1 Feb. 1694.=p 



Sarah, b. 1675 ; Will 1 ", b. 1678 ; Elizab., b. 1682. Dorothy, bur. 1682. Helen, d. 1695. 

d. 1677. d. 1691. _____ 

— — Mary, b. 1684. John, d. 1689. Hannah, b. 1679. 

Richard, b. 1677; Frances, b. 1681 ; 

d. 1680. d. 1681. 

The Perms were entitled to Coat Armour, vis., Argent, on a chevron sable between 
3 fir-apples pendent vert (or perhaps pears) 3 leopards' heads argent. (Harl. 139 b, 
f. 329 b.) 

There was a Fine in Mich. Term 1656 between Rob. Housley, Thomas Hobson, 
& Joseph Hancock, pltffs., & Adam Grill, Francis Baker & Frances his wife, John 
Foaks and Martha his wife, Anthony Bright & Elizabeth his wife, Joseph Handley 
& Sarah his wife, & Castle Shemeld & Judith his wife of 3 Mess., etc., in Sheffield 
& Hallam., right of Robert, Tho s , & Joseph with warranty. I presume this must 
be the above Joseph Handley, & that the ladies here mentioned must have been 
sisters to Adam Gill, especially as I find in the parish register of Sheffield that 
Francis Baker mar. Frances Gill 11 Oct. 1633. 

Judith, wife of Castle Shemeld, was niece of Ann Hill, originally Staniforth, 
mar. in 1632. 

See particularly will of Charles Clayton 2 June 1690. 

A John Webster & Sara Hanley were mar. 19 June 1693. 

Ann, w. of Edw. Wood, dau. in law of Sarah Handley & niece of Elizabeth ; 
dau. Sarah Webster & her children Hannah, Leonard, Joseph, Sarah, Eliz., & Mary, 
their father John Webster. 

STOllttnson— Brittattt— Irotomll. ms. 273 

Q. the marriage of Wilkinson & Handley. It is entirely in the will of Ann 
Pirrans 1636 that her dau. Isabel mar. 1 Stephen Fox, & 2 John Wild. This ped. 
should be contradicted accordingly. 

Jonathan Wilkinson, son of Jonathan W. of The Wicker, cutler, admitted to his 
freedom 23 Feb. 1739. 

I suspect something wrong in the Wilkinson part of the pedigree. 

George Britain, son of Nath 1 B., & app. of John Radcliffe of Sheffield, scissor- 

.... Verdon of Dronfield, co. Derb.=f=. . . . said to be dau. of . . . .Vernon. 

1 1 

.... wife of ... . Blonk of Sheffield, Benjamin Verdon of = Hannah, dau. of 
scissorsmith. =f= Dronfield, is believed John Wright of 

to have left no issue. Wales Wood. 

Benjamin Blonk of Sheffield, George Blonk of Sheffield, .... Silcock^f^ 
scissorsmith, d. unmar. mar. & had issue. of London. ~ 


William Silcock of Sheffield, merch 1 ,^. . . . dau. of William Hutton 

and of Whiteleywood Hall, d. 

of Sheffield, Gent. 

Ann, 2 dau., d. unmar. at Clif- Benj 11 Blonk S.,liv g unmar. 1851; Phoebe, 
ton n r Bristol 2 May 1829. a lunatic ; sole surviving child. d. unmar. 


MS. 273 



. . . wife of wife of George Mar- .... wife of Edward Windle of 

Thacker of Mill riot of Sheffield, cutler, & Lambert Croft in Sheffield, cut- 
Sands in Sheffield, d. s.p. ler, master cutler in 1747. 

Windle of Shef- 
field, mar. & had 
several children. 

I I I 

Windle, Mary & Han- 

d. without nah, d. un- 

Sarah, wife of Joshua Birks 
of Staveley. =f= 



Ebenezer Birks of Sheffield, grocer. 

Jonathan Wilkinson of Shef-=j=Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas=. . . . Balderson of 

field, 1 st husband, a grocer. 
Will 21 Feb. 1729. 

Hannah W. 

Handley of Sheffield, Gent, 
b. 13 July 1701. 

Sheffield, 2 nd hus- 

Thomas Wilkinson of Shef-^. 
field, cutler, 2 nd husband. don. 


Britain, 1 st husband. 

Jonathan Wilkinson of Sheffield,=pElizabeth, dau. of John Creswick 
eldest of 3 sons. of Sheffield. (See p. .) 

Peter Brownell of Sheffield, merch*,^ Mariann Wilkinson, only child, d. Jan. 18, 

master cutler 1807 (see p. 194) ; d. 
Feb. 1828. 

1846, aged 71 ; mar. at Sheffield 23 May 

William, d. unmar. abroad Horatio, 

at Cadiz 1819. d.1810. 

One or two others, 
d. infants. 

George, of Sheffield, mar. 
Matilda .... at Buenos 
Ayres. =r 


Elizabeth. Martha. Helen Charlotte. Sarah. 
All living unmar. 1844, still unmar. 1847. 

George. Matilda, 

Mariann, wife 
of William 
(Q. James) 
Drabble of 
Sheffield; now 
a widow 1844. 


Robert Robinson (?), of New- Charles, of Shef-= Susanna, dau. 

field Green, merch*, 1 son, field, merch*, now of Laur. Peel, 

mar.Eliz.,dau.of Wil. Deville, of Liverpool, Esq., of Ard- 

Supervisor of Excise ; mar. Esq. ; J.P. for wick n r Man- 

at Seulcotes. the W. R. ; no Chester, by his 

=p children. 1 w. 


William. 2 other children, Robert & Peter. 

K K 



MS. 273 

George Britain of Sheffield, merch*, & of Norton=j=Ellen, dau. of John Creswick ; 

Lees, master cutler 1773 ; d. at Norton Lees 31 
May 1812, set. 72 ; bur. at St. Paul's. 

sister to Elizabeth; mar. 27 
Oct. 1763 ; d. 13 Jan. 1823. 

Frederick, d. unmar. Verdon B. of=f=Mary Ann, Anne, wife of Rob* Blythe 

in London 1828. Sheffield, 

— merch*, 3 rd 

Wil ra Britain, eldest son, removed 

son, living abroad to Guernsey 

1822 ; d. 1838 un- or Jersey, & 

mar. d. in 1844. 

dau. of Dan- of Birmingham, merch*. 
iel Holy of (See Ped., p. .) 

merch* (see 
Ped., p. ); 
d. in 1844. 

Charlotte, wife of John 
Newbould of Sheffield, 
merch*. (See Ped., p. 287.) 

Mary, liv g unmar. George, d. aged 21 unmar. 

ii ii i 

Mary, unmar. 1822, d. unmar. Jonathan. James, mar. & left issue ; George, 

— wife Frances Kendall sis- d. un- 

Hellen, unmar. 1822, 1844, 1847. ter of Peter. mar. 


MS. 273 

George Brittain of Sheffield, merchV 
& of Norton Lees, d. 31 May 1812, 
set. 72 ; bur. at St. Paul's ; b. 20 Jan. 
1740 0. S. 

=Helen, dau. of John Creswick of 
Shef. ; mar. at S. 27 Oct. 1763 ; 
d. 13 Jan. 1823, set. 79 ; bur. with 
her husband; b. 1 April 1743 0. S. 

Frederick, b. 25 Oct., 
bp. 23 Nov. 1770; of 
High Wycomb in 
Bucks, Esq. ; d. un- 
mar. in London 16 
or 18 April 1828, *et. 
57 ; bur. with his 

William, of Norton 
Lees, merch 1 , b. 16 
May 1772; bp. 12 
June; d. unmar. 23 
Sep. 1838, aet. 66 ; 
bur. with his parents 
Oct.l. Will 12 May 
1838; prob. 13 Mar. 

Verdon B. of Shef-= 
field, merch 1 , bp. 30 
Dec. 1779 ; d. in 
Guernsey 31 May 
1843, yet. 63. Will 
13 Oct. 1843 ; 
prob. 28 Feb. 1844. 

: Mary Ann, eld. 
dau. of Daniel 
Holy of South 
Grove, Shef- 
field, merch* ; 
mar. 13 July 
1813 ; d. at 
Guernsey 27 
March 1844. 

George Henry B. of Sheffield, d. unmar. 19 April Mary. 
1840, at. 24 ; bur. at Christ Oh., Nelwood. 

George, of Eio de Janeiro, 
S. America, merch*, d. there 
unmar. 31 March 1842; 
bur. 2 April. Will 30 Dec. 
1836 ; proved at York 31 
Dec. 1842. 

James B. of Bue- : 
nos Ayres, & of 
Blackheath, liv- 
ing in 1831 but 
dead in 1834; b. 
22 Nov. 1785. 


^Frances Ken- 
dal, mar. at 
Buenos Ayres 
7 April 1813; 
from Derby- 

Charlotte, bp. 12 
Nov. 1776; mar. 
John Newbould 
of Sheffield & 
Sharrow Head. 

MS. 273 



Helen, b. 27 Oct. 1815 ; mar. 
Rev. H. T. Curry of Stoke, 

Mary, mar. John Dawson of 
Higham Lodge, co. Suff. 

Frederick William, b. 1820. 
George Alfred, b. 1821. 
Susanna Charlotte. 

James Winter. 

Fanny Maria, 
d. aged 18. 



Mary, bp. 26 Aug. 1774 ; Ann, mar. Rob. Thomas. George. Jonathan. 

d. unmar. 8 March 1840. Blythe of Bir- — — 

— mingham. John. Robert. 

Helen, b. 2 March 1781. All d. infants. 

MS. 274, 275 


Thomas Dale of High Storrs, Yeo., & Richard Dale of the same, Yeo., son & 
heir app., bound to Thomas Bright of Graystones, Yeo., in £200, 27 Sep. 1634, to 
keep cov*. 

This Pedigree has at different periods cost me a great deal of time & labour, no 
attempt having been made by any one besides to investigate this genealogy. I have 
reason to believe that it is correct. The sources of information have been the 
Parish Registers of Sheffield & Dronfield, a few Monumental Ins s , several wills to 
which reference is made in it, a few deeds which were in possession of M r T. F. 
Bright, and the personal information of several members of the family. The point 
which I think the least completely proved is that John Bright of Brincliffe Edge 
was the John Bright afterwards of Raisin Hall. But of this there is now no doubt. 
M r ,John Bright, Gent., of Dronfield, gave the Chimes 1730, & was otherwise a bene- 
factor to Dronfield. 

Robert Bright of Dore, psh. of Dronfield, co. Derb.^ 

Anthony Bright of Dore, Yeo. : 
(See York Wills 383.) 

Ellen Bright, wife of Francis 
Sitwell of Eckington. 

1 st wife, 
bur. at 
9 Oct. 

: Joan Pyn-= 
der, 2 nd 
wife, mar. 
24 Aug. 
1591; bur. 
15 June 
1597 at . 

^Robert Bright of Dore^ 
Yeo., bp. 11 Sep. 1569, 
Churchwarden of Dron- 
field 1596. Will dated 
23 Feb. 1635-6; proved 
6 April 1637; to be 
bur. in the Church or 
Churchyard of Dronfield. 

: Alice Eyre, : 
3 rd wife, 
mar. 21 
April 1601. 

: Isabel, 4 th wife, 
Executrix to 
her husband ; 
wid. of John 
Ramsker, son of 
John, son of 
William Rams- 

John B., mentioned 
in his father's will. 

Godfrey, mentioned 
in his father's will ; 
Bbp. 5 April 1629. 

Helen Ramsker, mar. 
Thomas Eyre of 
Crook Hill, co. Derb.; 
his wife in 1609. 
(Sheffield Court Rolls. 
See p. 227.) 

Ann, w. of 
Mich 1 Bur- 
ton, Esq. 
(See Ped., 
p. 146.) 

w. of 
Bright of 



A | B 

MS. 274, 275 

Stephen Bright of= 
Dore, Yeoman, son 
& heir, bp. 25 Sep. 
1590 ; Ex* to his 
father 1636. Will 
28 Dec. 1647 ; 
proved 10 Oct. 
1649 ; to be bur. 
in the Church of 

=Helen, living 
1647. Pro- 
bably the 
Helen, dau. of 
Nic. Sampson 
of Foxhill, 
who was wife 
of a Stephen 
Bright in 21 
James I. 

bp. & 

Elizabeth B., 
bp. 23 Oct. 
1603 ; mar. 
28 Jan. 
1628-9 to 
Blythe of 
Norton Lees, 
Gent. (See 


Constance B., 
bp. 23 Oct. 
1608 ; mar. 
Gent. (See 
will of Helen 

John Bright of Dore, Yeo., bp. 25 Jan.= 
1623-4; living 1647. Will dated 5 
Dec. 1669 ; proved 20 Sep. 1670. 

=Alice. Stephen Bright, 2 nd son, bp. 3 
Sep. 1626 ; Executor to his 
father's will 1647. 

Stephen, son & heir, Ellen, under Mary, under 
under age 1669. age 1669. age 1669. 

William, bp. Thomas Burton=Helen Bright, bp. 12 July 

28 May of Cartlege in 1573; mar. 19 May 1598; 

1580 ; bur. 2 6 Dronfield, Esq., made her will at Brincliffe 

March 1595. Sher. of Derby- Edge 2 Feb. 1653 5 proved 

— shire 1628. 1656 ; d. 11 May 1656; 

John, bur. 4 (See Ped., bur. in the psh. church of 

April 1579. p. 146.) Sheffield. 

Nicholas= Elizabeth 
Burley B., mar. 2 
of the Aug. 
Yews in 1592. 

John Bright of Brincliffe Edge in=f=Elizabeth, dau. of Row- 

the psh. of Sheffield, Yeo., bp. 16 
Feb. 1582 ; Executor named in 
will of Helen Burton ; d. between 
1653 & 1656. 

land Revel of Cold As- 
ton in psh. of Dronfield 
(see Ped., p. 172); mar. 
17 Jan. 1612-13. 

John Bright,= Grace 
son & heir of Bright, 
Henry bp. 3 

Bright of Oct. 
Wherlow. 1575. 

John Brooke=Helen B., bp. 1 Richard Adwick of Aim- = Elizabeth B., bp. 
of Dodworth, Nov. 1626 ; mar. holm in par. of Arkesey, 23 March 1629 ; 
Gent. 14 Nov. 1649. Gent. mar. 2 Aug. 1655. 

Stephen B., bp. John Bright of Brincliffe Edge, & after of=f=Helen Wilkinson 

17 March 1617; Raisin Hall, Gent., Ex r to Helen Burton ; of mar. 26 

living 1653 & bp Will dated 20 Sep. 1672 ; proved May 1658. 

1672. same year. 

Anthony Bright, 3 rd son, had lands 
at Walk Mill by his father's will ; 
bp. 25 Sep. 1667 ; apprentice to 
W m Wadsworth of Attercliffe, cut- 
Eler, for 8 years, 1681. 

Elizabeth B., bp. 7 Dec. 
1664; wife of Nathaniel 
Wilkinson of Crowder 
House, Yeo. (P. 474.) 

Ellen B., bp. 19 
Feb. 1670-1 ; 
wife of ... . 
Brinsworth of 
Sheffield. -, * 

MS. 274, 275 



D | E 

John Bright, 1 son, bp. 18 
April 1660 ; mentioned in 
his father's will 1672 as 
under 19, 1672 ; hadKaisin 
Hall by that will. 

Stephen Bright, had lands at=f=Ann, dau. of Tho 8 

Longley by his father's will 
1672 ; afterwards of Raisin 
Hall, where he d. by his own 
hand ; bur. at Sheffield 9 Nov. 

Bright of Gray- 
stones, G-ent. (see 
opposite page) ; 
mar. at Sheffield 13 
Dec. 1684. 

John Bright of Owler-=pEleanor, dau. & heir 

ton, Gent., bp. 23 
March 1691-2 ; d. 27 
March 1752. 

of John Webster of 
Owlerton, Gent. ; d. 
19 April 1748, aged 

I I 
Stephen & 


d. infants. 

Elizabeth, bp. 
8 Aug. 1688 ; 
supposed to 
have mar. 
Richard Ash- 

bp. 6 

John Bright of Owlerton, = Martha Eyre of Sowter 
Gent., d. without issue 16 Green in psh. of Eccles- 
Dec. 1770, aged 40. nel<J, d. 14 July 1766, 

aged 26. 

John Ryals^Eleanor, sister 

of Sheffield, 

& heir, b. 
1728; d. 11 
Sep. 1772. 

Joseph R. of 
London, cut- 
ler, mar. & 
had issue. 

John R. of Sheffield, 
filesmith, unmar. 
Oct. 1803, when he 
stated this pedigree. 

Thomas R. of Bridgehouses Mary, wife of 

in Sheffield, filesmith, mar., John War- 

& had issue. burton of 

=r Pitsmoor. 




Joseph. Ephraim. 2 daus. 

Anthony Bright of Dore, Yeo., son & heir, bp. 16 Feb.=f=Elizabeth, dau. of William 
1613-14; living 1672 & 1674; bur. at Sheffield 5 Brooke of Dodworth, Gent. 
June 1687. 

John Bright, Gent., of Dronfield 1692 ;= 
of Lees Hall in Norton 1685 ; sold 
Brincliffe Edge to his brother TV 
Bright 1692 ; mar. 29 June 1682. 

: Ann, dau. of Fran- = John Cave of Lees 
cis Barker of Dore Hall, Gent., 1 st 
& Lees Hall, Esq. husband, bur. 7 
(See Ped., p. 178.) Nov. 1677. 

John Bright of Dronfield, Gent., gave Anne, bp. at Mary, bp. Francis, bp. 9 
the Chimes 1730, & was otherwise a Norton 17 7 Jan. March 1686-7. 
beenefactor. Oct. 1683. 1685-6. 

Thomas Bright of Graystown, son=f=Ann Rodes, 2 w., widow = Sarah, 1 w., dau. 

of Henry B. of Wherlow, had 
Eccleshall Hall & The Scroggs by 
his father's will. f 

of ... . Green of Brad- 
ford. (See p. 278.) 

of .... Eyre of 



MS. 274, 275 

Barbara, 1 st wife, dau. of God— 
frey Froggat of Middle Neath- 
field, co. Staff., Gent.; bp. 14 
Feb. 1639-40 ; bur. 8 May 
1675. (See Ped., p. 195.) 

: Thomas Bright of Gray— 
stones in psh. of Sheffield, 
Gent.; will dated 18 May 
May 1696 ; bur. in Shef- 
field Oh. 5 Oct. following. 

Elizabeth, 2 nd wife, dau. 
of ... . Bright ; mar. 29 
Sep. 1675 ; d. 29 Aug. 
1712, aged 65. 

Joseph Bright of Ecclesal,=j=Elizabeth, dau. 
Esquire, bp. 21 April 1687 ; 
a Justice of the Peace for 

; bur. at Sheffield 28 

March 1743. 

I I 


Joshua. Samuel. Catherine. 

of John Bright 
of Banner 
Cross, Gent. 


All d. y. 

John Bright, 1 eldest son & 
heir, bp. 1 June 1710. 
(Q. if not ancestor of Eev. 
James Bright of Grafton 
Regis, co. Northamp.) 

Thomas Bright, 2 nd son, 
Vicar of Ecclesfield, bp. 
2 April 1712 ; mar. Isa- 
bella .... & d. 23 Jan. 
1768 without issue. 

Joseph Bright, bp. 30 
Sep. 1714. He & his 
two brothers were in 
the entail of their 
grandfather John 
Bright's estate. 

Mary Bright, bp. 29 July 1719 ; mar. Elizabeth, 
John Nodder of Sheffield, Attorney, d. an in- 
(P. 281.) fant. 

Elizabeth B., bp. 29 June 

1721 ; mar Abby of 


James Bright of Brincliffe Edge,=p Judith, dau. of Alexander Rachel, bp. 1678; 

youngest son, b. 8 July 1689 ; 
d. 19 Jan. 1726-7, Gent. 

Fenton of Gleadleys, Gent.; unmar. 1696. 
d. 6 July 1755, aged 78. 

Elizabeth, 1 st w.,=Thomas Bright of Sheffield,: 
dau. of John Gent., only son, bp. 20 June 
1721; d. 19 March 1796; 
sold best part or all of his 
lands of inheritance after 
previous mortgages. 

Dickson of Shef- 
field, merch*, d. 
17 Oct. 1755, 
aged 34. 

: Margaret Nor- 
ris of Stock- 
port, 2 nd wife, 
b. 4 Oct. 1722; 
d. 30 Oct. 

Elizabeth, only 
dau.,bp,28 Jan. 
1719-20 ; mar. 
Jeffery Chad- 
wick of Halifax, 
wool stapler. 

James & 
Mary, d. 

Thomas Fenton Bright- 
of Sheffield, one of the 
collectors of the Poor 
Rate, bp. 29 Dec. 1762 5 
stated part of this Pedi- 
gree 21 Nov. 1804. 

: Hannah, dau.= 
of Richard 
Shepherd of 
Cudworth ; d. 
in June 1806. 

= Richard Stead 
of Sheffield, 
cutler, l 8t hus- 

Elizabeth B., 
bp. 29 Oct. 
1766 ; bur 
19 March 

h John Bright. Thomas Bright. Elizabeth & Charlotte, d. infants. 

1 John Bright, Rector of Grafton Regis, co. Northamp., mar, & has a large family, 
1825. He was of Pembroke Hall, M.A. 

MS. 274 



Thomas B., bp. 
8 Sep. 1669 ; 
d. before his 

Mary B., bp. 2 
April 1671 ; 
mar. 12 Nov. 
1689 to Henry 

Barbara & Sarah. Elizabeth. Christiana. 
Priscilla, Living unmar. 1696. (Q. by 
d. infants, which wife.) 

Thomas Bright, mentioned in his grandfather's will. 

John Bright, Gent., eldest son &=f=Elizabeth, dau. of Alexander Ann B., bp. 9 July 

heir apparent, bp. 4 May 1662 ; 
d. in his father's lifetime ; bur. 
at Sheffield 20 Aug. 1690. 

Ashton of Whiteley Wood, 
Gent.; bp. 19 April 1663; 
mar. 23 Dec. 1681. 

1665; mar. Stephen 
Bright on the right. 

Thomas Bright of- 
Graystones, Gent., 
eldest son & heir, 
bp. 10 Oct. 1683 ; 
mentioned in his 
grandfather's will 
1696 ; dead 11 
Jan. 1737. 

=Mary Webster 
of Chesterfield, 
mar. there 14 
Nov. 1706; re- 
lated to God- 
frey W.& John 
W. of Chester- 
field, tanner. 

Robert Bright, bp. 7 March 
1685-6 ; mentioned in his 
grandfather's will 1696 ; is 
thought to have gone to 
Jamaica, & to have had a 
son Robert living at Chester- 
field 1750. 

Barbara Bright, 
bp. 22 June 1690; 
mentioned in her 
will; mar. 11 
Oct. 1716 to 
Richard Carr of 

Samuel Bright of Not- John, John Bright- 

tingham, bp. 2 April d. an of Sheffield, 

1714; he was a saddler; in- bp. 17 Jan. 

mar. & left a son & a fant. 1717-18. 

: . . . . dau. of Rob. Wainwright of 
Sheffield ; remar. Jonathan Wain- 
wright of Sheffield, factor, her 
cousin german ; aged 79, 12 Oct. 
1803, when she stated part of this 

Mary Bright, Peggy Bright, John Bright of=f=Susanna, dau. of Westby Hat- 
wife of ... . mar. 1 Thomas Sheffield, silver- field of Sheffield, mercer (see 
Porter of Walker of smith, bp. 20 Ped., p. 14); liv^ 17 Oct. 1804, 
Sheffield, Crich, Clerk, April 1749 ; d. when she stated part of this 
grocer. 2 nd 28 Oct. 1804. pedigree. 

John Hatfield Bright of Sheffield, 
silver plater, mar Woolhouse. 

.... Bright, 2 son, 
went abroad. 

. . . Bright, wife of 
. . . Woolhouse. 

Thomas Bright of Graystones & after 
of Inkersall in psh. of Staveley, eldest 
son, d. 8 Sep. 1771, aged 60 ; described 
of Sheffield, butcher, 11 Jan? 1737 ; 
of Ecclesal, butcher, when he sold 
Dore House. 

: Mary Brails- 
ford of Stave - 
ley, d. 6 May 
1776, aged 

Mary B., bp. 
21 Dec. 
1709 ; mar. 

Elizabeth B., 
mar. 22 Sep. 
1741 to Tho- 
mas Wingfield 
of Chester- 
field, grocer. 



MS. 274, 275 

Thomas Bright of Staveley, ^Hannah, dau. of 

Grent., eldest son, bp. 16 Aug. 
1745 ; d. 1 Sep. 1774. 

William, only son & heir, d. 
12 Oct. 1790, aged 17. 

Peter Frith 


William B. of Staveley, Gent., 
2 son, bp. 28 Sep. 1748; d. 
unmar. 10 Feb. 1773. 

Mary Bright, sister & heir, mar. Robert Cross of 
Peartree Hill in psh. of Beckingham, co. Notts. 1 

Paul Bright 
of Inkersall, 
Gent., 3 rd & 
son, d. 17 
March 1804. 

-Henrietta, dau. 
of Samuel 
Booker of Lon- 
don. (See 
Ped., p. 149.) 

Abigail, mar. John 
Brown of Chester- 
field, apothecary ; 
mar. at Chester- 
field 8 Aug. 1783. 

Mary, mar. 1 
Samuel Hawke 
of Sheffield, 2 
John Hey wood 
of the same. 

Elizabeth, wife 
of Paul Smith 
of White 
Lodge n r 
Staveley psh. 

4. John Bright of= 
M.D., Fellow of 
Wadham College, 
Oxford, mar. at 
Hartshorn 1809. 

:. . . . dau. & 
h r of Edward 
Esq., of 
co. Staff. 

1. Thomas, 
d. abroad, 
1802; a 
Lieut, in 
the Navy. 

2. Henry. 

3. Brails- 

5. William, of Don- 
caster, Attorney, 
stated part of this 
pedigree ; 1805 
Town Clerk of Don- 
caster ; d. in June 
1824. = 

6. Eobert. 7. Paul, of=f=Sarah, dau. of James 
Inkersell, Taylor of Treeton 
of Sheffield Mill ; mar. July 1810. 

I I I 

8. Mary. 9. Elizab. 10. Anne. 

Mary mar. W m Mills of Ashover, 

& another Tho. Pickering Clarke, 

who lived at Bath. 

Barbara. Thomas Henry, 1 son, 
d. at sea 1829, aged 16. 

Susan E. Henry S.=. 

, dau. of James, 
Erie. d 

Edward C, mar dau. Eobert S., Mary H. Henrietta 

of Laycock. d T. W. 

Anthony Bright of Woodfhorpe in psh.^Ann, dau. of Henry 

of Dronfield, husbandman. 
March 1624. 

Will 3 

Bright of Wherlow. 

Brother in law John Bright 
of the .... Whorlow. 
Robert Scargill. 

Eobert, 1 son. John, under age 1624. Henry, 3 son. 
This makes me suspicious that the pedigree in the text is not quite correct. 

John Bright=pAnn Wigfall, dau. of John, of=Henry Inman, 2 husb., mar. 

of Dore. 

Renishaw, Esq. (P. 200.) at Chesterfield 1708. 

Barbara. Probably the Barbara Bright who 8 June 
1714 mar. at Chesterfield John Revel. (P. 172.) 


1 Thomas Bright Cross returned Member for Wigan in 1841, but unseated on 


Since making my collections for the family of Bright, which has been very 
numerous & opulent in the South of Yorkshire & the parts of Derbyshire which are 
adjacent, the results of which are in the two preceding pages and in the ' Hallam- 
shire,' I have met with a document opening new and very interesting views upon 
this subject. It is a pedigree compiled in 1678 by D r Nathaniel Johnston, in whose 
handwriting I saw it, in an account of Badsworth among Brooke's Collections at 
the Heralds' College. It shews the connection among the four great branches of 
the family, and leaves us only to regret that he has not given us more particulars of 
the marriages and the issue of the heads of the family ; I shall copy it entire. 

John Bright of Horelow or Whorlow-hall, to whom John Stephenson mortgaged 
a mess, so called, & lands there & at Fullwood in 1410 for 100 marks. 


Thomas Bright. 

Eichard Bright, to whom Tho. Stephenson of Horelow, by deed dated at Horelowe 
26 Oct. 22 Hen. 6, released all lands & tenements there & at Fullwood which 
descended to him after the death of John Stephenson his father. 

Thomas Bright. 
Eichard Bright. 

John Bright, d. 29 Eliz. ; seised of lands at Horelow & Fullwood, as appears by 
Inquisition taken at Pontefract. =j= 

Henry Bright of Horelow, 1 son. 

John Bright of Horelow, 1 son. Thomas Bright of Graystones, 2 nd son. 
— =p 

I ! 

Henry Bright of Horelow, liv g 1678. Thomas Bright. 

Henry Bright=j=. . . . dau. of ... . Clarke of Chesterfield. Thomas Bright. 

Benjamin Bright. 

Thomas Bright of Carbrook, 2 nd son. 

i i x i 

Stephen .... dau. of=James,=. . . . dau. of ... . John B. of=j=Joan, dau. 

Bright Words- s.p. Spencer of Atter- Sheffield, 

=p worth. cliffe. clerk. 


of . . . 

Sir John Bright. John Bright, Barr. at Law. Euth, mar Dixon, a 

vol. II. L L 



John Bright of Banner Cross, 3 ra son. 

Robert Bright. 


John Bright. 

John Bright. 

.... 1 w.. dau. of Sir Will. Richardson=r=John Kirke of East Retford, Esq., J.P. for Notts & Col. 
of Augher, Tyrone County, Bart. I of the Yeom. Cavalry, b. 1777 ; d. 23 Feb. 1826. 

Harriet, dau. of Tho. Bowmer of Moorgate=Will. Kirke of East Markham,=f=Ann, dau. of Sir Tho. 
near Betford. Esq.; mar. 1823, & d. Esq., eld. son, J.P. for Notts, 
shortly afterw cls . d. 15 March 1843, set. 43. 

Wollaston White of 
Wallingwells, Bart. ; 
mar. in 1827. 

A son & 2 dau 8 . 

A William Bright of Barlborough lived about the beginning of the 18 th Century. 
His great-grandson John B. of East Retford, Gent., made his will 13 March 1773. 
He had a brother who had issue & a sister Dorothy, wife of John Kirk of East 
Markham, whom she survived. 

John Bright of Eetford, great-grandson & heir at law of Will Bright of Barl- 
borough, living 1672. (Charity Com rs Report, xviii, 108.) 

MS. 277 

Since finding the pedigree on the opposite page I have met with another in the 
handwriting of Johnstone which corresponds with it, but contains many more most 
interesting (to me) particulars. I copy it exactly as a document of authority 
respecting a family which was one of the very first about whom I made enquiries. 

John Bright of Whorlow. 

Thomas Bright of^pJane, dau, of ... . Martin John Bright of Banner^ 


alias Catley. Cross. 

Stephen. John. James, who mar. a sister Robert=p. . . . dau. of ... . Shaw 

of Major Spencer. Bright. 

of Hallbroom. 

i ii ii 

John=Ann, dau. of Tho. Robert, mar dau. of ... . Scargel. Samuel. 

Dale of Whiteley- — — 

wood. James, mar dau. of ... . Grammar Stephen. 

of Bakewell. 

Henry Bright of Whorlow=i=. . . . dau. of ... , Dale of High Stors. 

MS. 277 




William ^Elizabeth, dau. of Anne, mar. Anth. Elizabeth, mar. John Hatfield. 

Bright ' John Green of Bright of Dron- — 

of Full- of Full wood field Woodhouse. Joan, mar. War in Scargel. 
wood. (rather Greaves). 

Stephen=. . . . dau. of ... . 
Hudson of Brad- 
field parish. 


Henry =. . . . dau. 



William, =. . . . the mother 
of Tot- of Francis Bur- 
ley, ton of Dronfield. 

John Bright=pGrace, dau. of An- Sarah, 1 w., dau. = Thomas=f=Ann Rodes, 2 w., 

of Whorlow. 

thony Bright of of ... . Eyre of Bright. 
Dore. the Grainfoot. 

wid. of . ... Green 
of Bradfield. 

Henry=pGertrude, dau. of Thomas, of Graystones,=f. . . . dau. of Godfrey Frog- 

.... of Dore. 

bp. 17 Jan. 1618-19. 

gat of near Staveley. 


Gertrude, mar. John Greaves Grace, mar. John Bagshaw John. Elizab. 
of Hallfield. of Hucklow. — — 

Thomas. Anne. 

Henry^p. . . . dau. of Ralph Clarke Anne, mar. 1 . . . . Baronswell of Hele Hall, 
of Cutthorpe, wid. of ... . 2 Francis Stephenson of Dunston (p. 345). 

Benjamin. Henry. Cornelius. Anne. 


MS. 277 

Another original pedigree of Bright by Bassano, continued. 

Robert Bright of Bradfield <&Ff Helen, dau. of ... . Greaves ; 
Dore, bur. in Dronfield Ch. I bur. in Dronfield Church. 

Henry, of Godfrey Bright of Stave-- 

Whorlow. ley Woodthorpe, son & 

— heir, b. 1599 ; bur. 10 
John. Aug. 1671; d. 8 Aug. 

— 1671, aged 74 (sic) ; mar. 
Stephen, at Sheffield 17 June 1643. 

^Elizabeth, dau. of = 
Tho. Staniforth 
of Bramley n r 
Eckington ; wid. 
to James Stani- 
forth of Sheffield. 

:Rob. Staniforth, 3 rd hus- 
band, (Thislthinkdoubt- 
ful, as I find 1679, Nov. 
22, bur. Eliz. B., wid., of 
Woodthorpe, but I see 
she d. wife of G. B. 18 
Nov. 1671.) 

Ann, bur. 
26 Feb. 
A 1664. 

Elizab. John, s.p. 
Henry. Jane. 

Barbara, bp. 13 
Nov. 1654. 

Isabel, bp. May 
1661 ; bur. 1 
Aug. 1666. 




MS. 277 

Thomas, Cornet of Horse=pElizabeth, dau. of Robert Mary, 

or Dragoons 1698, bp. 22 
Oct. 1663 ; bur. 1 Nov. 
1744, aged 82. 

Cracrof t of Hackthorne, co. mar. 
Line, Esq. (see p. 444) ; Francis 
ob. 1706, Oct. 7, aged 29. Skooles. 

Gertrude, mar. 
Wil. Hayes of 

Thomas, aged 5, 1708. Elizab., d. y. 

Godfrey, of Staveley Wood-^Mary, dau. of Godfrey Froggat of Mayfield ; 

thorpe, son & heir, bur. 14 
Nov. 1699. 

wid. of John Goostrey 1 (Q. which 1 st husb.). 
(See pp. 195 & 444.) 

2 Godfreys, d. y. ; viz., Godfrey, bp. Sarah, bp. 25 Nov. Elizabeth, bp. 17 Nov. 
2 May 1684, bur. 14 th ; Godfrey, bp. 1686 ; bur. 13 Jan. 1687 ; bur. 7 Jan. 
6 Aug. 1685 ; bur. 15 Feb. 1685-6. 1686-7. 1687-8. 

Joseph, son 

bp. 26 Feb. 1690-1 ; of Stave-=pAnn, d. 11 Jan.=Mary, dau. of 

& heir, ast. ley Woodhouse ; d. 16 Sep. 1772, 
17, 1708. aged 81, 

1759, aged 70. 

Rob. Moore of 

Hannah, mar. Wil. Wylde 
of Nettleworth, Gent., & 
had Ann, W m , & Charles. 

Robert, of Barlborough,=f=Mary, dau. & h. of John 

Atfcy, bp. 14 July 1719 ; 
living, aged 84, 1804. 

Wood of Wirks worth, 
Gent.; d. 1805. 

A son, 3 Ellen, dau. & h., mar. Tho s Roebuck of near Mansfield, Yeomaa, by 
d. s.p. whom Robert Bright Roebuck, who d. 1780, aged 35, & was bur. 
at Mansfield (Q.). 

Joseph B. of Staveley Woodhouse,""' 
Gent., d. before 1744. 


More B. 
Robert B. of Wirksworth, Att?. 

Mary, d. unmar.; 
living 1765. 

Joseph Bright of Whitwell Moor,=p Abigail. (See Whitwell 

Gent. Will 6 Oct. 1716. 

Church Note.) 

Joseph B. of Whitwell, Gent., eld.=Sarah. Tho s . Godfrey. Barbara. Ann. Abigail, mar. 
son. Will 16 July 1755. Information of M r Ince. W m Major. 

In the xviii. Report of the Charity Com rs there is mention of John Bright of 
Retford, living 1762, great-grandson & heir at law to Will. Bright of Barlborough. 
(p. 108.) 

1 1683, Aug. 9, Godfrey Bright & Mary Newham, both of this parish, Staveley. 
This creates a difficulty. 1698, May 16, bur. Mary, wife of Godfrey Bright of 

3 This was Robert Bright, Lieut. & Surgeon in the Notts Militia, who was 
burnt to death in his bed at Nottingham June 1788, s.p. The father lived much at 

MS. 278 




Children in will of W m Fox 1580, William, s. o* ., Edward, John, Eliz., Jane, 
Catherine, Laurence, Robert, George, Hugh. 

It would seem as if William Green mar. Ann Rodes the mother of his bastard 
dau., for in Johnston's pedigree of Bright it is stated that Tho. Bright mar. to his 
2 nd wife Ann Rodes, widow of Green of Bradfield, & had by her Tho s Bright of 
Graystones. (See Ped., p. 274.) 

Will. Fox of Fullwood names in his will 6 July 1580 his wife Margaret & 
children, William, his son and heir, Edward, John, Eliz., Jane, Anthony, Laurence, 
Robert, George, & Hugh. Names also Hugh Fox & his children, John & Laurence. 

It was Ulysses Fox of Fullwood, son of William, who had the contest with the 
Lord of the Manor of Sheffield about suit of Mill in 22 James L; Sara Cutt, wife of 
John Cutt of Bell Hagg, then aged 58, was a witness, & she calls W m Fox father of 
herself & of Ulysses, as he certainly was. 

William Fox of Fullwood in par. of Sheffield,- 
yeo., 28 Eliz. ; will 6 July 1580 ; bur. 9 th . 


Robert Fox of Ful- 
wood, yeo., aged 76, 
30 Sep. 22 James, 

William Fox of Fullwood,= 
yeo., son & h r , 28 Eliz., 
bur. at Sheffield 1 May 

John Fox of Harper 
House in par. of 

1592-3 ; 

bp. 3 Mar. 
1587-8 ; 
mar. 28 Jan. 
1617-8 to 

bp.20 Aug. 
1585 ; mar. 
21 June 
1615 to 
John Ellis. 

Ulysses Fox of Hallam,= 
son & Ex r , mar. before 
7 James I. ; a wheel- 
right ; quit claims to 
Ulysses Fox of Full- 
wood, yeo., all actions. 

=Elizab., dau. of 
Richard Rose 
of Grey Stones 
& Ellen his 
wife, son of 
Rob. Rose. 

William Green of Smalfield in Bradfield, Gent., Bailiff of 
Bolsterstone & owner of Tythe, d. 26 Sep. 1640. 

I I 

I I 

Ulysses Fox of Fullwood, yeo. 3 Ch. I.,=pElizab. Green, dau. & h., mar. 

bur. . . ; will 14 Oct. 1648 ; to be bur. 
on S. side of the Church of Sheffield. 
Coz. Anne Hill of Sheffield. 

at Bradfield 4 Feb. 1612-3 ; 
bur. on the S. side of the 
Church of Sheffield. 


George Fox, bp. 25 Sep. 
1618; probably he who 
was bur. at Bradfield 

Stephen Fox, bp. 8 April=pElizabeth Morton, mar. at 

1624 ; Ex r to his father's 
will; of Fullwood; Gent.; 
aged 58 in 1683. 

Bradfield 7 April 1650 ; 
probably bur. 1668 in 
Church of Bradfield. 

Elizabeth, bur. at Bradfield 1679. 



MS. 278 

John Fox of Smalfield,=pMary, dau. & coh.=Robert Ward of Wood— 

Gent., bp. 24 March 
1615-6 ; Ex r to his 
father's will ; will dated 
7 July 1655 ; bur. at 
Bradfield 13 July 1659. 
Mentions his kinsman 
John Stead. 

of Christopher 
Morton of Wight- 
wistlein Bradfield, 
yeo. ; d. 12 May 
1691 ; bur. in 
Bradfield Church. 

seats in Bradfield, yeo., 
2 husband, kinsman to 
John Fox & Supervisor 
of his will ; mar. 18 
Nov. 1661. (See p. 

: Elizabeth, 

Ann, w. of Henry 

Wood of Barnsley, 


Elizabeth, w. of Geo. 
Wilkinson ; mar. 13 
June 1689. 

Sarah, living 


William & Mary. 

George, d. — 

inf. Sarah. 

William Fox of Smalfield, son & heir, Gent., 
d. unmar., & was bur. at Bradfield 12 Dec. 
1672, leav g his 4 sisters his heirs. Has High 
Storrs in Ecclesal by his father's will. 

Mary, b. 1645 ; w. of John Wood- 
head of Woodseats, Gent, (see 
Ped., p. 270) ; bur. at Bradfield 
26 June 1681, aged 36. 

William Fox of Fullwood, yeo., son & h., bp^ 
12 Dec. 1613 ; bur. at Sheffield 21 Aug. 
1648 ; mar. 8 Sep. 1636 ; will 24 Aug. 
1648 ; d. before his father. 

: Ann, dau. of John= Henry Balguy of 
Morewood of The The Hagg in par. 
Oaks in Bradfield, ofHope,co,Derb., 
Gent. Gent., 2 nd husb. 

Mary, bp. 
22 July 



Jeremy, bp. 
18 Jan. 

Joseph Fox of Rowlee, co. Derb., lead 
merch*, bp. 25 July 1647 ; d. 4 Aug. 
1669; bur. at Hope. Will 14 July 1669. 

Dorothy, 1 w., bur." 
at Bradfield 11 Aug. 
1676. The bpt ms 
of the children be- 
low are in the Reg. 
of Bradfield. 


: George Fox of Brad- 
field & of Fullwood 
Hall, Gent., son & 
heir, bp. at Sheffield 
8 Feb. 1642-3 ; mar. 
at Barlborough to 
M. P. 25 Nov. 1679. 
Had the Glass Works 
at Bolsterstone. 

: Mary, 2 nd w., dau.= 
of Francis Pole of 
Park Hall in par. 
of Barlborough, 
co. Derb., Gent, 
(see Ped., p. 148). 
Her issue became 
heirs to the blood 
but not the Estate 
of Pole. 

= Robert Blackburn 
of Bate Green in 
Bradfield, Gent., 
2 nd h., d. 10 Aug. 
1727 ; bur. in 
Sheffield Church. 
Will 12 May 1716, 
enrolled 12 Oct. 
1727. (See p. 





b. 1668. 







b. 1670. 


Henry, b. 1676 ; sold 
1/6 of the Tithes of 
Bradfield to 
Spooner in 1700. 


b. 10 

1680-1, a 

James Fox, bp. 
by a Jesuit, 
said to be a 
Popish Bishop, 
4 April 1684. 

MS. 278 




John Fox, b. 
Dec. 1682 ; of 
Fullwood ; 

7=fElizabeth, d. 7 April 1757, Michael, 

aged 72 ; bur. at Sheffield bp. 24 

Church ; dau. & coh. of Aug. 

Edw. Wood 1 of Sheffield. 1687. 

Mary, 3 bp. 22 June 1690 ; 
mar. Wil. Finney of Cat- 
cliffeat Bradfield 13 July 

Michael Fox, d. 15 March 1758, aged 39 ; Elizabeth, bp. 4= 
bur. in Sheffield Church. "" Nov. 1708. 

. . Broomhead. 

John Bromhead of Lidgate. 


George Fox of Fullwood, yeo.= 
This must be the George who 
was b. in 1670. 

: Ann Broomhead, mar. at 
Sheffield 3 June 1699 ; 
a wid. 1717 & 1730. 

Nathan iel= Jane B. 
Evre. (See 

P :23i.) 

John B. of Shef- 
field, mercer, 
1717 a Catholic. 

John Fox, liv g ' 1717 at Towton in psh. of A tten borough, co. Notts, a frame-work knitter. 

D r Pegge has left some account of Fox & Fenny which was communicated to him 
by M r Pole of Park Hall. It seems that one of the sons of Geo. & Mary Fox was 
a priest. (See p. 231.) 

M r Michael Fox gave a watch, formerly belonging to his mother M rs Blackburn, 
to John Whitehead. The maker's name Eandolfe Bull. The face engraven. Double 
gilt. The works, near an inch deep, with the case stands about an inch & a half 
high. Heavy. Has a handle w T ith a ring to hang by the side or put into the 
pockets. Arms engraven upon it seem to be, 1. A chevron between 3 cranes' 
necks ; 2. 3 cups; 3. 3 foxes' heads & fess dancette ; 4. A chevron between 3 
escallops & border engrailed with baronet's mark. Crest, A crane's head out of a 
coronet. Motto, Parvis negatur gloria magnis quies. 

Note by M r Wilson of Bromhead. — W m Fox, in his will dated 1648, gave to his 
brother Stephen Fox a watch that was his grandfather's. 

In 1730 a M rs Ann Fox, widow, had a share of the Tithes of Bradfield, also in 
1717. Her eldest son named John Fox a minor. 

Elizabeth, the wife of Hugh Spooner, had inherited 1/6 of the Tithe. Could she 
be the Elizab. Fox b. in 1674 ? 

1699, June 3, mar. Geo. Fox of Fulwood, yeo., & Hanna Bromhead (Reg. of 
Sheffield). For several of these Foxes see will of Rob. Staniforth of Smalfield 
1669, York Wills, & of Ann Hill 1663. 

1 See for his descent Sheffield Pedigrees, p. 56. 

3 1718, July 13, mar. W m Fenny & Mary Fox. (Bradfield Reg.) 



MS. 278 



John Bamforth 1 
of Fullwood. 


=. . . . Fox (niece nob 
sister of John). 


John Fox of Fullwood Hall, Mary, w. of 

Gent., by purchase, d. with- Gervas. 

out issue. == 

John Bamforth 1 
of Sheffield. 


remar. Elizabeth, w. of John 
Hob- Shemeld of Sheffield. 
(See PED.,p. 302.) 

.... Hawke- 
of Leavy 
G reave. 


Elizabeth, w. 
of William 
Hides of 

Sarah, widow 
of Nathan 
Micock of 
cutler 1750. 

Rebecca, mar. 13 
Sep. 1725 to Rob 1 
Wigfall of Shef- 
field, cutler. 

Ann, w. of 
John Mor- 
ton of Shef- 
field (p. 





Mary, w. 
of Tho" 
Allen of 


I I 






Sarah, w. of 

Winter=. . . . 
Morton of. . 
ofShef- Hall, 

dau. Hannah. 

James Oliver of Fullwood= 
Hall, Gent., bur. at Shef- 
field 2 Feb. 1725. 

=Dorothy B., bp. by= 
M r Jollie 31 Aug. 
1682 ; d. 14 Feb. 

= William Humpton, 2 nd = 
husb., Assistant Min. 
of Sheffield, d. 28 June 
1752, aged 67. 

Sarah Oliver, principal heir to John Elizabeth O., 
Fox; bp. 7 Sep. 1720; d. unmar. bur. 19 Feb. 
6 Jan. 1740-1. 1723-4. 

: Elizabeth, 
1 w., dau. 
of Robert 

d. inf. 


MS. 279 

William Chaloner of Darnall in par. of Sheffield, bur. 28 April=j= 
1 Eliz. ; Inq. p.m. at Barnsley 11 Feb. 15 Eliz. 1 

A J 
1 This Inquisition shews that he had — 

1. A messuage and 40 acres in Owlerton. 

2. A messuage called Costenot Hall in Sheffield with 10 cottages, 10 gardens, 
5 acres and a croft. 

3. Two cottages and an oxgang in Attercliffe. 

4. A cottage and half an oxgang in Darnal. 

MS. 279 



Hugh Chaloner of Darnall, son &= 
heir, aged 40 & more 15 Eliz ; liv& 
1592 3 mar. 9 p.m. 15 Nov. 2 Jac. 
at Rotherham. 1 

=Elizabeth, hV 1592, when the house in 
Darnall in which George Chaloner after- 
wards lived was beautified by her & her 

Thomas Chaloner, son & heir, aged 40, 2 Jac, & then livings William, 

at Blythe, afterwards of Owlerton. 2 nd son. 

Anthony, of Shef- 
field or of Chester- 

Robert, of Little 

Ann, of Ohesterf d . 

Ellen, w. of William 
Creswick of More Hills 
in psh. of Sheffield. 

Hugh Chaloner of Dar-=j= 
nail, 3 rd son. Admin- 
istered to the goods of 
Tho. Chaloner of Owler- 
ton 1618. 

George Chaloner, 4 th son. Appears to have resided 
at Blythe when one of his name described as of Blythe 
1614 releases to Hugh Chaloner of Darnall the mess, 
in which he dwells with 4 cott., 1 croft, 4 closes 
called Loch-house, Oat, Old Town, two new closes. 

Hugh Chaloner of Darnall, only son. : 

1. George Chaloner of Darnall.=p 2. Hugh. 3. Joseph. 4. John. 2 dau s , 

George Chaloner of Darnall,-!- 
schoolmaster, living 1744, 
only son. 

Mary, d. 

Martha, d. 
at Bond- 



Thomas, d. 
an infant. 


Ellen Chaloner, dau. & h., livs 1744 ; d. 
fortune to M r John Young of Sheffield ; 

unmar. at Darnall & left her 
she d. about 1789. 

All here, except what may be hereafter inserted in brackets, is from a kind of 
pedigree in the handwriting of the last George Chaloner, lent to me by M rs Stern- 
dale of Sheffield in 1826. The name was often written Chalner. 

Hugh Chalner of Darnal mar. Eliz. Parker, dau. of Tho. P. of Whitley Hall, in 
the time of the first Hugh. 

1 By this Inquisition it appears that he had — 

1. A messuage & 40 acres in Owlerton. 

2. A mess, called Costenot Hall & 6 cottages in Sheffield. 

3. Two mess. & an oxgang in Attercliffe in occupation of William and George 

4. One mess. & half an oxgang in Darnal : — And that he entailed a mess. & half 
an oxgang in Attercliffe on William, Hugh, & George, his 2, 3, & 4 sons, & their 
heirs male respectively, remainder to Thomas the eldest son and his heirs male. 
To George the other mess, in Attercliffe entailed upon the heirs male as above 
defined, and to Hugh the messuage in Darnal entailed as above. 

Thomas, the eldest son & heir of Hugh Chaloner & Elizabeth, released to his 
father and mother 3 mess., 2 cott., 3 yards, 3 orchards, 30 acres of land, 10 acres of 
pasture, 10 of arable, and all their appurtenances. 





Dec. 17,1691, John Chaloner, the son of William C. of Sheffield, Yorkshire, was 
matriculated at the age of 64. He is described as " Artifex Proli," probably a maker 
or mender of the presses, or a letter-founder (q. a compositor or pressman). Sent me 
by D r Bliss 20 July 1858. 

Tho. Jervar mar. Mary Chaloner of Darnal about 1660. 

See among my Sheffield pedigrees. 


MS. 279 

On May 4, 1759, William Finney, junior, of Catcliffe, for £500 assigned over 
Glassworks Farm, etc., to John May of Catcliffe, farmer. 

.... Finnev.=F 

William Finney of Cat- 
cliffe, glass manufac- 
turer. D r Pegge says 
there were also 2 dau s , 

one of them mar 


: Mary, dau. of Geo. Fox of Fullwood by .... Fin- 
Mary his wife, dau. of Francis Pole of ney of 
Park Hall, Esq., who afterwards mar. Rothwell. 
M 1 " Black bourn of Bate Green in Brad- 
field ; mar. at Bradfield July 13, 1718. 

John Finney of=pJane Croft 



of Leeds. 

William Finney of Catcliffe,=pMary F. 
glass manufacturer. 

.... dau., 
d. unmar. 

i i i 

Charlotte, mar. John Parkin of Sheffield. (See John Pole. John Pole. 

Ped., p. 539.) Communicated this account to All d. y. 
M' T. N. Ince. 


Josiah Finney of Shef- 
field, silversmith. 

William, of Hull, Gent., 
d. unmar. 

Robert Swan of= 
Shef d , butcher. 


Frederick F. 
of Sheffield. 

2 dau s . 

William S. Anne, mar mar Dyson of 

of London. Hodgson. Barnsley, Gent. 


MS. 280 

A Will. Bamforth of Darnal, 11 April 1655, mar. Elizabeth, dau. of John Spooner 
of Crooke, & had a dau. Sara named in her grandfather's will 1667. 

John Bamforth of the par. of Sheffield. = 


Robert Brown,=p Mary, b.=p. . . . Raw- 
1 st husb., mar. 1613. son, 2 nd 
1639. husb. 

a Robert William. 

Henry Moore of Or-n=Ann, b. 21 June 

grave, Yeo. Will 
1 July 1672. 


1605; mar. 1626. 

MS. 280 





I ill 

Mary, mar. 2 July 1668 to Wil ra .... w. of George .... wife Ann. 

Harrison of Orgrave. Newton. of Laur. 

=f= =f= Pattersal. 

George Harrison. Ann. Henry Newton. Ann. 

Elizabeth, bp. 1595 ; mar. Alice, bp. 1597 ; mar. Margaret, bp. 1602 ; mar. 

George Wood 21 Oct. John Turner 5 Dec. Nicholas Longley 11 July 

1618. =p 1614. =r 1621. =p 

_J I I 

in n r i i 1 1 

John. Mary. Robert. Joseph. Margaret. 



William. Mary. 

William, bp. 21 July 
1607 ; bur. 7 June 

Robert Bamforth,=r 
bp. 9 April 1609; 
liv* 1672. 

William Bamforth of= 
Darnall, bp. 10 Mar. 
1614-15 ; liv* 1675. 


I I 

I I 


Mary. Sarah. John. George. Elizab. Sarah 

i i 


Hannah. 2 

Ann. Elizab. 
All living 1675. 

William. Ann. Mary. Ruth. 1 Martha. Abigail. 3 

These 12 children are all mentioned in the wills of Henry 

More & George Bamforth. 

John B.,bp. 1599; George Bamforth of The High House in par. : 
appears to have of Sheffield, Yeo., bp. 28 Feb. 1600-1 ; 
d. young. will dated 14 Jan. 1675 ; d. 14 April 1677 ; 

will proved 11 May 1677. 

-Winifred Oxspring, 
mar. 26 Jan. 1624-5; 
bur. 16 May 1646. 

George Bamforth of The High House,- 
Gent., bp. 14 Aug. 1625 ; admitted to 
his freedom in the Corporation of Cut- 
lers 26 March 1653 ; Executor to his 
father's will ; d. 21 Oct. 1701. 

: Margaret Dand of 
Dronfield, mar. at 
Ecclesall 28 May 

John B., bp. 8 April 
1627. Not men- 
tioned in his father's 

Ann, 1 w., dau. : 
& h. of Henry 
Hancock of 
Sheffield (see 
Ped., p. 272) ; 
bp. 16 Sep. 
1686 ; mar. 8 
Aug. 1709; bur. 
19 May 1717. 

=George Bam-= 
forth of The 
High House, 
Gent., b. 17 
May; bp. 3 
June 1684 ; 
bur. 28 April 

: Esther, 2 nd = 
w., dau. of 
Burton of 
Mill; bp. 
28 April 
1700 ; d. 
19 Dec. 
1778 ; s.p. 

: Robert Ohap-=Paul Meyer, 
pel of Shef- Esq., 3* d 

field, Esq., 2 nd 

mar. 17 Dec. 
1740; bur. 
28 Dec. 

bp. 16 
d. un- 
mar. 11 

1 Ruth mar. at Norton 31 March 1685 Robert Watts, schoolmaster, at 

3 Hannah mar. Reginald Thompson. 3 Abigail mar. Thomas Wilkinson. 



MS. 280 

Mary, Mary, John, Margaret, sole heir to her brother, Anne,bp. 4 Dec. 1712; 
d. infants. bp. 6 July 1711 ; mar. William d.unmar.; bur.atShef- 

Burton of Royds Mill, Gent. field 17 April 1735. 

George BamforthofThe High House, Esq., = Margaret, dau. & coh r of 
bp. 8 Aug. 1710; d. without issue 31 May Wil. Bamford of Bam- 
1739 ; bur. in the Church of Sheffield. ford, co. Lane.; survived. 

})0Xty> MS - 280 

.... Sorby of Attercliffe, linen-weaver, d. an old man about 1794.=p 

Thomas Sorby of Attercliffe, schoolmaster,=p. . . . dau. of ... . Staniforth. 

deformed, d. about 1802. 

I believe d. ab* 1830. 

William. Thomas, Robert S. of Sheffield,=j=Sarah, dau. Ann, only dau., mar. 
d. aged merch*, Just, of Peace of ... . .... Lockwood of 

ab* 12. for borough of Shetf 1 . Mycock. Sheffield. 

Tho s , of Shef.,=Dora, dau. of Heathcote of=. . . . dau. of 

merch*. . . . . co. Derb. Bishop. 

Robert, of Shef-=Lucinda, dau. of Jos h Levick Sarah Anne, mar. Samuel Ro- 
field, merch*. of Sharrow-house. berts of Queen's Town. 


John Sorby of Spital Hill,=f=Elizabeth, dau. of James Sorby, Samuel Sorby,= 

edge-tool maker, Master 
Cutler. Bought Orgrave 
of the Harrisons. Had 9 
sons & 2 dau s . 

Richard Swallow of d. about 
Attercliffe, New 1796. 
Hall, Esq. (See 
Ped., p. 378.) 

Parish Clerk 
of Sheffield. 

John S., eld- = Rebecca, dau. of ... . Bishop of Shef- Anne, mar. 1810 to Hen- 
est son. field ; mar. 1820 ; d. 1822, set. 33. ry Hartop of Sheffield. 

Henry, 2 son,=p Amelia, dau. of Wil. Edwin=. . . . dau. of James, of Shef.,= 

mar. 1819; of 

Lambert by a sister 
of his mothers. 

.... Little- Attorney, 


Henry Clifton S. of Woodburn. 

MS. 281 




John Nodder of Hansworth, co. York, bur. there 18 March=f= Alice .... bur. 
1599-600 ; of Woodthorpe, hardwareraan, 1596. 9 June 1618. 

John Nodder^ 
of Hans- 
worth, Yeo., 
& of Wood- 
thorpe, bur. 
2 Aug. 1655. 

Catherine, dau. & coh. 
of John Booth of 
Hansworth Wood- 
house, Gent. ; bp. 16 
Feb. 1583 ; mar. 23 
Dec. 1602. 

Alexander Nod- 
der of Sheffield, 
bp. 20 May 
1580. Will 
dated 3 April 4 

Malin=Margaret, bp. 7 
Stacye Sep. 1577 ; mar. 
of the 10 Aug. 1597 ; 
par. of had 2 children, 
Hans- Robert & Elizab., 
worth, under age 4 Jas. 

Alexander Nodder=pDorothy Heath 

of Hansworth 
Woodhouse, 3 rd 
son, bp. 18 July 
1613 ; bur. 16 
March 1654-5. 

cote, mar. 
Nov. 1638. 



Michael, bp. 
28 Feb. 
bur. 16 Aug. 

Mary, bp. 20 
Aug. 1619; 
mar. William 
Rolley 10 
July 1639. 

Ruth, bp. 11 
Aug. 1622 ; 
mar. William 
Ellis 2 Dec. 


Godfrey, bp. 18 Joseph, bp. 12 Catherine, bp. 14 Nov. 1639; Sarah, bp. 28 

April 1641. Feb. 1645-6. bur. 2 Dec. 1658. Nov. 1647. 

Alex*, bp. 13 Samuel, bp. 9 Ann, bp. 5 Feb. 1642-3. Ruth, bp. 7 

Oct. 1644. July 1649. Dec. 1651. 

John Nodder of= 
Hansworth, son 
& heir, bp. 7 
Aug. 1608 ; 
mentioned in his 
will; of Wood- 

=Ann, dau. 
of Rob. 
Booth of 
Hill, Yeo.; 
Sett. 1630. 

Oliver Nodder of 
Rotherham, bp. 6 
Jan. 1610-11 ; 
dead 20 Sep. 1644, 
when Adm n of his 
goods was granted 
to John & Alex- 
ander his bro rs . 

bp. 19 Jan. 
mar. 12 
June 1632 
to Josias 

Ann, bp. 9 March 
1605-6 ; mar. 14 
Dec. 1637 to Wil- 
liam Fenton of 
Gleadleys. (See 
Ped., p. 340.) 

Godfrey, bp. 23 Feb. 
1644-5 ; a goldbeater; 
living 1668, & called 
3 son, & apparently 
living at Sheffield. 


Ruth, bp. 23 July Isaac, bp. 18 March Mary, bp. 11 

1646 ; mar 1648-9. (Q. if mar. Aug. 1650. 

Buxton, & d. 10 at Bradfield 5 April — 

Nov. 1713, as*ed 1678toAnnWolley.) Martha, bp.18 

67. " Jan. 1651-2. 

John Nodder of Hans-=f Elizabeth Matthew of Sheffield, 

worth, Gent., eldest 
son & heir ap. 8 July 
1632; d. 5 Nov. 1685, 
aged 53 ; bur. at 

mar. 27 March 1658 ; d. 5 
March 1686-7, aged 48 ; bur. 
at Hansworth; dau. of Wil. 
M. of Sheffield, currier. 

Ann, bp. 
11 July 

Alex r , d. 

Samuel, bp. 12 
Feb. 1643-4. 

Matthew, bp. 12 
Oct. 1640; 2 son; 
living 30 Ch. II. 



MS. -281 


Elizabeth Nodder, bp. 30 
Dec. 1663; mar. 19 March 
1691 to Randolf Ashen- 
hurst. She was found his 
sole dan. & heir. 


bur. 9 

John=Ann, bur. 
Nod- at Hans- 
der. worth 20 


Isaac Nodder of Hasle- 
ford in psh. of Eyam, 
Gent., 1692. (Q. if not 
the Isaac above & father 
of John below.) 

John Nodder of Hansworth Wood-= 
house & of Sheffield, Gent., & lead 
merchant, d. 28 Feb. 1732-3, aged 
52, & was bur. in the chancel of 
the par. church of Sheffield ; called 
also of Hasleford. 

: Debora, dau. of Alexander Fenton of Gleadleys 
in psh. of Hansworth, great-aunt & coh. to 
M rs Eliz. Rotherham of Dronfield ; bp. 30 Aug. 
1681 ; d. 10 Jan. 1740-1 ; bur. in the chancel 
of Sheffield Church ; mar. settlement 24 April 

Isaac Nodder of Sheffield, Gent., an=f=Mary Stevenson, .... dau., said to mar. 

" 15 May Tho s Mower (p. 539). 

Atty, bp. 26 Nov. 1718 ; of Tidswell 


John N. of 

Alexander, of 
Sheffield, At- 

Ann, wife of James 
Combes of Sheffield ; 
b. 1745. 

Elizabeth, w. of Richard 
Morton of Sheffield ; 
mar. 6 Oct. 1767. 

William, d. 1766, aged 11. 

Debora, bp. 7 July 1742 ; 
d. 21 May 1764. 

Mary, d. inf. 1744. 

John Nodder 1 of Sheffield, Gent., an Attorney-at- 
Law, bp. at Hansworth 27 Oct. 1715 ; d. 7 June 
1772, aged 56 ; bur. in the chancel of Sheffield 
Church ; also of Outthorpe ; will 25 April 1753 ; 
& of the Edge in Shef d . 

=Mary, dau. of Joseph Bright of 
Ecclesall, Esq.; bp. 29 July 1719 ; 
liv g at Hasland near Chesterfield 
20 Sep. 1805. (See Ped., p. 275. 
Q. date of his death. See Shef- 
field Pedigree, p. 7.)* 

John Nodder of Marsh= 
Green in par. of Ash- 
over, Esq., bp. at Shef- 
field 24 Jan. 1745-6; 
d. 23 Nov. 1809, aged 
63 j bur. at Ashover ; 
mar. at Chesterfield 28 
Oct. 1777. 

: Jemima, dau. & h. of Mary, d. 

George Fidler of Ches- unmar. 

terfield, butcher, by 14 Jan. 

Jemima, sister of Laur. 1767, 

Bourne, Rector of Ash- aged 22 ; 

over, etc. (see Ped., bur. at 

p. 149); d. 2 Dec. Sheffield. 
1802, aged 43 ; bur. at 

Bright Nodder, bp. 9 
Sep. 1747 ; Captain 
in the Army ; d. un- 
mar. at Marsh Green 
1822, Nov. 12, aged 
75. Will 13 Aug. 
1819. He was Cap. 
in 84 th Foot. 

James, Bourne, b. 14 Laurence, b. 19 Cornelius, b. 3 March Tho s Wil m , b. 
3 son. Nov. 1781 ; d. May 178,6 ; d. 1788 ; d. 1793. & d. 1794. 

B 1791. 21 Jan. 1804. 

1 John Nodder in his will 25 April 1753 makes his wife, M r Isaac Nodder, & 
Rev. Tho. Bright of Ecclesfield, Guardians of his 3 children. 

* Mon. Ins. in Chesterfield Church. Mary Nodder d. 31 Aug. 1810, aged 91 years (Glover's 
1 Derbyshire ') .— J. W. C. 



Catherine Eliz., d. 20 George Francis, Geo. Bright, Mary, d. 10 Aug. 1797, 

June 1830 ; b. 12 d., aged 14, 25 b. 19 Aug. aged 17 ; bur. at Ash- 
May 1798. Oct. 1815 ; b. 2 1785 ; d. over ; b. 31 May 1780 ; 
Oct. 1801. 1785. d. Oct. 1797.* 

John Nodder, Joseph Nodder of Grafton Regis, co. Northamp., Jemima, b. 14 Oct. 

son & heir, Clerk, formerly of Wadham Col, Oxf., M.A., 1778 ; live 1854. 
unmar. 1827; Rector of Ashover, b. 33 April 1789; mar. in — 

b. 16 May 1847 Mary Ann, dau. of George Fletcher, M.D., Jane, d. unmar. 27 

1783 ; d. 24 Aid. & Mayor of Chesterfield ; no issue 1853. March 1844, aged 

April 1840. =f 52 ; b. 16 April 

| 1790. 
A son, b. 7 July 1853, named Joseph Bourne Nodder. 

John Nodder^f=Mary Bright. .... Bree of Chesterfield related by Miss Fidler. 


Bright Nodder, Cap* in the Army, d. John Nodder=j=. . . . dau. of ... . Fid- Dau. F. M. G., 

at Marsh Green ab* 1822, unmar. of Cutthorpe. ler of Chesterfield. 281. 

Ill II 

John N., coel. Jemima, coel. Joseph, a Clerk, of Grafton Regis. Jane, ccel. Cath e , coel. 

Markham=F dau. of Laycock of Shayhill. F. M. G., 

| 140. 

I I I 

Richard Anthony, mar., took=f=. . . . dau. of ... . Mary & another, 
the name of Salisbury. Staniforth. both d. unmar. 

Eleanor Salisbury, only dau. & h., mar. at Bath June 1816 to Major Brice. 

Fellows of Nottingham, a hosier.=f= One of the Fellows said to marry a 

J dau. of a Col. Greenwood in the 

I j Pari. Army, who repulsed a party of 

John F. of Nott m =f. . . . dau. of Sharp A dau. Royalists at Swarkston Bridge. 

I of Wing, co. Rutl. 

John F. of=f= dau. of ... . Timothy= dau. of Eli= dau.= sister dau., 

Nott m , d. | apothecary, of Manning of of wife of d. unmar. 

ab* 1823. - London. of Ormsby. Nevile. John. 

Sir Charles Fellows. 


.... w. of ... . Green of Whittington. 

* Mon. Ins. in Church of Ashover. George Francis N. d. 25 Oct. 1815, aged 14. Bright N., 
Esq.,'obt. 12 th Nov. 1822, aged 75. Mary, daughter of John and Jemima N., died 10 Aug. 1797, 
aged 17. Jemima N. d. Dec. 2, 1802. aged 43. John N,. Gent,, died 23 rd Nov. 1809, aged 63 
(Glover's ; Derbyshire ').— J. W. C. 





. . . Smith of Wakefield or Rotherham.=f= 

Tho s Smith of=FAnn Words- James= 


wid. of . . 


Smith. Norwich. 

. Withers of F. M. G., 

Withers, a son. 


Tho s S.=pMiss Bat- W m S. of=p. . . . dau. of =. . . . 2 w., wid. John S. of Wake- 

.... Should- of Benj n Fenn field, d. coel. 
ham of Nor- of Norwich ; — 

wich ; 1 w. s.p. Ann, w. of Tho s 



d. s.p. 


J. S.=Miss Renn. Marg^Alex =^=Miss Wilne. Ann, d. 6 child 11 , all d. 



.... a son, .... eld. dau., Henry Lim-=Marg t Jean,=. . . . 2 w., Mary, 
d. y. d. aged ab 1 17. berg Toll. dau. & h., dau. of.... only 

d. s.p. Vavasor. child. 

James Smith of Norwich^ 
only child. 

^Frances, dau. of Rev. John Kinderley of Norwich, Clerk, 
by Sarah his w., dau. of John Raining of Norwich. 

ii i i i 

Richard, d. y., Frances Julia, mar. Sarah Maria, Esther, mar. Ch s Western 

aged 18. Tho. Martin of mar. Ch s of Thorpe near Norwich. 

— Liverpool, formerly Lloyd, LL.D. =p 

Frances, d. V.D.M. =p 

aged 8. j 

1 child only, d. y. 4 daus. 

Sir James Edw.=Pleasance, dau. Francis=fl 
Smith of ... . of Rob. Reeve 
P.L.S.; s.p. of Lowestoft. 

: Sarah, dau. John Frederick, mar. 1 

of ... . Emma Thompson Aubrey, 

Marsh of dau. of Cap t Edward 

Norwich. Howarth of the Navy. 

Frances Cath e , Harriet, mar. James Kinderley, mar. John George, d. in the E. 

mar. Alfred Charles Ed- Stanford of Norwich. Indies, coel. 

Barnard of wards of Cam- — — 

Norwich, Atty. bridge. Edward James, now at Alex- Frederick William, 

=f =f andria. now of London. 

6 children. 

1 child. 

MS. 282 




This I received, with the exception of the dates, from M rs Sarcih-Downes at her 
brother's house in Harworth, Aug. 1824. 

Will nuncupative of John Downes some time of Sheffield, but late of Dublin, 
merch*, would leave nothing to his father & brothers, but all to Sarah his. wife, 23 
Dec. 1665. 

Eebecca Downes called kinswoman by Joan Dale of Sheffield, wid. 1670. York 
Wills 902. 

Joseph Downes called brother by John Hemingway in 1670. York Wills 961. 
Will of Sara Downes 1679. 

Rob. Downes of Sheffield, goldsmith, & Mary his wife sold Oxley Croft in Shef- 
field to Edw. Cheney in 1725 for £93 7s. Qd. 

See will of Rebecca Turner. York Wills 2009. 

John Downes, a Clergyman, 1 b. about 1570 [s«0].=j= 

John, b. 1637 ; probably he Robert,- 
who made his will at Dublin, b. 1638. 
& d. before his father. 

William Dowries, who by Sarah his 
wife had a dau. Sarah, w. of John 
Guest, b. 1672 ; d. 19 Feb. 1744. 

John, a goldsmith in London, Mary, w. of Elizabeth, Martha, w. Anne, 

had John & Samuel, both s.p Moore, of Bramp- of ... . d. y. 

=r ton. Turner. 

Charles. Mary, w. of Joseph Downes on the- left. 

Robert Downes of Sheffield, goldsmith, 
Founder of St. Paul's Church, d. in 
1740, s.p. ; bur. 2 Feb. 1739-40. 

Sarah, w. of Timothy 
Bridges of Sheffield. 

Rebecca, w. 



Sarah, w. of William Hildreth of ^Rebecca, b. 1695 ; mar. Timothy, went 


Sheffield, mercer 

atSheffield21 Feb. 1722; to America. 

d. 12 Aug. 1760. 

Martha. Richard, had a dau. Hannah, Joseph, b.= 
mar. to ... . Pringle. 1633. 

John Downes, b. & bp. at Treeton=p=Esther Benjamin, had a dau. Mary mar. to 

14 Oct. 1660 ; registered at Shef- 

Half- .... Haxby, by whom Benj. H., 
penny, father of Eliz.,mar. to ... . Ashforth. 

1 This " Clergyman " I believe to be a mistake. See will below. [Page 695.] 




MS. 282 


Joseph Downes of Manchester , : 
Clerk, eldest son. 

: Mary Moore, mar. 
28 Aug. 1718. 

at Sheffield 

Charles Downes, Clerk, Fellow of the= 
Collegiate Church of Manchester, d. 
in 1763. 

: Sarah, dau. of Tho s Jackman 
of Leeds, mereh* ; b. 1731 ; 
d. in 1804. 

Charles, Joseph, b. 
b. 1759. 1763; d. 

Sarah & Mary Downes, b. 1758 ; w. of John Calverley 
Ann, d. of Leeds who took the name of Blayds. (See 
inf. « Due. Leod.,' 2 nd edit., p. 214.) 


John Downes, 2 nd son, Minister of St. Paul's, Shef- 
field, & afterwards Kector of St. Michael, Woolnoth, 
London. At the time of his marriage he was an 
Atty, when an Att? he lived at Alfreton. 

: Ann, dau. of Henry Balguy 
of Darwent Hall, co. Derb., 
Gent. ; mar. at Sheffield 31 
Jan. 1720-1. (See Ped., p. 

Frances, w. of . 
Littlewood, of . 
co. Derb. 

Paula, bur. in Joseph, bur. Anne, bur. Wilkinson, 
St Paul's 6 11 Feb. 12 March d. young. 

Nov. 1741. 1741-2 1743. 

Henry Downes, Minister of St. Paul's, Master of the^pSarah Hildreth, sole dau. & 

Hospital, & Yicar of Ecclesfield, d. 1 July 1775 ; bur. 
at St. Paul's 4 th inst. 

h., bp. 23 Nov. 1726 ; mar. 
16 Oct. 1749. 

bp. 2 

Sarah, bp. 27 
Aug. 1750 ; 
living at 
Har worth un- 
mar. 1824. 

Anne, wife of 
John Hawks- 
ley, Clerk, 
brother of 

Charles, bp. 
28 June 
1753 ; bur. 
29Ap ! 1754. 

Samuel, bp. 2 
June 1763. 

Mary, bp. 9 
July 1764. 

bp. 20 



John D., bp. 29 Dec. Lydia, 1 st w., = William Downes,=j=. . . . 2 nd =Miss Wragg of 

1759 ; a Clergyman, dau. of John Rector of Har- 
Masterof the Hospital, Hawksley of worth, co. Notts, 
or perhaps only Assist- Sheffield ; & Master of the 

ant to his brother. apothecary ; Hospital at Shef- 

no issue. field, living Aug. 


w., dau. 



3 rd w., mar. 
Oct. 1818. 

William Henry Downes. Henry John Downes. 


John Downes of Sheffield, cutler; will 17 May mS^Sarah. 1 Will 25 Not. 1679. 
has 20 grandchildren living 1678. I See above. [Page 693.] 

Joseph, Robert, William, Richard, 1678 of=pMary, 2 Ex x , & kinsman Martha, w. of Will. 
1678. 1678. 1678. Shef d , cutler 24 John D. to assist. Swinney 1678. 

Feb. 1710. 

John, Hannah, 1678, 1710, mar. Alexander Pringle of Shef d , linen draper. His will 5 Mary, 
1678, Dec. 1718. A benefactor to the (? Upper) Chapel, bro r George, sister Ann, wife 1710. 
1710. Hannah, John Brown, & Samuel Shore, Ex". 

Robert Downes 3 of Sheffield, cutler. Will 11 May 1698=pRebecca. 

Rebecca, . . . =p John. Robert. Elizabeth, Mary. Martha, Anne. It seems not quite 

w. of M r D. "" " 


w. of M r 

w. of 

certain that it was 



Martha who mar. 



Sarah Cotton, 
grandchild 1698. 

Robert Downes, under age '98, or (?) son of Rob. or John. 

Ann D. of Shef d , night woman 27 May 1705. Elizabeth. 

, D., living 1705.=f= Richard, living 1705. 

Eliz. Matthew, mar. & w. Benj. Downes of Coal Pit Lane,=f= John. Richard, 

of John Yorke. cutler 17 July 1705. 

Mary. Elizab. 

Will. D. of Sheffield, yeo., 9 Dec. 1708. Coz. M r Johr r.-f Sarah. 


John. W m . Ann. Mary. 

William Downes=T=Sarah. 


John Guest= Sarah Downes, eld. dau., d. 19 Feb. 1744, aged 72 ; bur. in psh. Ch. Yard, Sheffield. 

1 Sarah Downes of Sheffield, wid., made her will 25 Nov. 1679. Children, 
Richard, Joseph, W m , Robert, & Martha, w. of W m Swinney. 

3 Mary was a second wife. (See his will 1722 in York Wills 1878.) 
3 His Token exists 1670. Probably the son of John above. 



. . . .=r. . . . Downes.=p 

MS. 282 

II -I I 

"Richard D. William Downes of Rotherham, stapler=f= Sister Bird of Barnsley. James. 

=f= , 26 Dec. 1719. I =F 

J J I 

John. Mary. Martha. William. Sarah, w. of Martha. Rich d . Ann. Hannah. William. 

Rich d Kent. •— 


Elizab., wife of M r Shipley, dau. in law. Thomas Spence, son Thomas Hawksworth, 
M r Marm. Shipley, son in law. in law, dec d . nephew. 

i i 

Thos. Eliz. 

tfjster— flatoMep* 

MS. 282 

.... l st: =pLeonard= Hannah Wright, 


Webster widow, 2 nd w.. 

of Shef- mar. 19 May' 

field, 1747. 

.=f=John Hawks-= Hannah, 2 nd w., dau. 

1 w. 

ley of Porto 
Bello near 

& coh. of George 
Younge of Sheffield. 
(See Ped., p. 290.) 

John Webster, Clerk, 

w. of Hugh Mary Webster, the=f=John Hawksley, 

only son, d. unmar., Spooner of Shef- other coheir, mar. 
& was bur. in Shef- field, Gent. ; d. 2 Nov. 1760. 
field 10 Dec. 1766. without issue. 

of Sheffield, apo- 

John Hawksley, Clerk, == Anne, dau. of Hen? 
only son, d. without Downes, Yicar of 
issue. Ecclesfield. 

Lydia Hawksley, only dau., wife 
of Willie Downes, Rector of 

.... Webb=p. ... .... w. of ... . Walker of. Sheffield;. .... Marsden of=p 

of London. . d. his widow ; s.p. Chesterfield. 

Charles Hawksley Webb 
of Sheffield, surgeon, d. 
unmar. 1820. 

John Webb of = Martha, dau. of George Susan W., 

Barlow, co. Mower of Woodseats, living un- 

Derb., Clerk. Esq. ; mar. 16 May mar. 1814. 
1687. (SeePED.,p.l00.) 

I I I 

Sarah, d. Lydia, w. of Samuel Younge of Robert M. of London,= 
unmar. Sheffield. (See Ped., p. 290.) stockbroker. 

MS. 288 



Thomas Cheney of Ashford, co. Derb., Gent. ; will 18 March=pJoan .... bur. at 
1722 ; d. 1 Oct. 1723 ; bur. 4 th at Monyash. Monyash 20 Nov. 


Thomas,=pSidney John. Elizabeth, mar. Ann Mary Catlr 5 Jackson. 
. 2 son .... Griffith. Jones. Lloyd. 

1. Edward, of Lang- Anne. Hugh Cheney of Bake-= Mary Mary. Tho. 
heme, co. Caerm. well, surgeon, d. 1756 d. — 

— (Q. if not son of Ed- 1765. Eliz. 

2. Thomas, of Llan- ward & father of D r 
vire. Cheney.) 

Edward Cheney of Ashford & of Halkin, co. Flint, 1721 ;=pElizab. Hughes, bur. at 

bur. at Monyash 28 Oct. 1745 ; bought Oxley Croft in 
Sheffield in 1725. 

Monyash 5 June 1772. 

Edward Cheney of Yoxall,= 
Esq., bur. at M. 22 June 

Ann, dau. of Wil. Brown Arm. Thomas. Sidney, 
of , Burton -upon- Trent, — — 

Clerk. Hugh. John. 

.... 1 w., dau. of . 
Cheshire ; wid. of . 
Peach of Derby. 

.=Robert Cheney of Meynel Lang-=p Bridget, 2 w., dau. of 

ley, co. Derb., Esq. ; Sheriff 
1775 ; d. 1809, aged 72. 

Robert Leacroft ; bp. 
17 Aug. 1739. 

Robert, Lt.-General, d. 1820. 

I ' I 

Ann, mar. 1 Tho. Winslow of Merton, co. Glouc, Mary, mar. Charles Simpson of 
Clerk, 2 . . . . Lloyd. Lichfield, Gent. 

MS. 283 €fymt1>> 

Edward Cheney in 13 George I : 

is described as late of Halkin 1 w. 

in Flint, in 1728 of -Wood- - 

thorpe, & in 1739 of Ashford-in- 

^Edward Cheney came=M rs Cade, 2 nd w., 
from Flintshire, & re- to whom John 
sided-at . Woodthorpe.- - -Woodniffe left 
after his marriage Woodthorpe for 
with M rs Cade. life ; s.p. 

. Cheney ,=p 



MS. 283 

Hugh Cheney, many years an apothecary at Sheffield,=f= 
afterwards M.D., from whom information. 


.... mar. . 

Selina Cheney, only child, mar. Ric. Bailey of Sheffield, merch*, 
& d. his widow, without issue, at Ashford in 1835. 

March 2, 1846. M r Hooke, who was b. at Crookes, son of a tanner there, & has 
lived since 1801 in London, told me that the wife of D r Cheney was the dau. of Sim. 
King, a publican on London Wall, by ... . Law his wife, dau. of a flegm maker at 
Sheffield, sister to ... . Law, his natural grandfather. He had a sister who lived 
much with the Cheneys. 

5Be la Jfrpme. ms.283 

Charles Pryme, came from Ypres & settled in the Levels temp. Car. I.=p 

Abraham Matthew Pryme of the Levels,=pSarah, dau. of Peter Smagge or Smaque 
Pryme. Gent., b. 31 Aug. 1645 ; d. | who emigrated from Paris to the Levels; 

29 July 1694. 

b. 17 Nov. 1649 ; mar. 4 April 1670 ; 
d. 1729. 

I I 

Mary, b. 17 Oct. 1685; Frances, b. 15 Feb. 

mar. Thomas Johnson 1687 ; mar. John 

of Brumby, co. Line. Cooke. 

David. Elizabeth. Elizabeth 

Jacob. Mary. Frances. 
All d. young. 

Abraham De la Pryme, F.E.S., 
Minister of Thorne, b. 15 Jan. 
1671; d. 13 June 1704; bur. 
at Hatfield ; never mar.* 

Peter Pryme=T=Frances, dau. of 

of the Levels, 
b. 29 April 
1672; d. 25 
Nov. 1724. 

Francis Wood of 
the Levels ; mar. 
25 July 1695; 
d. 1707. 

Sarah, b. 14 Sep. 
1677 ; mar. 1696 
to Wil. Oughti- 
bridge of Hatfield 


Abraham De la Pryme, eldest son,=p Emelia .... d. a widow 4 infant children. 

b. 1700 ; d. 6 Oct. 1740. 

1769, aged 76. 

James De la Pryme of Sheffield, merch^-r- 
only son, sold the estate at Hatfield, & 
d. in the Isle of Man ab* 1785. 

Emelia, mar. William Green, 
M.D., of Thundercliffe Grange, 
& d. s.p. 1760, aged 28. 


2 children, James De la Pryme of Naze- Abraham, of ... . Mary, mar 

d. y. house n r Eirkham, co. Lane. n r Blackburn. Glover, Esq. 

* His diary is printed by the Surtees Society, vol. 54, where see a fuller pedigree of this 
family.— J. W. C. 

MS. 283 



Francis Pryme of Ferriby near Hull, b. 1701 ; d. 7 July 1769.=f= 

Christopher Pryme, 1 
b. 1739 ; d. 1784. 

Elizabeth, mar. Nancy, 
Wil. Eobinson, living 
Esq., & d. s.p. unmar. 

George Pryme of Cam-= 
bridge, Esq., Barrister 
at Law, only son, 1826 
M.P. for the town of 

Sally, mar. Mayson 
Wright, Esq., of 


Mayson Wright, Sally, mar Francis & 

Master & Com- Jennings, Rector George, d. 
mander in the of Croxton, co. in Tobago 
Navy. Line. 1801 & 


Hugh Blaydes of Hull, Esq.^Elizabeth. 

Hugh, d. unmar. Benjamin Blaydes. : 

Benjamin Blaydes Hugh Blaydes of Ranby Hall, co. Notts, 
of London. Esq., Sher. of Notts 1812. 

MS. 284 

Cunter— fcanjjlep. 

John Turner in his will 1773 names his cousin John Scholey of Aughton, Yeo., 
& his brother Samuel Scholey of Attercliffe, also his wife Sarah. 

The notes of this will and the affiliation I have from M r W. Swift. 

That Samuel Turner was the nephew of John I heard from persons who knew 
them both. 

Samuel Turner of Horton Roberts, Gent., is styled kinsman by Geo. Staniforth 
of Catcliffe in his will 2 Feb. 1757. 

See the Barbara Kent, w. of Turner, at p. 564. 

A M r William Langley and M rs Ann Pott were mar. at Worksop 4 June 1705. 

. Langley=j=Sarah 

. d. 10 July 1684, aged 54. 

William Langley of Rotherham,=pElizabeth Benthall of Wallingwells, mar. John. 

Gent., d. 8 Sep. 1706, aged 43 
Will dated 30 Aug. 1706. A mer- 
cer. Bro. John Kirgall & bro. 
John Rotherham, supervisors. 

at Carlton 6 May 1692 ; d. 5 Nov. 
1741. (Q. if this name should not be 
Benthall. See Ped. of Rotherham of 


Richard, William, William, & Hannah, 
all d. in their infancy. 

Walter, d. 1 June 
at Rotherham, 

Ann, w. of John Bur- 
ton of Rotherham, mer- 
cer; d. 31 Oct. 1733. A 



MS.. 284 

Eichard Thompson of Shef-=pElizabeth Langley, d. 8 July= John Bell of Sheffield, 

field, factor, d. 27 March 

1753 ; bur. at Kotherham. merely, 2 nd husb., d. 
Will 28 Jan. 1753. 30 June 1743. 

Elizabeth Thompson, only child, d. 16 June 1724. 

John Turner of Cold Aston, co. Derb., Yeo.=f=Mary . . . 
Will 4 Jan. 1738-9 ; prob. 23 April 1742. 

. Turner.^ John Turner of Sheffield, woollen = Sarah Langley, d. at Hems- 

draper. Will dated 6 Feb. 1773 ; worth 22 May 1791, aged 
prov. 16 April 1776. 96 ; bur. at Rotherham. 

Eobert, Samuel Turner of Sheffield^ 

1 son, mercer, d. 4 Oct. 1791, 

d. un- aged 61 ; bur. at Sheffield, 

mar. Will 10 May 1791. 

: Margaret, dau. of William 
Burton of Royds Mill by 
Margaret Bamforth ; b. 25 
Jan. 1747; mar. 28 April 
1768 ; d. 11 Aug. 1798. 

.... w. of John 
Kent of Kim- 
berworth & Hoo- 


of Shef- 
monger, field. 

of Hudders- 

of Hudders- 

Esther, w. of 
Tho. Johnson 
of Sheffield, 

Ann, w. of Jos 11 
Brooke of Hud- 
dersfield, ban- 

.... w. of ... . 

Dyson of H ud- 
der sfield. 

Samuel, of Sheffield, mercer^Catherine, dau. 

afterwards of Chesterfield, 
Gent.,d. 17 Jan. 1832. Will 
Nov. 8, 1830; re-executed 
27 July 1831 ; prov. at York 
22 Dec. 1843. 

of Wil m Green, 
M.D., late of 


William, of Shef- 
field, mercer, 
afterw ds Sheriff's 
Officer, d. Dec. 
1836, 93t. 56. 

= Charlotte, dau. 
of Tho. Heron, 
Vicar of Ponte- 
fract ; mar. 9 
Oct. 1806. 

Samuel William, 
of Sheffield, At- 

i . ii 

Catherine, mar Charlotte Amelia, mar. at Chesterfield 4 

Rob. Wholey & w. of April 1838 to John Chambers of Shef- 
d. 10 Jan. 1838 field, Solicitor. 

Laurence Benthall^Catherine, dau. of Tho. Cassey of Cassey 
Compton & Whitfield, co. Grlouc, Esq. 

Cassey B., 

Philip Benthall of Benthall, d. 26 Aug. 1713 = 
aged 81 ; bur. in the Chapel at Benthall. 

Edward, mar 

Fortim (?) & had issue. 

i i i 

Ann, b. 1669 ; mar. ab* 1694 at Darfield to John Elizabeth, mar. at Carlton 6 May Eichard, d. 
Kotherham of Dronfield, Gent., & d. 1756. (See 1694 to William Langley of 5 March 
Journal of House of Lords, 1746, March 23, 26, 27.) Kotherham, mercer. 1720, aged 

X 47 ' 

Walter. 2 other dau 9 named in his will, who Sarah, wife of Elizabeth, mar. 1 Ric. Thompson 
seem to have d. infants; names, John Turner. of Sheffield, factor, & 2 John Bell 
Anne & Hannah. of Sheffield, merch*. 

MS. 284a 



John (Huzey ?). 
Will 1670. 

, w. of Jos h Downes w. of W m Turuer. 


, . . w. of Rob, Turner. 

My Haxby. 

.... Turner. 1= p 


Eebecca Turner, b. 1655 ; d. unmar. 1 May 1729. Will 28 Oct. 1728 Turner. 


I I 

William Turner. Hammond Turner, b. 1702. 

ms. 285 8Um*son — BalL 

William Ball, house steward to the Holderness family at Aston. 

John Dale of Sheffield, mercer,=p 
accompanied Lord Holderness, 
Ambassador to Venice. 

William BahY 
steward in the 

.... Dale, 
only son, 
in the 

.... mar. 
.... Newbold 
of Hansworth 



dau., mar. 

William B., an 
Attorney at 
Rotherham, d. 



: . . . . dau. of ... . Needham, 
an officer of the Excise ; re- 
siding at -Sheffield ; sister to 
the w. of Thos. Brailsford, an 
upholsterer there. 

William, of Sheffield, merch*, principal heir .... mar 

to his uncle ; mar. Anne, dau. & h. of Tho. Grant of Shef- 
Roebuck of Sheffield, saddler. field. 


Alderson of 

co. Westmoreland/ 


Alderson of 

Christopher Alderson, Clerk, Rector of Eckington, co. Derb.,= 
& Aston, co. York ; a Just, of the Peace ; was for a while 
Vicar of Tickhill, where he rebuilt the parsonage house. 


Chris topher,=. . . . only dau. & h. of Elizabeth, mar. 

3 son. Dennis Frith, Esq., of Wil. Newsom, 

Eckington & after of Rector of 

Retford. Scruton. 

Mary, live 



1 This must be either the W m Turner or Robert Turner who are called brothers 
by John Hemingway in 1670, because he speaks of a Joseph Downes who had a dau. 
Mary Haxby, which My. is called cousin by Rebecca Turner, & she speaks also of 
Downes her cousin. 

VOL. II. o o 



MS. 285 


Jonathan, 1 son,--p 
Vicar of Hornby 
& Kector of Hart- 

, only dau. of Row- 
land Hodgson, Rector 
of Rawmarsh. 

William, 2 nd son, = Harriet, dau. of 
Rector of Aston, Joseph Walker 
and Just, of of Eastwood, 

Peace; no issue. Esq. (p. 305). 

George Alderson, eldest son, godson 
& principal heir to George Wood- 
head of Sheffield, Esq., who mar. 
his aunt. 

Christopher A.,=Georgiana, dau. of John 
Clerk, mar. . . Peel, Esq., of Pasture 
July 1832. Houses (p. 91). 

.... mar. James Wil- 
son of Sheffield, 
Attorney, clerk to the 
Cutlers' Company. 

Jonathan, = Isabel la, dau. 

mar. 1834. of William 

Newsam, Rec- 
tor of Scruton. 

Charlotte Maria, 2 dau., mar. 
at Harthill 9 Dec. 1835 to 
Thomas Beard Holy of Shef- 
field. (See Ped., p. 286.) 

Tho. Ball of Oughton in psh. of Aston. Will 3 Oct. 1724. If Eliz. my wife do 
not marry again to have the tent, at Bole Hill in psh. of Eckington. She & his 
brother, John Ball, Ex s . Children, John B., the eldest, Thos., W m , & Sara B. 

ftodmtfe— J^atoMep. 

MS. 285 

Communicated by M 1 ' T. 1ST. Ince, who had it from the family. 
Thomas Roebuck of the Bull Stable, saddler=p. . . . dau. of Rob. & Elizab. Morton. 

Thomas, of Sheffield,^ John R. of Sheffield, Robert R. of Sheffield,=f= 
saddler. saddler, d. unmar. innkeeper. 

i i 

Ann, only child, mar. Thomas R. of the= 
Will. Ball of Todwick. Haymarket, Shef- 
field, saddler. 

Ruth, mar. Rob. Mary, mar. 
Spencer of Shef- .... Wil- 
field, engraver. son. 

Joshua Hawksley of=fMary. Elizabeth, mar. Tho. Parkin of 

Sheffield, filesmith. 

Sheffield. (See Ped., p. 539.) 

Thomas Hawksley =f= Jane, dau. of Charles Joshua Hawksley=p. . . . dau. of John 
Morton of Beighton, of Sheffield (p. Harmar, V.D.M., 
farmer, his cousin. 300). of Sheffield. 

I 1*1 

Charles. Elizab. Cath e . 

MS. 286 




To this family I think the following entry in the Register of Wad worth must 
belong : "1701, Sep. 17. Mar. Samuel Roberts of Atfcercliffe & M rs Sarah Usher 
of this town," and if the early generations are right that these Wilsons are of 
those at Alfreton. They themselves say that they sprung from Owlerton or 

.... Wilson of Sheffield or the neighbourhoods 


.... Wilson=p. . . . dau. of Robert Durant of Sheffield, 
of Sheffield. V.D.M., ejected from Crowle. 

John Wilson : 
of Sheffield. 

I L 

Ann, mar. John Barber of Darnel mar. a 

=f= Scotchman. 

.... only dau., 
d. unmar. 

John Barber of Attercliffe, live 1803, aged 87, 
when he communicated all in this pedigree 
above Thomas Wilson of Far Gate. 

i i , 



Matthew Fenton of Sheffield (Q. this)=p. 


1 W. 

=Thomas Wilson of the= 
Far Gate in Sheffield, 
edge-tool maker or 

: Hannah, 2 w., dau. 
of George Wood- 
head of Wight- 
wisel, Yeo. (See 
Pbd., p. 270.) 

John Fenton 
of Sheffield, 
d. unmar. 

.... Fenton 
of Sheffield. 

Joseph Lud-=j=Eliza- 

lam of Shef- 



Mary, mar 

Barnes of Lambert 
Street, Sheffield. 

John Wilson of the : 
Far Gate, Sheffield, 
eldest son. 

: Isabel, dau. 



. . . . L., w. of Ja s 
Wickers, & others. 

Joseph Wilson= Hannah, dau. of Thomas Holy Other 
of Sheffield, of Sheffield, by Sarah Wilson ehil- 
optician. his wife. dren. 

Hannah, mar. Tho. 
Newbold of Shef- 
field, merch*. (See 
p. 287.-) 

Sarah, b. Dec. 1725; d. 1768; 
mar. Tho. Holy of Sheffield, 
button maker. (See p. 286.) 

Ann, mar. Edward Ander- 
ton of Macclesfield & after- 
wards of Sheffield, grocer ; 
no issue. 

Joseph Wilson of Sheffield,=pAnn, dau. of George 

merchant, of Norfolk Street, 
d. 1796, set. 73. 


Greaves of Sheffield. 


John Harrison of^Rebecca. 
Hollis Croft in. 
Sheffield, merely. 




MS. 286 

I I t I 

Sarah, the 2 nd w. of Anne. Thomas Harrison of Sheffield, merch^^Elizabefch, 

d. 21 Sep. 


Alexander Macken- 
zie, Curate of St. 
Paul's, Sheffield. 
(See Ped., p. 102.) 

only issue, d. at his house, called Weston 
House, on Crooke's Moor, Sheffield, 
30 May 1818, aged 60, leaving only 
2 dau s . 

Mary Ann, only issue, mar. at Sheffield Anne, d. unmar. 14 May Eliza. 
26 April 1828 to William Smith, Esq., 1858, aged 58 ; bur. at 
jun r , of Barnes Hall. Wadsley. 

Thomas W. of Sharrow Moor, snuff Hannah, Harriet, mar. Henry Pearson, 
manufacturer, d. unmar. ab* 1812. d. unmar. Vicar of Norton, & has issue. 


Harriet. Ellen. Henry Holling worth. Eliza, mar. Henry Wilson. William. 

William Wilson, 2 nd son, of Sharrow Moor,=pMary Anne, only dau. of "... . Wil- 

snuff manufacturer, has 4 sons & 2 or 3 
dau s ; d. in 1842 ; of Brightfield. 

kin son of Sheffield, merch* ; sister to 
Fred. Wilkinson of Sheffield, Attf. 

William, mar. Hannah 

George, mar. 1 w. Jane Edw d Charles 

Anne, 2 w. Emily Kings- Thomas. Alfred, 

Mary Ann, or Ellen. 

Eliza, mar. Edwin Cecil. 

Maria, mar. Eev. Thomas Howard. 




Fred. W m . Harry. Dora. 


Alex. Mackenzie. 

Mary, w. Joseph Wilson of West Brook House,^ Eliz., dau. of Henry Pearson of 
of ... . Sharrow Moor near Sheffield, & of the Nottingham ; sister to Henry 
Tenant. Snuff Mills, aged ab* 65, 1826 ; d. 5 P., Vicar of Norton ; mar. 1 
May 1829. Feb. 1798. 

Ellen, eld. 
dau., mar. 

Jane, 2 nd dau., 
drowned in the 
Porter Brook 
on Monday 22 
July 1811, 
aged 11. 






3 son. 

W., 2 



son, of 




Elizabeth, dau. Ann. 
of Henry Pear- 
son, Vicar of 
Norton ; mar. 
Oct. 1830. 

Henry Frederick, d. aged 11. 

MS. 286 




I find a Daniel Oley living at or near Havercroft in 1650, whereas I conclude 
this name was originally so spelt, & is not a broad pronunciation of the name 
Hawley. Barnabus Oley was a Yorkshire man. Susan Oley mar. Toby Gill of 
Wakefield. A Francis Oley was Vicar of Peniston. 

This Sheffield family of Holy made pretension to a singular Coat,viz., ? Az. and arg., 
charged with a cross-crosslet sab. or gules, between 2 annulets in pale & 2 swans in 
fess of the 2 nd . Motto : Suivez moi. 

Daniel Holy of Sheffield.= 

Thomas Holy of=pSarah, dau. of 


Sheffield, button 
maker, from 28 
Nov. 1741 ; app. 
of Cotton Wat- 
kin (?). 

Tho. Wilson 
(see p. 286) ; 
b. Dec. 1725 ; 
d. 1768. 

Mary, mar. 1 
John Cooper 
of Sheffield, 2 
.... Bram- 
wall of The 
White House. 

.... mar. 
of Shef- 


.... mar. 


berson of 

Thomas Holy of Sheffield Moor, merchV 
purchased much land in that neighbour- 
hood ; b. 1752 ; livs 1826 ; d. 1830 ; bp. 
at the Nether Chapel ; d. 9 Nov. 1830. 

^Elizabeth, dau. of . . . . 
Beard of the psh. of 
Glossop ; d. 6 Jan. 
1841, set. 78. 

Sarah, mar. her 
cousin William 
Newbould. (See 
p. 287.) 

Jane, mar. in 1832 
Eev. Henry Holds- 
worth, Rector of Nor- 
thorpe(?), co. Line. 

Ann, mar. Tho. Broad- 
bent of Grove House, 
Longsight n r Man- 

.... mar. James 
Fearnley of Man- 
chester & Piatt 

Joseph & 



Thomas Beard= 
Holy, only son, 
mar. 9 Dec. 
1835, of Nor- 
ton Houses. 

f=Charlotte Maria, 2=Eliz., 2 w., wid. of 

dau. of Jonathan 
Alderson, Rector of 
Harthill (p. 285) ; 
d. 1837 April 19. 

Heald of 
Stockport ; sister 
of James H. of Parri 
Wood ; mar. at Dids- 
bury 2 Oct. 1838. 

.... mar. 16 May 
1822 to Jos h Holds- 
worth, Esq., of 
Wakefield, M.P. for 
that borough 1841. 

Charlotte Maria, d. an infant April 1837, only child. 

Hannah, mar. her 
cousin Joseph Wil- 
son. (See p. 286.) 

.... mar. Tho. Parker 
of Sheffield, cutler. 
(See Ped., p. 288.) 

Daniel Holy of Shef-^ 
field, merch*, & of 
South Grove, d. 29 
May 1831, set. 79. 

=. . . . dau. of 
.... Cope- 
stack of Lon- 
don; d. 1833. 

George Holy of Sheffield, 
merch*, livs unmar. 1844. 

Daniel, of Sheffield, 
merch*, living un- 
mar. 1844. 

Mary Anne, mar. in 1813 to 
Verdon Brittain of Sheffield, 
merch*. (See Ped., p. 273.) 



MS. 286 


Sarah Wilson, mar. Rev. Robert Caroline, mar. at Whittington 16 April Some 
Robinson of Whittington 13 1823 to Joseph Davenport of Ham- d. y. 
March 1816. =j= burgh ; separated. He is dead. 

Henry, of Chester-=j=Elizabeth, dau. of Jos h Kirk of Robert Brownel, Charles 
field, auctioneer. Sheffield, land agent. d. unmar. Brick. 

Robert Henry. 


MS. 287 

Rob. Dent the elder made his will 19 April 1769. His son d. before him. Will 
28 May 1764. Old Dent names his nieces Mary, w. of Jonathan Hunt of Sheff., by 
whom John, & Sarah, w. of Joseph Clarke of Hill Top in Ecclesal, innkeeper, by 
whom Robert C, also nephews John & Tho. Hill & George Holdsworth, & his sisters 
Alice Hunt, Hannah Hill, & Mary Marshall, Michael Dent, son of his late cousin 
Michael D. of Woodseats, Scyth-smith, John, another son, Sister in law Hannah 
Woollen, Aunt Hannah Unwin of Dore, Eliz. D., dau. of my cousin Michael, 
deceased, Servant & kinsman Tho. Derwent. 

Peter Cadman below was son of Peter Cadman, a merchant at Sheffield, who had 
that only son and one dau. S . . . . who mar. M r Joshua Spooner of Crookes, & d. 1 
Feb. 1825, aged 60. (See p. 288.) Who is Rob. Newbould, Esq., of Beauchief 
Villa, who, 7 Jan. 1851, mar. Averilda Jane, dau. of William Maurice Rodgers, Esq., 
& in 1856 Emma, dau. of Ja s Young of Epsom ? 

William Newbould of Ecclesal Ohapelry, d. : 
14 Jan. 1725, »t. 47. Will 14 Jan. 1725. 

=Margaret, d. 2 Dec. 
1724, get. 37. 

York Wills 

Sarah. Thomas Newbould of Sheffield,= 
— edge-tool maker, Master Cutler 

Joana. 1751 ; ob. 3 Aug. 1782, at. 68; 
app. to Tho. Wilson, shear- 
smith, 8 Jan. 1735. 

: Hannah, dau. of Tho. 
Wilson (see Ped., 
p. 286); d. 27 May 
1776, »t. 57; mar. 13 
July 1738. 



William. Ann. 

Robert, d. 
in his 


Margaret, mar. Jam s Eckley Colley of 
Liverpool, Cap n of a merch* vessel, d. 
his widow at Sheffield. 

Ann, mar. Thomas Leader of 
Sheffield, merch 1 , afterwards 
of Broxted in Essex. 

Hannah, mar. 1 Robert 
Dent of Sheffield, son of 
Rob. D. who was Master 
Cutler 1746 ; 2 Tho.Wat- 
son of Sheffield. The 
Dents were hardwaremen. 

Sarah, d. in Feb. 
1804 without 
issue ; the widow 
of Richard Mot- 
tram of Sheffield. 

Samuel Newbould= 
of Sheffield Moor, 
merch*, Master 
Cutler 1800; 3 rd 
son ; d. 9 July 
1742 [sic]. 


: Elizabeth, dau. 
& h. of John 
Taylor of Shef- 
field, " The 

MS. 287 




John Newbould of Sheffield,=pCharlotte, dau. of Geo. Brittain 

merch*, <fe of Bramhope 
Hall, d. 1850. 

of Sheffield, merch*. 
p. 273.) 

(See Ped., 

Hannah, un- 
mar. 1826. 

Hannah Elizabeth, (?) mar. Humphry John 
Hare, Esq., Barr. at Law, son of Rev. Hum- 
phry John Hare. 

Luey, mar. Ch s Chad wick of 
Leeds, M.D., & d. in Jan. 
1858. =p 

Ellen Britain C. 

Eliza, mar. 1810 to Samuel, of Shef-^Hannah Hankin, dau. of Fran. Carter 

Wil. Leader of Lon- 
don, mereh*, son of 
Tho. & Ann above. 

field, merch*, d. 
. March 1851. 


Searaneke of Hertford, Esq.; mar. at 
St. Andrew's, Hertford, 5 Aug. 1817 ; 
d. 3 Nov. 1830. 



Lucretia. Samuel. Francis. Julia. Alex r , d. y. 

Ann, mar. Jos. 
Walker of Shef., 

Lucy, mar. John Sea- 
raneke, Esq.; now living 
at Coningsboro'. 

Henry, of Sheffield, merch*, 3 rd son, 
mar. 4 June 1817 to Mary, dau. of 
Wil. Williamson, Esq., of Bunting- 
ford. =j= 

Will m Williamson, 
a Clergyman. 

John, in 
the Law. 

2 or 3 daus. A son, who lived at Aderbury, 
co. Oxon ; d. 1851, aged 32. 

Thomas Newbould of Shef- William Newbould of Shef-=pSarah, dau. of Tho. Holy 

field, merch 1 , eldest son, field, merch 1 , 2 nd son, 

d. unmar. ab* 1804. (Q. if built house on Crooke's 

not 20 March 1810, aet. Moor; d. 30 Jan. 1808, 

66.) aet. 53. 

by Sarah Wilson (see 
p. 286) ; d. Aug. 1804 ; 
bur. at Ecclesal. 

ii ii 

Hannah, mar. Sarah, mar. 25 Aug. 1806 Mary, mar. 12 Margaret, mar. 25 

Peter Spurr to Peter Cadman of Dec. 1805 to Aug. 1806 to Ben- 

of Sheffield & Hansworth Grange ; 3 James Range- jamin Gomersal of 

High Field, sons (see p. 286), & their ley of Leeds, Gomersal, merch*, 

merch*. son mar dau. of mereh* ; 7 & have 1 son only 

.... Smelter of Hans- children. 1826, who d. in 

worth. 1826. 

William, of Crooke's Moor 
n r Sheffield, merch*, un- 
mar. 1826. 

George, of Sheffield, merch^. . . . dau. of John 
3 rd & youngest son, of ... . Atkin of Sheffield, 
N. America, grocer ; mar. 11 

Nov. 1806. 



MS. 287 

Thomas Newbould of Highfield, mercht^Mary (? Sarah), dau. & coh. of Jonathan 

Watkinson of Sheffield, cutler; wid. of 
William Watson of Sheffield. (See p. 287.) 

eldest son, liv* 1826 ; d. May 1844. 


Thomas New-=. . . . dau. of William, of Arthur. Sarah, mar. at Edmund, 

bouldofNew Mitchel, Esq., of The In- Sheffield 15 4& 

York, merch 1 . New York; mar. take, mar. Nov. 1826 to youngest 

there 1822. .... .... Charles- son. 

worth of Leeds. 

There were Newboulds at Ecclesal long before this pedigree begins, as Geo. N. 
of E., Yeo., who mar. Alice, dau. of John Mitchell of Ecclesal, Yeo., who was bp. 21 
Sep. 1588, & Tho s N. of Ecclesal, who mar. Ann Harrison of Ecclesal 3 Aug. 1655, 
& see York Wills 1482. 


MS. 287 

Lucy . . . .- 
May 1732. 
(Q. if Cham- 

=William Watson of Sheffield, after-= 
wards of Hagg-house on Pits Moor, 
where he d. 18 March 1791, aged 
97 ; bur. in the chancel of the 
parish church of Sheffield ; said to 
have been a confectioner at Sheffield. 

: Margaret, 2 w., dau. of ... . 
Brinsworth of Sheffield; d. 
1 Feb. 1771, & was bur. in the 
chancel of the par. church of 
Sheffield ; mar. 30 March 1734 
as Margaret Newbould, wid. 

Benjamin, d. inf. Mary. Ann. Margaret. A dau., d. inf. John, bur. 1731. 

William Watson of Shiercliffe Hall, Martin W. of 

Gent., the first-born of 23 children Sheffield, 

& the last survivor, d. s.p. 22 July apothecary, 

1793, aged 74 ; bur. in the chancel d. unmar. 
of Sheffield Church. 

Sarah, mar. Vigors Harvey, 
Esq., Lieut. 2 nd Reg. of Foot, 
& d. at Duffield 18 April 
1793, aged 65 ; bur. at Shef- 

Jane, d. unmar. 

i i 

Margaret, d. unmar.; John, 
bp. 6 May 1735. d. inf. 

b. 1739. 

.... dau., 
bur. 1741. 

Dorothy, 1 w.,=Thomas Watson=f=Hannah, 2 w., dau. of Tho. 
dau. of Joshua of Sheffield, d. Newbould, wid. of Rob. 
Matthewman about 1790. Dent (see p. 287) ; seems to 

have d. 12 June 1798, set. 58. 

dau. of Joshua 
of Sheffield. 

Ann, mar. Thomas 
Wright of Hack- 
ney ; bp. 7 April 


1. William Watson of Shef- 
field, merch*, eldest son, d. 
without issue ab* 1796. 

=Sarah, dau. & coh. of=Thomas Newbould of Shef- 
Jonathan Watkinson. field, merch 4 , 2 nd husb. 
(See Ped., p. 293.) (See p. 287.) A 

MS. 287 



2. John Watson of Shiercliffe Hall, Esq.,=pAnna Maria, dau. of Thomas Wright 
2 nd son, liv* 1826 ; d. Aug. 1853, aged of Hackney by a 2 nd w. ; mar. 1799 ; 
78 ; b. 1 Jan., bp. 10 Feb. 1774. d. 




Thomas. William. Hannah. Eliza. Anna Maria. Emily. George. Henry. 

Jhomas Watson of Sheffield, merch 4 , 3 rd son, d. at= 
Harrowgate July or August 1832, & is said to have 
left £70,000.* 


: . . . . dau. & h. of ... . Ten- 
nant of Sheffield, by dau. of 
Joseph Wilson. (See p. 286.) 

Mary Watson, only child, mar. Peter Cadman, eld. son 
of Peter Oadman & Sarah Newbould above (p. 287). 

MS. 288 




William Parker=f=Mary, dau. of 

of Sheffield, cut- 
ler, Master Cut- 
ler 1761. 

Joseph Swin- 
den of Eoyds 

Eli Parker =. . . . dau. of Joseph or 
Sam 1 Leathley of Shef- 
field, cutler, Master 
Cutler 1745. 

William Parker of^Sarah, 2 nd dau. of Sam. Walker 

Sheffield, merch*, 
eldest son. 

. . mar. Ezra Ridgard 

of Masborough, Esq. (see Pbd., of Sheffield, stationer ;s.p. 
p. 305) ; mar. 9 Aug. 1768. 

William Parker of=Lea,f dau. of Joseph Priestley of White .... mar. 
London, Esq. Windows, Esq. (See Ped., p. 36.) Rev 

Samuel Walker Parker of=fCatherine, dau. of Jo- Sarah, mar. John Roberts of 

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, seph Roberts of Shef- Long Woodhouse & Winco- 

merchant, eldest son. field, mercrA (See bank, Esq. (See Ped., p. 140.) 

Ped., p. 140.) 

Samuel Walker Parker. Catherine, mar. Joseph Walker Mary. Henry. 

of Aston, Esq. 

.... mar. John .... mar Har- Thomas Parker^ 

Harmar of Shef- mar of Sheffield, of Sheffield, 

field, V.D.M. brother to John. merch*, 2 nd son, 

d. about 1803. 


=. . . . dau. of Thomas 
Holy of Sheffield. 
(See Ped., p. 286.) 


* D. 30 July 1832, set. 59 ; bur. in Sheffield Church. M.I. His wife Mary d. 10 May 1839, 
in her 58th year. M.I. also there. 
f Ann.— J. W. C. 




MS. 288 

Thomas Parker, eld. son,= 
settled in the U.S. 
America ; d. at Memphis 
in 1836 ; he had been 40 
years in America (News- 

Holy Parker, 2 nd son,=pSarah Plumbe of Great 
of Sheffield, merch*. Gomersal, mar. at Bir- 
I stal March 1807. 

Thomas P. d. in America in 1836, a few 
days before his uncle. 

William, 3 rd son, b. 24= 
March 1783 ; of Shef- 
field, merch* ; d. 1837; 
bur. in Sheffield Ceme- 

^Catherine Elliott, d. May 
4, 1844, by her own hand, 
aged 54 ; bur. in the 
Cemetery ; cut her throat 
with a razor. 

Joseph, 4 th son. 

Ezra, 5 son, d. 
in America. 

i i 

Ebenezer, 6 

Mary, only 

Henry. George. Ebenezer. Elliott. Ellen. William mar. Joshua 


.... 1 w., dau.=Ebenezer Parker= Hannah, 2 w., dau. of John 

of Craven, of Sheffield, 3 rd Walton of Brampton Moor 

& youngest son; n r Chesterfield, school- 
no issue. master. 

.... mar. Samuel 
Elliott of Shef- 
field, merch*. 


MS. 288 

. . . Leader/ 

Thomas Leader of Sheffield,^ Ann, dau. of Tho. New- 

inerch*, & afterwards 
Broxted in Essex 


bould of Sheffield, merch*. 
(See Ped., p. 287.) 

Daniel Leader=p 
of Sheffield, 

Mi I I 

John. Lucy, mar. Wil- Ann, mar Robert Leader=. . . . dau. of John 

— liam Wilson of Polhil,Pollel,or of Sheffield, Smith of Sheffield, 

James. London, merch fc . Pollard of bookseller. bookseller; sister of 

(See ' Hallam- Essex. D 1 ' John Pye Smith 

shire,' p. 279.) of Hackney. 

Thomas Leader of High=pSarah, dau. & heir of John 
Field n' Sheffield, Esq., I Henfrey of Sheffield, merch*, 

L*-Col. of the Sheffield 
Eeg. of Local Militia; 
d. in 1833. 

Master Cutler 1792 ; mar. at 
Gretna Green, & afterwards 
at Sheffield ; d. June 1811. 

of Lon- 

= Eliza, 2 dau. of 
Samuel New- 
bould of Shef- 
field, merch*. 
(See Ped., 
p. 287.) 

Mary Ann Leader, only child, b. 27 Aug. 1793 ; mar. 30 March 
1826 to Tho s Colbeck Holdsworth of Matlock, Clerk. 

MS. 288 



purr — Cillofetott* 

. . . SpUlT .= 

Peter Spurr=j=. . . . dau. & coli. (with wife 

of Sheffield, 
Master Cut- 
ler 1781. 

of Peter Cadmau the elder, 
father of P. 0., p. 287) of 
.... Brittlebank of Orchard 
Street, Sheffield. 

.... mar. Thomas Tillotson of= 

Sheffield, cutler, 

Evans. Master Cutler 1789 ; 
b. at Gainsborough. 

.... mar. John Parkin, son Hannah, mar. Alex. Kilham, 
of Josephus Parkin of Shef- Methodist Preacher, 
field, cutler. 

Richard Spurr of = 
Sheffield, cutler, 
d. s.p. 

: Mary, dau. & coh. of Benj. 
Binks of Darnall (see Ped., 
p. ) ; mar. 2 Robert 
Fisher of Sheffield. 

Peter Spurr of= 

Sheffield, cut- 
ler, Master 

Sarah, mar. . 
of Liverpool. 

: Hannah, dau. of 
Wil. Newbould 
of Sheffield, 
merch* (p. 287). 

Peter. 1. Hannah. 

2. Sarah Newbould, mar. 14 Feb. 1828 at Sheffield to 
Archibald Mirrielees, Esq., Merchant of Petersburgh. 


John Tillotson of Sheffield=j=Hannah, dau. of John Knowles 

& of Broom hall, Master 
Cutler 1810. 

of Somersal ; d. 10 Dec. 1820. 

Thomas & William, 
d. unmar. 

Thomas, 1 son, b. about 1800, coz. John. 
& next heir of the lunatic. 

William, of Wimpole St t ,= 
London, Barrister. 

Mary, 1 w.,=f=George T.=Harriet, 2 w., dau. 

dau. of Wil. 
Knowles of 

of Shef- of Thomas Turner, 
field ; d. Esq., of London. 

Ann, mar. 
.... Cant- 
ril of Dub- 

Alice, mar. John Tur- 
ner of Rotherham. 

Amelia T., ccel. 

Charles. Has been 18 years in the lunatic asylum at York, July 1853. 

See * Sheffield Independent ' Newspaper of July 30, 1853. His uncle 

Knowles had been there before him, & d. there. (Q. if not son of George.) 

Charles was b. in 1811. 





MS. 289 


.... Cadman.=p 

Peter Cad-=p, 
man of 

. dau. of 
.... Brittle- 

David Cad-= 
man of 

-. . . . l=Hannah, 2 w., dau. 
w., dau. of John Sykes of 
of ... . Sheffield ; wid. of 
Ellis. Jacob Roberts of 
Sheffield, merch*. 


0. of 
ob. s.p. 

.... only dau., mar Luke C.=rAnn 

Spooner of Crookes. of Sheff. 

Alice Cadman^Edward, of = 
his cousin, 1 w. 




William. Lettice. 



.... mar. Sam 1 
Duckworth of 
Hart Hill. 

2 W.: 

A dau., Edw., of=p Mary, dau. of Elisha 

unmar. Sheffield, 

Eyre of Whiteley 

Hannah, mar. Geo. 
Newbould. ! 

Edward, mar Primson, 

& has issue. 



Mary. Tho. 

Peter Cadman of Sheffield, merch*, & of Cinderhill= 
in psh. of Hansworth, only son ; House now called 
Hansworth Grange ; d. 11 Oct. 1833. 

: Sarah, dau. of William New- 
bould of Sheffield, merch*; mar. 
25 Aug. 1806 ; d. 25 Dec. 1839. 

Peter Cad- 
man, eldest 
son, of 

=Mary, only dau. & 
h. of Thomas Wat- 
son of Sheffield, 
merely (see p. 287); 
mar. July 1834. 





=Marg t , dau. 
of John 
Smelter of 
(p. 271). 

Henry, 3 r(L 
son, of 

Tho s Watson 0. 

.... eld. dau., heir to her uncle . 
Smelter to about £2000 a year. 

: Harriet, dau. 
of Charles 
Carr of Gom- 
ersal, Sol r ; 
mar. 1839. 

. Peter. 

Sampson Cadman, a tenant of the Freschvile family... 
of a farm at Inkersell, temp. C. I. (See Colepeper's 
' Adversaria,' vol. iv., Harl. 7589.) 

Edward Cutt of Bell= 
Hagh in the psh. of 
Sheffield, Yeo. 

Peter Cadman, tenant of the same=Rebecca 
farm at Inkersell, named in a deed Cutt, 
of settlement of the Freschvile mar. 
Estates dated 12 Sep. 1661, Harl. 1656. 


Helen Cutt, mar. 30 
Dec. 1656 Thurston 
Alleyne of Tidswell 
& of Cawdwell Hall. 

Mary Cutt, mar. William 
Leigh of Cawdwell Hall 
in psh. of Eckington, 
Esq. (See p. 449.) 

MS, 290, 291 




This Pedigree I received from the Eev. Edward Goodwin of Sheffield in one 
of the many conversations which I had the pleasure of having with the old 
gentleman between 1799 and 1804. He was full of anecdote, and very exact in his 

Letter dated York, Jan. 29, 1733-4, to John Birkinshaw from his loving 
brother & sister Tho. Spooner. It mentions sister Tyas & brother Young. 
Invites him & wife to the Election. Glad that Cousin Ward has got a fine son. 
Another letter from .... Tofield, who represents herself as niece to Birkinshaw & 

.... Spooner mar. Miss Whartman of London from a school at Nottingham, & 
had 2 dau s , Susanna, wife of John Birkinshaw, & Eachel, wife of Edward Young. 
Probably another mar. Tyas. 

. . Younge of Padley in par. of Hathersedge.= 



George Younge of Dronfield, maltster, d. 1 Nov. 1677 c&FfMary Barber, d. 3 June 

was bur. in the churchyard, where his tomb remained 
1810. (Q. 11 Nov.) 

1673 ; bur. with her hus- 

William Younge of Dronfield, he became a Quaker, Yeo. 



Helen Younge, mar Alii- Mary Younge, mar. John Potter .... another 

son, parish clerk of Dronfield of Sheffield, a Quaker, & of dau., mar. 

& usher of the Grammar School -, Hackenthorpe, Yeo.; mar. at .... Apple- 

s.p.; mar. Edward France of Sheffield 24 Oct. 1711. yard. 
Sheffield, shoesmith, 1711. =j= 


John Potter of= 
Page Hall. 

: . . . . dau. of John 
Bamforth of Shire 

Mary, mar. 1 William Aldam (see Ped., 
p. 480), 2 . . . . Burkitt ; mar. Aldam 4 
of 9 mo. 1754. 


John Potter. Mary, mar Troby of London. 

Henry Younge of Sheffield. He seems=f=Ann Taylor, mar. at 

to have mar. also Hannah Lingard 29 
June 1699. 


2 March 

John Younge of 
Stamford, d. un- 

Henry, bp. 
12 Aug. 
1686 ; d. 

Mary Y., mar. Jonathan Wainwright 
of Heeley, scythesmith, & of Trout 
House in Norton. Will 18 Oct. 1758. 


Elizabeth, mar. 3 May 1715 
to John Stanif orth of Atter- 
clifife Hill Top. (See Ped., 
p. 296.) 



MS. 290 

Robert, eldest 
son, mar 

d. aged 


Jonathan, of Shef-= 
field, factor. Will 
4 July 1765. 

Jon n , of Little Shef- 
field, cutler. 

Elizabeth, under 
12 in 1758. 

=Mary, dau. of=John Bright of 
Eobert Wain- Gray Stones, 
wright, bro. 1 husb. (Ped., 
of Jonathan, p. .) 

Anne, mar Waller 

of Sheffield Moor. 

: George Younge of Sheffield, = 
saddler, haberdasher of hats 
15 July 1755. 

Thomas Younge of Sheffield, carpenter, 
supposed to have mar. a dau. of ... . 
Alwood of Sutton. 

George, bp. 
at Sheffield 
9 Feb. 
1708; d. 

Hannah, mar. John 
Hawksley of Porto 
Bellonear Sheffield; 
d. s.p. (See Ped., 
p. 282.) 


Mary, bp. 27 
Bee. 1704; 
mar. Thomas 
Ford of Shef- 
field, miller ; 
d. s.p. 

Thomas Younge=pMary, dau. 

of Sheffield, mer- 
cer. Said to have 
had a brother 
who settled at 

of John 
Trevers or 
Travis of 

Thomas Younge of Sheffield,= 
M.D., eldest son, mar. at 
Sheffield 11 Jan. 1759 ; 
Tankersley, on his way to 
Wentworth Castle, 14 Dec. 

: Mary, dau. of Sarah Y., w. of Edward Shep- 

Sam Stani- herd of Sheffield, factor, by 

forth of Dar- whom Mary, dau. & h., mar. to 

nail, Gent., Thomas Kinnersley of Clough 

by Alethea Hall near Church Lawton, co. 

Macro. Cestr. 

Thomas Younge of 
Peter House, Camb., 
Clerk, eldest son, d. 
unmar. at Sheffield. 

William Younge of 
Sheffield, M.D., 2 nd 
son, living unmar. 
1827 ; d. in 1839. 

Mary, d. 
aged ab* 

Sarah, living 1827, the 
the widow of William 
Warris of Sheffield, 
merch*. =f 

William Younge- 
Warris, d. aged 
10 June 1811. 

Marianne, eld. dau., mar. 30 Nov. 
1827 to John Jeeves of Sheffield, 
son of John Jeeves, by Margaret, 
dau. of John Shore, Esq. 

Sarah,=^=. . . . Russel of 
d. . . Blythe, sur- 



son of 
.... Morton 
of Massam. 

Mary, w. of William 
Asline of Sheffield, 

John Trevers Younge of Sheffield, 1 
merch*, bp. at Sheffield 20 Aug. 
1719 ; d. Jan. 1807. 

: Elizabeth, another 
dau. of Samuel 

Elizabeth & 
Isabella, d. 

Mary, livs unmar. 
1867 ; d. 4 March 
1828, aged 79. 

Ann, mar. John Kearsley of 
Manchester, merch*, d. at 
York, & has a Mon. in the 

Alethea, mar. 
Wil. Wright 
of Sheffield, 
mercer. d 

MS. 290, 291 



Samuel, of Sheffield^ 
silversmith, hV 
1827 ;d. about 1842. 

: Lydia, dau. of Rob. Marsden, by 
a dau. of John Hawksley of 
Porto Bello (see Ped., p. 282); 
mar. 16 Oct, 1797. 

Charles, of Sheffield, 
merch*, unmar. 1827 ; 
d. unmar. Oct. 1831. 

Charles, at school 1829 ; 
d. unmar., aged about 18. 

Elizabeth, only dau., mar.= Francis Otter, Esq., 
20 May 1830 ; dead. of Gainsborough. 

Samuel, of= 



: . . . . dau. of Robert Y. of Sheffield, merch*, one of the Secre- 

John Kears- taries of the Sheffield Literary & Philosophical 

ley & Ann Institution, Church Burgess ; a wine merch* ; 

Younge. unmar. 1844. 

Cath e Y., only dau. & heir 1844. 

John Y. of Sheffield, silver-plater, 1 
d. 17 July 1810, set. 53. 

=Mary Marriott, 
i or (?) Yates. 

John Younge of Shef- Samuel, 

field, merch 4 , eldest 2 son, 

son, aged ab* 40, 1 827 ; of Shef- 

in Peru 1844; mar. a field, 

native, but no issue ; wine 

returned to Sheffield merch f , 

ab* 1851. unmar. 

Mary, mar. 


Anne, mar. 
in 1810 to 

Wilson of John 

Sheffield, Schweitzer, 

merch 1 , of Esq., & d. 

a Craven leaving 
family ; no 

Elizabeth, unmar. 
1822, 1844, & 
1852, when she 
was living at Daw- 
lish in Devon- 
shire ; d. in Ire- 
land 1856. 

Ann S., only child, mar. to ... . Tindal, son of the 
Chief Justice, & 2 Cap n Symonds of the Navy. 

Edward Younge of Shef- 
field, shoemaker, 6 son, b. 
13 May 1673 ; d. 6 Jan. 
1758 ; bur. at Dron- 

: Rachel, dau. of ... . Spooner 
of Sheffield ; mar. there 6 
Oct. 1698 ; sister to Susanna 
(p. 292). 

Mary Younge, only dau., 
mar. George Marriot of 
Wilden Green in par. of 
Dron field. 

Thomas Simson of Sheffield, = Esther Younge,=y=Simeon Thwaites= 

1 st husb., mar. 31 Dec. b. 15 April 
1724 ; had an only dau. 1705. 

of Sheffield, 2 nd 

: 2 w., dau. 

of William 
Fisher of Shef- 

George, father of another George. Ann, mar Marshal. 

.... mar. John 



MS. 290, 291 

Job Ellis of Cowley ili^Rachel Younge, eldest dau.,=pRichard Goodwin of Bar- 

psh. of Dronfield, 1 st 
husb., mar. 30 Aug. 

b. 9 Feb. 1703-4 ; d. 9 
March 1787; bur. in the 
chapel-yard at Attercliffe. 

low in psh. of Dronfield, 
2 nd husb., b. 1699. (See 
Ped., p. 307.) 

Eachel Ellis, 
b. 26 July 
1725; bp.25 
Aug. ; d. inf. 

Edward Goodwin, only 1 
surviving son, one of 
the assistant Ministers 
of the psh. cb. of Shef- 
field ; d. 1817, aged 85. 

: Eliz., dau. of Thomas Caw- 
thorne of Sheffield, up- 
holsterer; sister to Eev. 
James 0., the poet ; d. 18 
July 1768 j bur. at Atter- 

d. inf. 

Mary, d. 
aged 17. 

Edward Goodwin, one of the assistant Ministers of 
the psh. church of Sheffield, livs 1827 & unmar. 

Edward Younge, first-b. child 23 Dec. 1699, 
bp. 3 Jan.; of Christ Col., Camb.; M.A.; 
Master of the Free Grammar School at 
Sherburn ; d. unmar. 


George Younge of Shef -^Elizabeth 
field, 2 nd son, b. 30 Nov., Andrews 
bp. 3 Dec. 1708. of Man- 


d. in his in- 

Elizabeth, 1 w., dau.^Simon Andrews 3 

& Elizabeth, 
d. infants. 

of Christopher Ste- 
venson, Rector of 
Rawmarsh, by Eliza- 
beth his w., dau. of 
Daniel Hoare of Hull, 

Younge of Shef- 
field, merch*, 
only surviving 
child, d. in 1813, 
aged about 80 ; 
d. 30 Dec. 1813. 

: Jane, 2 w., dau. & c. (with 
the w. of James Sh arrow of 
Sheffield, merch fc , & the w. 
of ... . Lobrot of Birming- 
ham, merch*) of William 
Hall of Sheffield, raff mer- 
chant. (See p. 537.) 

William Younge 
of Sheffield, 
Banker, d. un- 
mar. about 1856. 

Mary, dau. of James Sharrow= George Younge 
of Sheffield, merch 4 , by Eliz., of Sheffield, 
dau. of W m Hall, & sister merch* & 
to Jane Younge. Marg*, Banker, 
another dau., mar. Francis 

Simon Y., Charles Frederick, of Sheffield, 
d. unmar Banker, living at Thurcroft 
1806. 1837. 

Jane. James. Edward. 
All d. young. 


MS. 290 




1829, May 19. Mar. at Astbury Tho. Kinnersley, Esq., of Olough Hall and 
Ashley, to Ann, youngest dau. of late Col. Dixon of Allerton Gledhow. 

Tho. Kinnersley^Mary Shepherd. 

William Shepherd Kin- Thomas, of Clough=Ann, dau. of Edward, d., Sarah, 

nersley of Newcastle, Hall, Esq., second Col. Dixon aged ab* 25, d. un- 

Memb. for that borough, son ; no issue. of Allerton a Barrister, mar. 

d. unmar. Gledhow. unmar. 

Mary, mar Atwood of the Anne, mar. Kobert Elizabeth, Jane, mar. 

Leasowes, Esq., bro. of Tho., a Williamson of ... . d. unmar. near Scar- 
M.P. for Birmingham. co. Staff. borough. 

ms. 291 JHarrwt— (Ureases. 

George Marriot of Wildon Green^Mary Younge. (See above, p. 290.) 

George Marriot of Shef- 
field, cutler, Master Cut- 
ler 1743. 

Henry Marriot of Sheffield, Samuel Marriot of 
corn factor, mar. but had Manchester, baker, 
no issue. mar. & had issue. 

i i 

George Marriot of Sheffield, cutler, liv g unmar. 1803. 2 dau s . 

Mary Marriot, only= 
dau., 1 w., d. 20 
Dec. 1741, aged 48; 
bur. in psh. ch.- 

: George Greaves of Lam-= 
bert Street in Sheffield, 
buttonmaker, d. 9 Nov. 
1760, aged 63 ; bur. in 
psh. churchyard. 

Richard Bus-=rCather e , d. 13 

tard of 



Sep. 1773, 
aged 74 ; bur. 
at St. Paul's. 

Mary, d. 29 Jan. 

Anne, mar. 






Wilson of 

of Shef- 

Elizabeth, d. 28 



Oct. 1737, set. 

(See Ped., 


32 ; was mar. 

p. 286.) 

George Bustard Greaves of Page Hall= 
& of Elmsall Lodge, Esq., only child, 
bp. 29 Oct. 1759. 



: Jane, dau. of Richard Bus- Miss Bustard, 
tard of Lotherton, co. York, d. unmar. 
Gent. ; he voted for a free- 
hold at Lotherton in the 
Election 1741; d. 10 May 
1785, aged 59. 

: Ellen, dau. of Joseph Clay of Bridge House 
n r Sheffield, sister & heir of John Clay (see 
< Hallamshire,' p. 231) ; b. 21 Dec. 1755. 




MS. 291 


Joseph Edward Greaves= 
Elmsall, which last name 
he assumed by sign 
manual 26 April 1817 in 
grateful respect to the 
memory of his maternal 
relation Wil. E. of 
Brierley Manor, Esq. 

= Hannah Mary, youngest 
dau. of Adam Mansfeldt 
De Cardonnel Lawson, 
Esq., of Cramlington, 
co. Northumb.; mar. at 
Cheltenham 19 Feb. 

Henry Marwood 
Greaves of Clavin 
Hall, Cambridge, 

mar dau. 

&h. of Rev. Will. 
Bagshawe of 
Banner Cross, 
and resides there. 



. 2 w.= George Greaves of=fA.nna Maria Eooke, dau. of Joseph Henley, Esq., of 

Elmsall Lodge. 

Water Perry House, co. Oxon ; mar. there 20 July 

Henley George Greaves, only=Elizab. Ann, 2 dau. of Eic. 
son, mar. April 1841. Fountayne Wilson, Esq. 

One of the Marriots was a bankrupt in 1755. Geo. Younge of Sheffield, haber- 
dasher of hats, & Enoch Laycock the assignees. Lay cock was a buttonmaker. 

3Srox»mi)eatr — ^sltn^. 

MS. 292 

Benj. Broomhead in his will 1795 speaks of Ann Yates, the dau. of my late sister 
Helen Linfit, & John Binge, the son of my late niece Eliz. Binge, dec d , & the 
children of my late niece Charlotte Hutton, deceased. 

Ann Patrick of Sheffield, wid., was living 5 Nov. 1783, when property in rever- 
sion was settled upon her by W m Hedges, Vicar of Thribergh, & Jane his wife, with 
remainder to John Stacye of London, merch*, 2 son of Rev. John Stacye of Ballifield. 
M rs Hedges is described as niece & next of kin of Mary Swift, wid. of W m S. of 

This pedigree of Asline is copied from an account of the family drawn up by 
Thomas Asline the second, in which he also speaks of an aunt Pegge, a nephew 
Jackson, a niece Ann Jackson, also of cousins, Swift Baines & John Revel. 

Sisters of Jane Elam mar. Hague & Carr. 

The Aslines were someway related to the wife of M 1 ' Hedges, Rector of 

There are numerous Aslines in the psh. Reg 1 ' of Southwell. 

James Broomhead (Q. if not John.— See Sheffield Pedigree, p. 46) =p 

Henry Broomhead of Sheffield, cutler. Ad-=pMary, dau. of Tho. Bright of Brincliffe 

mitted to his freedom 24 Feb. 1681-2. 

Edge ; mar. 12 Nov. 1689. 

Henry Broom-; 
head of Shef- 
field, cutler, 
mar. 15 Oct. 

-Hannah, dau. of Lewis Nawe of Sheffield Park ; 
bp. 15 April 1695. He was son of Henry Nawe 
of Beauchief, cutler, son of Henry Nawe of Little 
Norton, clothworker. She had a bro r Lewis who 
d. y., sister Eliz. mar. Sam. Gillatt of Healey, & 
bro 1 ' Sam 1 , who by Martha Dalton his wife had 
Mary, dau. & h., last of the name, who d. s.p. 1803, 

Thomas, 1696. 

Mary, 1696. 

Barbara, bp. 7 
Jan. 1696-7. 

MS. 292 




3. Benjamin B. of Sheffield,=pElizabeth, dau. of 

cutler, M' Cutler 1784, 
merch*. Will May 16, 1795. 

Caleb Clayton of 
Sheffield ; living 

Hannah, mar. John Howarth 
of Sheffield, & had Hannah 
Jennings & Ann Holdham. 

Benjamin, of Sheffield, 
merch*, d. unmar. 

i i 

Joseph, went=. . . . dau. of Eben 1 ' Elizabeth, mar. 

abroad, liv- Brookes of High Edw d Taylor of 

ing 1810. Field. Dodworth. 

2. Joseph B.= 
of Sheffield, 

=Sarah, dau. of 
Rich d Yeomans 
of Sheffield. 

d. inf. 

1 vir. 


. . . Ward, mar Parsons. 

=. . . . Pear- = John 
son, 2 vir. Eyre, 

Elizabeth, eldest dau. & c, 
mar. William Greaves of 
London (p. 478). 

Sarah, mar. Tho s 
Eutherford of 
Sheffield, merch 1 . 



=Tho. Pearson 1 of 
Sheffield, wine 

Joseph, mar. dau. Mary. Arabella. George. Alex r . Sarah. Mary, 
of ... . Spears. = 

Thomas Asline of Newarke, descended= 
of the Aslines of Halam near South- 
well ; d. 8 June 1721. 

: Barbara Coppy of Cannick n r 
Lincoln, d. 5 July 1733 ; bur. 
in the Ch. of High Melton. 

Margaret, d. unmar., 
aet. 42, in the family 
of Andrew Hacket of 
Grantham, Esq. 

Will. & 

Elizabeth, d. inf. 

John, mar. Jane 
Orme of Burton, 
& left 3 dau s . 

Jane, mar. Joseph 
Marshal of Newark, 
& had Thomas & 

Thomas Asline of= 
Melton &Bentley, 
b. 28 Nov. 1688 ; 
d. 27 Oct. 1753. 

=Jane, dau. & c. of John Elam of New Hall- 
n 1 ' Wath, tanner ; mar. 24 Oct. 1721 ; d. 
2 March 1752, aged 61 ; bur. at Arksey. 

John, d. at Ann, mar. John 
Charlestown, Patrick of Leeds, 
aged 32. 

Jane, mar. Tho. 
Wilkes of East 

1 st hus- 

John & 



Thomasine W.,b. 
27 Nov. 1714 ; 

. Dalby. 


1 The above-named Tho. Pearson was son to ... . P. of Sheffield, by .... his 

wife who mar Eyre & another husband, from one of which marriages descended 

M r Parsons & his sister, who founded a file-smiths' charity at Sheffield. They left 
about £10,000 among the Pearsons. M r Pearson, the Vicar of Norton, was of the 
same family. 



MS. 292 

b | c 

William Asline of Sheffield,=p Mary Younge (see Ped., 

apothecary, d. 25 March 

p. 290), 
1785, aet. 


30 March 

Robert, of Sheffield, mar. 
a dau. of John Wilson of 
Broomhead, Esq. ; s.p. 

Joseph Ward of Sheffield, hardwareman. : 

Joseph Ward, appren- 
ticed for 8 years 1685; 
admitted 1693. 

Thomas Ward of Sheffield,=f=Hannah Lee, d. 22 
cutler, apprenticed for 8 Dec. 1731 ; related 
years 1697 ; d. 14 March to the Lees of 
1737. Chesterfield. 

Helen, mar. 
John Linfit 
of Sheffield. 


1. Samuel B. of = Mary, dau. of John Birkin-- 
Sheffield, cutler, shaw, by Susanna Spooner 

sister of Rachel (at p. 291); 

d. 28 May 1783, aged 73. 

1 son, d. s.p. 19 
Aug. 1786, aged 
64 ; admitted 
29 Jan. 1742. 

=Thomas Ward of 
Sheffield, cutler, 
1 st husb., only 
child that left 
issue ; admitted 
28 May 1726. 

Ann Linfit,=pJoseph Ward of Sheffield^Sarah Asline, only 

1 st w., d. 7 
Sep. 1778, 
aged 31. 

merch 1 , principal heir to 
Sam. Broomhead, Master 
Cutler 1789 ; d. 15 April 
1820, aged 75. 

dau. & h., 2 nd wife, 
b. 20 June 1757; 
living 1827 ; d. 
23 Jan. 1829. 

Mary, mar. 5 July 1805 to 
William W T allis Mason of 
Birmingham & of Beverley, 
where he d. leaving 6 chil- 
dren. =f= 


Sarah, b. March 4, 1786; 
mar. 26 April 1809 to 
John Brown of Sheffield, 
Atty, who was b. 8 Sep. 
1783. =F 

Hannah Ward, only 
dau., mar. Benjamin 
Plant of Sheffield 
Moor, and d. 20 Feb. 
1812. =f= 

Mary Ward Plant, only 
child, mar. 1 . . . . 
Sampson, 2 Timothy 
Hancock of Sheffield, 
& d. s.p. 18 Nov. 1812. 

I I 
Wallis. 1 


I I I 

Sarah. 9 

Ward. 3 


Eliza Anne, mar. 16 
Sep. 1858, at East 
Barnet, Herts, 
Charles Louis David 
Collier (or Cottier), 
Esq., of Le Prin- 
tems, Lausanne. 

John Henry. 
Edward. 4 

I I I 
William Ward. 


Erancis Charles. Helen. 
Emma, d. inf. 

Poole of Birmingham, sister to 

1 Of Manchester, druggist, mar dau. of. , 

his brother in law, & has issue. 

3 Mar. in 1832 James Poole of Sheffield. 
» Of Port Philip, N.S. Wales. 

4 Edward Brown mar. in 1834 the only child of W m Parker of Sheffield, merch*, 
brother of Adamson Parker. 

MS. 292 



D E 

Thomas Asline Ward=f=Ann, 2 dau. of Samuel 

of Park House iu par. 
of Sheffield, Master 
Cutler 1816. 

Lewin of Hackney, 
Esq. ; d. 27 Dec. 1826. 
(See p. 293.) 

John Ward= 
of Sheffield, 
3 & young- 

Frederick, of = Anne Char- 
Sheffield, lotte, dau. 
merch 1 , mar. of G-eorge 
at East Beaumont, 
Bridgeford, Esq., of 
Notts, 1 5 Sep. Bridgeford 
1858. Hill. 

^Elizabeth Sarah, 
dau. of John 
Briddon of Mid- 
dleton, co. Derb. 

John Brid- 
don, d. an 
infant April 

Arnold John, b. 
11 June 1828. 

Elizabeth Emma, 
b. 16 Oct. 1830. 

Edgar Temple. 

d. y. 
6 Nov. 

Henrietta, mar. 
5 Jany 1853 
Charles J. Hill 
of Manchester. 

i i 

Asline, of Sheffield, merch*, mar. 11 Nov. Caroline, 

1852 at Llanfro, co. Denb., to Eliz. Jane, d. 6 Dec. 

3 dau. of late Ric. Turner, Esq., of Him- 1839. 
ley Park, co. Staff. 

Thomas Asline, b. 15 Aug. 1853. 

Hannah, 1 w., dau. & c. (with Sarah,= 
w. of . . . . Watson & . . . . Newbould, 
p. 287) of Jonathan Watkinson of 
Sheffield, cutler, Master Cutler 1787; 
d. 26 Feb. 1803, aged 27 ; bur. at 

=Samuel Broomhead Ward= 
of Mount Pleasant in psh. 
of Sheffield, only son by 
the first wife, Master Cut- 
ler 1798, living 1827 ; d. 
1849 or 50. 

: Grace, 2 w., dau. 
tindale of Mas- 
sam, co. York ; 
mar. 9 Feb. 1809. 
(See 293.) 

Mary Caroline, mar. 19 Feb. Eliza, 
1835 to Charles John Myers, unmar. 
Vicar of Flintham, Notts, & 1844. 
Rector of Ruskington, co. 
Line, & has issue. 

Louisa, mar. 
Rob. Har- 
greaves of 
co. Lane, 
M.A., Esq. 

I I 

d. an 

Ann, mar. 1812. 

John Harrison, 
d. inf. 

Samuel Broomhead Ward of Caius Col- 
lege, Cambridge, A.B., in Holy Orders, 
eldest son, unmar. 1827, Rector of 
Teffont Ewyas in Wilts 1830, & mar. 
9 Dec. 1830 to Ellen, eld. dau. of Elias 
Chadwick, Esq., of Swinton near Man- 
chester. =p 

Joseph Ward, 2 son, 
mar. 5 Dec. 1827, at 
Sheffield, to Mary 
Hadfield, niece of 
Samuel Collis Ou- 
tram of Prior Bank, 
Esq. =f 

Sarah Ward, mar. 
1 Sep. 1817 to 
James Rimington, 
Esq., of Broom- 
head Hall in par. 
of Ecclesfield. 




MS. 292 

Henry Chad-= Matilda, eld. 
wick Ward, dau. of W m 
Esq., mar. 29 Wiley, Esq., 
March 1860 LL.D., Bar. 
at St. George's at Law, Regis- 
Church, Dub- trar of the 
lin. Court of Pro- 

bate, Dublin. 



4 or 5 
more ; 
1 son 
d. in 

Matilda, Marie Louisa, younger 
b. 1828. dau., mar. 27 July 1859 
— W m Shepherd W., son 
Outram of Eobert Williamson, 
Samuel. Esq., of Eamsdale Hall, 

Mary, eld. dau., d. 
6 July 1831, aged 
13, at Montmirein 
near Neufchatel. 

Sarah Henry. Harriet, mar. 10 Oct. 1848 at 
Caro- — Bradfield to Viscount North- 
line, James land, eld. son of the Earl of 
d. an Wilson. Kanfurley to whom he suc- 
infant. ceeded, but soon d. 

I I 



John Brown, son of Ralph, of Lincoln, innkeeper, & Susan his wife=j=Sarah Ward. 


John Henry Brown, Master of the=pEmily, 2 dau. of Edward, of Bir-=pSarah, dau. of Will 1 " 
Collegiate Institution, Liverpool; - - - - . . _ . 

Clerk, of Trin. Col., Camb. 

Greo. Rudstone mingham, merch*, 
of Hull. an Ati7. 

Parker of Sheffield, 

Mary Helen. Hy Francis. Edith. Walter Rudstone. W m Edw. Courtenay (?). 

(John) Elam of New=pAnne .... survived & made her will 17 Sep. 1719. To be bur. in Wath 
Hall in Brampton. I Church, & a sermon preached at her funeral. To the poor of Brampton. 

i i i 

Jane Wharam, eld. dau. Mary Car e , wife of Tho' Carr, who is Ex r . Elizabeth. James Elam. 


Thomasin Mary, has a shilling & the like sum to Ann Cawthorn of 

Wharam. Swinton, & Richard Sissons. 


MS. 293 

Godfrey Watkinson of Hansworth= 
Woodhouse, where he purchased 
an estate. He had been Vicar of 
Clown, but became Quaker ; d. 7 
of 6 mo. 1711. 

: Ann, dau. of Eobert Stacye of London, 1 merch*, 
of the Stacyes of Ballifield ; had a sister Ann 
mar. to Tho. Aldam of Warmsworth, one of 
whose descendants gave me this account ; d. 
23 of 5 mo. 1702. 

1 She was rather dau. of John Stacie of Ballifield. (See p. 560. See p. 346, 480.) 
Godfrey Watkinson certainly mar. Ann Stacye, dau. of John of Ballifield, before 

1669. (See will of her aunt Ann Ehodes.) He was of Hansworth Woodhouse, & 

d. 7 of 6 mo. 1711. Ann his wife d. 23 of 5 mo. 1702. 

MS. 293 




Godfrey Watkinson of Hansworth=pMary, dau . of 

Woodhouse, was 50 years old when 
he mar. ; d. 3 of 2 mo. 1752. 

Hardcasfcle of Hard- 
castle, Garth. 

Mary, mar. 27 July 1709 
to Azarias Williams of 
Fishlake, Yeo. 

James Watkinson of Hansworth Woodhouse, 
had 2 sons who went into the Army, & a 
dau., w. of . . . . Oldale of Hansworth Wood- 
house ; he mar. 3 wives, the last a wid. of 
Joshua Wigfall ; b. 9 of 5 mo. 1724. 

Mary, mar. David 
Davy of Whitley 
Head n r Kighley 
in Craven ; b. 29 
of 5 mo. 1719. 



All d. infants. 

Jonathan Watkinson of Shef-=j= 
field, cntler, Master Cutler 
1787 ;b. 12 of 9 mo. 1739. 


dau. of Thomas Watkinson of Sheffield, mar. 
.... Almond a person from Whiston, & had no issue ; 
of Sheffield. or John ; b. 14 of 7 mo. 1726. 

Sarah Watkinson, elder of the 2 dau s & co- 
heirs, mar. 1 Wil. Watson of Sheffield, 2 Tho. 
Newbould of Sheffield. (See Ped., p. 287.) 

Hannah Watkinson, 2 dau. & c, mar. 
Samuel Broomhead Ward of Mount 
Pleasant, Esq. (See Ped., p. 292.) 

MS. 293 

Thomas Fox of Cleveley near Garstang, Esq. 

Ann, mar. 
Nunes of 

.... mar Fazaker- 

ley of Liverpool. 

.... mar Dowson 

of Liverpool. 

These Nunes were related to Henrietta, 
dau. of ... . Nunn of Eltham, Esq., 
whom Harry, Duke of Bolton, took to 
wife, & had by her a dau., b. in 1753 ; 
mar. to Lord Hinchingbroke. 

.... Lewin of Daventry, supposed to be of a family in Leicestershire- 
who bore Per pale gules & azure, 3 stags' heads caboshed or. 


1 w., dau.=pRobert Lewin of Hackney, Esq., Secre- 
Innis. | tary to the Bank of England. 

^Rebecca, 2 w., dau. 
Samuel Hautayne. 


Hannah, d. 

Samuel Lewin of=f=Ann, d. 1834 at 



Hackney, Esq. 



Ann, mar. Thomas Asline Ward 
(p. 292) ; mar. 17 Nov. 1814. 


Maria, mar. John Bowring of 
Hackney, The Poet & M.P. 

John, & many others. 



MS. 293 

A | B 

Samuel Hautayne Lewin, mar. Dec. 13, Thomas Fox Alicia, mar. Henry Hunt 
1834 at StMarg 1 , Westminster, Mary, dau. Lewin, un- Piper of Norton, co. 
of Wil. Peene, Esq., of Loose in Kent.. mar. Derb., V.D.M. 

i ii ii 

Herbert, b. 3 Alice. Alicia Lewin, Emily Frances, mar. Geo. Elliot of 
June 1838. unmar. unmar. Poplar, chemist ; d. at 

Lewes 1854. 

i i i i i 

Octavia, mar. Edw. Cobb of Calthorpe Eliza, Henry Hunt, Lewin Frede- 
House in Banbury in 1844. unmar. d. unmar. Alfred, rick. 

Robert Lewin of=. . . . dau. of 

Hens- Edmund Lewin.^p. . . . dau. Sarah, 

Liverpool, man of Bedfordshire ; In the Bank of 

V.D.M., had 8 related to the Belshams England, 
children. (p. 85). 

of . 


Joseph. Mary. Hannah, mar. 1 . . . . Withers, Lieut. Sarah, mar. 
in the Navy, 2 . . . . Dawson. .... Bray. 

From the information of the family. 

JHartintrale— $isMl 

MS. 293 

Henry Aiskell of Warcop near Brough in Westmorland 1698. 


Harrison of Appleby=p. 

John Harrison, b. 3 Oct. 1733 ; d. unmar. at 
Masham 19 June 1808 ; he was at the taking of 
Quebec 18 Sep. 1759 ; sailed round the world 
with Cap. Wallace 1766 & 1767 ; in Lord Rod- 
ney's engagement 12 April 1782 ; bur. at Mas- 
ham, where is a handsome tablet to his memory 
placed by M rs J. B. Ward to whom he left the 
bulk of his fortune. 


2 dau. & c. 

d. un- 

d. un- 


in West- 

2 dau s & coheirs. 

near Carlisle. 

Mary, b. 1740 ; mar. 
Tho. Peirson, Gent., 
of Sand Hutton & of 
York ; she d. 9 Sep. 
1814, & was bur. at 
St. Maurice's Church 
out of Monk Bar. 

Martindale of^. . . . Aiskell, elder of=p. . . . Bird of . . . ,=p, 

Hodgen or 
Hodgins of near 

MS. 293 




Thomas Martindale,= 
only child, b. 6 Jan. 
1717 ; mar. at York 
22 Sep. 1764; d. 
15 May 1789 ; bur. 
at Masham. 

=Margaret Twaites of 
Masham, b. 1 May 
1743; d. at Shef- 
field 19 May 1814 ; 
bur. at Ecclesal 



Lieut. Col. Bird, slain at 
the Battle of German 
he was unmar., & left his 
property to his half- 
brother & family M r 
Tho. Martindale. 

.... a dau., 

Banks, heir 
to the estate 
called Wheel- 
barrow Hall. 

Mary Martindale, elder dau. & c, b. 23 Sep. 1766 ; 
mar. 1 Richard Fielder, 2 Henry Bolland of Har- 
gili Lodge near Masham, brother to John Bolland, 
Esq., of Park Lane & Clapham, M.P. for Bletch- 
ingley ; she d. s.p. 25 June 1805. 

Grace Martindale, b. 12 July 
1778; mar. at Masham 9 Feb. 
1809 to Samuel Broomhead 
Ward, Esq. (p. 292), & d. 8 
Jan. 1822. 

See for Bolland, Ped. of Beckwith of Clifton. 

MS. 294 

JHarsImit— Wtnttox. 

Isabel, the wife of Samuel Greaves, was only 19 at the time of her death. 

Thomas Marshal of Sheffield. He was a member of Rev. T, Jollie's^ 
congregation, & all his children were bp. by M r Jollie. 

Jeremiah Marshal of= 
Sheffield, bp. 12 Feb. 
1688-9 ; a cutler. 

=Hannah, dau. of Luke Winter Joshua, bp. Edward, bp. 
of Sheffield, cutler ; bp. 1 Jan. 20 Nov. 12 Dec. 

1698 ; mar. 28 Sep. 1719. 1690; d.inf. 1692. 

Samuel Marshal of Sheffield, ironmonger, d. unmar. ab* 1800 ; only Lydia, only 

son. He was a well-known & remarkable character at Sheffield for dau., d. un- 

many years. His will with multitudinous provisions may be re- mar. 
ferred to as one proof of the peculiarity of his disposition. 

Timothy M. of^Helen Pearson, survived & 11 Jan. 

Sheffield, cut- 
ler, bp. 17 Jan. 
1694-5 ; d. 5 
March 1750, 
aged 54. 

1754-5 mar. 2 Wil. Smith of Shef- 
field, cutler, & d. 20 Dec. 1777, 
aged 69. 

Sarah, bp. 31 
May 1697. 

Mary, bp. 21 
Feb. 1698-9. 

Joshua, bp. 22 
April 1700. 

George, bp. 18 
June 1702. 

Henry Vennor of Warwick, linendraper. 

Hephzibah Marshall 
1 w., mar. at Shef- 
field 31 Au£. 1770. 


: Thomas Vennor of Shef-= 
field, mercer, d. at Atter- 
cliflPe, & was bur. in the 
Chapel Yard, Queen 
Street, Sheffield. 

=. . . . 2 w., dau. 
of Wild- 
bore of Not- 
tingham ; no 

Edward Ven-= 
nor of Ware, 
V.D.M., liv* 

R R 



MS. 294, 295 

Thomas Vennor=. . . . dau. of John 
of .... co. Brewer of New- 

Monmouth, Esq. port, co. Monm., 


Samuel Yennor of = 
Sheffield, AtF, d. 
at Liverpool, leav- 
ing an only dau. 

Elizabeth, mar. 
John Brewer of 

Greaves of Ashborne.= 


Isabel v., 2 w., mar. at War- 
wick 1764; d. 18 April 1765. 
Mary, 1 w., d. 2 Feb. 1763, 
set. 28 ; bur. at Nether Chapel, 
Sheff. ; issue all d. inf. 

=Samuel Greaves of Sheffield,=f Frances, 3 w., dau. 
grocer, formerly of Ash born, 
lived in the latter part of his 
life at Graystones, & d. there 
22 May 1813. Will 9 Jan. 

of ... . Rawson of 
Nottingham, a 
banker ; d. Jan. 
1813 ; mar. 1766. 

Henry Vennor Greaves, 
only son, d. at Hull 
Sep. 1816, where he 
was keeper of a public 
library ; bp. at the 
Nether Chapel, Sheff., 
19 April 1765 ; left no 


Frances, unmar. 1828, bp. at the 
Nether Chapel July 10, 1767 ; d. 
unmar. 19 June 1837 ; bur. at the 
Nether Chapel. Made her will, being 
then of Nottingham, spinster, 27 
June 1832. Names her cousin W m 
Ford Rawson, & his sons W m Bacon 
Rawson & Samuel Fred. Rawson, 
& many other persons, including 
James Montgomery. 

Elizabeth, unmar. 
1828; bp. at the 
Nether Chapel 7 
June 1770 ; d. 
unmar. 20 Nov. 
1811 ; bur. at the 
same chapel. 

Thomas G. of Oulcote's Farm,= 
Heath, co. Derb. 

=Hannah Johnson of Yeaveley Dorothys 
near Ashborne. 


Thomas, of 





Hannah, mar. 
Benj. Jack- 

Dorothy, mar. 
Wil. Hayes 
of Mansfield. 

Elizab, mar. Wil. 
May of Woolley 
Moor n r Clay 
Cross, co. Derb. 

Nath 1 . 

John, of Stony 
Houghton, co. 


Thomas, of = Charlotte 
psh. of .... 


Ann, mar. Matt w 
Marriott of Heath 


Mary, mar. 

Fox of 

Glass well. 

MS. 294 




John Butter-=pAnn 

worth of 
Nabb's Hall 
in the par. of 


John Pashley .... a dau., mar Sarah Pashley, mar. 

of Higham Wadsworth, & left dau s Joseph Turner of 

Ferrers, where who went to live with Sheffield, cutler, 

he was stew- their uncle at Higham about 1720. (See 

ard to the Ferrers & inherited his my Family G-ene- 

Earl of Mai- fortune. alogy, p. 64.) Be- 

ton. lieved to be another 


Joseph, of 
3 son. 


4 son. 

Jonas, of 
5 son. 

Sarah, mar. Joseph 
Turner, son of 
Joseph T. & Sarah 

.... mar. 
.... Bever 
of Wake- 

Ann, mar. 

John Ellis 
of Barns- 

Joseph, of 


John Ellis. 

Ann E. 

Joseph, of 


John B., 
1 son. 

dau. of Matthew,=f : Elizab. Haigh of Peniston, sister to the 
Shaw. 2 son. mother of Rev. W. Broadbent at p. 302. 

Matthew, of 


Elizabeth, mar. 
.... Dicken- 
son, a miller, 
n r Peniston. 

Joseph, d. 
unmar., 1 

John, of = Peggy 


2 son ; 

Matthew, of Shef-=fDorothy 
field, 3 son. Hague. 


Joshua. Sarah, mar. Richard 
= Perkins of Dodworth. 

a dau., Richard. John. 

Anne. Mary. (Q. if not mar. to . . 
Bodkin of Croydon, tanner.) 

This from the information of M 1 ' Read of Derwent Hall, Sep. 1840. 
See York Wills 1759. To be carefully examined. 

M. Ins. in Nether Chapel Yard, Sheffield, for Samuel, son of Benj. Pashley, who 
d. 27 Feb. 1720. 

Joshua Pashley of Wentworth.=p. . . . sister of M rs Eliz. Ann 

Will 12 Dec. 1717. 

" Roger Pashley " of Park 
Verses (?). 

3, God< 

dard. John P.= 

Langley & M rs Henri- Dung- 
etta Wright. wortji. 

William Pashley. Jonas. Thomas. John. 




MS. 295 

This is one of Dodsworth's Pedigrees, vol. 88, f. 59. I have added Thomas 1 
description from a deed of sale of Parkin Shaw. 

Matt w Hardwick of Leeds, linendraper, & Eliz. his wife, & Eliz. Cook of Leeds, 
widow, convey lands at Campsal in 1698. — Mellish. 

See ped. of Cookson, Vicar of Leeds. See Durant (?) ped. 

Robert Cook=T=Catherine .... 
John=f=Alice .... 

John. Robert, of Askern.=f= 

Thomas, 2 son=f=. 

dau. & h. of Mann of Selby. 

Wiliiam=f=Prudence, dau. of John Middleton 
of Norton Priory. 

Robert=p Ann, sister of 
I Prudence. 

Charles West of = Catherine, 
Stamford in psh. dau. & h. 
of Hatfield. 1649. 

William Cook=pMargaret, dau. of Marm. 
1647. Elland of Carlinghow, & 

at last heir. 

William Cook, son &=f=Ann, dau. & heir of Edward Heton of 

h r app. 1647. 

Hawkhouse Green in par. of Bramwith. 

William, son Thomas Cook of Shieroliffe= Hannah Nicholas. Robert. Edmund. 

& heir, aged Hall near Sheffield, Gent — (See p. 

16, 1647. Sold Parkin Shaw in 1665. John. 423.) 

l^tattttotJK MS. 296 

Staniforth=pSarah, dau. of ... . Hancock & Lydia. (York Wills 1540.) 

Mary. Elkana. Samuel. John. 

.... Staniforth of Winco-^p 
bank in the psh. of Shef- 
field & Ecclesfield, co. York, 
temp. Elizabeth. 

Richard Staniforth of Winco-= 
bank, cutler. Will 14 June 
1612. This is probably the 
person at the head of the 
pedigree on the left. 

: . . . . mother 
Ann, & 
George Ash- 

MS. 296, 297 





John Staniforth of Win-- 
cobank, cutler, b. there 
in 1585, & d. there in 

: Ann .... b. at or near Wombwell 
in 1587 ; d. 2 Oct. 1676 in the 
90 th year of her age and the 25 th 
of her widowhood. 

John. Nicholas. 



Richard Staniforth, 4 th & youngest 
son, b. in Nov. 1627 ; d. about 
the age of 23. 

Margaret Staniforth, 
eldest dau., b. in Sep. 

Helen Staniforth, b. 
in Feb. 1624 ; mar. 
Rich d Milner, and d. 
in 1686. 

John Staniforth of Wadsley Bridge, cutler, eldest= 
son, b. at Wincobank, & bp. 3 Sep. 1613 ; ad- 
mitted to his freedom in the Company of Cutlers 
of Hallamshire in 1634; d. at Wadsley Bridge 
11 Nov. 1672. 

: Helen, dau. of Anthony and 
Elizabeth Law of Ollerton 
in the psh. of Sheffield ; mar. 
in 1641 ; d. 19 June 1675. 

Nathan Stani-=Mary Roebuck, mar. 
forth of Penis- at Peniston 25 Sep. 

ton, co. York, 
eldest son. 

1667 ; bur. there 12 
Dec. 1699. 

Jeremiah Stani-=f= 
forth of Winco 
bank, 2 nd son. 

Luke Staniforth, 
3 rd son, admitted 
to his freedom in 
the Company of 
Cutlers 1670. 

Joseph Stani- 
forth, ad- 
mitted to his 
freedom in the 
Company of 
Cutlers 1699. 

John Brown-=pMartha Staniforth, 


of Winco- 
bank & 

administrator, with 
her sister Lydia, of 
the goods of Ellen 
Staniforth her mo- 
ther 1707; of Win- 

Lydia Staniforth, administra- 
tor, with Martha wife of John 
Brown, of the goods of Ellen 
Staniforth her mother 1707 ; 
she was b. in 1666 ; was the 
2 nd w. of John Parkyn of Mor- 
temley in the psh. of Eccles- 
field,Gent., & d. in Feb. 1732. 


John Sparrow of= 
Wincobank, Esq. 
(See Ped., p. .) 

: Lydia Brown, sole 
surviving dau. & 
heir, bp. by M r 
Jollie23 0ct.l701. 

John Parkyn of The Elms, Gent., only 
child, d, without issue 25 April 1739, 
aged 29 ; bur. in the Church Yard of 

Lydia Sparrow, eldest dau. and coheir, b. in 
1734; mar. Joseph Roberts of Sheffield, 
merch*. (See Ped., p. .) 

Theodosia Sparrow, younger of the 
two dau s & coheirs, mar. James 
Stovin of Whitgift, co. York, Esq. 

Catherine Roberts, sole remaining issue, the other children having 
d. without issue ; wife of Samuel Walker Parker of Newcastle- 
upon-Tyne, Esq. (See Ped., p. .) 



MS. 296 


William Staniforth of Attercliffe in the psh. of = 
Sheffield, 2 nd son, b. in Nov. 1615 ; d. 22 March 
1702. The family have an old Bible with the 
entry of the births of this man's children. 

Lawrence Staniforth, 3 rd son, 
b. in Feb. 1618 ; admitted 
to his freedom in the Com- 
pany of Cutlers 1641. 


1. John Stani-= 
forth of Atter- 
cliffe Hill Top, 
eldest son, b. 
15 June 1649. 


4. Sarah Staniforth, eldest 

dau., b. 17 Nov. 1655. 1 

5. Anna Staniforth, 2 nd dau., 
b. 3 Oct. 1657. 

The account of the births of these children is taken from 
a MS. in possession at that time of M r William Staniforth, 
the surgeon. Nothing is said of the marriages of these 
dau s , but Ellen Staniforth informed me that one of them mar. 
.... Fletcher of Ashburn. This is worth notice, when we 
find among the Dales, at p. 455, that Mary Dale, a grand- 
dau. of John Shaw, mar. .... Staniforth of Sheffield, & 
Euth her sister mar. Richard Fletcher of Ashburn. 

John Staniforth of : 
Attercliffe Hill Top, 
Gent., d. 10 March 
1765, aged 77, and 
was bur. at Atter- 
cliffe. He was bp. 
at Sheffield 16 June 

=Elizabeth, dau. of Henry 
Younge of Sheffield (see 
PED.,p.290), b. in 1691; 
mar. at Sheffield 3 May 
1715 ; d. 17 Jan. 1758, 
& was bur. at Attercliffe. 

.... Staniforth, wife of ... . 
Spooner of Crook's Moor, by 
whom an only son Hugh 
Spooner of Crook's Moor, 
who d. without issue 25 June 
1792, aged Q6. - 

William Staniforth = 
of Sheffield, mercer, 
after his marriage 
of Norton near Bury 
St. Edmund's, Esq., 
eldest son, b. 4 Sep. 
1717; bp. 17 Oct.; 
d. without issue 11 
Nov. 1786. 

:Mary, sole dau. & heir 
of Cox Macro, D.D., 
of Norton & Little 
Haugh, co. Suffolk 
(see ' Hallamshire,' p. 
253) ; mar. 8 May 
1767 ; d. without issue 
16 Aug. 1775. 

John Stani- 
forth of 
surgeon, 2 nd 
son, bp. 20 
April 1726 ; 
d. in 1757 
or 1758. 

John Dossie Staniforth, posthumous & 
Church in Manchester 24 June 1758 ; 

: Anne, dau. of 
John Dossie, 
Vicar of Shef- 
field. She took 
to her 2 nd hus- 
band John 
Sherburn of 
Sheffield. (See 
Ped. of Dossie, 

p. o 

only child, bp. at St. Ann's 
d. young. 

Eobert Staniforth of=pCatherine, another 

Manchester & of Lit- dau. of John 

tie Haugh after the Dossie, Vicar of 

death of his brother Sheffield. 

William, 3 rd son, bp. 

7 April 1727; d. 5 

March 1788. d 

Anne S., wife 
of John Allot 
of Sheffield ; 
no issue. 

i i i 


I I I 

Sarah. Alethea. 

Alethea. Elizabeth. 

All d. in their 


1 Sett 1 before marriage to Samuel Staniforth of Bramley, Yeo., 26 May 1680. 
From M r Swift. Her father described as " hardwareman." 

MS. .296 



John Patteson of Nor-= 
wich, Esq., late Mem- 
ber of Parliament for 
that city. 


=Jane Staniforth, sole dau. 
& heir ; heir also to her 
uncle William Staniforth 
and to the Macros. 

Catherine, d. 
24 April 1763, 
aged 1 year. 


d. 6 Dec. 
aged 5. 

Jane, 1 wife, sister to Charles= 
Redman, Esq., Lord Mayor 
of York, from the information 
of Rev. W. Staniforth; d. 
without issue 27 Nov. 1723, 
aged 76, and was bur. in 
Attercliffe Chapel Yard ; mar. 
at Christ Church, York, 12 
Sep. 1676. 

-2. Samuel Staniforth of Atter-= 
cliffe, second son and the 
second-b. child, b. 30 July 
1652 ; he mar. when very old, 
soon after the death of his 
first wife ; d. 13 Feb. 1733, 
and was bur. in Attercliffe 
Chapel Yard ; called " Pinner " 
in Reg. of his marriage. 

: Rachael Hancock, 
second wife, she 
survived, & mar. 
2 nd] y Matthew 
Jepson of Winco- 
bank, by whom she 
had no issue. 

Samuel Staniforth of Sheffield, mercer^Mary, dau. of William Ash of Heckmon- 

only child, b. 3 Aug. 1725; d. in 
September 1811, aged 86. He contri- 
buted part of the information on which 
this pedigree is compiled. 

wyke, co. York, by .... his wife, dau. 
of Joseph Priestley of Birstall Field 
Head, aunt to D r Joseph Priestley (see 
Ped., p. 40); she d. 26- May 1751, aged 23. 

Samuel Staniforth of Sheffield, 
mercer, elder of the 2 sons, b. 
8 Dec. 1747 ; living at Shef- 
field unmar. 1820 ; one of the 
Town Trustees of Sheffield ; 
d. unmar. ab* 1824. 

William Staniforth of Sheffield^ 
surgeon, younger of the 2 sons, 
late one of the surgeons of the 
Sheffield Infirmary, b. 9 Oct. 
1749 ; living 17 Sep. 1820. This 
my worthy old friend d. in 1834. 1 

: Ann, dau. of 
Joseph Cam 
of Boston, co. 
Line. ; living 
17 Sep. 1820; 
d. ab* 1823. 

Samuel Herbert Stani- 
forth, youngest son, d. 
at Paris, where he was 
pursuing his medical 
studies, in May 1823, 
aged 26 ; unmar. 

Mary Anne Harriet Anne Staniforth, only re- 
Staniforth, Staniforth, maining dau., mar. at 
d. in her in- d. unmar. Sheffield 24 June 1819 
fancy. 1 July to William Cater Smith of 

1820. Chesterfield, ironmaster, 

& has issue. 

William Staniforth^ 
of Sheffield, sur- 
geon, one of the 
surgeons of Shef- 
field Infirmary, 
eldest son, d. in 

: Amy Susan, dau. of 
.... Lowley, some 
time an O nicer in 
the 44 th Reg*; niece 
of Miss Mower of 

John Staniforth of Sheffield, Attorney 
at Law, 2 nd son, Clerk to the Police 
Commissioners, unmar. 1820 ; mar. at 
Sheffield 9 Dec. 1824 to Eliza, young- 
est dau. of John Vickers of Mill Sands 
in Sheffield, & has issue, Herbert, 
Gertrude, Anne, & Walter. 

Susanna, mar. Cha. 
Basil Mansfield of 
Swansey, Solicitor ; 
d. leaving a son. 

d. in- 

Samuel, an William, Miles Lowley, a boy at 

Officer in 2 son, in school, of Sheffield, mar, 

the Bava- the Navy, dau. of V. 0. Smith, & 

rian Service. Lieut. d. a few months after, f 

1 Here are three generations of men filling up nearly 2 centuries 1652 — 1834. 
Speaking in the reign of William IV. he would say " My father's father was b. in 
the time of the Commonwealth." 



MS. 296, 297 

I I 

Charles, Harriet, 2 dau., d. in 

4 th son. Bavaria, and brought 

to be bur. at Atter- 

cliffe, aged 21 in 1842 

Emma, mar. at Swan- 
sey 20 July 1855 to 
Le Compte Brockdorf 
Schneg (?). 

r | a 

Isabel Georgiana 
Amy. & another. 

8. William Staniforth, 
3 rd son, b. 4 April 

6. Joseph Staniforth, 
twin with Mary, 4 th 
son, b. 23 Feb. 1660. 

7. Mary Staniforth, b. 23 Feb. 
1660; mar. John Hoole of 
Tinsley, Gent. 

8. Benjamin Staniforth, 5 th son, b.^fAnn. 1 9. Luke Stani- 

4 Oct. 1662 ; of Sheffield ; lived for forth, 6 th & 

a time at Exeter. He was a hard- youngest son, 

wareman, & d. in the service of the b. 18 Oct. 1664. 

10. Martha Stani- 
forth, youngest 
dau., b. 20 Oct. 

John Staniforth of Sheffield,=f=Sarah, dau. of Jeremiah Staniforth of Sheffield, 

b. at Exeter. He lived at 
the Irish Cross, Sheffield, & 
was a barber. 

scissorsmith ; she survived & mar. secondly 
Sampson Hough, writing-master of the Free 
School in Sheffield. 

Joseph & Ellen Staniforth, the only surviving child, b. 2 Nov. 1728'; she mar. 
Ruth, d. David Broadhurst of Sheffield, cutler, by whom she had no issue ; she 
in their gave this account of the family 4 May 1805 ; d. in Aug. 1807. She 
infancy. had a son b. out of wedlock called John Staniforth, who was a farmer, 
mar. & had issue at Sheffield. 

Benjamin Staniforth of Sheffield. He 
went into the Army and d. in Chelsea 
Hospital. His only child d. young. 

Thomas Wood of=pAnn Staniforth, bp. 

Sheffield, cutler, 
of Attercliffe. 

at Sheffield by M r 
Jollie 21 Sep. 1691. 

Sampson Staniforth, b. at Sheffield. One of 
the early coadjutors of John Wesley. (See 
his remarkable history in Southey's ' Life of 
Wesley/ vol. ii, p. 136-145, but see p. 298.) 

Thomas Wood 1 
of Attercliffe 
and Sheffield, 
only son. 

=Mary, dau. of Samuel 
Watson of Sheffield. 
He lived in WaterLane 
& was a coal-leader. 

Henry Longden of Sheffield and of Thorncliffe, ironmaster, 
a distinguished person amongst the Methodists at Sheffield. 

He was= 

Ann Wood, 
only dau. 

Henry Longden of Sheffield, ironmaster, b. ah* 1784. 

1 " Ann, wife to Benjamin Staniforth, who d. Dec. 18, 1688. Here lieth 
interred the body of John Staniforth, late of Exeter, who departed this life October 
17, 1709." From a stone on the S.E. side of the parish church of Sheffield, on which 
are also the names of Hancock & Wood, but Q. if correctly transcribed. 

MS. 297 



Thomas Taylor=pCatherine, dau. of John Cooper of Wombwell. 

William Tay-=f=Ellen, dau. & h. of Philip Rolston 2. John, 
lor of Nether of .... co. Notts, by Ellen his — 

Woodhall, wife, dau. & c. of Tho. Bosvile of 3. Henry. 

1 son. New Hall, Esq. 

4. Richard. Ellen, mar 

Staniforth of Hat- 
field House in Shire 
Green. (Seep. 299.) 

John. William. Ellen. Mary. Hannah. Elizabeth. 

See curious marriage of Staniforth at p. 277. 

See ' Methodist Magazine' for 1783, pp. 13, $6, 122, 181, 237, 294, and 348, for 
account of Sampson Staniforth who was b. at Sheffield in Dec. 1720, &l d. in 1799; 
Everet's ' Methodism at Sheffield,' p. 52 ; 1 think M r E. says he was son of a Luke 

See a Jeremiah Staniforth in ped. of Taylor of Wauton (?). York Wills 2065. 

After the death of Rolston Ellen mar. Matt w Vesey & had Bosvile Vesey 
of Barley Hole who mar. Mary, dau. of Tho. Taylor and Francis. All this is from 
N. Johnston. 

MS. 298 


Samuel Staniforth of Sheffield. 1 

Jeremiah Staniforth of Sheffield, scissor-- 
smith, admitted to his freedom in the 
Company of Cutlers 1694. 

=Ellen Shiercliffe, mar. at Sheffield 29 
Nov. 1696. Her grandfather is said 
to have lost a good estate in the Civil 

Samuel Stani- 
forth of Shef- 
field, hardware- 
man, d.unmar. 

Joseph Staniforth, V.D.M., a Presbyterian 
Minister, educated under M r Wadsworth ; 
settled at Malton, & afterwards in Havant 
in Hants, where he d. He mar. the dau. 
of a Minister in Yorkshire, & had 2 dau s , 
Elizabeth and .... 

Sarah S., wife of 
John Staniforth 
of Sheffield (see 
Ped., p. 297), 
and 2 nd of Samp- 
son Hough. 

John Staniforth of Attercliffe^Mary. 

James Staniforth of Sheffield Park=p Ann Makin of Sheffield. 

Hannah S., wife of William 
Marsh of Sheffield Park, 
brother to Sarah. 

Maria S., went 
to London. 

Several sons, amongst whom 
might be the Sampson Stani- 
forth on p. 297. 


William Staniforth of Sheffield Park, 




s s 



MS. 298 

ohn ! 

John Staniforth = 
of Sheffield 
Park, cutler. 

=Mary, dau. of Mark 
Furniss of Sheffield 


William Staniforth= 
of Sheffield Park, 

= Sarah, dau. of "Wil- 
liam Marsh of Shef- 
field Park, cutler. 

Sarah S., wife of John Ashmore Martha S., wife of Mark Furniss Hannah, went 
of Park Gate, innkeeper. of Sheffield Park, brother to Mary, to London. 


MS. 299 

William Staniforth of= 
Rotherham, mer- 
chant, b. about 1600 ; 
mar. 16 May 1627. 

: Isabel, dau. of Ealph Hatfield of Hat-=j=John Swathe, 

field House in Shire Green and of 
Laughton le Morthing. (See Ped., 
p. 14.) Will 24 Oct. 1674. 

1 st husband. 

Samuel Staniforth of Roth- 
erham, ironmonger. Will 
17 Sep. 1658. 

Sarah, mar. John Firth, 
Vicar of Mansfield. 

Elizabeth, wife of Timothy 
Lin ley of Potherham, mer- 
cer, & 2 Thomas Bovil, 
Clerk, whose wife she was 
in 1674, & had Elizabeth, 
living in 1674. 



John Swathe 
of London, 
1658 of 

Dorothy,* 1 w.,= 
dau. of John 
Shaw the ejected 
Minister at Hull 
& Rotherham ; 
mar. 10 Dec. 
1657. (SeePED., 
p. 143.) 

Anne, 2 w.. dau.= 
of John Spate- 
man of Rode- 
nook, co. Derb., 
Esq. (see Ped., 
p. 462) ; mar. 10 
Dec. 1661 ; bur. 
11 June 1667 at 

Jonathan Staniforth- 
of Rotherham, Gent., 
bp. 4 June 1608. 
Bought a good estate 
at Firbeck. Will 
dated 18 Aug. 1679; 
proved 5 Jan. 1680. 

: Mary, 3 w.,= Christian, 
dau. of John 4 w., dau. 

Disney of 
Esq. ; mar. 
at Mans- 
field 23 
April 1671; 
d. 24 July 

William, t bp. Jonathan, son & heir John & 

25 Feb. 1659; app.,bp.22 June 1666 ; Samuel, 

d. y. living 1679 ; seems to d. y. 
have d. young. 

Disney Staniforth of= 
Firbeck, Esq., bp. at 
Rotherham 1 Dec. 
1674 ; living 1722. 

of Sir 
Knight of 

: Mary,dau. 
&o. of 

Issue. (See l South Yorkshire,' vol. i., p. 301.) 

This family were Nonconformists. Jonathan Staniforth, by his will 1679, gave 
an annuity of 20 s for 10 years to be paid annually on the 24 th of August to each of 
the following 10 ejected Ministers, viz. : — 

Rowland Hancock. 
Edward Prime. 
Matthew Bloome. 
Jonathan Grant. 
William Burton. 

Nathan Denton. 

Thomas Rose. 1 

Jonathan Staniforth. >My Kinsmen. 

Timothy Staniforth. J 

Taylor of Sheffield. 

Bur. at Rotherham 19 March 1658. f Bur. at Rotherham 26 March 1659.— J. W. C. 

MS. 299 familm: minorum gentium. 735 

[Nathaniel Staniforth was ejected at Grlimpton in Oxfordshire,, but there is no 
more than his name in Calamy Ace*, 542.] 

Jonathan & Timothy Staniforth were brothers, sons of an antient godly Minister. 
They were ejected at Hognaston & Allestree in Derbyshire. (See Oal. Ace*, 
p. 168.) Tho. Rose was ejected in Nottinghamshire ; he was b. near Sheffield & went 
to school at Rotherham. (Oal. Oont., 699.) William Burton I do not see in Oalamy 
List, & suspect an error in the name. 

There had been a marriage between Staniforth & Hatfield before, one of the 
sisters of Alexander, father of Ralph, having mar. a Staniforth. (See p. 14.) 

See will of Samuel, brother of Jonathan (York Wills 8Q8), & of Isabel Staniforth 
1674, & of Jonathan Staniforth. 

Disney Staniforth & a person at Balby near Doncaster had a great dispute about 
the invention of a plough. 

Jonathan Staniforth, the ejected Minister, deposes in an Exchequer Suit that he 
was then, 1668, aged 40, & that he was presented to the Rectory of Hognaston by 
King Charles the Second in the 13 th year of his reign. 

Anne Staniforth, mar. at Crich 7 May 1628 Edward Wolley, Vicar of Orich, who 
was bur. there 25 June in the same year, M. P. B., xii., 87. 

A Nicholas Staniforth is called nephew in the will of Nicholas Mounteney of 
Rotherham 1614. Can this be Nicholas S. of Tinsley, Yeo., in whose will, 28 June 
1614, we find his wife Joan and children Robert and Elizabeth Walker. Joan was 
dau. of Roger Elmhurst as by the E. Ped. 

An Anne Staniforth of Tinsley mar. the first William Spencer of Bramley 
Grange at Sheffield 4 Aug. 1583. 

Again, Nicholas Staniforth of Sheffield, in his will 10 June 1575, names his wife 
Rose and children Robert, Nicholas, Humphry, Rose, Ann, & sons-in-law Rob. Hill, 
Simon Coll (?), and John Harvey, which latter mar. Margery Staniforth at Sheffield 
13 May 1565. A Nicholas Staniforth mar. Isabel Hook at Sheffield 11 Oct. 1584, 
& a Nicholas Staniforth is called brother in the will of John Hook of Attercliffe 
1621. (See p. 554.) 

George Linley of Sheffield, Yeo. Will 27 July 1671.=f= 

Timothy Linley=pElizabeth, dau.=Francis Bovile Mary Linley, mar. at Frances Linley, named 

of Rotherham, of Wil. Stani- of Rotherham, Sheffield 20 Feb. 1667 in the wills of 1668, 

mercer. Will forth of Roth- Clerk, 2 nd to Stephen Bright, & in 1671 as wife of 

23 Sep. 1668. erham, merch*. husb. named in the wills of Humphry Barnes. 

1668 & 1671. 

Elizabeth Linley, has £150 in her father's will ; living 1674. 

Who was Tho. Lindley of Dalton n r Rotherham who mar. Margaret, dau. of John 
Bamford of Pule Hill about 1630, and George Lindley of Heringthorpe who mar. a 
dau. of Francis Cressy of Holme (p. 220). 

See Ped. of Harrison, p. 342. 

ms. 300 f^alL 

Nathaniel Hall mar. Ruth, sister of John Clayton of Sheffield, cutler, whose 
will was made 1 Dec. 1707, and names her. The marriage might be about 1685. 

George Hall of Oughtibridge, yeoman.=p 

Henry Hall of Sheffield, cutler, apprentice in the^pHannah Stones. 
Corp. of Cutlers of Hallamshire in 1693. a | 



MS. 300 

Henry Hall of Sheffield,=f Sarah, sister of Samuel Sanderson, V.D.M., of Bed- 
cutler, eldest son ; mar. at 
Sheffield 23 Sep. 1734. 

ford. Another sister mar. 1 Furniss, 2 . . . . Jen- 
nings ; said to have been b. in Bradfield parish. 

.... 1 st wife; 
sister of Tho s 
Biggen of 
Norton, co. 
Derb., scythe- 
smith, but q. 


Henry, d. in his infancy. 

Rebecca Hall, only dau. 
& heir, wife of John Le- 
vick of Sheffield, cutler. 

: Samuel Hall of= 

= . • • • 

John Hall, bp.=f=Lydia, dau. 

Sheffield, cut- 


15 Nov. 1740, 

of.... She 

ler, afterwards 


V.D.M. at 

was his ser- 

Post Master 



there, in which 

co. York, & at 

situation he d. 

Rotterdam in 

about 1800. 

Holland, where 
he is living 
1828 ; d. 1829. 

John Hall of London, = Sarah 

merch*, and of Epping Hall, 

Forest in Essex, Esq., wife 

High Sheriff of the 1 st of 

county of Essex in .... 
1816, and Justice of 
Peace ; knighted. 

i i i 



D. in 
their in- 

William, young- 
est son, Cap n in 
the 81 st Infan- 
try; d. at Bath 
Ford near Bath 
Dec. 1851. 

Nathaniel Hall of Sheffield, cutleiv 

Joseph Hawks-= 
worth of Shef- 
field, apothecary, 
1 st husband ; d. 
without issue. 

= Hannah Hall,- 
only surviv- 
ing dau. & 


=John Har-= 
mer of 
V.D.M.,2 nd 

., 2 nd wife, 
dau. of W m 
Parker of Shef- 
field, cutler. 
(See Ped., p. 

Henry. George. 

Both d. in their 


Harmer, only issue of the 1 st wife ; mar. Joshua Hawksley of 
Sheffield, merchant, and has issue (p. 285). 

George Hall of Shef- 
field, cutler. 

: Hannah, dau. of William Rad- Joseph Hall, Hannah Hall, 
cliffe of Sheffield. (See Ped., d. young. d. unmar. 

p. 301.) 


Henry Hall of Sheffield^Catherine, dau. of John Harris of Ashford, co. 
cutler, only son. living 1821 ; or of Moniash. 


George, d. 
unmar. in 
1804, aged 
ab* 22. 

I ! 

Henry, now living = 
at North Shields. 


Catherine, only dau., mar. David John, 
Daniel Davis, then of Sheffield, d. an 
M.D., now of George Street, Han- in- 
over Square, London, Physician fant. 
to the late Duke of Kent. 


dau. of M r Serjt Peak. 

MS. 300 

.... Sanderson of Bradfield =t= 


Jonathan, a Min r at Rovel in Northampton- = Durrard of Leicester- 
shire, b. 1719 ; d. 18 April 1747. shire ; left a widow. 

Martha. Tamar. 
One of them mar. 
.... Hobson. 

MS. 301 


The earlier generations of this family are taken for the most part from the 
Parish Register of Wickersley. The latter I have received from the family & those 
who knew them. But the marriages of John Radcliffe are from notes made from 
the information of M rs Towers, a Turner. 

Humphry Radcliffe of Wickersley in the- 
West Riding of the County of York. 

=Ann, d. at Wickersley a widow, 
and was bur. there 2 Oct. 1669. 

Elizabeth, 1 st wife,= 
bur. at Wickersley 
30 Oct. 1684 ; dau. 
of ... . Siberry. 

John Radcliffe of=pElizabeth, 2 nd wife, bur. at 

bp. 19 

Wickersley, d. 18 
May 1696, & was 
bur. at Wickers- 

Wickersley 30 Aug. 1719 ; 
wid. of John Roebuck. 
(Q. if her original name 
was not Holdsworth.) 

bp. 21 Aug. 



Ann Radcliffe, bp. 9 Nov. 1675 ; Elizabeth, bp. 5 April 

mar. at Worsbro' 25 March 1706 1681 ; mar. Bartholo- 

to Thomas Yates of Wickersley. mew Jones, & d. with- 

(See Ped., p. 303.) out issue. 

William Radcliffe of Sheffield,=pHannah, dau. of Mercurius 

cutler, bp. at Wickersley 6 
April 1693 ; d. 24 Nov. 1743, 
aged 50, & was bur. at Shef- 

Shemeld of Sheffield ; mar. 
there 4 Sep. 1720; d. 7 
June 1770, aged 74, & was 
bur. at Sheffield. (See 
Ped., p. 302.) 

Thomas, bp. 25 April 
1691 ; bur. 28 April 


Rebecca, bp. 13 April 
1689; bur.7 Jan. 1709. 

Ebenezer Radcliffe, bp. 14 Jan. 1731 ; he was Presbyterian^fElizabeth, dau. & 

Minister at Boston & in London ; gave up the Ministry about 
1781, and lived for many years at Walthamstow, where he 
d. in 1809 ; d. 17 Oct. 1809, aged 77. 

coheir of Edward 
Clarke Parish, 
Esq. (See p. 5.) 

Stephen Iveson of Black=Elizabeth Radcliffe, only child, mar. about 
Bank near Leeds, Esq. 1796, & is now living without issue, June 
(See Ped., p. 302.) 1821 ; d. at Bath July 1837. 

1 I I I 

John, bp. 12 Feb. John, bp. 3 Feb. William, bp. 4 Sep. Thomas, bp. 13 Feb. 

1722; d. 17 Oct. 1728; d.unmar. 1736; probably d. 1740; d. 21 Sep. 

follows without issue. 1765. a 



MS. 301 


Hannah Radcliffe, bp. 24 
Sep. 1723 ; mar. George 
Hall of Sheffield, cntler. 
(See p. 300.) 

William May- 
hew of Lon- 

: Mary Radcliffe, 
bp. 4 Feb. 1725. 

Elizabeth Radcliffe, 
bp. 5 Nov. 1734 ; 
d. unmar. 

Richard Sheldon of Sheffield=r Hannah Mayhew. Thomas, mar. & had issue. 

l st = Joseph Barrett, V.D.M.,of Carter 

wife. Lane, London, now residing in 

Mecklenburg Sq e 1821 ; now, 
1827, of Theobalds. Herts ; d. ah* 

: Jane Sheldon, 2 nd wife, mar. about 
1805; living 1821. She & her 
sister M rs Drake inherited property 
from -their uncle Radcliffe. 

Radcliffe Barrett, only son, aged about 10, 
1821 ; a Solicitor in London. 

6 dau s . One mar Moreton, 

another mar Solly. 

Mary Sheldon, wife of Wil- 
liam Walker Drake of Lon- 
don, Attorney, & is living 
without issue 1821. 

Ebenezer Sheldon, an= 
apothecary in Mount 
Street, mar. 2 a sister 
of M rs Barrett, & d. 
in 1832. 

: . . . . dau. of ... . William, 
Jones of Mount d. in the 
Street, London. East 

I I 

Emma. Mary. 

Hannah, aged 17, Elizabeth, aged 15, Louisa, youngest dau., 
1833. 1833. aged ab* 14, 1833. 


MS. 302 

Richard Shemeld 1 of Sheffield, co. York, ironmonger; d. about 1645. : =f : 

Joseph Shemeld of Sheffield.=f= 

1 The Inventory of this Richard Shemeld was in possession of Elizabeth the 
widow of Jonathan Shemeld. This creates a presumption that they were of the 
same family. It was made 22 Oct. 1645 by Gregory Sylvester, Nicholas Stones, 
John Dale, Humphry Shemeld, and Nicholas Ashton. The total amount of his 
goods, chattels, and credits was £6675 5s. 6d., a large sum for a tradesman of Shef- 
field for that time, even when a deduction is made for the debts which may be 
presumed to stand against it. He had considerable dealings in lead. In the Parish 
Register of Sheffield is " 1633, Nov. 10, bp. Ann dau. of Richard Shemeld." § This 
is entered in a hand larger than that in which the rest of the Registry is written ; 
and an index t^ is affixed to denote as I suppose that there was something remark- 
able about the person whose baptism is there recorded. It is probable that she was 
the Ann Shemeld, a benefactor to the Grammar School, whose portrait in glass is 
said to have been in one of the windows of the school. 

MS. 302 




Mercurius Shemeld of Sheffield and of Bil-= 
lingley in the parish of Darfield, co. York, 
tanner. Will 28 June 1701. 

: Mary, q. dau. of John Hill of Billingley, 
who is called father-in-law by Mercury S. 

John Shemeld= 
of Billingley, 
Gent., bp. at 
Sheffield 19 
Jan. 1681 ; d. 
31 Dec. 1731, 
& was bur. at 

-Mary, sister & 
coheir of John 
Kiplin of Ack- 
worth, G-ent. 
(see Ped., p. 
90) ; d. 30 
May 1771, 
aged 81, & 
was bur. at 

1 st wife, 
mar. at 
field 30 
27 Oct. 

= Jonathan S.= 
of Sheffield, 
merch 1 , bp. 
10 April 
1688 ; d. 5 
1723-4, & 
was bur. at 
Sheffield ; 
no issue. 

= Elizabeth, 2 nd wife, dau. 
of John Bamforth of 
Full wood, by a niece of 
John Fox of Full wood 
Hall, G-*, to 1/6 of 
whose estate she was 
heir ; made her will 22 
June 1750 ; codicil 13 
Oct. 1752 ; d. 24 Dec. 
1757, aged 83. 

Hannah Shemeld, mar. 4 Sep. 1720 
to William Radcliffe of Sheffield, cut- 
ler ; she & her son Ebn r are men- 
tioned in her sister-in-law's will. 
(See p. 301.) 

Mary Shemeld, 
bp. 21 Feb. 1683. 

Joseph Shemeld, 
bp. 29 Jan. 

James Shemeld ; in- 
dentures of his ap- 
prenticeship enrolled 
by the Company of 
Cutlers of Hallam- 
shire 1704. 

Lancelot Iveson of Leeds. (See his descent=pMartha Shemeld, 

from the Ivesons of Black Bank in 
Leod,' 2 nd edit., 104.) 


d. 1 Oct. 1810, 
aged 77 {sic). 

Ebenezer Rad- 
cliffe of Walt- 

Henry Iveson 
of Black Bank 
near Leeds, 
Esq. ; living 
in 1814. 

Mary, d. un- 
mar. 17 Oct. 


Henry Jowetfc,=p Charlotte, 

A.M., Rector 
of L. Dunham 
in Norfolk. 

d. 20 Dec. 


Stephen =Elizabeth 
Iveson Radcliffe, 
of Bath, only dau. 
Esq.; no & heir, 

John, William, & Elizab., Henry Jowett. Lancelot. Edward. Charlotte, 
all d. young. 

John Shemeld of 
Billingley, d. 25 

Dec , aged 

37, & was bur. at 

Joseph Shemeld of=p 
Barnsley, d. 16 
Sep. 1768, aged 
42, <& was bur. at 

Elizabeth, d. unmar. 
21 June 1758, aged 
40, & was bur. at 

Mary S., d. un- 
mar. 20 Aug. 
1764, aged 50, 
& was bur. at 

Eliz., 1 st wife,=pThomas Biggen of Norton,=f Margaret Shemeld, 

dau. & heir of scythemaker, co. Derb. dau. & heir of John 

.... How- He was a son of Ezra Big- or Joseph, 2 nd 

arthofMachin gen & Rebecca Yates (see wife ; no issue. 

Bank near p. 303). His sister mar, 

Sheffield. Sam. Hall (p. 300). 

b Tho a B., d. y. 

William Shemeld, 
only son ; d. with- 
out issue 9 May 
1790, aged 38, 
and was bur. at 



MS. 302 

Kebecca Biggen, coheir, wife 
of Will m Broadbent of War- 
rington, co. Lane, V.D.M. 
(See p. 294.) 

Ann Biggen, co- 
heir, wife of Ro- 
ger Gaskel of 

Thomas Biggen Broadbent, only 
offspring, b. 17 March 1793; 
M.A. of the University of Glas- 
gow, V.D.M. ; d. 1817. 
(See ' Monthly Repository/ 
xiii., 1.) 

Tho s Big- 
gen Gas- 
d. unmar. 

Elizab. Biggen, coheir, wife 
Will. Webster of Norton 
Holmegate near Chesterfield. 




Thomas Web- 
ster, 1 son, 
d. unmar. 

W m Web-=7=Jane, dan. 

ster, d. 

of Benj. 
Coney of 

3 sons, 1835. 

.... Shemeld 
of Sheffield, 

. Shemeld of Sheffield, merch*.^ 


.... wife of John Jubb of Sheffield, 
mercer, & of Ballifield in par. of 
Hans worth. 

.... wife of ... . 
Oakes of Shef- 
field, merch*. 

.... wife of Caesar 
Jones of Sheffield. 

^ The name of Shemeld is antient at Sheffield, but as I never took any particular 
pains to collect the evidences of the Genealogy I am not able to connect the family 
on this page with others of the name. I find — 

Castle Shemeld, Master Cutler in 1674. 

Joshua Shemeld, bur. 1683,1 u *u j -i j u -mr ■• 

John Shemeld, bur. 1684, } bofch describ ed by Mumoeps. 

Richard Shemeld mar. Elizabeth Hollinshead 6 Oct. 1582. 

John Wadsworth mar. Margaret Shemeld 9 Jan. 1602. 

George Hill and Mary Shemeld were mar. 27 Feb. 1643. 

William Spencer and Mary Shemeld at Braithwell 24 Oct. 1661. 

William Winter and Mary Shemeld were mar. 1 Aug. 1668. 

These are from the parish Register of Sheffield, where are many other entries of 
the name. 

Mercurius Shemeld was a dissenter, & the baptisms of most of his children are 
to be found in the Rev. Timothy Jollie's Register. The family on the right of this 
page were, within my remembrance, of the same society of Dissenters. I have heard 
that they descended of a brother of John Shemeld of Billingley. 

It appears from M r Jollie's Register that he had two other Shemelds members 
of his church, viz., James, who had a son of the same name bp. 19 April 1682, and 
Benjamin, who had a dau. Ann bp. 14 Aug. 1689. 


MS. 303 

Anthony Yates of Sheffield and afterwards^ 
of Wickersley, co. York, where he bought 
an estate, bur. there 27 Aug. 1683. De- 
scribed himself in his will A. Y. of Wick- 
ersley, tailor, 12 Aug. 1683. 


=Rebecca, dau. of Tho- 
mas Siberry of Wick- 
ersley; mar. 19 Sep. 
1670 ; bur. 13 Aug. 

ohn ; 

John Siberry, 
bro.-in-law in 
will of A. Y, 

MS. 303 




Thomas Yates= 
of Wickersley, 
second son, bp. 
26 Feb. 16734. 

=Anne, dau. of John Eadcliffe 
of Wickersley(seePED.,p. 301); 
bp. 9 Nov. 1675 ; mar. at 
Worsborough 25 March 1706 ; 
bur. 19 March 1748-9. 

I | 

Anthony Yates, 3 rd Catherine, 

son, bp. 6 April bp. 5 Jan. 

1679. He went to 1676-7. 
sea & was never 
more heard of. 

Catherine, bp. 26 
Dec. 1711 ; bur. 
29 th inst. 

Catherine, bp. 26 March 1713 ; mar. 
6 Nov. 1740 to Joshua Turner of 

Eebecca, wife of Ezra 
Biggen (see p. 302) 
of Little Norton. 

Thomas Yates=pMartha, dau. of . 


of Wickersley, 
bp. 29 Jan. 

Wharam of Great 
Houghton, co. York, 
or of Potter Newton; 
a tanner. 

Elizabeth Y., bp. 5 Feb. 1706-7 ; mar. 18 
Feb. 1727-8 to Joseph Cozens of Eother- 
ham, by whom John & Joseph who d. un- 

mar., & Will 111 who mar Hill, but d. 

without issue. 

Thomas Yates of=f=Mary, dau. 

Wickersley, bp. 5 
March 1741-2; 
ob. 24 Aug. 1766. 

of James 
Woollen of 

= George Allison 
of Wickersley, 
second hus- 

Ann, bp. 
5 Nov. 
1740; d. 

Elizabeth, bp. 5 Nov. 
1743 ; mar. James 
Woilen of Sheffield. 


Ann Yates, only child, b. 1765 ; d. 24 Dec. 1770. 

John Yates of Wickersley, eldest- 
son & heir, bp. 18 June 1671 ; 
apprentice at Sheffield for 9 years 
1684 ; d. 22 April 1748. 

: Martha, dau. of . 

Mary Marsh, I believe, her 

sister, mar. John Troufc, a 


Marsh.=f=John Eoebuck of 
Wickersley, 1 st 
husband, mar. at 
Sheffield 28 Oct. 

John Yates=f=Tamar, dau. & heir of Thomas Mary Y., b. 1731 ; d. John Siberry 

of Wickers 
ley, Gent., 
b.1735; d. 
7 April 

Coupland, by Ann his wife, unmar. 5 Feb. 1761. 
dau. & coheir of Thomas — 

Smyth of Blythe & Wickers- Elizabeth Y.,b. 1732; 
ley, Gent. ; living 1823. d. unmar. 1 July 

17 (Q.). 

Eoebuck of 

George, d. unmar. 
Joseph, d. unmar. 

Samuel, of Sheffield, living 1823. 
Mary, b. 1776 ; d. 17 Oct. 1795. 

I I 
Ann, unmar. 1823. 

Elizabeth, unmar. 1823. 

John Yates, now of Wickersley, Gent., 
eldest son & heir, living 1823 ; d. un- 
mar. before 1840. 

William Yates, 2 nd son, of= 
Knightsbridge near Lon- 
don, a druggist ; livs 1823 ; 
now of Wickersley 1840. 


Holt Yates, only son, now of the University 
of Edinburgh, M.D., settled in London. 


T T 



MS. 303 

, Syberry, 


Catherine S. of Wickersley, sp. Will 21 Jan. 1728 (York Wills 2016). Many relations. 

Hannah Matthewman, Thomas Mallin- Sarah Naden, William Radcliffe, 
niece. son, nephew. niece. nephew. 

Ann Yates, Thomas Yates, nephew. Nathaniel Roebuck, nephew. John Syberry Roe- 
niece. =p =p buck, cousin. 

I I I I 

Tho. Eliz. Cath e . Rebecca. 

Cath e R. 

Conjectured Descent of Roebuck. 

i i i 

John^Elizabeth^John Radcliffe,=T=Elizabeth John Sibery Anthy=f=Rebecca 



2 nd husband, 
mar. about 


of Wickers- 


John Roebuck of Wickers-=pMartha=:John Yates, 2 nd husband, 

ley, mar. 1717. 

Marsh, mar. about 1730. 

John Sibery Roebuck. 






.... mar 

of Brampton. 

Ann R.=Thomas 


MS. 304 

The early parts of this pedigree are copied from a pedigree among Brooke's 
Genealogies of Strafford and Tickhill families. He appears to have received it from 
M r Samuel Walker of Masborough, who may be called the founder of the family, to 
whom a Grant of Arms was made when he had acquired great property by the 
ironworks he established at Masborough. 

William Walker of Ecclesfield,=p Mary, dau. of Joseph Wood of the 
co. York, ob. 1708, set. 59. par. of Ecclesfield ; d. in 1726. 

.... first=i=Joseph Walker of Eccles-=f=Anne, 2 nd wife, dau. of Jonathan Hargreave. 
wife. field, ob. 1729. | 

Joseph Wal- 
ker of Eccles- 
field, eldest 

r Anne, dau. 
of William 
Darwent of 
co. Derb. 

Benjamin W., 
d. without 

David Craw-=Mary=. . . . Mitchel 
shaw of of Denby, 

Barnsley, 1 st 2 nd husband, 


Joseph Walker of Hex- 
ham in Northumber- 

i i 

-Hannah, dau. of Mary, wife Jonathan, 

James Shemeld 
of Sheffield. 

of .Richard 

d. unmar. 

Grace, wife 
of James 


Mary W., wife of , , . , Parker, Hannah, 

MS. 304, 305 



Jonathan Wal-=j=Sarah, dau. of Richard Ainlie ; d. 6 

ker of Mas- 
borough and of 
ironmaster, 3 rd 


Jan. 1776, aged 62, and was bur. 
in the parish Church of Rotherham. 
She had a former husband .... 
Platts of Stubbing House, by whom 
Sarah Platts her only child, mar. to 
George Kirk of Meadow Hall. 

Hannah Walker, 2 nd dau., 
wife of John Bordman. 

Ann Walker, 3 dau., wife 
of John Yates. 

Susannah W., 4 th dau., 
wife of Joseph Wood. 

John Drake of Rotherham & of Tyers Hil] near Bradford=pAnn W., only dau. 

William Walker Drake=Mary, dau. of Rich- Mary Drake, only dau., wife of 

of London, Attorney; ard Sheldon of Shef- William Yates of Masborough, 

no issue 1822; only field. (See Ped., p. son of John Yates and Ann 

son. (See Ped., p. 214.) 301.) Walker. = 

Mary,* 1 st wife,=pJonathan Walker, f only son,=Mary, J 2 nd wife, 3 rd dau. of Sam 1 

dau. of Samuel 
Walker of Mas- 
borough, Esq. 

aged 22, 1778 ; of Ferham, 
Esq. ; a Justice of the Peace 
for the W. R. of the Co. of 
York ; d. at Ferham 7 May 

Hallowes Hamer of Rotherham, 
Esq. ; mar. at St. John's 
Church, Wakefield, 19 March 

Jonathan W.§ of Ferham,=Anna, sister of Marcus Barr 
Esq., only son, no issue of Worcester, Esq. ; mar. 
1822. in Dec. 1803. 

Mary Ann,|| only dau., 
unmar. 1822. 

Samuel Walker of Masborough, Esq.,=f Mary, dau. Aaron Walker,f = 

principal Founder of the Ironworks; of Thomas 5 th & youngest 

the 4 th son ; b. in 1716 ; d. 12 May Sykes of son, also of 

1782, & was bur. at the Chapel Ecclesfield. Masborough, 

erected by himself at Masborough. ironmaster. 

d. in his 

Ann W., youngest dau., 
wife of John Whitacre 
of Wood House near 
Huddersfield (see p. 96); 
she d. 12 July 1829. 

=Rhoda, dau. of 
Wood of the 
par. of Eccles- 

John Walker of 
Masborough & 
of Burlington, 

mar ; no 



Hannah, only dau., wife 
of John Pearson of 
Leeds, son of ... . P. 
of Rotherham, apo y , & 
bro. to D r A. Pearson. 

* D. 15 July 1803. M.I. at Ecclesfield. 

f D. 5 May, set. 50, as per M.I. in Ecclesfield Church. 

J D. 15 Sep. 1819. M.I. at Rotherham. 

§ D. at Hawkhills near Easing wold 17 Jan. 1842, set. 60. 

|| D. unmar. 19 Sep. 1856. % D. 28 Jan. 1777.- 

J. W. C. 



MS. 304, 305 

Joseph Walker of East— 
wood in psh. of Rother- 
ham & afterwards of 
Aston, co. Derb. ; High 
Sheriff of the County of 
Derby 17—. 

=. . . . another Thomas Walker of Masborough, Esq., 

dau. & coheir youngest son, mar. another dau. of 

of Samuel the said Samuel Need, & had no issue ; 

Need; d. near of Berry Hill near Mansfield ; d. with- 

Rotherhamin out issue at his house in the Royal 

May 1823. Orescent, Bath, 15 April 1828 ; Sher. 
of Notts 1809. 

Joseph W. of Aston, Esq., 

eldest son, mar dau. 

of Samuel Walker Parker 
of Newcastle. (See Ped., 
p. 288.) 

Thomas W., 2 nd son, an=Oonstantia Frances 
Officer in the Scotch Anne, dau. of John 
Oreys, mar. at Newton, Claudius Beresford, 
Timarady, in Ireland, 1 Esq. 
May 1819. 


Harriet, mar. Feb. 1813 to Catherine, 

William Alderson, Rector wife of 

of Aston, co. York. (See .... 
Ped., p. 285.) 

Sophia, 3 rd dau., mar. at 
toTho s Trebeck,Esq.,of 
the Royal Artillery. 

Joshua Walker of Clifton near Rother-=j=Susanna, dau. & coheir of Samuel Need 
ham, Esq., 2 nd son, and of ... . of Nottingham, Esq. 

Henry Walker of Blythe, Esq., eldest=p. . . . only dau. of Edw d 

son and heir, M.P. for Aldborough 
in Suffolk; mar. at Melburn, co. 
Derb., 8 Sep. 1806. 

Abney, Esq., of Kings 
Newton, co. Derb., by a 
dau. & coheir of Sam. 
Need, Esq. 

d. young. 


Henry Frederick, =Miss Howard of Portland Place, mar. at 
eld. son. St. James' Ch., London, 19 Aug. 1833. 

Joshua W. of London, Esq.,=p Anna Maria, dau. of Allen 
" ' ^' ' " Holford, Esq., ofDaven- 

ham, co. Cest 1 '. (See 
' Ormerod,' iii., 127.) 

M.P. for Aldborough ; bf 
Hendon Place, Midd., & 
Clifton, co. York. 

Susan W., mar. in April 
of Belper, co. Derb., 


Frances, 1 dau., mar. at Brighton 14 Aug. 1829 to Felix Frederick 
Bean, Esq., of Olapham House near Seaford. 

Mary W., 1 st dau., wife of her 
cousin Jonathan Walker. 

Sarah, 2 nd dau., mar. William 
Parker of Sheffield. (See 
Ped., p. 288.) 

Samuel Wal- 
ker of Mas- 
borough, eld- 
est son, b. in 


=Sarah, dau. of John= 
Nutt of Sheffield, 
sister & at length 
heir to Joseph Nutt, 
Esq., a Director of 
the Bank of England. 

: Thomas Booth 
of St. Anne's 
Well near 
Barnsley, 1 st 
husband. (See 
Ped., p. 306.) 

MS. 304 



Samuel Walker of=F. . . . dau. of . 

only son & heir ; 
of Eastwood. 

Palmes, Esq., of 
Naburn, co. York. 

Mary W., 1 st dau., 
b. 1775 ; wife of 
Hugh Parker of 
Woodthorpe, Esq. 

Margaret W., b. 1776 ; 
mar. 1806 to William 
Walker of Lincoln's 
Inn, Esq., and now 
of Leeds. (See Ped., 
p. 129.) 

Elizabeth W., mar. 24 May 1827 to Francis Holcombe, 
Esq., of the Royal Horse Artillery. 

MS. 306 

3Soot|) — #utt 

Lemuel Nutt of Shire Green.= 

John Nutt of Sheffield^Marg*, dau. of wife of ... . Law of Sheffield 

and afterwards of Raisin 

Carr, Alderman of by whom John Law of Sheffield who 
York. mar. Lydia Loy. 

Joseph Nutt of London, John Nutt of London, merch*, Margaret, d. unmar. 

Esq., a Director of the mar. a dau. of Ja s Crockett of — 

Bank of England j acquired London, merch*, and d. with- Elizabeth, living un- 

great property, and d. un- out issue. mar. 1805. 
mar. in 1805. 

John Booth of Laund in psh. of Ecclesfield.=p 

John Booth of Brushes or=p. . . . dau. of . 

Brush-house in par. of 
Ecclesfield. Bought estate 
in that parish. 

Jenkinson of 

Anne Booth, wife of William 
Wilkinson of Crowder House 
in par. of Ecclesfield. (See 
Ped., p. 474.) 

Thomas Booth of St. Anne's=pSarah Nutt=p Samuel Walker of Masboro', Esq., 

Well near Barnsley. 

2 nd husband. (See Ped., p. 304.) 

Elizabeth Booth, wife of George Lempriere of 
London, merch*, afterwards of Masborough ; 
no issue. He d. in 1825. 

Sarah Booth, the 
other dau. & co- 
heir, never mar. 

Anne, Benjamin Sayle of Wentbridge, d. in 1808 ; son of Thom s =f=Mary. 

d. unmar. Sayle of the same place, by Olivia his wife, dau. of Samuel 
Sunderland of Bradley near Skipton (p. 264). b 



MS. 306 


Benjamin Sayle of Thomas = Margaret, 3 rd 

Brightside in par. Sayle of dau. of John 

of Sheffield, Esq., Went- Holroyd of 

unmar. 1822 5 com- bridge, Grove House 

municafced much of Esq. near Leeds, 

this pedigree ; at (See ' Due. 

Bath 4 Feb. 1823; Leod.,' 2 nd 

d. 1846. edit., p. 29.) 

Olivia S., wife of Hen- 
ry Jackson of Shef- 
field, apothecary, & 
has issue; mar. at 
Wentbridge Dec. 
1800. He d. in 1837. 



Henry, of Shef-=f=Frances, dau. of John Swettenham Olivia. 

field, surgeon. 

of Attercliffe, Gent,, & formerly of 
Wirksworth, Sol r 

Margaret, d. 
unmar. 19 
July 1813. 

Henry, b. 12 
March 1839. 

Frank, b. 1840 ; 
d. 1846. 

Bdw., b. 1842. Arthur, b. 1845, 

John Booth* of Brush-house, Esq., 
d. unmar. about 1796 and was bur. 
in a small cemetery which he con- 
structed in his own grounds at 

William Booth of Brush- 
house, Esq., principal 
heir to his brother. 

. . . .f dau. of ... . 
Kay of Eastwood in 
par. of Rotherham. 

Henry,$ 5 th son, Major in 
the 43 rd , unmar. ; d. at 
North Allerton 6 May 
1841, being Lieut.-Col. 

George, 6 th son, 
of Lincoln Col- 
lege, Oxford, 

. Margaret. 3. Ann. 4. Elizabeth. 1 
All unmar. 1823. 

William, 3 rd son, Captain in the 15 th Hussars, unmar. 1822-3 ; 
mar. 18 June 1823 to Elizab. Mary, only dau. of R. Webb, 
Esq., of Ham Common ; now Major, & mar. 1832 Harriot^ 
dau of Sir William Brown-Cave-Browne, Bart. ; or was it 
Henry that made this marriage ? 

Charles, 4 th son, 
Captain in the 
52 nd . Slain at 

Sarah, 2 nd dau., mar. 
in June 1809 to 
Hugh Mellor of 
Shire Green. (See 
Ped., p. 474.) 

John Kay Booth, || M.D., of Leeds, & now 
1823 of Birmingham, eldest son, mar. 

Maria, dau. of , she d. 27 May^[ 1824 ; 

& 2, in 1827, Adele, dau. of Sam. Galton, 
Esq., F.R.S., of Duddleston House, co. 

Thomas, 2 nd son, 
of Brush House, 
unmar. 1823. 

1 Elizabeth, youngest dau. of W. B.,mar. at Ecclesfield 12 Oct. 1826 to Thomas 
Binns, Esq., Solicitor, of New Inn, London. 

* D. 1797, fet. 42. f Sarah, dau. of John Kay. 

J Mar. Mary Anne, dau. of ... . Monkhouse, and had three sons. 
§ Wife of William ; d. at Bristol 10 June 1849. 
|| D. 14 Jan. 1859, set. 81 ; bur. at Ecclesfield. M.I. 

% Bur. at Ecclesfield, M.I., where her only child John, b. 20 May 1824, d. 26 March 1835, was 
also bur. 

Eastwood's * Ecclesfield,' Hunter's * Hallamshire,' 2nd ed., 451. —J. W. C. 

MS. 306 

.... Sayle.= 


J T 

John, of Campsal 1620= Catherine 1620. Nicholas, of Woolley =p 

John, of Darton. 



Frances Bur-=f=John S., dead before 1691=pSusan, a wid., 
gun, 1 w. I 1691. 

This from M r Mellish's 

Mary, mar. Nathaniel Mapplebeck. Ann. John Sayle 1707= Susan. 

Richard Nutt of Madda Hall in psh. of Rotherham 21 Sep. 1680, cutler.=f= 

Richard, Martha, w. of Sarah, w. of John Joseph=r=Mary, dau. of W m 
£20. John Hill. Billam. Hawley, Gent. 

Richard N., a grandchild. Samuel. 

MS. 307 

bottom— M&tx— War*- 

John Parker, Esq., AH. of Retford, d. 1785, aged 66. 
There is an Aid. Parker. I believe his son now of Eetford 1828. 
was Darker Parker, and he d. in Feb. 1833, aged about 74. 

His name 

Richard Goodwin of Jumble Hole 
near Chesterfield, co. Derb. 

Joseph Beever^p 
of Thurlston. 

George Goodwin= 
of Dungworth in 
the Chapelry of 

i . i 

Abigail Charles Moxon of San-=Elizabeth= Anthony Lacock 

Bever. dall, schoolm 1 ', 1 st 

husb., named in his 
bro. in law's will. 


of Wolley, 2 nd 

Job Ellis of Cowley in par. of=f=Rachel, dau. of Edw. Younge=p Richard Goodwin 

Dronfield, 1 st husb., mar. at 
Sheffield 30 Aug. 1724, 

of Sheffield (see Ped. 291) ; 
b. 9 Feb. 1702-3 ; d. 9 March 
1787, set. 85. 

of Barlow in psh. 
of Staveley. 

Rachel, Edward Goodwin, only surv.= 
only child, one of the Ass* Min rs 
issue, of Sheffield, & Curate of 
d. inf. Attercliffe, communicated 
this ped. in 1803, d. 1 July 
1817, set. 86 ; bur. at Cow- 
ley 5 June 1732 ; bp. 24 th . 

: Elizabeth, dau. of 
Tho s Cawthorn of 
Sheffield, uphol- 
sterer ; sister of 
James Cawthorn 
(the Poet), Master 
of Tunbridge 
School ; d. 18 
July 1786. 

George, d. Mary, d. 
inf. ; bur. aged 17, 
at Barlow 25 Mar. 
2 Oct. 1752 ; b. 

1730, set. 2. 24 May 



MS. 307 

Edward Goodwin, only child, one of the 3 Assistant Ministers of Sheffield, 
living unmar., aged ab* 50, 1824 ; d. unmar. on 20 June 1848. 

.... Parker of Retford.=F 

John Parker, Esq., Treas. of St. Bartholomew's Hospital,=p. . . . Parker. 
& 3 times M.P. for Leicester. (See Baker's i Northamp- 
tonshire,' vol. ii, p .) 

d. coel. 

.... mar. Joseph Nash, Esq., a grocer in Cannon 
St*, son of Wil. N., Aid. of London ; & 2 in 1785 
Edw. Loveden, Esq., of Buscot Park, Berks. 

.... mar. Sir 
G. W. A. 


.... Nash, only dau. & h., mar. 1797 to ... . Blake, Esq., 
Barr. at Law, son of .-. . . B., a Banker in Lombard Street. 

Joseph Bever 1 of New Miller Dam, a dyer, d. 9 April= 
1725 ,• reputed to be rich ; will 3 April 1725 ; 
children all under age. 

: . . . . Milner of ... . near 
Barnslev, mar. in June 
1711; bur. 1 April 1721. 

John Bever, eldest 
son, had the family 
estate, & d. s.p. 
under age 1725. 

William Bever=. . . . dau. of= 
of Sheffield, .... Parker 

grocer, l st husb., of Ketford ; 
d. s.p. sister to John 


John Brown of Sheffield, 
apothecary, 2 nd husb., 
called by his acquaint- 
ances Regular Brown. 

Matthew Lambert- 
of Sheffield, mer- 
cer, lived in the 
Market Place. 

= Jane Bever, John Parker of Retford, Gent.= 
£1000 by (Q. if he had not another w. by 
father's will, whom Darker Parker), Aid. of 

Retford, who d. Feb. 1833, 

aged about 74. 

: Mary Bever, mar. 
at Sheffield 11 
Aug. 1740, 
£1000 by father's 

Anne, w. of William Ward of 
Sheffield, printer, after of Kil la- 
marsh, co. Dub., where he d. 
in Aug. 1798; mar. sett 1 dated 
23 May 1764. =p 

.... w. of Samuel 
Owen of Sheffield, 
grocer ; no issue. 

.... w. of 



.... only dau. 

& h., mar 

Vaughan, an 

William, d. young 
in his father's life- 
time Aug. 1792, 
set. 20. 

Thomas Ward of Dore House in par. of= 
Hansworth, only surviving son, d. about 
1826 ; will dated 30 Dec. 1826 ; d. 18 
Jan. 1827 ; prob. 25 May 1827 ; bp. at 
psh. Ch. of Sheffield 10 March 1779. d 

=Eleanor, 2 nd w. of 
Wilfred Huddle- 
ston, Rector of 
Hansworth ; mar. 
19 Feb. 1807. 

Names his sister in law M rs Alice Walker wife of M r Walker of Hunshelf. 

MS. 307 




Elizabeth, eld. dau., mar. 21 Aug. 1827 at Hansworth to Ann . . . . d. unmar. 
John Simpson, M.D., of Knaresborough & of Layton Hall. 15 Oct. 1829. 

John Lambert of Hull, inherited 
the Bever estates, mar. 
Appleby, & left issue. 

Jane Lambert, wife of ... . Gosling of Sheffield, 
she wrote 'Ashdale Village,' 6 Moral Essays,' 
etc., & d. in 1804. =p 


.... Gosling, only 
son, went abroad/ 

Jane Gosling, only dau., w. of . . . . Woollen, son of Matthew 
W. of Sheffield, innkeeper at the Bay Childers. 

Query if Tho. Ward, who mar. the half-sister of D r Pegge, was not nearly con- 
nected with this family. A George Ward of Killamarsh, Yeo., & Grace his wife, 
occur 1655 ; also a Geo. Ward of Killamarsh, Yeo., in 1721. 

W m Ward, the Sheffield stationer who published a newspaper, had a brother Tho., 
a farmer at Dore House, who d. 24 July 1806 ; will dated 25 Feb. 1804 ; prov. 
28 Oct. 1806 ; another George, of Killamarsh, who had Tho 8 Ward, a lunatic ; 
Robert, of Killamarsh, Eliz., Sarah, & Esther, mar. at the Quaker's Meeting House, 
Doncaster, 11 April 1800, to David Day or Doegof York, looking-glass maker. 

The above account I had from the elder Edward Goodwin my very good old 
friend, whose memory was very exact, yet it does not quite agree with the following 
pedigree which is written in the Register Book of Barlow where I believe Richard 
Goodwin was the parish clerk : 

George Goodwin, son of George, : 
of Grange ; b. 1 Nov. 1663. 

: Abigail, dau. of Joseph Beever 
of Thurlston ; b. 1 Nov. 1660. 

Anne, b. 2 June 1692 ; bur. 15 Sep. 1698. Jane, b. 31 March 1695. Richard, b. 20 June 1699. 

MS. 307 


Thomas Bever of Thurlston in paiv 
of Peniston, dyer 1635—1650, & 
appears to have d. in 1651. 

William Bever of= 
Thurlston. MS. 
of J. C. Brooke. 

Abraham Bever,=p. 
living 1684"; of 

. . dau. of 
. . Scatch- 

erd of Mor- 


Joseph. Joshua. 


Thomas, from 
whom Bever 
of Norfolk. 

John, of New 
Miller Dam, 
spent his 

Thomas, of = Ann, dau. of William. 

Heckmon- .... Matson. 


Elizabeth, mar Joseph, purchased 

Brooke or Neale of his uncle John's 
Otley. estate. 

Mary Bullas,=f=William Bever of Hornthwaite,= 
1 w. dyer & Yeo., b. 1625; will 1684; 

A d. 25 Oct. in that year. 

=Ann Greaves, mar. 
7 Jan. 1662; liv^ 
28 April 1695. 




MS. 307 


John .Bever, a Clerk, Vicar of Stainburn 1682. Had the 
presentation to the Vicarage of Ecclesfield by his father's 
will, beneficed at Weston-on- the- Wolds. — J. C. B. 

. . . . w. 
of Geo. 

Thomas Bever of Thurlston,= Helen, dau. 
dyer. Had lands there by &h. of Geo. 
his father's will. Removed Morton, by 
to Tickhill between 14 July dau. & h. of 
1690 & 9 Jan. 1692. In John Scott, 
difficulties. Sold Thurlston 
to Charles Wilson of Brom- 

Abraham Bever, had= 
lands at Ingburch- 
worth by his father's 
will, living at Wake- 
field 4 Aug. 1694 & 
in 1696. 

: Ellen, dau. of ... . 
Greathead of Mor- 
ley ; sister of ... . 
G., a merch* of 
London, & of M rs 
Wheatley, & M rs 
Hall of Sandal.* 

John Bever of Wakefield, d. unmar. Sarah, Francis, a 
1754; an oil-drawer & drysalter; left d.coel. merch* in 
his fortune to his niece M rs Ingram. London. 

Richard, a William, 
merch* at an En- 
Rotterdam, sign. 


Henry Bradley of Wakefield, son of James, by Frances^Elizabeth. 
dau. of Henry Robinson, Vicar of Leeds. 

i i 

John Ingram. 

Eliz., dau. & h., mar. 
Henry Zouch, Rector 

Elizabeth, w. of Wil. 
Spinke of Wakefield. 


William Ingram of Wakefield,=pSarah Brad- 

son of Wil., by Lydia Kirk of 
Flanshaw, both were Attorneys. 

ley, dau. &h. 

Francis, of= 
& Liverpool. 

i i 



.... mar. Thomas 
Calvert of York, 

a dau. 

Thoresby mentions an Abraham Bever of Wakefield, 1712, son of William Bever, 
Clerk, by Eliz., dau. of W m Batt of Okewell, Esq. It can hardly be that there 
were two Abraham Bevers living at Wakefield a ^ the same time, but if not, then 
" Clerk " is a mistake. Yet I can hardly think that the wife of W m Bever of 
Thurlston was a Batt. 

There were Bevers of Heckmonwike, of whom Thomas Bever had a dau. Jane, 
wife of James Garnet of Castleford ; b. 1720 ; d. 1 Jan. 1761. 

Abraham, son of M r Wil. Bever, schoolmaster of Thornhill, bp. there 6 Dec. 
1683. Others in the same Register. This must be Thoresby's Abraham. (See 
some notices of the Bee vers, ' G. M.,' xiv., N.S., 325.) 

The elder W m Ingram mentioned in the text was son of W m , son of W m I. of 
Thorpe-on-the-Hill by James Goodrick, son of Arthur Ingram of Knottingley. 

M rs Calvert had .... Calvert of York, apothecary, who mar. a dau. of Thompson; 
& a dau. mar. Laur. Smith of York, grocer. 

1 M 1S Wheatley had Francis, a mercer in Wakefield 1750, father of Edward. 

M rs Hall had .... Hall, a tallow-chandler of York, who mar. dau. of Spencer 
(or Spence) & had Henry H., a chandler at York, who mar. dau. of Golding of 
Wakefield ; & a dau. mar. to M r Tho. Atkinson, a raff merchant at York 1783, 


Nicholas Wordsworth of the psh. of=T=Elizab., dau. & h. of William 
Peniston, co. York. I Proctor of Peniston. 

William, W. of Peniston.= 

John W., 19 Hen. 6.=f 


William Wordsworth of Peniston 1525, in which year he inscribed the above= 
genealogy on a piece of furniture lately existing. He was dead 1 Ph. & Ma. 

Ralph Wordsworth, son & heir, 1 Ph. & Ma. ; of Peniston,=p 
Yeo., 3 May 1542 and 1553. 

William Wordsworth, son & heir app. To Mary Eliz., dau. of 
Tho. Beaumont of Brampton near Wath, 1542. 

f Nicholas Words-npMargaret, dau. & c. of Thomas Womb-^= William Oarr, 2 husb., 


well of Thundercliffe, Gent. ; aged 27, mar. before 34 Eliz. 
34 Eliz. 

Thomas Wordsworth of Shepherd's 0astte,-Gent.rsDTi&-'hBir,-16I3"&-1627. 

^[Nicholas, of Shepherd's Castle.= 

Edward, served Sir Horatio Yere, Barbara, mar. Rich d Burdet of Cathead in 
and d. s.p. Silkstone. =f= . 

Mary, mar. William Shaw of Newhouse in Peniston. 

Thomas W., sold Shepherd's Castle to M r Shaw, William=f=Mary, dau, of Richard 

Vicar of Rotherham; mar Lee out of 

Cheshire, & d. s.p. 

Sylvester of Hunshelf. 



MS. 308 



d. in Ja- 

Gallilee of 

William, d. in 


John, Elizabeth, mar. 
s.p. Tho. Greaves of 

2 sons, d. s.p. 




This pedigree is from the handwriting of D r Nath. Johnston, & it appears to 
me to connect very well with all on the upper part of this page. 

©Jonathan Wordsworth of Peniston, grocer.=f=Margaret Trelf ay (?),= Margaret, dau. 

Made his will 11 July 1678 ; proved 1679 at 
York. Mentions his cousin Henry Words- 
worth of Doncaster, Gent. 

mar. at Pontefract 
8 June 1658 (?). 

of Richard 
Sarah Headi- 

Elias W., 
sole Ex r . 

Jonathan W. of=f= 
Peniston, grocer, 
b. 1663 ; d. 20 
Jan. 1701. Will 
proved 1702. 

Sarah, w. of 
John Gold- 
thorpe of 
Aynsley, co. 

I I I 

Eliza- Richard, bur. William, 

beth. at Peniston under 14, 

12 Aug. 1679. 1678. 

Elias, b. 1686 ; d. 1705 ; of Peniston, rnercer. 
Will 24 March 1704-5 ; names his 2 brothers 
& sister Sarah, w. of John Parker of Brad- 
field, roper. 




Jonathan Wordsworth of Peniston, mercer^Sarah, b. 1685 

b. 1690 ; d. 17 Feb. 1769. He was owner 
of the piece of furniture mentioned on the 
left [above]. 

d. 15 Jan. 1760. 

Richard, of Peniston, 
grocer, b. 1693 ; d. 9 
July 1724.+ 

Elias Words- 
worth of 
Gravels, Yeo- 

. . . W., coheir, 
wife of ... . Sil- 
verwood of Not- 

Sarah W., dau.= 
d.21 Sep. 1788. 

= Elias W. ofPenis-= 
ton, mercer, & of 
Gravels, d. s.p. 

=. . . . 2 nd w., dau. of .... 
Barrow ; mar. 2 nd Wil 111 
Lockwood of Peniston, 

John W. of=p 

, dau. of 



Mary, w. of . . 
of The Wire 

. . White w. of Scholfield 

Mills n r of n r Wirral. 


John W., only son, 
d. under age. 

Elizabeth W., w. of . . . . Reynold of Gravels, 
which they sold. Had 6 children. 

Richard W. of Peniston, mercer.^Esther. 
Will 2 July 1724.+ | 


Jonathan. Sarah, w. of John Parkin 
of Peniston. 


Francis W. of Thurgoland Hall, husbandman, 26 Jan. 1717.= 


Francis. Joseph. 

Gregory "Wordsworth of Peniston, Yeo., 27 Sep. 1717=fAnn. 

i i i i i i i 

Elias. Ambrose. John. Phineas. Gregory. Martha. Ann. 

ms. 308 Wortistoort!). 

Will of Agnes Wordsworth of Falthwaite, wid., 1586. 
.... Wordsworth .=f 

.... w. of Anthy Cawood, 
by whom John, Mary, & 

Thomas W. of New Lathes in psh. of Roy-- 
ston, Gent. Had £100 by will of Martha 
Adams. Will 24 Oct. 1719. 


William W. of= Ann, dau. of Tho s Stead Elizabeth, w. of 

New Lathes, ofOnesacre, Gent.; mar. John Matson ; 

Gent., only at Bradfield 6 Dec. bur. at Royston 

son, Ex r . 1722 ; died 26 April 4 Jan. 1741, 

17—, aged 60 ; bur. at aged 38. M.I. 

Bradfield. (See Ped., 

p. 144.) 

Mary. Anne. Jane. 
Each of the dau s to 
have £400 when 22. 
Grandchildren John 
& Francis West and 
Anne Swinden. 

John Wordsworth of Monk Bretton, Gent.=f=Frances 
Had £1000 by will of Martha Adams. (Q. Mary). 
Will dated 3 Aug. 1721, proved 18 th . 

.... w. of John Hutchin- 
son of Royston, by whom 
John & Martha. 

John W. of= 
Walton, 1 
son & heir. 

Josias, Ann, w. of 
3 rd son, Tho. Smith 
d. unmar. of Wake- 

Eleanor, w. of Nathan 
Laverick of Sykehouse, 
Gent., by whom Ro- 
bert; mar. at Barnsley 
25 Oct. 1716. 

.... w. of 
Tho s Wain- 
wright of 

Elizab., w. of . . . 
of Monk Bretton. 

Townend Anne. 

Thomas,=f=Ann Smith. 
2 nd son. 

(See p. 102.) 

1. Thomas, of ... . n r = 2. John, of ... . 
Rochdale. Rochdale. 

These sons had each a dau. who d. very young, 
so that this line is entirely cut off 1 , 1825. 

d. unmar. 



MS. 308 



John W. of Walton= 

dau. of , 


John W. of=. . . . dau. of . 
Walton. of Okenshaw. 

Wood William= 

Frances. Mary. 
One w. of . . . . Wright, the 
other of ... . Kaye. 

=. . . . dau. of . 
of Okenshaw. 


Elias W., 2 nd son, Ex r to his father's will ; prohibited=f=Rebecca, dau. of Wil. Wood 

by it from marrying any of his ancle Tho s> daus. ; of 
Monk Bretton ; d. 1735, aged 32. 

of Monk Bretton, Gent, 
b. 24 Dec. 1702. 

John Wordsworth^ 
of Monk Bretton, 
d. 1755, aged 
about 32. 

^Elizabeth, dau* of Joshua Pear- 
son of Wortley, by Mary, dau. 
of AnthyCawood above; d.1775, 
aged 51. (See p. 236.) 

Francis W.=p Elizabeth, dau. 

of Barnsley, 
2 nd son. 

of .... Leet- 
ham of Barns- 

John W. ofn=Mary, dau. of 


ham, 1 son, 
d. 1789. 

of Notting- 

Thomas, of Monk William, of Monk 
Bretton, 2 nd son, Bretton, 3 rd & 
unmar. 1807. youngest son, un- 

mar. 1807. 

Elizabeth W., 
sole dau. & h., 
unmar. 1807. 

William Wordsworth, only surviving child, aged about 22, 1807. 

Richard Wordsworth, liv g 1595. : 

MS. 309 

William, of Wrath-house.=p 


Richard, bp. 18 Jan. 1595. 

John Wordsworth of Water Hall, living 22 Hen. 8 & 1 Mary. 
William Wordsworth of Water Hall, clothier 6 Eliz., aged 50 20 Eliz. 
York Wills 371, 454, 784. 

Mary, dau. of ... . Micklethwaite of Swathe Hall, mar. William Armitage who 
was Mayor of Doncaster in 1609, & made her will in 1631. 

Thoresby speaks of going with his cousin Benjamin Wordsworth to Swathe Hall 
in 1680. Probably a son of John. 

Ralph Wordsworth of Water Hall,= 
psh. of Peniston. Gent., b. 1591 ; 
will dated 17 June 15 Charles II. ; 
bur. in the churchyard of Peniston 
14 Aug. 1663 ; leaves to the 
ejected Ministers. a 

=Elizab., dau. & coheir of Richard Micklethwaite 
of Swathe Hall in psh. of Darfleld, Gent. ; b. 
1607 ; bur. in the churchyard of Peniston 10 
Nov. 1665. Her sister Margaret mar. Richard 
Elmhirst of Houndhill. (See Ped. of M., 
p. 310.) 

MS. 309 




John Wordsworth 1 of Swathe Hall, Gent.,= 
eldest son in father's will, was 4 times 
mar. I know not which wives were, 
mothers to his children. One only dan. 
survived him. He d. in 1690, .& if aged 
only 64, as in 0. Heywood's Diary, he 
must have been older than Josias. 

: Sarah, dan. of= 
Spencer of A t- 
Gent;. ; bp. 6 
March 1637-8; 
mar. at Shef- 
field 15 Dec. 

=Mary, dau.= 
of Sir Ed- 
ward Rodes 
of Great 
Knight; d. 
14 Oct. 
1673; bur. 
at Dar field. 

dau. of 
Hide of 
2161, f. 

Eliasaph Wordsworth, son & h. app.,=rMary, dau. of= Thomas Whitaker of 

d. in the lifetime of his father ; b. 24 
June 1652 ; bur. 26 Aug. 1689 at 

Peter Jack- 
son of Leeds. 

Leeds, V.D.M., 2 nd 
liusb. (SeePED.,p.8.) 

A child, bur. at Worsborough 8 Oct. 1678. 

Joshua W., bur. at 
Worsborough 26 
July 1667 ; bp. 26 
Dec. 1648. 

Elizabeth, mar. at Penis- 
ton 18 April 1678 to John 
Nettleton of Dewsbury ; 
b. 2 March 1654. 


Mary, w. of Sam. 


Sykes of Hull, 

b. 1 

merclA (See 


Ped., p. 69.) 


b. 1635; bur. 
at Peniston 19 
Nov. 1660. 

Francis Haigh= Martha, b. Mary, w. of Sylvanus Rich of Bull- 

of Hazlehead, 1637; bur. house, Gent, (see Ped., p. 17). 

Yeo. 12 Feb. He mentions his 2 brothers in 

1716. law, John & Josiah W., in his will. 

Josias Wordsworth of Water Hall, Gent.," 
will dated 8 April 1706 ; proved at York ; 
d. 18 Feb. 1709 ; bur. at Peniston ; b. 
1628, according to his M.I. 

: Sarah, dau. of George Beaumont of Dar- 
ton, co. York, Gent, ; sister of Geo. B. 
of York, mercht, who left her £1000 ; b. 
1625 ; d. 16 Feb. 1691 ; bur. at Peniston. 

Ruth, 1 w., dau.= 
of Joshua Bays 
of Sheffield, 
cutler (see Ped., 
p. 343) ; d. 30 
39 ; bur. in the 
Upper Chapel, 
Sheffield; sister 
of Eliz., wife of 
John de la Rose. 


: Elias Wordsworth of Sheffield, mercer, 3 rdr 
son, had lands at Thurgoland, etc., by will 
of his father ; will dated 12 July 1723 ; 
proved before the Archbishop of Armagh 
28 April 1724 ; d. 20 July 1723, aged 59 ; 
bur. at the Nether Chapel, Sheffield ; a 
coz. Eliz. Wordsworth was living with 
him at the time he made his will ; rings 
to bro. Josias Wordsworth, coz. Josias & 
his lady, coz. Sarah Wordsworth, bro. 
Joshua Bays, bro. De la Rose, sister De 
la Rose ; a benefactor to the Chapel in 
Fargate, Sheffield. d 

A.nn Milner, 2 nd wife, 
living 1739 ; sup- 
posed to be with child 
when her husband's 
will was made ; has 
£12 a year by her 
son in law Elias' 
will ; lived with her 
son Elias; dau. of 
W m Milner of Bur- 
ton Grange. (Sir C. 

1 Q. if the other of the 4 wives of this M r Wordsworth was not Jane, dau. of John 
Malevever of Letwell, wid. of John Orooke, V.D.M., or what Wordsworth was it that 
she mar. ? 



C I D 

MS. 309 

Josias W., bp. 
20 May 1716; 
d. 24 April 
1726 ; bur. at 
the Nether 
Chapel. Has 
£800 by his 
father's will, 
being then 
under age. 

Ann Wordsworth, b. 30 July 1717; bp. 1 Sep.; living unmar. 

1739 ; mar Algehr & resided in London. Has £300 

per ann. by will of her bro r Samuel, to revert at her decease 
to Josiah W. of Wadworth. Her issue (if she should have any) 

to take the name of Wordsworth. She d. 30 Nov. 


& was 


bur. in Bunhill Fields. Peter Ohris r Algehr, Esq., her hus- 
band, d. 20 Nov. 1776 & was also bur. there. Has £800 by 
her father's will & £500 by her brother Elias' will, & again 
£1000 more by a codicil. Algehr was a Swede. 

i i 

Samuel Wordsworth of London, merch*, bp. at Sheffield 20 Nov. Eliza- 

1701 ; Ex r & Residuary to his bro. Elias ; will made at Leytonstone beth,bp. 

in Essex 4 Dec. 1772 ; proved 13 Aug. 1774 ; no issue ; made his 27 Jan. 

cousins his principal heirs ; d. 5 Aug. 1774, aged 73 ; bur. in Bun- 1703-4 ; 

hill Fields. Had £1200 for his child's portion. Executor & prin- bur. 19 

cipal heir to his brother Elias. Gives by will £5 a year to the May 

Minister of the lower Meeting, or £100 to be laid out for his benefit. 1709 at 

To the Church in Silver Street, Wood Street, London, £100, a sum Shef- 

the interest of which to buy bibles, assembly catechisms, & other field, 
good books for the poor of Sheffield. £5 a year to the Academy 
late at Mile-end, or £100. Dissenting Ministers Widows' fund 
£200. St. Tho s Hospital £100. St. Lukes £100. Hoggsden 
School £100. 

John W., son & heir app., b. 20 
July, bp. 4 Aug. 1692 ; d. unmar. 
3 May 1721 ; bur. at the Nether 
Chapel, Sheffield. Originally 
educated for a Min r . 

Sarah, b. 30 March, bp. 18 April 
1694; bur. at Sheffield 13 Jan. 

Elias Wordsworth of Sheffield, mercer, b. 13 
April 1695, bp. 14 ; will dated 13 July 1739 ; 
proved 14 March 1741 ; d. unmar. 14 Nov. 
1740 ; bur. at the Nether Chapel in Sheffield. 
Executor & principal heir to his father. Gives 
by will £60 to the Trustees of the Meeting 
house in John Tookes yard to be laid out in 
lands & the annual produce given to the 
Minister. A codicil dated 7 Nov. 1740. 

Josias Wordsworth of Mincing Lane, Lond., merch* & Esq., Samuel, d. at Dant- 

a Director of the East India Co. ; d. 1736 ; left £500 to the zick 1704. Will 

founding of a Foundling Hospital ; named in the will of his 9 March 1703. 
brother Elias ; s.p. 

John Wordsworth of Burton Grange & of- 
Water Hall, Gent., b. 8 Feb. 1657-8, bp. at 
Darton 16 th ; named Executor in his father's 
will, but d. on the same day, viz. 18 Feb. 
1709 ; bur. at Peniston. M.I. & also 
Dickenson's ' Obituary.' 


: Ann, dau. of William Milner of Bur- 
ton Grange, Gent. ; mar. at Peniston 
4 Feb. 1685-6 ; d. 15 March 1711-12, 
aged 51. (See Ped., p. 311.) SirC. 
Kent, in a ped. of this family, says 
widow, which I think may be right. 

MS. 309 




Sarah W., bp. 30 Jan. 1686-7 ; mar. 20 
June 1729 to Rob. Pierse of Lond., 
merch*, & d. 5 Nov. the same year ; bur. 
at Peniston. 

Elizabeth W., b. 27 April, bp. 23 May 
1694 ; live unmar. 1723 ; d. unmar. 21 
Dec. 1756; bur. in Bunhill Fields, Lon- 
don, aged 62. 

Josias Wordsworth, bp. at Peniston 30 April= 
1691 ; mentioned with his wife in the will 
of his uncle Elias 1723, also in the wall of 
his coz. Elias 1739, with his wife, 2 sons, & 
dau. ; also of Wad worth. 

: Mary, dau. of 
.... Ludlow 
of London, 

Ann, 1 d. 4 Jan. 1748, 
aged 70 ; bur. at Bun- 
hill Fields. Not in Sir 
C. Kent's pedigree. 

William Henry Chauncy=Mary, dau. of=Eliz. 
of Edgcote, Esq., co. Josias Words- Voyce, 

Northamp., d. 22 March 
1788, set. 60. Named in 
the will of Samuel Words- 
worth as Executor. 

worth, nearly 
related to this 
family (sic) ; 
d. 31 May 
1779, set. 53. 

2 nd w. 

John= dau. of Chauncy 

Words- Town send, mar. 
worth, .... Haweis, Rector 
s.p. of Aldwinkle. 

Josias Wordsworth of Sevenscore in Kent, & ofcj=Ann, dau. & h. of Arthur Robin- 

Wadworth, co. York, Esq., principal heir to Sam- 
uel W. of London 1772 ; d. 16 July 1780, aged 
61 ; bur. at Wadworth. Executor with W. H. 
Chauncy to Samuel Wordsworth. 

son, Esq., Collector of the Cus- 
toms at Sunderland (see Ped., 
p. 94) ; d. 19 Nov. 1814, aged 92. 

Mary Wordsworth, elder dau. & coh., 
b. 1751 ; mar. Sir Charles Kent, Bart. 

Ann Wordsworth, younger dau. & coh., 
w. of Harry Verelst, Esq., of Aston, 

MS. 309 


William Wordsworth,* dead in 1693 ; of=p 
Falthwaite, Yeo. Will 10 April 1665. 

Lionel Wordsworth.: 

Thomas Wordsworth of 
Doncaster, Ex 1 ' to his 
father; bp. 25 Jan. 1629. 

I I I 

Priscilla, w. of . . . . Susan, w. of Richard, bp. 14 

Rayney ; bp. 10 July .... Bing- Aug. 1635 ; bur. 

1625. ley. 14 April 1665. 

John Ellison,= 
Gent., 1 st 
husb.,mar. at 
Wharff 12 
Sep. 1647. 

= Grace, dau. & coh. of Rich d = 
Cudworth of Eastfield in 
Thurgoland, Gent. ; liv g at 
Silkstone 1693. Sold lands 
at Thurgoland 1697. 

=William Wordsworth = Francis Morton 

of Wraith House, ofWraith-house, 

2 nd husb., bur. at 

Silkstone 16 April 

1658 ; bp. 7 May 


3 rd husb., mar 
at Peniston 7 
Jan. 1661-2. 
(See Ped., 
p. 104.) 

1 On the tomb of M rs Anne & Elizab. Wordsworth in Bunhill Fields are the Arms 
of Wordsworth impaling Milner. 

* Bur. at Silkstone 5 March 1666.— J. W. C. 



MS. 309 


Richard Wordsworth of Normanton, co. York, Gent., bp =pElizabeth Nickols, 
at Peniston 23 Feb. 1654-5. In 1693 sold Wraith-house. I live 1693. 


Elizabeth, bp. at Silk- - Susan, bp. 11 William, bp. Thomas bp. 19 
ston 5 Sep. 1679. Jan. 1680-1. 27 May 1683. Jan. 1685-6. 

Ann, mar. Red- .... 1= Richard Wordsworth of Norman- 
man Favel of w., s.p. ton, some time an Att^ in London, 
Normanton removed into the North as Law 

(p. 381). Agent to the Lowthers. Bought 

lands at Sockbridge. 



=. . . . dau. of ... . 
Robinson of Apple- 
by ; aunt to John 
R., whose dau. mar. 
Lord Abergavenny. 


: Richard Wordsworth, 
Collector of the Cus- 
toms at Whitehaven. 

.* W.=p. . . .f dau. of Wil. Cookson, a mer- 
cer at Penrith, by a dau. of ... . 
Crackenthorp ; a niece of the wife of 
S. Threskeld, Min r at Halifax. 

Ann, mar. Charles 
Favel, Rector of 

Christopher Words-= 
worth, D.D., Master 
of Trinity. 


William, the- 
Poet, b. 

: Miss Hutchinson of 
Wykeham in Scar- 
borough, mar. 1802. 

.... W.,=. . . . dau. of . . 
Clerk. Curwen. 

2 son. 

.... mar. 

William Wordsworth, in his will 1665, mentions his grandchild Mary Croft, 
sister Dorothy Woodhead, cousin Elizabeth Fawcet of York, cousin G-ervas Wood- 
head, cousins' Ann & George Woodhead, cousin Mary Tilney. See a letter of M r 
Moult, 31 March 1807, for evidences of this family. 

Wraith-house is in psh. of Peniston. 

John Wordsworth of Sof tley, Yeo. ; will= 
5 June 1626 ; to be bur. at Peniston. 

: Mary. 

I II. 

William W. of Softley.=f= Ann. Mary. Alice. Annis. 

John Wordsworth, = Sarah, dau. of Reginald Riche of Perkin-house, 
son & heir. Yeo. ; mar. sett. 29 Oct. 19 Car. 2. 


t Ann.— J. W. C. 

MS. 310 



j$lttkUtj)toatt£ + 

John Micklethwaite, temp. Hen. VIII. 

John Micklethwaite of Ingburchworth, psh. of Peniston. 

John Mickle- 
thwaite of 

Francis, a 
merely at 

Dorothy, 1 w.,=Elias Micklethwaite, a merely at York, 
dau. of .... Alderman & Mayor, & M.P., temp. 
Jaques. Jac. I., from whom the Viscount 


MS. 310 

John Micklethwaite- 
of Ingburchworth & 
of Ardsley, Gent. 


Catherine, dau. of William= 
Greaves of Houiden, by 
dau. & c. of Wil. Greaves 
of Fulwood. 

:Jane, d. 17 Sep. 
1718, aged 82; 
bur. at Darn* eld. 

William M. of 
Ardsley, d. 9 
March 1678 ; 

Richard Micklethwaite of 
Ingburchworth, 1 son, d. 
s.p., & left his estate to his 
nephew Jonas ; of Ards- 
ley ; d. 12 June 1750, aged 
91 ; bur. at Darfield ; 
Douglas his wife d. 17 Feb. 
1704, aged 53 ; bur. at D. 

Jonas M. of 
Gent., d. un- 
mar., & left 
his estate to 
his great 

Benjamin M. : 
of Ardsley, 
Gent., 3 son, 
d. 23 Feb. 
1746, aged 
86 ; bur. at 

=Ann . . . . d. 
8 Feb. 1732, 
aged 66; bur. 
at Darfield. 

Ruth, w. 
of Tho. 
of Dod- 
worth ; 

Richard M. of Leeds,=f=Ann 

merch*, 1 son, d. 11 
June 1773, aged 77. 

d. 23 Jan. 
1772, aged 

John M. of Ards-=Jane, dau.= 
ley, 2 son, d. s.p. of ... . 
3 Oct. 1753, aged Prince of 
54. Woolley. 

:John Maw- 
hood of 
Ardsley, 1 st 

John M. ? 1 son.= 

Benjamin, of Ardsley, 1778, or Richard, 


Elizabeth, 2 dau., d. ecel. 
18 Feb. 1789, aet. 23. 

Catherine, 3 dau., d. 9 Aug. 
1786, aged 16. 

Benjamin, of Birkhouse 
n r Barnsley, Esq., 3 son, 
& of Ingburchworth, d. 
coel.24Feb. 1782, aged 76. 

Jonas M. of Ingburchworth, 
4 son, to whom his uncle 
Rich d left that estate, d. ccel. 
17 Nov. 1756 ; bur. at 
Peniston. M.I. 

Ann, w. of Nich s Stead 
of More Hall (see Ped., 
p. 144) ; mar. sett. 

Katherine, w. of Sam 1 Totty 
of Methley, & d. 1778 ; bur. 
at Wakefield. 

Thomas Taylor of= 

Barnsley, mercer, d. 



=Jane. Douglas, w. of . . . . 
Carr. (See Ped., 
p. 324.) 



MS. 310 


Thomas Taylor of Park House, Esq., to whom his=Elizab., eld. dau. of Wil. Elmhirst 
uncle Benj. left M r of Ardsley & the bulk of his of Ouzlethwaite, Gent. ; mar. at 
estate ; built Park House. Worsborough 30 Nov. 1784. 

John Micklethwaite=pElizabeth, dau. of Tho. Hammond of 
of Swaithe. I Sutton-upon-Lound, co. Notts. 

Thomas M. of=Frances, dau. of 
Binbrook, co. Henry Jenkin- 
Linc. son of Wickam. 

I I I 

Ann, mar. Robert Faith, mar. William Mary, mar. George 
Hyde of Cla worth. Goodhand. Goodhand. 

William Milnerof= 
Burton Grange 

: Douglas, 

1 st w. 

: Gamaliel=. . . . 
Milner of 2 nd w., 



William Mil-=pAnn,* dau. of 

ner of Burton 
Grange, b. 

of Thorn- 


This on the left is J. C. 
Brooke's pedigree, that 
on the right is founded 
on good evidence, & the 
question is how they 
are to be united. The 
Arms used by them are : 
Sable, a chev. inter 3 
bridle-bits, &■ for a Crest 
a horse ? s head erased, 
bridled. I imagine that 

William who mar 

Elmsall was the son of 
the Wil. on the right. 

MS. 311 

William Milner of=f= 
Burton Grange. 

George Milner ,of=j=Ann, 

Eockley Old Hall, 
Gent., d. 10 May 
1722, aged 80; 
bur. at Wors- 
borough; bp. at 
Royston 22 Sep. 

d. 25 





George, of Rockley-hall, d. 8 Feb., 1723, aged 56. : 

Thomas, d. y. ; bur. at Worsborough. 


M. of 


Jane, w. of Will m 
Beaumont of Dar- 
ton, Gent. ; b. 

Mary, mar. 4 Feb. 
1669 to Nicholas 
Stead of Onesaore, 
Gent. (See Ped., 
p. 144.) 

Ann, mar. 4 Feb. 1685-6 
to John Wordsworth of 
Burton Grange & of 
Water-hall, Gent. (See 
Ped., p. 309.) 

M r Eawson of Wardsend had a notion that his mother Douglas Oarr was in 
some way descended from a sister of the three ladies above mentioned. She 
descended from Mary mar. to ... . Stead. (See p. 324.) 

It is remarkable that Ann mar. to ... . Wordsworth is not in D r Johnston's 
pedigree, & yet I have strong reason to think that it is rightly stated. Sir O. 
Kent in a ped. of Wordsworth says that John mar. Ann, widow of W m Milner of 
Burton Grange, & Elias his brother, Ann a dau. of W m Milner of the same, & this 
I now take to be the truth. 

1702, Timothy Hurst of Walton, Gent., & Alice his wife, dau. of Geo. Milner 
of Old-hall alias Rockley Hall, Ann, wife of George Milner of Old Hall, connected 
with Ann, wife of Benj. Micklethwaite, & Mary Scoller, widow. (Court Rolls of 
a M r of Southey.) 

* Mar. at Thornhill 8 June 1662 (Reg.).-J. W. 0. 

MS. 311 



Gamaliel Milner of Burton=p01ive, dau. of 

Grange, Gent., b. 1668. 

Hall of Swaith Hall the lower 

mar. at Worsborough 21 Sep. 1693. 

William Milner of=r=Frances, dau. 

Burton Grange, 
Gent., d. 21 April 
1768, aged 70; 
bur. at Royston ; 
mar. at Thornhill 
10 Feb. 1729 ; b. 

of Wil m Elm- 
sal of Thorn - 
hill; aged 89, 
4 June 1784. 

Ann, w. of 
John Crookes 
of Burton, 
Gent. ; b. 


Ellen, w. of 
John Dea- 
con or Dey- 
kin of 
Barnsley ; 
b. 1704. 

Catherine, w. 
of George 
Crookes, bro r 
of John ; b. 

Gamaliel Milner of Burton Grange 
& Swaith, Esq., Capt. in the West 
York Militia & in Com. of Peace, 
d. unmar. 1800 ; a Major. 

Olive, w. of Wil- 
liam Marsden of 
Wakefield, & had 
no issue. 

Frances, w. of William 
Spencer of Bramley 
Grange, Esq., & had 
issue. (See 'Hallam- 
shire. , ) 

Ellinor, b. 1663 ; w. of John Fell of 
Attercliffe Forge, Gent. 

. . . . w. of . . 
of Thornhill. 


Elizab.,=Gamaliel Milner of=pSusan, 2 w., 

1 w., Attercliffe, b. 1699; 
s.p. d. 11 May 1748. 

dau. of John 
Wilson of 

Charles Mil- 
ner, d. s.p.; 
b. 1710. 

Frances, w. of Robert 
Wood of Monk Bret- 
ton, Gent. ; b. 1707. 

Gamaliel Milner of Attercliffe,= 
Esq., only surviving child, in 
Com. of the Peace 1784 ; d. 
1825 ; b. 15 June 1747 ; d. 6 
May 1825. 

=Susan, dau. & h. of 
John Walton of 
Thurlston; d. 13 
June 1816. 

Gamaliel b. 4 April 1743 ; 
d. 15 April 1743. 

Susan, b. 22 May 1744 ; 
d. 12 June 1759. 

Gamaliel Milner= 
of Thurlston, 1 
son, Esq. 

: Mary, eld. dau. & coh. 
of William Pashley, 
Esq., of Retford ; mar. 
1 Nov. 1803. 

John M., 2 son, 
of Attercliffe, 
Esq., living un- 
mar. 1853. 

William, 3 & young- 
est son, d. unmar. 

Mary Susanna, mar. 
Thomas Burnley of 

Thomas William, 

William Pashley, mar. August 1846 Miss 
Crookes of London. (Q. if ifc was not 
J. C. M. who mar. Miss Crookes, & that 
W. P. M. mar. Miss Aldam of Warms- 
worth in 1853.) 

I I I 

Elizabeth Thyer. 

John Crosland. 
Sarah Catherine. 



MS. 311 


George Milner of Heslocton,^. . . . sister of Sir William Rayner of 

co, Notts. 

Overton Longvile, oo. Hunt. 

1. George M. of=. . . . dau. of , 
Hesloeton. Widmerpole. 

2. John, Citizen 
of London. 

3. Peter, of Burton 
Grange, d. without 

4. James, of 
Oundle, co. 

5. William Milner=f=Douglas, dau. of Henry 

of Oundle & of 
Burton Grange, d. 
ab* 1656. 

Postlethwaite, Rector of 
Armthorpe & Dean of 

Catherine, w. of 
Robert Cusworth 
of Royston. 

1. Robert M., 
Rector of Bab 

,-pElizabeth, dau. 
of D r Johnson, 
Rector of Bab- 

2. George, 
ob. s.p. 

3. John, 
ob. s.p. 

4. William Milner=j=Alice, dau. of 

of Burton Grange, 
" now living." 

John Rim- 
ington of 

William & 3 other sons. George, " aged 28 ' 


=Ann, dau. of Tho. Hey of 
Bradfield psh. 



William=Ann, dau. of Tho. Hob- Jane, mar. Wil. Mary, mar. Nic. Douglas, 
son of Smallfield in Beaumont of Stead of Ones- 
Bradfield. Darton. acre. 

Ellen, 1 1 w., dau. of=p5. Gamaliel Mil-=f=Isabel, 2 w., dau. 

John Farrer of Fish- 
burn, co. Durham, 
mar. at Pontefract 
30 July 1640. 

ner of Burton 
Grange, d. 25 of 
10 mo. 1675. 

of Francis Jen- 
kinson of Barns- 
ley ; mar. 6 of 
12 mo. 1659. 

Mary, mar. 

Bromley of 


Tobias, d. y. David, d. y. Michael, " now living," of Tyers-hill, etc., a Quaker, 
1664. 1664. mar. Sarah Jeffery, dau. of Henry, 18 of 9 mo. 1686. 

1 Ellen the first wife of Gamaliel Milner was bur. in the grave-ground at Burton 
14 of 6 mo. 1657. He himself d. 25 of 10 mo. 1675, and was bur. there 28 th . His 
children Joseph, Tobias, & David were also bur. there, dying infants. Joseph was 
by the 1 st marriage. 

MS. 311 





William, of Burton=f=Ann, dau. of Wil. George. John 
Grange, now livs, Elmsal of Thorn- 
aged 28. hill. 

Elizabeth, mar. 
John Seaton of 


I I J I 

Gamaliel. Jane. Elizabeth. Another. 

This pedigree, which combines well with that given above, is copied from the 
handwriting of D r Nath. Johnstone, by whom it was compiled in 1760, as may be 
inferred from his saying that George Milner was aged 28 who was baptized in 1642. 

MS. 312 


Refer particularly to Watson's ' Halifax,' 264 & 674, for connection of Brooke & 

I find also that Michael Waterhouse, M.A., of Newhouse in Skircote, had a sister 
Ann, bp. 1556, mother of Michael Brooke in 1597. This, I presume, is a different 

Thomas Brooke of Newhouse, psh. of Huddersfield .=p Janet, bur. at Huddersfield 

Will proved at York 3 Oct. 1588 by Janet his wife. 

29 July 1612. 

Edmund,= Sibil. 
2 nd son. 

Thomas Hanson* of Toothill, co. York, = Catherine Brooke, 
2 nd son of John H. of Woodhouse; d. d. Feb. 1621, aged 
1 Aug. 1623; bur. at Elland. Will 73; bur. at El- 
27 July 1623. land. 

Thomas Brooke of Newhouse, Gent., d. 24 Sep. : 
1625 ; bur. at Huddersfield. Will 25 June 1624; 
prob. 4 Jan. 1624-5. 

: Joan or Elizabeth, dau. of ... . 
Hirst of Greenhead ; bur. at H. 
3 Feb. 1615-6. 

John Brooke, Susan Brooke, 2 nd dau., mar. at H. Elizabeth Brooke, 3 rd dau., 
3 rd son. 26 Jan. 1607 to Roger Rhodes of mar. at H. 2 June 1617 to 

Crofton, & had Wil m & Roger. Henry Potter. 

Margaret, f 1 w.,eld.= 
dau. & con. of John 
Hanson of Wood- 
house ; mar. ab 1 2 
James I. ; bur. at 
Huddersfield 27 Dec. 

-Thomas Brooke of=Dorothy, 2 nd w., eldest=pElizabeth, 3 rd 

Newhouse, Gent., 
son & heir, will 14 
Aug. 1638 ; bur. 
at Huddersfield 
17 Nov. 1638, set. 
ab* 57. 

dau. of Tho. Crossland 
of Crossland Hill, 
Gent. ; mar. at H. 9 
Jan. 1624; d. 4 March 
1634, aet. 39 ; bur. at 
H. ; s.p. 

w., dau. of 

Clay of 

Clay House ; 
bur. at H. 11 
Oct. 1641. 

Elizabeth, bp. at H. 6 Dec. 1636 ; mar. 8 Nov. Thomas, posthumous, bp. at 
1666 to Matthew Prince of Woolley, Gent. H. 2 Dec. 1638 ; d. coel. 

A B 

* ? Eld. son of Edward Hanson of Woodhouse ; bur. at Elland 5 Aug. 1623. His wife bur. 
4 Feb. 1621-2. 

f Bp. at Elland 25 Aug. 1588 j mar. there 22 Nov. 1609.— J. W. C. 



MS. 312 

Thomas, d. 
unmar. ab* 
27 ; bur. at 
H. 27 July 

John, bp. 
at H. 25 
1612 ; 
bur. . . 

Joshua B. of Newhouse,=pSarah, dau. of 


Gent., bp. at H. 9 Oct. 
1614; bur. there 20 Nov. 
1652. He is said to 
have been a rich tanner 
at Newhousenear Sheep- 
ridge in psh. of Hudders- 

of Hoyland; bur. at H. 3 
Sep. 1683. In a Man* of M* 
North she is called " Betty " 
Townend, and is said to have 
been an upper servant to M rs 
Rockley (formerly Barton) at 

Sarah, 1 dau. & coh., John Townley of New-=pHelen, 2 dau. & coh., Margaret, 

mar. at H. 31 Jan? house, Esq., J.P. for 

1664-5 to John Gill W. R., and Barr. at 

of Carhouse, Esq. ; Law, bur. at H. 5 

issue extinct. April 1704. 

bp. at H. 9 Nov. d.y. ; bur. 

1645 ; mar. 4 Aug. at H. 5 

1681,- bur. 25 May Aug. 1641. 

John & Bernard, 
d. unmar. 

John Wilkinson 1 
of Greenhead & 
Newhouse, Esq. 

: Helen, bp. Catherine, bp. 16 Aug. 

20 July 1683 ; mar. Richard 

1682. White, Esq. ; s.p. 

Helen Wilkinson, dau. & h., bp. at H. 23 Feb. 1708-9 ; 
mar. Sir John Lister Kaye of Denby Grange, Bart. 

Sir John Lister Kaye, on whose death, unmar., 27 Dec. 1789, 
the issue of Joshua Brooke became entirely extinct. 

Jennet Brooke, William Brooke of Dodworth, psh. of Silk- 
mar. ab f 1600 ston, Gent., 2 nd son, purchased lands there 
to Hen. Walker & settled upon them 1621; built a good 
of Rockley Old house 1624 ; had lands at Carlton, Royston, 
Hall, Gent., & Dodworth, & Adwick-on-Dearne by his 
d. 6 Oct. 1652. father's will ; bp. at H. 17 Jan. 1584 ; bur. 

at Silkston 22 May 1672 ; will 20 May 1671; 

prob. 17 July 1672 ; d. 19 May. 

= Judith, dau. of John 
Drake of Pikeley, 
psh. of Bradford, 
Gent, (see Ped. p. 
); d. 17 June 
1659 ; bur. in the 
Chancel of Silkston 

Jonathan, 4 son, bp. at S. 
29 Dec. 1625 ; d. at sea; 
will 8 Dec. 1652 ; leaves 
his fortune to his brother 

i i 

Joshua, 5 son, Cit. & merch t =Mary Timothy, 6 son, 

of London, bp. at S. 26 Wallis Cit. of London, 

May 1629 ; d. s.p. 16 Jan. ofLon- bp. at S. 3 May 

1696 ; bur. in Bunhill don. 1638 ; d. coel. 


Susan, 2 dau., b. at Ellen, 1 w., dau. of=f=John B. of Pond : 

Silkston 8 Nov. 1632; John Bright; sister 

mar. John Oates of of Anth? ; mar. 14 

Nether Denby. (See Nov. 1649. (See 

Ped., p. 114.) Ped., p. .) 

c ' d 

in Dodworth, 3 rd 
son, bp. 19 Dec. 
1622 ; bur. at S. 
20 March 1671. 


: Ann,2 nd w.,dau.of 
.... Freeman of 
Housley Hall, psh. 
of Ecclesfield. 

MS. 312 



John, of = Helen, dau. & h.=Abel Rich, Helen, 
Pond, d. of Tho. Morton 2 nd hus- d. inf. 
1694. of Waldershelf; band, 
d. Oct. 1718. 

I I 

Ann. Christiana. 

William. Frances. 

All d. unmar. 

Thomas, of Dodworth,= 
Gent., b. at New- 
house ; bp. at H. 4 
Feb. 1615-6 ; d. 13 
Nov. 1687, set. 72; 
bur. at Silkston. 

=Jane, 1 dau. & coh. 
of John Beighton 
(seePED., p. 266); 
mar. 1641-2. Will 
20 Sep. 1689. 

William, 2 son, 
Citizen ^haber- 
dasher of Lon- 
don, bp. at H. 
3 May 1618 ; 
living 8 Dec. 

Elizabeth, 1 dau., bp. 
at H. 6 Aug. 1620 ; 
mar. Anthony Bright 
of Brincliffe Edge, 
Gent, (see Ped., p. 
114); had 6 children 
or more. 

John B., 5 son, b. 3 Jan. 1651 ; M.A. of Christ Col.,=Ann, dau. of Wil. Oates 
Oamb. ; Rector of High Hoyland ; purchased Field of Denby (see Ped., 
Head, where he d. 27 Nov. 1725, aged 73 ; bur. at p. 114) ; d. June 1728. 

Ruth, 1 w., dau.- 
of John Mickle- 
thwaite of Ing- 
burchworth ; 
mar. at Peniston 
30 Jan. 1678-9. 

: Thomas, of= 
in Dod- 
worth,b. 21 
April 1649; 
d. 14 May 
1712 ; bur. 
at Doncas- 

^Frances, 2 w., 
dau. of .... 
Mawhood of 
Ardsley; wid.of 
John Brough- 
ton of Balby; 
d. 6 Jan. 1736, 
aged 84; bur. 
at Doncaster. 

Joshua, John, of Wakefield, merch*, Tho s , 
d. un- b. 23 July 1683. Will d.ccel. 
mar. 14 Sep. 1750; prob. 11 Sep. 

Jane, bp. 11 Oct. 1658 ; d. 
ah* 18. __ 

Elizabeth, b. 19 Dec. 1646; 
mar. 1 John Crabtree 2 Oct. 
1666, & 2 nd Tho. Fell of 
Morton and Milner Field ; 
d. 19 March 1723-4. 

William, of Doncaster, mercer =j= 
Aid. & Mayor, b. 1694 ; d. 1763; 
bur. in Doncaster Ch. ; owner 
of Woodhouse in Dodworth. 


John Brooke- 
of Wakefield, 

John Brooke, only child, 
d. at Market Raisin, un- 
mar., 21 Oct. 1781, aged 

: Mary, dau. of 
of Tickhill 
Friars, Gent. 

William Pigot of=f=Elizabeth B., 

Doncaster & South- 
well, Gent., son of 
Hollis P., Vicar of 

at length heir, 
b. 1727; d. 

William, only=. . . . dau. & Elizabeth, 

son, an Officer coh. of . . . . only dau., 

in the Army. Walker of unmar. 

Mansfield. 1782. 

2 sons, 
d. inf s . 


Y Y 



MS. 312 

William & William, of Dod worth, Gent., b. 11 Nov.= 
Thomas, 1643 ; d. s.p. 5 Feb. 1680, ab* 37 ; bur. 
d. inf. in the Chancel of Silkston Church. 

Will 5 Feb. 1680-1 ; prob. 19 May 1681. 

=Mary, dau. of William Oates 
of Denby (see Ped., p. 114) ; 
d. 25 June 1712, ab* 6Q ; 
bur. at S. Will 20 Jan. 
1711 ; prob. 17 Feb. 1714. 

Joshua, 3 
son, b. 30 
1681 ; d. 
21 Feb. 

Mary, b. 30 Aug. 
1671; mar. James 
Smith of Man- 
ningham, brother 
to John S. of 
Heath, Esq. 

Ann, 2 dau., b. 24 
Nov. 1673 ; d.un- 
mar. 10 March 
1733 at Holbeck ; 
bur. at St. Peter's, 
Leeds. Will 9 
March 1733. 

Jane, 3 dau., b. 
7 Nov. 1677 ; 
mar. Rob. Heth- 
erington of 
Holbeck, and d. 
12 March 1746 

b. 6 April 
1680; d. 
26 May 


Thomas B. of Field Head & Dod-= 
worth, M.A. of Christ Col., Camb., 

6 Rector of Richmond, in the 
Commission of the Peace, b. at 
Dodworth 3 June 1669 ; d. at 
Richmond 28 April 1739 ; bur. 
there. Will 19 Jan. 1738; prob. 

7 July 1739. His M.I. is in 
WhitakerVRichmondshire,' i., 90. 

^Mary, dau. of William, 2 son, b. 24 March 
Thomas 1675 ; live a t the Freshes of 

Comber, D.D., Potomack in Stafford co., 
Dean of Dur- Virginia, 25 June 1700 ; will 
ham. (See dated 30 June 1698, there 

Ped., p. 313.) styled Norwich factor of Lon- 
don ; d. in Virginia ab l Feb. 
1702, being then Under 
Sheriff of Stafford County. 

Thomas, 2 son, b. at 
Richmond 26 June 
1720; bur. there 8 

Mary, b. 17 
Jan. 1708 ; 
bur. 3 Sep. 

Alice, bp. 23 July 
1711 ; bur. 27 
August 1713. 

Anne,b. 11 Nov. 1714; 
mar. Richard Fenton of 
Bank Top, Esq. (See 
Ped., p. 126.) 

William Brooke of Field Head and Dodworth, 1 
Esq., b. at Ousburn 29 Aug. 1706 ; M.A. of St. 
John's Col., Camb., & in Com. of the Peace ; d. 
at Field Head 24 Aug. 1755, aged 48 ; bur. at 

=Alice, dau. & coh. of Wil. Maw- 
hood, Aid. & Mayor of Doncaster 
(see Ped., p. 259) ; b. at Don- 
caster 17 Oct. 1718 ; mar. at 
Loversal Oct. 1737. 

Margaret, b. 29 Nov. 1743 ; mar. in 
1808 Tho. Zonch of Sandal, D.D., 
Rector of Scrayingham, etc. (p. 319). 
He d. 23 Dec. 1815, set. 78 ; bur. at 
Sandal. She 19 July 1833, set. 89. 

Jane, b. 28 Nov. 1746 ; mar. Richard 
Horton Briscoe, Esq., & was livs a 
widow without issue 1774. She was 
bur. wit{i her husband at Ripponden 
11 Jan. 1839. 

John Charles Brooke, b. at Field Head 27 Aug. Thomas 
1748 ; bp. at Silkston ; made free of the Iron- & Alice, 
mongers' Company in the City of London 29 d. inf. 
April 1772 ; appointed Rouge Croix Pursuivant 
1 Feb. 1773, & Somerset Herald 31 Jan. 1778 ; 
d. unmar. Will 22 Nov. 1790. 

Mary, b. 1 April 
1739 ; mar. 
Thomas Comber, 
LL.D. (See 
Ped., p. 313.) 


MS. 312 




Elizabeth, 1 w., dau. of=rWilliam Brooke of Field Head = Elizabeth, 2 nd w., dau. 

. . . Morris, Clerk, of 
co. Salop ; d. at Field 
Head 13 July 1776 ; 
bur. at Silkston. 

& Dodworth, Esq., Dep. Lieut, of Wil. Yates of Denby, 
for the West Riding, b. 11 July Gent. ; mar. at Wake- 
1742 ; liv* 1774. field 31 Jan. 1793 ; d. 

Aug. 1808 s.p. 


Thomas Brooke, 



Jane, b. 20 June 

Margaret, b. 28 

i i i 


b. 8 May 1775 ; 

b. 8 June 

1773 ; mar 

June 1776; mar. 


ob. s.p. 


Crowther of Go- 



ob. s.p. 

mersal or Batley, 

Langford, Esq. 


a merch*. 

One son, ob. s.p. 


MS. 313 

Cornier— Cprnton— Blacltfmm— 3&irty. 

Thomas Comber, Esq., Counsellor at Law & Justice of the Peace.=p 

.... Comber. John Comber 


Thomas Comber, Master of Trinity Col. & Dean of Carlisle. 

Mary Comber, dau. & h., wife of Will. Johnson, Esq., 
Sheriff of Lancashire, of Rushton Grange, co. York. 

Francis =. . . . sister of 
Comber, John Evans, 
a school- 
master in 

James Comber of^Mary, dau. of Bryan= Edward Hamp- 

Westerham, co. 
Kent, 4 th son, 
mar. ab* 1640; d. 
1 Feb. 1670-1; 
bur. at Harwich. 

Burton of Wester- 
ham & Alice Austin 
his wife ; sister of 
Bryan, Thomas, & 

den of Wester- 
ham. 1 st hus- 

James Comber, eldest son, in the Post Office, 
mar. Hannah Harper of Cheshire ; d. s.p. 

2 child 11 , d. y. Ann. 

Dorothy,* 1 w., dau.- 
of Thomas Metham 
of Metham. 

: Robert Thornton^ 
of East Newton.f 

=Elizab.,| 2 w., dau. of Sir Richard Darley 
of Buttercrambe (p. 431). 

Ursula, mar. Marmaduke 
Cholmley of Bransby. 

Margaret, mar. 
Ralph Crake.§ 

Anne, mar. Philip 

* Bur. at Stonegrave 14 July 1619. 
% Eemar. Geoffrey Gates, Esq. 

f Bur. 27 May 1637. 

§ Should be Crathome.— J. W. C. 



MS. 313 



Richard. John. 

Elizabeth, mar. John Mary, ob. 
Denton of Manning- s.p. 
ham, Esq. 


Frances, mar. Timothy 

William Thornton* of East Newton, co. : 
York, Esq., aged 4=1, 28 Aug. 1665. 

: Alice,f dau. of Sir Ohris r Wandesford of 
Kirklington, co. York, Master of the 
Rolls & Lord-Deputy of Ireland. 

Thomas Comber, D.D.,=p Alice Thornton, 

Rector of Stonegrave, 
co. York, & Dean of 
Durham, b. 19 March 
1645; d. 25 Nov. 1699. 

eld. dau. & coh., 
mar. 17 Nov. 
1668, being then 
aged only 14. J 

Catherine Thornton, coh r , 
mar. 27 Dec. 1682 to Tho. 
Purchas of Langton n r 
Richmond, M.A. of Christ 
Col., Camb. 

Robert, aged 
13, 1665; 

William, d.y. 

William Comber, 1 
son, d. y. and un- 
mar.; he was b. 30 
Nov. 1684 ; was 
some time of Lincoln 
Col., Oxford; bur. at 
Stonegrave Church. 


Thomas Comber§= 
of East Newton, 
Esq., Justice of 
the Peace, b. 26 
Nov. 1688 ; 2 nd 
son & heir ; mar. 
1 Jan. 1717. 

=Ann, dau. of= 
Andrew Wil- 
son, Vicar of 
Easingwold ; 
b. 1 March 
1691 ; d. 17 
June 1754. 

of Gil- 
ling, 1 st 

Mary Comber, 
younger dau., 
mar. Tho. 
Brooke, Rec- 
tor of Rich- 
mond. (See 
Ped., p. 312.) 

William C, Vicar of Kirkby= 
Moorside & Rector of Kirkby 
Overcar & J. of P.; d. s.p. 
24 March 1810, get. 84. 

= Dorothy, dau. & h. of James Ar- 
buthnot of Ampleford, Esq., & of 
Antigua, by Dor., dau. of Tho s 
Hassell of Ampleford, Rector of 
Seamer ; d. 5 May 1807. 

Andrew, b. 
8 July 
1728; d.15 
Oct. 1747. 

Thomas Comber, LL.D., of East Newton, Rector of=pMary, dau. of Wil. Brooke 

Morborn and Buckworfch, co. Hunts, & of Jesus Col., 
Cambridge ; d. 9 April 1778 ; bur. at Stonegrave ; 
he published the Memoirs of Lord-Deputy Wandes- 
ford ; he was also Rector of Overcar, Chaplain to 
Eliz., Co. Dowager of Balcarras. 

of Field-head, Esq.; b. 1 
April 1739 ; mar. 28 April 
1763. (See Ped., p. 312.) 

Thomas Comber of Jesus= 
College, Camb., M.A., 
published the life of his 
great-grandfather the 
Dean ; has the living of 
Oswaldkirk 1831. 

Henry George= 



3*' d dau.of 


Coote of 




Duncombe. William Andrew, of Liver- 
Turner, pool. 

Ann, mar. Wil. 
Hood of London, 
merch*, 1782, or 


Henry Gordon. Jane Harriet. Geo. John. 

Wil. Mennel. 


Tho. Denison. 


* Bur. at Stonegrave 18 Sep. 1668. 

f Bur. at Stonegrave 1 Feb. 1706-7. Her diary was printed by the Surtees Society, vol. 62, 

X Bur. at Stonegrave 22 Jan. 1720-21. § Bur. at Stonegrave 15 May 1765.— J. W. C. 

MS. 313 




Robert Blackburn* of Marrick Abbey=f=. . .". dau.of . . .. Messenger of Fountains. 

Francis Blackburnf^rJane Giles B. of Mar- : 

of St. Nicholas, 
3 rd son. 

Inman.J rick Abbey, 1 

=. . . . dau. Timothy, Roger. 

of 2 nd son. — 

Slingar. =f Robert. 

John Blackburn of Friar Head=Frances, dau. & h. of .... mar 

in Craven, sold Marrick. Col. Francis Malham Wilson of Esh- 

of Elslack. ton. 

Francis Blackburn of St. Nicholas=f=Alice Com-=f=William Kirkby=pFrances, 1 w., 

near Richmond, an Alderman of 
that town, son of Fra. B. of the 
same, by Jane Inman his w. of 
Bewerley n r Ripon ; d. aged 29. 

ber, eldest 
dau., b. 8 

of Ashlack, co. 
Lane, Esq., 2 nd 

ohn, ( 

dau. of 

Bur vis of Isle- 

kirk, co. Cumb. 

John, d. coel. Sarah, only dau., d. 
in London, unmar. at Kendal 
aged 22. 17 Feb. 1800, ret. 87. 


William, d. y. Joanna, w. of Tho. 
— ' Strickland of Ken- 
Mary, d. unmar. dal, Esq.; s.p. 


William Comber Kirkby= 
of Ashlack, Esq., an Atty 
in London ; d. 8 July 
1791, aged 75. 

=Mary, dau. of Tho 3 
Hall of Goldings, 
co. Herts, Esq., by 
Mary, dau. of Ja s 

James, of Kirkby= Sarah, dau. 
house n r Hunger- & h. of Ja s 
ford & of London, Cunning- 
druggist, d. s.p. 5 ham of 
Sep. 1790. London. 

William Kirkby, b. 1757. Mary, b. 1758. 

Francis Blackburn, M.A.,=T=Hannah Hotham" 

Rector of Richmond 
Archdeacon of Cleveland, 
also Prebendary of Bilton ; 
d. 7 Aug. 1787, aged 82 ; 
bur. at Richmond. 

of York, d. 20 
Aug. 1799 ; mar. 
1 in 1732, 2 in 

=Joshua Els- 
worth of 
Esq., 1 st 

2 nd son, 
d. at 

Jane, w. of 
Sir Onesi- 
Paul of Rod- 
borough, co. 

Hannah, only surviving dau., 
of Theophilus Lindsey, 


who resigned the Vicarage of 
Catterick ; no issue. 

Sir George Jane, w. Elizabeth, w. of George 

Onesi- of Tho. Snow, Esq., of Langton, 

phorous, d. Pet tat, co. Dorc, & had John, 

coel. Esq.; coel., & Jane, w. of Jas. 

s.p. Clitherow, s.p. 

* Called Authony in the pedigree in Clarkson's ' Bichmond,' p. 257. 
f Bur. 22 May 1704. J D. 19 May 1703.— J. W. C. 



MS. 313 

Sarah^pJohn Hall, Vicar of Chew=. ... 2 nd w., sister of Sir .... Alice, d. y. 
& Rector of Dundry. Ball, Governor of Malta, s.p. 

1. Hannah Mary, w. of . . . . 2. Sarah, w. of Peter 3. Theophila, w. of . . . . 
Pointon, late of Sheffield, co. Coates of Stanton Wright of London, & has 
York, & has issue. Drew, Esq., & has issue, issue. 

William, of Lon-^Hannah, dau. of Wil. Jane, mar. John Disney, D.D., F.S.A., 

don, M.D., 


Wilson of Ay ton n r Vicar of Swindenby, which he resigned. 
G-isboro'. =p 

William Rachel Dorothea John Disney of Algernon, Frances, w. of Tho. 
Theo- Elizab. Frances. the Hyde, Esq. unmar. Jervis, V.D.M., 
philus. = 1825. late of Leeds. 

.... 2w.,=FrancisBlackburne,*= 
d. 1836. Vicar of Brignal. 

Thomas, of Durham, M.D.& F.R.S., of Peter 
House, Cam., d. unmar. 16 June 1782. 

i i i 

.... mar. 16 Jan. 1808 to "William Francis, Vicar of Weston= .... a son, 

Frend, Esq., Fel. of Jesus Col., super mare, drowned 11 mar. in 

Camb., & had issue. June 1829. America. 


MS. 314 

A few additions are here made to a pedigree compiled by J. C. Brooke in 1789. 

The "Walkers were at Hunshelf long before this pedigree commences. 

A John Walker of Hunshelf appears in 9 Hen. 6 & 7 Edw. 4, & even as early as 
1380, when a person of that name & description takes a mess, at Hermitrode from 
Tho. del More. 

John Walker alias Slater 
of Hunshelf in par. of 

He was probably the son of Richard 
Walker alias Slater, living at Hun- 
shelf 13 Elizab. 


Ann, mar. 28 Aug. 1604 to 
Francis Morton of Spout 
House. (See Ped., p. 104.) 

Richard Walker of Hun-=f=. 

shelf, bur. at 
28 July 1651. 


bur. at 
P., 22 Sep. 

George Walker of=f Jane, dau. of Reginald Thompson of Brightholmlee. (See Ped., 

Hunshelf, bur. at 
P. 28 Nov. 1689. 

p. 267.) She is called sister by Ralph Beighton of Nether Brad- 
field, Yeo., in his will 1654, which makes me doubt the marriage 
as here shewn. 

* D. 21Jan. 1816.— J. W. C. 

MS. 314 



A | 

Jane, bp. 22 Jan. 1652 ; 
mar. John Stead, probably 
of Combes. 

Alice, bp. 3 Sep. 1654 ; mar. 
Ralph Ward of Whitwell. 

Ann, bp. 3 Jan. 1666 ; 
bur. 29 July 1667. 

George Walker of Hunshelf, bp.= 
at Penis ton 1 May 1657 ; bur. 
there 11 June 1712. M.I. 

: Ann, dau. & h. of Richard, bp.=Ann, dau. of 
Tho. Scoles of 31 Jan. 1660. John Green- 
Kippax. wood. 

Jane, bp. 30 Nov. 1693 ; 
mar. Dennis Browne 1 
of Sheffield, apothecary, 
12 Nov. 1726 ; d. 1747 ; 

i I 

Mary, bp. 1 June 1691 ; bur. 7 
Nov. 1703. 

Alice, bp. 19 Dec. 1695 ; mar. at 
Ecclesfield 15 March 1717 to 
Benj. Steer of Sheffield, mercer 
(p. 337). 

Elizabeth, bp. 31 
Dec. 1702. 

Mary, bp. 23 July 
1708 ; d. unmar. ; 
bur. in Sheffield 

Fanny Browne, only issue, d. 17 Feb. 1743-4, aged 13 ; bur. 
in the par. Church of Sheffield. 

Thomas, of Leeds, twin- 
with Richard ; bp. at P. 
1 July 1698. 

Richard, twin with Tho- 
mas ; bp. 1 July 1698 ; 
bur. 10 July following. 

Ann, bp. 24 Oct. 1689; 
mar. Gerard Kirke. 


1. Ann. 

2. Eleanor. 3. Elizabeth. 4. Mary. 
All living unmar. in 1789. 

5. Jane. 

Betty & Mary Walker, both of Leeds, Gentlewomen, made each a will dated 
26 June 1817, in which they name their relation M r Wil. Smith of Cowley. 
Betty d. 15 Sep. 1822, & her will was proved 3 Dec. 1822. Mary d. 20 Dec. 
1824, & her will was proved 13 Aug. 1825. 

Ann, 1 w., dau. of Rob. r 
Blackburn of Alder- 
man's Head ; sister & 
coh. of Benj. ; bp. at P. 
28 Dec. 1678; bur. there 
26 Nov. 1717. 

: George Walker of = Alice, 2 w., bur.= 
Hunshelf, Gent., at P. 30 June 

bp. at P. 17 May 
1687 ; bur. there 
10 Nov. 1757. 

1733 ; sister in 
law to Jos h 
Bever (p. 307). 

=Mary, 3 w., dau. of 
.... Smith ; wid. 
of .... ; bur. at 
Cawthorn 23 June 

Mary, 1 w., dau. & h. of- 
Francis Bristow of Mes- 
singham, co. Line, Esq. ; 
d. 9 Feb. 1761, aged 26 ; 
bur. at Darfield. 



: George Walker of Hun-=Mary, 2 w., eldest dau. & coh. of 

shelf, and of Middle wood Edward Rookes Leeds of Rodes 

' "~ Hall & North Milford, Esq.; 

mar. at Totteridge 29 Aug. 

1770 ; d. 29 March 1803, aged 

61 ; bur. at Darfield. 

in psh. of Darfield, Esq., 
d. 27 Dec. 1772, aged 57, 
& was bur. at Darfield. 

1 Dennis Browne mar. 2 a . Serjeantson. (See Ped., p. 364). He d. 19 

Oct. 1767, aged 67, & was bur. in the psh. Church Sheffield, leaving no issue. 
John Browne, M.D., a gentleman well known at Sheffield, was his nephew & heir. 
He d. unmar., leaving Miss Wallis his heir, who was granddau. to his sister, who 
mar Wallis. She was the 2 nd wife of Thomas Sutton, Vicar of Sheffield. 



MS. 314 


George Walker, d. 28 
Dec. 1755, aged 2 
months ; bur. at Dar- 

Ann W., elder dau. 
& coll., d. unmar. 27 
July 1771, aged 19; 
bur. at Darfield. 

Margaret Walker, dau. & sole h. ; 
owner of Hun shelf & Middlewood; 
d. unmar. 13 May 1798, aged 39, 
& was bur. at Darfield. 

Margaret Blackburn of x\lderman's Head, Spinster, in 1745 devised lands at Dore 
to her nephew Geo. Walker of Hunshelf . 

Rob. Blackburn of Bolsterstone, Gent., made his will 12 May 1716, & it was 
enrolled at Wakefield 12 Oct. 1727. Gives to his loving brother Benj. B., Gent., all 
his mess., etc., in township of Denby, mortgaged to his brother in law Geo. Walker of 
Hunshelf, Gent., do. in township of Thurgoland. To his dear wife Mary all 
personalty, & to be Ex x . (See p. 278.) 

Benj. Blackburn of Alderman's Head in psh. of Peniston, d. 12 June 1736, aged 
62, & was bur. in the Chancel of Sheffield Church. 

.... Smith of Cowley, tanner 
d. 22 March 1791. 


. dau. of Gerard Kirk of Cowley 
by his w., dau. of George Walker. 

William Smith of Cowley & after of Berner Hall,=f=Elizab., dau. of ... . Parkin of Mor- 
Lord of the Manor of Messingham, co. Line. I tomley ; mar. 13 Dec. 1792. 

William Smith of Cliffe: 
House in Ecclesfield, 
atty, 1 son. 

=. . . . dau. of Alexander 
Mackenzie, Vicar of 
St. Paul's, Sheffield. 

George Walker = 
S., 2 son. 

Elizabeth, mar. Tho. At- 
kinson of Endsley Street, 
Tavistock Square. 


MS. 315 

George Denison* of Woodhouse n r Leeds,=f Elizabeth, dau. of . . 
mar. 8 May 1655. Will 5 April 1683. Kilburn of Hunslet. 

John D. 

I I I I I 

Thomas Denison=p. . . . dau. of Grace. Debora. Hannah. Beatrice. Joseph. 

of Leeds, merch*, 

. . . Bell of Their father (left) £350 amongst them. 



George, b. 5 Thomas=f=Elizabeth, dau. Robert=. . . . dau. of Elizabeth, mar. 

March 1682; 

of Tho. Sawer 
of Leeds, mer, 

. . . . Hey of John Cookson 
Leeds. of Leeds. 


Thomas Denison=f Elizabeth, dau. of John Sunderlandf of Whittington, 
of Leeds, Esq. I Esq. ; b. 16 Jan. 1735 ; d. at Bath' (p. 264). 

A I 

* Probably bp. at Leeds 3 Sep. 1626. See notes in the Leeds Kegister (Thoresby Society) of 
this date concerning the Denison family. 

f ? Langdale Sunderland of Newcastle. — J. W. C. 

MS. 315 




Thomas, d. y. Robert Denison of Kilnwick Percys Esq.,=f=Frances, dau. of Sir Rob, 

which estate he purchased and went 
to reside upon it in 1784 ; b. 15 Sep. 

Brook of Norton, Bart. ; 
b. 18 Nov. 1765; mar. 
24 July 1783. 

Frances, b. 23 Aug. 1785 ; 
mar. 14 Nov. 1807 to 
Ralph Creyke of Marton, 

Harriet, b. 12 Feb. 1789. 

I I 
Thomas, b. 2 Jan. 
1792 ; d. 12 Jan. 

Elizabeth, b. 12, 
d. 26 Jan. 1794. 

I I 
Robert, b. 21 
Nov. 1795. 

Mary, b. 18 
Nov. 1797 ; 
d. aged 14 

Elizabeth, b. 21 
Sep. 1799. 

Richard, b. 17 
Dec 1801 ; d. 
Feb. 1802. 

John Denison of Woodhouse.=p 




Matthew^. . . . dau. of John= Joshua Hartley of 
Watson of Leeds. Leeds, 2 nd husb. 

To this family probably belongs the following entry in Dickenson's ' Obituary': — 

1715, mar. M r Matthew Denison & M rs Miriam Ryder of Leeds ab* Feb. 2. 

1740, Nov. 1, mar. M r Nathaniel Dennison & Miss Huis of Nottingham. 

.... Dennison of near Nottingham mar. Miss Huthwaite of that place about 
1790, sister to the w. of Nathaniel Jarman of Brenley in Kent. Another Huth- 
waite mar .... Bradney. 

MS. 315 


.... Dennison of Rawden. : 

Thomas Dennison of Leeds.=p 

Jonathan, of Leeds=f=Ann Mason or Mann. 


Jonathan, of Leeds=p Mary, dau. of Robert Ryder. Hannah, mar. Joseph Walker 
| of Leeds. 

William, of Leeds=f=Hannah Harrison. 


William=f=Jane, dau. of John Worsley. 

William Brereton, d. in Joseph, of RushholmePark,=f=Sarah, dau. of W m Hanson 
W. Indies. co Lane. of Manchester. 

Edward Hanson. 


z z 



MS. 315 

Samuel. Joseph Dennison=pG-race, dau. of Matthew Bingley. 1 



Sarah, 1 w., dau. & c.= Joseph Dennison of St.=f=Blizabeth, Samuel = Betty, dau. 

of William Sykes of Mary's Axe, London, 
Manchester, merch* merch 1 , d. 1806 ; very 
(see Ped., p. 69) ; s.p. wealthy. 

2 w., dau. Dennison. of Thomas 
of ... . Lister. 


William Joseph Dennison of Semer, Esq., only 
son, High Sheriff of the co. of York & M.P. 
for Hull & Surrey ; unmar. ; d. unmar 1849. 

Elizabeth, mar. Maria, mar. Sir 
Henry Marq of Robert Lawley, 
Conyngham. Bart. 

Joseph Dennison of Leeds.= 

Sir Thomas Dennison, one of the=. . . . dau. of Rowl.=Albany Dodgsonof Kirkby 
Judges of the Court of King's Smithson of Mil- Overblow, Esq., took the 
Bench, d. at Ham n r Richmond field n r Harwood, name of Beckwith ; lhusb.; 
Sep. 1765. Gent. d. s.p. 

.... Wilkinson of Blackwell Hall, f actor.= 


.... Wilkinson of .... Wilkinson, took the name of Denison, : 
Potterton. & was of Ossington. 

.... Dennison of Ossington, Esq., Speaker of=Lady Charlotte Bentinck, dau. of 
the House of Commons 1858. the Duke of Portland. 


MS. 316 

# The earlier' generations of this pedigree are from Hopkinson, & it is entered 
principally for the sake of the descendants of W m Ellis & Mary Seaman, which were 
given to me by D r W. C. Ellis in a letter from his son dated 12 May 1827. 

I must observe, however, that in the Church of Barwick in Elmete, in which psh. 
Kiddal is situated, is a Mon. for William Ellis of Kiddal Hall, Esq., who d. 10 April 
1761, aged 64. He mar. Mary, only child of James & Elizabeth Bourne of Mat- 
tingley near Heelefield in Hants, by whom one child Elizabeth Maria who erected 
the monument, & a stone for ... . dau. of W m Ellis, mar. 1 W m Dawson of Kiddal 
Hall, 2 Benjamin Haigh (or Haist) of Barwick. 

1 Rev. M r Shepherd told me that his mother was a Whitfield of Leeds, bp. at 
Mill Hill Chapel, which would be about 1770, & related to this Matthew Bingley, 


D 1 ' Whitaker in * Loidis & Elmefce,' p. 153, has the termination thus : — 

John Ellis. 


Elizabeth Maria, mar Burroughs of Norfolk. 


Elizabeth Burroughs. 

So that, on the whole, it is manifest that those who have an interest in this 
pedigree have reason for resorting to documentary evidence : May 17, 1827. 

See also the variations in Frank's copy of Hopkinson's pedigree. 

Burke's pedigree differs, & I place little reliance on anything after the issue of 
the marriage with Lowther. 

Thomas Ellis of Kiddal, Esq.^pAnn, dau. of Walter Oalverley of Calverley, Esq. 
William^pJoan, dau. of William Percyhay of Ryton. Ellen, mar. Michael Fawkes. 

Henry=pAnn, dau. of = William Mallet William=. . . . dau. of ... . Aun, mar. 
John G-as- of Normanton, Vavasor of the John More, 

coigne. 1 st husb. Wolds. 

John Ellis=[=Mary, dau. of Martin Anne of Frickley. 

John Ellis= 
of Kiddal, 
son & heir. 

: Elizabeth, dau. Michael. Robert. Thomas. Ann or Frances, mar. 
of Wil. Plump- — — — Tho. Barley of Eceles- 

ton of Plump- Martin. Richard. Gervas. field. 

Henry. Francis. Samuel. Mary, mar. Brian Bab- 


John* Ellis^pEllen, dau. of = Robert Cole- William. 

of Kiddal. 

Austin, Citizen of peper, 2 nd 
London, a Turkey husb. 


Mary, mar. Sir A. 
Chester, Bart., 2 nd 
Samuel Lodding- 
ton, Esq. 

William Ellis of Kiddal,=pMary, dau. of Sir Wil. Lowther 
Esq., 1674. I of Swillington. 

Wiliiam=pMary, J dau. of John, a merch*, Henry, a Jane, mar. Francis Mary. 

Esq. a 

Dutton Seaman d. at Batavia linen- 
of London, unmar. draper, 

G-ent. mar. 

Moseley, M.A., 
Rector of Rolston, 
co. Staff. 

* (?) William, slain in Ireland 1647. 

t After this time a ped. recently printed in the Thoresby Society's ' Miscellanea ' gives a very 
different account of the family. 

| Mar. at S* Dionis Backchurch, London, 23 April 1688. 



MS. 316 

Charles Ellis of Kiddal, Esq., Cap n in a Company of Foot ;=pMary, dau. & h. of 
said in Frank's copy of Hopkinson to die without issue. .... Thomlinson. 


Maria Ellis, dau. & h., mar. Randal Burrowes of Norfolk, Esq. 

William, 2 nd son ; said in=j= Catherine Ann. Mary, eld. dau., mar. Mildred. 

Frank's MS. to have 
been a Captain of a Man 
of War, & to have d. at 
Boston in N. E. unmar. 

Harvey — Timothy Smith of — 

of Dane Elizabeth. Brotherton, & d. 4 Catherine. 

Court in — April 1766, aged 70 ; 

Kent. Annabel, bur. there. 

, . 1 w,, dau. of Theophilus=William=j=Sarah Francis of Great Yar- Ann,d. inf. 

Cibber, Esq. ; s.p. 


mouth in Norf., 2 nd w. 

Jane, Maria, mar. Mary Joseph Caire de la Ann, Sarah, Robert, 
d.s.p. Serrie of Rochelle in France. d. s.p. d. s.p. d. s.p. 

William, William Charles Ellis, M.D., Governor of the=f=Mildred Wood 

d. s.p. Lunatic Asylum for the W. R. co. York, 1827 ; 

knighted. From whose information. 

of Louth, co. 


William Robert Ellis of Jesus College, John Francis, 
Cambridge, only son & heir app. d. inf. 

W m Ellis of Kiddal=fMy, dau. of Sir W m Lowther. Burke, ii., 554. 


W m =pM7, dau. of Dutton John. Henry, a linen- Mary. Jane, mar Moseley, 

Seaman. draper. Kector of Rolston. 

John=p. . . . dau. of I. Butter- W m . H7. Charles. Mary. Annabel. Catherine, 
field of Leeds. — 


W m =j=. . . . eldest dau. & h. of T. Bourne of Mattingley, Hants. Charles. 

Eliz. Maria, mar. Randal Burroughs. 

MS. 317 




These descents are proved by Evidences abstracted in my Collection of Charters. 
It further appears from letters & papers of this family that Miles had a son named 
Peter, who was at Gray's Inn 1641, when he writes to dissuade his ^father from 
placing his sister Lucy with a Sempstress in London. It appears from other letters 
that he obtained a troop of Horse, and went abroad ; that he twice intermar. with 
women of good family, once without his father's consent. 

There is also a letter from Albany Fetherstonhaugh of F. to Miles Dodson, in 
which he calls him brother, & speaks of a marriage between a son of Miles & a dau. 
of his own. 

In 1690 there was a Fetherstonhaugh Dodson of Fetherstonhaugh. 

The arms usually borne by this family were : Or, a chevron ermine between 3 
Catherine-wheels gules. 

.... Dodson.=F 

Richard Dodson, Rector of Kirkby Overblows, admitted 
3 May 1589. Will dated 23 Jan. 1612, proved 25 Jan. fol*. 

Thomas Dodson, Rector 
of Goodmaham. 


Miles Dodson of Kirkby Overblows and- 
of Leathley, Esq., bought the manor, 
etc., of Kirkby ; b. 1590 ; d. 19 Sep. 

: Lucy, dau. of Peter Cooke, 
Rector of Sutton-upon- 
Derwent ; livs a widow 26 
March 1660. 

Eliz. Edw. 
Rich d . 

Joan, mar. John Gale, 
D.L. 203. 

I I 

Isabel, mar. An thy Ward, D.L. 139, of Mary. 
Otley, Gent. =p 


Lucy, w. of Michael Idle of Leeds ; d. 28 Aug. 1708, aet. 70. 

Peter Dodson,=pAlice, remar. Lucy. Elizabeth. Margaret, mar Harrison, 

d. before his 

ton; d. 1659. 


& is named in will of Tho. 
Dodson 1706. 

Thomas Dodson of Kirkby Overblows,= 
Gent. Will 7 Feb. 1706 ; estate to be 
sold to pay his debts, rest of his estate 
to his nephew Albany Dodson, kins- 
man, Will. Pickering of York, Gent. 

: Ellen, dau. of Tho- 
mas Norton of 
Langthorne, Esq. ; 
mar. before 1668. 

Lucy, w. of 
.... Hinde. 



dith Dawson. 

Frances Moreton. 
£250 to each by 
will of Tho. Dod- 

Albany Dodson 1 of Kirkb; 
Overblows, Esq. ; wrote an 
account of his voyage from 
Cork to the W. Indies 
1702; of M r of K. O. 

Eleanor, dau. & c. of Edw d Beckwith 
of Nutwith Coate, by Ellen Norton, 
dau. of Welbury Norton, his wife, 
rather coh r to John B. her brother. 
She was bp. at Masham 17 June 
1686, & mar. there 2 Feb. 1706. 

1 This Albany Dodson mar. a second wife Mary, dau. of Nathan Drake, Rector 
of Kirkby Overblows, & she might be the mother of his son Albany. By his first 
marriage he had a son named Thomas. (See his will made in 1716, York Wills 1961.) 



Albany Dodson, as-=. . . . dau. of Rowland or Roundel=Sir Tho. Dennison, one of 
sumed the name of Smith son of Millfield near Har- the Judges of the King's 
Beckwith, & d. s.p. wood, Gent.; living 1776; ob. Bench, d. at Ham n r 
He was of Kirkby s.p. ; sold K. 0. to Henry Ibbet- Richmond Sep. 1765 ; 
Overblows. son ; afterwards a Bart. bur. at Harwood. 

N.I. M£. Albany Fetherston of Fetherstonhaugh 1616=f=Jane, dau. of Tho. Fetherston 

I of Stanhope. 

Abigail, dau. & h., mar. 1 . . . . Dodson 1 ; 2 Tho. Dykes of G-ilcrea, co. Oumb. 

Peter Dodson of Kirkby Overblows was admitted of Gray's Inn 13 Aug. 1638. 

Where is Richard Dodson who in 1621 ran away with Jane Spink of Driffield, & 
made a forced marriage ? (See East Riding Miscellanea Coll. Sutton-on-Derwent.) 

See pedigree of Drake. (Hodgson.) 

I further find that Lucy Dodson (formerly Cooke) had a reputation for poetry, 
and that she had 10 dau s . Matthew Stephenson the poet was a friend of hers, and 
addressed an elegy to her on the death of one of her dau s in childbed. It was her 
youngest dau., & the time 1657. 

M r Drake, the Rector of Kirkby Overblows, speaks of his son and dau. Dodson 
about 1720. 

CtOft* MS. 317 

Arms were granted to Sir Chris 1 ' Croft by W m Riley in 1649, viz. : Quarterly 
per fess dancette or & gules, in the first quarter a lion pass.-guard. counterchanged. 

50 copies of a genealogical account of this family were printed in 1841. It was 
done by M r Carlisle for Sir John Croft, Bart. 

.... Croft of East Wilton, co. York,^=. . . . dau. of ... . Clapham 
came from Lancashire. of Beamsley. 

. . 1 w., dau.=Sir Christopher^=Elizabeth, 2 w., dau. of Rob. Harrison of York, 

of Welford (p. Croft of York 
433). 1649, Mayor. 

Alderman ; mar. at St. Martin's Micklegate 21 
Nov. 1613 ; a sister mar. Henry Fawkes. 

Thomas Croft of Stillington=p01ive, dau. & h. of John Dyneley of Bramhope, Esq. 

i r i 

Chris 1 ', d. y. John Croft, son & heir. Elizabeth, d. y. 

1 This was Peter, son & heir of Miles. Dykes was of G-ilcrea. — Hodgson's 
'Northumberland,' ii., iii., 336. 

MS. 317 




Stephen Oroft.= 


Stephen Croft of Stilling ton=pElizabeth, dau. of Sir Edmund Anderson. 

Stephen 0. of=pHenrietta, dau. of John Croft of York,=f= Judith, dau. of Chris 1 '. 
Stillington. I Henry Thompson. wine-mercht&F.S.A. ~ 

Francis Bacon. 

Stephen C.= Frances, Rev. Robert Henrietta, mar. John, Francis, d. about 

of Stilling- dau. of Croft. Nath 1 Cholm- d. y. 1807, before his 

ton. John — ley of Howsham. father. 

Clarke. Francis. 

William. Lucy, 1 w., dau.=f=Thomas, of Han-^Harriet, 2 w., .... mar. John 

of Henry Thom- 

over, a Portu- 
gal march 1 . 

dau. of .... Thomson of Kir- 
Dawson. by Hall. 

i i i 

John Croft of York=f=Harriet, dau. of ... . Tunstall of Manchester. Thomas. 
John, b. in Portugal. Harriet. 

MS. 318 

Leonard Boy n ton* of= 
Killerby in the N. R. 
of Yorkshire. 

: Mary, dau. of D r Stephen 
Tubley, Physician to 
Hen. VIII. 

Leonard B. was son of John 
B., who was second son of 
Sir Christopher B. of Sed- 
bery &• brother of Sir Henry. 


Stephen Boynton of Rawcliife=pSusan, dau. & c. of John Harrison 
in par. of Snaith, son & heir, of Pollington, psh. of Snaith. 

Jane, mar. William Norman Frances, mar. 1 . . . . Nuttal Lucy, mar. Robert 
of Burton Salmon. of Rawcliffe, 2 Tho. Eastoft Vicars of Scawsby. 

of Eastoft. 

Jane, 1 w., dau.^fThomas Boyn-= Elizabeth, 2 w 

of John An by of 


ton of Raw- 

dau. of John 
Digby, Esq. 

. Walker. = 

=Thomas Trigot 
of South Kirk- 

* Leonard Boynton, bur. 20 Oct. 1587 ; Mary his wife, 9 May 1594; Stephen his son, 10 
March 1628-9 ; Susan his dau.-in-law, 8 Sep. 1620 ; Thomas his grandson, 10 July 1656 ; Sir John 
his great-grandson, 3 Jan. 1688-9 ; Matthew his great-grandson, 26 June 1700 at Snaith 
(C. B. N.).-J. w. e. 



MS. 318 


Sir John Boynton of= Frances, dau. & coh. (with the w. of Wil. Boynton of Barm- 
Rawcliflfe, Knight, ston) of John Barnard, Alderman of Hull (pp. 69 & 394) ; 
son & heir, Barr. at relict of Edward Crofts, Gent., said to be a Dutchman. 
Law, d. without issue. 


John Nicholson 1 
of York, M.D. 

: Frances Christ r Adams of Oamblesforth n 1 - 
Crofts, Howden, son of John, & aged 9, 

coheir. 1666. 

^Elizab. Crofts, 
the other co- 

Frances N., coh r , mar. 1 Tho s Ingram . . . . N., co- 

of Barrowby, Esq., 2 John Wood, 1 heir, mar. 

Esq., of Copmanthorpe, & had issue .... Ibbot- 

by both. =p son. 

.... Chris 1 ', bred a 

Adams, merch* at 

son & York, became 

heir. a Cap n . 

Arthur Ingram, d. y. May 1708, when his estate Frances, mar. Thomas, a post- 
went to Arthur, his father's brother. Barrowby Sir John humous son, 
was bought of M r Layton by Arthur Ingram, Dryden. 3 d. y. 
grandfather of this Arthur. 

Stephen. Matthew B. of Raw- = 
— cliffe, Esq., heir to 
Francis, his brother ; d. s.p. 

= Judith, dau. of ... . 
Robinson of Thorn- 
ton Risborough. 

Thomas Apple- 
yard of Ulceby, 
co. Line. 


Boynton Appleyard, afterwards Boynton Boynton, having= 
taken that surname & arms by Privy Seal dated 23 April 
1701 in compliance with injunctions of his uncle Matthew 
Boynton ; d. 10 April 1725 ; bur. at Snaith. 

^Elizabeth,* dau. of 
Thomas Strangways 
of Pickering, Esq. 
(See Ped., p. 260.) 

Matthew, d. an 
infant ; bur. at 
Snaith 24 Feb. 

1. Judith, coh r , mar. 
John Twisleton of 
Barley & in 1745 of 
Rawcliffe (see Ped., 
p. 388); s.p. 

2. Elizab., coh r , mar. Richard Hutchin- 
son alias Langley of Wykeham Abbey & 
Nether Grimston (p. 420); took name 
of Boynton. 

1 Grandson of John Wood, Lord Mayor of York in 1682. (See p. 319.) 
3 This Sir John Dryden must have been the fourth Baronet, who is said by 
Malone to have been a woollendraper in St. Paul's Churchyard. Malone does not 
mention his wife, but says he had 3 children, John, an Att y , who was killed by a 
fall from his horse, v.p., Honor, wife of Joseph Bateman of London, Surgeon, & 
Elizabeth, who never mar. Malone takes no notice of Jonathan Dryden the 
Clergyman on p. 319. 

* t>. 29 Jan. 1729 ; bur. at Snaith. M.I. (C. B. N.).— J. W. C. 


Jane, 1 mar. William Ramsden, Esq., a merch 1 at Hull. Susan, mar Hodghall 

=j= of London, merch*. 


John Eamsden of Norton, which^Catherine, dau. of John, .... mar. Jane, mar. 

he bought of Tobias Humfrey, & Lord Vis* Downe ; d. 20 .... Matthew 

built a fine house there ; J.P., May 1737 ; bur. in St. Orme of Appleyard 

Dep.-Lieut., & M.P. for Hull ; d. Martin's, Coney Street, Surrey. 30 May 

at Owston 26 March 1718 & bur. York, aged 74. 1682. 
at Campsal 30 th , set. 61. 

W m R. of Norton, Esq., only=Mary, dau. & coh 1 ' of Robert Robinson of Folker- 
son, d. before his father 8 by, co. York, Esq. ; her sister Eliz. mar. Rev. 
June 1717, aged 34, & was Henry Brearey, Rector of Box worth, & d. s.p.; 
bur. at Campsal 11 th . d. 5 April 1745 & was bur. at Adlingflete. 

Dorothy, bur. at Hat- Richard Roundel of=pElizabeth, bp. 4 Oct. 1687; Anne, 
field 4 Sep. 1682. Hutton Wansley, mar. 23 Jan. 1710. 


Mildred, mar. John Bourchier of Beningborough. Catherine, mar. Hon. Chris r 

=j= Dawney & d. s.p. 

Mildred, mar. Hon. Rob. Lane & d. s.p. 

M r8 Mary Ramsden devised the manor & estate of Norton, which was her jointure, 
& of which she purchased the inheritance, & also Folkerby, to Trustees for making 
an additional building & founding 6 Fellowships and 10 Scholarships at Catherine 
Hall, Camb. Persons born in Yorkshire & Lincolnshire to have preference. To be 
called Skerne's Fellows & Scholars after the name of her relation Robert Skerne of 
Folkerby, formerly a benefactor to the same College. See his M.I. at Adlingflete. 
C G. M? for 1795.) 

One of Beckwith's pedigrees, on which, however, I do not place much reliance, 
shews the Appleyard differently : — 

.... A.=j=Ann, 2 sister of Sir John Boynton. 



.... 1 w.=r=John A.=pSusanna, dau. of ... . Jollance of Lincolnshire, 2 w. 

Will m . Thomas. Boynton. who took Alex r , mar. Frances, mar. M r Skipper A son, d. y. 

name of Boynton. & ob. s.p. & left one son. 

1 In Gent's ' Hull,' p. 40, is a Mon. Ins. for this lady, as I suppose, but she is 
called Anne ; she d. 23 April 1667 ; he 2 Sep. 1680, aged 62. Beckwith calls her 
Susan & makes her widow of ... . Hall, by whom she had Urban Hall. On the 
whole the truth may be that her name was Ann & that the mother of Urban Hall 

was her sister Susan, said before to have mar Hodghall, a name I never heard, 

& perhaps corrupted for Hall. 

VOL. II. 3 A 



MS. 318 

John Boynton Clara, sister & coheir, mar. Rev. Francis Leighton & Josceline Price^Frances 

Adams of d. 3 Oct. 1801, aged 65 ; bur. in New St. Chad's of Cambles- 

Camblesforth, Burial Ground, Shrewsbury. (See ' Gr. M.' for Jan. forth, Esq. 
Esq., ob. s.p. 1835.) =^= 

Francis=pLouisa Ann, dau. 



of Viscount 

Major Willey=p. . . . Price, Sir Charles=Clara Price, mar. 19 

of York. 

Francis Knyvett Wilson 
Leighton, b. 1806. 

coh r . 

Blois, Bart. Jan. 1799 ; d. 22 
Feb. 1847, aged 78. 

2 sons, one of them mar. Miss Moor, 
& 1 dau. mar. to Major Little. 

John Adams of=Eliz., dau. of Thos. Strangways of Pickering, Esq.; 
Camblesforth. wid. of ... . Hunter of Pickering. (See p. 260.) 

From Johnston's MS. 

MS. 318 

Ann, dau. of Edw.^Robert Skerne, son of=rPrances, dau. of Cholmley 

Bedingfield of Ox- 

Edmund, of Waltham 
and Bowby. 

Sir Edmund Skerne 
of Bowby, s.p. 

of Highgate, grandchild of 
Lord Chief Just. Cholmley. 

.... widow of= Robert Skerne, 2 son, 
Sir Edward heir to Sir Edmund. ' 
Cocks ; s.p. 

Robert, d. y. John, d. y. 

: . . . . dau. of 
Hen. Yelli- 

John Skerne, 3 rd Robert Robin-^Mary S., sister Frances, mar. Wil. Nunwvke 

son, " Stalled at son of Upsal. 

& coheir, 
living 1668. 

Parson of Normanby, & d. 
without issue. 

Robert Robinson of Folkerby. Thomas, 2 son. Ann, mar. Edward Robinson, Esq., 
(This must be the father of Barr. at Law. =p 

M rs Ramsden.) | 


MS. 319 



Founded on one by J. C. Brooke. (See Remarkable Story, ' St. James Cnron.,' 
20 June 1829.) 

. Zouch, a goldsmith, bur. in St. Giles, Cripplegate, London.= 


Charles Zouch, M.A.^Dorothy, dau. of 
Vicar of Sandal & 
Just, of the Peace, d. 
July 1754, aged 63 ; 
bur. at Sandal. 

i i 

. . mar mar Stokes 

G-ervase Norton Hanson of St. & had a dau. mar 

of Ketelthorpe, G-iles, Cripple- Strong, who d. s.p. at 
Gent. ; d. 17 Mar. gate ; bur. there ; Reading. 
1760, aged 64. s.p. 

Charles, d. 2 April Francis, d. 2 April Elizab., d. 25 Arthur, d. 7 April 
1731, aged 10. 1731, aged 9. March 1731. 1731. 


Charles Francis, Henry Zouch, eld. = Elizabeth, dau. Samuel Zouch=f=Elizabeth, 

d. 22 May 1734. surviving son, & h. of W m of Wakefield, dau. of 

— Vicar of Sandal & Spinke of merchant, 2 Mic. Boyle 

Dorothy, b. 16 J. of Peace, d. 17 Wakefield, son, d. 30 Dec. of Field 

Feb. 1731; d. June 1795, -& was -merch^ (See 1790. n r Hali- 

16 Feb. 1737. bur, in his own p. 307.) fax. 

garden ; s.p. 

Zouch of 

Charles Henry Zouch, a Lieut. Tho s Hardy = Dorothy. Eliza- 

Zouch, a in the Army 1786. of Wake- beth. 

Divine. — field, merch*. 

Thomas Zouch, in the 

Navy 1786. 

Frances Eliza, 2 dau., d. at Cornwallis House, Clifton, in July 1825. 

Isabella, 1 w., dau. of= Thomas Zouch, D.D., etc*, Rector^Margaret, 2 w., dau. 
.... Emerson ; d. 18 of Scrayingham & Preb. of Dur- of William Brooke 
Oct. 1803 ; bur. at ham, d. 17 Dec. 1815. (See L. A. of Field Head, Esq. 
Sandal. Index, p. 720.) (p. 312). 

Richard Z.,=Arabella,=. . . . Walker, 
in the York- dau. of an apothe- 
shireMilitia, .... cary, 2 husb. 

d. about Barry of 

1763. Hull. 

Elizabetha Dorothea, 
mar. William Graeme, 
Esq., of Heath in 
Halifax, &d. 19 Mar. 
1792, aged 52. 

Ann, mar. Sir 
William Low- 
ther of Swil- 
lington, Bart., 
Rector of Swil- 



MS. 319 

»curtr + 

There is a pedigree of Wood of Copmanfchorpe in the Visitation of 1612. 

Hannah Mancklin in 1740 mar. John Musgatroyd of Leeds, Clerk, whose will is 
dated 1765. 

Cap n Will. Norton, a brother of the first Lord Grantley, mar. Margaret, dau. of 
John Wood of Oopmanthorpe, Esq., & d. s.p. 19 April 1779, & was bur. at Oopman- 
thorpe. He was b. in 1717 or 1718. 

Who was Hutton Wood of the Exchequer ? 

John Wood of^Dorothy, dau. of 

n r York, aet. 
26, 1612. 

Mich 1 Went- 
worth of Wolley, 

There seems to be 
something wrong 
in this early part. 
(See York Wills 

William Mancklin, a 
furrier next door to 
" The Fortune of 
War" 1659; son of 
Gilbert Mancklin. 


John Wood, Aid. of=f=Ann, dau. of 

York & Lord Mayor 
1682 ; ob. 19 Jan. 
1704, aged 87. 

. Bean of 

. . . .* mar. John 
Hewley, & had 
Sir John. 

. . . mar Waine. 

mar Wick- 


of York, 
ob. s.p. 

=. . . . dau. of . . . . Wig- 
more; mar. 2 D r Bar- 
nard, who mar. 2 M rs 
Ellen Lowther. 

. mar. 
. Waine. 

mar. Ric. 

Margaret or 
Elizab., mar. 
Wil. White- 
head, Atty. 



: . . . . dau. of 
Roger Wil- 

d. at 

Tho 8 , 

Roger Waine. 

Dorothy, mar. 
Tho 8 White- 
head, her own 

Margaret, mar. 1 
John Romons, 2 
Robert Barker. 

George Mancklin, Sher. of York 1654 y- 
Lord Mayor 1666 ; ob. 1683, aged 74. 

=Isabel Anderton, mar. at St. Martin's, 
Coney Street, 13 March 1654. 


Charles Wood=f=Margaret, eld. dau. of Henry- 

pf York, mer- 
chant, d. be- 
fore his father 
Dec. 1684. 

Harrison of Holtby, 2 son 
of Sir Thomas H. of Cop- 
grave, K nt ; d. 1 May 1734; f 
bur. at St. Maurice. 

=Samuel Mancklin= 
of York, Gent., 
2 nd husb., d. 18 
May 1697 (sic) ; 
bur. at St. 

= Jonathan Dry den, J 
Rector of Londs- 
borough & Scray- 
ingham, Preb. of 
Friday thorpe & 
Residentiary. 3 rd 

Isabel Mancklin, dau. & h. 

* Dorothy (Dugdale's Visitation). 
J Mar. at York Minster 27 Nov. 1690. 

f 1735 (Skaife). 
He was bur. there 27 Aug. 1702. 

M.I.— J. W. C. 

MS. 319 



John Wood, Esq., Barr. at=f=Frances, dau. & c. of John = Thomas Ingram 

Law, of Copmanthorpe & 
of Hollinclose Hall, ob. 30 
April 1757, set. 74; bur. in 
the Ch. of Copmanthorpe. 

Nicholson of York, M.D.; 
ob.23 March 1740, ast. 59 ; 

bur. in the Ch. of St. 
x\ndrew, Holborn. (See 
p. 318.) 

of Barrowby, 
Esq., l 3t husb. 
(See p. 318.) 


I I I 

John Wood Boynton, eldest son & heir, d. with-=. . . . dau. of ... . Nicholson. 

out issue 15 Nov. 1778, aged 71, & was bur. in Freeman, Esq. ; — 

the Ch. of Copmanthorpe. survived. Francis. 

Richard Wood of Hollin Hall, Esq., First^Eliz., dau. of Hutton Perkins, Esq., 

Secretary of the Remembrancer's Office, 
d. 24 Sep. 1797, aged 87.* 

Secretary to Lord Hardwick in 1745 ; 
d. same day with her husband.")* 

Richard Wood of Hollin=f=Half-sister to M r8 Croft of Stil- 

Close-hall,had part of Cop- 
manthorpe; ob. 1815.$ 

lington. Delia, dau. of John 
Schaak, Esq., of Askham Bryan. 

i i 




Henry Richard=Ann Eliza, dau. of 
Wood of Hollin John Eckersal, 
Close Hall. Esq., of Bath. 

Delia Maria, mar. 
Hugh Blayds of 

unmar. Paul, Esq. 


MS. 320 


John Armitage|| of Thick-hollins in^pElizabeth, dau. of John Beaumont 

TT^1™£™J-1, n TtJ^ n TJTIU 1-l„j „j> rv~. tt • rr l 

Holmfirth 6~Edw 
2 June 1589. 

6. Will dated 

James Armitage^" of Thick=Jane. 
Hollins,eld. son & heir ; will 
15 Nov. 1626 ; no issue. 

of Dean House in Honley ; mar. 
before 1578; living 1589. 

Anthony : 
^ ## 2 nd 

& young- 
est son. 

Jennet, ft w. 
of Robert 

Godfrey Armitage,§§ of Thick Hollins, nephew^f Jane,|||| dau. of John Taylor. Will 
& heir of James. Will 20 June 1644. A | 10 April 1668 ; proved 8 Feb. 

* D. 25 Sep. : bur. in Ripon Minster. -f Bur. in same place. 

% D. 8 Dec. 1814 ; bur. in Ripon Minster. 
§ Eliza, d. 22 April 1840 ; bur. in Ripon Minster.— J. W. C. 
|| Bur. at Almondbury 9 June 1589. 

% Bur. at Almondbury 28 Nov. 1626 ; mar. Jane, dau. of Edw. Taylor of Meltham, at Almond- 
bury, 28 Aug. 1586. She was bur. at Almondbury 3 Dec. 1635. 

** Bp. at Almondbury 11 Feb. 1558. ft Living 1589. 

t± Bp. at Almondbury 7 Jan. 1561. §§ Will proved 15 July 1646. 

III! Will proved 8 Feb. 1688-9. 



MS. 320 


John,* 2 nd 

Elizabeth, f w. of 
William Kay. 

Ann4 w. of Thomas Eyre of The Ridge, 
co. Derb. (See Ped., p. 226.) 

Elizabefch,§ l st w.,dau.of John Bynnes &=f Anthony A.|| of T.,=p Judith, f 2 n ^w., re- 
Mary Crosley his wife, eldest son & h. of " "' ""'" ' "" 
John B. (son & h. of Arthur B.), by Eliz. 
his w., dau. & sole heir of Tho 3 Oastle. 

eldest son &h. Will 
proved 5 Feb. 1676 ; 
dated 2 Sep. 1674. 

mar. Tho s Hatters- 
ley of Midhope be- 
fore 13 Nov. 1676. 

Elizabeth.** Anne.ft Grace. Jane.JJ Martha. 

John Armitage§§= 
of T., eldest son 
& heir. 

=Mary,|||| eldest of the 3 dau s James,1T 
& con. of James Water- of ... . 
house of Meltham. Col., Oxf. 

Mary, w. of*** Ed- 
mund Robinson of 
Bank-end in Thurston- 

William A.fft of Tharstonland, 3 rd 
son, d. unmar. 6 Feb. 1721 ; bur. at 

Thomas A.$|| of Bayhall 
in Huddersfield,mar. & had 

Barbara. §§§ 


John Armitage|||||| of= 
Thick Hollins, Gent., 
eldest son & heir. 

=Mary, dau. of Nicholas Stead of Ones- 
acre in Bradfield, Gent. ; marr. settl. 
dated 29 May 1701 ; living 23 July 
1725. (See Ped., p. 144.) 

James A.f f f =Mary. 
of Smithy 
Place, 2 nd son. 

I I . 

John Arrnitage**** of = Sarah, dau. Benjamin, 1 
Richmond in Surrey, of Eob- of Melt- 
Gent., eldest son & heir, insonof . . . . ham. 
d. without issue. co. Midd. 


Mary, w. of 
Dyson of 


. . w. of Joseph Eastwood of Meltham. 

Anthy ArmitageJ+Jt of Thick-hollins= 


=Martha,§§§§ only dau. of Christopher Green 
I of Green-house. 

* Eldest son & heir, bp. at Almondbury 22 July 1621. f B P- at Almondbury 29 Sep. 1622. 

J Bp. at Almondbury 18 April 1630. § Mar. between 1645 and 1651. 

[| Mi. 14, 14 Nov. 1639. % Dau. of Thos. Fenay of Fenay ; d. before 23 Dec. 1677. 

** Under age 1674. ft Mar - John Oldroyd. J J Bp. at Meltham 1 Jan. 1671. 

§§ Will 22 Dec. 1699 ; bur. at Meltham 26 Jan. 1699-1700. He mar. 2ndly Barbara .... 
who was bur. at Meltham 25 Dec. 1691. 

(HI Mar. 1st G. Beaumont of South Crosland ; d. 18 May 1677 ; bur. at Meltham. 

%% University Coll., Oxf., matriculated 17 Dec. 1674, set. 18. Will 17 Aug. 1676. 

*** Rev. " ttt B P- at Meltham 5 Aug. 1686. Will 29 Nov. 1721. 

ttt B P- afc Meltham 10 May 1691. §§§ Bp. 25 Nov. 1687. 

Illlll Bp. at Meltham 18 May 1677 ; d. int. 14 Nov. 1747 ; bur. at Meltham. 

%W Will 17 Jan. 1731. 

**** will e April 1762 ; proved in London. Bp. at Meltham 22 April 1702. 

tftt D - at Richmond, co. Surrey. 

t+tt B P- at Meltham 2 April 1705 ; d. 16 Dec. 1778 ; bur. at Meltham ; mar. at Almond- 
bury 5 Feb. 1729. 

§§§§ Settlement 3 Feb. 1729 ; d. 5 Jan. 1742, get. 38 ; bur. at Meltham. 

Mr. G. W. Tomlinson, F.S.A., has given the above notes of this family .—J, W. C. 

MS. 320 



John Armitage of= 
Thick-hollins & 
Gent., d. s.p. 

= Elizabeth, dau. of John 
Crosland of Linley in 
the par. of Huddersfield, 

William A. p Susanna Anthony, 

of Thick- < Dobsom d. un- 

hollins, 2 nd \ mar. 

William Dobson. 

ms. 32i ftrmttagi* 

Richard Armitage of Dudmanston in par. of=j=Sarah.* 
Almonbury, Yeo. Will dated 24 Oct. 1665. 

Joseph Armitagef 0I> Dnd- 
manston, Gent., son & heir, 
will dated 6 Oct. 1686; no 
issue. Cousin John Armi- 
tage of The Ermitage. 

i i 

Ei chard Armitage J of^Martha. John A.§ of= 

Almonbury, 2 nd son ; Linley, 3 Td 

has Dudmanston by son, dead 

his brother's will. 1665. 

Joseph A. || 

under age 

George, has 
the High 
Royd in 



Richard, had a tan- 
yard at Nether 
Thwong by gift of 
his uncle, & Dean 
House in Honley. 

Joseph, living 1686. 

William Brooke,=pSarah,JJ a- 
l st husb. wid. 1686. 

: Joseph Woodhead,=. . . . Holdsworth, 
2 nd husband. 3 rd husb. 

of Bay- 

Anne, w. of W m Moor- 
house of Linley. 

Alice, w. of Humphry 

Mary, w. 
of John 

John Wood- Elizabeth, w. of 
head, §§ living Wil. Butler. 
1686. — 

— Sarah, w. of 

Joshua. Moses Thornton. 

John Armitage of Armitage in Crosland, cousin to Joseph 1686. 

* Stevenson of Shepley at Kirk Burton. 

f B. at Banks 15 Feb. 1617 ; bur. at Almondbury 27 April 1689 ; s.p. 

I Bp. at Almondbury 20 Jan. 1627 ; will proved 9 Jan. 1706 ; mar. first wife Martha Bayley 
of Horbury (27 Oct. 1655) at Horbury. 

§ Bp. 23 May 1631. 

|| Of Wakefield, cloth -dresser, mar. Martha . . . . ; will dated 16 March 1690 ; d. about 1704 
at Thornes. He was succeeded by his eldest son & h. Richard, who mar. Mary, dau. of Fras. 
Maude. Bichard d. intestate 7 Nov. 1713, and left Francis (see note* p. 788). 

f Eldest son. ** Bp. at Almondbury 10 Sep. 1664 ; living 1706. 

ff (?) Maria, bp. at Almondbury 22 Sep. 1664. J J B. 23 April 1621. 

§§ Owner of bequest of his uncle Joseph. 



MS. 321 

Ana Scott, writing 1775, speaks of her aunt M rs Beatson, & in 1777 says her 
aunt Parkes has left Clayton & is gone to live at Elland. 

Edward Oockshutt of Huthwaite is spoken of as cousin to Grace Scott in 1779. 

Francis Armitage*=pAnn, dau. of Joseph Oates of Nether 

of Dudmanstone. 

Denby, Gent, (see Ped., p. 114) 
b. 23 Jan. 1711-2. 

Francis, Joseph Armitage|= 
d. y. of Alverthorpe 

near Wakefield. 

i i 

Francis, § Ann Scot, 

only son, livs unmar. 

d. uninar. 1824. 

=Joseph Scotf 
of Woodsome, 
2 nd husb. 

Grace Scot, w. of D r 
Bacon, Vicar of 
Wakefield ; no issue. 

Robert S. of Wake- 
field, Gent. Will 
27 Aug. 1714. 


James. Henry=. . . . Fenton. 

.... w. of ... . 
Wheeler, Vicar 
of Dewsbury. 

Thomas Scott, 1 
Clerk 1714. 

John Scott, Curate of Horbury & Lecturer of Wakefield, brother of= 

James, Henry who mar Fenton, .... wife of .... Wheeler, 

Vicar of Dewsbury, and .... wife of ... . Shepherd of Wakefield, 

: . . . . dau. of ... . Armitage 
of Deadmanstone, liv* a w° 
at Wakefield 1776. 

Mary, mar. John Anne. mar. Ralph Sarah, Priscilla, d. Robinson, of Jamaica, John, d. at 
Earnshaw, Min r Brocklebank of coh r unmar, aged where he mar., but Charlston 
at Ossett, both Corbridge, co. 1776. ab* 18. had no issue. unmar. 

living s.p. 1777. Northumb., Clerk, 

Brooke's MSS. 

#ates— dcatt&trU— (Hmt&eatr* M s. 


In this pedigree I have assumed two things : 1, that a brother who had a son 
John named in Thomas's will is the Eobert who appears as father to Eichard in 
Richard's will; 2, that Joshua & Peter were among the 4 children of Thomas 
Greathead who were living in 1608. I have no doubt in either case. 

Sir William Rayner, son of a Robert Rayner, is mentioned as cousin by Richard 
Oates, & was then at Cambridge. 

See a marriage both of G-reathead & Scatcherd with Bever at p. 307. 

Tho. Waldegrave, b. 1732 ; mar. Sarah, youngest dau. of S. Scatcherd, Esq., of 

1 Thomas Scott, Vicar of Wakefield, was 3 times mar. His 3 rd wife was .... 
Brookes who had an estate at Adwalton (see ' Yorkshire Topography,' Agbrig & 
Morley, Adwalton). A dau. mar. Henry Elmsal. 

* D. 27 Dec. 1744, and bur. at Almondbury. 

j- Joseph Scott's first wife was Margaret, dau. of Kobert Rockley of Lees, by whom he had a 
dau. Susannah mar. to John Allen of the par. of Sheffield, and two sons Robert and Joseph. 

$ D. before June 1804 ; bur. at Almondbury. He mar. Henrietta, dau. of ... . Denton of 
Wakefield, and had issue 10 children. 

§ Captain of an East Indiaman, and d. young. 

The above notes by Mr. Tomlinson. — J. W. C. 

MS. 322 

.... Oates.=r 


Thomas Oates of Morley, husbandman.^pEllen. Robert Oates. : 
Will 19 Nov. 1608. 

Richard, of Mor- 
ley. Will 1616. 

I I 


Isaac. Isabel, mar. Agnes, mar. Alice. 
.... Richard- .... Wes- — ■ 
son. terman. Ellen. 

Ralph. William. George. Dorothy mar. Peter 


Thomas Great -=f=. 
head, had 4 chil- 
dren 1608. 

Joshna Greathead of Gildersome, Major in the Parlia-^Susan, dau. of Peter, of 

ment Army ; Collector of Hearth-Money temp. C. II. 
Major's Com. Jan. 1644 ; d. about 1684. 

Ralph Crowther Morley, 
of Gildersome. clothier. 

Thomas Oates, a Captain in the Pari. 
Army; executed for the Yorkshire 
Plot 1663 ; of Morley. 

Matthew Scat- 
cherd, bur. at 
Batley 1688. 

=Eliz. Hudson, mar. at 
Batley 14 July 1656 ; 
d. 25 Aug. 1715, aged 
83 ; bur. at Morley. 

Ralph Oates, M.A., Rec- Samuel 
tor of Smeaton Park, d. Gates, 
12 Feb. 1724, aged 81 ; M.A. 
bur. at Smeaton ; 52 years 
Rector. =f 


Thomas=pJane Smur 
d. 20 May 


William Moore of Norton, d. 10=Ruth. 

April 1730, aged 71. 

Joshua, Samuel 

thwaite, 1 st son, G., ob. 

mar. 1687 ; d. un- 9 July 

mar. 1721, 

1664. set. 77. 

d. 4 Sep, 


Samuel Scatcherd=j=Mary Greathead. 
of Morley. 

Samuel Scat-=FTheodosia, dau. of . 


Thomas, d. 

cherd of Mor- 

Norrisson of Willerley, 18 April 
n r Cottingham. 1721. 

Jane, d. Mary, d. 15 
27 March Feb. 1732, 
1719. aged 11. 

Watson Scatcherd of Morley ,=pFrances, dau. of Rev. John Fountaine, Rector of 

Esq., Barr.-at-Law & Justice 
of the Peace. 

North Tidmouth, Wilts, & Master of a School in 
Marybone March 1778. 

Norrison Scatcherd of Morley, Esq., author of= 
* The History of Morley. 7 


Watson S. 
3 b 



MS. 322 


Henry, of Gil-=Martha, 
dersome, d. 5 d. 15 
July 1718, Aug. 
aged 80.* 1722. 

Alice, mar. John Smith of Gil- 
dersome, who d. in prison at 
Rothwell where he was con- 
fined about Hearth-Money. 

i i 

Hannah, mar. Susan, d. 

Nehemiah 21 Oct. 

Wood of Gil- 1741, 

dersome. aged 89. 

g>j)ato + 

Nicholas Shaw of Dungworth^Bettrice, his widow 

Storrs in Bradfield Chapelry. 
Dead in 1606. 

1606. Ex r ofherdau. 
Ann Shaw. 

MS. 323 

This from M r S. Mitchell 
through M r Swift. 

Henry, of Tinsley Edward, Hugh, Francis S. of Tinsley. Jane, Elizab., 
1639. =p 1640. 1640. Will 2 March 1639. 1606. 1606. 

I I I 

Anthony, 1639. Ann, 1639. Isabel, 1639. 

I I 

George S. of Hasler House in=pEmote . . . . ; his widow when Ann S. Will 17 
Bradfield in 1606. she made her will, 1662. May 1606. 

Nicholass, of Hasler House. Mary, w. of Jona- Hugh, liv- 

Will 15 June 1711. than Sanderson ing 1662 

— 1662, of Sick- & 1711. 

Ann, mar. Rowland Bram- house. Will 20 =p 

mall 1662. April 1707. 


I I 





Rowland Martha, wife 

Brammall. of ... . Shaw 

1. Samuel, eld. 

2. William. Hill- 
house to him, but 
bequest to be void 
if he marry Ann 
Ridal,& to have £5 
a year instead. 

Joseph Shaw. 
Devisee of 
Hasler house, 
& ex r of his 
uncle Nicho- 
las. =F 

S.,i 1711. 

Joshua, of Stannington, weaver, 1729. 

1 I incline to think that this Jonathan Shaw mar. his cousin Martha Sanderson 
on the left [above], & was the father of George Shaw who owned Brookside Storrs Sick 
House, which he left in 1771 to his niece Martha Patrick, afterwards M 1S Halliday. 
He owned also Hill House, which he left to John Stringer. 

* M.I. still at Morlej Old Chapel for Henry Greathead and his wife, where it states he was 
in his 61st year.— J. W. C, 

MS. 324 

FAMILIES minorum gentium. 


Christopher Green of Green House and- 
Yate Holme in par. of Almonbury. 

Christopher. James. Benjamin. 

John Green of Yate Holm &=pLydia, dau. of ... . 
Smalshaw, b. 1675 ; d. 14 Sep. Riche of . . . . ; b. 
1766 ; bur. at Peniston. 1671 ; d. 19 Feb. 


Christopher,=Mary, dau. of 
of Green- .... Broad- 

house, head of 


Aymor Green of=j=Mary, dau. of Nicholas Stead of Dungworth in 


. w. of . . . . 

Yate Holme. 

Bradfield, Gent. ; b. 19 Oct. 1712 ; mar. 8 June Wainwright of 
1731 ; bur. 20 Sep. 1746. (See PED.,p. 144.) Royston. 

Thomas=. . . . dau. Aymor G. 
Green of .... of Smal- 
of Smal- Walker. shaw, ob. 

ob. s.p. 


John Green= 
of Black- 
more in the 
psh. of 

i i 

=. . . . dau. Daniel. Lydia or Ann, 

of ... . w. of John 

Newton Chad wick of 

of Hun- Honley. 

John Green of=. . . . dau. of . 
Yateholm. Micklethwaite. 

Aymor Gr.=. . . . dau. of 
of Black- .... Hat- 
more, field. 

Lydia, w. of John 
Coldwell of Penis- 

MS. 324 

John Carr,= 

Carr— JHasmn. 


These early generations are from deeds collected by 
M r L. Palfreyman, an ati? at Sheffield. 

William Carr, 1503.= 


John Carr, 1503. 

Richard Carr^p Ellen, dau. of Ralph Greyffe in 1520. 


Helen, 1 w., dau. of =Ralph= Ellen Samp-=Agnes, 3 rd w., dau. Thomas, a cut- 
Robert Haigh of Carr. son, 2 nd w., of Richard Brom- ler, lived at 
West Den, co.Derb.; mar. 1567. head of Thornsett ; Birley Edge. 
mar. 1555. mar. 1577. 

Richard Carr,jnar. 1597 iT^ 11 ^ d au - of Richard Bromhead Ralph, 


d. 1617 ; of Birley Edge. 

of Thornsett, Yeo. 

Nicholas, 3 son, principal George, liv g Robert, liv& Elizabeth. Emote. 
a heir to Nic. Bloomhead. 1638. 1638. 




MS. 324 

Ralph, b. : 

Richard Carr, b. ab* 1603 ; of Worsborough 1624, & at=pHelen. 
Birley Oarr 1632 ; bought Meershouse ; a clothier. 

Richard Carr, b.=f=Ann, dau. of Rich- Josiah Oarr, 

1639 ; d. about ard Bromhead of cousin to 

1688. Will 12 Bradfield, & sister Richard. 
Dec. 1688. of Richard. 

Ralph=j=Elizabeth, dau. of 
Carr, Wil. Staniland of 
mar. Grenoside. 

Joseph Carr of =f= Jane, dau. of Nich- 
Birley Edge in olas Stead of Ones- 
psh. of Eccles- acre, G-ent. (see 
field. (See Pbd., p. 144) ; b. 

p. 325.) 1684. 

I I I 

Ralph, Ann, 1692 ; a Samuel Carr, = Mary. 

1689, mess, called sold Meers- 

eld. Withersley(?) house to 

son. in Bradfield. Ralph Carr. 

Rich d Carr of Birley=pDouglas, dau. of Benjamin Micklethwaite of 

Edge, Gent., 1733. 

Ardsley. (See Pbd., p. 310.) 


Richard Carr, only child=f=. . . . dau. of ... . Heaton of Notton. 


John Fletcher, Vicar of Royston=pJane Carr, sole dau. & h. 

Henry F. of Roy- John F., Curate of Bradfield, un- 
ston,unmar.l824. mar. 1824 ; mar., 1 May 1828 at 
Sheffield, Elizabeth Hobson. 

i i 

. . . . wife of a dau., 

.... Pearson living un- 

of Ackworth. mar. 

i i 

Douglas, w. of . . . . Rawson. Edward Mason of^Sarah Carr. 
=j= Birley Edge, Yeo. 

Sarah, d. 

Edward Mason of Retford,=f=Mary, dau. of John Law of 

Clerk, or of Blythe. 

Rotherham. (See p. 93.) 

i i . i i i 

Thomas, of Wards- Hannah, livs John, =. ... Mason, mar. Henry, a surgeon, 

end, Esq., twice at Wards- d.s.p. 2 in 1827 to ... . mar Parker 

mar., but no issue, end, unmar. Rogers of Shef- & d. s.p. ; of East 

From whose information, Aug. 1824. field, & d. soon Retford; eldest 

after. son. 

Edward, Nathaniel, an Abigail, w. of Geo. Robinson, & had 
a Clergy- attorney at Abigail, Eliz., & John. M r Robin- 
man, d. Retford, left son was of Kingston in Jamaica & 
unmar. Elizabeth his Bexley in Kent. She d. at Sheffield 
only dau. & 22 Dec. 1830, aged 63; mar. at 
heir. Blythe 20 Feb. 1793. 

Harriet, w. of ... . 
Beaumont of Ret- 
ford, & had an only 
dau. & h. 

MS. 325 




Richard B. of Bradfield, liv« 20 H. 6 & 1 Ed. 4. 

John de Bromhead of Bradfield, 7 H. 4. 

Besides the Bromheads here mentioned I find in my large collection of Bradfield 
Evidences : Henry B. of Over Oolmes, Yeo., whose dan. Eliz. in 1564 mar. Renald, 
son of Oliver Chapel, & was a wid. in 12 Eliz. Edmund, son & heir of John Brom- 
head, of full age in 34 Eliz. Edward B. of Nether Bradfield, Yeo., made his will in 
1659, leaving his property to John Rogers his wife's grandchild. John B. of 
Armitroyd, cardmaker, will 1686, mentions his wife Mary, & children Thomas, 
John, Eliz., & Jane. Henry B. had John his son & heir 1694. Tho. B. mar. 
Rebecca, sister to Sarah, w. of Mark Stanley. Henry B. of Nether Bradfield, Yeo., 
aged 60, 19 Eliz. Tho 8 B. of Nether Bradfield, aged 40, 1589. Richard B. of 
Thornsett & James B. were living 31 Hen. 8. Henry B. of Wirral, husbandman, 
son of Cecilia B., living 35 Hen. 8. Tho. B. of More Hall in Bradfield, cardmaker, 
made a nuncupative will 10 March 1653, his father John B. then living, & he had 
a dau. Ann who was to have £60 when 16. Edw. B. above, will 1659, gives every- 
thing to his wife & her children, that is W ra Roger's widow Ellen, which Will, was 
her son, & John Rogers, son of W m ; to the children of his sister he gives 6 d each. 

John Tomson of Thornsett, Yeo.= 


Elizabeth, w. of Dionysia, w. of Nich 8 Stead; Thomas Brom-^Ann Tomson, 
Rich d Ibbotson. mother of Tho 8 . head. coh r . 

i i 

Emote, w. of George Shaw.. Ellen, w. of Nich s Ronksley. 

Thomas Bromhead of Nether^=Elizabeth, dau. of Tho. Brammal 
Bradfield, co. York, Yeo. j of Thornsett, Yeo., 12 Eliz. 

Charles Bromhead of= 
Nether Bradfield, b. 
about 1570. 

Richard Bromhead of Thornsett, Yeo.,=pEmote Tomson, 

1618— -1620, had an uncle Nicholas 
Roger ; seems to have d. in 1625. 

coh r , 

Robert B.= 
of Brad- 
field, Yeo. 

: Ellen, sister of Roger 
Barber of Woodseats- 
under-Mamm, co. 
Derb., Yeo., 1629. 

Richard B. of Nether Bradfield ,= 
Yeo., son & h v app. 1620, had 
issue 1638 ; will 11 Aug. 1638; 
to be bur. in Church or Church- 

dau. of 


Henry B. of Nether 
Bradfield, Yeo., 
grandson & h r of 
Charles; aged 36, 

Anne, w. of 



Will. Revel. 

John B., son & heir 1694. 

head of 

Gertrude, mar. 
lEdm d Hobson 
of Smalfield, 2 
Thomas Stead. 
(See Ped., p. 
144.) =r 

Edmund Hobson. 

w. of 
Rich d 
Bacon of 



Richard Bromhead, son & heir app. lGSo.^p 

i I 

Richard Bromhead=Arm, dau. of William Revel=Ann B., b.=James Hill 

of Nether Bradfield, Nicholas of Darnal, 1 1662 ; d. of Aston, 

Yeo. (See Ped., Stead of Ones- husb. 1741 ; bur. 2 nd husb. 

p. 144.) acre; mar. 22 at Brad- 

June 1710. field. 

Nicholas B. of Thornsett, Yeo., will dated= Catherine, Anne, w. of Rich d 

22 Dec. 1638 ; no issue ; mentions his nep- liv» 1638. Carrof BirleyEdge. 

hews Anthy Bright, Rob. Bright, & Nich s (See p. 324). 

Stead. =f= 


i i i i i 

Richard. George. Nicholas. Robert. Ralph. 

.... w. of Ellen, w. of Ralph Greaves of Ughill Elizabeth, w. of George Loxley 
.... Woodside ; youngest dau. ; mar. at of Nether Bradfield ; mar. be- 

Sampson. Bradfield 28 Oct. 1619. fore 11 May 1613. 

1 III 

Nicholas. Ralph. Anne. Eliz h . 

Will. Bromhead of Bradfield. Will 26 Jan. 1567 ;=Ellen. 
to be bur. in Ch. Yard of B. ; a hive of bees. 


James B. 

Kichard B. 

1 1 
Thos. B., " my wife's son." Nich 8 B. 

William B. 

John B. 

For the further investigation of this descent the following facts will be found of 
use: — Ellen, wife of Anthony Bright, made her will about 1644 in which she 
bequeathed land at Nether Bradfield to her husband, to Robert Bright, Ralph Carr, 
and Ralph Greaves, but this bequest was disputed by her heirs at law, who were 
Robert Marshall, John Smalfield of Nether Br., whitleather draper, William Furnes, 
& Thomas Saunderson. Further, that when Nicholas Bromhead mentions his three 
nephews, it is thus : Ellen wife of Anthony Bright, Emote wife of Robert Bright, 
and Ann wife of Nicholas Stead, my nephews. I find, also, in the parish Register 
of Sheffield : Robert Bright and Emote Parkin, 1 widow, mar. 10 July 1633. 
Anthony Bright & Ellen Barber 19 Feb. 1636-7. 

Joan Barber of Ughill, widow, in 1612 had these children, . . . . B., Stephen, 
younger son, Margaret, Dionysia, Elizabeth, Ellen, & Mary. There was also a John 
Barber of Ughill, Yeo., & Stephen his brother 1675. 

Richard Bromhead, junior, of Nether Bradfield, mar. Jennet, dau. & h. of 
Richard Loxley of Nether Bradfield, Yeo., but she d. without issue before her father. 

1 This Emote was a dau. of ... . Shaw of Hall Broom. 


Cotoell— brammal— Emitter. 

The early part of this pedigree is from the Pleadings in the suit between Smilter 
and Brammal. 

John Cowhalgh or Cowell of Dungworfch Storrs in the 
Chapelry of Bradfleld temp. Henry TIT. 

John Bacon=f=Rose Cowell, 3 rd & youngest dau. & coh. 


John Bacon. Richard Bacon of Ughill Woodside, Yeo., & Hawkswortfr 
Head, b. in 1512 ; living 1588. 

John Bacon of Storrs,=Eliz. Robert Bacon, son & heir^fAnn, living 13 Eliz. 
Yeo., 1613. app. 1570. 

Richard Bacon of Ughill Woodside, bp. 14 Sep. 1577 ; living 1651 ; dead 1655.^ 

I i 

Richard Bacon of Ughill= Eleanor, dau. of Rich- William Bacon of Pakefield, 

Woodside, son & heir, ard Bromhead. (See co. Suff., Minister, living 

aged about 53, 1654; p. 325.) 1651 & 1658; cousin to 

liv" 1658. Geo. Ellis of Brampton. 

Alice Cowell, 2 Nicholas= 

1 dau. & coh., Smilter, 

w. of John 1 st hus- 

Morton. band. 

: Elizabeth Cowell, 2 lld dau. & cohV^Thomas Brammal 

had lands at Storrs which she 
settled on the Brammals 26 May 
37 Hen. VIII. 

of Storrs, 2 nd hus- 

Lionel Smilter of Storrs, husbandman. 

Lionel Smilter, Complainant in a Suit respecting land at Storrs. Roger. 

Thomas Brammal of Storrs, Party to an Arbitration^ Humphry Bram-=f=Ann. 

Deed about his mother's Estate 28 Hen. 8. 

mal, 2 nd son. 

Elizabeth, w. of Edward Bram-=pMargaret, 3 rd Thomas, Humphry B. of Ug- 

Tho. Brom- mal of Storrs, 
head of Nether son & heir, 
Bradfield 12 Defendant in 
Eliz. the Suit. 


and youngest 2 nd son, a hill Woodside. Will 
dau. of Henry Defend- dated 162-. (See 
Wain wright ant. York Wills 2155.) 

of Storrs. — 


1 31 May 1654. On petition to the Justices of Assize at the Northern Circuit 
that he was above 76 & not able to go to Market, dim of sight, etc., his name taken 
out of the Freeholders' book. Signed John Puleston. 

3 There was an Isabel Morehouse, aunt to this Alice Morton, & a John Arch- 
dale who was of kin to the 3 coheirs. 


Thomas Brammal of Storrs 1617=rEllen. 


Edward Brammal of Storrs,=pSarab, dau. of Thomas Taylor of Wadsley Rowland. 

son & heir app. 1646. 

(see Pbd., p. 270) ; marr. settl. 3 Sep. 1646. 


Edward Bramhall, of full age 1682 ; of=j= 3 younger sons, named in the will of 

Storrs, Yeoman. Will 18 Jan. 1720-1. 

their Grandmother 1668. 

Joseph B., Ex 1 ' & sole Mary, w. of Joshua Drabble. Ann, w. of Philip Hawley. 

heir. All copyhold — — 

lands at Storrs. Ellen, w. of Jeremiah Sanderson. Sarah, w. of Robert Firth. 

A Thomas Brammall was husband of Elizabeth, dau. of Nicholas Morton of 
Canyhills 1651. 

.... Bramhall of Sheffield, claimed to be descended- 
of the above family, b. about 1710. 

Peter Bramhall of Sheffield.= James Bramhall of Porto-Bello in the^f 1 

psh. of Sheffield, cutler. 

James Bram-=f=. . . . dau. Richard,=. . . . dau. of Patrick w. of . . . . 

hall of Red 
Hill in Shef- 
field & of 

of ... . d. s.p. Brown of Shef- Reynolds of 

Sykes of field, merch* ; of London who 

Sheffield. the Browns of published ' Brit- 

Skelbrook. ish Genealogy.' 

I I I 

John Sykes=Eliza, dau. of= Eliza, 2 w., dau w. of Mary Ann, mar. 

Bramhall Richard Broom- of John Winter Peter Wright 17 July 1827 to 

of Sheffield, head of Stan- of Bristol ; mar. of Stanning- Charles Edward 

merchant ; nington. (See at St. Paul's, ton, V.D.M. Morton of Lon 

no issue. Pbd., p. 171.) Bristol, 20 Mar. don. 


Keginald Brammal of Heyshatter in psh. of Bradfield, Yeo. Will dated 1680-r-Catherine. 


Edward, of Woodhouse in Bradfield 1680— 1698.=f= Reginald, 2 nd son. 


Reginald, 1698. Martha. 


John Bacon of Dungworth Storrs, Yeo., dead before 1730 B. 


John Bacon of Chesterfield in Burlington County of New Jersey, Yeo., dead before 1730. 

David Bacon, son & heir 1730. 

Bacon. : 

John Bacon, d. seised of land at Storrs 31 May 1709. Will 26 May Daniel=p Joseph=j= 

1709. Benefactor to the Chapel at Stannington. Bacon. I Bacon 

I I I I 

John Bacon, had lands at Storrs Others. Richard Bacon, remainder man to=f= Others, 

from his uncle. John ; of Bradfield Dale, roper ; 

bur. 4 Dec. 1718. 

Richard Bacon, aged 9, 1718. Jonathan Bacon of Oldfield in Bradfield, aged 6, 1718.=f= 

Hannah Bacon, mar. 1766 to Joshua Jepson Oddy. (See Ped., p. 93.) 

John Bacon of Cliff in Bradfield, Yeo. Will 13 Dec. 1728.=x= 

i i 

Charles Steer, Curate of Bradfield &=Mary Bacon. Alice=pJohn Champion. 

Rector of Hans worth. | 

John. Mary. 

John Bacon of Cliff & Joseph Shaw of Hawbroom are named as relations by 
John Bacon of Storrs in 1709. 

Richard Bacon. This is he on the left [&fow0]=pEUen. 

Andrew Bacon, Yeo., had lands in Bradfield 1680 ; related to Will. Bever of Thurlston, dyer.^ 
In 1660 he mar. Grace Carr of Sheffield, Wid. I 

Richard Bacon, Clerk to M r Simpson of Sheffield, Att^, 1680 ; of=Mary, dau. of Wil. Clayton of 
Sheffield, Gent.; d. 28 May 1701 ; bur. at Whitwell, co. Derb. Whitwell, Gent. 

Robert Wainwright of Stannington, Yeo., 26 Eliz., bought=f= 
Walker-house of Nicholas Brownell. I 

i i n 

Robert W. of Byton, co. John W. of Walker-house,=f=Alice, dau. of Robert Hally, Francis. 
York, Yeo., 26 Eliz. 2 son, about to marry 1586. I brother of George Hally of — 

I Lady Bower in Hathersage. Richard 

John W. of Jowet-house, Yeo., sold Walker-house to Revel 1638.=f= 

George Wainwright, son & heir app. 1638. 
VOL. II, 3 C 



MS. 327 

Luke Wainwright of Cherry tree hill, scissormaker, d. aged 97. Will dated 
23 Dec. 1787, proved 10 Nov. 1789. Phoebe his wife surv d . Their dau. Mary mar. 
Joseph Birtles. Q. if related to these below. 

Kobert Wainwright of Norton Lees,=^=Rebecca his wife sur d her husband 
d. 22 March 1700, aged 45, & was many years ; d. 31 March 1751, 
bur. at Norton. aged 87. 

, Wainwright.-T- 

Robert Wainwright 1 of Sheffield, =pElizabeth Haigue of 
scythesmith. Sheffield, spinster. 

Jonathan Wainwright.=f= 


John Bright of Shef-=Mary Wainwright, only child, described=:Jonathan Wainwright, cousin- 
field, 1 st husband, of Little Sheffield, widow in 1750; living german to Mary, & her 2 nd 
at Highfield 12 Oct. 1803, aged 79. husband. 

<^ll($U MS. 328 

Ellis of Midhope in the Chapelry of Bradfield, liv* temp. H. 8.=f 

Charles Ellis of Midhope Hall. Will dated 1565. To be bur =p Ann. 
at Bradfield. Mentions his brother in law Thomas Hawkhirst. I 

. . Ellis/ 

Charles Ellis, 
to have Mid- 
hope Hall by 
his father's 

John Ellis, to live 
at Midhope, or to 
be provided with 
a farm elsewhere. 

Ellis, to 
lands at 

Ann. George Ellis, named^ 

— a Guardian of the 

Jennet. children of Charles 
Ellis 1565. 

Sir George Ellis of York, Knight, one of the Council of= 
the North, b. 15(>7 ; mentioned in his brother's will 
1622 ; d. 22 May 1626 ; bur. in St. Michael's Belfrey, 
York. Will 22 May 1626 (York Wills 614), where other 
relations are mentioned, viz., nephew Geo. Thorn- 
borough, sister Ann Jenkinson, coz. Cath e Gilmeinge 
of York, wid., & Eliz. her dau. Sir Geo. had a former 
wife Christian Gylmynge, mar. 9 April 1599, & prob- 
ably she was the mother of his dau. 

r Margaret, dau. of Eoger 
Lepton of York, Esq.; 
mar. 2 Edm d Olough & 
3 Geo. Anby, Esq.; said 
in Sir George's will to 
have been formerly wife 
of Tho. Harrison, Esq. 


Ralph Ellis of York, Esq. Will 3 Jan. 1622. Mentions that he== Isabel, mother 
was b. in the par. of Bradfield & is a benefactor to it. To be of Kobert 
bur. in the Cathedral. Names Eliz. & Ann Jenkinson, children Faile, preg- 
of Edward J. nant. a 

1 Jonathan & Robert Wainwright in partnership 17 Sep. 1737. This last entry 
in Robert's Day Book is July 7, 1742. He was a working scythesmith, & appears 
to have been sold up 1744, 

MS. 328- 



John Ellis of Brampton near Wath, mentioned^ 
in his brother's will 1622 & 1626. 


Francis Ellis,=f= 
eldest son. 


.... dau., John, mentioned 

mentioned in his uncle's will, 

in Sir Geo. of Moor End. 

George Ellis of York, = Frances, 
Esq., son of a Francis 15 C. I. 
1640 ; d. without 

= George Ellis of Brampton, Gent., the bene-=Ann, dau. of Sir Edw. Rodes of 
factor, b. 1627 ; d. s.p. 5 April 1712. Great Houghton, En*. 

I have further discovered of this family that a Thomas Ellis had Francis his son 
& heir, who had George his son & heir, to whoni succeeded John Ellis of Moor End 
as brother and heir who was dead in 1661. These held trustee property at Midhope. 

A Richard Ellis was living at Midhope Hall 1780, & had a brother John. 

George Ellis of Brampton on the right [above] in 1658 writes to Richard Bacon 
of Ughill Woodside as his cousin, & mentions also his cousin Werrah. 

John Helys of Spink hall was living 13 Hen. 8. 

William Ellis of London, Gent., quit claimed all right in a mess. & 50 acres at 
Wightwisel to John Ibbotson 1614. 

See p. 477. 

George Ellis of Spink hall, Yeo. Will 6 March 1571=pAlice. 

Thomas. Ann. Elizabeth. Jennet. 

MS. 328 

Robert Roger.= 

Henry Roger of^ 
Chapel Anston. 

Richard Roger of Midhope. Will=f=Jennet. 
38 H. 8. Son in law Nicholas Eyre. 

Henry Roger, 
claims against 
Richard lands 
at Midhope 
14 Hen. 8. 


Nicholas Rogers^ 
of Southall in 
psh. of Beigh- 
ton, Yeo. Will 
1587, To be 
bur. in Beigh- 
ton Church. 


Sir Ralph, 
a Priest. 

Ann, mar. Rich- 
ard Hyrst of 
High Hoyland ; 
sister of Nicho- 
las R. of Mid- 
hope 3 Edw. 6. 

Francis. Ellen. Elizabeth. 
Roger. Mary. 

Richard, live 1625. 
Godfrey, liv* 1625. A 

. . . .=Margaret, "my 
Roger, father's late 
wife" 1625. 



MS. S28 

Edmund Rogers of Barnsley, Yeo.,= Alice, dau. of Nathaniel = Edmund Watson 
Collector of the Queen's Eents ; had Birkhead of East Hague, of East Hague, 
lands called the Oaks in Midhope ; Esq.; bp. 30 Aug. 1627. 2 nd husband ; 
will 11 Jan. 1646 ; to be bur. in aged 36, 1666. 

the chancel at .... ; d. 15 Jan. 

John Rogers of Kimberworth and Rotherham. Will- 
14 April 1625. Mentions Ellen Hoyland his mother 
in law and cousin Catherine Savage. 

: Alice, dau.= 


liv* 1646. 

= Richard Hill of 
2 nd husb. 

Ann Rogers, = Thomas Smith = Elizabeth = Elizabeth Barber 
dau. & h., of Barnsley, Wood, 3 w., remar. Ro- 
1 w.; no Yeo. wid., 2 nd bert Rayner. 

issue. w. 

William Smith, heir 
to his brother; sold 
The Oaks to John 

Edmund Rogers was a benefactor to Midhope. He mentions his brother Tho- 
mas Mellor with 3 dau s , one named Alice, wife of Edward Hinchliffe, & cousins 
John Hey & Tho. Woodcock, which Tho. appears to have been related to John Wood- 
cock of North Block House, Yeo., 1659. 


MS. 329 

William Greyve of Shephouse of the par. of Peniston. Will 2 Oct.= 
1524 ; to be bur. in the Lady Quire ; proved 10 Nov. 

i i 

Nicholas, of Shephouse, Arthur G., 

33 Hen. 8, Officer of the 27 Hen. 8. 
Lords of Hallamshire. 


Sir Thomas, 
a Priest 13 
Hen. 8. 


Thomas Greyves of- 
Wadsley Hall, Yeo., 
son & heir 3 Ed. 6, 
settled his estate on 
Francis & Dionysia 
12 Eliz. 

=Elizabeth,=Charles Hill 
liv g 34 of Rayner 

Eliz. House, 2 nd • 

husband, 34 


William G., 
Yeoman of 
the King & 
Guard 2 & 
3 P. & M. 


G. of 

Ellen, w. 
of Ralph, 
son of 
Ward of 

Francis Greaves= 
of Hunshelf, 
mar. about 12 
Eliz. ; living 34 

=Dionysia, dau. John Greaves of Hun-=f=Elizabeth, the 

& coh. of shelf, Yeo. A Tho. other dau. & 

Ralph Greaves G. of Rolleston Parva, coh. of Ralph 

owner of lands psh. of Tutbury, con- Greaves of 

in Hunshelf, curred with him. Hunshelf. 



Nicholas Greaves of Shephouse, Yeoman=pElizabeth. 
John Greaves of Hallfield=j=Gertrude, dau. of Hen. Thomas=p. . . . sister of 

in Bradfleld, eldest son, d. 
intestate 2 June 1692. 

Bright of Whorlow, Greaves, 

Gent. Mar. Sett 1 dated 2 nd son 
29 April 1652. 1652. 

John Wain- 
wright of 

Thomas G., joined his John Greaves of Shep-=p. . . . dau. of Rob. 

father in cutting off house, claimed Hall- 
the entail, d. s.p. & v.p. field. 

Blackburn of 
Alderman's Head. 

John Greaves of Midhope, living 1751. (This is no 
doubt the John Greaves of Midhope at p. 477.) 

Gertrude, bp. Ellen Greaves, mar. Elizabeth G., coh r , Mary G., coh r , under age 

4 March 20 Nov. 1678 to w. of Sam. More- 1672. (Q. if w. of Wil- 

1652-3; d. John Greaves of wood of the Oaks liam Fenton of Gleadleys, 

young. Bakewell. in Bradfield, Gent. Gent.) 

Mary Greaves, coheir with her two aunts to Hallfield, chose 
John Woodheadof Woodseats her guardian 30 Jan. 1693-4. 

Thomas del Greff of Hunshelf , 10 Hen. 6.=j= 

Thomas Greffe, Yeo., 1 Ric. 3. Richard, 18 Ed. 4. William, 8 Ed. 4. 

Ralph Greaves of Hallfield, dead 39 Eliz.=pEllen, mar. 2 John Ramsker. 


ohn G.=Eli 

John G.=Elizabeth. Ellen, mar. John Marriot 39 Eliz. 

ms. 329 dlrtatos. 

Richard Grefe of Haldworth, 11 Hen. 8.=p 


Robert Greaves of Haldworth Bank, 15 Eliz., d. 2 July 1 Ed. 6/= 

I I I 

Richard Greaves, son & heir, aged 50,=j= John G. of Hallfield, Thomas, son 

15 Eliz. ; dead 33 Eliz. ; b. about 1523. I Yeo., 17 Eliz. of Ellen. 




MS. 329 


Robert G. of 
Bradfield, 1 
son, 33 Eliz. 

Ralph Greaves of Morewood & of Hopwood=pBettrice, dau. of . . 

House, Yeo. 

Will 1608 ; inventory same 


of The 

Richard, Robert G., 2 nd ^ 
1 son. son, under age 
1608, of Wood- 
house. Will 
1656. , . 


3. John G.=Ann. 
of Stan- 
Will 1634. 

4. Ralph G.: 
of Yew 
Trees in 
shelf, 1639. 

= Mary. 


I I 

Edward=pElizab. Greaves,=f=Thomas Potter .... coh r , w. of Edward. Martha, 

den, 1 

coheir, survived 
T. P. 

of Woodhouse, John Bagshaw — 
2 nd husb. of Nether Brad- Marv. 

field. =F 


John Potter, 
under age 

Ellen B., 
coh 1 ', w. 
of John 
of Poggs. 

Sarah B., coh 1 ', 
w. of Matthew 
Hawksworth of 

Mary B., 
coh 1 ', w. 
of James 
Shore of 

Richard= Susanna, 

Greaves 1701. 

of Yew 




Mary w. of Arthur Fairest of Wood in Sweden, dish turner. 
Elizabeth w. of W m Tingle near Bolsterstone, husbandman. 
Sarah w. of Mark Stanley of Nook, tailor. 

These were nearly connected with Rob. Greaves as they joined in the conveyance 
of his estate 1677. 

Thomas Greve of=j=Dorothy, dau. of 
Rotherham. .... Swyft. 

Vis. of Herts, Harl. 1504, 
f. 55 b & 78 b. . 

Thomas Greve of Worsborough=f=Margery, dau. of ... . Swyft of Rotherham. 

George Greve of= 
Shenley, co. 
Herts, 1579. 

=Constance, dau. of John 
Gunter of Racton in 

Ellen, mar 

Gardiner of Lon- 

Elley, mar 

Cooke of Lon- 


Edward Greve of Shenley, Gent., aged 18, 1579.= Richard, aged 1, 1579. Mary. 

Arms : Arg., on a fess or betw. 3 pellets each charged with a lion's head erased 
arg. a griffin pass. betw. 2 escallops or. Crest : A squirrel bendy s. & arg* holding 
an escallop or. Granted to Tho. Greve of Rotherham by Wriotheseley, Garter, & 
Wall, Norroy, 13 Hen. 8, 1521. 

Further Notices: 

Ellen Greaves, 15 Eliz., mother of John of Hallfield & Thomas (see above). 
Ralph Hyde, son & heir app. of William, mar. Ellen, dau. of John, 2 Eliz. 
Ralph Greaves of Ughill Woodside mar. a sister of Nicholas Broomhead, & had 
Ralph, Ann, & Eliz., 1634. John G. of Ughill Woodside a little before. 

Nicholas Greaves mar. Mary, dau. of Thomas Coldwell of Waldershelf, ab* 1 Ch. 1. 

MS. 329 



It appears by deeds relating to lands in Bradfield that Edward Greaves of Shen- 
ley, co. Herts, was of the Greaves of this neighbourhood. He had a dau. Catherine 
mar. to John Paler, Esq., as appears by his Monumental Inscription in the Church 
of Escrick near York. 14 March 27 Hen. 8, Rob. Swyft, sen., & Rob. Swyft, 
jun., convey to John .Cold well a Mess, in Waldershelf which they have of the feof- 
ment of Thomas Greaves of Shenley, Gent. 

Thomas G. of Wadsley, 1578, had a dau. Ellen mar. to Ralph Ward. A Thomas 
son of Arthur 3 Edward 6 (see above). 

Christopher, son of John of Wyndhill 30 Eliz. Chris 1 ', of Holden 20 Car. 21 

Dionysia G., wid., & Nicholas her son, 2 Eliz. 

Edward G., by Eliz. Wilson, had Margaret. 

Ellen, dau. of John G., mar. Ralph Hyde before 2 Eliz. 

George G. of Thurlston, clothier, mar. Eliz., dau. of Rob. Cook of Thurlston, 
before 1598. 

Ellen G., 13 Hen. 8, mother of John & Robert. 

William G. 1 of Beacon (?) al's Blackknowl 23 C. 2, & Wil. G. of Woodhouse, 
Gent., 32 Car. 2. 

Christopher Greave mar. Alice, dau. of Rob. Rawson of Brookside, who was bp. 
8 Oct. 1626. 

David Greaves, son of Ralph Greaves, b. ab* 1688. 

Ann G. sister of Edward Ibbotson 1652. 

ms. 330 OTorraL 

The family say there were 22 Anthony Worrals at Strynds. 
Anthony Worral, b. 1615 ; bur. 4 May 1697=f Jane Morton, mar. 7 May 1646. 

(Q. if this 1 st w. was=p Anthony Worral of^pElizabeth, 

not Sarah Shierclifife, 
to whom an* Anth. 
Worral was mar. at 
Bradfield 9 April 
1672.) There is no 
doubt of it. 

Elcliffe in psh. of 
Sheffield, Teo., b. 
1648 ; bur. 28 
April 1722. Will 
14 April 1722. 

dau. of 
Webster ; 
2 nd w. ; 
mar. 19 
Feb. 1687. 

=. . . . .... mother of 

Brough, Mary Medley. 
1 st hus- — 

band mother of 

Elizabeth Faw- 


Martha, w. of Joseph 

. w. of 
. Kent. 

Hannah, w. of Outhbert 
Hems worth. 


i i i 

Joseph. Elizab. 

Martha, w. of Tho.. 
Morton. (Q. this 

Anthony Hems- 
worth, under 
age 1722. 

. . . w. of 

. . . Scutt. 

Anthony Worral of Strynds in=f=Mary Revel, b. 1677, bur. 29 

Bradfield, Yeo. 
May 1722. 

Will dated 29 

Dec. 1747; mar. 2Q Dec. 1703; 
of Townfield Head, s 



1 He acted as an Attorney. Father of Nathaniel Greaves who sold Woodhouse. 



MS. 330 


Anthony Worral of Strynds,- 
Yeo., only son, under age 
1722 ; lands at Eanmore by 
his grandfather's will. 

-Dorothy, dau. of Henry 
Balguy of Darwent, 
Esq. (see Ped., p. 236); 
mar. 28 Nov. 1734. 

Mary Worral, only dau., 
under age 1722; mar. 27 
Dec. 1736 to Geo. West- 
by of Howarth, Esq. 

Anthony Wor- 
ral of Strynds, 
Gent., bp. 26 
Dec. 1735 ; d. 
23 April 1776; 
bur. at Brad- 

=Ann Littlewood of 
the par. of Hathers- 
edge, Licence 
granted 1761; mar. 
2 John Stringer of 
Dungworthin Brad- 
field. =F 

John Worral, b. 1762. A son. 
Both these d. without issue. 

John, bur. 30 July 

George W., bp. 31 
Oct. 1739; a drug- 
gist at Maccles- 
field ; never mar. 

Henry W.,bp.=. . . . 

20 July 1741; dau. of 

of Maccles- .... 


gist; left no 


drug- Wright. 

Milicent Stringer, only child, mar. 
Greaves of Rowlee. (See Ped., p. 

Kichard Worral of Ughill 7 Hen. 8. 

Thomas Worral of Ughill in Bradfield 23 Eliz., Yeo =p 


Henry Worral of Ughill 23 Eliz.=^ 

Anthony Worral, son & heir, 28 Eliz. 

I find John Worral, sen. & jun., living 6 Ed. 4. 
John Worral of Ughill 20 H. 7. 
Thomas Worral of Ughill 26 H. 8. 


Anthony W. of Chapelthorpe, Gent., 1621. Henry W. of Ughill, Yeo., 1621=Grace. 

Sons of Henry, of Ughill, Yeo. 

John Worral of Strynds, Yeo., 20 Eliz. 

Henry W. had licence for marriage with Ann Hawksworth 11 Feb. 1627. 

:Henry Worral of Ughill, d. about=f=. . . . Emot, 2 nd w., a young woman, his housekeeper, 
1724, aged about 101 or 102. I whom he mar. when about 80 ; bur. 10 April 1700. 

Henry Worral of Ughill, d. 15 Aug. 1743, aged Joseph, of Ug-=Elizabeth, Sarah, . . . . w. 

84 ; bur. 17 th ; seems to have mar. 1 Susanna, hill, d. 21 May bur. 10 w. of of ... . 

who was bur. 25 April 1690, & 2 Martha, who 1775, aged 75. Jan. 1769, John Stones, 

was bur. Feb. 22, 1697. aged 64. Piatt. 

Ann W., only dau., bur. 22 Nov. 1711. 


Henry Waterhouse, bought lands at Ones-^Joan^: Robert Shaw, Yeo., 2 nd 

acre ; of the Shaws before 5 Hen. 8 (Q.). 

husband, 7 Eliz. 

. : : I 

Elizabeth Bromeley. John. William, of Onesacre, husbandman. Will= 

=p 15 April 1580 ; prov. 18 Sep. 1580. 

i i i i i ii I 

Robert. Ralph. George. Henry. Edmund. Alice. Agnes. Elizabeth, mar. 

.... Diarsden. 

Richard W. of Cliffe-house. Inv. 1586. Will^Elizabeth. Margaret Jeremiah 
6 April 1586 ; prob. 21 April 1586. Senior. Bromeley. 

i I I 

Thomas, of Hill-=f=Ellen, wid. of Margaret, mar. Henry Elizabeth, of Wortley, 

house, husband- Tho. More- Fanshaw before 20 Spinster, 35 Eliz. ; 

man. house of Hill- April 40 Eliz. ; under under age 1586. 

house. age 1586. 

Richard W., heir after Henry in settl. 9 Jac. He took half of 
Hillhouse from his half-sister Jane Morehouse. 

Richard W. of Ones-=Margaret. Henry W. of Onesacre,=j=Elizabeth, dau.=Marg t , 
acre, Yeo., Inq. p.m. brother & heir, aged 46 of John Daw- 2 w. 

11 Jac; son & heir. 11 Jac. ; dead 9 Ch 8 1, son. 

Henry Waterhouse^=. . . . dau. of Wil. Wood Rob. Shaw, son & h.of Henry = Alice, 
of Onesacre 11 Jac. I of Hoyland. Shaw of the Hill. 

William W. of Onesacre, Yeo., dead=f= Henry. Edward, 3 rd Joseph. 
5 Jan. 1682. Will 4 July 1682. son, 1681. 

Joseph Waterhouse of Onesacre, sone^ Henry, 

& heir, of full age 1682. 1682. 

William Waterhouse, app. to Enoch Drabble 
of Langhouse, cutler, 1717. 

VOL. ii. 3 b 



MS. 331 

Edmund Waterhouse of Swin- 
nock Hall, Yeo., 1621. 

: Ellen .... a 
widow 1635. 

Edmund Waterhouse of Swin-= 
nock Hall in Bradfield, liv» 
1687 5 Ex r to his son. 

: Ann, dau. of Henry or Wil- 
liam Ibbotson; mar. at Shef- 
field 30 May 1648. 

Ealph W., 1635, of 
Yeo., 1677. 

Edmund Waterhouse of=f=Mary Thompson, Anne, b. 16 Mary, mar Cres- 

Swinnock Hall, son & 
heir, bp. 1 Sep. 1650. 
Will 23 July 1687 ; 
mentions his brother 
Nich 8 Stead. 

mar. 10 June Marchl664; wick, & had issue 

1680; bur. 5 unmar. 1687. 

Aug. 1683. (See 1687. — 

p. 267.) Sarah, unmar. 1687. 

Elizabeth, only dau., £800 by father's will. 

Martha Spencer, 1 st w., mar. = Henry Waterhouse 1 of Sheffield, Gent.,=pAnne, 2 nd w., 
at Sheffield 11 June 1691 ; b. 4 Oct. 1659 ; d. 21 June 1719 ; bur. I d. 3 May 
d. 25 July 1692. in the middle aisle of the par. Oh. of 1738. 


Edmund Waterhouse of John, bp. 25 Thomas, of Shef- Anne, bp. 15 Aug. 

Sheffield, Attf, bp. 3 Aug. 1697; field, Gent., bp. 31 1701 ; d. unmar. 12 

June 1696; d. unmar. probably d. Aug. 1699 ; d.un- Dec. 1787, bur. at 

20 Feb. 1736. young. mar. 21 Aug. 1760. Sheffield 18th. 

Robert W., a Clergyman, bp. 16 Elizabeth, bp. 13 Sarah, bp. 13 Lowd, d. inf. 

April 1707 ; d. unmar. 16 Jan. May 1709 ; d.un- Jan. 1711-12; — 

1778 ; of Sheffield. Will dated mar. 27 Nov. d. unmar. 19 Henry, d. inf. 

12 Dec. 1777 jprob. 13 Feb. 1778. 1768. Aug. 1777. 

Edmund, of Nether-Combes, Yeo. Will 26 Oct. 1682 ; nephew Joseph.: 


Joseph. Henry. Emmot. Mary. 

Ann W., dau. of W m Ibbotson, 1640, late of Nether-Comb. 
Jeremiah W. of Christ Col., Camb., ordained Deacon 1685. 
A . . . . Waterhouse Smith is the heir & representative of this family 1806, & 
has most of their land (?). 

1 This I believe is the Waterhouse who is called brother by Tho. Marriot of Ughill 
1699. Edmund his brother leaves Swinnock Hall to him. 


Later Note. 

Robert Waterhouse the Clergyman, in his will 1777, names his sister Ann 
Waterhouse ; his cousin Nicholas Smith 1 of Selby, Gent. ; his coz. Solomon Holmes 
of Doncaster, leatherdresser ; John Hay, limner, the son of his coz. Ann Hay, wife 
of John Hay, Gent. ; coz. Mary Holmes of Doncaster, widow ; coz, John Mirfyn of 
Masborough, leatherdresser ; coz. Ann Corbley alias Corbet, dau. of Charles Buntin 
& Mary his wife, both deceased ; coz. Will. Corbey otherwise Corbet, son of the said 
Ann ; bequeathe £100 to the Charity School, Sheffield ; the dau s of the late M rs 
Eccles, deceased, late the wife of Sam. Eccles late of Tidswell, co. Derb., Attorney ; 
Richard Slater of Chesterfield, Atty ; Jane Heaton of Chesterfield, Spinster, sister of 
the late wife of the said Richard Slater ; Elizabeth Barry, one of the dau s of Wil- 
loughby Barry of Brentwood, co. Essex, D r in Physic ; Martha Heaton, Spinster, 
one of the dau s of Thomas Heaton, late of Sheffield, ironmonger ; John Nodder of 
Cutthorpe, co. Derb., Gent. ; Ellen Lowde, the widow of John L., late of Bromeley 
(Romely) or Clown, farmer, deceased; James, Ellen, Susanna, Priscilla, Thomas, 
& William, the children of the said John Lowde. Tho. Mibchel of Sheffield, dealer 
in buttons, Anth? Thompson of Whiteley-wood, dealer in saws, & John Wreaks of 
Sheffield, dealer in saws, trustees for Barbara Wreaks, the widow of Robert W., 
dec d , & Barbara, Robert, & Tho s , the 3 children of the said Rob. Wreaks. Marm. 
Wreaks of the High Street, Sheffield, peruke maker, & Eliz. his wife. 

ms. 332 jtftortam 

The contents of this page are from Charters, & with what is to be found at 
p. 104 contains nearly all I know of the Mortons of Bradfield. 

Will. Morton of Hertcliff live 14 H. 7. John the son & heir of William 26 H. 8. 
Oliver son of John 1519. William M. of Woodseats, Yeo., 7 Eliz. John son of 
John M. of Brightholmley 1613. Godfrey M. of Owlerton, cutler, related to John. 
Henry M. of Worral 20 Eliz. Ralph M. of Edgefield 1638. Agnes wife of Edward 
Morton 1612, & Eliz. his dau. mar. to Richard Wainwright of Darnal, Yeo. Joan 
Morton dau. of W m Ibbotson 1640. John M. of Onesacre mar. before 1677 Mary, 
dau. & c. of Edmund Eyre of Worral. Edward Morton bro. in law of Richard 
Spoone 1652. Nicholas M. cousin to Richard Spoone 1652. 

Will of John Morton of Worral 9 Feb. 1568. Son Henry, sister Ellen Morton, 
John Worral of Strynds. 

1 This Nicholas Smith succeeded to the Bradfield estates of the Waterhouses. 
He made his will as Nicholas Smith of Selby, co. York, Esq., 1 July 1785, in which 
he names his wife Eleanor ; his friends Andrew Rayner of Sheffield, apothecary, & 
Thomas Brown of Selby, apothecary ; his son James Waterhouse Smith ; the children 
of his relations Nicholas Smith of Hunslet, Esq., the late W m George Nicholson, 
Gent., & the Rev. W m Smith, Clerk, both of Cawood, deceased, Stephen Buckle, 
silversmith, & Samuel Stabler, bookseller, both of York, deceased (Q. Staveley). 
Bequeathe £15 to the poor of Selby ; £2 10s. Od. to the poor of Wistow ; £5 to 
Cawood ; £50 to the Blue Coat Boys' School at Selby. The will was proved 24 
March 1787. He d. 19 Jan. 1787, & Eleanor his widow in 1816. 

James Waterhouse Smith the son was some time of Nether Hall in Hathersage, 
then of Clarence Terrace, Regent's Park, London, & d. unmar. 5 Jan. 1844, aged 74. 
Founded an Hospital at Cawood. Left large legacies to various charities. Miss 
Martha Holmes & her niece, the wife of William Haigh of Chancery Lane, succeeded 
M r Smith in remainder to lands at Bradfield. (See p. 113.) 

It strikes me as a very extraordinary thing that I cannot trace these relations 
of the Waterhouses. 


Adam de Moldicliffe in Westmonhalgh in Bradfield, living temp. Edw. I. 

Thomas de Moldiclif, 1303. Richard de Moldiclif. 

These two brothers had a grant from Tho. de Furnival of lands in Dwariden & 
Westmonhalgh, s.d. Bettrice de Moldiclif, probably their mother, mentioned in it. 

Adam de Moldiclif appears as a witness=p Joan. William de Moldiclif, 1348. In 
1339, 1341. In 1351 has lands from 1351 gave lands to Adam. 

Wil. de Moldiclif. 

Richard de Moldiclif. 

John de Moldiclif, 22 R. 2, 10 Hen. 4=f=Alice, 22 Ric. II. 
Thomas= Isabel. 

Adam de Moldiclif.=f= 


John de Moldiclif, son & heir. In 1403 Thomas de Moldiclif of Westmonhalgh 
gave lands to William de Morton. gave lands to Wil. de Morton 1388. 

Adam de Morton, 1382, of Bradfield, gave lands at Dwarriden to his son=p 
W m , formerly Richard de Dwariden. 

William Morton, took the lands of Moldicliffe by gift of John & Thomas 1388 &-- 
1403. Gives M. to John his son 1421. 

John Morton, eldest son, takes the ten* called Mildicliffe 9 Hen. 5, 1421, in which=p 
year he has a quit-claim for them from W m de Birlay ; called Senior 20 & 25 
Hen. 6, 1441 & 1446. 

John Morton, junior 1441 — 1446, of Dwarriden. Thomas Morton, took Moldi- 
In 1 Hen. 7, 1487, gave to his brother Thomas a cliffe 1487 by gift of his bro r 
ten 1 called Moldiclif. John ; liv s 1493. 

There was a John M. of Luton, co. Bedford, Yeo., who 7 July 8 Hen. 7 quit- 
claimed all actions to his brother Thomas Morton of the par. of Bradfield. It is 
possible that this may have been another generation here of the name of John. 
A John Morton, Senior, was living 1476. 

MS. 332 


John Morton of Dwarriden. 


Thurstan Morton, I486, of Westmonhalgh. 


Morton, mar. Nicholas M. of=f=Jannet, sister & coheir of Philip Morton,= 
leld ; was living 14 Hen. 7. Nicholas Prestlay of Whit- 16 Hen. 7, of 

well ; wid. 1535. 


Nicholas John Morton, 
Morton, 1535, of Mol- 


dicliffe 30 
Hen. 8. 

Both these Johns 
are parties in a 
dispute about the 
Carr 1551. 

John M., son &= 
heir 5 Ed. 6, of 

6 Eiiz. 

Joan Morton, dau. & c, mar. Henry, son of Rob. Hawksworth, before 4 & 5 P. & M. 

Richard Morton, bought lands in Walder-=p Agnes. Ellen, mar. Hen. Anne, mar. 
shelf of Sir Ric. Wortley 30 Eliz. ; d. -.-.---.. - - ^ 

seised 30 June 1599. 


Gillot (p. 333). Hen. Hall. 


John M. of Town- Christopher, of Richard, of Ann, aged 23, 1605; .... mar. 

end in Waldershelf, Wightwisel, Townend, mar. William Moke- . ...Wal- 

Yeo., 10 Jac. I. ; Yeo., 3 & 10 Yeo., heir son, Yeo. ton. 

dead 1637. Jac. ; living to his 

1637. =F brother. 

Mary M., dau. & c, mar. 1 John 
Fox (p. 278), 2 Robert Ward of 
Woodseats, & d. 1691. 

John M. of Wood- 
house in Bradfield 

Daniel Walton of 
Silkston, wheel- 
wright, 1637. 

Thomas Morton.=p 

Thomas, of Townend.=p 


Ellen, dau. & h., aged 8, 1667. 

John Morton of Townend, d. 12 Nov. 1786, aged 83= Ann, d. 14 Dec. 1787, aged 75. 
John Morton of Townend=pSarah. 


Sarah, d. an infant 1791. 



MS. 332 

Richard Morton of Hollinridge in Bradfield, Yeo.=Edith. 
Will 20 July 1667. 

Alice Wood, dau. in law. 


Kichard M., Ex r . 
Sarah Hunter, 
dau. in law. 

Nicholas Morton of Muldicliflfe, which was then called Caniers, Yeo.;=p 
will dated 8 June 1651 ; living 10 James. 

John Morton : 
of Caniers, 
son & heir. 

Thomas, Elizabeth, 

2 son. mar. Tho s 

— Brammal. 

Ann, mar. 1 Robert Wilkin- 
son, 2 William Swallow. 




Josiah. Charles. Elizab. 

Richard Morton=f= 
of Caniers, son 
& h T , built New 
Caniers in 1688 ; 
d. 1703. 

Francis, of Sheffield, 
cutler, mar. 1681 
Hannah, dau. of John 
Winter, & had issue. 
See opposite [below']* 

=pSarah, dau. of 
Isaac Wads- 
worth of 

John M. of= 



Nicholas. = 

Nicholas Mor- 
ton, eldest son, 
sold Caniers to 
his brother ; 
went for a sol- 
dier, & d. be- 
yond sea. 


Richard Morton, 2 son, of full age 1704 ; : 
sold New Caniers to M r Watson of Shef- 
field, vintner, who sold it again to Eliz. 
Green of Ecclesfield, spinster, for 100 
guineas, being about £4 a year. A 
remarkable instance of a very small free- 
hold descending long in the same family. 
He was bur. 25 June 1763, having d. 22, 
aged 87. 

=Mary, dau. 


Marsden of 
Middop ; 
d. 2 Feb. 
1779, aged 

Sarah Mor- 
ton, only 
child, of 
in psh. of 
d. a spin- 
ster. Will 

Sarah. Hannah. Mary. Rebecca. Elizabeth. Jane. Anne. 

Richard Morton of Greenhouse^Elizabeth, d. 16 Dec. 

d. 31 July 1684. 

1690, aged 62. 

Francis M. of Green- John M. of Ingatestone & Tun-^rMary. 3 other sons 
house 1687. bridge, cook. Will 1708. I & 4 dau 8 . 

Richard. Elizabeth. 

MS. 332 




Francis Morton of Sheffield, cutler, son of John M. of=pHannah, dan. of John 

Oanyers on the left [above'] ; admitted to his freedom 
1680 ; d. 29 Aug. 1727, aged 73; bur. in the old 
Oh. Yard. He lived at the Bowling Green House on 
Sheffield Moor. 

Winter of Sheffield, 
bp. 25 April 1660 ; 
mar. 25 May 1681. 

Francis Morton of Shef-^ 

field, toyman. 
Nov. 1749. 

Will 22 

Mary, mar. Rich d 
Hopwood of Hali- 
fax, Atty. 

. dau. 



Frances, mar. 
Mat w Furness 
of Sheffield. 

.... mar. 
Hugh Hides. 

Ann, mar. 



Anne, mar Welch 

of Birmingham, mercrA 


Frances, mar. William Walker 
of Clarges Street, psh. of St. 
George's, Hanover Square. 

Anne, 1 w., dau. & c. of John Bam-=pJohn Morton of Sheffield, cutler,= 

forth of Sheffield (p. 278). 

2 w. 

d. 17 Aug. 1756, aged 55. 


Winter Morton=. . 
of Sheffield, a of . . 
painter. Hall. 

. dau. 

mar. . . . 

Joseph Morton^ 
of Sheffield, 
living 1829. 

Frances, mar 

field, maltster. 

John, of=. . . . dau. of 

Sheffield, Hol- 

cutler. land of Shef- 

Charles,=. . . . dau. 
of Shef- of Ric. 
field. Loy. 

.... mar. Thomas Dunn Francis, 

of Sheffield, only son of d. about 

W m Dunn, a Mathe- 1834. 
matical teacher. 

MS. 333 

#fllot— ^poone. 

Thomas Gillot of Over Midhope 1435. 

Richard, had Old Booths by gift of his father 1435. 

John Gillot of Bradfield, coopers 

Henry Gillot of Wight-= Ellen, sister of Richard, 
wisel, Yeoman ; will Richard Mor- — 

1605 ; d. 13 Feb. 1605. ton of Walder- Thomas. 
I shelf (p. 332). 

Henry Charlswortfr 
of the Yews in Al- 
monbury, Yeo. 

Richard Gillot alias Batley, had= 
Old Booth by gift of Henry. 

Henry, son & heir Andrew of Overthwong, 
app. 1600. clothier, 1614. 



MS. 333 

Thomas Gillot of Old Booth, aged 44, 1656 ; dead 24 Ch. 2:- 


chard G., bro. 

Henry Gillot, aged 6, Eichard Gr., bro. & heir, owner=f=Sarah. 

24 0. 2 ; dead 1687. of Old Booth 1690. | 

Henry Gillot. 

Eichard Gillot of Smalfield, Yeo., 1729. 
George Gillot of Bryers House 1719. 

Thomas Gillot of Brightholmlee. Will^pEllen. George Gillot.=f 
28 May 1640. Mother Diones. 

Ann Gillot, sole child. This seems to be the Thomas. Ann. Mary. 
A. G. who, in 1649, mar. Jonathan Spoone. 

George G, 


I I I 

Sarah, 1678. Ann. Mary. 

William Spoyne of Haldworth.= 

John, ob. v.p. Thomas, s. & h., admitted to the lands 2 Edw. 6. Eichard. 

John Spoone, mar.=pAnn, dau. of Eichard Eawson 
20 July 1589. "~ " '" 

of Brookside. 

Eichard Spoone of Stannington, Yeoman,=pSusanna, living 

Founder of the Chapel ; bro. in law to 
Tho. Gillot ; living 16 Jan. 1648 ; 
mentioned in the will of his grandfather 
Eawson. Will 23 May 1652. 

1652, but q. if 
she might not 
be a second wife. 

Q. brother in law, 
as their children 
having mar. 

Jonathan Spoone of Brightholmlee. Will 15 Dec. = Ann Gillot, mar. 
1649, & d. immediately, his inventory being dated at Sheffield 2 6 Feb. 
21 Dec. Gives everything to his father. 1648-9. 

Eichard Spoone names a number of relations in his will 1652, viz., his brother 
in law Edward Morton & cou. Nicholas Morton ; brothers in law Thomas & Ealph 
Hawksworth & 5 dau s of the latter ; cousins Ann Charlsworth of Swindon & her 3 
sons John, Henry, & Joseph, which Henry had a son named John ; cousin Francis 
Saunderson of Honley ; cousin Eudgard or Eidgard of Padley, son of James E., 
deceased, who was found his heir & aged 29, 1652 ; cousin Ellen, dau. of Eobert 
Petty of Eotherham. 

MS. 333 


John Spoone.=p 


I I I I 

Ellis, mar. Giles Elizabeth, mar. Kobert Alice, mar. John Margaret, mar. Ro- 
Ferrow. Brownel. Hillome. bert Stainton. 

These coheirs recovered in Sheffield Court 13 Eliz. against Tho. Spoone, Tho. 
Ellis & Eliz. his wife. 

MS. 334 


The meaning of Mathyman is Mower corrupted into Matthewman, which 
afgests a wrong etymology. 

.... Matthewman or Mathyman=pJoan, dead before 1652. 

Nicholas M., Yeo. William M.,=pEmote, dau. (with Ann, w. of Wil. Littlewood of 

mar. before 
Elizabeth, mar. 1 1654. Will 
James Oxspring; dated 10 
2 John Woofen- Dec. 1659. 
den 1652. 

Stannington) of Godfrey Rowley of Woodhouse in 
Bradfield, Yeo., a weaver, son of Rich. Rowley of 
Onesacre, husbandman. An Edmund R., who d. 
about 1699, left Mary his wife & 3 children, . . . ., 
Edmund, & Godfrey, under age 1700. 

ii i 

William, s. & h. Mary, mar. Thomas Shaw of Elizabeth, bp. 3 Oct. 1658 ; mar. ' 
app. 1659, d. y. Wadsleybridge, mason. Richard Hardy of Worral, glover. 

ii I I ; 

Richard=pWini- George Smith of =Elizabeth. Thomas Ellen, mar w. 

Mathy- fred Masborough, Will dated Smith, d. Henry of John 

man of Smith. Yeo. Will dated 7 Feb. before Coulson of Fletcher. 

The 11 Feb. 1655. 1655 {sic), George, of Doncaster. =p 

Hagg. Niece Martha, after her Basing- 

wife of Rob. husband's thorpe. 

Kent of Kim- death. =f= 


Nicholas Robert. Ann. William Matt w 

Mathy- — — Smith. — 

man. William. Wini- — Tho s 

fred. Henry. — 



Francis. Richard. Francis. 

George. Mary. 

Francis Matthewman of Deep Car in Chapelry of Bradfield,=pMary. 
shoemaker. Will 27 July 1719. (York Wills 1757.) 

I I F ~~~l I . 

Ann Hobson. Mary Woodhead. ....Williamson Joseph. Benj n . 





MS. 334 

Eoberfc Mafcthewman of Hurst in psh. of Ecclesfield,=f= 
Yeo., living 1655. (Q. if the Kobert above.) 


Eichard, of Hurst, Yeo.=pMary Farnsworth of Adwick, Spinster. 
Eobert, of Hurst, cutler ,=f= 


Eichard, of Hurst, Yeo. ; Ann, w. of . . 
will 13 March 1759 ; d. worth. =f= 


. Dung- Edw. Barnes of Wads-=f Mary, 
lev, scythe-grinder. 
Will 30 June 1763. 

I I I 

Stephen Dung- Joseph, of Hurst, 

worth of Hurst, Yeo. Will 8 April 

Yeo., d. 1786. 1800 ; prob. 11 

— Sep. 1807. 
John, d. 1792. 

I .1.11 

John B.^ Amelia. Benj n . Mary, mar. John 

ofMalin Hawksley. 

Bridge, — 

grinder. Ann, mar. Tho. 


Amelia, mar Beale. 


MS. 335 

1 find a Thomas Marriot of Ughill as early as 1310. 

John Marriot of Ughill occurs 6 Ed. 4. 

John, son & heir of William Marriot, was admitted 17 Ed. 4. 

1701, Nov. 17, mar. Tho. Parkin, taylor, & Marriot of Bradfield. (Shef d 


A Marriot in 1699 mar. Vincent Lowe of Locko, &had a son named Stead Lowe. 

York Wills 605. John M. of Fullwood, file dresser .=p 


Jeremiah Marriot of Ughill. Will 14 Aug. 1670. 

Benj n , Eliz., John. (York Wills 939, 
but uncertainly copied.) 

John Marriot=Catherine, of Holt-house in psh. 
of Archer- of Sheffield, wid. 15 Feb. 1670, 

brother in law M r Isaac Dar- 

went, Ex r . 

field, Yeo., 

Coz. Samuel Baxter, coz. James Edward & 
John Creswick, coz. Henry Darwent of 
Hallam, coz. Charles Bradfield, coz. Robert 
Darwent, son of my coz. M r Charles Dar- 
went of Rotherham. 

John Marriot of Ughill in Bradfleld. : 


John Marriot of Ughill, admitted to his lands 34 Hen. 8.=f= 

John Marriot of Ughill 23 Eliz. ; dead 1599.= 


Thomas Marriot, son & heir, of Ughill, d. s.p. John M., living 1621.^= 

MS. 335 




Ellen, dau. of Ralph Greaves of Hallfield ;=pJohn Marriot of Ughill, = Emote, 

sister to John G. of Hunshelf ; sett, before 
marriage 29 Aug. 30 Eliz., 1589. (See 
p. 329.) 

heir to his uncle & of 
full age 1600; will 1621; 
d. May 1622. 

John Marriot=Dionysia, living a Gertrude, aged 22, 1622 ; mar. Arine, aged 
of Ughill,dead widow 1622. Thomas Revel of Ughill. 11, 1622. 


Thomas Marriot of Wath & also of Kinder in psh. of Glossop, co. Derb.=f=Emote. 

Joseph=. . . . dau. & o. of 
Marriot. Edward Burley of 
The Yews. 

John Marriot of Ug-=pAnn. 
hill, aged 12, 1622 ; 
will 8 Aug. 1680 ; 

Richard M., an agent 
to the Lords of Shef- 
field 1653. (Q. if not 
the Richard below.) 


John Marriot : 
of Ughill. 

Mary, w. of . 


Ann, mar. John Hoole, Clerk, 15 Nov. 
1659, & had John, James, & Joyce H. 

Thomas Marriot of Ughill, = 
b. 1660; bur. 7 March 
1685, s.p. ; on whom Ug- 
hill was settled by his 

= Sarah, dau. &. h. of= 
Jonathan Shaw of 
Hall Broom. (See 
Ped., p. 143.) 

: John Stacy of 
Gent., 2 husb., 
mar. 28 April 

Mary, b. 1663, 

John, 1680. 

Thomas Marriot of Ughill, born 1643 ; d. 26=Martha, Joseph= 

July 1715; names his brother Waterhouse d. about Marriot 

1699, an Attorney, & coz. Stead. Will 24 1704. of Shef- 

June 1715. A nephew Sam 1 M. of Shef d , field,file- 

baker, & Obadiah, of Sheffield, cutler ; names smith. 
Ann & Mary M. 

George Lee 
of Stratford 
n r London, 
bro. in law 
to T. M. 

Thomas Marriot of Ughill, Gent., b. 1679 ;=Mary, dau. & c. of Jonathan, bur. 

d. 19 Feb. 1754, s.p. ; will 3 Feb. 1752 ; Robert Woodhead 6 Oct. 1729 ; 

of Sheffield, file-cutter ; has the residue of ofWoodseats^mar. named in will 

his uncle T. M.'s estate ; his Ex r 1715. 20 Nov. 1735. (See of T. M. 1715. 

p. 270.) 

Benjamin Marriot of Shef-=p Hannah Worral of 

field & afterwards of Ug- 
hill, heir to his brother, 
b. 1697 ; d. 22 Dec. 1761, 
bur. 26; will 23 Oct. 
1761 ; of Sheffield, joiner, 

the par. of Eccles- 
field, b.1732; mar. 
Licence dated 20 
Feb. 1749 ; bur. 
22 March 1755. 

.... mar. 

.... Han- 
cock & had 
a dau. 

Eliz., mother of Jona- 
than Perkins or Par- 
kins, Clerk, & wife of 
Tho s Parkins of Brad- 
field, tailor. 

Mary, b. 1752 ; bur. 7 April 1752. 



MS. 335 

Thomas Marriot Perkins, owner of Ughill ; lived some time in the=p 
West Indies, where he was Provost-Marshal General. 

Thomas Marriot Perkins, d. in England- 
10 Aug. 1833, 1 when he was described 
as of Wentworth Hall & Walker House, 
Yorkshire (see ' Times' of Aug. 19, 
1833) ; a merchant at Sheffield. 

-. . . . dau. Benjamin Marriot Perkins, 
of . ... of b. about 1770 ; of Castle 
Sheffield. Perkins, Kingston, in Ja- 

maica; dead before 1833, in 
West Indies. 

Many children in poor .... 

Jonathan Parkins, Clerk, was a nephew & devisee in remainder to Benjamin 

John Parkins of Stannington, another nephew & devisee of Benj. Marriot, made 
his will 2 Oct. 1787. By Ann his wife he had Tho s , d. an inf., .... wife of John 
Haigh, .... wife of John Perkins of Dodworth. 

There is a tomb in Bunhill Fields for Thomas Marriott, Esq., late Clerk of the 
Pleas of his Majesty's Court of Exchequer at Westminster, who d. 12 June 1724, 
ret. 70. Kimbra his wid. d. 16 April 1745, aged 70. Ann Holmes, dau. of said 
Kimbra, d. 7 Jan. 1755, aged 60. Arms are Barry of 6 but much effaced. Would 
seem from his connection with the Exchequer that he was of the Marriots on the 
left [below]. 

Edmund Waterhouse of Swinnock-hall. 


John Marriot of Shef d , grocer, 29 Aug. 33 C. 2=Mary. Edmund Waterhouse of Brightholmley. 

Joseph Marriott, in the Army=}=Mary G-reen. 
James Wilde=pMary M. 


From the ' Sheffield Independent ' 
of Nov. 12, 1853. 


Tho. Dobbs, 1 st husb., = Elizabeth W., d. Oct. or Nov. 1853,= Roberts, 

of Sheffield. leaving issue. 2 husb. 

Richard Maryat of Chesterfield, co. Derb.^Ann, dau. of ... . Shemeld. 

Robert Maryat of Chesterfield, Gent., now attending 
with M r Fanshaw, his Majesty's Remembrancer in 
the Exchequer. 

Richard Watson, =Elizab.=. ... 2 husb. 
1 st husb., s.p. 

Arms : Barry of 6 or & sab., on canton of 2 a fleur-de-lis of the first. Crest : A 
goat's head -arg*, armed or. 

The above is from a MS. of Dodsworth's, No. 26 of the MSS. in the Library of 
Queen's College, Oxford. 

1 But q. if this does not belong to the father. 

MS. 336, 337 




George Ludlam of Carnal, Yeo. Will 28 Aug. 1677. House in Darnal in which 
he lives to his son in law W m Stear & Sarah his wife & the heirs of the body of the 
said Sara with all his lands in lease there. Younger dau. Elizabeth Ludlam under 
age. Brother William Quixall, Ex r . 

George Cox of Darnal, husbandman. Will 28 Aug. 1715. Names his cousins 
John, Charles, Anne, & Benjamin Steer. 

Robert Steare of Edensor, co. Derb.=p 

William Steare of Darnal in= 
par. of Sheffield, cutler,b. about 
1652 ; apprentice to Thomas 
Trippett of Wadsley, cutler, 
for 5 years by indenture en- 
rolled 1668; d. August 26, bur. 
On 15 th (sic) in the Chapel of 
Attercliffe. WU127 Aug, 1725. 

: Sarah Ludlam, mar. 
at Sheffield 13 March 
1674-5 ; d. July 
1729, aged 73 ; bur. 
with her huband. 
Will 1 Jan. 1728. 
Furniture to Ann 
Swift her granddau. 

George Steare, 
apprentice to 
his brother 
William Steare 
for 8 years in 

Sarah Steare, 
mar. at Shef- 
field 2 May 
1694 to Ed- 
mund Swift 
of Darnal, 

William Steer,* eldest son, bp.= 
13 Dec. 1681 ; a Clergyman ; 
Vicar of Ecclesfield and Pre- 
bendary of York; d. . . . . 
Had 2 Eiver Dun shares. 

2. Sarah,t bp. 10 Dec. 
1711 ; d. unmar. 

4. Anne, bp. 30 March 
1715 ; mar. Edmund 
Beatson, Vicar of Ilk- 

: Ann, dau. of Eobert Bankes, 
Vicar of Hull, by Margaret 
his first wife, dau. of Robert 
Thornton, Rector of Bir- 
kin. Survived. 

Sarah, mar. at Shefr 
field 15 June 1704 
to John Bosvile of 
Rotherham, Gent. 

Elizabeth, 1 w., dau. of= 
Robert Fretwell of 
Gringley, co. Notts, by 
Bridget, dau. of Wil. 
Gilby of Everton. (See 
Ped., p. 572.) 

5. Jane, bp. 16 Jan. 1716-17 ; 
mar. John Cutforthay of Roth- 
erham, surgeon ; son of Robert 
C. of Rotherham, plumber, & 
Sara his wife. 

6. Elizabeth, b. 28 May 1718, 
bp. 5 June ; mar. Rob. Fret- 
well of Wakefield & Bawtry. 


I I 

7. Mary, bp. 21 Jan. 
1719-20; mar. Jos h 
Bankes, LL.D., 
Chancellor of York. 

8. Milicent, bp. Feb. 
14, 1720-21 ; d. un- 

=9. Charles S. of Wakefield,- 
merch*, 3 rd & youngest son, 
afterwards of Painthorpe n T 
Wakefield; bp. 11 March 
1724-5; will 1 Feb. 1786 ; 
ob. 6 Oct. 1786 ; bur. at 

: Sarah, 2 w., dau. of Rob. 
Allot, Rector of South 
Kirkby (see Ped., p. 
212, q. John); d. 23 
July 1791, set. 65. 

Elizabeth , only issue 
of the 1 st mar., b. 21 
Oct. 1749; mar. John 
Lonsdale, Vicar of 

William, of Wake- 
field, merch*, will 
20 July 1815 ; ob. 
10 Oct. 1819, set. 
66 ; bur. at Sandal. 

: . . . . dau. of ... . 
Wilson of Ack- 
worth ; wid. of D r 
Monkhouse, Vicar 
of Wakefield. 

Charles, of 
Clerk, mar., 
but d. s.p. 

William Steer of Wakefield, Solicitor, now 
a Wesleyan Missionary abroad 1843. 



Charles. Jane. 

b c 

* D. 2 Jan. 1745 ; bur. in churchyard of Ecclesfield. 
t D. 2 Feb. 1739 ; bur. at Ecclesfield. —J. W. C. 




MS. 336, 337 
b | c 

James, in the Army, 
ob. s.p. 

Mary Ann, d. 23 
Jan. 1835, set. 74. 

John, of = 

Edward, of 
merch*, un- 
mar. 1843. 

1, William Steer, a Clergy- 3. Robert Steer of Wake- 
man at Wath & Swinton, bp. field, surgeon, bp. 22 Oct. 
at Ecclesfield 4 May 1710 ; 1713 ; d. in 1773. 
d. unmar. 1771. 

.... of Wakefield, 

Catherine, mar.Benj. 
Kennet Dawson. 

: Elizabeth, dau. of Rich d 
Poppleton (? Popple- 
well) of Temple-Bel- 
wood, co. Line. 

Richard Ryder Popplewell Steer of Sandtoft,=j=Frances, dau. of William 
co. Line, & Hatfield, co. York, Esq. Steer of Northampton. 

Robert Popplewell Steer, age 58 in Oct. 1790 ; dead in 1809. 

i I i 

George Steer of Shef-^Jane, dau. of John, bp. 1. Elizabeth, w. of Ed ra Swift 

field, mercer, 2 son, 

bp.l3Dec. 1683; bur. 

there 25 Oct. 1738. 

£150 by his mother's 


Clough 20 Sep. 

of Stockport, 1686 ; 

co. Cestr. ; bur. 10 

mar. Nov. March 

1710. 1688-9. 

of Darnal. =p 


Ann, d. William, who mar. 
1778. .... Pegge. 

I I 

Chris r , bp. 14 July 1727; 
bur. 23 Jan. 1741-2. 


Sarah, bp. 19 Feb. Greaves, bp. 7 July 1725. 

1714-15. — 

— Charles, bp. 14 Jan. 1722-3 ; — 

Frances, bp. 4 Aug. bur. 10 July 1724. Alexander, bp. 19 March 

1721. 1730-1; bur. 29 July 1742. 

I I 
Jane, bp. 12 Aug. 1713 ; bur. 
17 June 1714. 

Anne, bp. 13 July 1716. 

Mary, bp. 23 March 

Jenny, bp. 21 Oct. 

Elizabeth, bp. 9 Jan. 

George, bp. 27 May 

3. Joseph Steer of Sheffield, mercer, surviving=pMaria, dau. of Samuel More wood 

son, bp. 16 Jan. 1688-9 ; d. 16 June 1744 ; 
bur. in St. Paul's Church, Sheffield. 

of The Oaks in Bradfield, Gent. ; 
mar. Nov. 1715 ; d. 4 April 1758. 

Charles Steer of Joseph S. of Darnal, Gent., William S. of Lon- 
Aldermanbury, 2 son, bp. 7 March 1717-18 ; don & afterwards 

d. unmar. 10 April 1794 ; of Northampton, 

bur. in St. Paul's Ch. r 


London, silk 
mercer, eldest 
son, bp. Oct. 25, 
1716 ; d. with- 
out issue. 

Esq., 3 rd & young- 
est son, bp. 16 Aug. 
1722 ; a silkman. 


=Ann, dau. of 
Samuel Ras- 
tal of New- 
ark, Gent. ; 
d. at Bath 
in Feb. 1815, 
aged 92. e 

MS. 337 




II II I . 

Elizabeth, d. without Harriet, mar. Benj. Cole of Mary, mar. Rich d Denne 

issue. Wandsworth & Bath, Esq. of Winchester. 

Martha, mar. Wil. An- Frances, mar. Rich d Ryder Jane, mar. T. Hunt of 

drews of Albam, co. Popplewell Steer, Esq. Nottingham. 
Som., Esq. 

Charles S. of= 
Square, Lon- 
don, Esq. 

r Mary Wood William=. . . . dau. of ... . 

of Jamaica. Frazer, Esq., Un- 

der-Secretary of 

Ann, mar. Wil. 
Drury Lowe, 
Esq., of Lockoe 

mar. in 

Fanny, mar. Vise 1 Bury 4 May 1816. 
Augustus Fred., Vise* Bury, now, 
1849, Earl of Albemarle, & found 

d. in 

i i 


Mary, mar. James 
Vine, Esq. 

Charles Wil-=. . . 
liam, mar. in . . 
India. son. 

dau. of Sophia, mar. Harriet, mar. 

. Wat- Harring- Wil. Larkins. 

ton, Esq. 

John Steer, 4 th son, bp. Dec. 2, Benjamin S. of Shef-=f Alice, dau. of Geo. Wal- 

1691, from whom a family of field, mercer, 5 son, 
Yeomanry at & about Darnal. bp. 18 April 1694; 
£200 by his mother's will. d. 13 Nov. 1746. 

ker of Hunself (see Ped., 
p. 314) ; mar. 15 March 

Ann, bp. 8 July Mary, bp. 20 Oct. Alice, bp. June 4, Benjamin. Dennis. 

1720 ; mar. May 1721 ; mar. John 1731 ; mar. 5 Oct. — — 

11, 1738, to Jos h Shiercliffe of 1758 to John Elam Thomas. Henry. 

Hoole of Shef- W 7 hitley Hall. of Sheffield, cutler ; All d. infants, 

field. no issue. 

Charles Steer, Rector=rMary Bacon 2. Ann, bp. 22 July 1696 ; mar. David, bp. 

of Hansworth, 6 & ofBradfield, at Wickersley 3 rd July 1715 to & bur. in 

youngest son, bp. 23 mar. 9 Dec. William Binks of Darnal, cutler. 1701. 

Feb. 1698-9. (See 1725. =p — 

father & mother's will | Mary, bur. 

for his presentation to Steer Binks. in 1701. 


bp. 17 
1725-6 ; 

eld. son 
& heir. 

Ann, bp. 12 Aug. 1727 ; 
mar. Benj. Rawson. (See 
Ped., p. 217.) 

I I 
Sarah, bp. 30 
Nov. 1729. 

Charles, bp. 
16 Dec. 

I I 
Mary, bp. 4 
Oct. 1733. 

William, bp. 
28 July 

John, bp. 14 
Sep. 1738, 
bur. 16 th . 

John, bp. 3 
Sep. 1740. 



MS. 337 

I . Ill 

Benjamin Rawson of Nidd^Elizabeth, dau. Susanna, Mary, Anne, mar. John 

Hall, co. York, & Darley 
Hall, co. Lane. ; b. 1758. 

& h. of Tho. d. un- 
Plumbe, Esq. mar. 

d. un- Cheyne. 

See issue Burke's ' Hist, of Commoners,' part v., p. 47. 

I do not feel the same confidence in this as in the other parts of the pedigree, 
but I believe it to be substantially correct, 

John Steer of Darn al, farmer, bp. 2 Dec. 1691 ;=f=Mary, dau. of ==Samuel Newbould of psh. of 

Yeo. Will 22 May 1731. (Y. W. 20G7.) 


, Esq. 

Hans worth, Yeo., 2 husband. 

i ii . . 

Wil Ham, == Mary Keith, Sarah, bp. 9 Oct. John Steer=f=Eliz. Mar- Ann, bp. George Steer 1 

bp. 13 mar. 15 April 1724 ; mar. Geo. of Darnal, ' "" ~ 

Sep. 1770. Holland, cutler. Yeo., bp. 2 

1722. 8 Aug. 1749. Jan.1726-7. 

riot, mar. 18 Dec. of Sheffield, 
12 June 1728. butcher, bp. 

1768. 28 Dec. 1729. 

Ill I 1 I I I II 

John. Alice. Elizab. G-eorge. Susan. Jane. Joseph. Ann. John. Susan. 

^Ue — f^xibjsle^ — €xookt. 

MS. 338 

From a few deeds & the par. register there were other Howsleys at Sheffield, as 
may be seen by the Register ; a good deal of property centered in Wilson. 

I believe that Tho. & Alex r Howsley were brothers & the 2 sons of those names 
in the will of Francis H. of Upper-thorpe 21 Sep. 1575. Wife Jane is mentioned 
& 2 other sons Charles & Francis & 2 dau s Marg* Whitehead & Ellen Eowlanson. 

William Hyde, dead 33 Bliz.= 


Ralph Hyde of- 
par. of Eccles- 
field, 1 son, 
dead 33 Eliz. 

: Ellen, dau. Alexander Hyde of Auster- 
of John field, Yeo., living 33 Eliz. 
Greaves. In 14 Eliz. he was of 
Barley Hole, clothier. 

Hugh Hyde of Cinder-=p 
hill in par. of Eccles- 
field, dead 33 Eliz. ; of 
Greenal, psh. of Eccles- 
field, slater. 

Alexander Howsley of— Elizabeth H., 
Brighouse, par. of coh r , mar. 7 
Sheffield, weaver, & of June 1574. 
Grenalfirth 1579. 

Phillis Hyde, coh r , mar. 
23 Eliz. to Charles Croft 
of Whitley, weaver. 

William Hyde 
of Ecclesfield, 

Thomas Howsley of Sheffield, linen weaver,=f=Ellen Hyde, coheir, nnmar. 1579 ; 

bought lands at Grenofirth of the coheirs of 
Ralph Hyde. 

mar. at Sheffield 22 May 1581. 

Robert Howsley of Sheffield, linen-^Elizab. Cutt, 

draper, Sheffield 5 June 1583 ; 
will 24 Feb. 1663 ; bur. 5 Dec. 
1664 : a Benefactor. A 

mar. 1606. 

.... Howsley, ancestor of 
Tho s H., called nephew by 
Rob., in 1663 with 3 chil- 
dren. (See York Wills2082.) 

MS. 338 



Margaret = Robert Howsley^p Judith 

Parkin, of Sheffield, bp. 

lw.,mar. 1607. Has a 

1631 ; d. legacy by his 

1634. father's will. 

mar. 1638; 
d. 1642. 

"Robert H., Mary Howsley, dau. & h., 
b. 1641 ; b. 1639 ; mar. 28 April 
d. 1642. 1662 to Zachariah Wilson 

of Sheffield; of the family 

at Bromhead. 

Ill I I I I 

Elizabeth, b. 1610 ; Mary, b. 1618 ; 
bur. 1612. d. 1634. 

Thomas, b. 1612; Helen, b. 1622 • 
bur. 1613. d. 1624. 

William, b. 1614 ; John, b. 1628 ; 
d. 1635. d. inf. 

John, b. 1632 ; 
d. 1636. 

John Crooke of Sheffield, hard-- 
wareman, called " brother " by 
Robert H. ; d. 10 Jan. 1669, 
aged 69 ; will dated 8 June 
1669 ; "cutler ; Church and 
School Burgess." 

^Sarah, d. 29 Feb. 
1671, aged 77. 
Her sister Cath e 
Sfcorke named in 
her husband's will. 

Robert C, 
in his 

See for Crooks, 
Sheffield Pedi- 
grees, p. 57. 

John Bridges of= Sarah H., r 
Sheffield, Clerk, bp. 1625 ; 
mar. 1 March Ex 1 ' to her 
1647; bur. 30 father's 
May 1655. will. 

r John Crooke, Clerk, 2 husb., 
bp. 16 Jan. 1633-4; ejected 
by the Act of Uniformity ; 
hV at Wakefield 1682 ; mar. 
22 Aug. 1660. 

Robert C.,=Tabitha, 
d. before remar. 
his father. George 

Samuel C, bp. at Peniston 
20 June 1661 ; living at 
Hemsworth 24 March 1682. 

Sarah, bp. at 
Sheffield 29 
June 1668. 


John C, bp. at Peniston 21 June 
1662 ; live at Wakefield 24 March 
1682 ; second son. 

One of these Crookes, a V.D.M., mar. a dau. of John Mauleverer of Letwell. 

Edw. Goodwin of Rawmarsh speaks of 2 brothers Crooks. 

See Ped. of Milner & of Green of Liver sedge, p. 372. 

Francis Howsley of Sheffield mar. 11 Nov. 1566 Eliz.^ dau. of John Rawson of 

Rob. Rollinson & Helen Howsley mar. 13 May 1572. 

W ra Scott of psh. of Ecclesfield 1582 speaks of his sister Alice Howsley, York 
Wills 202, & in 372 we have Eliz. Dickenson & Ann Freeman niece of Edward 
Scott 1602. 

Anthy & Rob. Howsley, bro r of Eliz. Beaumont of Shef d , wid. (York Wills 2090.) 

. Francis Howsley of Hooper-thorpe. Will 21 Sep. 1575.=pJane. 
To be bur. in Church Yard of Shef . 


Charles. Thomas, a pair of Walker Francis. Alexander. Margaret, w. of Elizabeth, w. of 
Shears by his father's will. .... Whitehead Rowland- 


These are evidently the Tho s & Alex, above. 


3 F 



MS. 389 

3Bitteck— jUafeon, 

Thomas Birbeek of Oreton in Westmorland^. . . . dau. of ... . Wharton. 

Anne, 1 w., dau. & h. of=f=Edward Birbeek, B.D., Fel. of Trin. Col.,=j=Barbara Kaye, 

William Kaye, a younger 
son of the K. of Wood- 
some ; mar. at Staveley 
14 July 1609; bur. there 
2 Aug 1616. 

Oamb., Domestic Chaplain to John, 
Lord Darcy, & Rector of Staveley. 

2 nd w. 

Isabel, bp. at S. 5 Aug. 16- 

Judith B., bp. 
at Staveley 4 
Oct. 1610 ; 
probably d. y. 

Thomas Birbeek, bp. at S. 20 Nov. 1611 ;=f Sarah, dau. of James 

one of the Ass. Mfn rs in the Church of 
Sheffield; a Nonconformist in 1662; 
aged 55, 13 Aug. 1666 ; d. 8 July 1674, 
& was bur. on 10 th in the parish Church- 
yard at Sheffield. 

Creswick of Sheffield; 
mar. at Sheffield 7 
Oct. 1639; bur. there 
11 Oct. 1674. 

Samuel Birbeek, set. 16, 13 Aug. 1666. 
£b left to him by Joan Dale of Shef- 
field for his expenses at the University. 

Sarah, mar. at Sheffield 
10 June 1672 to Rich- 
ard Kitson, Clerk. 

Thomas, bur. 
at Sheffield 29 
Aug:. 1645. 

Richard Nalson of Altofts in psh. of=pAlice, dau. of Thomas Beckwith of Ackton 

Normanton, co. York. 

in psh. of Fetherstone, co. York. 


Thomas Nalson of=j=Grace, dau. of Christopher Sax ton of Dunningley, Surveyor, 
Altofts. Compiler of the Maps of English Counties ; heir to her 

brothers, who d. without issue. 

Edward, bp. 
1 June 1613; 
d. without 

Anne, mar. 1 Cotton 
Faram of Doncaster, 
2 Wil. Walesby of 
Nottingham. She 
mar. Cotton Faram 
at Sheffield 29 Oct. 

Peter Birbeek, Rector of Castle-^Mary Nal- 

ford, bp. 4 Feb. 1614 ; aged 51, 
13 Aug. 1666. He was godson 
to Sir Peter Freschvile, <fe is 
mentioned in his will. (See 
f Misc. Yorkshire Top.,' Osgod- 

son, sole 
dau. & h. 

i i i 




set. 18, 
13 Aug. 

A. J. 

Mary, mar. Wil- 
liam Smithson 
of Methley. 





MS. 339 



The Arms allowed at JDugdale's Visitation were : .. Birbeck, Arg 1 , a feM. between 
2 lions' heads in chief & a boar's head in base erased gules ; quartering Kaye, Arg*, 
2 bends sab., mullet for diff. ; on escutcheon of pretence, Arg*, a saltier vert, 
quartering Saxton. 

There was a Cotton Faram of Sheffield who was son of Christopher Faram of 
Clifton, co. York, cutler ; was admitted to his freedom in the Company of Cutlers 
of Hallamshire 31 March 1638. 

MS. 340 


The first William appears to be the William, son of William Fen ton, who was 
bp. at Hansworth 25 July 1613, and the elder William a son of Richard, bp. there 
2 Feb. 1575-6. 

John Wright of Sheffield, cutler, in his will 8 June 1691, names his sisters Ruth, 
Hannah, Ann, & Esther, daughters of William Fenton, who seems to have been a 
second husband of his mother. (Q. if the W m Fenton below.) 

See the Fenton pedigree in 4to vol. of Sheffield pedigrees. 

Alice F. names, in 1709, cousin John Stacye and cousin Tho. Handley, & perhaps 
W m Bamforth. 

William Fenton of Gleadleys in.psh.=f=Ann, dau. of John Nodder of Hans 

of Hansworth, Gent., d. 6 March 
1686, and was bur. in the Ch. yard 
of Hansworth, where his tomb still 

worth & Woodthorpe, Yeo. (see 
Ped., p. 281) ; bp. 9 March 1605-6 ; 
mar. 14 Dec. 1637 ; bur. 6 July 

Ann, bp. 10 Aug. 1651 ; mar. Rob. Green 
of Waterthorpe, & d. 25 Dec. 1688 ; bur. 
with the Fentons. 

William Fenton of Sheffield, Gent.,- 
a Church Burgess, bp. 4 June 1643 ; 
bur. at Sheffield 3 Aug. 1696. 

Ann, mar. Wil. Bur- 
ton of Royds Mill, 

Hannah, mar. 4 Sep. 1690 
to Tho s Handley of Hall 
Carr, Gent. (See p. 272.) 

Esther, bp. 7 Ruth (Q.). 
April 1680; bur. 
21 May 1700. 

Alexander Fenton of Gleadlevs, Gent., ^Elizabeth . . . . b. John, bp. 29 Nov. 1640; 
" - - - - *- - ~ bur. 16 June 1645. 

Ruth,bp. 12 Feb. 1645. 

eldest son & heir, b. 1638 ; d. 1 Jan. 
1709, bur. 3 at Hansworth. M.I. 
Will 10 Dec. 1709. Had leases of 
the Collieries. 

1651 ; d. 18 Oct. 
1724; bur. with 
her husband. - 

Debora, bp. 30 Aug. 
1681 ; mar. John 
Nodder of Sheffield, 
Gent. (p. 281). 

Judith, bp. 27 Nov. 
1685 ; mar. James 
Bright of Brincliffe 
Edge, Gent. 

Rebecca, bp. 31 
Oct. 1694; mother 
of Matthew Lam- 

Mary, mar. Jona- 
than Spooner of 
Sheffield, mercer. 

Joseph, bp. 21 Feb. 
1696-7; of Glead- 
leys, Gent. ; d. un- 
mar. 31 Jan. 1724. 
A Will 29 Jany 1724. 

Ann, bp. Elizabeth, bp. 27 

20 July Aug. 1674; d.un- 

1672 ; mar. at Sheffield; 

mar bur. there 24 Nov. 

Walker. 1755. 

Ruth, bp. 26 
Oct. 1676 5 
bur. 9 July 

Hannah, bp. 
9 Oct. 1679 ; 
d. unmar. 20 
May 1735, 
bur. 22. 



MS. 340 

William Fenton^Elizabeth, dau. of. 

of Gleadleys, 
Gent., eld. son, 
bp. 15 Sep. 1670; 
d.24 Jan. 1713. 

Alexander, John F. of=pAnn, dau. of 

mar. 2 George Lee, bp. 6 Oct. Little Shef- 

M.D., of Sheffield, 10 1683; bur. field, Gent., 

June 1714 ; & 3 rd John 15 June bp. 8 March 

Cowley of Doncaster, 1685. 
Gent., 23 May 1722. 

1687-8; bur. 
at Sheffield 
5 Feb. 1761. 

Jonathan Lee 
of Ecclesal, 
Gent.; bp. 27 
Aug. 1684 ; 
mar. 24 Jan. 
1721-2 ; bur. 
15 Nov. 1762. 

bp. 25 Dec. 
1694 ; liv- 
ing 1698. 

I I 
Ann, b. 25 April, bp. 22 May 1723 ; d. y. 

Elizabeth, sole dau. & h., bp. 3 Dec. 1724 ; 
mar. 31 Dec. 1748 to John Rotherham, 
Esq., of Dronfleld. (See p. .) 

i i 

John, bp. 7 June 
1727 ; bur. 9 Aug. 

Debora, bp. 1 April 
1730, bur. 13 June. 

Richard Fen ton of Gleadleys, co. York, Gent., John Mitchell of Gray's Inn, co. 
Midd., Esq., John Savage of Eckington, co. Derb., Yeo., came before Richard 
Weston, one of the Barons of the Exchequer, 22 July 13 Car. I., & acknowledged a 
debt to the King of £200. 

In the will of Joseph Fenton 1724 he speaks of his sister Anne Lambert, wid., 
which throws some doubt on this. 

By the will of Joseph Fenton it would seem that Ann mar Lambert. 

Rebecca was then unmar. It would seem that she was the wife of ... . Walker. 

$Ltt— Atones* 

MS. 340 

A Lee of Sheffield mar. one of the dau s of Rowland Hancock, Vicar of Eccles- 
field, as appears by O. H.'s Diary. 1 

Joseph Lee=j=Eliz. 

1698, will of D r G-eorge Pearson. 

George Lee, 1648, names 2 nieces, Ann & Sara Webster, and bro. in law Robert 

Stones. (See p. 198.)=pEliz., of SheP, vid. Will 14 April '38. 

George Lee of Little Sheffield,^ Ann Stones, bur. at Nor- Nicholas Stones,^ Ann. 
Yeo. Will 27 Feb. 1648. ton20Nov. 1665, aged 69. bro. in law 1648. 

a Thomas. Alice. Samuel. Joseph. Nicholas. Hester. Mary. 

1 Perhaps Joseph Lee & Ann his wife, members of the congregation at Shier- 
cliffe Hall. 

MS. 340 





of . .. 

I I I 

Jos h . Alice, w. of Sam 1 
— Atkins of Sike- 
Eliz. house, tanner, 11 
Aug.' 1658. 

James Lee of Shef- r 
field, scrivener, bur. 
30 April 1664, or 4 
Jan. 1676. 

James Lee of Sheffield,=p 
scrivener, bp. 9 Dec. 
1650; d. 6 Jan. 1705, 
bur. 7. Had several 
other children who d. 


Samuel, bp. 8 Dec. 
1653. Admitted 
to his freedom in 
Co. of Cutlers, 

: Sarah Rodes, mar. 26 
Nov. 1649. (Q.dau. 
of Ric. Sims of Shef d , 
scissorsmith. See his 
will 1676.) 

I I 

John, bp. 9 
June 1660. 

Jonathan, bp. 
17 July 1664. 

I I 
Sarah, bp. 9 
May 1652. 

Oct. 1657. 

James, of Sheffield, Atty, bp. 27 June Margaret, bp. Barbara, bp. 24 
1689 ; bur. 26 Nov. 1726. 31 July 1684. Feb. 1698. 

Roger Lee of Little Sheffield, Yeo.,= 
will dated 16 May 1683 ; a bene- 
factor to Ecclesal ; bur. 12 June 
1683 ; to be bur. in Ch. of Shef*. 
Coz. Nicholas Stones. . 

: Elizabeth, named 
as dead in will of 
Jonathan Lee. 

Mary, w. of 
.... Carr 

John L. 

Margaret, w. 
of Rob. Wil- 
son, & had 
Wil. & John. 

George Lee of Sheffield, Gent.,= 
an Attorney, d. 1687. To have 
£600 when 21. 

: Elizabeth, dau. of Martha, Mary, Jane, 

Richard Boughton w. of £700. £615. 

of Sheffield, mercer. Marriot. 

George Lee, bp. 14 July 1678 ; of=. . . . dau. of ... . Thomas, bp. 

Col., Camb. ; B.A. 1701 ; Joliey, Curate of 24 Aug. 

Assistant Minister at Sheffield ; d. Holmesfield. 1682. 
1719 s.p. 


Robert, posthumous, bp. 22=Mary Bagshaw, wid., 
June 1687 ; an apothecary, mar. 30 Jan. 1714. 


I I 


Elizab. Jane. 

Jonathan Lee of Little Sheffield, Gent. Will= 
29 Sep. 1713. To be bur. in Sheffield Church 
in the usual burying-place of our family. 
Has interest in the water works. 

: Anne Sorsby, bur. 26 Jan. 1697-8. 
She was dau. of Malin Sorsby of 
Sheffield, cutler, & had £600 by will 
of his uncle D r Rob. Sorsby. 

Ann, 1= Christopher Cowley of Sheffield,= 
w., d. Attorney, d. 22 June 1753 ; bur. 
March in the psh. Ch. ; bro r & Ex r to 
1719. John Cowley of Doncaster & after 
b of Eastoft, Gent. 

= Elizabeth, bp. 15 March Ann, mar. 

1681 ; mar. 1 Daniel JohnFen- 

Gascoign 10 Jan. 1709 ; ton as 

mar. C. C. 6 Nov. 1721 ; above, 
d. 6 Oct. 1752. 


George Lee of Sheffield, M.D., ^Elizabeth, wid. of William Fen- Roger, b. 29 Aug., 

bp. 17 Aug. 1687 ; will 15 Nov. 
1719 ; bur. 27 Juue 1720. 
Ex 1 ' to his father. 

ton above ; mar. 10 June 1714 ; bp. 27 Sep. 1688 ; 
mar. 3 John Cowley 23 May bur. 22 June 
1722. 1690. 

Elizabeth, bp. 2 July 1718. Ann, bp. 13 July 1720. 

C. C. was aged 14, 1706, when he was at the Grammar School at Doncaster. 

1682, May 29, bp. Alice, dau. of M r John Cowley. 

1712, Oct. 9, mar. D r John Jackson, Rector of Rossington, to Eliz. Cowley, dau. 
of John Cowley of Doncaster, Collector of Excise. 

1714, June 21, mar. M r Tho. Mason of Pontefract & Penelope Cowley. 

Seth Ellis Stevenson of Retford, Clerk, mar. to his 2 nd wife Miss Cowley of Don- 
caster, a relation to M r Rotherham, so probably dau. of Christopher. 

See Church Notes at Eckington. 

John Cowley of Doncaster, Gent. Will 2 Feb. 1715. Wife Alice. Eld. son John 
Cowley. 2 nd son Christopher Cowley. 

John Lee, who was for many years the Par. Clerk at Sheffield, bp. 1719 ; d. 2 
Feb. 1788, is bur. near the James Lees in the churchyard at Sheffield, &.had a 
volume of matters relating to Sheffield, which seemed to have belonged to an Attorney. 

See p. 176 for some Lees of Sheffield. 

See Ric. Cowley. (York Wills 639.) 

Daniel Gascoign of Shef d , apothecary, owner of Gill Carrs which had belonged to 
the Scargills. Will 6 April 1719 (York Wills 1739). Mother Ellen. Sister Dory, 
w. of Edw. Edwards. 

An Henry Gascoign of Rotherham, Yeo., made his will 13 Dec. 1670. Wife Ann. 

i i - I- ■ - 

John. Henry. Ann, w. of Rob. Stone. 

Tho. Martin, a benefactor to Doncaster. Will 1688. Had 2 sisters, M rs Rutter 
& M rs Cowley, liv^ 1704, i.e. Alice Cowley & Penelope Rutter. 

MS. 341 

Thomas Martin of Doncaster, Gent. Alice Penelope Coz. M rs Mary Greenwood, 

Will 17 Jan. 1688, to be bur. as near Cowley. Butter. formerly M rs Box, coz. John 

my father & mother as possible. = Marshal of Grantham. 

dltS, MS. 341 

William Ellis of Sheffield, cutler, Master Cutler 1684.=p 

John Ellis, 3 son, bp. 15 Feb. 1676. Helen, b. 24 Mary, b. 30 Sep., bp. 23 Oct. 

He seems to have been a " John June, bp. 20 1695. (Q. if not wife of 

Ellis;' cutler, bur. at Sheffield 13 July 1681. Boote, Sutter, & Ashfurth.) 
Sep. 1711. 

MS. 341 




Seth Ellis, bp. 28 April=p 
1672; a Clergyman; 
Curate of Brampton, 
co. Derb. He was D r 

William Ellis, 2 son, bp. 13 Sep. 1674 ;= 
was Parish Clerk of Sheffield 40 years ; 
d. 11 Sep. 1743, aged 69 ; bur. in the 
Church-porch of Sheffield. 

: Elizabeth, 
d. 3 May 
1743, aged 

. Ellis, a Clergyman. 

Sarah, mar. John Par- 
kin of the Elms & Shire 
Green, Gent. (See 

P . .) 

Elizabeth, mar. Geo. 
Coke of Kirkby Hall, 
Esq. (See Ped., p. 

Anna Maria, bp. at Brampton 25 
April 1723 ; mar. Anth? High- 
more, Esq., of Wincheap, Canter- 
bury, & d. 13 Oct. 1794. Had 
15 children. 

Seth Ellis, Curate of= 
Brampton & Great 
Hale (see * Lit. Anec.,' 
vi.,234); ob.20Jan. 
1791, aged near 80. 

Jonathan, of Shef-= 
field, Attorney, 
mar. 30 June 1751; 
d. s.p. 

^Isabella Maria, dau.=. . . . Asline, 
of John Wilson of 2 husb. (See 
Bromhead, Gent. P- 
(See ' Hallamshire.') 


Q. if Rev. "W m Ellis, M 1 ' of the Grammar School at Alford in Lincolnshire 1781, 
is of this family. (< L. A.,' v., 394.) 

In the account of James Bentham, Prebendary of Ely, Rector of Bowbrick-hill, 
etc., Author of the ' History of Ely ' (' L. A.,' iii., 485), the name of his wife is not 
mentioned. I have some reason to think she was a dau. of William Ellis the Parish 
Clerk. He appears to have been a man much respected. See his Mon. Ins c in 
* Hallamshire.' The Historian of Ely was b. about 1709. 

, . . .=pSeth Ellis Stevenson, M.A., of Peter House, Camb., Rector of Wad-=. . . . 2 w., dau. of 

1 w. 

dingworth & Treswell, M r of the Grammar School, Retford, d. 19 July .... Cowley. 

1793, aged 69 ; son of Henry S., 38 y" M' of the School & Vicar of 


Seth Ellis Stephenson of East Barkwith, co. Line, Clerk, William Stevenson of Norwich,: 

d. 19 Aug. 1814, aged 56. F.S.A., a printer. 

Seth William Stevenson, now of Norwich, 1829. 

MS. 341 

%tt— Wtltrman. 

John Wildman of Ponte- 
fract that mar. W. Wads- 
worth's dau. to his first 
wife & c. (0. H.) 

See will of Mark Skel- 
tonof Kellington 1711-12. 

Hannah, 1 w.,= John Wildman=j=Susan, dau. of Joseph 

dau. of Wil. 
(P- &)• 

of Pontefract, 
mercer, an 

Thoresby of Syke 
House (see Ped., p. 
358); mar. at Syke- 
house Chapel 6 July 
1674 by M r Byard, 
Vicar of Wistow. 



MS. 341 


John Wildman of Thetford in Norf., where he=p 
was an Alderman & Collector of Excise. j 

3 daus. 

Thomas Fisher=p Mary, 

of Pontefract, 

b. 1688. 

Ann Fisher, only dau., mar.Wil. Walker, an xitt y , & was living at Fairburn 1760. 

William Lee of=f=Susanna, b. 1 Joseph, Timothy, ob. ccel. ; Jeremy, ob. ccel. ; 

Pontefract, an 

June 1675 ; ob. coal.; b. 15 June '92. b. 1685. 

V.D.M. b. 1681. 

Timothy Lee, D.D.,=Penelope, dau.= 
Eector of Ack worth. & c. of Sir 
(Nichols's ' Lieces- Wil. Chester of 
tershire,' ii., 581, Chichley,Bart. 

r John Price, Esq., 
1 st husband, of 
Covent Garden, 
surgeon. (See 
Gage's < Suffolk,' 
p. 391.) 

John Lee : 
of Ponte- 
Esq,, dead 

Mary, mar. 
Poole of 
Hook in 

Anthony Surtees,= Frances Doro- William Percival= 

Esq., J.P. for thea, d. 27 Lee of Brereton 

W. R. & L* Col. March 1802, Ponte- of Ireland, 

of 2 W. Y., d. 2 aged 64 ; bur. fract, Esq., 1 st 

June 1807, aged at Ackworth. Esq., husband. 

65 ; bur. at Ack- only son 

worth. & heir 


: Mary Lee, = Robert 
heir to her Bull of 
brother & 
uncle 1779 

2 nd hus- 


William Brereton, Captain in 17 Foot 1779, only child. 

M r W. Doyley Bayley informed me that there was a son of John & Margaret 
Susanna Wildman (formerly Thoresby) named Samuel, b. Sep. 1687, bp. by M r 
Naylor. Lost in the Restoration in the Great Storm 23 Nov. 1703 on Goodwin 

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